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July 30, 2020





Dave (in MA)
    Gerry Callahan@GerryCallahan ·
    What the fuck. It's a great time to be a scrawny, bomb-placing, America-hating piece of shit in this country. The Globe hasn't been this happy since Bob Kraft paid a consenting adult to touch his privates
Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--As Capn said last night....still friends.--

Of course.
We're not progs who can only associate with fellow nodes of the central hive mind.


As dubious as I am about Tesla, basing anything on 2020Q2 sales is silly. Everything declined, on the order of 50%. So Tesla's 90,000 would plausibly have been closer to 180,000 but for COVID, and will rebound bigly.


I think the Trump delay the election 'thing' was to get it off the table.


Graham Ivan Clark, 17, of Tampa FL arrested for Twitter hack.
I guess his party affiliation is moot.


Where ARE the billionaires? If I were in a fancy car I would do a fast U-turn and head out of state.

From what I see, most leftist PR appears to be mainly threatening people, which is what I have seen them saying on Twitter.

"If you re-elect Trump, the riots won't stop!"

Do tell. I wish I could re-elect him faster, with theme music and rose petals!


"I think the Trump delay the election 'thing' was to get it off the table."

Me too Neo. Trump is great at mamipulating the morons.


So there’s been a utility crew in our neighborhood installing flexible plastic pipe that’s supposed to expand internet capacity (to 5G?) once finished. No big deal, right? Well, the name of the business on the trucks? TDS services.

Guess I’ll wait a while to put out my MAGA sign...😉


Josh Caplan

· 2h
TAMPA BAY TIMES: Tampa teen arrested in hack of Twitter accounts of Obama, Bill Gates and others
Advice from a Twitter pal:

Cut the kid an immunity deal for testifying about what he found on Twitters back end.


Boy I'm really mad at that court decision!


Lyle, I have TDS services for internet. All I get is crappy DSL on copper landlines.


I think the Trump delay the election ‘thing’ was to get it off the table

Really? Then how about this:



Miss M, Dilley assumes the kid speaks Chinese. ;)


Microsoft reportedly in talks to buy China's TikTok U.S. operations



President Trump prepares in a Coronavirus -19 Update and a Storm Preparedness Roundtable

Jack Lillywhite

LOL. BLM in the Hamptons. They are on Meadow Lane which I know so well. No one there gives a shit and neither do the locals. I can say without reservation our local black community are angry that they know have to worry about their super paid jobs working for those city racists.

Hamptons are saturated and have no idea where the protesters are staying.


Meanwhile, henry, Nancy is busy!

Incredibly irresponsible—Pelosi just doubled down on her $3 trillion dollar cannabis legislation, falsely claiming that it's a proven therapy for coronavirus.

Hey Nancy, let's focus on the pandemic. Not pot. pic.twitter.com/Eo8pfwwZez

— Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) July 31, 2020

PBS video at the link.


There was a fire across my township where 45 apartments went up in flame in a little over an hour.

Today, we find out that it was a meth lab that started it.

Past is Prologue

Tonto, Lovely article about de Havilland in Paris. Mentioned is her sister Joan Fontaine, whom I saw in an upscale Carmel courtyard about 7 years ago, just a few months before she died. She wore a bright red pantsuit and carried a poodle. I think she saw that I recognized her.



These are the 3 adults: California, Florida, and the United Kingdom


The climate emergency isn't about science, it's about justice.



How awful! And all of those people lost their belongings! No one hurt or killed, I hope!

Very disappointed in @SenSchumer for blocking the temporary extension of the $600 nemployment benefits.



Another ongoing saga. (Thread)


BREAKING: The Second Circuit GRANTED a motion by Ghislaine Maxwell to delay the release of her deposition.

The appeal will be heard on Sept. 22. @CourthouseNews




I am on Social Security and a pension, and my daughter is still employed, working at home.

