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July 18, 2020



Right on, Ext.!


I've got this issue sitting right next to me. Haven't read it yet. Jim, i'm hoping to start the book this week!

Robin, eff 'em all

Having done contract work for the feds I think something is being overlooked here: conservatives don't like doing the boring crap in a bureaucracy. And libs flock to it. I don't think it's possible to change that. A more fruitful endeavor would be to lessen the power and influence it wields.

That was an interesting thread in our cocktail conversations with friends last night. The husband is a prof at the Cornell vet school and was complaining about the international students' visas being essentially blocked. He claimed that the university was losing talent because Americans who want to do research want to do it in the private sector and make more money. I bit my tongue from saying, gee, isn't that too bad? Guess you might have to, you know, PAY THEM MORE.

Jim Eagle

Long but very interesting political history essay on the 14th Amendment, from a guy named Smokestack via my friend TonyP:

A very interesting write-up. I did my own research and found it to be accurate.
What a sorry state of affairs. Look it up and read it for yourselves then marvel at what is happening to our country today. How we arrived here is a marvel in itself. How we climb out, get back, resume, is an unanswerable question. We live in the greatest country ever devised and we are teetering on destruction caused by internal greedy, evil forces. It is no different than 1868, just with a little more money and technology. You better look long and hard how you vote come November.And I know that I am singing to the choir, because the "other side" has no ears to hear and no intention of listening.

[This article explains why our Federal government is uncontrollable these days. Today, the States are merely puppets. Our founding fathers didn't intend for it be the way it is today. Smokestack]

Power, Legitimacy, and the 14th Amendment
by Joseph E. Fallon

The justification for the vast, intrusive, and coercive powers employed by the Federal Government of the United States against its citizens ranging from affirmative action to hate-crimes legislation, from multilingualism to multiculturalism, from Waco to Ruby Ridge is the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution adopted in 1868; more specifically, the authority given to Washington, explicitly or implicitly, by the privileges and immunities and equal protection clauses of that amendment.

Like the emperors new clothes, however, the 14th Amendment does not legally exist. The 14th was never Constitutionally ratified, and, thus, acts of the Federal Government of the United States that are based on the 14th Amendment are legally illegitimate.

Despite its subsequent interpretation by the federal judiciary to mandate federal intervention in state and local affairs, the original aim of the 14th Amendment was to ensure the political and economic hegemony of the Northern states over the South [the root cause of the Civil War, despite what the “historians” write]. This was why Lincoln and Northern business interests waged total war against the South for four years: to transform the United States from a Constitutional Republic into a continental empire.

Section Two of the 14th Amendment permits the disenfranchisement of Southern white men for participation in the rebellion. Since the word participation could mean anything from serving in the Confederate Army, to using the Confederate postal service, to paying taxes to the Confederate government, or even failing to rebel against the Confederate authorities, it could be used by the North to deny the right to vote to virtually the entire adult, white-male population of the South.

Section Three sought to expel the South from every level and branch of government by denying Southern white men who having taken an oath . . . to support the Constitution of the United States . . engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States . . . or had given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof (essentially the entire leadership of the South) the right to hold political or appointive offices, either civilian or military, in state or federal governments. Again, the North could define engaged and given aid or comfort to bar anyone and everyone.

Section Four protected Northern politicians, military leaders, and businessmen who perpetrated financial fraud in the course of the war from future prosecution and ensured that the North would never have to pay reparations for the theft and destruction it committed against the South.

The 14th Amendment made a mockery of the U.S. Constitution. Sections Two and Three blatantly violate the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment by then denying nine million Southerners their political and civil rights on what President Andrew Johnson declared was an accusation so vague as to be scarcely intelligible and found to be false upon credible evidence. In addition, Section Three is an ex post facto law specifically prohibited by Article I, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution. And Section Four violated both the Due Process and the Just Compensation Clauses of the Fifth Amendment.

Not surprisingly, when the 14th Amendment was introduced in Congress on June 13, 1866, as House Joint Resolution 127, it was opposed by members present from the Southern states [a year after the war's end, none of the southern states had been readmitted and therefore were excluded from voting]. Since Article V of the U.S. Constitution stipulates that an amendment proposed by Congress has to be approved by two-thirds majorities in both Houses, Southern votes ensured the proposed amendment would be defeated. [But the eleven excluded southern states didn’t get to vote.]

