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June 21, 2020



Wow! Happy FD to you, TM!


Happy Father's Day to all.


Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful dads that post here.


Sitting on the loveseat on the patio, looking over the lake w/ Mrs. sbw, sipping a Fathers Day bottle of Pol Roger. Yay!

Conducted June 13-16 2020 under the joint direction of Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company (R), this Fox News Poll includes interviews with 1,343 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide who spoke with live interviewers on both landlines and cellphones.

Uh huh...

Fox is certain that they didn’t query the Tik Tok Teens?

Everything is bull shit.

Happy Father’s Day!!

Dave (in MA)

Thunder & lightning for over an hour, no rain. Standing in the shallow end of the pool now.


Try holding a metal beer can, Dave.


Happy Fathers' Day!


Likely voters is the only reliable sample.
Just because people are registered , doesnt mean they are going to vote.
I think a lot of Democrats are going to sit this one out.
Biden has given them no reason to vote for him.
What does he stand for other than raising taxes.?


Happy FD, Tom Maguire and thanks again for keeping us out of (even more) trouble by occupying us night and day here.

Dave (in MA)

TK, it passed by a while back.


Oops... I thought you were waiting to get zapped, Dave.

Dave (in MA)

Not until possibly Nov. or Jan.



This is Rudy Guiliani's Common Sense podcast which has the interview with Brad Parscale which is really interesting. He talks about the numbers of voters who haven't voted in years, the ways they collect data and use it, the new way they will have for communicating with supporters (bypassing both the media and social media) and other things.

Rudy thinks Biden should be very afraid. Heh!

This is an audio only podcast.

Ralph L

All that I care about is that AOC is gone

That would be a tragic loss to our side.
I'd like her to run against Schumer when she's old enough--or for Mayor of NYC.


Here is the video podcast on You Tube:



Ralph L,

You have a devious mind. I can see the advantage in that plan.


Friggin 🐻!! Just was on the deck sweeping up bird food residue...stepped inside - Bear literally TORE my heavy duty metal bracket out of the tree and was getting ready to destroy the bird feeder. Heard me open door - ran (coward)! Caught him with morning with my suet feeder that Hubby forgot to bring in last night. Okay...ITS ON Mr Bear!


CH--"How is that consoling? Since it almost never happens the kids are stuck feeling not good and charming and resolute enough. MOAR guilt and confusion." That's my point and you are entirely correct. A very pleasing narrative which is too obviously false leaves the child (or adult) feeling inadequate--why can't I do that, the child thinks? The narrative works like a sundae, with the usual long-term consoling effects of a sundae. Plus, yes, it's Father's Day, which doesn't help any of us disappointed in our fathers in any really important way (like being abandoned). Happy Father's Day to the very many very good fathers on this site! I'd start naming them but would run out of room plus leave people out out of ignorance--but you know who you are. Good fathers are golden.



Carlos Osweda has compiled a thread in which ALL of the tweets are either tweets by Parscale or tweets retweeted by Parscale. It's very interesting.

Ralph L

My eyes read this:
Caught him with morning with ... Hubby
Okay...ITS ON Mr Bear!


Donald J. Trump
The Democrat House wants to pass a Bill this week that will destroy our police. Republican Congressmen & Congresswomen will hopefully fight hard to defeat it. We must protect and cherish our police, they keep us safe!


Roosevelt Statue to Be Removed From Museum of Natural History

We’re just sitting back and allowing history to be erased before our eyes. https://t.co/PlemXiPynt

— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) June 21, 2020

Photo at the link.


VDH has a great article at American Greatness (which, of course) I cant link.


Well Ralph...Hubby hasn’t had a haircut or a shave since Feb...and it is very lonely in the MT woods 🤔

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

cindyk, you be careful, girl.

TM: "I am intrigued by this Fox News poll"
To be fair, Fox polls skew pretty consistently to Dem talking points.


"Roosevelt Statue to Be Removed From Museum of Natural History"

The Brits would not have been able to be the unsinkable aircraft carrier if Roosevelt had not created the Arsenal of Democracy.

This has got to stop. Funded with federal money. First, remove the executives, then place the museum under a Trump appointed administrator.


