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July 25, 2020


Dave (in MA)

Here's Adams and the new 'Q on a local TV channel 10 years ago,

Last month the host got cowed into apologizing for not paying enough fealty to marxist lives matter, but got SHITCANNED anyway.

jim nj


HSBC denies Chinese media reports that it 'framed' Huawei

The HSBC statement comes a day after China’s official People’s Daily newspaper published a report accusing HSBC of being an accomplice of the United States and lying about Huawei, resulting in the arrest of its CFO Meng Wanzhou.


I would LOVE to have a meet up, in Cleveland with CAPN HATE, and G-JIM, and Lovely Miss Marple.
Buckeye would buy me beers. Please!!
But, I have neglected to meet/meat up with this group.
PIN, would be shamed into being part of my meet up.
Henry should participate.

why not.


Did your wife's friend play with Mars Williams?

Must've done, he's listed on both LPs. She (Patty) sang lead, but was in and out of the band, and passed away at just 40.

I think Hell's got another side to the clashing egos Television saga. Everyone was better off with that split, though, in terms of differing styles.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You could be onto something there, jim nj.

The obvious solution is more roving Karens with pepper spray.


You know if one were to describe this time from even 10 years ago, one would be hardpressed. So theres a bug that kills the most vulnerable so were going to warehouse them so they can kill in great numbers and the folks who enable this will be praised by almost all media. There will be a firestorm of rioting that will destroy businesses deface statues and it will be deemed understandable expression of grief for four month. Some half comatose babbling old man will be deemed a viable candidate, a multi billion dollar relief will only reward the already secure and they will still be complaining. To state the origin and even method of the outbreak will be deemed crimethink. Did i miss anything about this bearded spock universe

Captain Hate

Ok box, who's your wife's friend? Did anyone here know, or know of, the Cleveland guitarist Peter Laughner? He's dead but some of my music buds here who saw a lot of the punk stuff I missed speak very highly of him.


Wait till they find the cache of automatic weapons.

Dave (in MA)

Not only was that great, Narciso, it was properly typed!

Captain Hate

Oh Patty was your wife's friend? That's so sad.


Thanks i do feel like mogatu some times.


Ok box, who's your wife's friend?

I said, Patty (Donahue), lead vocalist, and Billy Ficca was the drummer.


I dont think its work.


That friend i told you had a relapse of cancer think it might have spread she finds out tomorrow.

Dave (in MA)


They should start offering cow-catchers for SUVs for the 2021 models.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I have to admit I've yet to listen all the way through any Richard Hell song [ex Television].


Gus, we each have different areas of expertise. I fumble on a guitar and piano.

In a previous life, as a teenager, I did play bluegrass on a banjo, but that is all gone now.

Captain Hate

Try this, Iggy


Julian and Quine's guitars are soooo smoking.



This like-they-would-know Rolling Stone article has Marquee Moon 17th best punk album, and Blank Generation 21st; I'd reverse the order, just on Voidoids being more generally "punk" anyway. But they both (Verlaine and Hell) had really good rock voices.


jim nj


This seems to be the latest info from Austin. The driver was released and someone who shot at his car in reaction to the vent was released. Both apparently reported their actions to the police and cooperated with them.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, witnesses report multiple versions of what occurred.


This includes the latest info from the Austin PD.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Kinda weird and fun;
Orkestra Obsolete play New Order's Blue Monday using 1930s instruments

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Tom Verlaine once said he thought his voice sounds like a turkey gobbling. :)


Quine is amazing; "Another World" is a nice showcase for him. I could never be too old to stay seated during this stuff turned up loud, especially if I've had a couple. :-)


Posted by: The Infamous Ignatz | July 27, 2020 at 12:13 AM

there is a kjom outro on this one ...


i think that song has been remade about a dozen times.


SBW, I am insanely fond of guitars. My bride of 29 years at midnight, was a MUSIC

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Tried that one before, CH. Still didn't make it.
Personal tastes.


WIFEY was a Music and Music education grad.
She is pretty astute, but, I am PASSIONATE about, guitar and piano. I simply love it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Regardless of personal music tastes I hope we can agree this is a nice pair of legs.

jim nj


I was going out every other day for beer and cigarettes at the liquor store,and maybe food from Rite-Aid or CVS. I'd get home and the first thing I did was wash my hands well.

