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July 01, 2020



Ha! I was just going to post, “this is a very long thread. Since I just posted, there should be a new one.” So maybe I am first?


Carrying over



It’s just you and me Narciso.

Dave (in MA)

Also good for jai-laiing acorns at your neighbor walking up the street.


Something theres a time lag, i uzed to work retail, although in nowhere these twilight zonish times


Thanks for the new thread!

From last thread:
"How many have cancelled their Amazon prime acct because their college-aged kids all get it for a significant discount?"
We don't have an Amazon acct but that's a great idea for the future! :) :)


Dave, huh?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Seems quiet tonight.--

Too quiet.

Dave (in MA)

It's on topic!





Well, my business is one of the few doing well these days. In fact we are all pretty burned out, like all small “essential” retailers and their employees. It’s been three months of all out nuttiness, and we are all done. Local small food stores and such say the same. And on CC we now have the summer influx, and they are wealthy. As one contractor customer says, “They have never heard the word no, and they don’t like it.” Not that all are bad. Most are quite nice.

Not sure what the Nantucket crowd is like, but my last experience there was that no one on any level is nice. That was 21 years ago. That’s for OL.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Diamond's (perhaps overly) convenient answer: Through a series of accidents such as the geography, climate, biology and so on of Europe, the Euros took over the world. Euros are not better or worse than others. Any other race would have done the same if the random accidents had gone their way.--

Diamond has always been a fairly reasonable jamoke who is ultimately full of shit.
Euros took over the world because the Greeks and Romans acted as a good substrate for the Judeo-Christian revolution which turned the Western world upside down and demonstrated how man should live.
They would probably have taken it over alongside the Hellenized middle east as well had that dirty, psychotic, little rock worshipping Arab bandit been drowned at birth around 600AD.


Random, Dave? Well, we all have new games. Using the hailai thing to throw acorns at squirrels is one way to stay amused! I hope you haven’t resorted to that!


Is any of things not a scan



Whoops, Dave, The neighbors! Not squirrels. My apologies.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Also good for jai-laiing acorns at your neighbor walking up the street.--

When I was a kid my dad was always mixing concrete for some project or other, so we always had a pile of washed gravel for mixing sitting around with these perfect smooth oval rocks. I'd get about five or six feet of 1" black poly pipe and load a rock in the tail end. When I got everything just right it was mind boggling how far those things would travel.


Well they tried, it was the persians that dropped the ball


Dave (in MA)

No, our host was talking about cleaning gutters, so it wasn't random.

I just decided this afternoon o make my 3-day weekend a 5-day weekend. I have 181 hours of vacation stored up.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Whoops, Dave, The neighbors! Not squirrels. My apologies.--

If I'm reading that right, squirrels are a definite no-no, but the neighbors? Hey, why not?




Dave (in MA)



Narc, The roundup issue has been nuts. For two years now people are afraid to buy roundup. We tell them that you are not working on a golf course spraying a commercial grade product. If you want to kill a few weeds, just spray it! Anyway, our purchases of vinegar and epsom salt have skyrocketed. People are weird.


I dont know they gone full otto, theyll be reciting aristotle in flemish.


I know its like are they bathing in it, but this the garbage science that rachel carson enabled. Just ise cobalt 60, then youll get attack of the killer tomotoes


Now rachel carson was a zealous fraud, only one driven by money, like say the gilead naysayers of hcq


Ig, these days I would not have a problem shooting acorns over my hedge at the more egregious neighbors. So tired of all this bs.

Dave (in MA)

My neighbor isn't egregious, we just like give each other a hard time.


And I have to add for our host, wtf? No one likes cleaning gutters! My husband discovered he can pay some young guys to climb thirty feet for fifteen minutes, and it’s about $150.


Well we have some nice neigbors like the ones waiting for lord lanont to finish his icecream but also at least one gladys kravitz type


Its less painful than trudging through the news ccgirl.


Hes holding steady, while most gov are dissolving like jelly


Dave (in MA)

I don't mind cleaning gutters, but in November, not in July.


But the gold medal goes to:



DeSantis better hold it together. There are very few people who can have a rational conversation about this stupid virus. I swear the world has stopped thinking in any rational manner. Yes, it’s a new virus, and yes I have heard of people who died from it. That sucks. But people die from the flu and numerous other viruses every day. When will this madness end!?