To prevent that, the radical northerners, who controlled Congress unilaterally changed the composition of Congress in order to procure the needed majorities. In violation of the Constitution’s Article I, Sections 2, 3, and 5, and in particular Article V (that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate), they unlawfully excluded the 61 representatives and 22 senators from the Southern states. Moreover, the radical northerners counted the votes of West Virginia and Nevada, both unconstitutional entities created by Lincoln as part of his war measures.

Even after taking these steps, however, the proposed amendment still faced defeat in the Senate by one vote if the vote of Sen. John P. Stockton of New Jersey, an outspoken critic of the 14th Amendment, was counted. So the radical northerners unlawfully expelled him from the Senate as well.

The votes in both the House and Senate approving the proposed 14th Amendment were, therefore, fraudulent. Since President Andrew Johnson opposed the amendment, the initial fraud was compounded by the subsequent refusal of Congress to present the 14th Amendment to the President for his approval as mandated by Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution.

Once Congress has approved an amendment, Article V stipulates that ratification by three fourths of the states is required for adoption. On June 16, 1866, Congress submitted the unlawfully proposed 14th Amendment to the legislatures of all 36 states, including the Southern states excluded from Congress, for ratification. With the admission of Nebraska into the Union on March 1, 1867, as the 37th state, the number of states needed for ratification was 28.

By March 1, 1867, 12 States had rejected the 14th Amendment. This left only 25 states, three fewer than the U.S. Constitution required for adoption. Later, Maryland and California both voted to reject the amendment, while three states that had ratified it, New Jersey, Ohio, and Oregon rescinded their ratifications, citing voter fraud. While Congress rejected these rescissions, the damage had been done. The 14th Amendment had been Constitutionally defeated.

Radical northerners reacted by enacting three laws between March 2 and July 19, 1867, known as the Reconstruction Acts. These laws reflected the attitude of Northern Constitutionalists like Sen. James Doolittle of Wisconsin, who declared that, "since the people of the South have rejected the Constitutional amendment, the North should march upon them and force them to adopt it at the point of the bayonet; until they do adopt it, the North should rule the South by military force."

With the Reconstruction Acts, Congress declared no legal state governments existed in ten Southern states, even though Congress had officially recognized these state governments as legitimate since 1866. The adoption of the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery depended upon ratification by seven of these states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia for the required three-fourths majority [not yet readmitted].
Branding them rebel states, Congress proceeded to abolish their governments. The South was divided into five military districts in blatant violation of both Article I, Section 9, of the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Courts decision in Ex parte Milligan three months earlier, was placed under martial law. This action, motivated by malice for the South and contempt for the U.S. Constitution, has bequeathed to the United States an interesting and ironic legacy [an out-of-control Federal Government].

If the South had no legal state governments after 1861 (as Congress maintained in 1867 following the defeat of the 14th Amendment), then the 13th Amendment was never Constitutionally ratified in 1865. Slavery, therefore, is still a lawful institution in the United States. On the other hand, if the South had legal governments (as Congress affirmed in 1865 when the South ratified the 13th Amendment), then the 14th Amendment was Constitutionally defeated in 1867. Therefore, all subsequent legislative and executive acts and judicial decisions based upon the 14th Amendment are null and void. [do you know of even ONE lawyer today fighting this unconstitutional move?]

Without the 14th Amendment, the federal government is deprived of a principal source of its power. Most, if not all, of the laws, regulations, and rulings pertaining to affirmative action, desegregation, hate crimes, multilingualism, multiculturalism, U.S. citizenship, voting, reapportionment, religion, education, housing, welfare, states rights, and territorial powers are almost exclusively based on the 14th Amendment. Even the immigration policies pursued since 1965 are justified, to a significant extent, by the 14th Amendment.

Through violence, intimidation, coercion, and fraud, through martial law, through Congressional threats to confiscate and redistribute all the property of Southern whites, through removal of Southern governors and judges, and through congressional repeal of state laws requiring a majority of registered voters for the adoption of a new state constitution, Congress successfully created provisional governments. By 1868, these provisional governments had duly ratified the 14th Amendment (Congress made ratification a requirement for readmission into the Union). However, under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, only states in the Union can ratify an amendment. Since Congress declared that these provisional governments were not states in the Union and, thus, had denied them representation in Congress, the provisional governments could not ratify this amendment. Therefore, the 14th Amendment remains unratified.

