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June 29, 2020


Dave (in MA)

The BU Terriers are likely to change the name of their mascot "Rhett the Terrier" because, well, you know.


Oh no! AGW causing “excessive heat and humidity” in July.


Idiots never heard of summer.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Trying to finish up some stuff so I can start catch-up. Till then, a couple of snips from my local NextDoor.

A lady posted this: I just decided to stop seeing some friends because they are not staying informed about covid-19 progress or lack thereof or the political issues that will make or break this country.

And for my efforts in posting about mask wearing, out of doors, away from people I got a request along the lines of "I'm doing a research project. What grades did you get in high school science class? Your IQ must be really low." The lady has since deleted it (or maybe ND monitors deleted it)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hey Jim,
Post that Facts About Covid someone linked and see what your next door knotheads do.



Dave (in MA)
I just decided to stop seeing some friends because they are not staying informed about covid-19 progress or lack thereof or the political issues that will make or break this country.
She completely spelled out all of the words--on the internet. She must be old. Her friends will probably not even notice unless she lets them know.

I could see Alito thinking why do I even *&$##( bother every time Roberts sides with the activists.

Though if he could hold out for RBG's demise, or Breyer's (age 81) retirement, he could have the pleasure of being in the majority for 5-10 years, assuming Trump gets reelected.


Good afternoon! I've stopped reading Next Door while we're in Maine. Hubby gets the updates and it is a Karen sh*t show. In fact,a friend on our street in Florida called hubby this morning to tell him about a big argument he had with another neighbor. The neighbor said that the police should be defunded. The friend asked her if she'd ever lived in an inner city. The friend grew up in inner city Cleveland.HIs first wife's family was connected to the Cleveland mob. :)

Captain Hate

Was Alito the justice Schoooomer threatened, along with Kavanaugh, in that den of man hating crones that led to even Tribe saying the vile piece of tyrannical shit was out of line? Or was that Gorsuch?

Dave (in MA)
the pleasure of being in the majority
Something unlikely to bring much pleasure while Roberts is being Roberts.

Our idiot Governor, Holcomb, has paused IN’s complete opening until the 17th apparently because he’s chickenshit. We were to be open Friday. IN has not seen the scary increases yet he folds.


Dave,Howie Carr is discussing the BU terrier.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Delta Airlines, via an email fwd'ed to me:

Zero tolerance for racism, bigotry and hateful acts

As an organization, we are acknowledging the truth of our history and examining every area of our business where we can be a stronger ally for justice and equality, from programs to policy change. We recently celebrated the power of action across our hometown state as the Georgia Hate Crime bill was passed, of which Delta was a passionate supporter. You have my promise we will continue taking every opportunity to bring truth and justice to the forefront to ensure a stronger, more connected world for everyone.

Me: at least they specified hateful "actions", not hate "speech". Still, pretty much a groveling statement.

Captain Hate

HIs first wife's family was connected to the Cleveland mob.



Was Alito the justice Schoooomer threatened

Alito was the one who shook his head and said "Not true" during one of Barry's factless SOTU addresses, if I recall correctly.


CH,our friend is Italian,he told hubby that their wedding reception was just like the scene in Goodfellas,envelopes full of cash. :)
We'll put that movie on the list. We've watched every mob story possible,hubby loves crime stories.


November 2012

In November 2012, the Supreme Court granted a petition for certiorari filed by USAID, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Center for Disease Control. In a 6-2 decision, the court ruled in a majority written by Chief Justice John Roberts that the government cannot force a private organization to publicly profess a viewpoint that mirrors the government's view but is not held by the organization itself. Such a requirement would be considered a form of "leveraging" and violated the First Amendment protection of free speech. Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas jointly filed a dissenting opinion arguing that the majority's ruling would prevent government funding for specific ideological programs.

June 2020

While the U.S. government subsequently did not hold American NGOs to the Policy Requirement for funding, it continues to require foreign affiliates of these NGOs to the requirement. A new set of lawsuits on this action began, and while the case upheld the Supreme Court ruling, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5–3 decision in Agency for Int'l Development v. Alliance for Open Society in June, 2020 that the foreign affiliates were considered separate non-American entities of the American NGOs, and thus did not enjoy the First Amendment freedom of speech protections rights in this case.


