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July 22, 2020



"... should also require those companies to better disclose the financial risks they confront from climate change."

This just begs for an even more vague annual statement.

"In the event of a CME, the board doesn't believe that the corporation could possibly continue with most of our customers reduced to ashes."


OL: "The question is still on the table: are JOM lethality numbers right or wrong?"

Let me add one more thing. If you engage on NextDoor (and I assume Facebook, etc) you'll learn that MANY of the Karens are ready to concede that deaths are down.
The big thing now is permanent damage, esp lung damage, after successful recovery from WuFlu. There is especially a Vox link that is spewed out.
Below, a writer shows one case where an ASYMPTOMATIC case of Covid was followed by some lung scan that showed damage.
A-mom responded to say that many people have hidden damage that goes unnoticed until a scan is done.
Nonetheless, this is a huge deal to many people.
In the comments, a reader says something to the effect of "hey, you should write about science more often". Apparently the guy is a sports writer LOL.

Old Lurker

JimSV, the problem of asking TK that question in order to discredit "but to the rest not much more dangerous than the seasonal flu" is that the seasonal flu hits people at random in the non risk groups too. Lots of them, all the time. If 60,000 in a year die of the pre-covid seasonal flu, while a lot of them were in already known risk groups, the Bell Curve says a lot of them were not and were just regular guys living the lives. Same with Covid. One case like TK means nothing in the public health context.

Count the body bags and divide by 335,000,000.

Tell me that ratio justifies destroying the economy and uncounted lives, unless you are counting points for using it to rid us of Trump and to advance fascist socialism to the next level.

James D.

MM @ 2:28

If you’re talking 9 figure sums, there absolutely HAVE to be dozens of federal laws that are applicable somewhere.

Old Lurker

Jim, again, "Fake but True" is amazingly effective with useful idiots. How many iterations of "yes, but" will you have to go through until the Next Door mob says "OK. We were wrong. Trump was right."?

Look how fast "Global Warming" became "Climate Change" became "Extreme Weather" became "Hurts poor black people the worst"?

Captain Hate

Time for Meeka to cover up sharp desk edges




What’s up with Liz Cheney trying to out-butch Mittens?

Captain Hate

Liz Cheney might be the most disappointing mask to fall. Maybe longterm exposure to power inevitably corrupts.

Another Bob

“Hubris, the unbreakable dam.”

I’ve lost patience with the reflexively anti-China people throwing that Google Earth grab around as if it’s “proof” the dam is failing. Simply no way the main body of that dam can “deform” 30+ feet in dozen spots and not exhibit obvious signs - like water gushing out where it shouldn’t.

Nobody with access to real time imagery has said a word.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

People are telling #FOX35 they have received positive #COVID19 test results but they never got tested! Today,
@GovRonDeSantis said, “I’ve heard it enough to be concerned about it.” He’s calling for an investigation into the claims. Details on
@fox35orlando at 5 & 6pm.

Another Bob

“ASYMPTOMATIC case of Covid was followed by some lung scan that showed damage”

I have scar tissue in my lungs from a case of pneumonia I had as a child. It was observed on chest X-rays taken in my late-twenties.

If someone were to X-ray me today not knowing my history, could they call me an asymptomatic Covid case?


One way to liven up the DNC Convention.



A Bob, the linked article quoted a CCP guy saying the dam had minor deformities and leaks. (Could be entirely made up, I have no idea). Wasn’t based on the photoshopped picture.

Another Bob

At this point I simply do not trust ANY Covid number.

EVERYONE has a vested interest in tilting the numbers. Especially now that democrats are campaigning on “Trump’s mismanagement”.



Probably, just like that motorcycle crash victim with a positive test was dubbed a Corona death.

It seems to me that there is a whole lot of faulty medical diagnosis and billing mixed in this pot.


So when does the shooting start? Tonight?

Another Bob

Yeah, I read it. He said “auxiliary structures” or some such. Which I can totally believe, as there’s a lot of that of the site.


OK, someone can explain this. I have no idea.

Video at the link which really should be watched.

THEY KNEW 10 Years Ago!
Dr Fauci told everyone in 2017
What Did Obama Do to Prepare for it?
You are watching a movie play out!
How does it end?
Trump Will Win! Trump is Lit!
DS is Shook! Panic!
HOT SUMMER ! pic.twitter.com/XVwxI7tJhR

— Ken Jones⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟 (@sxdoc) July 22, 2020
Another Bob

I haven’t seen a story yet that did not include that GE grab. This story did too.

