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June 27, 2020



No tightrope malarkey.


Biden's wife should be healing SNIFFER boy up.

I hear she's one hell of a Doctor. And teh hawt.

Captain Hate

Listening to drunk before Noonan is a smart strategy, said no one sober. Nobody illustrates the ideological bankruptcy of the GOP more than her.


BOY that was a short weekend!

Question: Does lightning always accompany thunder?



I like languages so the logic that sounds have letters instead of letters having sounds was intuitive to me. After I had taught son to read I saw Diane McGuinniss' Why Children Can't Read and What We Can Do About It from 1997. She is a cognitive psychologist and has since written this program https://www.amazon.com/Sound-Steps-Reading-Storybook-Sound-Targeting/dp/1425187900

that systematically lays out the logic.

A parent who gets the logic or a grandparent can easily teach your oldest how to read systematically while interspersing with great stories. Mine always adored the 398.2 stories from all over the world. Patricia Coombs' outstanding Dorrie books, everything Bill Peet wrote, and the Jane Yolen Piggins the butler mysteries just to start.

A phonetically fluent reader who has learned books can have wonderful stories is set for life and essentially immune from all the things I write about and know are in the works. As your daughter knows so well, it rewires the brain for good and it won't be the contrived neural net competency-based ed under its various synonyms has in mind otherwise.

Son also loved the Eloise at the Plaza books, which is funny in retrospect. Red wanted to learn to read just to be able to read Jane yolen's catwings books to herself. I still remember when she was 2 and she brought me the Dr Seuss book about Barthalomew and the Oobleck and she was trying to pronounce that strange word.

She left out the 'luh' sound.


Susan Rice @AmbassadorRice

Karli Q ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Replying to @AmbassadorRice
11:13pm · 26 Jun 2020 · Twitter for iPhone


So that happened last night.....

Captain Hate

wavering Trump supporters

In Iowa, Trump won with over 97% of the vote and set a turnout record for an incumbent president.

In New Hampshire, he received nearly 130,000 votes, more than doubling the totals of former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush in their reelection campaigns.

And in Texas, Trump received nearly 1.9 million votes, more than tripling what Obama received in 2012.

Bottoms up, Peggy.

Captain Hate

Lightning causes thunder.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Are you registered at The Spectator because I couldn't read that link about the low amount of flu deaths.--

Nope. Occasionally one gets through. I tried to read three others, but no-go.

But in the flu death category, I'd like to note new "cases" [h/t SUG] hit an all time record yesterday of almost 45,000.
And yet deaths somehow continue to decline, logging one hundred deaths lower this Friday than last and the lowest Friday total since late March.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--In a typically thoughtful piece...--

My cheeks were already hurting from reading TWIP and then TM piles on with his own gem of a subtle wisecrack.
Have a little mercy, TM.

James D.

Peggy Noonan? Thoughtful?

Only in the sense that Homer Simpson once out it: “I’d like to be alone with my thought.”


So, this is a new data point:

Alex Berenson
This paper from Spanish researchers was published June 13 and has received no attention. It should have. It reports finding copies of #SARSCoV2 in wastewater in Barcelona in March 2019. YES, 2019. medrxiv.org/content/10.110…


Captain Hate

This wuhan flu is the biggest fucking hoax inflicted on the country by the derp state public health "experts" including that sawed off piece of boomer shit Fauci. My generation can't die off soon enough.


Federal extortion charges for Devonere Jackson.



Not quite, lisa:

Lisa Abramowicz
Cash in American checking accounts is surging at a pace never seen before in modern history. The big question is what consumers will do with it. If they spend it there may be more inflation than expected. If they keep saving it the economy could stagnate. bloomberg.com/news/articles/…



Reposting from previous thread:

In Nov of 2009, the college-age daughter of my kids’ 7th grade teacher caught H1N1, then double pneumonia followed by ARDS. She spent 2.5 months in a coma, and we were all praying for her to recover. She had a tough row of rehab after she came out of the coma, but last fall she was saying that it all seemed like a bad dream.

Well she tested positive for COVID on Sunday. (She was the first new case in 10 days.) Then Thursday we heard she was hospitalized, which if true would only be the second hospitalization in the county. Then yesterday morning the story from her business partner (they are hair stylists) was that her mom was hospitalized too, which didn’t sound right because the last positive test in a female 60-80 was June 5.

