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September 16, 2020



President's always get too much credit!

Not this time. This was all Trump. As you point out, TM, by highlighting the future contrast under Biden.

Which, God willing, will never come to pass.


But your gonna vote for Biden anyway. Right TM?



Title: Will We Remember This As The Week That The Tide Turned In Trump's Favor?

Another Bob


That Noah Pollak thread amom linked above seems on the money to me, but missed a few things the that the replies covered, that maybe catalyzed the process.

Zapping Soleimani. Not being held hostage over oil. Things only a Trump would have done.

Speaking of money, didn’t hear what we’re paying for this “ME peace”. That’s been the pattern, right? Did Trump do this without bribing all the parties?





Better drink my coffee:)



One of the most telling statements was Ric Grenell at one of the rallies saying that one of the things he learned in Washington was how much they dislike the Outsider, how they all have their unwritten rules, back door agreements, secret connections.

This came from the guy who was the National Security Director for a while. Seems pretty spot on to me.

And it looks to me, given yesterday's stunning signing ceremony, that we have needed an Outsider for some time, and not just in Washington, but for the whole world.


A snippet from an @AP article we edited today to include news that readers needed to know to make informed judgments:

"When asked about his campaign rhetoric seeming to ignore the historical injustices carried out against Black Americans, the Associated Press only quoted Trump as replying, 'Well, I hope there's not a race problem.' AP left out, 'I can tell you, there’s none with me, because I have great respect for all races, for everybody. This country is great because of it.'

"AP also left out Trump explaining, 'When you look at income levels, and a lot of things, because of the job situation, where they had the lowest income -- the best unemployment numbers they’ve ever had in the black community by far. ... Had we not been hit by this horrible disease that came into our land -- and all over the world by the way, it came all over the world -- we would be in a position where, I think, income inequality would be different.'"


No to captain pike tm




Uh-oh, looks like the cat's out of the bag:

Dawg Lawyer
Guys...this is a real tweet...”If Biden didn’t have dementia...” he would destroy Trump in a debate. Bahahahahahahahaha

NeoLiberal Elitist @ProudLi82791357
Replying to @twelvenot12 @hrm_1973 @redsteeze
Trump is an embarrassment, i cringe so much listening to him talk, if Biden didn't have dementia he would DESTROY him in a debate, like he destroyed Paul Ryan in 2012



Was almost willowed:

America Loving Patriot
Joe Biden's 2016 call with ex-Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko is leaked nypost.com/2020/09/16/bid… via @nypost


Link goes to this:


Where JoeMentia discusses what can and what can not be discussed with the incoming Trump Administration.


He only "destroyed" Ryan in 2012 because he told straight up lies and the state-run media didn't call him on it. I'm no fan of Ryan but it's not easy to be prepared with enough numbers and facts to debunk a solid hour of lies.


FLASHBACK: Experts say moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem kills Middle East peace | SUPERcuts! #813

Watching the video reminded me of "A Taste of Armageddon" is the twenty-third episode of the first season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek.

Kirk destroys the war simulation computers. Anan 7 condemns Kirk's actions, arguing that it is unalterable nature to fight wars, so without the simulation they have no alternative but to fight a real war. Kirk instead believes that the only reason the war with Vendikar has gone on so long is because the simulation insulated both societies from the horrors of war and gave them little reason to end it. He convinces Anan 7 to call a ceasefire and begin peace negotiations, and Fox agrees to act as a neutral mediator between the planets.


Janice Dean
#HurricaneSally made landfall near Gulf Shores Alabama at 445 AM CDT as a category 2 hurricane. Maximum sustained winds were 105 mph with a minimum central pressure of 965 mb. @NHC_Atlantic


Covered with a cloth


Rasmussen Reports @Rasmussen_Poll · 1h

ICYMI: 65% of likely voters say the violent protests are important to their vote in the presidential election this fall, with 41% who say it’s very important.

Among Black voters this number rises to 72%, 2nd highest only to Republicans at 74%.


And for "voters who have experienced violent protests," Trump is their guy:



Something about mugged liberals porch.