Robin, Tiger Beat Pompom Girl Team Member

Let's go back to the fact that Trump had to wrest control of the numbers out of the CDC's hands. Just because a state has a Republican governor doesn't mean that the health bureaucracy of the state recording and controlling the COVID data is Trump sympathetic. There's a very good chance that every state has a bunch of bureaucrats happy to 1) make money off the COVID cases, and 2) ding Trump while doing so.

Frankly, I think it was smart of him to get up there and say, gosh, we have to be careful and wear masks, for him to appear reasonable. He will now have data he can trust and has now seized the narrative too. He's gently rounding up the scared sheep by cajoling rather than yelling at them about the bullshit data. There will be plenty of time for that, now is that time to get people listening to him again.


I think the message received by the public yesterday, whatever he hoped to convey, was the opposite.

I think he was just trolling the press yesterday, and that's all he was doing. The whole story all day was "will he be wearing a mask?" and, when he didn't, the press must've been elated. But he pulled off a perfect "masks are wonderful,and I'm not wearing one" sleight of hand. I can't imagine why anyone would be upset with him today - he needs to win. After that happens, I'm sure he'll be mocking everyone who deserves it, from Fauci on down.


Liz Cheney might be the most disappointing mask to fall. Maybe longterm exposure to power inevitably corrupts.

I knew she was bad news when she lost it over the "Access Hollywood" video. People like her just take the bait that the media toss out. You'd think they'd learn that their being used by the left, but they don't.


OL, I am curious to hear TK's story.
Naturally, it's anecdotal, a data point.

You wouldn't want to make policy decisions based on one individual.

But I'd still like to hear it, so that instead of thundering righteously at my NextDoor neighbors that they're a bunch of sheep, instead say I understand their concerns "but the numbers say XX".


Let's go back to the fact that Trump had to wrest control of the numbers out of the CDC's hands.

I don't understand why he hasn't brought in other experts to counter Fauci. Someone like John Ioannides from Stanford. Plus it would be fun to see the heads exploding.


ABob 3:03, precisely! That's the same answer that Amom gave and it makes a lot of sense.

There has been no recorded case of a teacher catching the coronavirus from a pupil anywhere in the world, according to one of the government’s leading scientific advisers.

Mark Woolhouse, a leading epidemiologist and member of the government’s Sage committee, told The Times that it may have been a mistake to close schools in March given the limited role children play in spreading the virus.


Robin, Tiger Beat Pompom Girl Team Member

I don't understand why he hasn't brought in other experts to counter Fauci.

How do you know he hasn't? One thing about Trump is he knows how to build a narrative. The CDC crap plays right into the larger story of the Swamp.

Old Lurker

Me too, Jim. For sure I want to know about TK's experience.

Hrts, "trolling the press" has the downside that a lot of people are watching and trying to make life decisions and find any crumbs of data where they might. One man's chum in the water might be another guy's final straw.

Old Lurker

Robin, you know the election is like tomorrow, right?


Trump due to speak on urban violence at 3:15. So should be live soon.



If someone were to X-ray me today not knowing my history, could they call me an asymptomatic Covid case?

“Could”? From watching all the CDC shenanigans lately, I’d reckon you’d already be new case.


How do you know he hasn't?

Part (or maybe most) of the point of bringing in other experts is for them to be visible and vocal counters to Fauci panic porn. Otherwise they are the proverbial tree falling in the forest.


That getting worse thing


#COVID-19 hospitalizations in Wisconsin nosedived on Wednesday. In one day, the number of inpatients in Wisconsin hospitals went from 354 to 167 - more than a 50 percent drop. #WIright



Trump now in room


OL: SBW, so my logic is all wrong because I accused you of not grasping something you think you grasp? (You know, I trust, that just because YOU think you might grasp something, others can question whether you actually do.)

If I parse this correctly, you are saying, “Are you going to trust me or your lyin’ eyes.”

When my company is at risk — and I have the spreadsheets and graphs that make it plain as day — by what strange logic do you allege I cannot grasp the direction those lines point?

You made an unsupportable broad brush accusation about me and got called on it.

No big deal. Between friends, even though we have not met, such things can be put aside easily. Lord knows I would hate to be called to account for lines that got away from me in one of my casual post.


