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August 20, 2020



I know some here aren't crazy about PJ Media (or maybe that was just Captain Hate) but this thread from last night has some great stuff:


Oh, and First

Oh and the press isn't oppositional to everything Trump says, even if it costs 100,000 lives?

Old Lurker

Willowed of course:

MM quoting Turley "The work of the office has obviously continued as promised by Barr in an independent fashion."

Another big failure not challenging the Total BS that some how the DoJ and its officers are independent of the Chief Executive of the US.

That is a big lie that now is accepted as gospel.

And like other things, will not end well for the Constitutional Republic intended.


Donald J. Trump


THANK YOU DONNA! #MAGA pic.twitter.com/egyshW7bOk

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 20, 2020

Video at the link.


In Dark and Divisive Speech, Obama Seeks to Turn Back Clock on America


This link will take you to a full screen map of Joe Bastardi's 2020 Hurricane Season Forecast, complete with areas most likely to be hit, number of probable named storms, etc.


I hope this is helpful to those who live near the Atlantic or Gulf coasts.


White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci recovering from vocal cord surgery

Hopefully they removed them.

Another Bob

This Bannon et al. arrest is just too conveniently timed and hits too many prog talking points to be accidental.


#HappeningNow: Current view from the @OANN tent.

White House preparing for official visit from Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi. pic.twitter.com/BJq4j8coFY

— Chanel Rion OAN (@ChanelRion) August 20, 2020

Video at link. I didn't realize the Iraqi PM was coming on an official state visit today.


Hes thr former spymaster.

James D.

he has trouble denouncing Putin or David Duke or questions about Kamala Harris' eligibility for the VP slot or any other damn thing because he can't give the press the satisfaction.

and this is different than pretty much any other politician ever how, exactly...?

Oh, right. It's only ever conservatives who get asked these questions. Nobody in the MSM ever asked Bernie Sanders what he thought about BernieBro and would-be assassin Hodgkinson. Nobody's asking any Dems about lunatic anti-semitie Linda Sansour. Etc etc etc etc etc


Three hundred mercs on the syrian plain of deir er zour would disagree.

James D.

And by the way, re: QAnon...

Pedophilia and human trafficking in high places isn't exactly a "conspiracy theory", is it?

Epstein was convicted of pedophilia in 2008 or so, he was known as a pedo well before that, and the Dems were happily taking his money up until shortly before he died, as was Harvard, and MIT, and no doubt many other "elite" institutions. Bill Clinton was flying on his plane and lots of Dems and Wall Streeters and Hollywood types were going to his parties. Hell, George Stephanoloupos went to them, too.

It's not a conspiracy when the pedophile is out in the open and everyone in "respectable circles" is happy to associate with him.


Theres a documentary on nxim which involved uniparty mexican families the bronfmans papa gillebrand, what other player of this real life hellfire club how about fitz burying the trail between michigan state and larry nassar and nbc. Then you have epstein wexner and telemundo.


Good to see Bannon getting 10x the coverage Clinesmith did. Must keep focused.

So his Slowjoe mailing in his speech tonite? I wonder if it will be a phenomenal as his VP's was? Hard to beat.

(I lie, I lie)

Naturally Trump didn't disavow [blah] because he is oppositional - he has trouble denouncing [blah, blah, blahhh!] or any other damn [blah] because he can't give the press the satisfaction.

Uh huh...

Riddle me this then, what satisfaction is this non-oppositional press looking for?


A comment on Hillary's speech last night:

"Hillary Clinton may be a bitter, pathetic woman but none of us will ever truly understand the hell she went through to sober up long enough to record that video for the DNC. Our thoughts are with her and whichever members of her household staff she verbally abused while going through her DTs. I sincerely hope there were no puppies around to kick.”


The people who ijstan5ly deemed kavanaugh a rapist sandmann a rapist and are still following the russiam snipe hunt.

James D.

Oh, and also on the "conspiracy" angle again...