Well yesterday’s health department announcement was two new cases, one male one female, both 60-80. (This brings the total of cases to 135, with 8 females and 7 males over 60.) And our assistant pastor (who is only ordained a year and I think is 27 or 28) announced that he’s in quarantine after contact with an infected parishioner in their town. (He was announcing what masses we have to cancel for the next two weeks because of his quarantine.) I haven’t heard any news yet, but am now wondering if yesterday’s cases are her mom AND dad.

This is what happens when you flatten the curve and lengthen it too much. It’s what happens when we waste quarantining resources on stupid low-risk karens and their low-risk children and all of the low-risk sheeple who give in to the hectoring of the karens. We are in a race against time where we need to protect the vulnerable while we let the infection rage through the low-risk. We can’t isolate the high-risk and their caretakers forever, so enough of the low-risk need to get infected and recovered so that they will form a firebreak around the vulnerable. Infecting the low-risk is like lighting a backfire, and the covidiots are pouring water on the backfire.

Another Bob

“that sawed off piece of boomer shit Fauci.”

This is the content I’m here for...


Good Lord! I just ate breakfast and I read this ready to barf paragraph:

Doing nothing, saying nothing, and hiding in the basement bunker while Trump digs his own grave is a very appealing strategy. It's not leadership, but it may be Biden's the safest path to victory.

Trump digs his own grave? And of course cowardly, dementia Joe wings his way to victory while babbling in his basement bunker about half of the U.S. population having died of COV-19.

Perhaps these comments should come with footnotes or astrological signs so that the reader can have some guide posts to determine if the writer has a clue about what is actually occurring in this nation today.

Captain Hate


I appreciated your responses on nuke software after I signed off.

mike in houston


For $75k/yr you probably could rent this place and find another Miss Kelley


Opening its doors in 1868, this Carter Street treasure was Connecticut’s last operating one-room schoolhouse when it closed in 1957. Acquired by the Society in 2003, it was restored thanks to the generous support of Society members, nonprofit groups, former students and friends.

Longtime Schoolmistress Mary J. Kelley, who studied there in the 1890s and went on to earn a teaching certificate, was a “loving but strict” presence there for 47 years. The Kelley family home is just a stone’s throw from her classroom.

Like the Rock School, the small room centered around the pot-bellied stove, with rows of slanted desks screwed to the wood-plank floor. Some 30 children from first through fifth grades received instruction under the watchful eyes of Miss Kelley. Former students recall that she encouraged independent study, offered remedial lessons and provided individual instruction.

Each day began with the flag-raising and Bible readings. In fact, Miss Kelley’s core values centered on prayer, patriotism and discipline. But fun was built into the day as well: Old-fashioned games, nature walks, and marching around the room with a book on your head to practice posture.

Numerous former students share their reminiscences on site as docents, by appointment.


Bravo, cathyf, 9:48 (and 9:42)!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

CathyF's last paragraph ought to be tattooed onto whatever part of the body of every public health and government official who has effed our country up that sends the most pain signals to the brain in response to a burning, ink-filled needle jabbing into ones skin repeatedly.


Peggy Noonan is disconnected from reality. That quote is just ... delusional.

Am I wrong? Did anyone react to it differently, consider it thoughtful? Insightful?


“that sawed off piece of boomer shit Fauci.”

This is the content I’m here for...

Me too.

When CH is on a roll, doesn’t get much better than that:)

Captain Hate

No, Jim; she's saying that Sundown is staying quiet as a deliberate strategy of not countering Trump and ignoring that he's suffering from dementia. She's just as bad as every other propagandist.


Longtime correspondent (and Dem operative) Karen Tumulty recently made the case that debates are old fashioned, thus working to create space for Biden to drop from participating.

Maybe Noonan is being just as devious by advocating that Biden show bold leadership. Yeah. Could be a 4D chess move to smoke him out.


Dr. J - I read music as I took piano (and organ) lessons for 10 years. My daughter has perfect pitch. My piano needs tuning!

James D.

TM, if you’re reading the comments, I have an honest question:

Why DO you loathe Trump so, and do you honestly think that a Dem in the White House, given the current insanity of their party (which you have commented on very often) is something we can survive as a solvent country that’s a halfway decent place to live?

One more question: considering how often you point out that the NYT and WaPo are full of crap and totally dishonest and not even competent (both in editorial opinion and in reporting of news); why do you accept all the awful things they say about the President at face value?