Led by the states of Mississippi and Georgia, Southern whites attempted to have the Constitutionality of the Reconstruction Acts and, by implication, the ratification of the 14th Amendment reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court agreed and, in 1868, heard legal arguments in Ex parte McCardle. When the justices indicated that they were favorably disposed toward the South’s Constitutional argument, the radical northerners in Congress enacted legislation removing this subject from the Court’s jurisdiction. This was the only Constitutional act undertaken by these radical northerners in their relentless attempt to impose the 14th Amendment.
According to Article III, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution, the appellate jurisdiction of the U.S. Supreme Court is limited by such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.

Since 1868, the federal government has not permitted any serious legal challenge to the Constitutionality of the 14th Amendment. To do so would risk dismantling the entire apparatus of the federal government in a single stroke, depriving federal office holders, Democrats and Republicans, judges, politicians, and bureaucrats of the powers and perks they enjoy and expect.

The government of the United States, established by the U.S. Constitution in 1789, was effectively abolished by the 14th Amendment. In its place was substituted a regime that resembles the absolutist centralized state envisioned by Thomas Hobbes in Leviathan. It is the type of political system Patrick Henry and other Founding Fathers had warned against; a consolidated government ruled by demagogues for the benefit of special interests.

It was natural for the post 14th Amendment government of the United States to expand from a continental empire, in which the states of the Union had been effectively reduced to mere administrative units of the federal government, to one whose reach would be, in the words of neoconservative ideologues William Kristol and Robert Kagan, nothing less than benevolent global hegemony.

And it has been a relatively simple matter, for the government of the United States to go from inflicting death and destruction at Waco to inflecting death and destruction on Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan. Washington emulates Imperial Rome, of whom it was said, "They create a desert and call it peace."

Thanks to folly, hubris, and the 14th Amendment, the government of the United States is faithfully following in the footsteps of ancient Rome: from republic to empire to oblivion.

[Understand that today’s Federal Government & Washington bureaucrats are the persistent descendants of the post Civil War central-government empire builders. Do these facts make you angry? They should.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

What happens when the left takes over an institution is not just that it promotes prog bullshit but that it becomes utterly incompetent at the task for which it was instituted.
It’s not just the Confederate flag: the Pentagon's new ban may apply to the Jolly Roger
It's one thing when it's the Ministry of Silly Walks but quite another when it's the Department of Defense.

Old Lurker

Buckeye "Swamp is too full of crap for any one guy to drain."

Hence my observation that the "people" are no longer the "people" (not in brains, not in moral values, not in shared historical experiences, not in knowledge of the past, not in lessons already learned over and over in the past, not in reliance on self, not in faith in God) who got us to the mountain top in the first place. Everybody you see wearing a face mask likes the Swamp just fine and hopes to make it undrainable November 3.

Jim Eagle

Just when you thought the racist meme couldn't get more ridiculous we now have racist beer:



Yep OL.

See you for cocktails on The Ledge.



I guess this is a reasonable take:

I'm not a Fauci hater. As regular readers know. I think he's a perfectly typical representative of the expert class with a pretty good bedside manner. And like most of the expert class, he's failed badly in the face of the virus. But I don't see that as a personal failing.

It's, as Marxists would say, a failure of his class. The same failure that helped bring on much of the coronavirus death toll.

But anytime the progtard cognoscenti start gushing over some weasel like Teh Fouch, you know he’s on their team and thus a weasel.

Old Lurker

Robin: "I bit my tongue from saying, gee, isn't that too bad? Guess you might have to, you know, PAY THEM MORE."

YL2, after fourteen years of top flight private education, four years of college, one year of Post-Bac Premed, four years of Med School, four years of Residency - all of the above at the top of her classes - has just begun two or three years of more Fellowship training in NYC and is paid something like $5-6,000 per month.

