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June 15, 2020





Now it makes more sense.


That would be another Horowitz Report, Yes?

Justice OIG
Video: Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz discusses today’s report on the DEA’s Income-Generating, Undercover Operations.

Read the report: https://oig.justice.gov/reports/2020/a20071.pdf



Insty links this:


Californians emboldened by a president who initially played down the pandemic and now refuses to wear a mask, feel freer to vent their frustrations on health officers placed front-and-center at press conferences and government meetings, said Dr. Jonathan Fielding, who served as Los Angeles County’s health officer for 16 years and now is a professor at the UCLA school of public health that bears his name.

“None of us has the unfettered right to do what we want,” Fielding said. “People are saying, ‘Our president’s not doing this, why do I have to?’ That’s one of the roots of this problem — the radicalization of views on individual rights.”

Stupid peasants.


College football won’t be spared, either, I’m afraid.

Obviously not, based on the OAN t-shirt struggle session.



No one picked her in the pool, so...you know.


Hippo Krite:

Pelosi Pours $180,000 Into Facebook Ads While Calling for Advertisers to Boycott Site


[Also, might be that she's low on dough and needs the cheaper ad rates.]


Kayleigh Time!

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

The Bee:

New Program Helps People Of Color Adopt A White Liberal To Speak On Their Behalf

MENLO PARK, CA—A new nonprofit organization is teaming up with app developers to help people of color find and adopt white liberals to speak for them. The program is called Adopt A Voice and will help people of black and brown descent express what they truly desire, think, and mean to say.

"I signed up for it," said African American Bradley Trent from Columbus, Ohio. "They paired me up with a 37-year-old white girl named Claire who claims to be bisexual but as far as I can tell she just really likes cats."

When asked what his opinion of the program was, Claire responded on Bradley's behalf, "Bradley is just so grateful to have his voice heard especially on key issues like women's right to choose, climate change, and especially trans issues."

Bradley later commented, "I had no idea that's what I meant to say. Amazing."

"At Adopt a Voice we know that speaking and thinking for yourself can be challenging. We have a huge team of interpreters who know exactly what ethnic minorities are really thinking, what they really want, and what they really mean to say," said program director Eve Zohar. "We know that every person of color will thank us for what we say on their behalf, and if they don't they hate themselves."



Brazil raided the Governors house and found stacks of cash.

Edu 🔰
The #COVID19 corruption in #Brazil is on full power, and guess what, only the states where the governors are LEFT wing. Billions being stolen in 3 months. Look at this video of only 1 health secretary, and we have thousands in the whole country #PoliciaFederal 🇧🇷💪🏻 #CORRUPTION




How is your dad doing?


I see Twitter will now access your microphone on your devices.

How nice.


With all the morning sun talk, I'll be singing this all day. A little late I know but it's taken me all morning to catch up.





Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Thanks for asking. He's doing OK. Saw him Saturday and Sunday. He's not in pain as the meds so far are working, and he's mostly lucid but an occasional comment will make you go... Huh?

I asked him about his brother's visit last week and he said it was good but he (Dad) wasn't there. Then the next comment was him telling me about my Uncle's wife having a biopsy for breast cancer (slow growing and treatable).

He's still pissed no one will let him leave his bedroom. He does sit in a chair when people come visit, but I can't imagine my last days being stuck in a room I can't leave except to go to the bathroom next door. He is ambulatory with a walker.

I think mom and the nurses when they come by should be taking him outside in a wheelchair and letting him see at least a different view. Maybe go for a drive or something.


The press conference seems to be plagued with an uncontrollable reverb issue with the microphones making it almost impossible to enjoy. The sound gets cut multiple times as if they are fixing the issue.

I have checks two separate YouTubes and the sound issue is present in both of them. Ashoes. The press room is a venue that never changes and the audio equipment should reflect that. Today’s sound problem was no accident, IMO.


I have checked...


;-) Mel.


And the next one reminds me of DrJ, the blueberries did it I think.




Hope your dad hangs tough!

On a different note - you crack me up! Thank you!


I’m really sick of the republicans cowtowing to the democrats - starting with the virus. They are ruling and we are obeying. Time to wake up!