But there are LOTS of people around here who need work or money, and they have children to feed. And Schumer doesn't care; I really do hope he is confronted by some of his unemployed constituents!



Pittsburgh Steelers


Last year, one guy kneeling was news. This year, one guy not kneeling is news.



BREAKING: Supreme Court lets work continue on President Trump’s border wall, rejecting calls to block some of the construction in a clash over the use of Pentagon funds to build the fencing.



Hmmm. Letter at link. Over editorial content.


BOOM James Murdoch resigns from the Board of Directiors of News Corporation.!



From my sorority sister who lives there:

"There’s another boat parade for Trump tomorrow. This one is in St Augustine. Thousands of boats turned out for the one on the St Johns River thru Jax and the one in Fernandina on the intercoastal waterway. The waterways are the only way to get away from stupid hateful protesters"


Love it Mom, I'd love to be on one of those boats!


Rep. Sanford Bishop allegedly misused more than $90,000 in campaign and official funds


[Bonus Humor Round. Who had "Judge orders Federal agents to wear numbered jerseys in Portland" on their Friday night Bingo card?

https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/31/judge-numbered-jerseys-federal-agents-portland-389815 ]


Hoft weighs in:



Numbered Jerseys? Does Antefa have to wear them too?




Ah. Identify by tats


From a little mystery bookstore in N.Y. I've purchased from in the past.

" a grateful shout-out to our many customers who were so supportive while we were forced to close our doors. The kindness and generosity shown by long-time friends of the store, as well as by newer ones, has warmed my heart.

We are not out of the woods. A large percentage of New York’s population remains nervous about taking public transportation so we are seeing virtually no foot traffic. We have been a tourist destination for many years but there are no tourists. We have a sign on the door that limits the number of customers to six at a time, which is hilarious as we don’t have six browsers a day, much less at one time.

A recent report indicates that 76,000 of approximately 350,000 small businesses in New York will never reopen because of covid-19. We are the last mystery bookstore in New York (there once were six) and are determined to be here for a long time."

Sounds pretty grim if they don't even have 6 customers a day.

Captain Hate

Cook County (Chicago) has changed traffic court so that hearings will be held online, via Zoom.

Trouble is, they forgot to tell the people summoned to court that. So they're showing up to wait in line at the physical court -- only to be told later that all hearings are done online, and (no, really, this happened) you also missed your online hearing while you were waiting on actual, physical line at the physical courthouse.

A TV reporter went to talk to someone from the office handling notifications about court hearings, to know why notices that hearings are no longer physical but will be held online are being sent out after the date of the hearing, instead of before, as would be the more common process.

The answer?

It's racist white privilege for you to ask a black woman why she's sending out notices days after the hearing the notices are intended to notify about.

WGN finally got a chance to speak to Court Clerk Dorothy Brown about why all this was happening and her response was, shall we say, very interesting. Brown said the only reason she was being asked was because WGN "felt like this black woman's office had to have done something wrong."
Your office did do something wrong. But please, do tell me why sending out notifications after the fact is an acceptable practice according to some Racial Traditions.

Brown continued, "Regardless of what I say today, this story will probably come out very negative for my office as it always has come out over the last 20 years, continuing to perpetuate the internalized, mediated and institutionalized types of racism directly onto me."

You can shriek about "internalized, mediated, and instutionalized types of racism."

OR you could just, you know, start sending out notices on-time.

Oh, I see you're locked on to Option 1. Nevermind, for some crazy reason I thought you might like to actually do your job instead of just calling anyone who notices you're tremendously bad at your job a "racist."


"I'm confused why it�s racist to ask about all the folks who have been confused and drove down to the Daley Center for court appearances that they didn�t have to attend," the WGN reporter asked.


Asked about the "logic" of sending late notices intentionally, Brown again said that focusing on that was a sign of "unconscious bias."

Well, you know, linear time is a construct of the White Supremacy Patriarchy.


