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July 18, 2020



I think the shutdowns to remote are being driven by the accreditors--cognia (renamed from AdvancED to no longer have the name laid out in my book but still the same personnel). Only they have the power to make school districts fold so fast.


The Teaching Tolerance materials are laid out in the report described here https://casel.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/SEL-Roadmap-Press-Release.pdf called "Reunite Renew Thrive: Social and Emotional Learning Roadmap for reopening School". I read it last week in horror, if not surprise, and then have tracked down a lot of the so-called Tools.

Our mayor, who used to be the state chair of the Rep Party, wrote an op-ed last week that made it clear he had bought the 1619 Project narrative verbatim. He was calling on HOAs in this mostly upscale, 4th largest city in Ga in terms of population, to have the requisite confessional dialogues while socially distancing.

Miseducated, a moron, and demonstrating a tendency towards fascism properly understood is a terrible face for the Rep Party.


New ...

And the Sundance timeline s/b bookmarked.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Very kind of TM to give us a new thread!


Hi Sammy Small and mike in houston, good to see you. AISD is doing the same as Drippin and Houston, and I've signed my kids up to go back to school in person.

But I'm convinced that's just for show. Eventually they'll be "forced" to go entirely online and forego the Sept. 8th opening.


CH. Remember, the Feds knew Libby was not at fault before they started the probe, the same as they knew the Trump probe was faulty before they started the Mueller investigation.


Any word from TK today?

My neighbor who was taken away in an ambulance last night came home today. I guess a 101 temp doesn't qualify her.

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