Im reminded of a summer series which involved alien ants driving people crazy four years ago.


JimSV, yes, none of us paying parents should pay full price for amazon. It’s another completely ridiculous thing.

Dave (in MA)

The only person I know who had the wuflu was the wife of the particular neighbor that I was talking about, and she works as a nurse at a facility that takes care of the elderly and infirm. They live with her husbands elderly father, so to avoid infecting him they had to move to a motel for 3 weeks.


Ot anybody read cara blacks aimee leduc paris series, she has a new standalone set in the second world war

Another Bob

“ The U.S. Department of the Treasury is set to lend the YRC Worldwide Inc. trucking company $700 million in exchange for a 29.6 percent equity stake in the logistics giant, which specializes in LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping.”



This fourth of july feels dark, this dark shroud that theyve dropped on us, wirh the occaasional flares of flame like in blade runner. And the stupid has been dialed wat past eleven


Dave, Maybe because I work in retail I see and hear a lot. I have posted here before that I know of many who have been in my store and have had it. I know of a 90 year old who is not on any prescription drugs who had it. He will survive to live another year or more, and torture his kids. He served in WW2 so God Bless Him.

If there is a front line of this issue, that certainly is the medical field. I am sure it's a nightmare. But after that, I think it's the 'essential retail" people. It's been nuts since Baker closed all "non essential" businesses.


From the earlier thread


Make it space aliens


And the horde went stir crazy with thr unverified alito rumor.





Narc, Boogaloo is certainly is serious issue, but such a silly term for it!


I guess we are going old school



Ha! Love Frank S. Time to go to bed. Thanks as always for this place to ran, and really not be judged. It’s a great outlet.


Rant, not ran. So now, goodnight all.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Dad died Wednesday night.

He was doing so well when I was there on Monday. Getting around with a walker. He was upstairs sitting on the sofa around 2 today and went to get up and kind of collapsed but was alert just no strenght, and my brother and mom managed to get him downstairs to his bed.

The nurse came to see him about 6:00, and he was cracking jokes and seemed much better. She had just left about 8 pm, and he just slumped over and was gone. No pain, and we are grateful for that. She immediately returned and started the necessary things. The funeral home got there about 10. Funeral likely Saturday in South Georgia. Only graveside services are allowed.

Hell of a day.


So sorry Stephanie. Losing a parent is so hard.

Dave (in MA)

Whisky Tango Foxtrot from Adam Baldwin:

Dave (in MA)

Terribly sorry, Stephanie.

Manuel Transmission

Well I pulled the same comment from JimSV’s post on the old thread as Iggy did for about the same reason. I never read GG&S, but whatever I learned from reviews or others raving about it made my skin crawl. Boolsheet!

Just look around the world and tabulate the very smart populations of India, Persia and a few others descending down the IQ list and see . . . absolutely nothing worth spit. Hell, my berserker ancestors in Scandahouvia burned, raped and pillaged across a better part of the known world over a century or two with nothing but their brains and some home brew super canoes in batches of dozens/hundreds and probably had more lasting effects on the world than those guys hanging around for a few millennia.

In fact one pet peeve of mine in the area of religion (completely discounting the goat fokkers) is the supposed great depth of the Hindu mystics. Every time I get drawn to how masterful and spiritual those guys are, I look up and gaze around their immediate environment and see misery and primitive circumstances that pay the lie to their gift. /rant


So sorry to hear that stephanie

Another Bob

Condolences to you and your’s Stephanie.


Sorry, Stephanie.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Very sorry for your loss Stephanie.
God bless and comfort your family.


Sad day, Steph.



So sorry, Stephanie. I’m glad he died with your mom and brother with him.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If Columbus really is a bum and we have to make his day about Indians and pull his statues down, even in Columbus OH, then hows about we just get right down to it and rename the Americas?
And how do black people make a claim to America, or whatever its new name will be, anymore than white people, vis a vis American Indi....wait, Native Amer....no, Indigenous People...wait, they emigrated here too and most of the ones here when Chrissy and Amerigo got here had killed off and supplanted tribes that predated them. What the hell...ok, First Nations, who weren't really the First Nations cuz they killed all those guys.
Blacks back to Africa, crackers back to Eurocrackerland and Asians back to Asia. Mixed breeds get their pick.

