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September 02, 2020



I would say pennies are being beaten into FMJ’s.



After working for 8000 years I was absolutely shocked when the govt sent me money (despite the fact that it is my money). And I continue to be shocked every single month! Enjoy!


Clarice, I agree. I often wonder if the stress on sanitation will lead to a giant issue with antibiotics. Just recently the topic was that we should not sanitize so much. Now it’s “sanitize it all.” Ten years from now we will have major issues in healthcare with antibiotics.

Don’t tell, but we barely sanitize these days. It’s all so ridiculous.


In FL, MI, NH, PA, and NV, the total number of foreign-born voters who have entered the electorate from 2014-2018 exceeds the margins of victory from the 2016 presidential election.



I am not dealing with worry. I see that everyone is dealing in fear porn now.

I am going to bed.



Sorry, Miss M. I am actually in good spirits these days!


Werr noticing the ridiculous nature of it,


Son is a total geek, but an English major. Has a friend over, and they are having a loud conversation about physics, and it is pretty funny. But also great to know that geeky 21 year olds are into it. Too funny to the parents here.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Also in short supply: certain types of toilet paper and paper towels, my favorite brand of spray cleaners and furniture polish (which I have to have shipped), toilet bowl cleaner for hard water areas, etc.

I've had good luck at the Dollar Tree and Dollar General. Weird brands but any port in a storm.

I use them as a go to for casserole tins, too. And gift bags.


Steph, it’s all so weird. Of course at the hardware store we are also info central. One of the first guys in the store asked us where he could buy full blocks of ice. Huh. Have you heard of google?

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Seen in email. More detail on the killing in Portland. It disagrees with TM's analysis that attempting to mace the shooter caused the murder.

Watch around the 4:20 mark. The spotter runs behind the Charger with the disinfo team and appears to pick up the spent shells. Ignore the other stuff going on.


THREAD One last point about the Portland Antifa death-squad murder of Aaron J. Dickinson: For all you folks talking about what YOU'D do, these killers picked out a target, murdered him, and escaped in 14 SECONDS. Let me tell you what that means.
More of his thread at link

Captain Hate

I never saw Blow-Up but I saw two films inspired by it: The Conversation and Blow-Out (very original, DePalma; but it was a good movie).


Ive seen parts of that last one, they riffed off some elwments for enemy of the state


Pin, no idea on the pennies.

I have hit tired. Again. Good night all, and as always thanks for putting up with my rants.

Retail girl out!

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"I can’t recall if it was posted here, that the radicals plan on laying siege to the White House until November"

If only they'd deputize a few thousand armed Americans to stand around the White House and keep the Dems in prescribed areas where they could make noise but not interfere with others.

I get that they don't want to start shooting people in the street using federal police or troops, but it would be different if it was everyday citizens standing up for their freedom.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I preferred the two American retreads to Blow Up.
The usual lamebrain European deep thoughts on existentialism throwing a spanner into a perfectly decent little story, which lamebrain Americanskis like that chucklehead Ebert gobbled up.


I think lin wood posted it on his thread. Mostly urban paramilitaries have been limited by secondary concerns the question of personal safety amd the ongoing operations of businesses are more pressing matters


I firsr saw david hemmings in airwolf was he always such a louche jackass.

Captain Hate

Blow-Up was based on a story by Julio Cortazar. I read Hop Scotch a long time ago, when I was younger and dumber, and couldn't figure out what the big deal was. I think I'll suggest it to the book group on Saturday, as in demand we do so assuming it's still in print.

Captain Hate

I really liked The Conversation when Hackman figures out he's under surveillance.

Another Bob

Jim,SunnyvaleCA,USA | September 02, 2020 at 11:22 PM

Again, my question - How many people die and how much property and livelihoods are destroyed before law enforcement puts this down?

And raise your hand if you think the occupation of Wheeler’s apartment building wasn’t a piece of theatre, and Wheeler (and Durkin in Seattle) and the DAs refusing to charge are active participants in a conspiracy?

Another Bob

“ The Conversation”. I have to rewatch that someday.