China is drooling. They can’t believe this! https://t.co/AAmBGgHhyR

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 16, 2020

Link goes to short video of Biden.


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to video.

Truth be told...
h/t @AsLeEpNoLoNg3r pic.twitter.com/62qefNNukZ

— #BLUEOUT (@elenochle) September 16, 2020

Retweeted by the President. Link goes to video of flags on the walls of Jerusalem's old city.

Unbelievable sight. Thank you, @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/HU1z2b1mDI

— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) September 16, 2020

Retweeted by the President. Link goes to video of Dr. Siegel talking to Tucker Carlson.

Dr Siegel is so pissed off he threw Fauci under the bus with the Chinese! Holy crap! #TheMoreYouKnow pic.twitter.com/Ta5bXe2Nkw

— Karli 🇺🇸 (@KarluskaP) September 16, 2020

Maguire is a much better man than DJT. And his man BIDEN has a list of accomplishments that is unrivaled.

What a crock of crap.


Good luck to them!

No, bad luck to the invaders. It's not the responsibility of the US to support every unskilled person who decides to come into our country.
Am I correct in stating that Biden did not show up in Tampa yesterday, and that the MSM did not bother reporting that?


Retweeted by the President:

Trump has exposed the decades of foreign policy failures by the elite, political class.

THAT is why they hate him.


Holy crap is it windy!! Is there a hurricane in Alabama or something?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Excellent post by Willis Eschenbach at WUWT;
Cooling The Hothouse


Am I correct in stating that Biden did not show up in Tampa yesterday and that the MSM did not bother reporting that?

I was looking for an update on this as well, peter. Seems like a pretty big deal to ditch a campaign appearance with no explanation. (Especially when he has them so rarely!)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--But looking ahead, is there time for Trump to convince people that Biden's backers want to defund the police, burn the suburbs, and end all jobs?--

I'd say Biden and his backers are doing a splendid job of that all by themselves.

The interesting thing is you could take any one of those three adjectives and change which of the three nouns it modifies and it's still an accurate description of the fruits of prog policies.

Tom Bowler

Carried this over from the last thread.

Regarding Miss M's 8:27 "What happened to Biden" link, he looks like a man who wishes he was somewhere else. I don't think he really wanted to run for president but events forced him into it.

Biden announced his candidacy the day after the wrong guy won the Ukraine presidential election. That outcome spelled trouble for Biden because his earlier deal, ending the criminal investigation into Burisma in return for a billion in loan guarantees, was seriously endangered if not dead.

This presented the serendipitous opportunity for the Democrats when Trump asked the new president about the Burisma investigation and Hunter Biden's role. With Joe running for president, Trump's questions were construed to be conspiracy with a foreign government to meddle in a U.S. election. That opportunity never arises if Joe doesn't run. So Joe ran and the Dems got their shot at impeachment.

But damn the luck, he won the nomination! Except for Bernie Sanders, the entire slate of candidates was too pathetic to beat a 77 year old political hack who never accomplished a thing in government except lining his and his family's pockets through influence peddling schemes. Bernie became the front runner.

Had anybody but Bernie taken a lead in delegates before Super Tuesday, the Dems probably would have let Joe off the hook. But a socialist at the top to the ticket would have been suicidal for the party. So Jim Clyburn was pressured into endorsing Biden and thus delivering the African American primary votes on Super Tuesday. Joe was officially stuck.

I thought he would make an early pick of Hillary for running mate. Hillary would almost immediately take over as president and Biden would get to retire, which he now probably wishes he had done.

I think a Clinton/Biden ticket would have been a stronger than the current Harris/Biden ticket. In any case I'm having a hard time seeing how a sane person could cast a vote for Biden at the top of any ticket.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Excellent analysis Tom B.

Tom Bowler

Thanks Ig.


I agree with Ignatz, Tom B.

Good analysis!

I am still wondering how Navarro's comment about Hunter Biden on Saturday, with his clear-cut explanation of what Hunter was doing with that money and how it constituted blatant treason, has escaped the notice of any of the press except Maria Bartiromo.

