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July 03, 2020


Captain Hate


When the enemedia started badmouthing HCQ, particularly numbnuts Tater Stelter whining about his whore wife's arthritis medicine supply being threatened, is when I realized the whole thing was a derp state hit job.

Jim Eagle

Since the wife and son are leaving next week for Europe, I have been monitoring trans-Atlantic traffic. For a business that is supposedly floundering and nation restrictions on visitors, there is a lot of major airlines going to and fro the USA and Europe. Either the planes are 20% full or there a lot of European's going back home and a lot of American's doing the same.


From MM (I think) last night:

But although there was that temporary failure, I still am convinced there are tangible manifestations of Good and Evil.

You don't have to be Christian or even religious to see it.

Read Witness by Whittaker Chambers. It is arguably worse now.


More fear porn.

Fauci says coronavirus may be mutating to become more infectious


Did everyone see that Trump retweeted a poll asking who was trusted more between he and Fauci?

Who do you trust most?

— ACTforAmerica (@ACTforAmerica) July 1, 2020

Trump: 90.2%

Fauci: 9.8%

Obviously rigged, but still funny that he retweeted it.


My dad sent me this. From the comments on Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen's blog.

A comment on Marginal Revolution:

I’ve been a MR reader for years. It sounds like you’re concerned about cancel culture and the associated political situation. I’m from eastern europe and caught the tail end of communism. What’s happening now in the US terrifies me. It seems like every week I learn that someone I respect is being tried in a court of public opinion for crimes that didn’t exist six months ago.

I’m in Silicon Valley, and realistically it’s impossible to operate here without lying. And I’m not right wing either, I’ve always considered myself a liberal! Some people seem to be dealing with it all right, but having to maintain a facade really eats at me. I effectively have to self-quarantine in a political closet. I hate it. I never could have imagined that I would need to choose between truthful expression and career/friendships in America. There’s always some finesse in human interaction of course, but this is so qualitatively different it may as well be another country altogether.

Do you have any advice for how to act, survive, and thrive in this political climate? I don’t know how to navigate this at all.

Two replies:


June 30, 2020 at 7:36 am Hide Replies18

I never thought I would say this but vote Trump in November. I am an independent and been voting Democrat mostly the last decade and voted for Hilary plus Obama twice. But I cannot imagine how much worse it will get if the current Democrat group comes to power, especially if they get the Senate as well. I have never been a strong partisan, but in my 50 years I have never seen anything like this in terms of the complete shutdown of dissent of the prevailing "proper" narrative. People ducking for cover and living in fear of losing their jobs or having their lives ruined.

I really am not a Trump fan(although I do believe that there is too much TDS), but once he is voted out, I can see the left feeling even more vindicated and losing any remaining sense of self-restraint.

Again, I say this as someone who has been slightly left of center the last decade.


June 30, 2020 at 7:43 am Hide Replies19

In 2016 this foreigner recommended that people hold their noses and vote for Trump. I'm mildly surprised to find myself repeating the advice.

The Orange Oaf is the lesser of two evils, and by quite a margin.

We live in extraordinary times.

I just about remember Ike, for heaven's sake, so maybe my calibration of ordinary is biased.



May be. Maybe not, right , dr windsock?


It is possible that rona is mutating to become more infectious, but it is also apparently becoming less deadly.


Him and Fauci seems better.

Another Bob

The Washington Redskins needs to keep its name but switch its mascot to a potato.

That solves everything.


AB, I love that solution.


The should become the “Unicorns” - fits the locals.


It's come to this.

National Women’s Soccer Player Who Stood for National Anthem Issues Statement

Thomas Collins

CH, I believe Grenell was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma around 2013. I don't know whether the article you were referencing is with respect to that diagnosis, or a recent recurrence.

Captain Hate

Thanks, TC.

It is possible that rona is mutating to become more infectious, but it is also apparently becoming less deadly.
Well that IS how natural selection works! The most successful viruses would be viruses which provide benefits to the host organism with no bad effects.

But, anyway, killing your host before your host manages to infect others is bad for the virus.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Many if not most non-Hodgkin lymphomas are pretty curable these days.
I have three friends who are apparently cured, the longest being 15 years.

Thomas Collins

Will there be a movement to rename the Boston Celtics the Boston BLMers?

How about Seattle's new hockey team? Seattle CHAZstickers? Seattle Summer of Lovies?