Captain Hate

When Siskel and Egbert disagreed on a movie I always threw in with Mean Gene. The worst one was when Fat Boy didn't like Blue Velvet because he thought it was too degrading to Isabella Rossellini; this from a guy who wrote scripts for Russ Meyer.

Frank Booth was surely Hopper's best role.


Its a matter of persoective he also tried ti adapt one of gore vidals terrible novels


Austin powers borrowed a little of blow up as well, david hemmings had better teeth of course.

Captain Hate

I used to have this fop acquaintance who doted on Vidal's commentary and even he admitted his novels were unreadable.


Yes myra breckenridge was a special kind of hell,

Dave (in MA)

My first awareness of Hemmings was his narration on the Rick Wakeman Journey to the Center of the Earth album. Later he was Jekkyl & Hyde in a version shown stateside on public TV. The only thing that sticks out in my mind about Blow-Up was Jeff Beck wrecking his guitar.


As carson used to say 'i did not know thar'


And vanessa redgrave looked good in that one from the snippets, before she became a plo crone.


And even sarah miles looked agreable in that one.


Use that laser from real genius



You know i didnt get the ethical dilemma in that film. Because the laser could zero in one person, instead wiping out a whole armu.


Just because william atherton was the stock villain:



There was a bit of unintentional humor in last night's Fox News crawl line (which I believe comes from the AP). In a report on the temporary stay of New York's subpoena for Trumps tax records, it said even if the records were turned over to the grand jury, grand jury secrecy laws would prevent them from becoming public. Sure, nothing is ever leaked if there's a law against it -- just ask General Flynn.


On The Conversation: What kind of spoiled it for me is the way they altered Cindy William's inflection on the key overheard line. I suppose it could be interpreted as indicating Hackman's perception of what he heard, but it seemed to me to be a cheat.


Theres also the bit the narrative and the facts are in conflict.

Manuel Transmission

Ig, And so in a world where hundreds of millions are given to an overtly Marxist group like BLM

Rumor has it that one of the billionaires on the island who the ‘boys’ next door are pals with, wrote a check for $100MM to BLM. Knowing how that slush fund redirects all that to the DNC and the 12 pct in/out fees, that’s some serious pocket change. I wonder if it shows up as part of the normal political contribution tally, or is this yet another laundering scam.


Its an extortion scheme, mt, that no 2 would be impressed with dr evil would just be comfused.


Quiet night -- either jim_nj has internet issues, or maybe has something more fun to do!


laundering scam mantran ... doesn't it go back to the '50s people have been pointing out the pernicious influence of 501.

a parenthetical to this was the big think piece years ago (i think it was in either the nyt or wsj) on the massive gift t boone pickens gave to osu. it tried to paint him in a negative light with all the rules and restrictions, but looked to me fairly standard. then shortly afterwards soros 'gave' 100 million to human rights watch to lots of good press without any the actual details ... soros actually gave himself headlines since his funds actually manage the money.


still working on catch up, but narciso got a belly laugh out of me.

>>>Its raccoon city, the zombies are on order.

Posted by: Narciso | September 02, 2020 at 10:24 PM<<<

indeed it is.

and great to see people coming back and commenting too.


it is three am on the east coast.

i've had a two aspirin headache for the last two hours.

finally starting to subside.


i should kickoff some kjom ... early morning version.

stormtroopers of death ... nah, too much.


Just something light and upbeat for the new day, rich? I remember, so many years ago, being pretty soused at around this time of morning and blasting Hendrix' "Machine Gun" for the benefit of the neighbors.


ha. unfortunately no beer. i took some excedrin and that is like having a strong cup of coffee. i should shutoff the computer because i've been looking at computer screens and working under a microscope all last night.


i have been meaning to put together a classical kjom just to surprise everyone. keep on putting it off.