I’m honestly curious. I want to understand.

Old Lurker

CH “that sawed off piece of boomer shit Fauci.”

Actually, at 79 he was born in say 1941, conceived in 1940 so not only not a boomer, his father was probably not serving.



BOY that was a short weekend!

Question: Does lightning always accompany thunder?


while Trump digs his own grave

Wow - This is quite an astounding thing to say...


So Capt, thunder is impossible without lightning? Is lightning possible without thunder?


Hi Barb
Well the little scum sucking weasel must hide in a cellar since anytime Biden opens his fat stupid mouth it raises suspicions he’s a dementia sufferer being used as a political pawn so that whoever is picked as VP should the lying snake win would earn dictator status
I can’t stand him but why would his wife allow it? It’s elder abuse
This was all orchestrated !! The whole effing shebang
May they all rot in hell
Thank God for JOM & David Horowitz
Recently, they played a bio of Justice Thomas and watching Biden speak at the Anita lied hearing brought back bad memories of why I left that sick disgusting party for good
My lib relatives have now reached mass crazed TDS capacity Sad to say
Trump is out there alone whacking back at any volley thrown to him
Where the hell are these so called GOP leaders calling these snakes out for what they are? I’d do it all for free as loud as I could!! But people are afraid of getting assaulted & whacked by 2x4’s
Makes me want to hurl anytime I see a missed opportunity go out to sea while the freaking antifa BLM fascists racists & commies create their deadly destructive summer of love with the MSM fools egg them on
This isnt going to end until it is stopped!!
This nation needs to push back In a big way & I do think it’s time I get protection
Take care


Im sorry I forgot to say Good morning To everyone!

Jim Eagle

This was all predicted 10 years ago on The Simpsons. Only about 1:38, so easy on the clock:){



I don't think Biden has to worry about taking a position on police reform, because he's not going to be the nominee. He'll be Toricellied before the end of summer.


So the dead guy at the pool thinks Cuomo is the greatest thing on earth. I asked him what he thought about him putting all those people in nursing homes and they died. He replied "that was Trump". I said no, Trump provided hospitals Cuomo refused to use, preferring nursing homes. He asked: How did they get there? Train, plane automobile? I told him ambulance.

He then laughed and said if 1/2 the things I believed were true, the country would be over.

He went on to say Trump is making this a socialist country and he opposes that, which is why he will vote for Biden who does not have Dementia.

Old Lurker

Ext, a Toricelli would be the front door approach. A Trojan Horse VP would be the backdoor solution.

Either way, Biden will not be POTUS for very long if at all.


Whew!Dozed off and had a doozy of a nightmare where I put a load of laundry in the laundromat at the mall (which I don't even know if it's there anymore) and then got lost wlking around and couldn't find it to retreive it, bumping in to high school classmates and ex-boyfriends.

Needless to say, I woke unrested, and we are having a thunderstorm, too. So I made myself a cup of coffee.

I pay no attention to what Peggy Noonan says, as she is as perceptive about President Trump as Bill Kristol.

Jim Eagle

Another word is cancelled:

"Master", like in bedroom:)


Old Lurker

And he believes every word of that, Jane.

Manuel Transmission


My youngest sis (4 yrs older) and I are probably the last of a dying population of kids who went to a one-room school. Ours was at the edge of our ranch property about a half-mile walk from the ranch house (up hill both ways!). I did a limited pre-school and then 1st and half 2nd grade before we sold out. There was one kid in 4th and the all the rest were 5-7 grade. Maybe 8 kids total. The school was built around 1900 and was one of a very few across south central MT. I found a pix of the class from circa 1906 which included the patriarch of the ranch down the road who’s two youngest boys were in my ‘class’ as 6th and 7th graders.

Two subsequent effects of that early life: 1) the next three months after coming out of the hills were spent mostly in bed as I contracted about every childhood disease serially from attending a large grade school in Spokane, and 2) when we finally arrived at the farm town down near Glasater they wanted to bump me up a grade because I was way ahead of the other kids. I passed on that offer as I instinctively figured I’d be the odd kid out. (More than usual.)

Jim Eagle

Based on my 10:41, when will Master Card change it's name?


Donald J. Trump
Now that the very expensive, unpopular and unfair Individual Mandate provision has been terminated by us, many States & the U.S. are asking the Supreme Court that Obamacare itself be terminated so that it can be replaced with a FAR BETTER AND MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE ALTERNATIVE.....