Captain Hate

The donks always stay on offense. In fairness, having the enemedia in their pocket helps, which is why Trump uses Twitter.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

"Nancy Green, (aka Aunt Jemima) was born into slavery. She was a magnificent cook. When she was 'freed' she rolled her talent that into a cooking brand that GM bought & used her likeness. She died in 1923 as one of America's first black millionaires." But by all means "woke" Leftists delete her.

- Wiki

The logo was originally based off the song “Old Aunt Jemima” by a minstrel show performer, CNN reports. The character has since undergone several makeovers, most recently the removal of the “mammy” handkerchief from around her neck, amid criticism that Jemima perpetuated Jim Crow-era stereotypes.

Still, the current iteration was torched online amid growing racial tensions across the nation.

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian tweeted Tuesday, “How is Aunt Jemima not canceled??” with a link to a viral TikTok video by the singer Kirby detailing the sordid origins of the pancake pariah. The clip, titled “How To Make A Non Racist Breakfast,” racked up 2 million views on Twitter alone and was the No. 10 trending topic in the US on the social media platform, according to Yahoo Finance.

Kroepfl has since admitted in her statement that the previous efforts to “update” the brand to be more “appropriate and respectful” were insufficient.

So in other words, none of these assholes even read the Wikipedia entry, much less know anything about Nancy Green.

What was that thing about moving the fence before knowing why it was there?

Captain Hate

So much for the internet making us smarter...


I take it all the slaves are now canceled? Are any portrayals of blacks before the civil rights era allowed? Who do we check with for clearance on that?

I'd prefer any depiction of Aunt Jemima to a hip-hop "artist" with bling and his pants around his knees, and I'm fairly certain I'd feel the same way if I were black.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"Why was Aunt Jemima eliminated?"

Pouring syrup while black.



Captain Hate

It's woke Twitter rule, Ext. It's not even pure mob rule because what percentage of the population do these online numbnuts represent? If the image was offensive to even a significant minority of the nation it would've been settled by the market reacting accordingly.

This is a tiny cadre of totalitarians working against the interests of the country.


This is a tiny cadre of totalitarians working against the interests of the country.

Social media is the pandemic that started way before the commie flu.


https://www.brookings.edu/blog/how-we-rise/2020/06/11/racism-and-the-task-ahead-for-the-2021-white-house/ is something to think about if trump is not reelected.

Another Bob

What’s their excuse for not doing so Steph? The usual?


Common sense not in abundance



"Aunt Jemima bitch slapped"

Picture of hard-working black woman removed.


Red dragon ohanian that guy.


I thought so



Went to the grocery store where a whole bunch of people were wearing masks. (Not me.) My daughter has a bladder infection sp she asked me to get cat litter, cranberry juice, brownies, and I added frozen pot pies, rotisserie chicken, and orange juice. I also bought olives and gin for a martini and then got fussed at. Hmph.

Came home and got a text from my friend in California asking me why Tim Scott was crying on the floor of the Senate. Told her that Durbin had called him a token and was being an asshoe. She was appalled.

I hope Trump does something to Durbin.


DEA Caught Concealing Illegal Activities and Money Laundering Operations 2014-2017

When you read this, remember that the executive summary is normally where the ratbags whitewash the main (most damaging) findings.


I’m really sick of the republicans cowtowing to the democrats - starting with the virus.

At least in NYC we're getting a bit of blue-on-blue action:

New York City will be ready to enter Phase 2 on Monday, June 22, Governor Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday.

His announcement was in contrast to Mayor Bill de Blasio, who said he didn't see the city being ready until early July. He also said that the decision would be "made closely with the state," but barely two hours later, the state made the decision.



Scott didn’t cry over that MM. well I have no idea but that doesn’t sound the least bit like him. Got a link?


jimmyk, do you suppose the governor bullied the bully?

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

JUST IN: Uncle Ben’s to change logos, following Aunt Jemima decision.

Via local newstalk radio.

I guess blacks are outlawed on grocery goods now.

Captain Hate

Maybe sports plan on kowtowing to China instead of us.
Posted by: Captain Hate at June 17, 2020 02:50 PM (y7DUB)

Then they should relocate their leagues to China, and take the overpayed spoiled brat players too.