So, SJW and 4th US Open seed Naomi Osaka is wearing a different mask each match when walking onto the court, each one with the name of someone who has suffered as part of America's continued genocide of black people. So I looked up the particular victim of said genocide that was featured last night, someone named Elijah McClain from Aurora, Colorado, who died while in police custody last year (somehow I don't even remember it). I'm sure there's aspects of it that the wiki doesn't mention, but it sounds like some pretty awful stuff went down. To me, and others surely may disagree, it's just more bad police procedure destined to cause problems, with nothing to identify it as racism in any way.


rich, you should turn off the computer and nurse your headache with some eye-soothing darkness. Maybe with some Mozart, turned down low.


where are we getting this stuff ... good grief, from the nyt.


>>>Bail funds to help arrested protesters get out of jail faster were at the forefront of the giving.<<<

someone drove from portland to dc to participate in festivities, pretty sure the gas and meth for that trip was all free.



good idea ... later gators.


Where are they getting this stuff?

Yeah, Rand Paul must've got the idea that agitators travel around to cause mayhem from QAnon. Then he used it to try and smear peaceful protesters and Joe Biden. You know how Republicans are.

jim nj

I don't know if it was the latest MS Windows update or the Firefox update, but my laptop is about as useful as a brick. I click on something and a half minute later it still hasn't responded. This is the fourth re-boot today. And a Malwarebytes scan revealed nothing. I'm frustrated.

Similarly I'm frustrated with TM. Everybody makes good points that it's his blog and he can say what he wants. And he's a nice guy and I have no basis to argue against that, but I feel like I'm being played.

TM is free to support any presidential candidate that he wants. My impression is that he now supports Biden, rather than Trump.

I mean I've been here for ages, so parsing TM isn't that difficult. I thought he had been tossing grenades, so I tossed one back at him.

I mean, sure, he doesn't have to declare his thoughts simply because I want him to. He has the right to keep his thoughts to himself, but his earlier posts became suspect and in my opinion the Donny-from-Queeens thing just sounds like another lofted grenade. Perhaps, as a result of my criticism.

OK, maybe it has absolutely nothing to do about me. I'm probably not all that important in the overall scheme of things. I do tire of cutting through the bias of the media. And that's what I'm trying to do here.

While I don't expect the NYT to be honest with me about their bias I think that TM needs to declare. He can support whoever he wants, but if he has made a choice, and doesn't reveal it, I'm going to wonder if he's trying to play me.

jim nj

And whatever any of you want to think, that was a heartfelt ask of TM.

And TM, I've been here a long time, and if you've seen my posts you know that I bare my soul. I hold back very little of what I've been through.

If TM chooses not to engage me, I will understand. The rest of you should shut the fuck up.


If TM chooses not to engage me, I will understand. The rest of you should shut the fuck up.

So...do not engage you, then?


Good morning!

I didn't mean to knock everyone when I went to bed last night. It's just that I live with someone who is easily depressed, and once she gets going, it takes a while to perk her up, and it sort of gets to me.

Glad to see that things sort of righted themselves and I hope I can make a positive contribution today.


Jim,Sunnyvale,CA, USA,

I am SO glad you discovered Carlos Osweda! He's not everyone's cup of tea, I am sure, but I have learned a lot of things from his threads and learned how to think a bit differently.

I will continue to link his threads here when appropriate, because there are enough of us who pay attention to the things he does.



This is worth reading.

jim nj


I killfiled you ages ago for your contentious useless BS. Somehow your comment came through in the clear.

So, yeah, I don't want to hear from you. I'll see what's wrong with killfile.

with any luck I won't see your reply.


If the guy who got shot in the arm died I could have written a play called "Rosenbaum and Grosskreutz Are Dead".


Carlos addresses the President about the evil in the New York Times and how the man in Portland was murdered. Includes video and explanations. Wrapped version only, because Twitter is bad about removing the originals.



jim nj

From what I heard, Drudge sold his website and didn’t make a big to do about it so....

jim nj



Maybe I’m the only one who rarely reads TM’s headers.


Confirmed now by several people, and that includes Chad Wold: yes, they have been connecting many in Antifa to foreign interests. Also, he has been working with AG Barr, and it looks like they DID deputize Oregon State Police as federal marshals, allowing them to take people into FEDERAL custody, bypassing the Soros DA's in Portland.


Chad WOLF.