But how do First Nation humans make a superior claim to the critters? If humans are a cancer, that includes all humans no?
How about we pull some critters out of the La Brea tar pits, clone em and all humans move from the Americ...oh crap, the Antipodes, and leave it to the giant sloths, saber tooth tigers and woolly mammoths?
Isn't that where these dumbass, self loathing, shitpots' ideas lead if we take them to their illogical conclusion - human extinction?

Dave (in MA)
Boston 25 News@boston25 · Jun 30 #BREAKING: The Boston Art Commission tonight voted unanimously to remove the Emancipation Memorial in Park Square. Move also calls for for bringing in an art conservator to oversee removal of bronze statue "and placement into temporary storage." https://boston25.com/2NPtcZL

I'm so sorry, Stephanie. I am glad that it was painless. Love to you and your family.


Cracking jokes until the end. My grandmother was the same. It is a gift to be treasured.


my condolences to you and your family stephanie.


iirc vdh had a review of one of diamond's books and was unimpressed. i think carnage and culture was in part a response to some argument.

i had read a bit about it (re: easter island "the clearest example of a society that destroyed itself by overexploiting its own resources"*) and thought that it would be too much like earth in the balance to bother.

the modern island is buried by about 50 ft of sediments and many of the mori aren't just heads but full bodies. what he claims as 'over exploited' is more likely a catastrophic volcanic eruption or mega tsunami, neither of which is caused by human presence.



sorry to have read about the problems with your son's school. and few things

-if his grades are good enough he could take a semester or two off for when things finally get back to normal. the downside is that a semester off usually turns into years off or never finishing.

-be careful with looking at different schools if he maintains his enrollment. if he were to take classes at a cc while still enrolled at the university the work wouldn't count unless it was with agreement with the university.

-if there are specific things he disagrees with in the documents he has to sign maybe have him get in touch with fire.org. maybe a group of friends at the school could make a joint inquiry. states do have a lot of latitude in how colleges operate though so it might go no where, but factories and churches are open, so schools can be too.

-another avenue is to contact his state rep or senator or figure out who the budget chair is for school funding. given the politics it would probably be of no help but a well stated case might get some phone calls. (i'd be concerned with the contact tracing and how that would conflict with a. his insurance arrangements b.hippa and c.ferpa).

hope it helps.


I’m so sorry Stephanie. Happy to hear he was laughing right before. I know you will miss him.


Condolences, Stephanie.


Lord, please hold Stephanie's family in your loving arms.


Just read that about your dad Steph. So sorry for your loss but glad you have good memories of his last day. That is so rare.

Saw my dad yesterday outside for only the 2nd time since mid-march and took a two foot tall and wide star mylar balloon with stars and stripes on it. He was playing with it and I looked at my mom and said he likes a toy. He kept taking his mask off and was looking for a chest pocket to put it in. His work shirts always had a pocket.

I asked him if he wanted flowers on the next visit and he said yes and my mom asked if he liked his new wheel chair and he said "too high".

At least mom got to see how to still reach him. The fact that he is only a shell of the man she married and is more like a toddler now in what amuses him is so hard.

Steph-she would give anything for last memories to be him making jokes since the only thing he initiates at this point is a decision to suddenly stand and walk.

James D.

Condolences to you and your family, Stephanie.


My deepest sympathy & prayers go out to you & yours, Steph.

Captain Hate

Condolences on your loss, Steph.


Peace be with with you, Steph.


Sorry for your loss, Stephanie.


CA Gov Newsom is assho'e and is shutting things down again BUT at least this time he went with Ig's "by-county" plan and his new tyranny only applies to 19 of California's counties.

Looks like all the Dem power centers are doing everything in their power to spoil July 4th.

Tally in my area:
1 Biden bumper sticker
1 smallish Biden yard sign on a townhouse
1 Trump bumper sticker (mine)
1 full size Trump yard sign
1 giant Trump flag hanging on a guy's porch
Conclusion: 2biden/3trump == wave election. This county went about 80/20 for Hillary in 2016.

More US flags than BLM signs by far. Including an adhesive sign about 3 ft by 4 ft on a guy's garage door. The sign has a Betsy Ross flag, all caps VICTORY in large letters below the flag image, and in smaller letters at the bottom F*ck Colin Kaepernick.