Immediate surge federal law enforcement to Chicago.


Incidentally, as sbw mentioned last week, you can help out his business by subscribing at the bargain rate of $1.00/week for 26 weeks. I have done so.


Manuel Transmission

CH and JiB, I sent CH’s last response to my Ahia bud who gave me the original tidbit and here is his response:

Only a few things to add since I left the area right after high school.

Perry NewClear Power Plant is visible from the beach in my hometown, Fairport Harbor.

I drove right up to Davis Besse one night because they did a poor re-route of Rt. 2 between Cleveland and Toledo and stuck it in the middle of where the road had been.

Bell’s aphorism: “No money ever changes hands without someone taking a piece of it”


Barr now speaking:

Normal federal law enforcement to help with this type of problem. Operation Legend, which we first announced a couple of weeks ago. Federal agents will work hand in glove with state and local officers. Chicago, Albequrque and Kansas City.

US attorneys from those cities there.

DHS makes sure that a distinction is made between Portland and these cities.

Names after a boy whose first name was Legend and was shot while sleeping in his bed.


Sen. McConnell In Favor Of 2nd Round Of Stimulus Checks In Next Relief Bill

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been working to negotiate another round of stimulus bills in recent weeks. McConnell has confirmed the four pillars of the coming GOP bill will be jobs, health care, kids in school and liability protections.

He explained the Senate is building off of what worked in the last CARES Act, including offering more stimulus checks.

“Speaking of building on what worked in the CARES Act, we want another round of direct payments to help American families keep driving our national comeback,” said the senator. “Helping to create more American jobs is an urgent moral priority.”

McConnell has suggested the Senate would lower the income ceiling for the next round of stimulus to cover Americans who make less than $40,000 a year.

I don't see the Dems budging on liability protections, since that would allow businesses to open up without risk of frivolous lawsuits.

matt - deplore me if you must

CDC came out with their preliminary suicide stats for 2019. 72,000+, a new record. 2018 had actually gone down.

Have been trying to get real time data on all of the behavioral health stats, but it is difficult.


Legend's mother just finished speaking, ending this program. Anyone who thought he was cowed and slowing down must be in shock.

Legend's mother, who is black, supports this program strongly. Her son was a heart surgery survivor and her only child. She wants no other family to go through what she has gone through, and she wants his name remembered.


Donald J. Trump
We MUST protect our National Parks for our children and grandchildren. I am calling on the House to pass the GREAT AMERICAN OUTDOORS ACT today. Thanks @SenCoryGardner and @SteveDaines
for all your work on this HISTORIC BILL!

Old Lurker

SBW "No big deal. Between friends, even though we have not met, such things can be put aside easily. "

Absolutely true and I am sure we will remain friends even with our periodic dustups.

But I can answer your question honestly and sincerely.

Of course I know your business is teetering from all this and of course I know that none of my tenants could buy ads much less pay rent so that HAS to be hurting you big time in your market.

Perhaps it is just me, but the truth is you seem to be pretty darn accepting and willing to trust our leaders to be "handling it". When I or others react instantly to something done that we don't like, you play the "He might Know Something" or "Fog of War" or "Things Change" the point of which, to me, seems to blame us (me) for being too sensitive and reactionary while you are comfortable sitting there watching the river flow.

I KNOW you will be shocked to hear that that is how at least one player reacts to your words of wait and see.

You know, there is a non zero chance that Trump is dead wrong on this whole crisis and that real people are paying real costs that might not have had to be paid.

It was interesting that you quoted Hazlett to me above. Your quote was the perfect reply - wish I had thought of it at the time - to the dust up you and I had when I claimed that the price paid for how we have handled the pandemic will "never be recovered in the lifetime of anyone living today". Your point was markets go up, markets go down, and eventually they get back to or above where they were. I said sometimes that is true, but when capital assets are destroyed, they are gone gone gone and even though new capital might be created, and it will, the sum of old capital plus new capital will never equal what total capital will be had the old capital not been burned in the fireplace in the first place.

We never resolved that, each having stated what we thought at the time, but I see you do read Hazlett about the fallacy of destruction, and his point is just what I was trying to say.

As the election nears, some will point to aspirations that Trump promised last time and state correctly that it was the Deep State and GOPe not Trump, that prevented a wall from being built, or prevented locking them up and treating everybody the same under the law, or prevented repealing O'care, or permanently - not sunsetting - changing the tax code.