Jim Eagle

Then you have the money for Biden. Bloomie alone is putting $100 mil into the campaign coffers for Joe. That's a lot of hot-hate of Trump being exposed.


Bloomie can put in $100 million, but we plebes are limited to a couple thousand? Convenient.


Donald J. Trump
Great News: BIG TEN FOOTBALL IS BACK. All teams to participate. Thank you to the players, coaches, parents, and all school representatives. Have a FANTASTIC SEASON! It is my great honor to have helped!!!


Donald J. Trump
Thank you for the great reviews of the @ABC
News show last night!


Porchlight @ 9 am, it is true that it was a difficult task for Ryan to debate Biden, because Ryan was still in the "That's not who we are" mode. It is because of tactics like a still compos mentos Biden employed in 2012 that we need someone who is a little uncouth to simply call BS when it is spoken.

Ralph L

needed an Outsider for some time, and not just in Washington, but for the whole world.

"You mean he's from another planet?"



So the Tampa Bay Times ran an article yesterday that was a preview of Biden's scheduled evening appearance. They never posted anything that he did not show. Today, that article is down, and somewhat misleadingly they run an article about Biden meeting with vets, which took place in the afternoon. 13 days until the debate.

Tom Bowler

Thanks Miss M. I missed Navarro's comments with Maria. I was still off grid at the time. Maybe I can find it on YouTube?

Jim Eagle

Anyone else noticed that Portland has been quite for almost a week.


Tom Bowler,

I only heard it because a guy sent it to a podcast I listen to. I linked it yesterday, so let me see if I can find it again.


Minneapolis has the quintessential silly council populated with the escaped inmates who were running the asylum.


Election cheating: battlefield prep successful.


Old Lurker

Tom Bowler:"...In any case I'm having a hard time seeing how a sane person could cast a vote for Biden at the top of any ticket."

And yet...

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

I believe he did finally come out 2 1/2 hours late. He was a gaffe o matic again. He played the Desperacito as a pander and was rambling incoherently.

Or was that an earlier in the day appearance??


Tom Bowler,

Here is what I posted yesterday:

As you guys know, I watch videos of a podcast called The Dilley Show. This one from yesterday is hard to find so I went through my history in order to find it because it has a clip by Peter Navarro which is extremely important.

Dilley cusses a lot and if that bothers you, well, you don't have to listen.


The question of "Where's Hunter" becomes extremely important with this offhand statement by Navarro.

Navarro begins at 27:57 and the explanation and emphasis on its importance goes to 31:11.

Navarro's actual words about Biden: "Treason and betrayal."


Donald J. Trump
Vaccines are moving along fast and safely!


Donald J. Trump
Democrats are “heartless”. They don’t want to give STIMULUS PAYMENTS to people who desperately need the money, and whose fault it was NOT that the plague came in from China. Go for the much higher numbers, Republicans, it all comes back to the USA anyway (one way or another!).


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to video of Jim Cramer calling Pelosi "Crazy Nancy."

Jim Cramer: “What deal can we have, Crazy Nancy? I’m sorry, that was the president. I have such reverence for the office. I would never use that term ...”

Pelosi: “But you just did. But you just did.” pic.twitter.com/4k2Cw5WL0d

— The Recount (@therecount) September 15, 2020

Jim, you didn’t make a mistake. It’s true, and that’s why you said it. No pandering! https://t.co/64fFoZvMZc

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 16, 2020

Link goes to a video of Cramer apologizing to Pelosi. LOL!


Chuck Callesto
BREAKING REPORT: Federal Government to Make Coronavirus Vaccine ‘FREE for all Americans’...


The great Yaacov nails Floyd:https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/09/breaking-exclusive-video-shows-george-floyd-showing-dropped-small-white-baggie-arrest-officers-pull-crack-pipe-pocket/





CBS stole a Photo from Latinos for Trump in Phoenix and tagged it as a Biden event. #fakenews @DonaldJTrumpJr @charliekirk11
@drewsexton23 @kelliwardaz #LeadRight

Link is here for photo and weak CBS explanation. HA!