Check realclearpolitics.com.
They usually post all of VDH’s articles.
Prayers requested for my brother who will have cataract surgery on Wednesday. Because of our ages we are like Irish twins and we do look alike.


PS. I bet the museum charter doesn't allow for this sort of manipulation of history.

Jim Eagle

My Dad was bigger than life. He was a an Air Force Officer. He had a guy working for him who was the greatest men's softball pitcher of his time (think unbeatable). When you are a kid, you have differnent dimensions of greatness.

Later in life he got sick. Too many peanuts but it was the Old Fashions he washed them down with that finally did him in. But I allowed his fatantsy., when we discussed this on his deathbed at Stony Brook.

He taught me how to hit a curve ball, he showed me how to dress like an Air Force officer which got me brownine points in ROTC, and he introduced me to the fine Scotchs. Dad's, what don't they know?

We are less without them. Happy Father's Day to all. Everyone has a Father, no matter what the idiots say.

Another Bob

Teddy not Franklin, Davod.


Back again. I apologize for not realizing it was Theodor not Franklin. My comments re the museum administration stand.



Jane, Is this the article you were speaking about? "Class, Not Race, Divides America."

It IS very good.

Jim Eagle


Prayers for your brother. Eye surgery of any kind deserves such.



Prayers for your brother.


Prayers for him mr.

Captain Hate

Today was probably the best Father's Day ever because this is the first one in which my younger daughter is happily married and a happy mother. She *was* married a year ago, they just hadn't told us until we met up in Denali. It took her a really long time to find a soulmate; so long I was afraid it would never happen and I'd always worry about her. Now I have no worries and it feels great.


Now Rep. Nadler says he IS interested in Bolton's testimony. I just got a bulletin on my iPhone.

Captain Hate

Best wishes for your brother, maryrose. I'm sure he'll come out of it seeing much more clearly.


Different one MM, it’s old. Insty links it at 6:14.

MR prayers for your brother. I have to have 2 cataracts removed after I get thru this BS with my macular hole. As I understand it’s a one day recovery.


My brother had both eyes done for the cataract thing. He doesn’t need glasses (except cheaters for reading) since. Seems a routine thing anymore.


Watching Levin. The current ratio of left wing professors to thinking ones in our colleges is 50 to one. Academia has poisoned everything.

One party campuses Have to be that way because they can’t stand up to other ideas and survived.

Big HUGE source of everything going on.


Indeed jane


Dubois and other who founded the naacp



This follows on with what Jane just posted about the colleges and universities.


Next up on Levin is liberal bias in the media


Were so angered with roosevelt and his blanc mange successor taft they endorsed wilson.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--How is that consoling? Since it almost never happens the kids are stuck feeling not good and charming and resolute enough. MOAR guilt and confusion.--

I think that depends on the person. Mrs Iggy's divorced when she was ~5 and she adored the original Hayley Mills Parent Trap and the LL one.
For a lot of people, especially the ones who have come to terms with what happened and know it was not caused by them, a fluffy fantasy of what could have been or would have, had they the power, is very consoling.
They're neither looking for the impossibility of changing the past nor wracked by present guilt or shame. Unrealistic aspirations serve a very useful purpose for all sorts of people and for cultures as a whole. When you quit shooting for the shining city on the hill, even knowing you'll never get there, pretty soon you're settling for a bunch of goons not burning down your neighborhood as good enough.


A reminder tm



Not a one off



Well ok then:




When I listened to that Rudy Guiliani podcast, one thing he told Brad Parscale:

He knew that Trump would win in June. He went to a rally in Florida and it was (as they all are) packed. He had NEVER seen that. Ever.


I cannot get into Twitter. First it started with no videos playing. Then pictures were just solid rectangles of color. Now I cannot get on at all.

I somehow think that the CCP is involved in this. It keeps the President from communicating.


Just like che and fidel:



We are less without them.


That is so true. I am grateful every day that I had such a wonderful father. He was the most remarkable person I have ever known. He was my father, my mentor, my cheering section, my advisor and my friend.

He is with me still today in my heart and my thoughts.


Did you catch this one



Now I can get in, through the mobile link. Hmmmm.

Here's a thread from Carlos Osweda who says that the Democrats are acting demented because they know they have already lost.