Should Notre Dame Fighting Irish be changed to Notre Dame Peaceful Tea Sipping Sufis?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--It's come to this.--

At least she didn't do one of those grovelling mea culpas.
But at some point somebody caught in one of these positions has to say "quit your effin crocodile tears and grow up you bunch of commie coddlin peckerwoods" instead of the "oh how I feel your pain" sycophancy.
There are a lot of social pathologies in the black community [as there are in the white, Hispanic and every other community] and they have pretty much nothing to do with slavery, Jim Crow or institutional racism.
They are mostly the product of the infantilizing, dependence producing perverse incentives of the nanny state and poor individual choices, many of which choices are enabled or caused by the side effects of the nanny state.

Captain Hate

It's just submitting to tyrany


Captain Hate

Or tyranny

matt - deplore me if you must

Looking out over Pine Lake, WA

A cloudy day in Washington, much better than the cacophony down in OC with the fireworks terrifying one of the hounds but not the other. Luckily they are in a safe place now.

Headed into Seattle to see the fishing fleet a bit later on and to find the ultimate seafood joint if anyone has suggestions. When in Rome and all that.

There's something about harbors and ports and bays and estuaries and the ocean with which I have always connected. Been a long time since I have been here.


Boeing communications boss Niel Golightly resigns over sexist article

Golightly stepped down Thursday as Boeing’s senior vice president of communications following an employee complaint about the 1987 article, which he called “embarrassingly wrong and offensive.”

“At issue is not whether women can fire M-60s, dogfight MiGs, or drive tanks,” Golightly, then a US Navy lieutenant, wrote in a US Naval Institute magazine. “Introducing women into combat would destroy the exclusively male intangibles of war fighting and the feminine images of what men fight for — peace, home, family.”

Golightly, who had only been with Boeing about six months, said he decided to resign for the company’s sake even though the article does not reflect his current views.


I hope no one discovers my 6th grade essays. I could be RUINED!


I'd prefer someone threatened with cancellation to say something like:

There is no racism. This is all bullshit, and you're all being manipulated by political forces because this is an election year. You're fools for falling for it. All you are doing is dividing people, and ruining black lives.


Hi cathyf, I find your take on students wanting to return to college, and how that will be a good thing interesting. I’m not sure what part of the county you are in, as here in the heart of the blue beast, I think the returning students are likely buying into all this crap, and many don’t have a clue about what a danger it is to live in a communist state. I am glad to hear you are optimistic that this younger generation will begin to lead the fight back. I’m not so sure.
We read the UMass pledge that retuning students must sign. It includes required snitching, random testing, required flu shots, among numerous other ridiculous requirements. Son is definitely opting to stay home, rather than live in East Germany.

I can’t recall who posted that I reach out to my elected officials for help regarding the onerous rules for college. Thanks for the advice, but I feel it’s next to useless to attempt that here. This is a beautiful place to live, but the nuts all in office.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Well, at least Holly Golightly has now attained the enlightened position that women getting their heads blown off in combat alongside men is a net positive for women and the world.


That's what politicians should be saying, too. Hopefully Trump hits it out of the park tonight. Giant monument, flags everywhere, fireworks, Independence Day in a state that never closed, there couldn't be a better stage.


Truth is doubleunplusgood.


Jared Diamond: “Europeans entering Africa enjoyed the triple advantage of guns and other technology, widespread literacy, and the political organization necessary to sustain expensive programs of exploration and conquest.”

BLM radicals, having learned enough from past experience, now work to destroy any awareness of it as they:
- neuter the 2nd Amendment,
- make schools ineffective,
- and pervert government.

BLM is more than con; it is a bald attempt to rule ... destined to fail for favoring Machiavelli over people and principles.


Black guy on TV calls out BLM.

Marcellus Wiley: Painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ On NBA Courts Is A Bad Idea, Read BLM’s Mission Statement


What is the H, in JIZZ LANE for??

Posted by: GUS | July 03, 2020 at 11:04 AM

Quick lunch break.

I believe H is for Herpes. At least that’s what I think I remember from Sesame Street.

Back to work

Another Bob

This idea of judging actions of yesteryear by today's standards has gotta stop.

Only way it'll happen is: 1) for the right to stop rolling over, and 2) start an active campaign to force lefties out for the same reasons.



Guess who these upstanding members of the Karenwaffe are upset with. Go on...guess. 🤨


Trail hike update: lots o’ people out and very few wearing masks this morning. Temp was 71F with cloud cover making it very pleasant. Got more than a few “Happy Fourth” greetings. Quite nice overall.

If the traffic and people count are any indication, there’s plenty of vacationers in Sun Valley.


I believe H is for Herpes.



China Never Reported Existence of Coronavirus to World Health Organization

WHO backtracks on original claim that China self-reported, admits this never happened

Rather, international health officials discovered the virus through information posted to a U.S. website.