Once I thought I had already gotten Covid-19 I stopped bothering and went back to my usual hand washing routine,

Either I had it or slacking off hasn't harmed me.

I think a certain mild fatalism has crept in also. If one pays attention one learns this isn't such a big deal to most healthy people and you're likely to get it sooner or later. Thus, why not now?

I'm hearing people say, "If I get I get it." Right now I think that is a realistic attitude if you're in good health.


Well. Nice to see a judge take Trump's side.

You don't mean that, TM, so what's the point in saying it? Ne'er Trumpers always root against Trump, because Racism (or something).


THE SHOOTING in AUSTIN. Is obvious. Until we bring back the RULE of LAW, that COMMIES and nEGRO LIVES MATTER do not respect. We are in NO MAN'S LAND. REASONABLE and LOGICAL PEEPS should recognize that RIOTERS, who put normal AMERICAN CITIZENS in peril. The same RIOTERS, who try to intimidate and terrorize normal AMERICANS, are going to get their HEADS BLOWN OFF.

I welcome this HEAD,BLOWING OFF response.
These COMMIES are purposefully terrorizing AMERICAN CITIZENS. I am locked and loaded.

Dave (in MA)

Congrats, GUS.


Yes they are, does reality enter into journalism or law, anymore pretend general flynn is a traitor zimmerman was the aggressor thd planet is really warming this is really a heartfelt pang of anxiety and not a marxist powergrab.

I credited lewiss gesture 55 years ago, but time has not shown him to be more noble.

jim nj

No Hawaiian shirts for me, but I admit that my collection of market data t-shirts is dwindling.

Every year in June(?) the Securities Industry Association used to have their conference and three floors of exhibitors at the Hilton in midtown NYC a few blocks from my office.

Visiting the exhibitors was part intelligence collection and part Halloween-like trick or treating.

Pens, golf tees, key chains, ball caps, novelty items, etc. The best score was always a t-shirt though. I haven't been to an SIA (now FINRA) show in 20 years, but I still have a few left.

I still have my two favorite from Track-Data. One says on the front "Relentlessly Competitive" and the other says "Brutally Impatient."

It was a neat marketing concept - they polled options traders and asked them to describe their fellow traders.

If I lived in MA I would have already visited ccgirl and stood in front of her counter with my "Brutally Impatient" Track-Data t-shirt and just given her a long hard look. "What!"

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I may have had it a week or so ago.
I was falling some trees fro a friend last Saturday. Right off the bat I was incredibly fatigued. I'd go about five minutes and have to sit down for 20. Couldn't figure out what was going on. Went home to lie down for a couple of hours. Practically passed out when I leaned over to untie Chester and raised back up.
Went back in the afternoon and wasn't any better.
At rest I was fine and didn't feel like I had a fever. Just exertional dyspnea as the saw bones call it.
Figured I had just let myself get out of shape so started walking regularly again last week, but obviously I didn't walk myself back into shape on three walks.
Went back this Saturday to finish the job and I felt normal.
I had something weird and temporary going on but the only real symptom was pretty severe fatigue and shortness of breath upon relatively minor exertion.





Thank you Dave. I've been married 29 years. I think that is wonderful, and I don't dwell on anything other than...."I've been married to my beautiful wife, and the woman who GAVE ME MY SON."
She is lovely and beautiful. Without her, my life would be so less fulfilled. Having this beautiful partner, has humbled me in many ways.


Congrats gus.


Pretending DJT was colluding with RUSSIANS, despite NOT AN iota of evidence. A "SET UP' and RODHAM PAYING FOR RETARDED MIS AND DISINFORMATION.
Despite RODHAM allowing SECRET and otherwise compromised STATE DPT, DOCUMENTS TO be given to numerous NON ALLOWED and NON CLASSIFIED PEOPLE,

jim nj

That Austin thing, I think, was just a lot of bad assumptions all at once.

Obviously, I wasn't there, but the witness statements already seem confused about happened. Cause and effect seems murky. Who fired first would normally be the most important thing. Here, though, I think state of mind matters most.

