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August 07, 2020


Another Bob

"that enlisting Trump Country in outrage against the police"

Getting fairly desperate?

Rather than "enlisting Trump Country in outrage against the police", maybe it's about only some attention to an egregious injustice?

But leave it to the NYT set to reflexively turn it into a broad-brush stereotype of all police everywhere.


Good article here about how working class people are largely ignored by the greater society--much bigger divides among classes than between whites and blacks.



Less blowback when cops shoot whites. Plus stupidity transcends skin color. So it is likely more dangerous to be stupid and white.

Captain Hate

Threatening a cop when you're driving to a midnight shift seems like a really dumb way to exit the world.

Another Bob

"My Magic Eight Ball goes dark when asked if White HS grads are at greater or lesser risk than Black college grads."

C'mon TM, cut the glib shit. Haven't we had enough of it? Do you actually know any police?

At an institutional level (though this is being unfortunately erased) and a personal level, police - like everyone - act in accordance with patterns they observe in people and situations.

The question isn't the "risk" being taken by randos of various ages and colors in dealing with police. It's the risk taken by the police in their interactions with these various groups.

The reason this case requires looking into is the break with the usual pattern in that a young white woman, who apparently had no criminal record, was killed. And yes, the opacity of the authorities is a problem.

Want to get cynical about it? The NYT set normally doesn't care or even know about rural Missouri. It doesn't exist. But they put this story in the paper. Maybe just an attempt to keep the Karens on board as Black Bloc starts invading the suburbs?


My strong impression is that a thirty year old white guy in a suit and tie, or business casual, will fare better during a traffic stop than a thirty year old white guy with a denim jacket and neck tattoos.

I think you misspelled "behave" there. Which of course is usually the issue, along with involvement in violent crime.


The NYT set normally doesn't care or even know about rural Missouri.

They search far and wide, but only in the service of #OrangeManBad. I doubt very much they reported on the young mom in Indiana who was murdered for saying "All lives matter."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sufferin South Succotash...
Is it possible that class and race play the same role? A much higher percentage of the poor are either criminals or they interact with and live around criminals so they interact more with cops.
In this particular case the story is almost exactly like George Floyd and most other shootings. The deceased is always a quiet, loving person, a saint really, who loved her dog and helped the less fortunate. And the people saying this are always the family.
As facts dribble out the media portrayal reveals a different story.
No doubt there are times when cops just pull out their guns and shoot an unarmed person for no reason or for nefarious ones. There are bad apples in every group and there are bad and stupid cops. But I'm having a hard time remembering when one the media portrayed as such turned out to be accurate.


I also doubt they reported on the murder of a relative of mine, who was a cop (by a white guy no less), back when I was a younger woman.

No clues given more than that due to this being a public site.

Another Bob

Now for some complete OT...

Anyone ever heard of a bank saying that I-9s submitted by customers a few years ago were somehow discovered to be "invalid" and are asking/requiring that new ones be submitted?

I certainly had to file an I-9 when I opened accounts with this bank. I have to presume they were valid at the time. What could have happened to "invalidate" them?

I'm in the process of unwinding my relationship with that institution and mostly don't want to be bothered. But I'm curious about what nefarious purpose could be behind this.


Donald J. Trump
After yesterday’s statement, Sleepy Joe Biden is no longer worthy of the Black Vote!


Donald J. Trump
Great Jobs Numbers!


Blacks are probably over-represented in the "non-college grad" group, but over-represented by even more in the "victim of deadly force" group.

Except that, no, we know that to be untrue.


Lots of re-tweets today because this is World Day Against Trafficking, and also he signed that EO against TikTok.

Another Bob

"The deceased is always a quiet, loving person, a saint really,"

I did note that as well Ig. Any actual details on the decedent here are nonexistent.

And that 538 "analysis" that totally ignored the elephant in the room that Henry pointed out above. Just rehash of all the usual social justicey BS.