....Obamacare is a joke! Deductible is far too high and the overall cost is ridiculous. My Administration has gone out of its way to manage OC much better than previous, but it is still no good. I will ALWAYS PROTECT PEOPLE WITH PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS,ALWAYS!!!


Bela1, hi!
Yes, everyone needs to go up a level in preparedness in case it comes down to us.


Retweeted by the President. Video at the link.

The HYPOCRISY is Unbelievable! 💥

MUST WATCH & RT!!!! 👇🏼 pic.twitter.com/hH5aP9uk3c

— TONY™️ (@TONYxTWO) June 22, 2020

Jane: "BOY that was a short weekend!"

Good eyes, Jane. :)
I guess TM can argue that he said "Ready For The Weekend" so not promising that thread would necessarily persist over the weekend.


Retweeted by the President. Sent to him by @TONYxTWO.

Larger version visible here:


Captain Hate

Those are interesting questions, Jane. Lightning is what happens when charged particles in the atmosphere go to ground and the thunder is the exploding sound it makes, I think (I'll look it up later). What my parents used to call heat lightning is when the sky lights up in the distance from so far away that the thunder sound dissipates over distance.

My father grew up on a farm where BWI airport is and one day, during a huge storm, ball lightning came in their house, a bright ball of energy that came through the wall before fading out. His nutty mother thought Revelations were at hand and probably never recovered from that judging from my experiences with her.

I've had strange things happen to me like the lights come on briefly in a room during an electric storm. Lightning didn't hit the house because the lines weren't fried but *something* made it happen. Also once I was walking down the street when the air seemed oddly unsettled and there was a bright flash all around me. I didn't get hit by lightning and there was no thunder but something weird happened.


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to a photo with caption. Recommend taking a look at it.


— TONY™️ (@TONYxTWO) June 27, 2020




I dont know anyone that dense around my complexes pool jane

Captain Hate

Our legal system is so fucked up I can't believe clarice expends any effort defending it.


She only has so many pitchforks captain.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Also once I was walking down the street when the air seemed oddly unsettled and there was a bright flash all around me. I didn't get hit by lightning and there was no thunder but something weird happened.


Old Lurker

Cap'n, Clarice and her husband are, as was my father, holdovers from a time when being a good lawyer was an honorable undertaking. It is difficult for many lawyers trained that way to accept what a sewer the entire guild has become, from the CJ-SCOTUS down to those who advertise on cable tv.

James D.

Henry and Gus: aren’t you glad they your tax dollars pay this woman’s salary?



About seven years zimmerman was acquitted of this (redacted) that ben crump and john morgan enabled, any justice there.


The ambulance chasers would embarass hare and (what was that other vict9rian grave robber)


Years ago. How about darren wilson he is goldstein

Comanche Voter

And to think that I once read Peggy Noonan back in the day when she knew her backside from a hole in the ground!

She's been smoking some righteous ganja when she thinks that Joe Biden might emerge from his basement and become a leader. Al Campanis got fired from his job with the Los Angeles Dodger organization when he said that blacks "might not have the essentials" to become baseball managers. I have news for Peggy---Joe Biden never had the essentials to become a leader--handsy, hair sniffer yes---but leader never. And now he's suffering from early dementia.


JamesD, that morbidly obese polluter of minds should be cheerleading from the front row of the protest. Kung Flu will save my tax dollars.


From two threads ago:

Question: how many of you can read music pieces or scores?

Yes. 😬


"And he believes every word of that, Jane."

He really does - and he's "well informed" by liberal media.

Capt - very interesting. I wonder why I never knew that - or maybe I did and it slipped away with the rest of my memory. Well if so, it's great to learn again!


My neigbors want to know, will noodlehead ned ever open up conneticut.

Jack Lillywhite

He better by end of August so Frederick can go back to school. His 6th Form (Sr.) year. I am not in the mood for more Zoomed classes. This year the class of 2020 graduated remotely. Very sad.


Feel better jib.



Something we have been calling on for years.


“ when will Master Card change it's name?”

Visa too, since it might be upsetting for would-be immigrants who have been denied their visas. American Express has to go too, since America is a racist country. Discover is too reminiscent of that racist Christopher Columbus.