OK, those were all aspirations sold before he won the office, and the opposition was huge for sure. So he gets a pass for those from me.

But the price being paid by the handling of Covid is 100% on his watch and the destruction of that capital, still burning, is on him and not the fellow behind the tree. And sorry, but Fauci and the CDC were known scorpions riding the frog over the river. Trump owns his use of them.

That will offend Trump supporters, but it is how THIS voter sees it and I know I am not alone.

But we will vote for him because.


Shem Horne
"Operation Legend is not to harass, it's not to harm, or to hurt. It is to help investigate unsolved murders in which one of those happened to be our innocent four year old son." Charron Powell, the mother of LeGend Taliferro, who Operation Legend is named after.


We do have to lift a beer and bourbon together some time.

I suspect we are both acutely aware of the need to do our best to sort what is evidence and what is noise.

Both our businesses and our lives depend on it. You are welcome in my foxhole anytime. Our foxholes are close together.

Yours may be a little higher, on a ledge, than mine, but we both see the need for foxholes, MREs, praising God and passing ammunition.



Typo or Kinsley gaffe? You decide:

The last one was too interested in setting up pot-presidential deals to bother.

Choom on!

Dave (in MA)
Meanwhile the moonbats are ripping down monuments to John Muir, famous primarily due to his work to preserve Yosemite and Sequoia. (h/t Clarice)
Old Lurker


I WAS born in Bourbon County KY...

Take care my friend. We will joust again.

Manuel Transmission

Don’t think this has been linked here.


No big deal, just St George as a young, innocent child being subjected to outrageous insults by whitey judge.

Actually, another perfect example of a psychopath before it was obvious to all.


..a lot of people are watching and trying to make life decisions and find any crumbs of data where they might.

Who, OL? Who is frantically hoping for some data, the better to decide what to do about what, exactly? Doesn't everyone see that Donald Trump doesn't know anything because no one knows anything - what do they expect or hope for Trump to say? He reported what the administration was doing, answered a few questions, trolled the press, I give it a B+. Too bad that Trump, who has been cheated out of his first term by scoundrels, now has to worry about everybody panning his performances.


If the banks destroy the ability of gun manufacturers to function and manufacture guns.



Kim Kardashian Addresses Kanye West’s Mental Health and Urges ‘Compassion and Empathy’ from Media

Captain Hate


Fairport Harbor is real close to the Perry Plant; you can see it a lot further away from there. Every time I used to go east on I-90 I could see the steam plume while I still was on I-271 until after I was east of it on 90.

I should've driven to the beach at Fairport to see the comet because there are pictures of it from there on the Fox 8 weather app where you can clearly see it. Big Finn population in Fairport.



There's guys with trucks, they drive around.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

The ex-Minneapolis cop charged with murder in the death of George Floyd has been hit with tax-evasion charges, along with his wife.

Derek Chauvin, 44, and his 45-year-old wife, Kellie, are facing nine counts each of filing fraudulent tax returns or failing to file returns, the Star Tribune reported Wednesday.

The charges include six counts of aiding and abetting taxes or filing fraudulent returns beginning in 2014 and three counts of failing to file tax returns from 2016 through 2018, the outlet said.

The tax charges come as a Washington County judge granted Kellie Chauvin’s request that her pending divorce from the disgraced former cop be sealed due to “constant harassment from the public” in the wake of her husband’s termination in Floyd’s May 25 death.


Kim Kardashian Addresses Kanye West’s Mental Health and Urges ‘Compassion and Empathy’ from Media

Are you listening, Jill Biden?

Manuel Transmission

CH, yeah, he grew up over a bar there and initially ran off to join the merchant marine and was assigned to the Edmond Fitzgerald. Decided it might not be a long life if he stuck around, so he went over and signed on to Michigan Law and watched the sinking from a safe distance.


Reality-based research on racism now under assault in academia

Academic freedom is under assault. Faculty are being told that their research and courses must promote a particular ideology: that racial disparities are due to racism, rather than other causes, such as the voluntary choices made by individuals. The Supreme Court has said that racial disparities are not presumptively due to racism, because reality shows otherwise. Researchers have often found that racial and gender disparities are explained by factors other than prejudice. But at universities across America, such conclusions are now taboo. Faculty are at risk of losing their jobs if their research discloses that something other than racism explains a racial disparity.