Jeffrey Satinover
15h ·
I estimate that 9 of 10 CV19 posts about policy completely ignore the two facts that (1) the policies were NOT intended to prevent CV19 infections but to delay them (2) the estimated severity metrics have long since proven wildly overestimated. The actual case rate never threatened capacity. If all these posts were viewed through this lens the policy conclusion would dramatically favor immediate return to normal with a few areas of restricted exception.
E.g. the debate over whether masks “work” is absurd. They were never meant to prevent you and others getting CV19 but to delay when you (as part of a population) would by decreasing the probability of transmission - not, however, to zero. So far as the individual is concerned you’re better off statistically getting it sooner, younger, than later, older.

Is this thread header more or less accurate than the musings about the obviously guilty [sarc] white boy Duke Lacrosse team?


More on my new neighbors:


Turns out DHS and FEMA are partly, maybe mostly, to blame. The rot runs deep, and this is on Trump. Not that he knows about it, but it’s his DHS.



Is she Cindy or Angela?


"I think you misspelled "behave" there. Which of course is usually the issue, along with involvement in violent crime"

Math is hard, but last June I laid out charts and numbers to support this.


Bottom line:

Nothing proved or disproved, but there are 2 explanations for disparity in police shootings.

  1. Police are racist;
  2. For every 1000 violent crime arrests about 2 people are shot by police, regardless of race.
I suspect the 2nd holds for class as well as race.

Apply Occam's razor or not, but don't pretend the only explanation is police bias.


Lin Wood
It is my goal to turn Twitter use into a vehicle for good. Our country & freedoms are under attack. A revolution has started.

I believe in truth. I use Twitter to speak truth. I am inspired by the common sense & loyalty to country that I see in my Followers’ posts. We will win.


That time you’re driving in Virginia and the Attorney General spots a group of people in front of a police precinct showing their support for the police.

AG to FBI Detail: “Can we make a quick U-Turn? I want to jump out and thank those people.”

Watch! #SoundOn 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/3atSicAgdC

— Kerri Kupec DOJ (@KerriKupecDOJ) August 7, 2020

Video at link.

Captain Hate

Geez clarice, if Satinover is right Fauci would have to get out of the limelight. Let's focus on priorities!

Soylent Red

I don't know much, but some things are apparent to me, even with my Land-Grant education...

These studies usually leave out lots of very important variables, which may include the victim's past history with police contact, the crime rate in the area where the stop occurred, the cop's years on the job, and level of training.

Everything that comes out of an MSM source is a study in Bad (or Bad Faith) Statistics by Journalism Majors. Everything. You might as well be formulating policy by using the back of a cereal box.

This issue, plus all the attendant stupidity surrounding the coronavirus, gun control, homelessness, or any other thing where the "I bELiEvE iN sCiEnCe" cult invokes statistics, should be mocked and ignored, and the purveyors of this nonsense should be pummeled into silence.



Captain Hate

Save us, John Roberts



Releasing violent criminals from prison to protect them from the dreaded COVID-19 (I suspect regardless of whether they'd already been exposed) is another of the brilliant responses to what should have been a minor nuisance for society as whole, like SARS, MERS, H1N1, in fact every pandemic since 1919.

Old Lurker

"I don't know much..."

Which makes you just like the rest of us, Soy!

How are you doing?


"These studies usually leave out ..."

Information not allowed to be spoken.

Society pretends certain things are true because they are supposed to be. Harmless to pretend every person is born the same and all differences must be privilege or oppression.

Then "studies" are needed to prevent the harmless pretenses from being mugged by reality.


Defund nEGROES, they are far more violent than POLICE.

Care to debate that??

Old Lurker

The only "Emergency Action" SCOTUS should engage in right this very day is to work preemptively with the other two branches of government to work out a pre-approved mechanism for at least the Federal part of the Nov elections.


pic at link


Seen at stop light in Oak Creek, WI @realDonaldTrump



"These studies usually leave out ..."

And as narciso has often reminded us, remember the infamous Boston Fed study of mortgage lending "discrimination," which contributed mightily to policies that led to the Financial Crisis of 2008 and all that entailed.

James D.

