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August 09, 2020






Brooks who piddled over the tea party who fondled the obama icon like jill abramson.


I found the technical discussion of Biden’s aneurisms causing brain death more interesting


“Brain dead RepublicanParty”

Takes one to know one.


I tried to read this, but when I got to "bigotry, incompetence and tax cuts for the wealthy" I couldn't take any more.

It seems to be a diatribe by someone who is no longer an insider and perhaps also is afraid of financial ties being revealed, whether his or one of his associates.

Nope. It's obvious Trump isn't a bigot, he's gotten more done in 3 years than Obama, Bush, or Clinton did in each of their 8 years, and tax cuts were NOT just for the wealthy.

So Brooks can go pound sand.


I just took Kiwi out for a walk and tipped over? What the hell?



My question is whether Maher also has a personal interest in avoiding the Epstein-Clinton connection and the associated pedophilia scandal bubbling just below the surface.



YOU tipped over? Or Kiwi?


DrJ, just a quick post to clarify - I meant I would not post more last night:-).
I will explore how to fix autocorrect on this iPad. Thanks
Off to the beach!

I hope Jane is okay!


I tipped over, but caught a house instead of going all the way down. It was a complete surprise. I didn't slip on anything, just tipped over to the left.I'm sure it had to do with my eye because, well just because.

Life is a trip - apparently literally!!!


You certainly are taking all this with aplomb,Jane.

the nearly "brain-dead" Republican Party, but I liked it.

It appears TM™ seems to not care for most of his commenter’s political views. Perhaps he’s implying that some of us should look into an alternate venue rather than post here...


This is a 2-minute clip from Barr's appearance on Levin tonight. Well worth warching; video at link.

The left are "not interested in compromise. They're not interested in a dialectic exchange of views. They're interested in total victory ... It's a substitute for religion." #BillBarr on Life, liberty & Levin Sunday at 8pm est on @FoxNews. @KerriKupecDOJ pic.twitter.com/N7tzZzmq0I

— Mr Producer (@RichSementa) August 9, 2020
Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

"Brain dead" is possibly the most technically perfect example of an ad hominem attack.
The problem isn't brain death; Just the opposite. Other have observed correctly that the ideas and policies and people advancing those ideas and policies have been utter failures at stopping or even slowing the left's takeover of the institutions and culture of our country.It is in fact accelerating. And so those others have begun to discard, ignore and treat with the proper contempt the spineless, stale, arrogant elite dipshits who are not only all hat and no cowboy but are in fact in bed with the rustlers. The Brookses and Kristols and Frenches and their political symbiots like the Bushes enjoyed an entirely undeserved prosperity and comfort in that nationwide failure theater as did their connected Gas Chamber cronies.
Problem is it was killing the millions of "others" who noted the widening gulf between their stagnant or worse positions and the disconnected rhetoric streaming from the happy and contented prostitutes like Brooks in the GOPe whorehouse.
The peasants and the hoi polloi and the peons have decided different ideas and different people should replace the disgusting, fraudulent, disingenuous,featherbedding peckerwoods who have been contemptuously skimming off the peons for decades and have gone from laughing behind their backs to openly ridiculing them.
"Brain dead"in this instance means the dumb bastards have started thinking for themselves and we don't like that or the ideas they have which threaten our sinecures and proper place in the world.
When the old guard of privileged elite beachmasters see their comfy world being turned upside down, the flyover masses are always adjudged brain dead at the exact moment they decide they aren't going to let a bunch of old corrupt fossils sell them a bill of goods any longer.
A parasite always hates when its host wakes up and starts to cleanse itself.



I would call the doctor to ask. That whole area around the eye is so sensitive that I would check with the surgeon, just to be sure.



Another boomerang effect! It's just amazing this happens when Trump is so stupid, isn't it?



It was the prairie dog presence in both places that made me think of devil's tower in the context of thinking about the badlands.

Back from a walk and then outdoor yoga class. I feel the closest to purring I have felt this week. Unfortunately the shenanigans have begun again in earnest. Apparently my awareness that the residential hospice market had changed even though it had been brought to our attention previously makes me an impediment to mom's wishes. If there is still a physical location, owned now by a hospital, it must be run precisely the same as it was four years ago when it was lovely. Only a naysayer would step in the way of the fantasy to get around the lockdown.