I think if teachers refuse to work, they should be replaced. I think states ought to revise their laws to ban public employee unions--these unions were first allowed in Wisconsin under Governor Gaylord nelson and then spread. Bad idea.


How Other Species Handle Social Distancing When Someone Is Sick



To know Dorothy Brown is to meet the Essence of Cook County RICO, a la Preckwinkle, and for her it's a family affair.


The only thing that would have made it worse would have been a white male reporter asking the question.


Assembly leader Vos is missing in action after calling on the public to sue, instead of doing his job and asking his supermajority to vote. For a guy that once held my beer (literally)....


BREAKING: Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald promises that the Republican-controlled Senate will vote to rescind Governor Evers' declaration of a public health emergency. The Senate is waiting on the Assembly to follow suit and will call a special session to vote.


Meanwhile, as seen in LA:

"They are in Los Angeles landing on buildings. Eyes"



Have the RANCID BONE SMOKING FULL COMMIES, made any comments about HERMAN CAIN and his ICONIC STANDING Yet???? Or does he need to play the MARTY KING BLOODY shirt card first.

Captain Hate


She sounds very hate inspiring.


My daughter went over to buy a 3-story cat scratch tower for the kittens from a woman 2 blocks away who is trying to earn some money, since she's laid off.

O think the economy is going to change drastically.


She ooozes it while exhaling disdain.

Captain Hate

I still think it's amazing that Gaylord, Michael Medved's favorite orator, managed to insinuate the Senate filibuster into a eulogy for John Lewis.


Malware Author Pleads Guilty for Role in Transnational Cybercrime Organization Responsible for more than $568 Million in Losses


Captain Hate

Teddy played with a gorgeous dog, Brutus, half Australian Shepherd and half Great Pyrenees at the dog park tonight. I asked the owner if it was an Aussi/Samoyed mix and he was shocked I came so close until I told him Teddy plays with that combination every week. Very impressive breeder accident.



Marine helicopters landing on buildings in Los Angeles. Comments have some interesting information.


BREAKING: Steele funneled payments of some $5,000/mo to his primary dossier source Igor Danchenko through a Russian-run D.C. contractor where Danchenko was a "ghost employee," in a special "arrangement" that raises questions how they reported income to IRS.

Link to thread with additional information in replies:



Who had "zombie mind-controlling cicadas" on his bingo card? Link goes to article.

Now we have [MSM] Fear Mongering "Zombie cicadas" infected with mind-controlling fungus return to West Virginia

H/T @Billymk31https://t.co/ASNTSddLN4

— Steven Lundgren 🇺🇸 #Transition2Greatness (@love4thegameAK) July 31, 2020

Um, Sorry. Cough it up, John:

U.S. Seeks to Seize John Bolton‘s Book Profits

Bolton violated nondisclosure agreements when he released his memoir, without finishing a National Security Council review process to make sure the book did not contain classified info
breitbart.com/politics/2020/… via @BreitbartNews



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

US House candidate, NY-14 · Jul 30
Imagine trying to explain to your colleagues who are members of Congress what Twitch is
Derek Hunter
Imagine having to explain the Constitution of the United States to a Member of Congress...


@Melinda 4:35

They started their rally right across the street from us. By the way, we are not billionaires. It looked like they had been bussed in (busses were parked right in front of our house) after having been scooped up by Soros-bucks-funded organizers. What a bunch of sad sacks.

Anyway, they, apparently, headed over to the billionaire area over by the ocean, but no trouble ensued. The local cops, with whom we are on a first-name basis and greeted us cheerfully, had the situation well in hand.


I didnt see it had any info:




The acting Head of ICE resigned today.


Really, my post should have read," After having been scooped up off the street ..." They were a sorry lot, and did not seem to be sure what their mission was. Assuming they went home with a few pitiful Soros bucks in their pockets.


Hope I don't sound too white or too privileged, but that was my (channelling Althouse) cruelly neutral observation of the scene.