You would think if they were more comfident they would be more tactful


Remember labor thought they hadnt been extreme enough.


Like this outfit



Buckeyette and her mom surprised me with BBQ for dinner, brisket and pulled pork was mighty tasty and enough leftovers for a few lunches:)

Jr. called, he is in the middle of a 14 day rotation supervising Residents. Tomorrow the new batch of Interns show up.

I ask what that entails.

“Very close supervision” :):)


Like a shark with lasers



Thats quite a meal buckeye


cataract surgery is really very safe and the biggest hassle about it is the pre op eye drop schedule.

Mark steyn is wonderful today even though he claimed Jane was his favorite years ago



I found this on the thread Narciso linked above.


@AOC, thanks for proving we can’t trust mail-in ballots with your little stunt manipulating attendance for a rally. Appreciate your support for in-person voting and the importance of Voter ID.>>

I certainly hope that these sorts of things are being anticipated by the WH and those who run the campaign. They have to consider what these crazed people will do in advance.

Another Bob

The Seattle city government is now supporting insurrection.

Raz Simone
I was just awarded a grant from the city for $83,250 to supplement the building of a recording studio in the building I bought a couple few years ago, Black Umbrella Headquarters... we are more than excited and…


Another Bob

As soon as I hit Post I noted that Warlord’s tweet is two years old, sorry...

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Narciso, 8:43. Pretty good prediction from 2016 but the overall Repub vote of 73Mill was off a lot.
PDJT got 60? 63?


I’m still his fav Clarice. Do not forget! Ann sent me a frame signed picture of Trey Gowdy a few tears - addressed to her, with a big “I won” sign on it.

I’m still thinking about Levin’s show. If we don’t want this country to be consumed by liberal BS, we have to address education.


Thanks, MM! If you came in my store you would say, “Who organized this?” There is no sense to it whatsoever- it’s an evolving thing. But we know where all the goods are located. We operate old school, and still have a cash register, no POS. We are old style. Too early this am I got chewed out by a guy. I think it was 9:15. We open at 9. The place was full, and after the guy left everyone was so nice, and told me he was a total jerk. But maybe he was having a bad Father’s Day. Or maybe he’s not a good father. Who knows. Bad day for him. I will see him again, and we will work it out. And if you saw my post at 1:30 am last night you know I was not prepared to take that on. But I do, and I think I may be aging quickly due to too much alcohol
and work these days. It’s nuts! I just get up and head in to work to be on my feet with the crazy world for ten hours a day. I have never seen anything like this before.

Happy Father’s Day all. My husband is a great husband and father. I am so lucky to have him, but I don’t tell him enough.

I miss my father so much. He was an amazing person, who was just so humble and perfect at the same time. Funny that “It’s s a Wonderful Life” was mentioned, because Jimmy Stewart was my father. He looked like him, spoke like him, and had the character of George Bailey. I kid you not. I do not think there’s a day I don’t think about him, and what he would think about this mess.

Also Jack Is back (I think) mentioned his father ate peanuts and drank old fashions. Love those. My mother drank them. I drink them now from time to time. Husband inhales peanuts at night, and we drink way too much bourbon. Not a good thing- we know that, but my husband laughed when I read your post to him. Just the part about peanuts and bourbon.

Another Bob

Ok, six months old.



Burgess Owens says he is done with the NFL if Goodell allows the kneeling for the anthem.


It wasnt just the ashanti



Now the clear difference is those regimes made no pretense of freedom, which ours did. Boko haram seems to be intent in recreating said imperial constructs.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

In the back of one of Thomas Sowell's books is a brief section on black slavery. It's been a while since I read it but as I recall there were 3 main consumers of black slaves.
1) by far, most black slaves were owned by fellow black Africans.
2) second were slave owners in the New World
3) less numerous but brutally treated were black slaves in Islamic nations of the Middle East. The men were castrated to become eunuchs. There was no medical tech to speak of, so many died of infection, etc. The women were sex slaves in harems, in large part.

I don't recall if Sowell mentioned it in that book but the remaining areas of legalized black slavery in our world is in Islamic areas of Africa.



Glad you saw my little message. I had to laugh because I am the most disorganized person and I couldn't figure out if that poster was serious or sarcastic. Ha!