An MBA friend of hers who we know well, same age, just got a new job paying more than ten times that and has already saved about a million dollars in the bank from working his way up the ladder while YL2 was becoming a doctor. They graduated from college the same year.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Led by the states of Mississippi and Georgia, Southern whites attempted to have the Constitutionality of the Reconstruction Acts and, by implication, the ratification of the 14th Amendment reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court agreed and, in 1868, heard legal arguments in Ex parte McCardle. When the justices indicated that they were favorably disposed toward the South’s Constitutional argument, the radical northerners in Congress enacted legislation removing this subject from the Court’s jurisdiction.
This was the only Constitutional act undertaken by these radical northerners in their relentless attempt to impose the 14th Amendment.
According to Article III, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution, the appellate jurisdiction of the U.S. Supreme Court is limited by such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.--

Had a state[Mississippi/Georgia] filed the suit then Congress would not have had power to remove the suit from SCOTUS jurisdiction, as a suit in which one of the parties is a state is part of the SCOTUS's "original jurisdiction" which Congress explicitly can't remove.
There were bad and stupid lawyers in the 1860s too? Amazing.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- He claimed that the university was losing talent because Americans who want to do research want to do it in the private sector and make more money. I bit my tongue from saying, gee, isn't that too bad? Guess you might have to, you know, PAY THEM MORE.--

You know, if one were just a bit cynical one might conclude from that statement that the Ruling Class wants to import more immigrants to depress the wages of the Middle Class, the services and labor of which the Ruling Class often finds itself in need of, with their concomitant invoices for services and labor rendered.


There were bad and stupid lawyers in the 1860s too?

We can assume this is rhetorical?


Donald J. Trump
We are trying to help Portland, not hurt it. Their leadership has, for months, lost control of the anarchists and agitators. They are missing in action. We must protect Federal property, AND OUR PEOPLE. These were not merely protesters, these are the real deal!


Toughen up Buttercups!


Robin, eff 'em all

Well, Ig, that was my take too. This friend is at the end of his career, a career that has been very lucrative as he is a captivating public speaker and has a field of research that frequently parallels human research needs. He says we just don't have the talent, and I was thinking, shall we blame public education for that?

Robin, eff 'em all


Ithaca College released detailed information for students planning to return to campus this fall, one of which does not allow students from states on the governor’s travel advisory to return this semester.

And with that, IC has just signed it's death warrant.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Welcome To The Crazed, Frantic Demise Of Finance Capitalism
Perfect, succinct description of the Thirty Years War the banks, both public and private, have waged against the people of the USA and the world, and more importantly, the free market.


Trump just told Wallace that Michigan, Minnesota and other states (all dem I bet) won't let him have rallies.


OL: What institution would you say is going to slow the boulder down then start pushing it back up the hill?

The only institution that matters: Me.

One individual. Likewise, many individuals on their own. No identity groups that would insidiously manufacture explicit clashes.

Numerous 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 ... instances.

Someone I know was supposed to take the "Harvard Implicit Bias" test before a gathering.

What was found was that the stupid or mendacious Harvard Implicit Bias Test has implicit bias toward implicit bias.

The only way to win is not to play the game.

The more people conclude "There is some sh*t I will not eat!" the more principles arise from, and will be validated by, personal experience.

The test pits one identity against another. They try to make you choose. False choice.

As the person recognized, don't put a group in front of me, put an individual in front of me with whom I have experience and I'll tell you if one has character or is a little sh*t.

Old Lurker

Iggy, when his name appeared on that JOM list last week of Conservative Thinkers to thank for helping the economic system become what it was, realizing I had not read it (or if I did, I forget it), I downloaded Henry Hazlett's "Economics in One Lesson".

It was written at the end of WWII.

Read it and weep.

Meet Buckeye and me in the Ledge Bar.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Antifa Rioters Break Into Portland Police Union and Set It on Fire as Mayor Hamstrings Federal Troops
Ordered Portland cops to stop coordinating with Federales.
Seems to me a better use of Federal LE would be to construct a large barricade around central Portland and let the shitbirds burn the whole thing down with Mayor Wheeler inside the perimeter. If the governor was also visiting at the time - bonus!

