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August 30, 2020


Dave (in MA)

Maybe we need a system of mask-and-trade where the cost of everything would necessarily skyrocket, and those who don't wear Fauci Burqas could purchase mask offsets to help reduce their Wuhan Flu footprint.


Heading to bed.


jim nj

I enjoyed looking at Caro's paintings. My first impression is that she paints in an impressionist fashion :)

And then when you're enjoying something and look at it a little more you start to notice a little more and it looks to me that she borrows from other styles as well.

The impressionism is vast in some paintings and tighter in others. I see hints of pointillism in several paintings.

And maybe it's just my photographer's eye, but some of the paintings have a photographic quality to them. Almost as if she is painting from a photograph she might have taken for later reference.

I like her work.


Hi Jane, how are you feeling?


i saw the one she gave to janet. it is fantastic.


Yes that was the other term i was grappling for.

Captain Hate

If you pounce on something as evidence for what you advocate without checking it out because you want it to be true you set your argument and credibility back when it later turns out to be wrong and/or silly

I don't care. We've been lied to and had our rights curtailed and businesses closed because some geniuses were predicting millions of deaths. My give-a-shit meter for looking wrong and/or silly compared to those tyranny enablers was tossed away around Memorial day.

Dave (in MA)
    Broons. Out.
You could argue that they were another covid casualty. They were on a roll when the shutdown hit and never showed a glimpse of it again once things started back up.

I'm rather inclined toward CH's point of view .The top epidemiologists and public health services screwed us. And that's a fact, Jack.

Dave (in MA)

Looking forward to seeing "give-a-shit meter" in Pieces.


Its like alchemy, hisruptcy and divining with less consistency, le hockey stick on a pogo stick.


Do these people understand what would have happened if the boys stayed in vichy france


Dave (in MA)

The Soros Signal sighted in the sky over LA



Thats more like the bane signal. But its an old cover song

Dave (in MA)

This is an exact transcript,

Change my mind.

Captain Hate

It's September 1. I've outlasted another hellish summer. Victory is mine; who needs sports?


OK, Dave.

Now do Chicago.



who needs sports?

I've enjoyed the Stanley Cup playoffs, and I will miss Michigan football this year. The rest I don't care about.

jim nj


“There are investigations” into potentially illegal leaks and that “I know that because I’ve made a number of what are called crimes reports in connection since I’ve been the DNI," Ratcliffe said. "When I become aware of intelligence community information that is disclosed unlawfully, I do what’s called a crimes report — I’ve done that now on a number of occasions, and so those investigations are moving forward.”

Dave (in MA)

They should add chop-socky sound effects to videos of sign language interpreters who accompany left wing politicians.

jim nj


"Meanwhile, new ways of certifying competence, perhaps something like my oft-proposed National College Equivalence Examination, will be created, as employers discover the 75% or even 100% wage premium that they have been paying for college degrees is too much, and that diplomas are an obscenely expensive screening device. Already some are dropping mindless degree requirements for jobs."

I like that idea. A college-level GED.

Dave (in MA)

Here's a couple hundred grand. Please turn my kid into a useless raving lunatic.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

I guess I've been skimming. I had not realized that NPRs featured book on looting had been written by the same author BEFORE changing gender.

I guess that's not plagiarism



Not to mention abbie hoffman had this shtick 60 years ago.


They use my shorthand


jim nj


It's 2020, why am I not surprised at Willy/Vicky?


Yes its been done before,

jim nj

Sounds like Willie has very personal experience at looting, if you get my drift.


I dont really want to know jim nj



It was called steal this book a long time ago.


When I read Dr Pearbottom’s snooty diatribe about why people who wonder about the The Seven Percent Illusion are simpletons I notice that the clown never explains that group of death certificates other than to say:

“ I would go so far as to argue that the doctors completing the death certificates on those 6% without any other factors listed were either 1) in a hurry, 2) lazy or 3) didn’t understand how to fill out a death certificate in the first place. I would be embarrassed to submit such a half-assed death certificate, personally!”

So there you go. In our quest to avoid conformation bias we rely on fall back on some internet rando that essentially guesses about the most important part of her post because she personally has a point to prove.

I’ll look at a couple of her other exciting posts to see if she can be more annoying with her “Lordy!” style of overselling her actual worth.


I won’t waste time fixing my typos.


More from Dr Rando Pearbottom:

Here are some questions that I ask myself when I’m evaluating a piece of information:

Is this source reliable? Sources like the Associated Press and Reuters are generally accepted as more reliable because of their objectivity and higher standard of information gathering.




In this one Rando Pearbottom curses out everyone who doesn’t wear a mask. All kinds of insults. Nasty stuff. But hey, she is trying to save lives! Lordy! She concludes:

Quick acknowledgement: The above sentiments are not intended for people who have significant anxiety or underlying medical conditions that would preclude them from wearing a mask. I would, however, encourage those who are unable to wear masks safely to continue with strict social distancing and not go into public places where you would be at risk of acquiring Covid-19.


