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July 23, 2020


mike in houston


That is just a little blow here in Texas.:)

Hanna looks like she is heading for a little populated coastal area. (National Seashore) Corpus may get some but this is not your major storm. South Texas can use the rain.


Art in Newport,

I wondered, because I did, too, and it is one of the few books I kept when I moved in with my daughter.

Someone posted a picture of it in the original cover (like mine) and I glanced over at the shelf. I think I will review it this afternoon.


mike in houston,

Good to know perspective from a local. I am inland, in tornado country, and know zilch about hurricanes.

I always post big weather maps in case people aren't aware or want to have a map to refer to.


If there ever was a time, it's now.

President Trump Can Use the Crisis to Dramatically Transform Education

Secretary of Education DeVos is correct. Education funding is meant to fund education, not homeless soup kitchens, which LAUSD considers more essential than functioning classrooms. That money doesn’t belong to unions or political bosses. It was extracted from taxpayers through a broken promise.

Parents have the right to pull that money from school districts and use it to educate their children.

That can mean finding private schools that are willing to open up for in-person learning, it can mean competitive distance learning at private and public schools around the country, or it can mean homeschooling through pods. Or any learning that meets curriculum requirements.

The public education system was broken badly before. Now it effectively doesn’t exist.


Break up these unions, our children's future depends on it!



ANTIFA & BLM’s bank accounts should be seized to pay for the damages they’ve caused, not taxpayer money!

Raise your hand if you agree.
9:06 PM · Jul 23, 2020·

Replies discussing this with additional information may be found here:



My own posts arent being shared even sans link.


Well in some places.


Hey somebody posted the UCSF Grand Rounds video about a week ago, which had a discussion of reopening schools. One of the anecdotes that they threw out was that after the schools reopened in France, there was a high school student who got regular flu and the CCPv at the same time. They found that she HAD infected several at the high school with the regular flu, but did not Infect anyone with the CCPv.

I’ve searched but can’t find any other reference to this— has anyone found a proper reference?

I was struck by the fact that this demonstrates that the “safety protocols” are pure theatre. If they don’t prevent the transmission of the regular flu, then they won’t prevent transmission of CCPv. As well as showing that schools should be open and kids allowed to be kids without any special harassment. If you weren’t willing to shut down the schools for safety from mono or flu or throw-up viruses or head lice or staph then CCPv is no reason either.

Captain Hate

Ted Cruz@tedcruz

John Roberts has abandoned his oath.

But, on the upside, maybe Nevada churches should set up craps tables? Then they could open?

Captain Hate

If schools aren't opened then all teachers should be quarantined.



I mentioned the other day that the huge chinese media company that owns tik tok had invested big bucks in Minerva and their Active Learning online platform. I could see the links to how K-12 standards actually work.

Lo and behold, this week Minerva rolled out the virtual platform for high schoolers. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomvanderark/2020/07/21/new-standards-of-quality-minerva-baccalaureate-and-debt-free-college/ $13 K and you would have to be paying close attention to realize it is a wholesale pivot AWAY from the transmission of knowledge historical template.

All of these closings are driving parents toward digital platforms that do not function at ALL the way parents assume. The Pandemic is a subterfuge to change the nature of K-12 and higher ed dramatically. If the college Minerva platform is all about inculcating a reverence for the collective, so will the high school product.

When conceptual knowledge is a substitute for actual factual knowledge, children are simply becoming adept and seeing with theories they do not really understand.



I have no kids of school age now - only 2 grandchildren left who are in public school: granddaughter who will be a senior this year and a grandson starting kindergarten.

I agree. Talking to my daughter about this is hopeless; it's like she never had any biology in school. No matter how many times I try to discuss the sizes of viruses, the fact that anti-bacterial soaps don't particularly affect them, etc.


Richard Grenell
There is no self reflection from DC media executives trying to fix their disastrous (and yet Award winning) reporting.

The first outlet to launch a WMD style review to understand how they got the Obama Administration spying scandal so wrong for so long will make history.


Morning all, going to do a little gardening today. It looks like I can harvest some garlic. Anyone have any recommendations as to how to cure it? I have read you shouldn't wash off the dirt. It's hardneck garlic I planted in early spring.


I doubt the left has even heard of the Obama scandal. I assume thy all still believe Trump is a Russian agent.


TheSpruce.com has an article on curing and storing garlic after harvesting.


And now for something completely different, I recently participated in this piano orchestra collaboration: The music starts at 37 minutes or so into the video. I played a part called "Debussy 4."




Captain Hate

Read this thread. The NYT seems a bit upset this morning that a twitter sleuth properly identified Christopher Steele's Primary Sub-Source (PSS) and his sources and the PSS turns out to be a part-time Brookings Institute hump and fired of Fiona Hill.


Team Lawfare is also having a meltdown this morning.

Good times.
Posted by: JackStraw at July 25, 2020 11:24 AM (ZLI7S)


Oh heres a twist source 3, lives in limassol cyprus where burisma is incorporated.


New Thread

Just testing.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

A couple days ago it seemed like all the news was bad. In spite of knowing better I felt a bit depressed.
Now, things "feel" differently. Perhaps "Aslan is on the move!" LOL

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


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