>>>Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention<<<

good grief. how do you get death squads? do what seattle is doing, that is how you get death squads.


Tonto, you sounded fine. Didn’t even let the air out of the bus tires. Very neutral. :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Would those be good death squads or bad death squads?


and i did miss a link last night. i'll dig it up in a bit if anyone is still interested.

thanks man tran. the subject has really caught my imagination. working my way through fingerprints and want to get to magician and america before soon. it is a bit dated and should just move on to magician but it is pretty good so far.


In other news, MrsJ came in with a *huge* bounty from the garden. Part of it was Amish Paste tomatoes. These things are enormous, yet still taste very good. And they grow well here.

It has been interesting to see MrsJ wade through the various and sundry seed vendors (they are not all the same) and to see what grows well here. There is a large variability in that too.

MrsJ has spent the afternoon making tomato sauce. Usually it is light, sweet, and crisp. We freeze what we don't use, so we have almost fresh tomato sauce all winter.

So tonight we are having a simple pasta. Clearly we are not on keto -- I don't really need it, and MrsJ tries to keep her carbs low. Mostly.

I can't wait!


i'm afraid i might come off as pessimistic or defeatist ... how about both.


I’m not following how a picture of a helicopter equals Battle Los Angeles?

Did I not scroll enough?


You cant have a battle los angeles without aliens



the committee for the preservation of virtue and the prevention of vice has already been taken ... doesn't the state and federal government constitutions guarantee a republican form of government?

not sure how an ngo-unelected and unaccountable-could have an actual law enforcement function. and good luck sending out some social workers when a drunk driver takes out a car full of people on mercer or a gun wielding suspect is robbing some gas stations.


it was some marine cobra gunships doing some sort of touch and go in the la area. wasn't sure of the relevance.

Another Bob

You scrolled enough TK.

jim nj


Consumer spending jumps 5.6% in June, but the U.S. recovery already appears to be slowing

Personal spending jumped 5.6% in June, the government said Friday, after a revised 8.5% advance in May.


Posted by: Tonto | July 31, 2020 at 07:53 PM

lol ... very white and very privileged.

odd that they don't go wheel over to soros's place or his kids. probably reminded which side of the bread is buttered.


Posted by: jim nj | July 31, 2020 at 08:23 PM

states reimposing lockdowns and rioting.

well down cia, well done.

you might not be able to stop international terror but awfully damn close to getting the exotic pet of your choice into the white house.

jim nj


‘Alarms Are Going Off’: New Jersey Hits Highest Covid-19 Transmission Rate Since April As Northeast Sees New Spikes In Cases

Similar sentiments coming out of MA and RI. I honestly don't understand what these governors are freaking out about. There was no chance they would ever be able to squash Covid completely.

Now they're in to shaming people for what is, otherwise, normal behavior.

How hard is it to figure out that if you keep all the public socializing venues closed that people will recreate the atmosphere in private parties.


The freak out is simply the planned narrative to set up vote fraud by mail.


Pessimism, defeatism or weltschmerz?

How to Tell Whether You've Got Angst, Ennui, or Weltschmerz


Weltschmerz, German for “world pain,” was also coined during the Romantic Era and is in many ways the German version of ennui. It describes a world weariness felt from a perceived mismatch between the ideal image of how the world should be with how it really is. In German philosophy it was distinguished from pessimism, the idea that there is more bad than good in the world, because while pessimism was the logical conclusion of cool, rational philosophical pondering, weltschmerz was an emotional response. Though weltschmerz and ennui are pretty close synonyms, ennui foregrounds the listlessness brought on by world weariness (it can also be a term for more simple boredom), and weltschmerz foregrounds the pain or sadness. There is perhaps a greater sense of yearning in weltschmerz (part of the pain is that the sufferer really wants the world to be otherwise). Also, as an English word, weltschmerz is not as common as ennui, so there are fewer connotations about the type of person that comes down with it. Its very German sound (that “schm”!) makes it seem more serious and grim than ennui.

