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July 25, 2020



The Phillies played the Marlins last night in Philly. About a dozen Marlins tested positive today for Covid.

The Yankees are scheduled to play the Phillies tonight in Philly. I think that plan is scuttled.

Captain Hate

The only question with that disgusting traitor is whether it was mere incompetence or intentional. "Traitor" suggests the latter.

There's no question in my mind that Brennan is directly responsible for the deaths of intel assets. None.


JiB, Chicago 68 redux? Zero chance of that. Police in Milwaukee and Madison aren’t allowed to do anything except run away.


via Insty. Green states have a 14 day trend of decreased cases, orange states have increasing cases. TX & FL are green.


Ralph L

Catalpas seem to have been fairly popular around here as an ornamental back in the 50s, early 60s.

You can probably blame that on them lining the main drag in Colonial Williamsburg. We had a big one in the 80's that I rather liked, but the seed pods were a mess. Like a giant mountain laurel when in bloom.


About a dozen Marlins tested positive today for Covid.

FWIW, this article seems to lay the blame not on Philadelphia, but at the feet of the already-outbroken Marlins for showing up in the first place.

"Multiple sources confirmed that the Marlins played despite having three players learn Sunday that they’d tested positive for COVID-19, just two days after a fourth player learned of a positive test on Friday".



"I just want to understand why, with all that in mind, he's still so reflexively anti-Trump"

Me too. You'd think it would be a 'tell' that (according to MSM) in four years Orange Man has been 100% bad. How is it possible for one human to be so consistent?

"Trump's erstwhile supporters have all turned against him! The walls are closing in! Trust me."


I went through the drive-thru pharmacy at Kroger, so I wouldn't have to mess with a mask. The pharmacist had on a mask with "Kroger" on it and I asked her if she had to wear it all the time.

Yep. ELEVEN HOURS A DAY! She said she is ok as long as she drinks plenty of water. I have to tell you, I would go insane.


Excited! My Quercetin/Zinc supplement is supposed to arrive today.
Then I can get all zinc'ed up in time for going to OH on Thursday.

Thanks again Rocco for the link, and Amom for the research


Green states have a 14 day trend of decreased cases, orange states have increasing cases. TX & FL are green.

Seems meaningless without a denominator and all states having the exact same testing methodology.

Were all states testing random people, or are some states testing mostly symptomatic people? Are some states calling those with antibodies positive, for example, while others aren't mixing the data like fools or knaves?

"Cases" isn't a very useful number without the context. If a state stopped testing, they'd show zero cases.


Retweeted by the President:

Byron York
Voices on left concerned about rioters in Portland. No longer arguing it's 'peaceful,' worried about backfiring. https://twitter.com/LannyDavis/sta


Ext, yes. Context would help. But 14 days decrease in cases is the CDC guideline for reopening. Make the press live up to their standards.




I don’t see a problem with a personal Overton Window pegged to the Orange Man Bad viewpoint while in a Blue Hell. Left unsaid Biden is way more worse. Orange Man gets the vote.


No longer arguing it's 'peaceful,' worried about backfiring.

As if lawless mobs aren't a spectacular backfire from the get-go. It's not like Oregon was ever in danger of going red anyway.

Manuel Transmission

Catching up, I noticed Davod’s post last night about General Pacepa’s work re JFK’s Assassination. I was immediately reminded of Pacepa’s essays in FPM about WMDs in Iraq. I just now tried to access FPMs archives, but they wouldn’t load. IIRC Pacepa was rather matter of fact about standard operating procedures of quietly trucking everything out to Syria that was observed via satellite, yet everyone acted stupid like there should have been neon billboards and arrows pointing at all that evil stuff. Anyone else recall that?


I find it strange when people have different personas in different online social media. It reminds me of an author, Charles Finch. He writes a series of British historical mysteries. On Facebook and in his writing, he one way...
BUT on Twitter, he is a totally different person. He is a left-wing nut who hates the President and ( I would guess) has little in common with the majority of his readers.

I once messaged him about it and he replied that he had to "be himself" somewhere online and doubted that many readers even knew he was on Twitter.



Biden information in that triangle of Blue Hell would only be from talking heads and meat puppets from the approved Talking Points. The candidate would be shown only in still photography, so as to project normalcy where none exists.


