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September 06, 2020


matt - deplore me if you must

If you recall, Obama skirted the FEC disclosure requirements and had a huge amount of very sketchy donations. I wonder if Biden has the same? A Hintler was a big Obama donor as I recall as was M. Mouse.

With the tech biggies running the show, how easy would it be to launder billions through Yahoo or Amazon or Google?

Trump is out every weekend in another city while Biden is down in the bunker and Harris comforts the incredible Blake family and BLM's go after diners in restaurants. In the meantime, pants on fire does the boogaloo in Portland.

One way or the other this is all accreting to the Left and making most of the country very nervous. One cannot help but notice how professional sports have stepped up for Trump as well in this election cycle.

It's the insiders/douches vs the rest of us.


Happy Birthday, MM!


Thanks for all of the birthday greetings, everyone!

I am trying to get some noisy work done because my daughter moved her work area to the living room (nearer the kitchen and laundry area) and she has to take claims calls this afternoon.

Not very professional to have vacuum cleaners and dryer buzzers as well as yipping dogs in the background.


Wischusen and Orlovsky

Which one is the Lesbian one, and which one is the black one??


Lets just slay this horse


Today happens to be the day of our lady of copper, a local saint in cuba.


I think (and hope) the dimorat left has made a terrible miscalculation when they reminded illegals and new legals what most of them came here to get away from.



Good morning.

And Happy Birthday MissM.

If Kaepernick is inducted, it will be the Hall of Shame forever more.

What little faith I had in Barr, is dwindling fast. It appears he's more interested in saving the integrity of the IC than seeing justice done. I hope I'm wrong.


Confiscating books in Sweden.
And charging grannies if they call out Muslim assaults on the elderly.


Yes, Boris except perhaps the illegals in California who are used to such things and just hopped the border for free shit.


HB, MissM.
Today is also Mrs JimSVL's BDay






Happy birthday, Miss Marple!! 🥂



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