" Is there a hurricane in Alabama or something?"

How close are you Beasts?

How many people went to the Biden speech?


OMG, this is long and involved -- don't know if it was posted earlier but am going to link it.


I can't summarize it, but it shows the steps John Brennan took in his own 'fusion' investigation of the president.

Here is an interesting comment:
"Wow. What a great read. It sure seems like whatever Durham has gotten from Smolenkov himself and from others that could shed more light on just what role he played, and in general what he knows, should be pretty key to all this.

"Also, that point about Carter Page is really intriguing. Not only would the atmosphere of the times make it more likely the FBI, as you say, knew who he was, but Page's role, looked at in this light, would have been a real solid service to God and Country -- the sort that should never be repaid the way Comey's FBI, Mueller's SCO, and the entire Democrat Mafia/Media Complex repaid him.


I'm going to have to read it again (and probably again to really follow the steps and skullduggery.)


Josh Caplan
DETROIT NEWS: Over 400 Michigan overseas ballots list wrong running mate for Pres. Trump



"A Senate committee voted along party lines on Wednesday to authorize depositions and subpoenas for 41 individuals as part of a review of the Trump-Russia investigation.

The vote authorizes Sen. Ron Johnson, the Republican chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, to subpoena Stefan Halper, a former University of Cambridge professor who served as a confidential source for the FBI during Crossfire Hurricane, the name of the Trump-Russia counterintelligence investigation.

The committee also approved issuing a subpoena for Steven Somma, an FBI counterintelligence investigator who served as Halper’s handling agent. A Justice Department inspector general’s report released on Dec. 9 faulted Somma for numerous errors during Crossfire Hurricane."


I’m about 200 miles from the ‘eye’, Jane - but it really is windy. I had no idea it was making landfall that quickly. :)





Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

I had no idea it was making landfall that quickly.

Quickly??? It has been moving at 2 mph for like the last 36 hours.


I’ve been focused on other things, Steph. And you quit picking on me... 😜



Put up a link this morning that never posted. Hopefully this one appears.



Is your boat safe?


Is the liquor in the bar safe?:)



I left Rosemary with 3 small kids and 3 cats the day after Labor Day in 2005 after we stayed to let kids see Frances (more educational than a day of school) and hubby needed to stay. It was in Tropical Force wins past Eufaula almost to Phenix City in that suv I picked you up in.

I literally felt bruised all through my torso the next day from gripping the steering wheel as the winds blew. Never again.


I’m headed over to re-tie the boat in a minute, Buckeye, as I have whitecaps in my slough at the moment. A very rare event!! And I’ll check on the liquor just to be safe!


It’s starting to feel that way now, rse!! I’m predicting a bad hair day, for sure... ;)

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

LOL, beasts..

We stayed the night in Tampa and went to Busch Gardens as Dennis was moving up the coast. We rode coasters between rain bands. I think there may have been less than 100 people in the entire park. Ride, change seats and ride again - no standing in line.

We got back to the hotel that night and the rain and winds were lashing the hotel big time. The next morning they had reopened the Keys road (A1A), and we drove down from Tampa to Alligator Alley and across to the Keys. You could barely see the front end of the car due to the rain, and the wind was pushing the cars all over the road.

It was our son's first time driving his car on vacation (along with me driving mine). His knuckles were white, and he finally relented and had the hubs take over driving.


Thats what why the water is bqcking.


Stay safe Beasts! It's gonna take a while to move on!

We had the most rain in a day here while it was moving toward you. She's a wet bitch!




The rain bands hit north atl inside periemter about 30 minutes ago.

Just finished the new S J Parris Giordano bruno historical fiction Execution if anyone wants a good read.


Now THIS makes more sense, and I was NOT aware of it:


Got link from here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-16/state-street-hit-with-million-dollar-money-laundering-fine/12668092

Now the HK "Security" law makes more sense.


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Great News: BIG TEN FOOTBALL IS BACK. All teams to participate. Thank you to the players, coaches, parents, and all school representatives. Have a FANTASTIC SEASON! It is my great honor to have helped!!!