I estimate that 9 of 10 CV19 posts about policy completely ignore the two facts that (1) the policies were NOT intended to prevent CV19 infections but to delay them

We were told they, over and over, back in March. Everybody
on social media who’d gotten their Junior Epidemologist merit badge from watching a Fauci press conference was shouting about “flattening the Circe” and that everyone should “stay the eff home!” to slow the pace of infections and keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed.

We did that. And now they’ve all forgotten, or are deliberately ignoring, all that because we can’t go back to work or out to eat or visit friends or take off our muzzles until there are zero infections anywhere.

It’s almost as if they’re all drink on judging their fellow citizens and telling other people what to do and don’t actually give a damn about the actual disease or how to cope with it.

Soylent Red

Well OL...

I recently had a brush with cancel culture inside DoD. By the grace of God I will come out alright, but the rot goes all the way to the core of things we hold dear.

Other than that, finishing up CGSC and getting my mind right about taking another government-sanctioned vacation to some garden spot in the ME next year.

James D.

OL @ 11:07

No thank you. I don’t want John Roberts and Nancy Pelosi making preemptive plans about anything. I’ll take months of chaos and a civil war over whatever scheme they’d come up with.


Also, I jinxed myself last week by saying I'd had no Karen encounters on the UWS. Within a day or two a guy at the Central Park tennis courts, where I'd just arrived and joined the line, said to me, "There's a rule you have to have a mask." Perhaps he was just informing me of the fact, but it seemed more like a Karen-type demand, though I was about 10 feet away from and outdoors.

Captain Hate

The donk hope for the future


Captain Hate

It just moved for Trandrea

Andrea Mitchell@mitchellreports
Anna Navarro is a big get for Team Obama:
Biden camp taps GOP Trump foe to rev up Latino voters


“A big get”

They measure by weight now?


Hi, Soylent! *air kisses* Yes, indeed. It's as bad as the unverified health warnings churned out by the partisan NGOs and touted word for word by the media.



When it takes 6 people to write about government "services", as we have learned over the past 12 years, there is way more than "informing the public" involved in a single NYPost piece.


FinancialJuice @FinancialJuice

𝕮𝖍𝖎 🛢️
Replying to @FinancialJuice
full document >>Treasury Sanctions Individuals for Undermining Hong Kong’s Autonomy home.treasury.gov/news/press-rel… (ht @fredwalton216 )


Isn't that something?

Another Bob

Henry, that link led me to another tweet referring to the Milwaukee police chief Alfonso Morales being demoted to captain.

Another casualty of the black vs. hispanic spoils battle in Milwaukee?


I know it's a long post below, but the latest and greatest email from UMass can't be edited, as it's the most egregious so far. I am planing on writing a letter to UMASS as I think that's all I can do. I prefer son finish college at this point - he only needs a few more credits.

Anyway, I wish all who are healing and dealing with aged relatives, and difficult situations all the best.

I was horrified to see the video that Miss M posted about the troll doll! Truly, evil is on the rise.

I am headed to the gym soon for the first time since March. I have three days off!!!