Weinstein was a rapist and sexual predator and all-around perv, and everyone in "elite" circles knew it going back to the 1990's. That didn't stop the DNC or prominent Dems from taking his cash and going to his parties. It didn't stop Obama from sending his daughter to intern with him.

I could go on and on and on, but the point is, TM, it's not a fucking conspiracy theory. We KNOW for a fact that a LOT of our so-called elites in DC and NYC and Hollywood are pedos and rapists and perverts. We KNOW that all our elites knew the whole time and didn't give a crap because it was never THEIR daughters getting raped and abused, just the daughters of unimportant flyover deplorable vermin. Like us.

So go ahead and mock Trump, and vote for Biden and continue to lie to yourself that everyone else is decent and moderate and upstanding except for the rude Orange Man.


Who would havr thought there was a 19 year asset of chinese intelligence in thr bureau, if not longer.


This Bannon et al. arrest is just too conveniently timed and hits too many prog talking points to be accidental.

Clarice beat me to the punch in the last thread when she posted this:


I think Trump was well aware of the timing of the arrest of the Hole in the Wall Fund Gang.


Here's a leftist press guy going nuts because of the full-page, non-skippable Trump campaign ad which the Washington Post ran. The thread is doubly enjoyable for the leftist infighting plus the Trump supporters pointing out how he outsmarted them AGAIN.



To be fair, Epstein was not a pedophile. He was somewhere between an ephebophile and a teleiophile.



The SDNY is a rats nest of perfidy.

Isn't SDNY under Trump and Barr? I realize the rot runs deep, and there are a thousand rats' nests to flush out, but SDNY would seem to be a top priority. I read somewhere that Trump didn't choose Berman, who seems to have been a swamp creature. So only in year 4 did he put someone in, Jay Clayton, who from what I can tell is still awaiting confirmation. Is there no way to disinfect the place?

This is the acting US Atty:


Per Wiki she's a Democrat. Naturally.



I also think he was an information-gatherer (through photos and videos especially) in order to blackmail people.

What I don't know is who was doing the blackmailing and who was using it for string-pulling.


The people that saw nothing wrong in giving louise mensch a column in the times.


Here's a leftist non-oppositional press guy going nuts seeking satisfaction because of the full-page, non-skippable Trump campaign ad which the Washington Post ran.



Drone strike henry, its liks dana barretts central park highrise.


Exhibit a




Expected time before Adam Schiff would have filed Impeachment charges based on easily frameable obstruction of justice charges?

I mean, GOP senators would only vote for impeachment if it were true, right? And we KNOW the FBI wouldn't ever do anything dishonest, right?



You have a TradeMark to register....


I assume Trump had a quick call with Barr before issuing his statement, and that if he thought Bannon was being railroaded, his statement would have been different.



The statement I linked was from Jan., 2018, NOT today. It was my error.


Ah. Thx for the correction. Still, though, why attack Bannon if he's being framed?


DJT has made no statement to my knowledge, so no attack.


Like the blob ot parallax


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

He made a statement about it at the presser before the Iraqi meeting this morning.

To sum up:

I didn't like this group doing that. It was unprofessional and they had a lot of problems with quality.

Bannon wasn't with our team for long. I don't know what all is charged as I have only seen brief press reports about it.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

It feels to me like they are going after everyone with ties to Trump signalling that all Trumpers 'will get theirs'. By any means necessary.

The final nail in the "don't let his kind rise again" persecution.

You will be made to pay.


Now I get it.


I saw the President's comments about the Bannon business this morning. He emphatically disassociated himself with Bannon and the We Build The Wall effort/scheme. Even so, when Fox cut to Cavuto at the top of the hour, he and the gleeful reporter seemed to miss or downplay the President's definitive statement. I can see why the President is frustrated with Fox.



I think so, too, although if that is their motive, it looks a lot like panic and desperation to me.

I follow enough weirdo stuff on the internet that it is possible that President Trump could spring some surprises next week, both with the quality of the convention and some super-surpise guests, maybe some arrests as well.


About chandler bing




I’ll c&p if it’s paywalled.