Old Lurker

Weep not only for the "thoughts", but for the (mostly lost) ability to write in a clear and logical fashion (like a mathematical/logical "proof") knowing that his readers could read it and follow the stepping stones in his thought process and perhaps use their own brains to see the light he saw.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Trump just told Wallace that Michigan, Minnesota and other states (all dem I bet) won't let him have rallies.--

I hope he plans on contesting or ignoring that. I'm pretty sure whatever powers the states have, they do not include managing and regulating the political and electoral campaign process.
Schedule a rally and dare the MFers to block it.


Obviously Ignatz is a goofball RETHUGLICAN.
I hope SBW sees this.....................................
There is NO ANTIFA. The AP (ALWAYS PUSSIES) says so.

James D.

I think he's a perfectly typical representative of the expert class with a pretty good bedside manner. And like most of the expert class, he's failed badly in the face of the virus. But I don't see that as a personal failing.

Making a mistake is not a personal failing. Refusing to acknowledge your mistakes, and then doubling, tripling and quadrupling down on them, and never showing anything vaguely resembling humility, is a pretty damn big personal failing.

Old Lurker

Ig "powers the states have, they do not include managing and regulating the political and electoral campaign process."

One would have not thought the governments of MA, Nantucket, and the Episcopal Church would have the "power" to close the chapel in our village for the first summer since 1893 and to deny us even the right to have service on the beach, wearing masks, sitting six feet apart. Yet here we are, mid July and not one single service all F'ng summer. So much for "when two or three are gathered in my name..."


Robin: the governor’s travel advisory

Why isn't Cuomo’s edict being challenged for violating the Constitution’s Interstate Commerce clause?


And with that, IC has just signed it's death warrant.

No problem, it’s all in the name of proud progtardism. Noble suicide: the very best kind.


JamesD. Fauci is a LIBTARD pile of shit.


OL, I'm sorry, but COMMUNISM does not welcome religion. Most of American clerics are not men of God, they are leaders of a club. Crying over shit, that they have an obligation to condemn. We/Most of us, ever here, are merely FROGS in the sauce pan, watching AMERICA ripped down from the INSIDE.

Hey, did BUBBA WALLACE get any more participation trophies for being HALF BLACK???

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think the states probably do have the power to abrogate certain rights, temporarily and in a real emergency within their borders. They have obviously abused that power because they have extended it and misused it, declaring emergencies where no true emergency exists.
But, while a single presidential campaign event may occur in their borders, it is in fact a national and interstate election.
Think of it as Wickard [which they love] applied in a way that would frost their flakes.
It is especially indefensible because every one of those states has no doubt allowed and championed mass political protests and events within the last month and have even specifically exempted them from public health rules.


I imagine he will have rallies in Northern Indiana, Northern Ohio, Northern Iowas, and Eastern North and South Dakota.

Of course, TV stations and networks will think of excuses not to carry them, but I can watch them on line.

I don't think that governors win the love of their citizens by this type of deliberate meanness, but what do I know?

It won't stop Trump voters, though.


I had better go out and water my flowers.


The powers of a state are limited by the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION, the STATE CONSTITUTION, and local statutes that require legislative approval of the ACTs in question.
Liberals/Marxists, break laws, because we don't stop them. We spend a lot of time here debating stuff that is patently obvious. Or maybe the blue states all going the FULL COMMIE is in my imagination, just like ANTIFA.


Typepad has a propensity to suck CPU cycles depleting my laptop battery.


Funny how FULL COMMIE Governors haven't prohibited NEGRO LIVES MATTER riots.


When the fan keeps running, on my Mac I start the utility "Activity Monitor" and see what apps/pages are drawing cycles and cancel them.

Sometimes it crashes JOM and I just restart it and it appears to behave for a while.

Stupid ocmputers!

... No. Stupid malicious programmers!


Gus, "Taking Offense" is as much a bogus stop-thought play as is "systemic racism".

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"Why isn't the Governor of South Dakota,getting praise?"

The Swamp keeps hoping there will be a large, deadly outbreak they can blame on Repubs, I imagine.


Hello Sbw. I have become SICKENED by the BUBBA WALLACE CLOWN SHOW, called NASCAR. It is OFFENSIVE to ME, that this HALF BLACK CLOWN is treated like a mentally retarded mascot. I am offended at so many things going on today. Fauci, and the FAIRY TALE of 57 genders, are 2 examples.
THE FULL COMMIE is FASCISM PERSONIFIED. These people, think you and I are the problem.