What?!?! I thought we were saving the human race!



jim nj


Thank you for reading that which I will not have to read. AP and Reuters reliable?


Ok.. I’ll fix one typo. I was going for a clever sounding riff on The Seven Percent Solution and intended to write The Six Percent Illusion.

I failed.


No problem, Jim. She has many more blog entries that would make excellent bird cage liners should she free herself from the digital world.

Goodnight again.


jim nj


The Trayvon Hoax: Are Young Blacks Weary of Being ‘Played’?
Some revealing reactions to Joel Gilbert’s new film.

Jack Cashill

Dave (in MA)
    thebradfordfile™@thebradfordfile ·
    In a bold effort to reach more women, the NFL will allow names of men wanted for rape to be honored on players helmets.
jim nj

Weird how that works. I read the Seven Percent Illusion as the Seven Percent Solution. Auto-cucumber of the mind.

The mind seems to have a remarkable ability to fill in the blanks or to substitute for minor typos.

jim nj


jim nj


How and why we spend trillions to keep old software going

Verrrry long, but interesting.

"Things were so bad in New Jersey that Governor Phil Murphy pleaded in a press conference for volunteer COBOL programmers to step up to fix the state’s ­Disability Automated Benefits ­System. A clearly exasperated Murphy said that when the pandemic passed, there would be a post mortem focused on the question of “how the heck did we get here when we literally needed cobalt [sic] programmers?”

jim nj

Google News died a little after midnight and three hours later is still down.

I've never seen this happen before. I'm well aware of its biases and shortcomings. I still use it as the other news aggregators like Bing News don't work as well.

Bing News doesn't have an article about Google News being down. If a tree falls...

jim nj

I wonder if college students will ever realize that they've been "Played."

I mean we have been debating here what a new Covid-19 "case" means for months now. We know that the "total" number of "cases" is distorted by some number of people having more than one test, among other questions. Now the NYT, of all possible sources, suggests that the PCR test is too sensitive. cathyf, and others, have argued that for some time. A "positive" result from the test may not mean what the medical community and the press have been telling us.

And the colleges built their return to campus programs on the idea that every student needed to be tested. Indubitably, they hired the best consultants money could buy to get this right.

So they are quarantining "infected" students, presumably without symptoms, for a 14-day period that the CDC no longer supports. It's like being slapped with an accusation of racism. Or a Title IX offense. Guilty until and still guilty after. And they're SELFISH.

Then add in the new Six Percent Solution using statistics we have also argued about for months about whether someone died "of" or "with" Covid-19. With the likely corruption of that data with the financial incentives available to hospitals and the lack of early testing and "presumptions."

What do you end up with? A system designed to find every possible false positive test result in a population of people with the least likelihood of having an average of 2.6 co-morbidities.

jim nj

There is a lot of money to be made consulting with now useless data that has been endlessly hyped by reporters that know not of which they write.

If the fear porn hadn't been endlessly hyped and used for political purposes I think we could have gone with the anonamon-jim NJ college re-opening approach.

Students report to campus and have fun. Students who exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 get tested and are quarantined until results are available. Nobody gets hassled without a good reason. If we miss an infection, no big deal, because most of the kids are near immune.

Maybe I'm not so smart and a student with an unknown co-morbidity, or maybe a couple of old liberal professors dies. Life intrudes. Students die from lots of stupid reasons. This is just one more. Like fraternity hazing.

I don't want to sound cavalier, but shit happens, and in the mean time we build herd immunity.

jim nj

Or we can try and suppress this forever with stupid lock-downs and ineffective masks until we develop co-morbidities in the future that will take us down while we are weak instead of strong.

jim nj

Covid-19 vaccines. Once approved, you will have to take one every three months for the rest of your life.

News reports 3 months later will tell you that the first vaccine was only 50% effective. You will need to take the next, more promising vaccine to be sure. 3 months later you will be told in news reports that the new vaccine was, itself, only 50% effective.

You'll live the rest of your life asymptotically receiving vaccines to reduce your risk.

Fortunately, your unborn descendants will only have to take one vaccine which combines a bazillion former ones in one dose.


September comes in raining.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

If you live in CA and you are not scared of WuFlu and you want to be involved with overseeing the election ... this would be a good time to check your county's Registrar of Voters site and volunteer.

Hello James,

I have received your Election Officer Application online.

Please reply to this email if you are still available to help on the November 2020 Presidential Election, I will contact you ASAP for your assignment.

Hours and stipend (tax free):
$115 – Nov 3rd, 2020 - Election day 7am to 9pm
$90 – Oct. 30th to Nov. 2nd, 2020 - Early Election days – 8am to 5pm
$20 – 3hr. training
$10 – Extra per day for Bilingual

Thank you for your support!

Best Regards,
Election Worker II
Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters Office
1553 Berger Drive, Building #1, San Jose, CA 95112



James D.

JimNJ @ 4:49

“People die for lots of stupid reasons”

Exactly. Because we all lead sub-optimal loves in one way or another, in an “ideal health” way.