Nice effort!

Molly McCann
My article on the insubordination of career officials against Donald Trump is up on @FDRLST.

"At its most basic, Vindman thinks bureaucrats have the right to substitute their judgment for that of the American people. This elitist and distinctly..."




NSF just launched a new program that is rather inconsistent with pulling out of Paris Accords. Sounds like the nsf remains on board with the UN's SDGs. I know they are funding the UN's ed vision as the needed tool.

Program Title:

Sustainable Regional Systems Research Networks (SRS RNs)

Synopsis of Program:

The United States is made up of regional systems comprising interdependent urban and rural systems and every community category between urban and rural. Urban systems are dependent on rural systems for the provisioning of food, energy, water, and other materials and natural resources, while rural systems are dependent on urban systems for markets, manufactured goods, and medical resources. These systems are also connected by ecological processes that both influence and are influenced by human behavior. The vital interconnection of urban-rural systems underscores the critical need for the advancement of sustainable regional systems (SRS). The goal of this solicitation is to fund convergent research and education that will advance sustainable regional systems science, engineering, and education to facilitate the transformation of current regional systems to enhance sustainability. To further the advancement of SRS science, engineering, and education, NSF will support Full Scale proposals and Planning Grant proposals for Sustainable Regional Systems Research Networks (SRS RNs).

Sustainable regional systems are connected urban and rural systems that are transforming their structures and processes collaboratively with the goal of measurably and equitably advancing the well-being of people and the planet. The purpose of the SRS RNs competition is to develop and support interdisciplinary, multi-organizational teams of investigators and stakeholders working collaboratively to produce cutting-edge convergent research, education, and outreach that addresses grand challenges in sustainable regional systems. SRS RNs will study multiscale regional systems to further SRS science, engineering, and education. Key elements will include new data, methods, and models to understand interactions between natural, human-built, and social systems; improved understanding of interdependencies, mutual benefits, and trade-offs of different wellbeing outcomes for humans and the environment; new and generalizable theories of change relevant to SRS; the co-production of knowledge; and exploration of concepts of social equity in sustainable regional systems across spatial and temporal scales. SRS RN outcomes will have the potential to inform societal actions for sustainability across urban systems and the connected rural communities that make up regional systems.



¡Despacito Poso!
BREAKING: Insurance Information Institute says Summer 2020 riots caused over $2 billion in damage across 20 states, Highest in US history.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

[The rain bands hit north atl inside periemter about 30 minutes ago.]

They just started here. Now I just want a nap. :)


Asking for some friends ..


I literally felt bruised all through my torso the next day from gripping the steering wheel as the winds blew.

We had a similar experience around that time. We were at Kiawah Island for the week. A tropical storm hit the area Saturday night, and our flight on Sunday was cancelled. We managed to get a flight out of Columbia, but had to drive there from Kiawah Sunday morning (the rental company was nice enough to let us return the car there instead of Charleston). By then the sun was out but the winds were fierce. I remember driving over some medium size bridge and wondering if we were going to get blown off.


To be sure, this is also an opportunity to rethink and revamp how and what we teach, for those who seize it. Online learning platforms are seeing a boom, and technology in general is being incorporated in unprecedented ways, which is actually helping to broaden the reach of educators in some regions of the world. What’s more, despite the rhetoric from the White House, the current racial reckoning is leading many in the private sector to up their investment in education that emphasizes racial history and aims to solve inequities.

Case in point: Today, Everfi, a provider of online curriculum that pushes for social change, announced a $100 million, three-year-long commitment to building and expanding curriculum that teaches about social injustice and addresses economic disparities. This set of online classes and resources will be free to K-12 teachers and students across the country, and will be fully funded by the private sector.

“Covid has thrown kerosene on problems that existed before,” says Tom Davidson, the founder and CEO of Everfi. “We are going to get this [the new curriculum] into hands of school districts as fast as we can.”