Need more coffee.

jim nj

"jim nj

From what I heard, Drudge sold his website and didn’t make a big to do about it so...."

All I want is the truth. It is getting scarce.


One person at a time would mean THE SALON IS OPEN.

But it wasn’t open.

The rich lady threw her hair stylist under the bus. https://t.co/rCOT0trgAv

— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) September 3, 2020

Links to another Tweet with odious Nancy Pelosi throwing the salon owner to the wolves.




Where is Anthony Wiener? Huma Abedin?

These two seem to have disappeared.


Flag of United States
Has anyone noticed that since Epstein's girlfriend has been taken into custody that Federal Agents have been finding missing children left and right?





I killfiled you ages ago for your contentious useless BS.

Haha, what a humorless ass. Hope your kancel-kulture killfile is broken forever.

James D.

To me, and others surely may disagree, it's just more bad police procedure destined to cause problems, with nothing to identify it as racism in any way.

I agree with you.

Police need to police themselves better. I know - especially now. - it’s a hard job, made much harder by the impossible position local and state leaders put them in. And I know that the really bad cops are a tiny minority.

But here’s the thing: the good cops pretty clearly know who the bad ones are. Everyone in his department apparently knew that Officer Noor shouldn’t ever have been given a badge or gun. But they didn’t do anything, and an innocent person - a person who paid their salaries, and whom they were supposed to serve - got murdered by him.

And when something like that happens, or other incidents with clearly bad cops who nobody did anything about beforehand, and the union and the department protects afterwards, what else is the public supposed to think?

It’s the same as the pedophile priests. The vast majority of priests are good people, wonderful people, who would never in a million years hurt anybody. But they knew about the bad ones in this it midst. And the bishops knew, and covered up for the bad ones for decades, and allowed them to prey on innocent children. And now, because they would not police themselves, they are all viewed with suspicion.


Maybe I’m the only one who rarely reads TM’s headers.

I never read them unless someone here raises a big fuss about what he said.

I really don’t care about his opinion one way or the other. Not one of my drinking buddies.


Aubrey Huff

2020 Antifa fall-collection.

Although Mr. Huff was speaking tongue in cheek with the title, this IS a portion of Gucci's Fall/Winter 2020 Men's Collection.
If that's mot enough to convince you, here's an 8-minute video at the link of their weirdo runway show:

Look at the Mon Petit (My Little) belly-baring "shirt" with a chick coming out of an egg!

Watch the dystopian video of their "collection"...https://t.co/Z3DL7PzVA5

— Truth (@1foreverseeking) September 2, 2020



Editorial: More secrecy in the Jussie Smollett case. Who is protecting whom now?


James D I mentioned once that, when I was in the service everyone could recognize the few (very few, fortunately) nutcases who had joined for the wrong reasons and had somehow slipped through. Unlike cops and priests, though, the off-kilter soldier wasn't going to be interacting so much with the public.


.@RichardGrenell on leaks in the Intelligence Community...

"Those career intelligence officials who raised red flags...Their warnings or info was classified and pushed aside...There are reports still to come that will highlight some of this."

Full clip: https://t.co/Gu63TZJPJw pic.twitter.com/TwmEqUiVux

— M3thods (@M2Madness) September 3, 2020

Video at the link.


once that, when I

Poor usage, mea culpa (mea comma?). Some useless BS, is all.


https://thefederalist.com/2020/09/02/virologist-explains-his-quest-to-track-down-the-origin-of-covid-19/ is quite interesting.

Anyone else here familiar with this story about the miners?





I am not familiar with the miner story.

I want to know why suddenly all of these publications agree and clamp down on questions.

I want to see financial statements, sudden large donations, and sources of the money.



This is the guy who's got the Grand Jury efforts on the Jussie Smollett under wraps, and it being withheld implies a criminal investigation has been underway for some time. Dan Webb would NEVER release that. One of the rare good guys from here.


via Insty:https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/09/first-modular-nuclear-reactor-design-certified-in-the-us/


Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐
Answer my friend: YES

Sara A. Carter @SaraCarterDC
#LATEST State Dept. Records Confirm Ukraine Embassy Was Spying On Journalists, Trump Supporters

One of those reporters was me. I just wonder if we'll ever find out if the FBI under Obama was doing the same to us...