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Ace: Tucker Carlson Gets Results: Weakling Cvck "Republican" Mike Braun Folds, Will Withdraw Qualified Immunity Bill

A couple of nights ago, Tucker Carlson absolutely demolished weakling Democrat in Republican clothing Mike Braun, who introduced a bill to strip immunity from police in order to avoid criticism from Chuck Schumer.

By the way, I've seen some commenters saying that qualified immunity should be stripped away.

First of all: You do know qualified immunity only protects police in their personal capacity, right? Someone said, "If a neighbor kills my dog, I sue him. If a cop kills my dog, I should be able to sue him too."

Well you can sue him: You sue the state or city that employs him. He's an agent of the city or state, and according to usual agent-principle rules, if an agent commits a tort, you can sue the principle on whose behalf he was acting.

And a city or state has much deeper pockets than a cop making $65,000 per year.

If you want recompense for injury done to you by an agent of the state: You've already got that. You can sue the state. Qualified immunity does not protect the state from such suits.

If you want to sue the cop personally, you're just looking for vengeance.

Making cops personally liable for any torts they commit will have two outcomes:

1, it will be a standard new benefit given to any cops that the state will pay for personal liability insurance.


Who would take the job if he was not simply given backdoor immunity in this way?

So the state will still pick up the tab for any torts committed by cops. Taxpayers will now just have to pay extra, because the insurer is of course going to have business expenses and profit margins that he builds into the cost of insurance.

2, to the extent reducing qualified immunity has any effect at all -- and it might have a marginal effect, even with insurance, because with insurance plans you usually have to pay, say, the first $1500 or $2000 of costs -- the effect will be that cops simply stop doing their jobs.

If you think cops spend a lot of time aimlessly cruising around and chatting up waitresses in donut shops, wait until you're threatening them with personal liability lawsuits every single time they answer a citizen's call.

If you were a cop, and you realized that every single arrest could wind up costing you literally hundreds of thousands of dollars -- your house, your car, your kids' college funds -- how many arrests do you think you'd make?

Easier to just eat donuts.

If you want to get rid of qualified immunity for cops, just be honest with yourselves and call for and end to police as BLM wants. Getting rid of qualified immunity just means you keep paying cop salaries, without getting cop services.


The weakling Mike Braun has folded and will withdraw his bill

Dave (in MA)

In one of the stories about Ed Henry dipping his pen in Fox News company ink, it mentioned his wife is some NPR bigshot.


Article at link.
Tom Bevan
You now have to issue statements explaining why you're standing for the national anthem. In America.


Captain Hate

his wife is some NPR bigshot.

No wonder he was plowing Vegas strippers.


Fox VP of Governmental Relations is a former D operative and Hill Staffer, guy named o'Neil, apparently.


well that explains it,


I have been able to 'break through to the other side' on my laptop, finally,


Special thank you to the @UnitedWarVets, @GrucciFireworks, @Scotts_MGro, and @FedEx — for their support of what will, without question, be a special evening! #Salute2America https://t.co/QmI58d1gcD

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 1, 2020

Link goes to a jet flyover short video.


OK, here's something on the lighter side about experts.


Retweeted by rhe President. Link goes ro an ad for the Senate Republican Majority

Enjoy our new ad. #DefeatTheMob

Fund the fight: https://t.co/PqXTaYX5rV pic.twitter.com/A5OT1c21h2

— Team Mitch (Text MITCH to 47360) (@Team_Mitch) July 1, 2020

Captain Hate

Tonto the philosophy major? That explains a lot...


The President answers a question about the NYPD. Video at the link.


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 1, 2020

Tonto, Harry hit that one out of the park. More HRs than MLB at the all star break.

Dave (in MA)

narciso79 | July 01, 2020 at 04:18 PM, playing the Doors?


some jerks have stapled "Decriminalize DC", promoting a petition drive to get rip of cops. would it be unneighborly of me to add, Instead of petitioning just shoot the criminals.


Craziness hits Western Australia. Newspaper cancels Modesty Blaise. Yes, Modesty Blaise.