Also, it’s pretty damn rich of some jackass calling his political opponents “brain-dead” when said jackass swooned over the pants crease of a presidential candidate.


WATCH: @PeterNavarro45 says “it doesn’t help when Speaker Pelosi goes out ... with her scarves flying and beats the heck out of us.” #MTP@chucktodd: “Where is the president? Why was he at his golf club all weekend?”

Navarro: He "is the hardest working president in history.” pic.twitter.com/YpfMOMtkbu

— Meet the Press (@MeetThePress) August 9, 2020

Navarro does a good job of defending the President, despite Chuck Todd's effort to make him sound lazy. Note that the text introducing this clip twists Navarro's viewpoint and that the video is cut off before he makes more good points (which I cannot find yet). Video at link.


I like this story!


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Perhaps he’s implying that some of us should look into an alternate venue rather than post here...--

I don't think that at all. TM has always been fairly moderate but he's also always been a man of good cheer and perfectly willing to have a civil conversation with people he disagrees with on those frequent instances when he has been wrong. :)

I think a lot of the problem for guys like TM is, it's not easy to accept that the left and the Dems mean what they now say. And with that reluctance comes an unrealistic expectation that they will come to their senses and return to an FDR style of liberalism once the electorate bloodies their nose one of these days.
That comes close to magical thinking IMO, but if that is your viewpoint then you see the necessary countermeasures to these Marxist lunatics as unnecessary and making a correctable situation worse. They aren't and it isn't but everyone responds to extreme situations differently. IMO it's a form of denial and is common in people like TM who are calm and rational to the point of ascribing more of the potential of those virtues to the not calm and not rational left than is...well, rational.




Captain Hate


I'd forgotten about the prairie dogs at the Badlands, probably because of being overshadowed by a small group of antelope that followed me wherever I walked for whatever reason.


I liked Iggy's analysis so much I wanted to amp it up a bit.

For guys like TM it's not easy to accept that the left and the Dems mean what they now say.

And with that reluctance comes an unrealistic expectation that they will come to their senses and return to an FDR style of liberalism once the despicable DJT, who drives them mad, has been vanquished.

That comes close to magical thinking IMO, but if that is their viewpoint they see the altogether predictable reaction to Dem/Marxist lunacy as making a correctable situation worse.

In many ways extending benefit of doubt to those following the footsteps of history's deadliest follies means withholding said benefit from those maintaining the resolve that saved the world from them time after time.

(It appears my hypocrisy plagiarism knows no bounds)

James D.

TM, if you’re reading the comments...

Could you detail what exactly it is that you liked about Brooks’ column?

matt - deplore me if you must

One of the issues with the money laundering scandals is that this is going to cut to the heart of the establishment. As it evolves, more players are going to be sucked in and eventually some of our own big players like Goldman are going to get smacked further.

Washington is gravy train city. So we have the financiers, the oligarchs, the pols and the garden variety hacks all in fear of the train being derailed.

Trump's use of the washing machines, clearly labeled, was politically brilliant. Even a 5 year old can understand that simile.


If you can, watch Maria barteroma this morning, Some incredible info, some of it implicating republicans.

Clarice, i've been dealing with this since May 1 and I just want to have it over so I can begin living with it. still have gas in the eye, so it can't start til that is gone - a few more weeks.

Nothing to save MM. I'll see the doctor Thursday. If I can't bear the pain anymore, I'll call tomorrow.

No sweat!


For hoyden--


CH-my first trip to the badlands and wall drugs was when I had just turned 5 so that helped me to remember. We eventually ended up at disneyland staying at the hotel and I got to ride in front of the monorail. It snowed the night we stayed at the old faithful inn in september which was quite exciting. The room was too hot because of the steam heat and there was a noisy square dance in lobby that night.

Apparently I was also trying to use the road signs going to and from CA to teach myself to read. Mom's journal said there would be no more driving trips with me until I could read because I kept insisting they tell me what all the signs say.