Never mind that the highest court in the land has concluded that many racial disparities are not due to racism. In a 6-to-3 ruling, the Supreme Court said that it is “completely unrealistic” to think that in the absence of racism, minorities will be represented in a field “in lockstep proportion to their representation in the local population.” (See Richmond v. J.A. Croson Co. (1989)).

In an 8-to-1 ruling, the Supreme Court emphasized that there is no legal “presumption that people of all races commit all types of crimes” at the same rate, since such a presumption is “contradicted by” real world data showing big differences in crime rates. Thus, racial disparities in arrest or incarceration rates don’t violate the Constitution’s ban on racial discrimination (See United States v. Armstrong (1996)).

You know the thing.


That whole piece is good, in a sickening way.



Livestream for news conference.

Old Lurker

Hrts "Who, OL? Who is frantically hoping for some data, the better to decide what to do about what, exactly?"

EVERY SINGLE RETAIL TENANT I HAVE is trying to decide whether to borrow to keep his store which he might, if one more month will do it, but perhaps not if this really going to go on until a vaccine is developed. That works. That is applied to every person in the US. As DrJ says, that element is called Unobtainum.

Every single business that used to buy ads in SBW's newspaper is wondering the same. SBW is trying to decide whether he can wait that long or not.

Every single parent trying to decide how to educate children, especially those who have to write big checks by July 31 not knowing what they will get for that money.

Every aspect of every economy involves large numbers of individuals making the best decisions they can with incomplete information...but incomplete is not the same as none.

Two weeks to flatten the curve was OK. (SOME here at JOM warned where even that slippery slope might lead) Then it was till Easter. Worse but maybe. Then it was by summer. Bad. Then it was when schools open and parents can all go back to work and buy services and need drycleaning. Very Bad but is just around the corner. At least fewer people were dying than anticipated and curves from other countries showed some hope so maybe, just maybe this can be survived.

Then Fauci says "fewer dead people is not what counts" and on the heals of that, Trump takes the rest of the HOPE away.

It ain't DATA for DATA's sake, Hrts. It is hope.

But have you been living under a rock as what data we do have that shows that initial fears were grossly exaggerated and the medicine taken expecting the worst might just be doing more damage than good?

Why is that so hard for you to understand?


I signed up Jimmy, but I have to renew after 4 weeks (or maybe cancel, I'm not sure)


New Neo coincidentally linked to the same video of thOde Oxford epidemiologists that I linked earlier.


Glad she did that, it will get more clicks than my JOM link.


Jane, it automatically renews you every for weeks. But the price goes up after 26 weeks.


SHIT!!! Hrt, that's my baseball bat salesman.


for = four


Is the reason that I can't slam dunk the ROCK, because of racism.
And, should I pick a heart surgeon because he can SHOOT DAT ROCK???

Dave (in MA)

1st hurricane of the 2020 season has formed, and is headed in the direction of Hawaii.

Mazie blames Trump in 3... 2...


I still think that a good, validated vaccine is unobatinium, but the goverment disagrees (WSJ):

Pfizer, BioNTech Get Covid-19 Vaccine Order From U.S. Government

The U.S. has agreed to pay Pfizer and BioNTech nearly $2 billion to secure 100 million doses of their experimental Covid-19 vaccine to provide to Americans free of charge.

I've not dug into the data, but I bet it is sparse.


Thank you, Morris Plains, NJ!

(Whoever thought there are this many Republicans in New Jersey?) pic.twitter.com/4xk7tZsNti

— #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) July 22, 2020

Short video at the link.

Antiracism does not mean simply the absence of racism (racism is, of course, a bad thing). Rather, it means the belief that racial disparities are due to racism, and that such disparities justify “discrimination” to “remedy” them. The leading architect of “antiracism” is Ibram X. Kendi, the author of “How to Be an Antiracist.” “When I see racial disparities, I see racism,” says Dr. Kendi, in language trumpeted as if it were a sacred truth by the liberal New York Times. As a law professor notes, “race-neutral criteria are rejected” by Dr. Kendi’s book, which says that “there is no such thing as a not-racist idea,” only “racist ideas and antiracist ideas.”

This man is a genius.

“The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”


(Click to open.)


JT Lewis
Biden’s last live stream had 19 people watching. You really expect us to believe he’s up in the polls?



I agree Smiley.


