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June 10, 2020



Kiwi has been sick since last night. Throwing up. Didn't have anything different to eat. I gave her 1/2 a pepsid a few hours ago, and she still threw up once about 2 hours later. hasn't eaten anything today.

Any ideas?


https://theconversation.com/profiles/harry-boyte-782706 is newer.

Boyte’s most recent book, Awakening Democracy through Public Work, Vanderbilt University Press 2018, recounts lessons from more than 25 years of revitalizing the civic purposes of K-12, higher education, professions, and other settings. In the 1960s, Boyte was a Field Secretary for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the organization headed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and subsequently was a community and labor organizer in the South.


Also this info that boyte now lives part of every year in south africa.

Boyte in an architect of the public work approach to politics and citizenship, which has gained international recognition for its practical effectiveness (for instance, in citizen professionalism) as well as its theoretical innovations. He has authored and edited ten books on democracy, citizenship, and community organizing including The Backyard Revolution, Everyday Politics; Free Spaces, with Sara Evans, Building America, with Nan Kari, and most recently the edited collection, Democracy’s Education: Public Work, Citizenship, and the Future of Colleges and Universities. He has written more than 200 articles, appearing in Political Theory, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Public Administration Review, The Journal of African Political Science, and elsewhere, and writes regular blogs for Huffington Post. He is now writing a book, Pedagogy of the Empowered, on citizen politics using twenty-five years of case studies in Public Achievement and other settings.

Boyte is one of the co-founders of the transdisciplinary field of Civic Studies, the “intellectual component…of the movement to improve societies by engaging their citizens,” as Tufts University describes it (activecitizen.tufts.edu/civic-studies/). He gave the 2017 John Dewey Society Lecture for the John Dewey Society and AERA.

Harry Boyte lives and works part of the year in South Africa. His wife, Marie-Louise Ström, is a long time grassroots democracy educator. In the 1960s, Boyte worked for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, headed by Martin Luther King, and subsequently did community organizing in poor white communities in Durham, North Carolina.

http://www.respectfulconversation.net/harry-boyte/ is the source.

Tom R

Gus @ 1:33

+1 for Spinal Tap reference.


I saw Bread in concert at Blossom Music Center.
Loved their music. Maybe it is a gal thing.
I like music from the 1800’s as well.


Iggy’s essay reminded of this title from 2005:


matt - deplore me if you must

I guess Seattle is the logical place to start the rebelution. Filled with soy boys and Che wannabes. Let them try to clear a sewer or ensure regular trash pickup in their little people's republic. Unfortunately there is not a single grownup in the room and Commisar Inslee is a fellow traveler.

Unfortunately Seattle is a major economic hub. I just wonder if Boeing even cares anymore. MSFT is part of the problem, not the solution, unfortunately. Lots of crony capitalism up that way.



Did she get off any zingers? I lost my internet connection and by the time I got back connected she was walking out the door of the press room. Rats!

We have 90 degrees and 20mph winds today.

Old Lurker

rse "Am I the only one who read iggy's excellent post and thought of a relative"

RSE, Iggy was thinking about my sister when he wrote that.


Jake Sherman
ROMNEY: “I'm confident that we will keep the majority in the Senate. And I actually have long predicted the president will be reelected - I continue to think that's the case.” Cc @realDonaldTrump


Heh. He must be catching hell from voters in Utah.


Thanks TomR.


I wonder what the backup plan is for pro athletes if America decides it's done with them as entertainment?

Questions worth asking one's self before disrespecting the flag and the citizens who watch their "games".

Old Lurker

Jane 'Any ideas?"

Kiwi knows her mother can only watch her with one eye so if she stays on the other side, she can eat whatever nasties dogs like to eat?


Prediction of a gal on Twitter about the GOP Convention:

RNC will go to Jacksonville. R Mayor, R Gov.
Phoenix, Dallas & Nashville all have D Mayors, but R Govs.
Think the RNC is going to take a chance planning this with a D Mayor right now?
Nope. Jacksonville it is.

Jim Eagle


Is Kiwi drinking, and if so, an inordinate amount than usual?




On deaths of whites and blacks due to police use of lethal force.