Donald Trump Jr.
To celebrate Independence Day, @realDonaldTrump
is going to tell the TRUTH about American history—and the truth about the people tearing down our statues/history. At the foot of Mount Rushmore tonight, our @POTUS
will defend and celebrate America’s founding. TUNE IN!
OK. What will he say?

Captain Hate

With WHO scurrying around like that, this whole scam must be close to critical mass.


ccgirl--Contact FIRE , a non profit that fights for campus free speech.


email from a friend:Happy Fourth! to everybody who celebrates it.
As a refugee family from the Holocaust more than half a century ago, I celebrate it with great gratitude.
I'm aware that the regressive psychology of mobs is once again in the headlines, but headlines are extremely selective and full of sampling biases.
So I rely on my half century of daily experience of this country, and I think we'll get over the virus and the riots and the political splitting and demagogy.
There is much ruin in a nation, wrote Edmund Burke shortly before 1800, when the world seemed to be falling apart. But the British Oak continues to stand, slightly miraculously, and the entire Anglophone world tends to follow its generally peaceful politics.
There is real malice in the world, and self-promoting nihilism that delights in destruction. I'm not interested. There are so many good and promising things to think about instead. Half the world is still emerging from puking, mewling infancy, but the other half is growing up.
Malicious people are welcome to their self-harming emotions. They will burn out in due course. Meanwhile the rest of us can strive toward a saner world.


Get ready to get cancelled, Mr. Wiley. That is, if you haven’t already been by now...


I think Trump will commute Stone's sentence:https://saraacarter.com/judges-political-bias-risks-roger-stones-life-and-the-integrity-of-our-system/


would it be wrong of me to give antifa and BLM a map to the CDC and tell them it's a racist operation under cover?


A certain filipino investor who has lived most of his life in san francisco and spends part of his time in apain, concurrs with diamonds conclusions mostly about the will to conquer.

Old Lurker

Ext "I'd prefer someone threatened with cancellation to say something like:"There is no racism. This is all bullshit, and you're all being manipulated by political forces because this is an election year. You're fools for falling for it. All you are doing is dividing people, and ruining black lives.

THAT should be the very words from DJT day after day, every day. Then he can rotate "COVID" and "RUSSIANS" into a three day repeating cycle.

The COVID day should always include an abject apology for ever subjecting us to Tony Fauci and his Marxist "Experts", once he saw what they wanted to do to the country.


Has anyone been to Mt Rushmore? Is it really on the side of a highway?

I sure as hell Trump commutes Stone's sentence. The guy has been given the bloody death penalty (at his age) for something Adam Schiff does daily!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--This idea of judging actions of yesteryear by today's standards has gotta stop.--

It is a hubris peculiar to collectivist ideologues.
It contains the assumption that they're smarter and wiser than the fools of old [in that aspect it is particularity adolescent].
And the even worse Marxist assumption that they are the end of history utterly immune to the analysis they apply to others.
Which is marvelously magical thinking for people who celebrate murdering 50+ million babies.



I have been and it's close to a highway, but high up in the air.

Also it's a lot farther away so doesn't look giant like on some posters.

Another Bob

Everyone catch this, didn't notice a mention in my browsing here?

As it now turns out, the Chinese never did report the WuFlu to the WHO. The Chinese lied. And do did WHO.


Another Bob

Never mind, I see Ext got it a half hour ago...


Clarice, thanks for the info. I will look into it.

Checking out for a while.

Another Bob

Jane, MM, I've been as well. I wouldn't exactly call it a highway, but...



Amazing AB!


Epstein’s former boss says Ghislaine knows everything and will tell all to Feds. Prince Andrew and others not happy.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This shouldn't need saying but obviously it does;
We Can’t Have ‘National Dialogues’ If People Get Fired For Talking Honestly

And I can't help but note the disgusting irony that this excellent article is at The Federalist which was compelled to eliminate its comment section [no great loss considering the troll infestation] or face demonetization by the Marxist mob of google goons.


Racism & sexism at AFSCME, land of Biden support.




it was me that mentioned it (and fire.org). have him lay out his concerns as a student and you as the parent. the reason why the kooks in state and local government think they can carry on and do this is no one ever pushes back because "it would be pointless to do so". the secondary agreement the school is making him sign looks on its face illegal for hippa and ferpa and might run afoul of state laws and regulations. or write it up to fire.org and ask them for advice on how to approach your state legislature.

Captain Hate

I've been to Mount Rushmore (during the Bicentennial year of 1976) and thought it looked small, but not unimpressive, from my vantage point.

Captain Hate

Prince Andrew and others not happy.

To hell with that pampered brat who's as low class as Slick.


He is denser than the goofy eared dauphim and thats saying something


Or as corrupt as that prince they wrongly fingered for the ripper.