There is a reason the sports leagues are so eager to bend a knee to Maoist Revolutionaries... #RevokeAntiTrustExemptions

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called China a "priority market."

China Daily - Major League Baseball (MLB) Vice President Jim Small says he is hopeful of the sport's growth prospects in China
Posted by: BetaCuck4Life at June 17, 2020 03:01 PM (FBrfY)


MM, in one short tweet, Scott dinged Durbin in a way that pasted not just Durbin, but Pelosi and other Congressional Democrats. Can't see any plausible response for them except, "Look, Squirrel!"

Scott can take care of himself, and did. Yay!


The black Gerber baby is next.



Darn near Bee-worthy.


Steve Scalise
🚨 Just sent letters to the Democrat governors of NY, NJ, CA, PA, and MI demanding they explain why they ignored protocols and forced COVID-19 patients into nursing homes.

The outcome was devastating.

Families who lost loved ones deserve answers. This tragedy was avoidable.



And Holder's people shouldn't have to suffer the indignity of having one of their own portrayed on a package of Pampers.

James D.

CH @ 3:16

Then Goodell and Manfred are even dumber than I thought.

You’d think they’d have learned from the fiasco where one tweet by one employee of one NBA team cost the league a couple of billion dollars in revenue that there is no way to safely do business in the People’s Republic is China, and that all your investments there can be devalued or wipes out in an instant, for any reason or no good reason at all.

Eff them all.



I appreciate the answer. Now I feel more connected to what's going on in the Senate.

I felt that Scott was someone President Trump had confidence in, so that seemed am odd scene.

I may have to get a second martini!



I hope your daughter's infection goes away soon and isn't forced to use the cat litter.

Ralph L

determined to go big game hunting and get a bengal

Brings to mind Saki's Mrs. Packletide's Tiger



Think Goodell will stick with the Chinese market longer than he stuck with Europe?

Now let me think....

Captain Hate

Then Goodell and Manfred are even dumber than I thought.

This is the difference between having a commissioner like Pete Rozelle, who was openly patriotic, and the current crop of puppets of the owners rife with the globalist values that infest the GOP.


Prosecutor arraigning the Atlanta cop and screwing him.

Captain Hate


I don't see any happy ending for this.


Joe Biden should give more speeches.

I hope every network plays every second of every speech.

Joe Biden makes Low Energy Jeb Bush look like Robin Williams.

Captain Hate

Irony is that the Karens have mandated that all DUIs be treated as serious felonies. Cops couldn't let him go to his nearby sisters. Once the shootee failed the field test, they had to arrest him. Which meant they had to cuff him. Then he flipped out

That did cross my mind - the cops should have had the option of just calling an uber ride for him to go home, but they weren't allowed to. It is wrong to charge the cops here, but it's also wrong that over the last 50 years, we have massively overcriminalized American life. A guy had some drinks and fell asleep in a drivethrough - that shouldn't result in him having to do years of fines and court appearances and lawyers and all that shit. But it wasn't the cops fault, they operated in a system which demanded they do everything they did.
Posted by: Tom Servo at June 17, 2020 03:44 PM (Kpl3J)


This is a very nice synopsis, CJNG's US base is, of course, in Chicago:



I'd love to see Goodell get "The Sparrow Test" at the bridge.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Significant Native American blood in his lineage.
America’s first VP of color. This guy was no token, that’s for sure.

(h/t Insty)


J.B. White

*And* the very clear fact, whether stated or not: the President knows *all* of this and is strategically awaiting a time of his choosing.

Maximum impact?

I'm content to await his decision. And vote for four more years.

Jason White

· 13m
The whole "And I found their emails and playbook" blew me away! Every time I start to lose hope, something like this reminds me how damn big of a machine he's fighting


I’m happy to see that the NHL has a plan to finish the season. Playoffs are modified to start with 24 teams instead of 16. Yea hockey.

Quick comment on the Atlanta mess. You get my Taser you get shot.


I guess blacks are outlawed on grocery goods now.

Next step is when they complain they're underrepresented on labels.

Captain Hate

Is there ever any news coming out of Atlanta that's good?