Captain Hate

This explains lightning and thunder well



From the last thread:

A US Postal worker was just caught on video throwing a stack of my campaign mailers in a dumpster. Some patriots nearby heard a noise when she tossed them in & went to investigate. They found a stack of them and called me. No wonder people are skeptical of mail in voting. pic.twitter.com/I28SBydg2N

— Sheriff Troy Nehls (@SheriffTNehls) June 26, 2020

Video at the link. This is in Colorado. [Fort Bend Texas]

Posted by: MissMarple2 | June 27, 2020 at 08:33 AM


This is the most important story I have read today. I would like to see it shoved down Danny Glover’s Twitter throat as payback for all of his post office commercials that equate the postal employees to soldiers.

Here is his page for anyone who wants to start a Twitter riot:



Here is the link to the story:


Old Lurker

Jack "He better by end of August so Frederick can go back to school. His 6th Form (Sr.) year."

As we debate what to do with the G'kids, we all thank our lucky stars that they are so young, and not in High School.

Captain Hate

Speaking of the post office, I have two ruined books thanks to those shitheads placing a package on my front porch last night before torrential downpours.


Any reasonable evaluation:






Princeton tosses Wilson under the bus.


Jack Lillywhite


Still sore. Pain when I caught or laugh or make a quick move. It has retreated to one area under the left upper arm near the back of the first back ribs.

Thanks for asking.

Jack Lillywhite

...caught s/b cough...


NB: “thoughtful” and “Peggy Noonan” should never appear in the same sentence. Scrunt.


A puyallop



That was interesting Capt. Thanks!

Captain Hate

You're welcome, Jane; I found it fascinating how much the sciency guys still don't know about how lightning exactly happens.


Real science is amazing its also rarely used


The Roberts article is good too Narc.

Captain Hate

That article on the menace to the country named John Roberts does a good job looking into what motivates him. Another Bush unforced error. Could Harriet Miers been any worse?


Well miers was a way get past mavericks gamg of 14, we eventually got alito.


No peggy we dont have problems with race, except an overweening obsession with it, some minorities make pure choices, that dissolved families failing schools have accentuated and law enforcement is left to pick up the pieces.

Jack Lillywhite

The Saharan dust cloud has arrived where I live on the First Coast of Florida.

Captain Hate

Miers was the head of the search committee that arrived at Roberts. Great job, Harriet, good effort!

matt - deplore me if you must

I was shocked at the play the NYT article on Russian "bounties" on Americans in Afghanistan has received. Talk about giving cmofort to our enemies!

There have been 6 Americans who have died in Afghanistan since January 1. I believe all were killed in action. Our forces left in Afgnanistan are SF and a few paratroopers and support/air.

These articles are, in my opinion, treason.

Some far away ration outlet ill broadcast this over the Afghan airwaves and the farm boys will all come out with their AK's looking to kill an American.

When do we gather a crowd to burn down the New York Times and WaPo offices? Do they realize what they are doing to this country?


Secretary David Bernhardt
Last night, the @FBI, with support from the US Park Police Criminal Investigations Branch, executed an arrest warrant on a subject for Destruction Of Federal Property (Andrew Jackson Statue on June 22). The subject was arrested at their residence w/o incident.

James D.

Matt @ 1:34

Of course they realize exactly what they’re doing to the country. They hate the country, they hate its history, they hate much of its culture, they hate the majority of its people.

They make this crystal clear every day, in every way possible.


That unit has only killed people by accident, like in salisbury, the taliban need incentives to kill us, after 19 years.


Russia has denied the New York Times' accusation.

I find it suspicious that this information comes from intelligence sources. If it is false, I would bet cash money on Brennan being the source.


Some see a Democrat tightrope. I see American's noose if Democrats win.



Manuel Transmission

Whoa! Just got a message from one of my besties to forewarn me about a stink bomb he was sucked into.


Some asshoe on the freaking board sold his letter to TMZ. He’s so pissed, he resigned.

Captain Hate

Where's the punishment for U$C accepting the bribe? It takes two for a transaction yet only one side, which btw paid money for something the other side was supposed to provide, is punished.


Sarah Westwood
Mitch McConnell joins w/ public officials urging people to wear masks, speaking in KY:

"Until we find a vaccine, these are really important," he said, holding up a mask. "This is not as complicated as a ventilator, and this is a way to indicate that you want to protect others."
Bolding is mine. Time for Mitch to retire, since basically all he is endorsing is virtue signalling. "Look! I want people to be healthy, too! See my mask?"

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