Thomad cromwell always thought he was too clever, the journal floated a trial ballon about miles guo the chinese dissident bullionair

Jim Eagle

Moar American Exceptionalism from a kid in Iowa named Tommy:)



when Fox cut to non-oppositional Cavuto at the top of the hour, he and the gleeful non-oppositional reporter seemed to miss or downplay be seeking satisfaction from the President's definitive statement


Dave (in MA)
    So his Slowjoe mailing in his speech tonite?
He's licking a peel-off stamp right now. No joke. Come on, man!

"Fox News confirmed late Monday night that former Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, combat veteran and Pennsylvania congressional candidate Sean Parnell, and former Planned Parenthood director-turned-pro-life advocate Abby Johnson are all slated to appear within the four-day GOP event.

Via Surber


Eddie Munster Update:

Karthik Sankaran
Paul Ryan's new venture will spend 10 years complaining about how another company is run and then have no idea how to fix the company once it has acquired it. wsj.com/articles/forme…





Pardon my language in advance.

Fuck you, Jon Karl. You killed a 117 year old brand. Best of luck captaining that ship. Mind the ice and rocks.

Chanel Rion OAN
#BREAKING: Newly Organized National White House Correspondents Association Launches, Offers Counterpoint to 117-Year-Old @whca.

"Rion’s NWHCA is seeking shared control of WH briefing room and all other delegated press functions with the 117-year-old WHCA"



And who's the Rep and Senators again?

CBP Mark Morgan
.@CBP & @ICEgov shut down a stash house in El Paso. 32 illegal aliens were crammed inside in unsafe conditions—taking no precautions for COVID-19. Masks were provided by USBP agents, not smugglers. These conditions put everyone in danger during a pandemic. bit.ly/2Ei5J2a



Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX-16th)


"Rion’s NWHCA is seeking shared control of WH briefing room and all other delegated press functions with the 117-year-old WHCA"

What does that mean?


former Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, combat veteran and Pennsylvania congressional candidate Sean Parnell, and former Planned Parenthood director-turned-pro-life advocate Abby Johnson are all slated to appear within the four-day GOP event.

I do hope, just to shut the MFM up, that they get some POCs on the program, as well as some Democrats.



— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 20, 2020

Video at the link.


This is looking a bit odd, all around:

Christi Chat
My personal experience:

I donated $100 to ‘We build the wall’...once it was disclosed they we not permitted to use the funds specifically for the Wall, they offered me the option to have my funds returned.

Now do the Clintons—




For one thing they run the White House Correspondents' Dinner, which is a big event in Washington.

I think they also award some scholarships.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

I donated $100 to ‘We build the wall’.

So did I and got the same email. As they got organized, they found that they had to jump through certain hoops to organize as a certain type of charity and they sent out the disclaimer as they did initially claim that all proceeds would go toward the costs of the wall.


And Jon Karl would no longer have complete control over who gets to attend the WH Press conferences. It's currently at his sole discretion, as Preezy of the WHCA.


I think she'd also get a say on Air Force 1 seats.


Not sure if this is correct, from thedonald.win

Looks like SDNY is conflating two things. The original GoFundMe campaign promised 100% of funds would to go to the wall and if 1 billion was not raise all donations would be refunded. They did not not reach that goal so they created the "We Build The Wall" non-profit. Donors to the original GoFundMe campaign were then given the option to get a refund or redirect to the new non-profit.

The new non-profit never promised 100% of funds will go to border wall construction. Some of the funds had to be used to pay private land owners for right to build on their property and other corps were used for this purpose. I am sure some was used for salaries and expenses, etc.

It's still possible that some lined their pockets but the fact that it's SDNY the TIMING and the above conflation STINKS of a political hit job.



Speaking of Jon Karl, here's his take on the President's response to the Q-Anon question at yesterday's WH Press Conference.

Never before have I had to mention satanic cannibals on @ABCWorldNews, but just minutes before I went on the air tonight, @realDonaldTrump praised those promoting a fringe and insane conspiracy theory that the FBI has warned poses a potential domestic terror threat --

(emphasis mine)

This is the guy who determines who gets to attend the White House press conferences.