Very interesting


Another link--



This is the guy who was on Maria:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

All People of Faith Must Band Together and Support Rob McCoy [and John MacArthur, SoCal pastors defying Pontius Newsom and his local vassals.]


Maguire, are you feeling TEH SAD fro Brooks????


Jane, it's Big Jim Hoft.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Mirengoff does "sports";
The WWE Does Antifa

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Excellent column by Swedish doctor;
How bad is covid really? (A Swedish doctor’s perspective)





From last night:

That is fascinating does thar involve the molecular signature if so how.

I'll describe how the traditional clinical assay works. First you bind the molecule (the analyte) you are interested in to an antibody. These are pretty selective, but not perfect.

Then you bind a secondary antibody to the analyte-primary antibody (the sandwich). This gives additional selectivity. Bound to the secondary antibody is a chemical chain that is terminated by a catalytic functional group. That group catalyzes the conversion of a substance in solution; since it is catalytic its concentration is increased by many orders of magnitude so that very dilute analytes can be measured.

This is the reporter -- it reports on analyte concentration. In the lab we traditionally use an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay, or ELISA. Here the reporter absorbs visible light, and that can be measured easily with a spectrophotometer -- we usually use a plate reader, though we do have a good, traditional spectrophotometer too.

The clinical assays use luminescence, where the sample glows. It is time-dependent, so the time when one measures must be controlled. The clinical analyzers do this.

Fluorescence is not used much, since the sample - - usually blood, plasma or serum -- also emits, which can obfuscate analyte measurement.

There are many issues with this method. The primary one, particularly for the research market, is that antibody manufacture can be difficult. There have been many publications on how what was claimed to be the antibody ordered, simply wasn't. The lab results using those antibodies then were total nonsense.

The clinical market is in pretty good shape. I have a friend who runs R&D at a company that makes antibodies that ultimately wind up in the Roche clinical analyzers. They develop them properly, and go through extensive QA/QC to make sure the enzymes have the proper peptide sequence and conformation. These work reliably and well.

So now you are all experts in sandwich assays and reporters!



I like Gateway Pundit. What's your issue?


I think a lot of the problem for guys like TM is, it's not easy to accept that the left and the Dems mean what they now say. And with that reluctance comes an unrealistic expectation that they will come to their senses and return to an FDR style of liberalism once the electorate bloodies their nose one of these days.

I actually feel that same way, that the Dems will moderate if they get a sufficiently severe ass-kicking in November, but TM seems to be hoping that they win, and that winning will result in their moderating. Personally, I think that's unlikely wishful thinking, and that the taste of blood will only embolden them to go for the kill.


"TM seems to be hoping that they win, and that winning will result in their moderating. Personally, I think that's unlikely wishful thinking, ..."

Me too.


Let's do a poll, how many liked David Brooks' article? TM says yes, I'll even it out with a no vote; so far it's a tie. What say you, thumbs up or down on the original poster's linked article?

Captain Hate

Everything McMahon does is a setup. At first I was surprised the whole locker room didn't come out to stomp them but that's surely next week or later.


winning will result in their moderating

Winning would result in an unending procession of bizarre, society-crushing legislation designed to punish whites and other capitalists. And that's peachy keen with whites and other capitalists who really, really hate themselves.


Jane, Melinda,

Another interesting thing is that President Trump re-tweeted Brian Cates' (@drawandstrike)thread, which gives him supreme credibility.

Old Lurker

Jane "Some incredible info, some of it implicating republicans."

Unless and until we see about as many GOPe and Dems implicated, we are only seeing part of the truth.

Femall and sooner the better.


FOX says Biden set to name Kama VP choice as early as today.

Old Lurker

Iggy re Sweden.

So using that guy's stats - 10,000,000 population. 6,000 Covid Deaths. 100,000 baseline normal deaths.

Scale it all up to US by multiplying by 33.5:

Population 335,000,000

Covid Deaths 201,000

Regular Deaths 3,350,000

Our ACTUAL numbers are in the same ballpark as Sweden's numbers.