The Garret Foster interview before the incident is damning to any prosecutor trying to bring a case against the driver. His state of mind, as expressed in that interview, is not good. Mere braggadocio, perhaps, but it implies that he is willing to use his weapon.

From the driver's perspective, this is not the first driver against a gang of protestors incident in the last few months. If you inadvertently drive into the middle of a confrontation you might have the fate of all those prior drivers in mind. You might well be on a hair-trigger in fear of your life.

From what I'm hearing something happened to the driver-side rear view mirror. If the driver had his head on a swivel and that surprised him he may not have known the cause. I don't know how loud that might have seemed to him. But if it provoked a startle response and he saw someone aiming a rifle at him or his door in his position I might shoot first thinking I was returning fire.

When I listen to the audio I hear roughly five shots and can't discern how many weapons are being fired. Then a pause and three more shots. Those three shots are apparently from the bystander who reacted and fired at the fleeing car. So now his state of mind comes into question. Why did he fire? Self-defense? From a fleeing car? That's not going to work. That he believed it was an unprovoked, premeditated attack?

They released the driver and the bystander. They know who they are. The police and the prosecutor will try to figure it out by collecting more information. My thought is that nobody gets charged because of the Garret Foster interview.

Witness interviews are going to be mostly useless because they can't be specific enough and they are going to be colored by their us vs. them perspective.

jim nj


That Covid-19 shot through my county pretty quickly early on. Early cases were reported in Manhattan, Rockland and Westchester Counties in NY. We were surrounded here. I had the runniest nose of my life and impaired breathing and thought if I get Covid-19 I'm not in good shape to begin with.

It's not unusual for my muscles to tense up when I am concentrating on something. I was one of those kids who always stuck his tongue when I was drawing something, if you know what I mean. So I was doing all kinds of flexibility exercises to loosen up my chest muscles.

I was worried about getting it and may have already had it. I'm ready to get an antibody test because I have some other issues and want to rule it in or out as causative.

If I had it I had a mild case, yet I'm getting interesting in the possibility of longer term issues.


Agree that it is pointless to rage against Mr Maguire. :) :)

I no longer have a twitter acct, but if someone was willing to scan TMs feed and report to us from time to time, it occurs to me that it might be fun to
1) see his tweets
2) pretend they were from someone we know, such as a neighbor or co-worker
3) discuss how we would respond, in order to get the person to switch from Biden to Trump, or Biden to 3rd Party or even Biden to not-voting.

This would fit in with that suggestion from the TheNewNeo commenter that each Trump supporter should have a goal to "turn" one Biden supporter, certainly not through angry denunciation.
Except we would not actually be convincing TM of anything, we'd just be practicing here on the blog.


ps. I, too, LOVED Steph's mask joke and passed it along. Even people who are not seriously anti-mask "get it" and get a good laugh.

jim nj

And that was three months ago. If I test negative for antibodies does that mean I didn't have it or has my protection gone dormant.

I remember jimmyk taking the test and coming up negative. I'm going to want a serology, not a swab, test.

If I adequately explain my experience and the test is negative maybe I'll show up as a "probable" NJ statistic in a week or two.

jim nj


Genetic impact of African slave trade revealed in DNA study

I disagree with some of the conclusions and still find it interesting. It's one thing to do an DNA analysis, it's another to make it fit some modern prejudice.

jim nj

Seen elsewhere - China reassures its people not to worry about Three Gorges Dam. Chinese people, used to reading official news, panic.

jim nj


Biden campaign declines 'Fox News Sunday' interview, 1 week after Chris Wallace's Trump sitdown

'We'll keep asking every week'

Can we get a countdown clock running on his show?

Dave (in MA)


I was curious about that foster guy's fiancé. Pretty sad, but at least 9 years ago, and still fiancés? Seems a bit odd.

jim nj

On the US-China consulate battle I think we have recognized that we are engaged in an asymmetrical spying situation.

China demolished our spy operation years ago.

We lose next to nothing to have all of our Chinese consulates closed. China can't say the same for their US consulates. I'm willing to go tit-for-tat with us moving first. Let's close another consulate.

jim nj


I wasn't going to broach the relationship, but yes I found that odd myself.

