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July 03, 2020




Ghislaine was arrested under one of the sealed indictments, no clue how old.



YouTube Univ MAY have your maker's "How To Restore" video up somewhere.


Happy Independence day Soylent Red White and Blue.
When I was an infant, my Mom moved back to Scotland with her 3 kids. Sister 4 Brother 2, me almost a year old. My Father had died, and Mom was 24 with 3 bairns. When we came back to the GREATEST COUNTRY to be GRACED by GOD, I was a kindergartner, and Mom had met a second Yank, got engaged, and married, and came back to DAD's homeland, ALSO MINE. Weird, but my older Sister had been born in SCOTLAND.
Anywho, from a very very young age, I had been instilled with PRIDE for AMERICA. Both my natural Father, and My Dad, met my Mom, as U.S.Air Force sgts, at Kirknewton AFB.
It's an interesting and long story, that I have shared most of here, but.....I knew at a very young age that America was Special. I always was thrilled at our ARMED FORCES and the FLAG, the NATIONAL ANTHEM, and of course INDEPENDENCE DAY and the parade in my 2 home towns. Hagerstown Md. and then Wauwatosa WI. I know American History very very well, and I know a GREAT DEAL about U.K./English/and SCOTTISH history.

THERE IS NOTHING, for you and I to be ashamed of.
America is not perfect. NAME A NATION that is closer to PERFECT than U.S./US. It can't be done.
God bless the U.S.A, and GOD BLESS US....heh heh.....EVERY ONE.


Hi, Melinda!

Do you think that there are traps and snares set for all of the bad guys? I got to thinking about that today and how much he could have picked up being a walk-on on several movie sets and such.


Speaking of masks, my friend arrived back from California late last night.

She said on the way she saw a woman my age wearing what really was more like a veil, like they used to draw in Arabian Nights illustrations. She thought that was funny.


I have no idea. Several seem to keep stepping in them, though, all by their lonesome. Schiff's Rakes-A-Plenty Yard Sale comes to mind.


This guy bills himself as a retired CIA officer living in Oregon (although it seems to me doing that would make him a target, but what do I know as a Midwest grandma?). Both links go to screen caps of damning quotes from CNN and the NYT:

As patriotic Americans celebrate the nation today, remember what we are up against:

A fascist Democratic Party that wants us to hate ourselves, hate each other, and — most of all — hate America.

This is our fight. pic.twitter.com/pP8d84ykcH

— BDW (@BryanDeanWright) July 4, 2020

The NY Times spent three years pushing Russian disinformation targeted against a duly elected American president that set the nation utterly afire.

I’m not interested in one damn word from this rag about anything, let alone darkness and division.

Enemy of the Republic. https://t.co/EzdNZrTib5

— BDW (@BryanDeanWright) July 4, 2020

Both of my 4:39 tweets (condensed into one post) were retweeted by the President.


Retweeted by the President:

Republicans ought to be extremely happy with how much that speech has left the entire media complex apoplectic with rage and resorting to 100% lying about it. An unquestionable sign of its quality and success if they are all-hands-on-deck lying about it.


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to a short video.

Pursuant to the new moral stricture promulgated this week by the NYT & CNN -- that Mount Rushmore is a shameful monument to racism and white supremacy -- both CNN and Bernie Sanders ought to repent for this praise they jointly heaped on it in 2016:pic.twitter.com/0MRNO2PJ2j

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) July 4, 2020

1) Any gov't employee may join a union

You lost me right there. How about
(1) No gov't employee may join a union.

They already have civil service protections. Or they can choose to give up the civil service protections if they want to join a union.


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to an article and related video.

Zach Parkinson
Jul 2
A record setting jobs report:

4.5 million jobs - largest gain in history

2.8 million women's jobs - largest gain in history

3.2 million fewer unemployed workers - largest drop in history

2.2% point drop in unemployment - largest drop in history



New thread


In all of the speculation that has gone on since Jeff Sessions was sworn in (February 9 2017) and Mr Sessions self imposed recusal, (March 2 2017), it should be noted that Sessions, served 22 days as A.G. At one point in the JOM discussions, my friend TomR, made a little SPORT of me, asking that "my friends" here at JOM should ask or teach me about a CALENDAR. I has misspoken. I gave Jeff Sessions too much credit. He had been in office for 22 days. He left the President, WITHOUT AN A.G.during the biggest POLITICAL SCANDAL and WITCH HUNT in HISTORY. As it has turned out, unequivocally, there was no crime being investigated. 3 years of a FRAUD and SCANDAL, with ZERO CRIME. NONE.
Giving SESSIONS, the benefit of the doubt, is difficult. He didn't discuss his VIRTUOUS STANCE with his PRESIDENT. NAIVE is the best that can be said of him. This CANNOT happen again.


JiB and BARKLEY!!! In the center of the attack.



why don't you run for Congress? Perfect time!


Hey soylent how have been?

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


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