Is the heat bothering Kiwi?


Take Kiwi to the vet if no improvement.

Jim Eagle

I don't think JAX has the downtown hotels, restaurants, etc. to support a major convention. I am an hour & 10 minutes from there south. I also don't think the convention center is big enough to hold delegates, the press, interested onlookers etc.

I guess anything is possible but I don't see it happening.


Well this is interesting, the address of the Police Station now occupied by antifa in the Autonomous Zone is 11th Avenue & Pine Street. When the Dunhams moved to Seattle in 1955, they opened a large store in downtown Seattle called Standard-Grunbaum Furniture at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Pine Street.

Coincidence I'm sure.



The heat always bothers Kiwi, which is why she has 2 pools. Not drinking anymore than usual, she hasn't touched the vodka.

It was odd because last night she was throwing up a dark brown mess while it's usually very transparent. It lightened up today. Hasn't been peeing as much, sltho she may have gone in the house last night, which she has never done before - or she walked out of her pool in that direction. Couldn't tell.

She's sleeping now. Nice snore.



You should be at the end of your quarantine. where are you going first?


ANTIFA is looting & burning our cities.

Extremists demand we DEFUND the police.

All while @JoeBiden is KNEELING to leftists causing chaos in the streets.@realDonaldTrump stands for law & order, protecting minority businesses, and STANDING for our flag.

New ad: pic.twitter.com/sauu8OUgJ8

— Brad Parscale (@parscale) June 10, 2020

Video at the link.


Patriotic 🇺🇸Suzanne⭐️⭐️⭐️ Text TRUMP to 88022
Report: DHS Warns Police Officers Are Being Doxed Online. Democrats= terrorist breitbart.com/politics/2020/…



My favorite Youngbloods lyrics:

Well I'm proud to be a hippie from Olema
Where we're friendly to the squares and all the straights
We still take in strangers if they're ragged
We can't think of anyone to hate

[Verse 1]
We don't watch commercials in Olema
We don't buy the plastic crap they sell
We still wear our hair long like folks used to
And we bathe often, therefore we don't smell


Roscoe B Davis🎖⭐️⭐️⭐️
John Gleeson has filed his brief for Sullivan, and it's just what the doctor ordered.

Here's his preamble to his brief



Captain Hate

Just saw Tucker Carlson's selling the Daily Caller and his house in DC. Guessing he's getting the eff out of the city.
Posted by: Ian S. at June 10, 2020 03:55 PM (ZGrMX)

You know he's getting death threats.

Some probably come from Bill Kristol.
Posted by: Donna&&&&&&&V at June 10, 2020 04:00 PM (HabA/)


Roscoe's thread:



The Gleeson brief is a trashy piece of shit, and should stain whatever reputation he has.
1. He repeatedly cites to IG report without ever acknowledging that IG can only accept what it is told in interviews, has no GJ authority, and knows much less than DOJ on subject.

Second he includes these two lines in his "Facts"
1. "Flynn asked Russia to take particular actions."
2. "Both requests were at odds with official U.S. policy at the time."
As to the first, Flynn asked Russian to "not escalate" the dispute. How is that a bad thing?

As to the second, Gleeson CITES TO NO SOURCE.

Apparently Gleeson was in on foreign policy meetings with the Obama Admin so he has first hand knowledge of what the "official US policy" was.

But he can't be troubled enough to say what the policy was, nor explain how the unspecified "particular actions" were "at odds" with that policy.

This is the SAME innuendo that is completely without factual support and contrary to common sense.

Gleeson's work deserves ZERO respect or serious consideration because its simply DNC talking points wrapped up in a legal brief.

Just like the Mueller Report.

He goes on to delve into these issues with some more detail, but his account is almost exclusively tied to statements made by Obama Admin officials in the time events were happening -- the "narrative setting."

Many of these same officials were the ones planting false information in the media after they left government in order to keep the story going through the first six months of the Trump Admin, and then after the SC was appointed

Tom R

KK @ 3:42

Thanks for the link but the way it reads it just reinforces the notion of systemic racism in the police force.