You don't want to psychoanalyze this. I don't want to psychoanalyze this.

This is some odd plot device in some novelist's latest endeavor. Man with possible 9 year-old martyr-complex meets his fate?

Did you want to see somebody else say it first? No offense intended.

jim nj


I don’t need a survey to know that is true. I have been predicting it for quite a while now. Governments have enacted draconian controls on the population, which we bought into because of the promise of controlling the pandemic, but the pandemic is not being controlled. Not controlling the pandemic was, to my mind a foregone conclusion – it was, once the thing was truly loose, never going to happen. It is like trying to catch lightening in a bottle or hold jello with rubber bands; such is simply outside human capability. Over promise and under deliver is a very sure way to make your customers lose faith in your abilities.


Seeking elected office used to be about public service. Teaching is supposed to be about being called to serve the kids, and through the kids serve the country. But apparently now, public office is about self-aggrandizement, and teaching is just another job – all about the paycheck. And my heart hurts…

jim nj

Watts 1965. Newark 1967. Detroit 1967. Portland 2020. Seattle 2020. Minneapolis 2020. Add your local riotous city.

The result will be the same. Between Covid-19 and the riots some of these cities will die.

Some of the inner, or central, city businesses were going to die. Now, even more of them will. They had a slim chance to survive and illiberal city councils condemned them by allowing protests to thrive.

These "core" cities depend on a certain percentage of visiting suburbanites for their economic health.

Locals will know the "safe" areas to frequent. Suburbanites won't. Just like in prior riots they will avoid the whole city, not knowing the "local nuance."

People will wish to leave the cities, property values will fall, local tax revenue will fall due to lower residential and commercial taxes and fees.

Kind of hard to run a liberal city with reduced revenues. So the expected services will decrease. Rinse and repeat. The exodus will accelerate.

This is not some imagined dystopian future. It's common sense. That the leaders of these cities can't grok that is, well, dystopian.

Whatever their imagined sense of grandiosity these leaders will preside over new hell-holes.

jim nj



Good morning!

Normally I pretty much ignore weather, but it looks like some of us are going to get a huge amount of rain this week:

Below is the rainfall forecast for the new week. Following the heavy rainfall associated with Hannah, the main threat for heavy rain and possible flash flooding is expected from the Central Plains across the MS Valley into the TN Valley. Local amounts could exceed 5 inches.


jim nj Add Baltimore 2015 to the list ...


Senator John Cornyn
A political-risk consultant funded by China pleaded guilty to tapping government employees for sensitive information for Beijing, the latest in a flurry of criminal cases accusing Chinese authorities of directing illegal activities in the U.S. https://wsj.com/articles/china-operative-pleads-guilty-to-spying-in-u-s-11595629687
via @WSJ



"Many news media, political activists and social media giants have gotten on the bandwagon that voter fraud is fiction. It is not.

A review of court cases and recent indictments – including one this week in Philadelphia against a former congressman – finds there have been at least four dozen cases in criminal and civil court since the last presidential election in 2016 in which voter fraud has led to charges, convictions, lawsuits or plea deals. "

(More at link.)


Father in law, pretty moderate guy, said out of no where yestersay, “I need a shotgun.”

Mother in law, even more moderate, calmly shook her head “yes”.

The Democrats, BLM and Antifa overplayed their hand.



Gordon G. Chang
#China's economy, despite an uptick starting in June, is continuing to contract. The slow-moving debt crisis will prevent a strong recovery.
The Wire China

· 11h
The Chinese economy seems to be roaring back, with state media trumpeting a 3.2 percent jump in nominal GDP from a year ago. But a closer look at the numbers reveals a darker picture, @vshih2 explains in this week’s column: https://thewirechina.com/2020/07/26/chi


How Mr Maguire thinks, is a mystery. A Connecticut Mystery.

TM still reads the NYT, regularly and extensively. He thinks exactly like someone who would waste his precious life doing that would think.

My cousins who watch MSNBC are still social distancing and only seeing people in their pod. They have joined MM's daughter in the "astoundingly willfully ignorant" group.

You can only be that ignorant by choice.