Oh, and the AP doesn't report news, it makes up shit.



Good reminder of all the shit that has been foisted on us in the name of “science.”


Fauci says it's a "major mistake" that the administration isn't bowing deeply enough to him. Quite an opinion of himself he must have, thinking there's anything "major" about him or reactions to him.


The Swamp keeps hoping there will be a large, deadly outbreak they can blame on Repubs, I imagine.

Libs are like gold bulls, always rooting for the worst for mankind.


‘Sexist’ Body Parts Rejected by Doctors: Adam’s Apple and Achilles’ Tendon Deemed ‘Irrelevant and Misogynistic’

Not the Bee.


The Swamp keeps hoping there will be a large, deadly outbreak they can blame on Repubs, I imagine.

I no longer think the Swamp hopes, I think they are planning on it, and daring Trump to hold a rally of thousands most of whom will fall sick and many die. Consider the impact even on die hard supporters.


This ought to get the press in an uproar!

Wallace: "Can you give a direct answer, you will accept the election?"

TRUMP: "I have to see. Look, you – I have to see. No, I’m not going to just say yes. I’m not going to say no." pic.twitter.com/J71BKdTQIF

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) July 19, 2020

Video at the link. (How they can cast aspersions on Trump after the Al Gore fiasco and then FOUR SOLID YEARS OF HILARY AND HER MINIONS CARPING, I do not know. Some nerve!)

Surgical instruments and tactics are also named after men, such as the Pfannensteil incision, which was named after a man who published a paper on incisions in 1900.

That was qatari hack rick wilsons hope.


Its like asking bill ayers if he kills people. Very objective.


Libs are idiots. Talking about schools in the pool this morning. He was upset how bad the schools are in poor neighborhoods. I suggested charter schools are a good alternative but the teacher's unions oppose them. He had no idea that teacher's unions are as liberal as the day is long. He wants more "government intervention".


Kull coumo kills people by the acre, yet they praise him to the stars that would make another thanos (lord fauci)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Should Trump accept an election defeat if it comes by way of fraud? No, and neither should we. The 'peaceful transition of power' is an anachronism if the Dems affect its transfer through fraudulent means.
They have refused to accept a legitimate election defeat that came in the face of their own fraud for four years.


Speaking of outriders



“If Chinese Communists Told NBA to Join the Taliban, the NBA would Say, ‘Where’s the Line?'” – Sen. Kennedy DUNKS on NBA Brass


Not just no, but hell no, i remember manbearpigs extended temper tantrum

Captain Hate

Hiring Wallace was Ailes's biggest mistake.


Of course, Jane. The lib answer to bad government is always more government.


Three choices



Counters the scenario in singers book


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Been watching the first season of Wiseguy, with Ray Sharkey. Was wondering why such an excellent actor wasn't in more stuff.
Never realized what a short, sad life he had.


You know i used to think some of the stories were crazy then i looked in further


Mel proffitt was barry seal with a malthus fixation


Ext, she appears to be trying to scrub history and remove all specifically male body parts, too.


What is aussie for quack.





Donald J. Trump
The Radical Left Democrats, who totally control Biden, will destroy our Country as we know it. Unimaginably bad things would happen to America. Look at Portland, where the pols are just fine with 50 days of anarchy. We sent in help. Look at New York, Chicago, Philadelphia. NO!


A protest to open the schools.



Donald J. Trump


Narc, that sheila is a Galah.

A Galah is a not so smart bird in Australia.


I figured something like that


Intellectual Froglegs Releases Another Masterpiece Depicting Today’s Events Entitled: Commie Dearest

Texas Liberty Gal

So Gov Abbott gives Texas schools until Nov. to start. This may turn out to be a boom for our Lutheran School grades preschool to Senior HS. We are opening our school in August! We already have many parents interested in sending their children there . Classical educational curriculum so some students may not make the cut. I'm sure our school will be growing though! This school is where I taughtl, my 3 sons attended school there as are my grandkids.


Donald J. Trump
So we catch Obama & Biden, not to even mention the rest of their crew, SPYING on my campaign, AND NOTHING HAPPENS? I hope not! If it were the other way around, 50 years for treason. NEVER FORGET!!!!