Good grief loftus he was the crazy cat at the osi who saw nazis associated with every republican, none with the sainted democrats


But welcome to the party, have an ale.


This is pretty good -


Boy, it is REALLY hot outside amd I discovered that masks will be mandatory in my county starting July 9. They announced it on the radio news at 3:00. Grrrr.


i don't understand why people even engage on twitter anymore.


Good afternoon! It is a lovely cool and sunny day in the woods. Gee, why do I feel like watching "North by Northwest" tonight? :)
Hubby went to town earlier this afternoon and said he saw a pick-up flying a Trump 2020 flag and Confederate flag. Ha,in freaking northern Maine.



I saw "North by Northwest" as a first-run with my uncle, whose girlfriend was back home and he wanted to see it and didn't want to go by himself. Boy, did I feel grown-up!


Preach sister!!!



(during the Bicentennial year of 1976)

Year of my HS graduation, apropos of nothing.



All was going well until this:

NIH infectious-diseases expert Anthony Fauci has warned that getting enough Americans vaccinated to create herd immunity won’t be easy, because of anti-vax sentiment. An Associated Press poll found that only 49 percent of Americans intend to get vaccinated. “It’s going to be very difficult,” Fauci says, and will require a major educational initiative.

That should be in the works ­today, not tomorrow. Changing public opinion takes time. Advertising before the vaccine is ready may be risky, but the CDC should have ads in the can, with sports figures and media stars advocating vaccines.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ordinarily one worries about people resisting things that actually exist, like a Trump presidency, not a vaccine that doesn't and may never exist.
But then Fauci is a Hillary guy so...

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

I think
Ext: "More fear porn.
Fauci says coronavirus may be mutating to become more infectious"

It may very well be mutating to be more INFECTIOUS but I will bet cash money that it is also mutating to be less frequently FATAL.
That is normal for a virus.

Kill the host, become less common in the overall biosphere.
Become more efficiently infectious, become more common in the overall biosphere.

It's Darwinian LOL


She really should know better, i guess you have to add that sweetener.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

porch quotes MR: "I never thought I would say this but vote Trump in November. I am an independent and been voting Democrat mostly the last decade and voted for Hilary plus Obama twice."

Wave election! :) :)


Hes mishadled every epidenic for nearly 40 years so.


Posted by: lyle | July 03, 2020 at 04:01 PM

you wouldn't trust a needle in your bottom from bill gates?

you must be antiscience.

Jack Lillywhite

I think it is mutating to give Fauci more screen tim.


Who mentioned andromeda?


I think the type of people who could be swayed by sports figures and media stars are also the type who would get the vaccine without needing to be convinced by idiots and morons.


Nigerian scammer caught in Chicago. Laundered hundreds of million stolen in e-mail scams.



Posted by: Jim,SunnyvaleCA,USA | July 03, 2020 at 04:20 PM

richard epstein pointed this out in early february.

(can't believe this has been going on for 5 months now).


No more Lincoln Continentals.


Jack Lillywhite

I haven’t watched in a while but Speak for Yourself with Whitlock and Wiley was my go to sports chatter show. No one was exempt from criticism or praise. It may have been a little AA centric but a look at Thorpe NFL and NBA.



Henry, AFGE, not AFSCME


and most anti-vaxxers are upper middle class and wealthy whites (progressives) who are always surprised when a measles outbreak occurs in their community that can invariably be traced to the third world illegal immigration they also support.

science bitches!


Clarice, thanks. They all look alike.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Thanks, rich (4:43)
AND I see that half of the JOM readership made the same point as me ... before I did ... you really do have to read to the end of catch-up before commenting. LOL

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

henry, 4:44 "no more Lincoln Continentals"

Yeah, I can see where combining "Lincoln" with "Continental" would come across as pretty hegemonic...


Posted by: Jim,SunnyvaleCA,USA | July 03, 2020 at 04:50 PM

it'll be fine!


Sounds like the drinker, will jordan.


(during the Bicentennial year of 1976)

Was just thinking earlier today about seeing the "Tall Ships" in New York harbor that 4th.


and the usual suspects have been knocking richard around a bit mostly about some early predictions and not anything regarding his argument.


Posted by: Narciso | July 03, 2020 at 04:53 PM

excellent stuff.

his piece 'why the past matters' is excellent stuff.


Jack Lillywhite

What did PUK ay about Obama? He fancies himself a Lincoln Continental.💂


Obama was a Ford not a Lincoln.


Sheesh. Thread.

Patrick Marley
An appeals court today reinstated Racine’s cornavirus ordinance, two days after a judge threw it out as unconstitutional.

The appeals decision is a short-term stay and the case continues.


Jack Lillywhite

sbw, more like a Crosley.

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