The President answers a question about Biden. Video at the link.


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 1, 2020

In theory it is Kayleigh time...


Hasn’t started yet.


Another question on Biden and the market.


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 1, 2020

Video at the link.


This is a useful thread for those who want to do something about what's going on, via Instapundit.

Here it is: I was successful in killing my dept’s woke statement on recent social unrest. This took several weeks and may have permanently burned some bridges, but I think it’s important. It is a toxic ideology that cannot be given an inch. Here are the lessons I learned.

— The Science Femme, Woman in STEM (@piney_the) July 1, 2020

Here's a link to the thread:


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

I'd love to see OL (or Mel, jimmyk, etc) lay out where we'll stand at end of year ... or, say, a month after full reopening...V shaped recovery? Or half of all US businesses die?

In the meantime, saw this at BJG:

"Pizza Hut’s largest franchisee (1,200 stores) files for bankruptcy."
"How’s being the Official Pizza of the NFL working out, Pizza Hut? Who makes a buying decision based on any company being the official sponsor of anything?"

Take out pizza should have been comparatively strong! Still open at a time competitors were shut down.


Still on muh Russia... press suck.


Now yamiche on dog whistles from the FL golf cart video.


Scratch that.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Great article by Harry, Tonto.

Reminds me of one of the great quotes from Feynman;
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts."



Do you remember when we had here in Indy as mayor, Greg Ballard, the ex-Marine officer?
Everything ran so much more smoothly and things were cleaner. And NO riots!!

I thought of that when Piers Morgan was whining a little bit ago about how everyone here had guns! Ha!

Old Lurker

JimSV "...V shaped recovery? Or half of all US businesses die?"


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Chinese-Style Social Credit Is Here: Gab Founder Says He's Blocked From Using Visa Over Vague 'Hate Speech' Charge
And here we see the value in the left capturing our institutions.
The "tolerance" they used to preach [but that we never hear of anymore] was a smoke screen to make an end run around the Constitution and to put in place new social norms far more intolerant than anything they replaced.
Meet the new boss. Xe ate the old boss.


Retweeted by the President. Short video at the link.(A little under a minute.)

On October 1, 2018, President @realDonaldTrump announced that negotiations on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement were complete.

At midnight on July 1, 2020, this historic agreement took effect! pic.twitter.com/7JmRscConV

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) July 1, 2020

where we'll stand at end of year ... or, say, a month after full reopening...V shaped recovery? Or half of all US businesses die?

I had been more optimistic for a full 'V', but with all the renewed hysteria over "cases," it seems less likely that we'll get back to where we were by the end of the year. I have been pleasantly surprised to see how many businesses have managed to reopen, but that doesn't mean they'll last, especially if customers are being frightened into staying away.


Hey! I lived!

Long surgery today, different, but I sure as hell don't feel like I just has surgery. Still blind as a bat. We shall see...(or not)


Iggy, VISA can cancel credit for belief, but a Christian has to bake the gay cake. Must be something DreadPirate Roberts wrote.

Dave (in MA)

😜🤞👁👱‍♀️ Jane


Jane! Lots of love from us!
It is a beautiful evening here,the sun is shining on the stream,after a couple of days of much needed rain.


Good to hear you are on this side of surgery, Jane!


Jane, here's hoping for a good result! You're a real fighter.

And speaking of fighting, since Jane had asked what are we going to do about all the current insanity, here's a piece (h/t New Neo) by someone who fought back against the woke BS in her workplace. Not so well-written (presumably because it was in Twitter), but maybe a role model for more of us in a position to fight back.


Another Bob

“woke BS in her workplace”

Saw that jimmy. Her workplace is academe. Doesn’t clearly map to corporate.

Another Bob

Who is this Woodson guy on Dobbs now?


Had a COVID swab test a week ago Monday as a member of an essential business. Was supposed to hear back in 3-5 days. BioReference website, when I checked, said 5-7 days.