If we totally banned cars, there’d be no deaths from traffic accidents or car crashes.

If we forced people at gunpoint to exercise using a scientifically approved program for an hour every day there’d be less obesity.

If we banned all sugary and fatty foods there’d be less diabetes

If we banned alcohol there’d be no deaths from liver failure.

If we banned all weapons there’d be no deaths from gunshot wounds or stabbings.

If we wrapped everybody in bubble wrap nobody would ever get hurt, ever, and we’d all live forever.

Right? Isn’t that how it would work?


This is interesting:
I am in upstate New York capturing data for a problem we're having.
I brought four tracking devices with me from Pennsylvania to New York. As soon as I crossed the New York border, they are stopped.
Modem team is looking at my data right now.
Our devices with Verizon Sim cards stop working in NY.




morning all. see the world is still spinning.

how do you morning people do it?

Another Bob

I think SWC Is losing the plot in his battle with Sundance.

“Because of nonsense [Sundance] posts like right now, which causes everyone to be more cynical -- and he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. So people looking for information accept this kind of crap as accurate, when it's actually ignorant of how things are done.”

Uh, Ship? People ain’t cynical because of anything Sundance is saying. Many know “how things are done” - that’s what’s making them cynical.

Another Bob

Rex Chapman jumped into the prog maw. Washing my hands of him.

A damn shame as his twitter feed used to be fantastic.

Another Bob

Neo, is this you talking or are you quoting someone else?

Robin, eff 'em all

Our devices with Verizon Sim cards stop working in NY.

Neo, that is interesting. Verizon is the best of the major carriers in rural upstate NY and it's pretty terrible. NY pols talk a lot about broadband access, but they have managed to squash competition by smaller local companies by limiting access to poles for infrastructure. I would imagine that access to cell towers is similarly contained and that it's much more challenging to get cell towers up in rural areas.

Jack Lillywhite

Today is Frederick’s 17th birthday.

Tomorrow he and his Mom are off to NYC for 2 days of Belgian embassy formalities, then off to Belgium. From there on the 12th he flies to Heathrow on the 12th where his new school’s bus will meet him and fellow students to take them to Wales for Atlantic College.

Going to miss him but it’s 3rd year of boarding so am used to it.


Only very rarely do I have a problem w/reception in NY with AT&T. Of course, reception while hunting doesn’t count.


Good luck, Frederick!

Some day, if he continues in Philosophy and Ethics, I would like to send him a copy of my "Individuals, Journalism, and Society" that sorts through some of the historical conundrums philosophers had if you don’t distinguish between culture and society.

Philosophers writing in Ancient Greek only had one word for the two, which caused confusion in their writing.

James D.

Verizon is the best of the major carriers in rural upstate NY and it's pretty terrible.

They also have the WORST customer service, bar none.

Jack Lillywhite

sbw, he would like that. He’ll get plenty of that in his IB program at AC.


This is going to snare some very big names before it's over:

Hawaii Businesswoman Pleads Guilty to Facilitating Back-Channel Lobbying Campaign to Drop 1MDB Investigation and Remove a Foreign National to China



new thread

Another Bob

“ According to admissions made in connection with her plea, Lum Davis admitted that, between March 2017 and January 2018, she and others — including a prominent official of a national political party with ties to the administration”?

Broidy isn’t particularly “prominent” IMO and quite clearly had no “ties to the administration”. Or is someone else being referred to?




Quoting somebody else


I've been wearing pretty much the same beat up surgical mask, only when I have to, since this began, not wanting to give into any of the BS.

Yes go ahead and tell me how loaded with germs it is, I don't care, I just shove it in my purse and drag it out when needed.

But now that I have to go to work next week and wear a mask all day, I caved and bought some nice ones on Etsy.

They all have the caveat: not medical grade, does not protect against infectious disease.

Theater. But at least I won't look as awful in them (I hope).


Porch, lol. Masks. I'm still smiling.

I have about five of the disposable medical masks hanging on my turn signal and windshield wiper 'hangers' in the car. I try and collect as many as I can from various places. I figure if they require me to wear one, they should provide it.

I think the real 'crime' is requiring children to wear them at school. I asked our 10 year old grandson if he had to wear one all day, and he said, 'we get breaks.' Our 9th and 10th grade granddaughters have to wear them in class, but the one who plays softball isn't required to wear one at practice or in games. High school football has started, in fact, baseball, soccer and other summer sports went on all summer*, and now we're into all of the fall sports.

*At all of the games, it was if there wasn't covid -- no masks on kids or fans.

We went to our grandson's round-robin football scrimmage between four teams at Jenks, south of Tulsa a week ago. Thousands of people. No masks.

I had a malignant skin cancer taken off about two months ago and went for a recheck, took a mask in to reception, people waiting all had masks, so I put one on. The dermatologist and her assistants didn't wear masks -- she laughed and told me 'we've all had it.' But said I should put mine back on when I checked out. I counted four people in the business office -- no masks.

It's a crazy world.

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