We wasted Trillions and trillions of dollars, put 40,000,000 out of work, destroyed thousand upon thousands of businesses, and shredded the Constitution and handed over freedoms and liberties in ways we will never get back.




If MAGUIRE cannot see who and what the left is, at this moment in history.


When considering who is "brain dead", ponder who are the big brains in the Dem party. Jonathan Gruber, who helped design ObamaCare and declared that the public was too stupid to understand it? Yep, he's brainy alright - MIT, Harvard, what a guy. You don't need much brains to spot pointy-headed asses, you don't need to be a genius to want to turn back the tide on those would destroy the country. Trump, and the Americans who will re-elect him, rely on common sense to right the ship.


If you can stand another doctor weighing in on the Covid. First these are his credentials:

This is his short (50 pg.) book - $4.95 on Kindle/ $8.95 paperback - just published Aug 4th.


This is a short, comprehensive and very accessible brief of both the COVID-19 data and how we are to interpret the data in our day-to-day lives. A well-written, non-hysterical perspective to consider.

This book was mailed to every family in our school by our principal. (reminder - private school) The hope in sending was to allay fears as we prepare to have regular classes that begin after Labor Day. Thought some of you might be interested.


GUS, I'm counting that as a "no" vote on Brooks' article.

Old Lurker

Oh. And Sweden is done with it.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Only about halfway through clarice's 12:08 and I have to go but it is excellent. Best thing I've read at Taibbi's. Perhaps because it isn't written by him. :/


Jane, like many others, I am amazed at your strength during this hard time for you.


Some brainy people burned down the church behind that stupid guy.


Old Lurker,

I personally expect a HUGE number of GOP to be implicated along with dems. That is why Trump has been treading carefully and waiting until the hammer can come down quickly, which I realize you think is foolishness on my part and wish-casting.

I think certain GOP left because they knew that they were going to be caught up in it unless they could insulate themselves (Paul Ryan, for example) and why Mitch McConnell's wife is the Secretary of Transportation (where she can be monitored and HIS skulduggery is held in check.

I also think that this is why the evangelicals stick up for Trump despite his multiple marriages, and why they accept Rich Grenell.

That's all I have to say right now, but you are going to be confounded.


Sorry about that jane


Captain Hate

Did Brooks's homewrecking whore wife help with the column? I mercifully don't have access to anything other than a partial drawing of Drumpf cut open with a bunch of people inside him. Looks very high minded...

Manuel Transmission

Down in the comments under Clarice’s morning missive was a link to CTH:


In his comments was a guy who sounds a lot like Mel in his suggestion that the tightly coupled access to NSA via Crowdstrike that CTH suggests, would allow a brokerage to quietly move mountains of cash around amongst lots of insiders and no one would be the wiser as to the early tips gleamed from the NSA spying.

Captain Hate

I think certain GOP left because they knew that they were going to be caught up in it unless they could insulate themselves (Paul Ryan, for example)

Any exclusion of Paul Ryan from punitive measures will be disappointing.


FOX says Biden set to name Kama VP choice as early as today.

The swelling must have gone down.


Count my vote as a no hrtshpdbox.

Jane - Your tipping today reminded me of something that happened to my mom. Several years before she died she had a strange little stroke that only affected her eyesight. She lost 1/2 of her vision in each eye. The peripheral vision from the center of her left eye to the edge and the opposite in the right eye (from the corner of her eye to the center) At first this was difficult for her to maneuver and I noticed when I took her shopping or even just walking around the house she would bump into me or into some things. This only lasted a few weeks. Apparently, her brain compensated for this "new normal" eyesight and she was able to walk normally and felt fine. I imagine your situation is not as severe and your momentary stumble will resolve soon!




In response to "Meet the Press"

Scott Adams

I want a President who takes healthy breaks, doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, and has an incredible mate. Health influences performance.


Looks very high minded...

No sign of anyone helping Brooks with the article, CH; it's just a clueless ne'er-Trump fantasist getting all worked up about how Republicans must not really like Trump, since he doesn't. The original may have been done in crayon, though.