"Should Trump accept an election defeat if it comes by way of fraud? No, and neither should we."


Why are all the golfers wearing yellow ribbons? Tiger is getting old. Bummer!


I've got this issue sitting right next to me. Haven't read it yet.

Same here. I almost read it while waiting in line (in a mask in 100 degree heat) to get into the grocery store. But I didn't want to explode with anger.

The great thing for me about Imprimis aside from the writing is its size. Easy to throw in the car or tuck in a purse so you have something to read if you get stuck somewhere.

This is coming from someone with a flip phone who doesn't have a phone to turn to. :)


BIL and lefty girlfriend visit update.

I am extremely pleased to report that we had a wonderful evening, politics didn't come up at all, and rona only the tiniest bit (as it applied to our actual lives).

My BIL's gf was gracious, funny, easy to talk to, and interesting - a perfect guest.

We had a great time and hope to do it again soon. Nice to know that good things can happen when everyone tries.


Porch, you can't let her get away with that!



So Gov Abbott gives Texas schools until Nov. to start.

This is terrible news for us, as Austin will almost certainly keep schools closed for as long as possible (even though they're currently pretending that it's only for three weeks).

I'm just sick to my stomach. I have no idea how I'm going to manage. My daughter is a senior in high school - she's going to be so depressed.

But TLG, I'm so glad your school can open! Envious, even.


Haha, sbw. Maybe next time. :)



White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Sunday that it's "time for people to go to jail" as part of U.S. Attorney John Durham's probe into FBI misconduct -- prompting ex-Trump aide George Papadopoulos to sound a celebratory note on Twitter.

"I think the American people are expecting indictments," Meadows told anchor Maria Bartiromo. "I expect indictments based on the evidence I've seen. Lindsey Graham did a good job in getting that out. We know that they not only knew that there wasn't a case, but they continued to investigate and spy."


That Fox article (with Mark Meadows interviewed by Maria Bartiromo, so it's bearable)also indicates they will be bringing out some guidelines for re-opening schools.

Robin, eff 'em all

Why isn't Cuomo’s edict being challenged for violating the Constitution’s Interstate Commerce clause?

I wish I knew!

Here's something funny. We've had a recent uptick in positives cases due to increased tourism. Everyone is blaming the "red" states (though no one says why they think they're visiting upstate NY in summer instead of going to the beach). Anyway, it turns out that our recent spate of positives came from a NJ family that rented a lake house, joined the nearby Yacht Club for social outings, and then invited a bunch of friends/family in for the July 4th weekend. After I stopped laughing when our friends spilled this little state secret I asked why we hadn't banned NJ folks too.


JT Lewis
Replying to
Scandals under Obama and Biden:

-Weaponized IRS, FBI
-War crimes (drones)
-Fast and Furious
-Record minority unemployment
-$150B to Iran
-Israel election interference
-S.S. Prostitution
-Framed Gen Flynn, spied on Trump

Robin, eff 'em all

Ah Porch, I am sorry. It's terrible that schools won't be reopening. I've resigned myself to it and I'm glad we've only got the one left to traverse the insanity.

Perhaps you can find some folks to create an educational pod with and get the kids together for online schooling and socializing? That's what we plan to do - share a tutor too if need be. A friend of mine has a metal smith shop that she uses for camps and classes, so we're going to use her space since it's empty during the day. I know the work thing is a huge challenge, but if you have some parents that you trust who can help you out.... We all work, but have somewhat flexible schedules.


Picture a tourist bought in an art gallery in Maine:


Captain Hate

According to Tammy Bruce more women were impoverished during the Gaylord/Sundown era than ever before.


Thanks, Robin. We know lots of homeschoolers but they are all doing a very traditional Catholic curriculum and frankly are way ahead of our kids.

I really need the teachers' unions to be fought on this. I know it probably won't help us in Austin but we can't just roll over.


When the kids get to their new grade (or new school) they won't even know the teachers...and the kids new to the school won't know the school at all. It's going to be disastrous in so many ways.

I know a lot of teachers want to go back and teach in person and God bless them but I have great fury toward the ones who don't and the unions.

I don't ever want to hear ever again about how "teachers are the real heroes."