The current study found that, consistent with prior research,black victims were substantially over-represented relative to the U.S. population, comprising 34% of victims but only 13% of Americans, and with legal intervention death rates 2.8 times higher than those among whites.

The study doesn't appear to adjust for the percentage of violent crimes broken down by race which I think is how other researchers came up with the finding that unarmed whites are more likely to get shot than unarmed blacks.


Techno Fog on the trainwreck, I mean, "Brief":

Techno Fog
Flynn update -

Amicus John Gleeson has filed his brief.

Gleeson calls the DOJ Flynn dismissal "pretextual" and "a gross abuse of prosecutorial power."

Just what Judge Sullivan asked for.

Full doc:


Old Lurker

Jane "where are you going first?"

Got my hair cut for the first time in 14.5 weeks. Had to go to my wife's stylist since my barber lady had 200 names on her list before me.

Boy is the talk in Beauty Salons different than it is in Barber Shops.

Then I went for a walk in the tool section at the hardware store to cleanse my ears and resent my guy card.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma


Personal information of police officers in departments nationwide is being leaked online amid tense interactions at demonstrations across the U.S. over the police custody death of George Floyd and others, according to an unclassified intelligence document from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, obtained by The Associated Press.

The document warns that the effort, known as “doxxing,” could lead to attacks by “violent opportunists or domestic violent extremists” or could prevent law enforcement officials from carrying out their duties.

Multiple high-ranking police officials in a number of cities, including Washington, Atlanta, Boston and New York have had their personal information shared on social media, including their home addresses, email addresses and phone numbers, the report warns.

“At least one of the police commissioners was targeted for his alleged support of the use of tear gas to disperse protests,” it says.


Tucker Carlson has set up a studio in western Maine where he plans to broadcast from while on vacation. Maybe he plans on spending more time in Maine. Are his days at Fox numbered? The last time I watched Tucker we were still in Florida and he lambasted Mills for her strict shutdown of the state. He is very familiar with western Maine
and all the small towns.


What's so hard about a DIY haircut?



USDJ Jed Rakoff declares DJT EO on Immigration "illegal"

""However, for all the reasons previously explained,
courthouse civil arrests are not lawful, because they contravene
the common-law privilege, which the INA is best read to
incorporate, that protects courts and litigants against these
intimidating and disrupting intrusions. Regardless of what ICE
may have believed, then, the Executive Order in fact did not
compel the agency to undertake its vast broadening of the scope
of courthouse arrests.15 To the contrary, by its use of the term
“lawful,” it effectively forbade such unlawful intrusions.
“[I]t is black letter law that where an agency purports to
act solely on the basis that a certain result is legally
required, and that legal premise turns out to be incorrect, the
action must be set aside, regardless of whether the action could
have been justified as an exercise of discretion.” Regents of

the Univ. of Cal. v. U.S. Dep’t of Homeland Sec., 908 F.3d 476,
505 (9th Cir. 2018) (citing SEC v. Chenery Corp. (Chenery I),
318 U.S. 80, 94 (1943) (“[I]f the [agency] action is based upon
a determination of law as to which the reviewing authority of
the courts does come into play, an order may not stand if the
agency has misconceived the law.”)).
ICE has committed precisely this error. It has effectively
offered no rationale other than its misguided reliance on the
Executive Order for its consequential decision to expand its
agents’ authority to conduct courthouse arrests. Although the
Directive itself makes conclusory references to the “reduce[d]
safety risks” of conducting arrests in a place where people are
screened for firearms, and the “unwillingness of jurisdictions
to cooperate with ICE in the transfer of custody of aliens from
their prisons and jails,” Ex. 53 ¶ 1, the record contains no
explanation of how the agency balanced any such benefits against
the harms of the policy discussed above. Accordingly, the
adoption of the Directive by ICE, as well as less formal shift
in practice and policy in 2017, were arbitrary and capricious,
in violation of § 706(2)(A) of the APA.
For the foregoing reasons, the Court grants plaintiffs’
motion for summary judgment with respect to Counts One and Two,
and, as a direct result, is obliged to also grant plaintiffs’
requested injunctive and declaratory relief. Specifically, the
Court declares ICE’s policy of courthouse arrests, as now
embodied in the Directive, to be illegal, and hereby enjoins ICE
from conducting any civil arrests on the premises or grounds of
New York State courthouses, as well as such arrests of anyone
required to travel to a New York State courthouse as a party or
witness to a lawsuit.
Clerk to enter judgment.