I miss my dad, too. He looked like a combination of Errol Flynn and Tennessee Ernie Ford. Had a wonderful sense of humor and could fix almost anything. Loved animals and our house always had an assortment of dogs and cats, and when we moved to the farm we had pigs, sheep, a horse, geese, chickens, and a cow for a while until my mom put her foot down, because she was the only one who knew how to milk.(That was sort of too much when you also had to go in to teach Middle School English.)


JiB--you honor your dad every day by all that you have become--he would be very proud of you (and of Frederick)...

D, prayers--eye surgery, as we know with Jane, isn't for sissies!


And congrats, CH, on such a rich and happy Father's Day, and again happy Father's Day to all!



If you can, watch that interview with Brad Parscale that Rudy Guilianni did on his podcast. Or listen. I linked both forms up above. I guarantee you will feel a lot more confident.


Parscales was the one that knows what hes doing (josh green didnt so they still gave him a book contract on bannon, who he understood less)

Masterpiece has a series on georgian era british adventures in indian written by an indian, beecham house

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Jane: "If we don’t want this country to be consumed by liberal BS, we have to address education"

Somehow our conservative leaders have not been able to get traction on this though it's been a glaring problem for decades. I first took PDJT seriously after reading a Jan 2016 article by Richard Miniter. He, like all of us, was impressed by Scott Walker's bold action to curb the influence WI gov't union employees. But when it came to education, no conservative stood out.
Miniter: "despite all the hoopla about how many governorships and state legislatures Republicans now firmly control, those victories are essentially meaningless. None of these Republican governments has moved against the extreme left-wing taxpayer-funded mental health establishment or welfare establishment; curbed the absurd explosion of damaging zoning laws, tree commissions, and ridiculous environmental regulation at the local government level; dug out the Democrat endemic voter fraud in their big cities; or squashed taxpayer funded sexual propaganda – a list of conservative reforms that goes on and on, un-attempted, even unmentioned in our Republican-controlled state deliberative bodies.

Let's make this point with a hammer. In every Republican-controlled state I know something about, there is a state university sometimes absorbing hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars that has a significant plurality of professors doing their best to teach our young to despise America, its history, and the majority of its people. We all know this, yet the Republican state governments still provide them with an unbelievable level of job security, generous salaries, ridiculously brief working hours, enviable pensions, gold-plated medical plans, and paid travel both domestically and overseas so that they can conference with the like-minded.



WHY we must win this election, and why Kamala Harris should not be near the White House. Link goes to photo with quote, and it's a doozy!


— Michael Nolen (@TheRealGremlich) June 22, 2020

Brett Baire doing a very interesting show on thr origins of socialism on Fox.


LOL, Miss M!

Your mother must have been pissed off about the cow! One cow too far! I have one crazy dog and that’s enough.

I just can’t believe what is going on. I told my daughters last night that things can change overnight, which they have. As I posted in the early am we were able to explain things to them, and combined with the youngest’s comments about her friends being fairly conservative, we might be okay.

I did find it funny that so many JOMers posted about these serious conversations they had with the young adults in the last 24 hours. We are all in the same boat, hoping our kids get a clue and don’t blow it in the next election.



CNN shows up at the Trump Rally line & Trump Supporters chant "CNN Fake News go home"

Can't stop laughing 🤣

What comes around goes around

You definitely deserve this after all the hate you spew pic.twitter.com/X022C6rnUt

— JamieR {🎗} Army Girl ⭐️⭐️⭐️ TRUMP 88022 (@Jamierodr14) June 20, 2020

Video at the link.


I was in education for a number of years ccgirl in the gullet of the beast, common core and predecessor constructivist


Well, not funny About the conversations, I guess just interesting. It’s late, and the damned store needs to open at 7:30. Good night. Happy Father’s Day to all the great JOM fathers out there. And thanks to all for the support that this site gives. Otherwise I might be a miserable person as my fam would have to listen to my ranting. This site allows me to find a sympathetic audience.

Sammy Small

Maryrose, definitely will include you brother in prayers. I have had both eyes done about a year apart. The first was easy, with the second a little more irritating recovery period. However, my BIL had an eye done and had a bad reaction creating scar tissue and has unfortunately lost eyesight in that eye. That is rare from what I am told.