Soylent Red

I actually feel that same way, that the Dems will moderate if they get a sufficiently severe ass-kicking in November,

Moderate how and to what? When I think back on the Democrats of my lifetime, the best of them were immoral career corruptocrats. Even of the historical Democrats, I can only see myself voting for Truman or Kennedy, maybe, and even then I would have to ignore a lot of what I know to be true about them. Your mileage may vary, but I invite you to do the same thought experiment yourself: What Democrat since 1900 would you vote for?

What we have these days is a distillation of collectivist Progressivism, which has been a continual thread in Democrat political thought since the 19th century, when it was rolled out. There have just been periods when it was retrenching after being beaten down. Right now, it is on the march, but whether overt or covert, it has been there all along.


Good luck with everything Jane.Old Soylent is pulling for you.




Violet update:
A couple of my reserve officers (Violet’s Dad is also a reserve) and I went over and built a ramp yesterday so that she has easier wheelchair access. Mom loaded her up and tested the ramp with immediate an positive response. Mom is happy with the ramp. Violet had a huge grin on her face saying, “so this is outside”. She hasn’t been outside for any amount of time since 6/20. When Mom got her to the bottom of the ramp Violet took off down the driveway and wheeled around smiling and chatting with her visiting friend. It was a couple hours very well spent. I can’t thank my 2 guys, Tim and Jason, enough. Both had worked the yesterday morning. Tim’s family biz donated materials.

They have a follow up at Riley Friday. One difficulty they’re having is getting a pediatric PT for home visits. The Riley folks think they have a solution.


What Democrat since 1900 would you vote for?

None. To me it's just a choice between civil war, secession, or them being severely chastened in November to the point that they spend the next decade licking their wounds and pretending to still be Americans. I don't see any other realistic alternatives, and I agree it'd only be retrenchment even in the best case scenario. Although for some, secession or all out war might be a better case, since the end-game is inevitable.


How great Gentlejim!



That level of Insider Trading As Theft requires risk taking AND the use of their own cash. Some may dabble in it as a matter of normal biz, like Loeffler or Mittens, but that’s peanuts compared to the theft of taxpayer bux in the form of aid, or payoffs for political cover of trafficking.

Hillary’s futures win was a matched trade on the floor, no risk involved.


Boris, thank you for the link to the new thread. That's the Cadillac way to get there.


The increasingly execrable WSJ “Review” section of the Weekend edition has an article, The True Face of Freedom Wears a Mask.

Otherwise known as “face burqas.”


My decision on which cordless tools to purchase has been made for me. My future son in law gave me a DeWalt 6 piece 20v kit for my B-day. I’ll see what the interest on that will be this evening when we meet to discuss wedding plans. :)

He’s a good, hard-working kid.


Its really striking how this setup resembles the zinoviev letter, luke harding seems to have serialized this story, to ridiculous lengths

After i finish with this novella i'll take a crack at this whole kerfluffle.


From appiah a harvard black studies zampolit.





Hillary’s futures win was a matched trade on the floor, no risk involved.

Lots and lots of cattle trades over a long period of time, with the floor not a factor. As you know, back then the reps would tell the floor just "house" or "customer" when they phoned in the orders, at the end of the day they could (and did) leisurely allocate the customer trades to their favored customers.


I can’t vote pro or con on Brooksie’s drivel...


Great to hear gentlejim!

Gus, not to be an ass, but in my life I was either strong or toast. Lots and lots of challenges. This is small potatoes in comparison to a lot of things.

The only thing that I can see doing me in, is losing Kiwi. But she's snoring next to me, so all is fine.

Jim Eagle

rse at 10:58:

My FIL knows both the Belgian ladies in that Telegraph article.

The book, "Little Cyclone" is a great read about The Comet Line.



I just made keto brownies, very good especially if you like coconut oil, which I do. Lakanto does a great job, thanks for turning me on to it!


Captain Hate,

I should clarify in that some of these GOP guys THINK it will insulate them.

I look forward to the look on Paul Ryan's face when he discovers that simply being employed by CNN doesn't insulate him from indictment if he was involved in money laundering, skimmming money from US taxpayers, or child trafficking.

Old Lurker

If the Dems win:

Filibuster in the Senate will be gone for good.