Chris Tomlinson
“The U.S. Marshals Service also reported communications jamming – the first reported instance since the riots have started -- which may have caused significant problems with their radio communications”
Why do “peaceful protests” need signal jamming?


At least three federal officers in Portland may not recover their vision after earlier this week demonstrators, who have shown up in crowds of over 1,000 for more than 50 consecutive nights, shined lasers in their eyes and threw fireworks at a federal courthouse, officials said.

Kendi was born in the Jamaica neighborhood of the New York City borough of Queens[4][2][6] to Larry Rogers, a tax accountant and then hospital chaplain, and Carol Rodgers, a former health care business analyst for a health-care organization.[4] Both of his parents are now retired and work as Methodist ministers.[4][7]

His actual name was Henry Rodgers (né Henry Rogers, as Wikipedia put it).




From @WSJopinion: The four biggest blue states—California, New York Illinois and New Jersey—got from Washington $64 billion more than they gave in 2018, writes Matthew Schoenfeld


The Democrats' choice for your next President, ladies and gentlemen:

@JoeBiden: "I had nurses at Walter Reed hospital who would bend down and whisper in my ear, go home and get me pillows. They would … actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move, to get me moving.”




"Our strategy is to shelter the highest-risk Americans, while allowing younger and healthier citizens to return to work or school while being careful and very vigilant: wear a mask, socially distance, and repeatedly wash your hands."



Closer to damn theKung Flu, full speed ahead. Except for the mask nonsense.


For the first time in my life, I am considering voting Libertarian for Governor, because GOP Governor Holcomb issued a mandatory statewide mask order for anyone over 8 starting Monday!

If it's so damn important, why is it ok to wait until Monday?


Donald J. Trump
I am deeply saddened by the loss of my friend Charles Evers. Charles was a trail blazer in politics and a fearless leader, alongside his brother Medgar, for Civil Rights.





About time



Who is brookings no 1 funder, 15 million reasons why

Robin, Tiger Beat Pompom Girl Team Member

Robin, you know the election is like tomorrow, right?

Last time I checked we still have a couple of conventions and an October surprise to get through. :-)

Look, I get it. My husband's company is about to embark on an enterprise that is substituting for the usual in person crazy event that is a significant revenue stream. Management has made it clear that this is all hands on deck/must be a success or else kind of moment.

We know that the left has marshaled all of its forces and is fighting on all fronts. We're all frustrated that things aren't happening faster, but I'm willing to give the guy in the arena fighting like hell some slack. He knows what's at stake. He also knows he can't make the states open back up, and they know he knows it.

What other choice do we have but to wait and see?


You know the thing



Anthony Galloway
Facebook to be treated like a giant "dark web" under laws being worked on by the Morrison government to go after child sex abusers and serious criminals online


Australia, from the Sydney Morning Herald.


Well that certainly presents a problem:


Art in Newport

Jimmyk - you talked me into it. I also have subscribed.


Hey art how have you been. The imprimis piece was by mcdonald?


But have you been living under a rock as what data we do have that shows that initial fears were grossly exaggerated...

OL, under the rock is where I fear you may have been hiding if you don't recall and understand that it was I who was the very first and most emphatic debunker of the data, the fears, the everything. I am, without doubt, the JOM pioneer and champion in that regard, beyond question. Everyone knows that.


So ask anyone, if you don't know.

Captain Hate

In case you're out of syrup of ipecac



I think it would take more idocaine then i have in stock.

Art in Newport

Hi narciso - Her latest one is about 'government malfeasance' ... that one?

Captain Hate

Ever wonder why you feel sold out?



Thats it.

Art in Newport

And, I have been well, narciso; hope you are the same.
I've been working in the family business for the last month or so.
With the City of NB amusing itself by making life hard for RE firms doing vacation rentals, it's been all hands on deck.

Deplorable D

Article in the Blade complains that a new DoD regulation meant to prevent the display of the Confederate flag will also prevent the display of the Gay Pride flag. They have their panties all in a bunch about it.

The article says "Permitted are the American flag; the flags of the U.S. states, territories and the District of Columbia; military flags and those of allies. However, by not enumerating them, the memo effectively bans Confederate flags and LGBTQ Pride flags."


The so-called Confederate flag isn't, of course. It was never any kind of a national flag of the Southern polity. What was it, then?

Oh, that's right, it was the battle ensign of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Wait, does that make is a "military flag?" Why, yes, it does. Which means that it would be permitted under the regulation.


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