Do you have sadness in your heart for the world that can never be and sensible shoes? You’ve got weltschmerz.


jim nj


I think that's part of it. Re-imposed lock-downs and the initial stimulus from federal spending waning. I'd like to see the national GDP and consumer spending broken down to state levels. I think I know what I would see.


thanks rocco. you made me even more sad.


I posted the photos of the Marine helicopters because several people on Twitter thought they were of significance. Apparently Marines report directly to the President and therefore give him extra maneuverability and flexibility.

If this isn't so, I apologize for cluttering up the thread. I am not very skilled in military maneuvers, so if I am wrong, I am sorry.


How about frusenglaze


no trouble mm. it just doesn't quite work that way.


Rocco, whenever my snowflake kids get too whiney, I whip out that word, 'Weltschmertz' in a sarcastic and they snap right back into shape (somewhat.)


I will pick up a machete before I put on googles.




‘Divisive And Deeply Dishonest Campaign Speech’: Tucker Carlson Blasts Obama For Politicizing John Lewis Funeral
Donald J. Trump
We beat Obama 4 years ago, he worked harder than Crooked Hillary, and we’ll do it again!


goggles, googles...

It's complicated.

Another Bob

The Marines is a separate service but is a component of the Navy.

The law that invented the Marines is nearly 200 years old, and does contain a line “other duties as the President may direct”. That’s how we ended up with things like Marines guarding embassies.

jim nj

Since discovering the Seaside Heights boardwalk Earthcam I've kept it in a background tab so I can take a peek at it every once in awhile.

It's like taking mini-vacations, pretending I'm down there. And I use it to judge just how much business the vendors are doing and how many people are using masks.

Imagine my surprise when I checked it at 4 PM and it was as dark as night, the boardwalk streetlights were on, the boardwalk was shiny wet and nobody was in sight.

I better check the radar weather map and see what's going on. Nope nothing happening down there.

Turns out the camera isn't streaming properly and was displaying the middle of last night.

The PC was acting a little slow so I rebooted to freshen it up and the Earthcam showed a more recent image, but it's still not streaming.

Dave (in MA)


Dave (in MA)
The Marines is a separate service but is a component of the Navy.
Marines like to joke that the Marines are a department of the Navy: the Men's Department.

Tsarnov decision was based on “Juror bias” and the Judge’s failure to move the trial out of Boston.

It’s hard to imagine where they could have gone with a different result since he plead guilty. It overturns the death penalty only - he’s still in jail for life. Prosecutors have to decide whether to retry that part putting people thru it again, or accepting thr decision.

I can legally understand the decision but it really pisses me off having lived thru it.

jim nj


They include a graphic showing the breakdown by county. Most of the new "cases" are in southern New Jersey which was affected well after the northern counties and not as hard.

I'm thinking north Jersey is near herd immunity. And population density increases down south during the summer season. So a pick-up in the spread rate down there doesn't surprise me.


Are you sure Dave?



You may want to look up the alday family murders in Ga and carl isaacs. He did eventually die, but it became the precedent for not having a jury where the whole pool wanted retribution.

Ghastly murder. Isaacs' lawyer was my ist year crim law prof and he kept talking about the purpose of taking it on appeal.

My lowest grade in law school was that prof. Not especially sympathetic to defending admitted brutal mass murderers.


Can we have juror bias in DC?? Sheesh.
As per usual, the psychos get preferential treatment, but not Flynn.

Dr J we had delicious spaghetti squash with grilled veggies and spicy chicken sausage. Love learning about what to plant, and am discovering that what’s in the seed packet may not be exactly what is described.


Since I have been up since 3:30, I think I will head to bed.

I am sorry if I got a little cross today. I think it was lack of sleep.



Well what would the point of that be:



Sweet Dreams MissM. I'm ready myself.

good nite all

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