Probably SCOTUS will get expanded to 11 or 13 to dilute the few conservatives that might remain.

All Courts will go back hard left for the last time.

Taxes will revert to Pre-Trump and worse even before they Sundown on their own.

Estate Taxes will skyrocket to confiscation levels.

Regs will revert to Pre-Trump and no courts will stop that.

Paris Climate Accord will be revived.

Feds will federalize all state and local pensions so that Red States can pay for Blue States.

The Wall will be sold for scrap steel.

Do your own math on the Dow.

The list writes itself.


Don't forget Preparations for Reparations, OL.


Did Stefan Halper also spy on Romney? 🤔 pic.twitter.com/brQevyHK1a

— BenTallmadge (@BenKTallmadge) August 9, 2020

Link goes to a document showing an earlier date than people thought that Halper was involved.

Old Lurker

Aided by DC becoming the 51st State, hrts.


Old Lurker,

Perhaps, since President Trump AGREES with what you think will happen if he loses, and since I also saw multiple people THREATENING him and his children on Twitter today, perhaps you could think about encouraging him rather than saying that everything is "lunacy."

Just a suggestion.


And breaking California into five states, with a likely result of 8 Dem and 2 GOP Senators.

Jim Eagle

Let's not forget Puerto Rico for expanding Dem senate.


It's "All hat, no cattle."


I think we all agree the Repub Party is brain dead. We differ on our opinions of which part.

Old Lurker

MM, "perhaps you could think about encouraging him rather than saying that everything is "lunacy." Just a suggestion."

Give it a break, MM. You can try to Karen me into spouting your lines, but that won't work.

FTR, if you stopped trolling the twitter sewers long enough to consider what others say, you might see that I reserve LUNACY for what our leaders have done to us in the phony emergency. Hard for me to call it anything else.


Are all these US flags flying from houses that have never flown them before maybe some kind of indication of something???

I've done the same morning circuit for decades; I am confident these are new.

Buford Gooch

"No" for me, hrtshpdbox


And--is there someone keeping track of who truly despises this BS mask wearing?

I have nothing to add to opinions on them expressed here to date, but I wish to formally declare myself a hater.


Old Lirker,

Haha! Do not try to threaten me into not speaking up for my president by labeling me a "Karen." Pfft.

How about this: while the President is supposedly not doing what you think should be done (and what the dems EXPECT) he has been filing charges to confiscate property acquired through money-laundering and getting back taxpayer money that the numerous crooks have stolen.

Especially since if ANY move HE makes can be justified as illegal and grounds for impeachment, or any statement he makes can be grounds for calling him nuts and reasonably thrown out of office via the 25th Amendment, and because we know there are a certain number of disloyal GOP in Congress, I am giviing him quite a bit of slack, since he has done WAY more that any GOP president ever has. Period.


Karen Marple


Report from the trenches of Piedmont NC. My friend's daughter writes for Am Thinker. She stopped to join a Black women for Trump demonstration being held this morning, not too far from my home. She texted me this:

Anonomom-  I was standing next to a woman who lives in High End Gorgeous Neighborhood.  She said her husband is a cardiologist, Dr. McSmarty at local system's hospital.  She said her husband follows Trump on twitter and three nurses he has never worked with before approached him at work and said “you can’t follow Trump.”  Basically, what is sounds like is that they  are going after the doctors.

Goal: Silence the Silent Majority


I hit my favorite wine/liquor store to restock knowing it was in a jurisdiction that only encourages mask wearing at a time that is not busy. I had one in my pocket since Red wanted me to get some sours from the beer cave, but told the two working there that I was not trying to be a jerk but the mask bothered my sinuses and I would just get my stuff and we would stay away from each other.

"Yes, ma'am, do what you need to do" is a lovely answer.

It's also why I have shopped there almost exclusively since the pandemic started.

Red's concern a'mom is that so few understand that masks don't protect them that they assume I am putting them at risk when I am not.

I do find the yoga karens who wear their clth masks from their car until they finish setting up yoga mats in an well spaced outdoor area to be as absurd as those people driving down peachtree in their masks like covid is going to come in through their air conditioning.

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