New York, NY
June 10, 2020




Linick is right in there with them:

Tim Ryan
Reading through the transcript with ousted State Department IG Steve Linick and...


[If you want to legal sophomorics, you HAVE to click]



Thanks for asking about my sister. She completed
chemotherapy in February and is recovering nicely.



I think Tucker will be able to follow something local that looks interesting:



The videos of the incident raise all sorts of questions about Floyd's arrest. Chauvin was not initially involved. Floyd, AFAICT, was cooperative, somewhat docile, maybe even out of it. Chauvin arrives and from here the video becomes curious. Floyd is taken across the street to where Chauvin is on the corner.

If Floyd and Chauvin had a history and the arrest involved trafficking counterfeit bills and other things in the club at which they both worked "security" — the club that conveniently burned to the ground during the riots — I'd worry about Chauvin being 'suicided' like Epstein.


Looks like Gleeson wasn't done leaving things well enough alone, he filed one on behalf of Nadler, too:

Roscoe B Davis🎖⭐️⭐️⭐️
Oh it just keeps getting better. Idiot Gleeson has filed another brief on behalf of Jerry Nadler and the Democrats on the House Judicial Committee.

The bastards are going down in flames.

The desperation is dripping for them to convict Flynn of something




I get the healthline weekly news. First article today is interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, subject was about the virus.

First excerpt: "You’ve been in this arena since 1984 and through six administrations. Can you recall a time even remotely similar to this challenge?"

"Dr. Anthony Fauci: It’s interesting we are speaking today. On June 4, 1981, the first report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention morbidity and mortality weekly report showed that five gay men, all from Los Angeles, had presented with a strange new syndrome.

"In 1984, when I became director of [the NIAID], it was the very beginning of an outbreak that we didn’t fully understand the full implications of. We thought incorrectly that it was restricted to the gay community and to injecting drug users.

"We didn’t realize that throughout the world and in Africa it was bubbling up as a mostly heterosexual disease, which right now, today, fast-forward, more than 80 million people have been infected, more than 37 million people have died, and there are 37 million people living with HIV. That was my first interaction with the presidency, with the administration of Ronald Reagan."

So ... since when did it become a heterosexual disease?


Mel,the dueling ads on local radio between the Gideon and Collins campaigns are very annoying. The anti-Gideon ads mention dark money. Collins was on local radio this morning. I didn't think to mention what she said because it was usual bipartisan blah,blah. Of course, the local media isn't going to ask her actual in depth questions. Hint: I don't listen to Stephen King's radio station. I don't think Collins would dare talk to them. :)


Remember when those dudes took over the wildlife refuge during Obama’s presidency and everybody wanted to fire missiles into the ranger station they took over?

Does anyone in Seattle remember?

Captain Hate

Welp Fauci completely botched the AIDS response so he's continuing the trend. Who will relieve the country of these dumbass experts?


Kids running the school

Jack Posobiec Flag of United States
Ohio school hires investigator to look into pro-Trump teacher's social media comments

The Fairborn Board of Education will hire an independent investigator to look into comments made on social media by a Fairborn High School teacher and assistant football coach.

The board made that decision at its Thursday meeting. Over 30 students, alumni and community members spoke at the school board meeting.The school district has not identified the teacher.The high school teacher reportedly responded to a Twitter post that talked about Pres. Donald Trump using the word “thugs,” by tweeting back, “Just because he speaks the truth you all can’t stand it. Take your blinders off.”The teacher has been put on administrative leave



Get Together by Jesse Colin Young has a decent lyric. It's hippy-dippy, but not really objectionable.

There's a kind of biblical influence in the line
"When the one that left us here
Returns for us at last"
for example, though perhaps it's referring to flying saucers.