When I decided the Democrat party was not what I thought it was and it was time to move on, it was 1980. I had voted for Jimmy Carter thinking as a "moderate" he would not do anything screwy. Well, I neglected to account for plain old incompetence and his tolerance for the far left.

I voted for Reagan and have never gone back. The dems have just gotten nuttier and nuttier.

I figure people like your cousins and my daughter will reach their breaking point one of these days. Tearing down the statues came pretty close for my daughter, the art major.


The Wall Street Journal
AstraZeneca will pay up to $6 billion to jointly develop and commercialize a cancer drug that is designed to leave healthy cells alone, potentially limiting side effects

James D.

TM still reads the NYT, regularly and extensively. He thinks exactly like someone who would waste his precious life doing that would think.

But that's what I don't get, and I wish TM would answer this:

He knows that the NYT is largely full of shit, because he himself points it out on a regular basis. He knows the columnists are deranged, dishonest, morons, or all of the above, because, again, he points it out regularly. Given that, why does he still seem to accept their general worldview?


That's a joke right?

It wasn't meant to be. You used to have a great approach on your radio show. Calm, logical, respectful of whats-his-name's opinion, and you always won the debate.



My timeline is exactly the same as yours -but I’m older. My intro was working for McGovern.

Stop bashing TM guys.

James D.

I wasn't bashing, Jane. I honestly want to understand.

He's a very smart man, clearly. He's a good and generous man. He definitely sees the madness of the Dems, and the lies of the MSM. I just want to understand why, with all that in mind, he's still so reflexively anti-Trump, and why he's so willing to believe whatever negative thing the NYT says about him. I think it's a fair question.


Good Morning! The daughter and son-in-law were Covid nervous while staying here. I told them to relax, you aren't going to get Covid in the middle of the woods! They set up an "office" on the porch and worked all week. The sat internet was strong enough for all the devices,thank goodness. They were more relaxed by Friday when we drove to Moosehead Lake. Living in an urban environment is obviously more stressful than the woods so it took them all week to unwind.


Jack,how is Jazz this morning? I worry in Florida while walking Scout that he'll stick his nose in the wrong place and get bitten by a snake. The little frogs here are hopping all over the place because of all the rain. He loves chasing them.


James D., If I lived and worked near a major city with a piece of crap for a newspaper, I would still read the piece of crap because despite its political stupidity there are quality articles on other subjects and advertising I want to see.


I just want to understand why, with all that in mind, he's still so reflexively anti-Trump...

It's because he doesn't like him. Someone reasonable still being a NeverTrumper, after all we've seen the last few months - it doesn't make sense to me. Personally, I'm not very curious about people's reasons for reaching obviously wrong conclusions.

James D.

sbw, I read the NYT every day, too - my wife still has it delivered.

But i read it knowing that it's full of distortions and lies, and I don't buy into what I read. I can't understand why TM still does.


Out on the lake over the last couple of days I was surprised to see several instances of boats rafted together in the middle of the lake each with 10-15 people gathered onboard.

No one cared to wear a mask. Masks must be something the government makes you wear when you go into a store.

Another Bob

“After that last bit of goalpost moving, I'm done with RG.”

Which goalpost moving was that? Sessions again?

I’ve been troubled by his seeming fall into the cult of personality called Elon Musk.

Another Bob

And whatever happened to TomR?


It's sort of breathtaking that Biden's "campaign" must be so sketchy that they wouldn't understand that Wallace is on their side and wouldn't dare ask any hardball questions.

If only the call had gotten through. No questions about your personal involvement in treasonous coup attempts, Joe? No problem! And sure you can pause to think for 30 seconds after each question, and that earplug and wire running down your collar is just fine! OK, first question, Donald Trump: Evil, stupid, or both?

Another Bob

Didn’t think much of his argumentation but didn’t wish anything bad on him.

Another Bob

‘Box, Biden’s base is still up in the “Faux News” myth. If he’s getting what he needs from media, which he is, why bother with FNC?


Mr. Vice-President, we've all heard so much lately about how caring you are - so much caring in just one person! I wonder, when you did your fireside chat with President Obama recently, did you get the feeling that there was so much love and caring in the room that the house you were in might just sprout wings and fly to heaven? Your thoughts please, sir.