Chuck Callesto
Breaking #FoxNews Alert : Bolton, in book, accuses Trump of 'obstruction of justice as a way of life,' asking China for 2020 help

James D.

CH @ 3:42

Even if they're treasonous globalist tools, you'd still think they'd have the common sense to look at the way the NBA lost so much money over one tweet by one guy, and realize that investing any money into China is a bad risk as long as the ChiComs are in charge there.


Definitely not good for Trumps re-election.
John Cardillo
I hope those in the White House are happy with the advice they gave

His EO came a day before this insane presser in Atlanta where a lynch mob is going to try a cop on capital murder for doing his job.

Every cop in America should shut down forthwith.

James D.

MM @ 4:23

Cue all the Democrats and MSMers who've spent years calling Bolton a warmonger and a war criminal and a lunatic and every other name under the sun, suddenly seeing him with a whole new (very temporary) love and respect...


Thread, that is.


CH, years ago a beautiful young woman worked in my husband's office. A drunk driver drove down the wrong way on the highway at full speed with her car lights off and smashed into the car driven by this young woman, rendering her a lifetime cripple, unable to bear the children she wanted. It turned out the cops had earlier stopped the drunk driver, and had not arrested her, just told her to stay parked in her car. She took off at full speed and destroyed another person's life and the judge ib Prince George's county subsequently and outrageously let her off lightly. I WANT cops to arrest DUI drivers.


So the Atlanta officer has been formally charged? Or it's being taken to a grand jury?

matt - deplore me if you must

First Russia. Then Ukraine, and now China? C'mon, Bolton sounds screwy.

It was reported to a person known to be close to the Trump's cat that the President, in a discussion with the president of (name your country here) asked that they do all they can to "help root out this______" in a blatant effort to influence the coming election.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

With a nod to the excellent jimmyk!


Keisha Bottoms sounds like a place a bunch of old boys went muddin’.


I heard the Chinese and Indians were playing a serious game of Stone, Iron Bar and Rice Paper.


Washington Post has a bar chart at their Police shootings database webpage which shows the disparity between killings of African Americans, Hispanic American and White Americans.

The replica shown below was made using Microsoft Excel to reproduce the same data and layout as the Washington Post chart, which can be seen here: post2-768x700.png

The chart provides the population by race, the total number killed by race, and the rate (or ratio) killed per million population by race. For example the African American rate is found by dividing the total number killed by the number of millions in 42,000,000 (US black population).

1,265 divided by 42 = 30


I believe one needs to consider there also are disparities between crime rates of African Americans, Hispanics, and Whites, and it would be useful to have a similar chart of their crime rates per million. Using the same format and using FBI crime data from 2015 here is that chart.

FBI Crime Data link: FBI — Crime in the U.S.
The strong resemblance suggests a possible relationship between the two charts. Relating them numerically would be complicated because the 1st chart uses total sums of police killings over five years from 2015 to 2019, while he second chart uses FBI data only from the year 2015. As it happens the 2015 data produces the smallest disparity between African Americans and Whites, but the chart for each year looks virtually identical.


Relating the two charts is not feasible, but the relevant 2015 information can be analyzed.

The WaPo database provides the numbers killed for 2015.
African American .... 258
Hispanic American ... 172
White American ...... 497

The numbers killed per thousand arrested and charged:
African American .... 2.1
Hispanic American ... 2.5
White American ...... 2.3

A more direct way it can be stated is that in 2015:

  • For every 10 thousand Blacks arrested and charged with violent crime 21 were killed
  • For every 10 thousand Whites arrested and charged with violent crime 23 were killed



  • When police killings per million US population are examined there is a significant disparity that favors Whites over African Americans.
  • When violent crime arrests per million US population are examined there is a significant disparity that favors Whites by almost the same degree.
  • When police killings per thousand violent crime arrests are examined there is a very small disparity that usually favors African Americans over Whites.

Nothing has been proven by this but it calls into question the idea that pervasive police bias against African Americans can be established based on the Washington Post chart.

Two of the strongest disparities between African Americans and Whites are suggestively similar.

If they have a common cause, it is hard to consider how police bias could be that common cause.

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