I am intrigued by his accent. Is it influenced by drugs or a regional dialect? (He is listed as born in Queens)

angels = hay-ngels
pass = pay-uss
here = hyere
last = lay-ust
hand = hay-und



Obama called them thugs as well, a fact the media conveniently forgets.
It is probably a Democratic school board and principal.
I wonder if the teacher has tenure?
It will cost them a pretty penny to get rid of the teacher if the union becomes involved.

Old Lurker

Cap'n "Welp Fauci completely botched the AIDS response..."

Only botched if you thought the objective was to promptly address the bug and the cure and to protect citizens.

But if the goal was to advance a Prog Agenda and scare/stampede the leaders into redirecting billions of taxpayer dollars to "Friends", then I'd say he gets the Division Title for that performance. And the World Series is his for the asking if he can hype the Wu Cold Hysteria so that Trump is run out of town, and the "Friends" are restored to power once and for all.


BlackRock Authored the Bailout Plan Before There Was a Crisis – Now It’s Been Hired by three Central Banks to Implement the Plan

BlackRock Authors of “Going Direct.” Top, left to right: Stanley Fischer, Philipp Hildebrand. Bottom, left to right: Jean Boivin, Elga Bartsch.

It’s called “Going Direct.” That’s the financial bailout plan designed and authored by former central bankers now on the payroll at BlackRock, an investment manager of $7 trillion in stock and bond funds. The plan was rolled out in August 2019 at the G7 summit of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – months before the public was aware of any financial crisis. One month later, on September 17, 2019, the U.S. Federal Reserve would begin an emergency repo loan bailout program, making hundreds of billions of dollars a week in loans by “going direct” to the trading houses on Wall Street.


[These guys are always a bit fringy, so use salt, but you should be aware of it. The timing is quite accurate, FYI.]

Captain Hate

So ... since when did it become a heterosexual disease?

Fauci might be being deliberately obtuse. Africa has a significant islamic presence and cultists will deny being homosexual or bisexual.

Captain Hate

Yes, OL, I took my eye off his real agenda.



They tried to get rid of Tucker last week and failed. He really has been over the top. I don't always agree with how far he veers, but we definitely need to hear it.

He's been under death threats and all that stuff and has kids, so I don't blame him for getting out. I think (but aren't sure) he also has a house in FL.

Hell everyone is leaving NY and DC - as they should.


Howie Carr's chump line...is it too late to get Christopher Columbus in the death pool?


The teacher has been put on administrative leave

Maybe the federal Dept. of Education should sue the school district. That would be a good use of our tax dollars.


"They tried to get rid of Tucker last week and failed."

As I recall, last year when he wasn't home thugs came and made so much ruckus his wife felt compelled to hide in the closet.

RINOs are unwilling to defend the base. Their time will come. Steve Scalise has already learned this.
The time is now to stand up and fight, GOPe.


Evers lets loose his inner Nixon.



Good luck with that, Jim.


Election mailer with “get out of voter ID free” advice (pic at link). Pushing fraud vote by mail.


Jim Eagle

This all sort of reminds me when I was in the USAF back in the mid 60's and the hippies, their academic adviser's. and their pot dealers were protesting at the Pentagon and around the mall. It was basically a sex and drugs party, nothing of substance politically.

It was surreal when I landed back stateside in SFO and met by Hare Krishna's and flower girls as well as brave hippie warriors. Now instead of flowers they have arms but probably don't know how to use them. Which is even worse than if they do khow how to use them.

Then, it was curious to us coming back from Guam, Thailand and 'Nam becuase no 24/7 news channels just rumours.

These creeps/t


Howie Carr is reading a statement from the Berklee College of Music. Berklee security allowed Boston police access to rest room facilities during the recent riots. "We are sorry this happened,it will not happen again."


New York New York

James A. Gagliano on Twitter: "A 20-year-old man has died after being beaten into a coma by a crew of four crooks, two of them teenagers, on a Queens street, police said Wednesday. https://t.co/elLbFXjFrm" / Twitter

Jim Eagle

...These creeps/thugs/unloved teens are deluding themselves but still have the strength and will to toss bricks through windows and burn down police stations.