August 6, 2020

To the Campus Community:
I am writing to you this evening to announce significant changes to our fall reopening plan.
The worsening conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic nationally have led us to make the difficult decision to significantly reduce our campus population for the fall. While we remain committed to our previously announced instructional plan, regrettably, we are reversing our previously announced offer to provide on-campus housing for students whose coursework is entirely remote. Only students who are enrolled in essential face-to-face classes, including laboratory, studio and capstone courses, which have been designated in SPIRE, will be accommodated in campus residence halls and be granted access to campus facilities and dining this fall. All other students, whose courses do not require a physical presence on campus, should plan to engage in their studies remotely, from home. In the interest of public health, we also strongly urge our off-campus students whose coursework is remote to refrain from returning to the Amherst area for the fall semester, for they, too, will not have campus facilities at their disposal. Research laboratories, many of which resumed operation in the spring, will remain open.
We recognize there are some students who are dependent on campus housing and dining, and others, including some international students with specific visa requirements and students in healthcare fields, who will need to reside on campus. These situations will be handled on a case-by case basis, and in most instances will be accommodated.
These measures are intended to mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19 and to more effectively deploy our viral testing, contact tracing, and quarantine and isolation resources. We are moving forward with the implementation of wide-ranging viral testing protocols on campus this fall, adopting practices that go well beyond federal and state recommendations. For instance, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently do not recommend testing of asymptomatic individuals without known exposure to a person with COVID-19. However, in these unprecedented times, we are committed to spending millions of dollars for additional testing and the staffing to conduct it. We believe these steps, coupled with a significant reduction in campus population, are the best means to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our community.
I realize that today’s announcement will cause disruption for many of you and is a major departure from the plan we released in June. Our intention at that time, with our plans to conduct most classes remotely while inviting all students back to campus, was to strike a balance between the immersive residential experience so important to our students’ development and the health and safety of the entire community in the Amherst area. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts and detailed planning, the proliferation of the pandemic has left us with no choice but to pursue this more stringent approach.
Quite simply, when we make a clear-eyed assessment of the public health data and comparable reopening attempts that are playing out across the country, we feel that we have no choice but to make the difficult decision to enact these changes to our fall plan. Our deliberations were also informed by the health and safety concerns expressed by our faculty and staff and by the citizens and leadership in our host community, Amherst. In addition, we determined that the risk of a mid-semester closing of the campus is real, and that making the decision not to bring students back to campus is preferable to sending everyone home in the event of an uncontrolled outbreak.
We will make every effort to address your concerns and questions as they arise and to update you regularly as the semester approaches. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit our reopening website, which we are currently updating to include frequently asked questions related to today’s announcement. You can also email us at [email protected] with comments and concerns.
As we grapple with the implications of this announcement, I urge you to keep in mind that you are not alone. Whether studying or working virtually or in person, you are a member of the UMass community, guided by the call to “be revolutionary.” In the face of adversity, we must all be inspired to think in new ways, to challenge convention, to dream big, and to make a difference. I am convinced that in these difficult times, we will strengthen the ties that bind us and emerge stronger and better prepared to take on any new challenges.
I am deeply grateful for your patience and understanding. And I look forward to the day that we will all be together again.
Chancellor Kumble R. Subbaswamy

Another Bob

And in my bank question above, it's obviously not an I-9, but a W-9 form.


A Bob, not really. Pure “defund the police” in action. SJWs on the Fire & Police Board first banned crowd control, then the chief when he called them on it. Mayor Barrett was too busy admiring his stupid (empty) trolley todo anything useful.


We won't win if we don't fight!



Couldn't possibly have been a general document toss during the great MERS court battle, now could it? Never ascribe mere carelessness when malice will apply in TBTF document issues.

Be sure to call 911 if you are the victims of a crime after you abolish the police, kids at @TeenVogue.

Teen Vogue @TeenVogue
"While we’re working to abolish the police, we must also work to dismantle what the police were put here to protect: property." –@kandistmallett tnvge.co/NxXf6gt


No saccharine with that hot take.

Old Lurker

I hear you and understand, James.

The difference between chaos now (in pursuit of a SECURE and TIMELY outcome) v chaos after the election is that one side or the other is never going to accept the outcome if fought out in the courts after the election, and the Tribe wing will throw in a Pelosi POTUS for extra spice.

That might increase rather than decrease the odds of a real civil war.

Not that that is a bad thing.




Roscoe B Davis🎖⭐️⭐️⭐️
Show me someone in that administration that wasn't using an unsecure private server and I will be way more impressed

Paul Sperry @paulsperry_
BREAKING: Rumored Biden vice presidential pick Susan Rice used a private unsecured email server to conduct US government business as Obama's National Security Adviser



Can NOT make this stuff up:

Antifa Sues Seattle Claiming Police Response Has Forced Them To Invest In Better Riot Gear



SWC on asset seizures:



Seattle businesses should sue all listed plaintiffs for damages.



Paul Sperry on the Durham release!