-- Saturday, 6/27/2020 emailed patient portal that I had not yet seen a result.
-- Monday 6/29/2020 emailed again, not having heard anything back.
-- Monday evening 6/29/2020 after no reply, emailed again with my confirmation number
-- Tuesday 6/30/2020 received an email asking me to call during working hours.
-- Wednesday 7/1/2020 called patient portal support team at 9:20 am. Hung up after 30 minutes on hold.
-- Wednesday 7/1/2020 called again at 5:20 pm after hearing nothing. Still on hold at 5:45 pm as I write this. All associates are handling other customers. Please hold for the next available associate.
-- Next email tomorrow will be to the county executive and our congressman.

As I said in my last email: "The timeliness of the COVID-19 test seems to have been lost by your delays and non-responsiveness. Nine days later a 14 day quarantine would almost be over.

So fed up with ... with... with everything.


Her workplace is academe. Doesn’t clearly map to corporate.

I was wondering about that. Mrs K is in the corporate world, and she and one colleague have been grappling with it. Maybe the concept of tenure means all bets are off, but I've said to her "There's safety in numbers," so find allies.


Even JimmyK killfiled me?


Who is this Woodson guy on Dobbs now?

I don't have Dobbs on, but if it's Robert Woodson Woodson, he's terrific. I've been a fan of his for a long time, though haven't seen him around so much in years. He must be getting up there.


Sorry, just one "Woodson" there.


Sorry, ext. I've been on skim mode during the lockdown, so I miss lots of posts.

Captain Hate




In the corporate world, I think it's up to the old-timers to man the battle stations. The younger people still have their entire careers ahead of them and are understandably more vulnerable to threats and repercussions. If enough older people hold up, they could embolden others. If I were still working, it would be difficult for them to fuck with me for stating my opinion or questioning theirs during a bullshit diversity lecture.

No more promotions? Big deal. None needed. I'm already at the top of the food chain, pay wise. What are you gonna do, demote me and risk getting sued?

Same with cancel culture. Retired people can't be canceled, for example. There's almost nothing that can be done to punish them for wrongthink. That's who needs to stand up the straightest right now. Preferably with AR-15s as appropriate.


Sorry, ext.

Just kidding, J-man. I do it, too.


I voted for the appropriate judge. Racine COVID regs ruled “constitutionally vague” and void.



That's the one Jimmy. And yes, he's great. AB I can't remember his credentials (of course) But he's now on every Wednesday.


Whoever suggested the Covid-fraud is the way to attack the left is correct.

Let's get at it!

And yes, we retired people need to get out and fight!

Another Bob

“demote me and risk getting sued”

How about get fired for cause? You’re right about pay etc. Problem most of the old-timers have is getting to Medicare age - if it weren’t for health insurance I’d have dumped the job by now. Fired for gross misconduct = no COBRA guarantee.



We need your art skills?

Another Bob

Plus white guys aren’t great complaintants in wrongful termination suits.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Standing tall.
This image is popular on Parler.


Reuters Legal
Michigan court rules to reopen part of Enbridge's Line 5 pipeline reut.rs/2NIpPnE


Jack Lillywhite


E and F in SH by tonight. Then on to BRU and Antwerp on the 7th. Stop by, they would love to see U and H.

Harry, it’s hard for me to laugh because of the ribs but thanks for that in City Journal. Look forward to seeing you again.


COBRA isn’t cheap, thanks to ACA. Medicare age is big in terms of freedom from employment. I’m both the boss and the owner, but if my customers cancel me my employees would be hardest hit. Since many of my customers are in tourism industries, things are shaky enough as is. Fortunately, none of my food customers have been shut down by Kung Flu so far. The manufacturing/ metal bashers are hosed in shut down states, but ammo guys are booming. I can resist bs, as long as I’m quiet about it.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

It's 5:23 about the attack on Gab is incredibly important.
I don't think it's the first time they've been attacked, also David Horowitz was attacked in this way.

No laws broken by Gab, none. Yet banned from society.
It's an outrage.


Jim, I linked her explanation above. She respects the flag, but is all in BLM. Confused.

Captain Hate

Anyone surprised by this?

Former staffers from Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign are abandoning the Republican Party and working to elect former vice president Joe Biden.
Via @AndrewStilesUSA

And I saw last night that a bunch of former Bush admin officials are also throwing in with Biden.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Speaking of outrage...
Person: "Karen, what are you outraged about today?"
Karen: "I don't know. They haven't told me yet."