Not the same by a long shot and the LEO's where ever they are really need to step up big time and forget all the feely goody crap.

Dave (in MA)

Maybe someone should loot the Berklee dorms.


Donald J. Trump
Big $$$$ headed to the Pittsburgh area! I’m sending $141.7M in CARES Act funding to @PGHtransit
from @USDOT
to aid in the recovery. This will be critical to helping people get where they need to go and more importantly, keeping them SAFE!


Donald J. Trump
I am sending $219.9M to the San Diego area in CARES Act funding for @sdmts. These funds from @USDOT will be CRITICAL for economic recovery. We have to keep people moving safely and efficiently!


AP Politics

· 20h
BREAKING: Nancy Mace wins Republican nomination for U.S. House in South Carolina's 1st congressional district. #APracecall at 8:43 p.m. EDT. #Election2020 #SCprimary

Donald J. Trump
Congratulations on last nights BIG WIN, @NancyMace! Keep up the great work so we can #MAGA! We need you in Washington fast. You have my Complete and Total Endorsement! #SC01


AP Politics

BREAKING: Rich McCormick wins Republican nomination for U.S. House in Georgia's 7th congressional district. #APracecall at 1:46 a.m. EDT. #Election2020 #GAprimary
Donald J. Trump
Congratulations to Dr. Rich McCormick (@RichforGA) on a BIG WIN in Georgia last night! We need you in Washington, D.C. badly. You have my Complete and Total Endorsement! #MAGA #GA07


#SeattleAutonomousZone now has a warlord. It’s been 2 days. pic.twitter.com/9Eu5ALrINU

— RHGR (@RHGR) June 10, 2020

Photo and tweets on screencap.

Hey, we have WARLORDS!

Dave (in MA)

The same college that had to fire 11 professors in 13 years for Bill Clintonish behavior.


Ric Grenell just on Lou Dobbs. You can se him at 7:00


"Thanks for the link but the way it reads it just reinforces the notion of systemic racism in the police force."

The way YOU read it reinforces it.

You said:

"The study doesn't appear to adjust for the percentage of violent crimes broken down by race which I think is how other researchers came up with the finding that unarmed whites are more likely to get shot than unarmed blacks."

White victims outnumber black victims. Blacks are more likely to engage in the violent 9crimes involving lethal force as a response driving UP the rate at which they are likely to be killed.

From the link provided:

"Contact with LE was typically precipitated by alleged/suspected criminal activity (80.5%), with police responding to an assault, homicide, or other violent crime in more than half of these cases. About 11% of these cases involved only a non-specified (“other”) crime. An additional 19.5% were not precipitated by any known criminal behavior."

"To further examine the circumstances precipitating LE contact in these cases, the “other crime” case narratives and narratives of cases with no precipitating crime that were also not classified as belonging to any other subtype were examined in supplemental analyses and coded using an adapted version of a coding scheme developed by Gill and Pasquale-Styles.34 This additional review revealed that the reason for LE presence (based on 143 cases with sufficient information) involved responding to calls for domestic disturbance (11%), brandishing a weapon in public (7%), or shots fired (9%); traffic stop (20%); serving an arrest warrant (14%); responding to a crime (other than NVDRS categories, e.g., kidnapping, vandalism, taking hostages; 14%); encounter during routine patrol (6%); a well-being check (2%); undercover surveillance (1%), or other/unknown reasons (16%).

Victims were predominantly male (96.1%) with a mean age of 36.7 years. Although a majority were white, black victims were over-represented (32.4%) relative to the U.S. population.f36 Blacks had 2.8 times the rate of legal intervention death compared with whites; rates among whites and Hispanics were similar."

That 2.8 times doesn't form any basis for supporting " a notion" of systemic racism. Disparate impact on blacks over whites can be, and is, explained by black crime rates according to crime stats- unarmed or armed.

The allegation "law enforcement is systemically racist" is absurd because police intervention procedures aren't standardized based upon race and ethnicity.

Efforts to refute the absurd allegation with crime statistics are as pointless as calls to defund the police.


Not leaving DC--The exodus is from Calif and NY, Jane.


OMG stop apologizing to Antifa!