I think they say something about how you should be comfortable having absolutely everyone you know all get together at a giant party you throw. That becomes tougher the more personas you assume.

Dave (in MA)

NYPost headline: "Yankees game against Phillies postponed after Marlins’ coronavirus outbreak"

I don't think even the condensed 60 game schedule has much of a chance of happening.


Good morning,

I think the mafia killed JFK, or at least played a part.

Joseph Kennedy meets Sam Giancana, the unions stuff the ballot boxes and Kennedy wins a close one. Then Kennedy appoints Bobby as US Attorney General who goes right after the the mob. That makes sense to me and a scary thought considering the postal unions and mail in voting.


Tina Sinatra, 52, says her father told her that Kennedy patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy wanted the Mafia's help in delivering the union vote in the 1960 West Virginia primary, in which John Kennedy, then a U.S. senator, faced Sen. Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota. The elder Kennedy asked Frank Sinatra to make a request to then-Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana.

And if TM's a democrat than I have hope for my grandchildren's futures. He must be a great guy to put up with my crap.



Dave (in MA)

Rocco, a lot of people here are great to put up with your crap.

Wait a minute, that didn't come out right. 🙂


This was recommended to me. It's long (and old! March 2019) but if you have 3 minutes there is a fascinating anecdote in the beginning of the interview about ... political gambling!
This guy made big bucks betting on Trump at a time when others didn't realize he had a chance. One of the big Brit betting houses ("Paddy Power") started paying off Hillary bettors before all the votes were counted--that's how confident they were.


HEH Dave, he must shake his head at some of the crazy tin foil hat conspiracies I've posted out here.

And I thank you for your sense of humor, you're The Best!


ManTran: "IIRC Pacepa was rather matter of fact about standard operating procedures of quietly trucking everything out to Syria that was observed via satellite, yet everyone acted stupid like there should have been neon billboards and arrows pointing at all that evil stuff. Anyone else recall that?"

I only remember a buzz about WMD being trucked out of Iraq but not to the level of detail you've provided.
AFAIK, this is the current "conventional wisdom"

Ralph L

as is her sister, who was in Obama's class

So was my best friend. In 3 years, they only crossed paths when he tried out for JV Bball.


Rocco @ 11:14... we watched "Sinatra: All or Nothing at All" yesterday while it rained. We're convinced the mob killed JFK. Bobby and JFK supposedly didn't know their evil old man had met with the mob. *eyeroll*

Ralph L

My theory on the LV shooting, which Mark Steyn agreed with, is that the apparent absence of motive was intended to put the focus on gun control. But the media wasn't ready until the Parkland shooting the following spring. They were still hung up on Charlottesville, IIRC.

Captain Hate

I find it strange when people have different personas in different online social media.

Like Neo?


Uh oh, lyle’s veepstakes pick is looking iffy:


When former Sen. Chris Dodd, a member of Joe Biden’s vice presidential search committee, recently asked Kamala Harris about her ambush on Biden in the first Democratic debate, Dodd was stunned by her response.

“She laughed and said, ‘that’s politics.’ She had no remorse,” Dodd told a longtime Biden supporter and donor, who relayed the exchange to POLITICO on condition of anonymity.

Gasp! She should get down on her knees and...😬

Captain Hate

The enemedia has always been anti gun. Just because really smart people like Steyn can't figure out a motive doesn't mean there wasn't one. And having the FBI act clueless isn't as puzzling as it previously might have been the case.

James D.

They're not technically "anti-gun".

They're anti anti anyone but them or people they personally employ being allowed to have a gun.


I read the NYT every day, too - my wife still has it delivered.

Same, James D, except for the part about reading it every day. I rarely look at it, aside from the Sunday puzzles. And for the latter I try not to see what else is in the magazine, as when I do, it's always about either racism or how COVID is the end of the world because of Trump, or something. That's pretty much the rest of the paper too when I've accidentally seen the front page.

Buckeye, I built up immunity from my parents and siblings, all of whom are hysterical about Trump. Fortunately have a few friends here on the UWS who actually share our views (and some who don't, but aren't obnoxious about it).



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