Last month: BLM
This month: wearing masks


Fired for "cause," you mean? I'd have make their lives hell. Would probably be interviewed on Breitbart or Mark Levin and happily call them all out by name. (I had a fairly high-level job in a very politically sensitive organization.)

"All I did was ask how they knew me well enough to know whether I'm a racist or not, which, incidentally [said like Vinnie Antonelli in My Blue Heaven], they couldn't answer. Is that a so-called 'cause' for firing?"


Retired people can't be canceled, for example. There's almost nothing that can be done to punish them for wrongthink.

Another reason I’m loving retirement. I have very little doubt that my previous big corporate bank employer is knee-deep in this black Marxist shit. Foxtrot Tango Sierra.

Another Bob

“COBRA isn’t cheap”

No, but it’s guaranteed. Try to buy health insurance if 60+ and a preexisting condition or two. More expensive than COBRA if it isn’t unobtanium.


Former staffers from Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign are abandoning the Republican Party

Go to hell, cretins.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"Former staffers from Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign are abandoning the Republican Party ..."

May they have the same success as they had with Mitt.

Jack Lillywhite

Good. Keeps volunteers for Trump down to a minimum to vet.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Former staffers from Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign are abandoning the Republican Party.--

No, no, no guys.
We abandoned you.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

In retrospect, I prefer the flair of lyle's "cretins" over my drab, everyday "idiots".

mike in houston

Had to laugh at the horse meme. One of the first things we taught young riders is that if you have to walk behind a horse, first make sure he knows you are there and second, walk as close to him as possible because if he kicks the force is less.

One funny story was when I was in HS we rode every year in our towns Memorial Day parade. One year there were some kids with pea shooters on the sidelines. One of my buddies spotted them and rode his horse (think 17 hand Percheron type named Gibraltar)right up in their faces. Problem solved! Never mess with an animal that is a lot bigger than you.


Am I the biggest My Blue Heaven fan here? I think it's possible, but a guy named "Martin" faking a Chicago Italian accent is a funny thing to a New Yorker. Not even counting the excellent plot and great job by the other actors.



Pure twitter weirdness. This guy says Ed Henry sexually assaulted ShepSmith.


I’ll wait for court documents to draw any conclusions.

Another Bob

"I'd have make their lives hell."

Might make you feel better, but you'll still be out the paycheck and the insurance.


Romney voted to impeach Trump on nonsense charges, his legacy of disgrace is ensured. Presumably he doesn't want to run for a second term, so I'm sure he'll come out for Biden. What a putz.

I doubt you'll hear a word from any Bush regarding the 2020 election.


Sorry you feel trapped, Bob. But maybe you aren't! You said you don't have kids, so therefore you must be rich. No way you aren't, without kids sapping you for college and weddings.

I'm sorry to read about the insurance issue. I didn't have that problem.

matt - deplore me if you must

It shows the depths to which these insiders have sunk that they are supporting a corrupt, do nothing, racist, senile windbag insider who has been a part of the problem for the past 45 years.

If nothing else the battle lines are being clearly delineated. It's us versus the entire Establishment.

Burn it all down takes on a whole new meaning.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--This guy says Ed Henry sexually assaulted ShepSmith.--

Shoulda fired Henry for bad taste and less sense.


Gee, what happened to HIPAA?



This guy says Ed Henry sexually assaulted ShepSmith

How can you “assault” the willing?


"Prince Harry apologizes for ‘institutional
racism’ during Princess Diana Awards ceremony"

Found at Lucianne


Prince Harry is pictured as the definition of “pussy whipped” in the OED. No words, just the pic.



Why can't people just do normal stuff around TV studios?

Another Bob

“ Sorry you feel trapped, Bob. But maybe you aren't! ”

Depends on your definition of. “rich” Ext. I’m in much better shape than most, no question. If it were only a matter of living expenses, and some fun, we have the cash we need.

But a bad medical situation is capable of changing all that. Start spending well into five-figures a year for meds, which isn’t unheard of, cuts into that pretty quickly.

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