Another Bob

Meh. No indictments, no excitement.




kumble was on a online panel I watched earlier this summer pushing Equity in the name of the 'twin pandemics'. When he says Be Revolutionary! he means it.

Thanks to everyone for their good thoughts. I seem to be having similar problems to OL and iggy when it comes to these times and used the B word yesterday after someone started using a disparaging nickname to refer to the hospice nurse. The irony of finally snapping because it was someone else being verbally abused.


Thanks jimmy, i think the author of that fed study is now a fed official himself.


Sperry has been as much on point with these matters as john solomon and sarah carter.


She must be back on the coke:





Now the norridge i mean ormond city council wants to cancel bike week 'jusr slather us in honey and put us on an ant hill.




rse - thanks for the post. Totally nuts.

I just keep trying to plug away. But the "system" seems to keep throwing more at us. Just now I had a notice from the state UI office stating that the claim that I said is fraud has been "redetermined" to a lower figure. ARGGHH As far as I can tell nothing has been settled. But so infuriating as no place to reply or contest on the site!!

I love that I am paying my sales tax and MA/Fed employer taxes, while reading that UMass will be spending millions aggressively fighting the wuflu at levels above those recommended by the CDC.

Time to finish paying my taxes to the tyrants. Going to the gym to get fit for the upcoming fight this fall.



From the President's page:


Charts how do they work



Thread: (blue on blue on Blue, police get the caps). Fine display of “not” racism by the left.


Congratulations, Milwaukee. You got rid of your Hispanic police chief because this racist wanted you to.


Another Bob

Can we start talking about heads/pikes for some judges?



Nice reminder:

Replying to @EntheosShines
Corrupt NY Attorney General #LetitiaJames Who Has Been Helping Left-Wing "Resistance" Members Get Away With Crimes In NY Caught On Video Bragging About Illegally Using Law Warfare Against @realDonaldTrump To Interfere With 2020 Elections @DonaldJTrumpJr nypost.com/2019/01/04/tis…


Jim Eagle


Did you do your CGSC at Leavenworth?


"South Succotash" isn't the name of the town. So is that humor or just mockery of flyover people?
Agree that the NYT wouldn't cover this without an opportunity to poke Trump and supporters

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Well OL...

I recently had a brush with cancel culture inside DoD.--

Got a hold of some of your old JOM comments, eh?


War economy

So, to be clear, the Democratic convention is:

* John Kasich, a Never Trump loser
* Bernie Sanders, a Commie
* Barack Obama, the guy who led Spygate
* Andrew Cuomo, nursing home killer
* Bill Clinton, Epstein Island attendee

Soylent Red


Online. All online. Pointy-clicky Powerpoints, and a paper or two for each class. Not optimal for actual learning. I'm told it's a block check anyway, which seems...unfortunate.

Coronavirus has been useful since I can sit down in my home office and get paid to go to military school in shorts and a t-shirt while sipping coffee. Hard part is keeping on task and maintaining momentum.

A little more than halfway through.

Jim Eagle


You need to add * Hillary, failed candidate, to that list.


Well you get two for one.


She’s Angela.

Thanks for the tools tips, fellas.


I’ve encountered shitbirds from every race, educational level, and economic level. Idiots, as well as good people, come from all over the spectrum.

Soylent Red

Got a hold of some of your old JOM comments, eh?

Nah. My semi-public Covid-skepticism was a triggering event for someone. I'll tell the story when it all plays out.


Sanity is doubleplusgood, hey soylent heard of my novella set in the sandbox southern corner.



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--My semi-public Covid-skepticism...--

Heretic! One of this year's twin ideological purity tests.
The True Believer knows in his heart he's walking a fact free tightrope without a net so skepticism is to the committed ideologue as water [or houses dropping out of the sky] is to wicked witches.


Cuomo finally gets something right, says NY schools can reopen. Now let’s see the teachers’ unions go apeshit.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Woke Mob at University at Buffalo Targets…Millard Fillmore
Now they're after guys who are remembered only because they're forgotten.