I posted earlier a video out of South America that TyphusPad is now blocking TWTR cut n pastes.

NGOs caught smuggling gold out of the Amazon.

To France.

40' container full of bars. Daily.

Don't have all the details yet....


Bolsogato ♠️♠️♠️
Da Amazônia para a França via ONGs com certeza já faz muitos anos que isso acontece todos dias... 😠😠😠


From the Amazon to France via NGOs for surely it has been many years that this happens every day... 😠😠😠


Link: https://twitter.com/OrndJose/status/1287225001092026368


Having lived in the greater NYC area, and Connecticut in particular, I can understand the cultural pressure that helps TM conclude Orange Man Bad.

Herd mentality is even stronger than herd immunity.

JimmyK has my admiration. He is clearly immunoresistant:)

Captain Hate

Which goalpost moving was that? Sessions again?

Yes. And that's my final word on it.


Mr. Vice President, as a leading civil rights leader for nearly half a century, what do you say to good people of all races and ethnic backgrounds about the fear and discord right-wing groups try to stir up? Your 30 seconds to think about the question before answering begins now.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--On the US-China consulate battle I think we have recognized that we are engaged in an asymmetrical spying situation.--

It's especially asymmetric since that miserable Brennan presided over our spy networks being rolled up and shot or compromised in at least China and Iran.
The only question with that disgusting traitor is whether it was mere incompetence or intentional. "Traitor" suggests the latter.

Old Lurker

Reading the NYT just because recalls the little boy digging through the pile of horse manure day after day.


Erstwhile Trump supporters?

Look at all that social distancing going down in Portland. 👀pic.twitter.com/LWYbhY3eQm

— Sydney Watson (@SydneyLWatson) July 25, 2020


Breaking: Google will keep its employees home until July 2021, people familiar with the matter said, making it the first major U.S. corporation to formalize such an extended timetable in the face of the coronavirus pandemic


Catherine Herridge
#FISA 18 USC 1519 Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations and bankruptcy law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18… 18 U.S. Code § 1001. Statements or entries generally law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18… 18 U.S. Code § 1621. Perjury law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18…

Catherine Herridge @CBS_Herridge
SCOOP: Declassified records from @DNI_Ratcliffe reveal FBI "counterintelligence + security briefing" to then-candidate Trump, @GenFlynn @GovChristie August 17, 2016 -- 17 days after FBI Russia probe "Crossfire Hurricane.” According to docs, this was run through Agents Strzok +



Kalen From Scriberr

This rioter gets pissed when Feds aim their sights down on her after she provokes them. She claimed to be press.

@ElijahSchaffer has posted the moments leading up to me pressing her.



I like to think TM is operating behind enemy lines. I would be hesitant going full MAGA while residing in Blue Hell.


I need to go pick up my daughter's medicine.

Will return later this morning.

Jack Lillywhite


Thanks for asking about Jazz.

He is still a little lethargic but some energy is returning. His muzzle is drooping on one side as if he had a stroke. Has an appetite which is a good sign.

He was outside on our upper terrace, came in, and just now let me know he wants to go back out and stretch out on large settee. His brother doesn’t take care of him like our little girl Beagle, Lady.


TM's herd saturation of all inputs would have his personal Overton Window pegged to the Orange Man Bad viewpoint. No way around it.


While Wallace is waiting to geet an interview with Biden he can have Kerry on to see his military records promised so long ago.

Jack Lillywhite


If Carter nulled his discharge to General from Bad Conduct more reason not to reveal it. But if Carter didn’t then even more reason to keep his BCD private. His actions as a commissioned officer bordered on treason.

You go to an American Legion or VFW hall and drop his name. The reactions are loud and profanity laced.


The entertainment will shift to WI in three weeks.


Socialists will wreak mayhem in Milwaukee, Madison during scaled back DNC.


Jack Lillywhite


Chicago ‘68 redux?


Joe can tell the Wisconsin mayhem wreakers that VP Susan Rice will address all their concerns once they're elected.


I know, JIB

Dave (in MA)

Clarice, it's only been 15 years, and only a dozen since the guy to whom he made that promise died, what's the rush?

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