I'm going to wager that Bannon will be cleared. He doesn't seem stupid (or Democrat) enough to try to get away with something like that. It probably has something to do with what's mentioned in the 1:22 tweet, that they raised the money and weren't allowed to spend it on what they raised it for, and not everyone asked for a refund, so there was some issue about what do with it. If Bannon did pocket it then he deserves whatever he gets, it just seems implausible to me.

But it will get dragged on past Nov 4th and used against Trump, even though Trump had nothing to do with it.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Lawfare is worse than character assassination.


"I follow enough weirdo stuff on the internet that it is possible that President Trump could spring some surprises next week, both with the quality of the convention and some super-surpise guests, maybe some arrests as well"

I think it is safe to say that both parties will be dropping more surprises than any other election in the history of US politics.
I'm confident that our side will have some great stuff. Bank on it.


Hey Maguire, almighty and dear gracious host.
Do you understand that we get BIDEN and HARRIS, if TRUMP should lose??? You're horse shit about TRUMP refusing to give THE RANCID PRESS some satisfaction?????

Who are YOU giving SUPPORT to???? You're a NEVER TRUMP LOSER.

Jack Lillywhite

We just received confirmation that Frederick has been accepted into Atlantic Colleges IB program. Same school in which Mrs. JIB matriculated.

2 year International Baccalaureate program. Starts 9/12.

He is over the moon. Very competitive entry with over 60 nations represented.

Popping the good stuff tonight.



Only Mirengoff could write something this fatuous:

Obama never showed interest in finding common ground with Republicans. Sure, many Republicans weren’t interested in working with Obama, just as many Democrats aren’t interested in working with Trump. However, Obama couldn’t even find common ground with Susan Collins on health insurance/care. He rammed through Obamacare without the support of a single GOP Senator.

The Repukes barely pushed back on ANYTHING Zippy did. Because “that’s not who we are!”


Congrats to Frederick!


Posted by: Barbara | August 20, 2020 at 01:44 PM

the fbi was quoting a southern poverty law center press release about the national security risk they posed.

and with the media turning their lonely gaze upon them, we are going to be regaled with the most repellent and bizarre postings they could find (and it would not surprise me in the least if many of the ones that get flagged up were written by the journalists doing the flagging up). maybe cnn can get their doxxing unit and show up at random homes and pester the residents about re-tweeting some meme. speaking truth to power-showing up at an elderly woman's door about a frog meme she retweeted weeks past.


GUS, dear guy.
It's unseemly to insult TM. On a site that he's paying for. Shouldn't we have enough pride to pick up our marbles and go home, or at least behave in a surly but correct manner?

ps. Read the last post of the prev thread.
Let me know what you think?

Jack Lillywhite

:Meant to note that it is at St. Donat’s Castle, Llanwit Major, Wales, on the Bristol Sea (Channel).


Congrats, JiB!
I'm sure Frederick will eventually give up girly tea for manly coffee :) :)
And return to conservative values/outlook. You raised him well, it will be a lasting influence.


congratulations jack and frederick.



Coupled with that set-up question at the press conference about Q which could have been asked at any time over the last 2 weeks and the ABC coverage in their nightly news show and then Obama's speech charging corruption last night and Bannon's being charged today, I would say it seems like a coordinated effort, myself.

I would also say that we will discover down the road some exculpatory evidence which "accidentally" got "overlooked."

I also hope that Karl is forced to cover the arrest of some Satanic cannibals, if for no other reason than to see Karl mocked.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

So is Frederick not going back to his last year's boarding school? Why the change?

Congrats to Frederick!


Congrats Frederick! That's very very cool!

So does that mean he gets to skip his senior year?


I think Chanel's filing was a direct return volley for that JonKarl tweet and recent history.

Because coincidence!

Congrats to Frederick!


Congrats, Frederick!


I link mainly for this nugget:

While Insanity Wrap tries very hard sometimes not to indulge in schadenfreude, we eagerly await the day some thousands of well-meaning wealthy California progressives go to plug in their taxpayer-subsidized Teslas and find there’s no juice to run them.