[I don't recall Ukraine being part of FVEYE....]



This thread should be especially interesting to you:

"Drew Holden

There are many troubling differences in how the media covers partisan issues but I’m stunned at recent coverage of political violence."

Original thread:

Wrapped thread:



Sorry, this is the guy who has the GJ material:



[I don't recall Ukraine being part of FVEYE....]

Part of the Biden cabal, anyway.


That would involve the electronic, international movement of cash, using the SWIFT system....

US Attorney SDNY
Acting U.S. Attorney announces extradition of Dominican citizen alleged to be kingpin of narcotics trafficking organization that distributed dangerous opioids through sham internet pharmacy go.usa.gov/xG27j



MM@ 5:14- I can relate. My whole family is depressed.

MM@ 7:02--too funny-the Joni Mitchell as a homeless- person- in- drag look.

Time for Mike Pence (and others) to call out Cuomo big time for that remark about Trump needing an army. These are the people who say they go high and always call for civility.


Good morning,

I really can't see cops policing themselves. It's a brotherhood! Sure they'll change policies and procedures to appease this BS but as far as one cop ratting out another. It's rare because the lowest piece of scum to a cop is a rat, they don't rat one another out. It's just a fact of life. When a cop rats out a brother cop, he might as well look for another line of work because they'll be shunned and ridiculed forever. Just my observation.


Regarding Cuomo's thuggish comment that President Trump "better have an army to protect him" if he comes to NYC, here's a Staten Island GOP councilman's comment:

Joe Borelli
Half the NYPD would volunteer for this detail, even on their day off...
whereas it’s common knowledge that the governor’s own state trooper detail has long hated him.
I wonder if discovering that those state troopers could be deputized as federal marshals is making Cuomo nervous.


I'd think that any good cop would be plenty po'd at cops who make them look bad. Having said that, I can understand them sticking together when virtually everyone is pointing fingers at them. Cops who are too brutal, short-fused, inhumane - the upper echelons of the force need to weed them out somehow.


Ivan the K™
I held this screenshot up to the light.


[Yeah, all the Zuckerdork users will want to see that one.]



One of the reasons my daughter had me drive her to the health food store yesterday was for her to purchase something called "raw kombucha" in a couple of different flavors. She originally bought it to help with digestion, but she said that since drinking it every other day or so, she has felt her mood improve.

She really has seemed better the last couple of days or so, and I wanted to pass this on to you, especially for your son. It's sort of an organic tea made from (I think) fermented mushrooms. It's supposed to have a wide variety of health benefits.

I suggest talking to your doctor plus trying a few bottles from a health food store. Walmart seems to have some available to order on line.

I have ZILCH expertise, have never tasted the stuff, but just wanted to pass this on.



I STILL remember that Zuckerdork married some Chinese gal several years ago. I wonder where she is and why they married. If I remember correctly, they have a daughter named Lily.


Now shooting an armed man is excessive force? (Only if the arm has black skin).



Donald J. Trump
Governors Andrew Cuomo of New York has the worst record on death and China Virus. 11,000 people alone died in Nursing Homes because of his incompetence!


I've mentioned this before, but who doesn't want a repeat of an Andrew Cuomo diss?

When we lived in Westchester, our across-the-street neighbor was a former speechwriter for Mario Cuomo. (And, speaking of myth-busting, he was the one who wrote Cuomo's famous "City on the Hill" speech for the democrat convention. He had to explain the reference to Mario, by the way.)

Anyway, that speechwriter was a true-blue democrat-- his father had been a democrat congressman, briefly. He, and virtually every other Mario staffer hated Andrew (then on his. father's staff) with the heat of a thousand suns. Our neighbor ranted that he was (as we all know now) incredibly corrupt and vicious. Easy to believe his security detail hates his guts, as everyone who's crossed his path seems to. Too bad, that tell-all will never see the light of publishing day.

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