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July 14, 2020


Jim Eagle

Forgot the article from Gatestone



TK - Take care and listen to anonamom! Praying for you.

anonamom - love that message! It reminded me of one from my son (wish I'd saved it) when he moved into his fraternity house hearing that the cook was "great" and the food was "fabulous!" He said, "Mom, I don't think these guys' mothers know how to cook if they think this is good!"


Get better TK - sounds like you are! Everyone here is praying for you!

I'm officially ManTran's twin. I'm fine. Fairly used to it at this point.

Back to curing alzheimers! i'm getting closer!


Watch the video!

(1) John Cardillo on Twitter: "FLL airport: These three ‘aspiring dancer high school athlete college bound honor students’ attacked and beat Spirit Airlines employees because their flight to Philly was delayed. They are now guests at the Broward Main Jail




What's in your Happy Coffee?

Dave (in MA)



I've seen a couple tweets, where Negroes are saying how bad Spirit Airlines employees are, as an excuse for the ANIMALS in the video.

I've responded that the WHITE PEOPLE who were waiting, didn't go ape.

Dave (in MA)

As someone in the Twitter comments said, they just wanted some bread.


Prayers for you tk

Oh silva can go flerk himself, he thinks denigrating the gospels and actually following hochhuths blood libel is a way to keep the crocodile from his door.


This is Atlanta -


GUS - Yes, and it appeared the employees they were attacking were not white. These girls have not been taught how to act period.

I'm not sure now as it's been many years since I left but interfering with an airline employee (especially physically touching) used to be a federal crime. If it happened in flight, they were met at the gate by deputies.


TK--this is JK Rowling's breathing techniques that she says helped her power through her corona


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


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