Phineas Fahrquar
The heads of the Lincoln Project are envious.

Dan Friedman @dfriedman33
This is the very expensive yacht Steve Bannon got arrested on motherjones.com/politics/2020/…



Thanks for the advice Jim.



Don’t miss.


Justice Department
Puerto Rico Legislator and Two Capitol Employees Indicted for Theft and Bribery justice.gov/opa/pr/puerto-…





Wonderful news for frederick

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma


The Hill joins in:

BREAKING: President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., is seeking to distance himself from the “We Build the Wall” crowdfunding campaign, which had a website that said he endorsed the organization, after former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon and three others were arrested and charged with defrauding donors.

“Don gave one speech at a single We Build the Wall event over a year ago with a group of angel moms and besides that, has no involvement with their organization,” his spokesperson said, while adding that he “never gave them permission to use him as a testimonial on their website and was unaware they included him as one until today’s media reports about it."


Congrats to Frederick. My son went to an IB school and I sat on its Bd for 10 years. I think the asst head went to the one Frederick is going to. It's a very comprehensive program or at least it was when I was connected to it. Is he leaving canterbury?

Dave (in MA)

Not sure why Walgreens felt it necessary to e-mail me some nonsense about "systemic racism" but they can rest assured that I gave it the appropriate amount of consideration.


Karl must have had his feathers ruffled because the President deftly handled that set up question about cannibals and pedophiles. Even the reporter who asked the question had to laugh.

It just goes to show that liberals these days have no sense of humor — especially when they've been outfoxed.


Ot must cool to go school in a castle. Our campus looked like one of set pieces from hanna.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Did Karl get his panties in a wad over this?

The Democratic National Convention on Tuesday featured a panelist who identifies as a “nonbinary/gender transcendent mermaid Queen-King” and who called for the abolition of the police, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and prisons.

According to the panelist’s Wake Forest University bio, J Mai is a “Black-Vietnamese, transgender nonbinary/gender transcendent mermaid Queen-King,” who recently became a “licensed minister in the Progressive National Baptist Church.”


Satire has been consumed by an indominus, steph.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

You know what I'm discovering I don't like?

The congress is out on recess and out of sight. Normally a good thing as they can't legislate more bad crap. Right?


They are out of sight plotting and scheming to pull all this lawfare and other shit with the media and there is no sunlight on their activities.

I think I prefer them in session, so they have less time to be such scumbags.


They have learned the value of not being seen:




Jim Eagle

Thanks all for the congrats to Frederick.

Yes, he is leaving Canterbury and losing a school year but a junior in an IB program at Atlantic's level is like a senior taking some classes at a local university, IYKWIM. His god-father in London was a classmate of Mrs. JiB at Atlantic. In fact, his father is an ex-headmaster there. So, he is close by for the long-weekends. Frederick's best friend from Key Biscayne is in a boarding school in Northampton so they can spend those weekends wrecking havoc in Chelsea:)



Are the rules in wales more flexible then conneticut.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

1) On Bannon: stop with the wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. Steve's a big boy. He runs lots of projects. He knows that the slightest messy bookkeeping can result in this.

2) Don't miss the bigger picture.


4) Don't think they haven't sat on this for a while. The question isn't "why" but "why now?"

5) This is 2016 all over again with "Access Hollywood," except far more desperate.

6) Steve knows he's a pawn in this game and the fact they did this in AUGUST should tell you all you need to know.

7) They are losing.

They are losing huge. I sense they may now truly be afraid they will lose the House as well. But they know Trump . . .

7) contd . . . is going to crush Demented Perv Biteme. I think now, esp. after yesterday's public polling showing MN even, we are looking at over 340 EVs.

😎 In 2016 they had "Access Hollywood" in their back pocket. Why did they run it in EARLY October rather than wait?



Yes its not bannons style, hed more likely be equipping a mercenary army like something out of silvas latest oleamder based hallucination.

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