The Idea That a Scientific Theory Can Be ‘Falsified’ Is a Myth

It’s time we abandoned the notion


ScAm "jumps the shark" by abandoning "scientific method"


Ryan Fournier

BREAKING: The Senate Homeland Security Committee has just authorized subpoenas for John Brennan, James Clapper and James Comey.

This is long overdue.
11:57 AM · Sep 16, 2020


rse, Can you give a brief background on where New York State’s "Next Generation ELA Standards" came from?

The last BS I studied and rejected was—Common Core Standards. Is this a the same wolf with lipstick or a wolf with a different poor pedigree?

I don’t want to make a career of noodling through a pile of crap to discover no pony.


A theory is useless if it doesn’t fit the reality it proposes to explain.

As Popper said, You can’t prove something to be true, but you can prune away what is demonstrably not true.


Paul Sperry
BREAKING: FEC records reveal the Democrat husband of Democrat Nora Dannehy, the deputy prosecutor, case manager &lead interviewer who abruptly quit special prosecutor Durham's #Spygate investigation, has given $ to Biden adviser ex-Sen Chris Dodd. Len Boyle still works for Durham


"point to this or that result to argue that they have falsified the scientific consensus, they are making a meaningless statement."

The idiot argues apparently that consensus is science and a preponderance of evidence sufficient to create consensus is proof.

It’s turtles all the way down.


Paris accords by fiat. Multiple trillions $ cost just in Wisconsin.

Lt. Gov. Barnes says if the Legislature won’t pass recommendations, state agencies will



I’ve gained a sort of appreciation for Jimmy Carter during all of this.

I'm sure though that he will make an appearance and reclaim his place in history.


Yes, it's the same thing as both tie into CEDS, which in turn ties into ISCED on a global basis.

Next Generation usually refers to using what I described (and it's still the name used) formative assessments in my book. Probably also ties to the assessments created up in New Hampshire.

The standard doesn't just tie to CEDS. That in turn ties to the APIs for each standard put out by IMS Global, which is Part of Operation Unicorn and its Interoperability Standards. Your new standards, like the Common Core, fit with all these.

https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/09/future-of-education-system-covid-19/ came out yesterday and that foundation provided some of the primary funding for the Digital Playbook that was a Monday Brookings Center for Universal Education (tied to UN) webinar.

Research tells us that cognitive, creative, social, emotional and physical skills, when integrated with traditional academic skills, help develop students who can better navigate this complex world.

All those desired skills, that have the effect of rewiring the student's mind, personality, and motivations to act, are each the subject of a Standard.

John S

Scientific American can throw out the idea of falsification, but that doesn't help them to get to their goal of saying that climate change predictions should be accepted. If the global climate models can't achieve any statistical validity, they don't show anything. I can say the shape of the clouds today predicts climate doom and it has as much validity. People are not deceived. Trump should say he believes in climate change in that the temperature has risen, but that there is no evidence for climate disaster.


Great article at First Things by Professor Gary Saul Morson--

Link is here:


peter at 10:56, very true. But Trump should still be prepared because Biden will spew 100% BS. Not half-truths, just outright lies. He already has been doing that.

Trump will need to come back with facts to dispute the lies, which then makes it all about the fact checking, but I'm sure Trump has it handled.

If Biden even makes it onto the stage. But I have a feeling they are trying to lower expectations and then if Biden just sounds sentient for most of the debate he will be declared the winner.


Neo, as infuriating as that article is, it appears to be an editorial of some sort, not an official position taken by the magazine.


Are the candidates allowed to have notes for the debates? My recollection is no, but Joe will be lost in space without note cards, so it will be interesting to see if they're allowed. I don't think even leaking the questions to him in advance will help if he can't read from notes or a teleprompter. He's liable to answer the wrong question.


CBS took photos from Latinos for Trump in Phoenix and tagged it as a Biden event.


Climate Models had its chance, and blew it.



That's been challenged as an internet hoax.

Captain Hate

I’ve gained a sort of appreciation for Jimmy Carter during all of this.

Why? He didn't do a damn thing except sponge off what Sadat and Begin initiated. That said, it's typically irresponsible for the enemedia not to ask him to comment on the current deal, assuming they haven't.

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