Plan is for Obama to run the Presidency if Biden gets elected:https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/obama-to-the-rescue


Tucker has a residence inCA? who knew?


Just got an alert on my Walmart/Sam's Club app that opened a page stating:

Working toward racial equity.

We're investing $100 million over the next 5 years to address systemic racism and accelerate change.

So great of them to "address" "systemic racism" and "accelerate change" in Democrat controlled cities and police departments. Go Walmart!



I have found it remarkably difficult to find a good barber. Your community is larger, so you have more choices. I finally found one who is pretty good.

But it seems the Supercuts model predominates here. They uniformly are awful. I call them sheep-shearers, which my current barber had not heard before and found very amusing.


Obama run the Presidency for Biden? He didn’t run his own, ValJar did.


Sullivan’s lawyer is representing Cheryl Mills pro bono.




Another Bob

So given current levels of insanity, when does Kaepernick demand an NFL roster spot and get it?


So honored by Archbishop Viganò’s incredible letter to me. I hope everyone, religious or not, reads it! https://t.co/fVhkCz89g5

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 10, 2020

Link goes to article and letter in Lifesite News.



Read ArchbishopVigano's letter.

He speaks of a struggle between Good and Evil, o a struggle which is Biblical.

I have never read a letter like that written to an American president. It's quite inspiring.


Jeff Mason
⁩ says his first political rally since the pandemic is likely to be in Tulsa, Oklahoma


Name names.

James O'Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII
Tomorrow @Project_Veritas will expose where the ANTIFA/RefuseFa money is coming from...in their own words...


Stay tuned...




Sara Cook
JUST NOW: The President told reporters he will have his first campaign rally in Oklahoma, and then have others in Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, per pooler @svdate


Tulsa eh?



So given current levels of insanity, when does Kaepernick demand an NFL roster spot and get it?

Some people don't remember why he's not in the league anymore. They think it was racism.

My preference would be for the Patriots to take him because he'll be humiliated on the field.


Ext, knee boy would humiliate the Patriots as well. A twofer.

Another Bob

“Tulsa eh?”

How dare Trump. Tulsa is still healing from racist violence.

99 years ago.



Yes it is!

Margot Cleveland
This is frickin' unbelievable: A federal judge directed a lawyer to submit a brief arguing the U.S. Attorney cannot dismiss a criminal case & lawyers who wrote brief are Biden donors & use opportunity to re-litigate Russia collusion hoax & disparage Trump & his administration.



Thanks, Lyle.
I was about to whine.

Captain Hate

Kaepernick was a terrible quarterback, absolutely wretched. That Harbaugh got a team to the Superbowl with that mutt over center was one of the game's strange anomalies.


Btw, who even knew Kaepernick was black before he came up with the kneeling schtick?

Would it be too much to ask that black people actually appear black, or at least fairly dark?


No link given but I'm guessing the odds of being correct is pretty strong.

"Apparently the African garb the dims wore in their 8 minute stunt were worn by …. wait for it….. an affluent tribe that dealt in SLAVE TRADING"

So, slavers not victims.


Collen Keptherdick, won't take an NFL job. He was offered opportunities, but he's a poser and a coward.
The last article that I read about this foul pig said he last played in the NFL in 2016. The hateful pig had a qb rating of 55.

He's not NFL material. He was 10 years ago.


Colleen Keptherdick is half black. Abandoned by his natural father who was black. SOUND FAMILIAR??

Read the rest.

Kaepernick was born in 1987 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Heidi Russo, who is white. His birth father, who is African-American (of Ghanaian, Nigerian, and Ivorian ancestry), separated from Russo before Kaepernick was born. Russo placed Kaepernick for adoption with a white couple named Rick and Teresa Kaepernick.


The NFL hates cops! There's no other explanation.


I can’t believe that Antifa is literally taking over parts of a major American city, setting up road blocks, declaring themselves automous, and everyone is just like “eh what are you gonna do?” Have we just given up on society completely at this point?


Pretty much, pal. Conservatism was never supposed to stop the Bolshevik revolution in the USA, only slow it down until the American people were replaced by mass immigration. Welcome to the future.



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