Jim Eagle

The do-loop of calling someone a racist:)


ccgirl @ 11:31, it’s no consolation, but a bunch of schools have made similar announcements recently, including Johns Hopkins. It’s a world gone mad. Fauci has made it worse with his pronouncements.


Brent Scowcroft, dead at 95

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This video is hilariously epic;
Lone elderly woman who apparently got there with a walker stops Antifa punks from burning down Portland police precinct.
The hilariously epic part is when these dangerous Marxist revolutionaries stymied like a column of CCP tanks and only capable of screaming at and throwing paint on a lone old woman begin chanting "put your mask on!" I guess to shame her into submission.
LOLGF commies.


Be sure to check out the photo of the "Antifa Blender" option LOL

matt - deplore me if you must

But antifa doesn’t exist, Mel.

I don’t think either the Times nor TM know of Florida Man.

matt - deplore me if you must

Statues are an expression of White privilege and oppress all minorities. Thus all statues must come down.

Soylent Red

Things I know:

1. I have no doubt Covid exists, and clearly comes from CHina.

2. I have no doubt that if you get it, and it is bad, it can fcuk you up or kill you.

3. I have no doubt that washing your hands and staying away from people as much as practical is probably a good way to avoid getting a virus. ANY virus.

Furthermore, I have observed:

1. Not all masks are made or used equally, therefore the assertion that they prevent illness is at best unprovable.

2. Some fraction of a percent who get this will have serious problems or death. That fraction is smaller per capita than some other very nasty things we have NOT had a moral panic about.

3. The word NOVEL in front of coronavirus means that we don't understand everything about this virus, and there is new information coming out daily, much of it conflicting or difficult to verify.

4. Since every damned thing is political, much of the coronavirus experience has had a distinctly political vibe to it, rather than being the result of data and robust analysis.

5. Politicians and government-employed medical people are ill-prepared to and reluctant to make judgement calls that could result in negative news stories affecting their political viability and place at the trough. Thus they will always default to the most POLITICALLY risk-averse guess available, whether it is right or wrong, and regardless of contradictory evidence.

What I have learned recently:

1. To assert any of the above points in public is a clear indication that "YoU hAtE ScIeNcE derp".

2. TO assert any of the above is a clear indication that you must be a racist, bigot, homophobe, transphobe, agoraphobe, and probably a Methodist.

3. There will be no adult conversations featuring divergent opinions, on any subject, ever again.

Captain Hate

I've already written and deleted multiple responses to AB's 12:26.


Well, soylent, this recent paper from the World Bank that even says "Public Disclosure Authorized" actually states that the Pandemic is the excuse to force us to learn to act collectively using a "whole-of-society approach" http://documents1.worldbank.org/curated/en/572121596564616810/pdf/Coming-Together-While-Staying-Apart-Facilitating-Collective-Action-through-Trust-and-Social-Connection-in-the-Age-of-COVID-19.pdf and also increase the powers of governments at every level to force us to cooperate with one another. Same approach to be needed for climate change and 'persistent socioeconomic inequality".

The last page helpfully tells us that the Pandemic allows governments to "seize the moment to build a new political,economic, and social order based on trust and a sense of common purpose."



To bookend that:



I can't believe Brent Scowcraft was 95!


Gentlejim, I messaged her to warn her my Facebook page is all conservtive politics.


A Rush caller just pointed out that Doomsayers always get a "win". Either they're proven right or they're happy to be wrong.

Then Rush points out even when they're happy to be wrong they can take credit for preventing the doom by "warning" everybody to prevent it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

New "cases" are breaking pretty sharply lower and might very well be scraping along the baseline by early October = bad juju for Dems who have tired to pin Wuflu on Trump.

Would not surprise me to see a good number of them calling for flinging wide the doors and doffing the masks in the hopes they can ramp things up again.


FBI Investigation Uncovers 256 Emails Between Schiff and Epstein

August 7, 2020 2 Minutes

The rabbit hole of Epstein’s heinous crimes seems to get deeper each day. It appears that every day someone new is revealed to have taken numerous trips to Epstein Isle for “unknown” reasons.



Ignore that, there's some serious tomfoolery in it.

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