I'm thinking that in blue areas of NorCal, this year US flags and buntings will be a proxy for Trump support.

OK, I grant you, it's still early days.


So sorry for your loss, Stephanie.

Thomas Collins

My prayers this morning are for your entire family, Stephanie.


Maduro has lost access to the VZ gold in London:

HIGH COURT: UK Government recognises Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela.

“It necessarily follows that Her Majesty’s Government no longer recognises Mr Maduro as president of Venezuela.”


Which, in turn, should cut off Iranian backing as well.


In the UT Repub primary, a fellow named Cox leads RINO, pro-Mitt Jon Huntsman but lots more votes to count.


Thomas Collins

Over the last two days I've learned two amazing things. Number One: If you try to spook a horse to injure a law enforcement officer, the horse may be on the side of the officer. Number Two: Even given the current ersatz wokeness of big business concerns, urging people to go on a stabbing spree is not a preferred way of retaining one's job with Deloitte.


My condolences Stephanie, on your loss---
and to you, rse, for your ongoing loss.

Peace to you both.

Captain Hate

Even given the current ersatz wokeness of big business concerns, urging people to go on a stabbing spree is not a preferred way of retaining one's job with Deloitte.

I'm still surprised by that and think there were some earlier maybe different warning signs they were ready to act on.


Joe Concha
This is what activism looks like:

These are the big brands that haven't pulled ads from Facebook yet cnn.it/3dQ2kUf



Omri Ceren

An “incident” damaged under-construction building near Iran's underground Natanz nuclear enrichment facility, though it did not affect its centrifuge operations or cause any release of radiation, spokesman says. abcn.ws/2NOown9



Stephanie ~ So very sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family. His last day was a memory to treasure.


AP lied? Say it isn't so ...
ITEM 8: The Associated Press reported, "Boston’s arts commission voted unanimously Tuesday night to remove a statue that depicts a freed slave kneeling at Abraham Lincoln’s feet."
AP lied.
The statue depicts no such thing.
Rather, it depicts Lincoln emancipating a slave, who then rises from slavery.
Hence the name Emancipation Memorial.
Slaves freed by Lincoln paid to build the original statue that is in Washington. It is older than the Statue of Liberty.
More important too.


A reminder that the "movement" is global, and there indeed is an agenda, and schedule:

Jan Hlebowicz
Niszczenie upamiętnień jak widać nie tylko w USA. O obaleniu pomnika ks. Jankowskiego było głośno. O tablicy nie słyszałem. Zdjęcie sprzed dwóch godzin.


Destruction of commemorations as seen not only in the USA. About the overthrow of the monument of Fr. Jankowski was loud. I haven't heard of the board. Photo from two hours ago.



Last one:

Nic Rowan
It was only a matter of time before the DC protests turned anti-Semitic.


Here's his byline:

'Intrinsically tied to Black Lives Matter': Harvard student leads anti-Israel march on Capitol



Praying for you and your family Stephanie.


Our condolences, Stephanie, to you and your family on the loss of your father.

A lot to be said for "soft landings". Dad died two years ago today, resting quietly in bed after lunch while Mom was with him.

Prayers for all, but particularly for strength for your Mom and for a happy celebration of his life.

Mom, Happy and healthy at almost 99, after 90 years of knowing Dad, considers it almost as if he is still with us. May that be the case with your Mom.

Old Lurker

Ditto all the above, Steph.



My condolences and prayers for you and your family. I am glad he got to see your mother and brother, but this entire pandemic makes everything doubly hard and heartbreaking, since you can't have a proper funeral.

I will be praying for you and your family this weekend.


Sorry for your loss Stephanie.


That mess in New York makes me really glad I live in boring Indianapolis.

Despite the fact we have a Section 8 housing complex near us, I feel fairly safe. Part of the reason is that we have near us a station where off-duty and retired police meet to perform funeral escort for a little extra money, and that keeps them moving through the neighborhood.



Pretty good suggestions here, including don't shop with Amazon.


I’m very sorry, Stephanie. My condolences to you and your family.


Ken Jones
Coronavirus Deaths in U.S. PLUNGE as “New Cases” Hit Record Levels; CDC says if someone is just now tested who already recovered, it’s a NEW CASE!
I think the CDC needs some overhauling - like retiring Fauci.


Oh, Stephanie, I'm so sorry.



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