Sammy Small

Porch, from what I hear, Drippin is planning on a Sept school opening unless something drastic happens between now and then.

Old Lurker

Jane: "Libs are idiots."

Exactly the words used by the Chinese, the Persians, the Russians, the Europeans and the Arabs to describe those pesky Mongols with their silly tents and horses.


Ken Jones

Feds Bring Terrorism Charges for First Time Against MS-13 Gang Member
ANTIFA can also be charged with terrorism; anyone donating or supporting can have their a$$ets frozen BLM on the same list of Marxists trying to destroy US Government



Colin Powell: We Need to Rename Confederate-Named Bases ‘as Quickly as We Can’

“I would rename the bases. We hadn’t thought about that a few years ago. But now with Black Lives Matter and all the issues that are before us, I think it is a good idea to rename the 10 bases in the United States Army that are named after Confederates. I never really thought about it. I went to Fort Benning, Georgia, named after a Confederate, and I did all my training there, but it never stuck to me that this name should be changed. So I fully support what John Millie is doing. I think it’s something we should do quickly as we can.”

He added, “The Confederate flag is now an explicit demonstration of another time, place and country that has nothing to do with the United States of America, it was the Confederate States of America, they were not part of us, and this is not the time to keep demonstrating who they were and what they were back then. This is time to move on. Let’s get going. We have one flag and only one flag only, and that’s the flag we should all support, and all display and all be proud of.”

The logical flow of of his thoughts seems compromised. According to Wiki, he's 83.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Should have thought of this earlier but:
I'm asking my doctor for a prescription of HCQ, I'm interested to see what the response will be.

I will travel at the end of July to Ohio: fly, attend my Aunt's memorial service, return, thus a 3 day trip.

I'm thinking that, say, a 5 day supply of HCQ + Zinc would allow me to get it into my blood stream before I travel and hopefully protect me while I'm on flights.

I had to request via email. I made sure to mention the two studies which had been withdrawn in case she's not up to speed. I should hear back by Tues or so ... unless she has go into research mode LOL

My sister in Michigan is helping settle the estate and has been in OH several times recently. She says store employees in OH often wear masks but not many customers.
Here in CA we had just re-opened another category of businesses. Then a spike of "cases" and the state shut them back down after only 2 days. I feel so sorry for businesses that suffered patiently, then had to buy equipment and devise procedures only to be arbitrarily shut down again just after reopening.


Virginia Mandates Slavery Lessons for Kindergarteners

Loudoun County is adding "social justice" to the mission of teaching elementary school students reading, writing, and arithmetic. The Washington, D.C., suburb—the richest county in the country—has teamed up with the Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) education arm Teaching Tolerance to develop its new curriculum. The proposed lesson plan will restructure history and social studies classes to emphasize slavery as fundamental to American society for students from kindergarten to the fifth grade.

"Sugarcoating or ignoring slavery until later grades makes students more upset by or even resistant to true stories about American history," the curriculum reads. "Long before we teach algebra, we teach its component parts. We should structure history instruction the same way."

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

If my doctor is not cooperative ... I'll still go look for Zinc supplements in the stores. Though the shelves were bare earlier hopefully its available again.

I have a special "Immune+" version of Emergen-C.
Each dose, in addition to 1000 mg of Vit-C has 25 mcg (micrograms?, also listed as 1000 IU) of Vit-D and Zinc (10 mg).

I'm guessing this is OK for Vit-C and Vit-D but might be short for Zinc.

How much Zinc are people taking per day?

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

I'm not a Sundance guy, but I got an email that he's launched a timeline of the coup.

mike in houston


Here is the letter sent out to parents in the Cy-Fair ISD. CFISD is one of the largest in TX. As of now parents have a choice of in school instruction or remote instruction.


Captain Hate

I'd like to thank the Bush Crime Family for inflicting Powell on the nation with their usual good judgment.


CH, I've gotta say - I remember saying soooo long ago that Powell was a lightweight (he was considering a Prez run), and getting pushback from people here. At one time it wasn't just Bush who thought Powell was a fine Republican war hero.

Captain Hate

I know, box. Although after the Scooter Libby screwing I don't remember anyone here being favorable to that backstabbing lowlife

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