Heading to bed, too.



They can pantomine horse with the best of them


Another Bob

Curious NASCAR news tonight.

NASCAR was “made aware” of a noose found in the 43 garage stall at Talladega. The 43 is Bubba Wallace, the Cup series’ only identifies-as-black driver. Who basically dictated that NASCAR ban confederate flags at NASCAR venues. Which NASCAR promptly did.

The curious part is twofold.

One, due to WuFlu restrictions teams are limited to skeleton crews, no “hot passes” nor “garage passes” to civilians. This seems a high-risk thing for someone in the sport to do, since NASCAR is sure to lifetime ban the perp, and probably heavily penalize the team as well.

Two, there are no details on how NASCAR was “made aware”.

I look at all the fake “racist” hoaxes and wonder.


They are being ricky bobby dumb, i found tallega nights very dumb but occasionally entertaining


Interesting thats a chart that shows hospitalizations are down, yet it doesnt appear.


Maryrose - prayers for your brother's eye surgery. Keep us posted on his progress, please.

I've enjoyed everyone's Father's day stories. I was one of those blessed with a wonderful dad. He fought in WWII, never went to college, became an asst. plant manager of Ford Motor Co. in Atlanta and was truly a renaissance type of guy. If he wanted to know anything, he just taught himself. He learned how to raise & sell Hereford cattle, he loved classical music and bought us all season tickets to the Atlanta Symphony. When he became interested in astronomy - he took classes at the Fernbank Science Center, bought a huge Celestron telescope and built a telescope house with a retractable roof. He had a huge garden until he was in his mid-80's and researched different varieties of vegetables and fruit trees.

He's been in heaven for 10 years and I am glad he is spared all of the troubles we see today. He loved this country and would be appalled at what's happening. I miss him and am thankful to have had him for so many years.

Another Bob

ASOT (sorry if I’m trespassing Stephanie)...

“Random lady at a local store: “You’re supposed to be wearing a mask.” Me: “I’m supposed to be wearing underwear too, yet here we are.””

Another Bob

Narc, Wallace also showed up wearing a BLM “I can’t breathe” t-shirt under the firesuit last weekend, and arguably pressured other drivers into making the predictable public statements. I think at least puts his toes dangling in the “activist” water.

Todays race was rained out and will be run tomorrow. Go guess what’s sure to lead the prerace broadcast?



A small victory..nytol

Dave (in MA)

Last week the most moderate of the bunch of candidates running for Selectman in my town was an incumbent leading by a few hundred votes by the time I last checked before went to bed, but sometime the next day they announced that he was beaten by the woman who appears to be by far the most spending-happy climate-change obsessed of the bunch, by 7 votes. Apparently he's gotten swamped with emails, texts and phone calls pushing him to contest such a close race with all the uncertainty introduced with such a high number of mail-ins, so tonight he's announced a "decison to call for a recount" in order to "to ensure the integrity of the process".


Happy Father's Day everyone.

At least I got a text message from my daughter at 9:30 PM. I still hope to hear from my stepson again someday.

I have been thinking about my father quite a bit, he has been gone for 15 years and I still miss him dearly. I am so glad he didn't have to go through what is occurring in the world of today. He would have started shooting by now...

We got the North and South Gardens in completely now including drip line watering (round porous lines). Garden looks the best it ever has. I wave at everyone that drives by and talk with some whom we have come to know.

Every time something works right in the garden, I thank God, my grandfather who was a farmer, and my mom who grew up on farms and taught me from a very young age. The good raking of dirt and mulch comes from the years of playing golf and especially of raking traps for my father when I caddied for him at various tournaments.

I am still struggling with depression.

Captain Hate

Nice memories of your father, Momto2. My father's been gone for 39 years and, likewise, I'm glad he's spared seeing what's happened to the country. My generation's fucked things up just as badly as I feared.


In addition to our other house upgrades, we have been trying to upgrade our wired/wireless Internet capabilities with an emphasis on security.

To say it has been a challenge would be an understatement. MrsJ is ready to rip it all out and start over.

Computers. Making life easier.


Also a ricky bobby moment when he thinks hes on fire,

Whats her deal dave is she going to have a hole in the floor so they pedal like the flintstones

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