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September 27, 2020



Here you go



Nick Sandmann is a man for the future.


Dr J,

I too am so sorry for your loss.


Here ya go, mm:



Thanks Narciso and lyle


Probably so, joan, but calling him out on it and making him answer for it (or fail to do so) would be epic Trumpian theater. As well as incredibly effective - IF Trump is sure, and it's worth the risk.

After all, Biden's people may anticipate the possibility and ensure Joe goes without the crutch this time.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Oh, the humiliation of being outlinked by narc.
I hang my head in shame.


Moar 2020!


I blame climate change. You?

Old Lurker

:-) Lyle.



Dr.J - So sorry for your loss!


The raccoon attack is hilarious!


Like with the groundhog they know their target.


hello, the Mrs. and I are back from our little trip to Connecticut. We managed to enjoy our celebration, and decided that we should have just adopted dogs instead of having kids. That'l learn us.

Thanks for all the well-wishing.

I'm at work now, will have to catch up on the threads later, but I have a newly found respect for raccoons.

Hey, if any of you get HBO, there is going to be a series starring Kaley Cuoco called the Flight Attendant, and many of the scenes were filmed in my office building, some only a few feet away.
It's a multi-part series based on a best-selling book I never heard of. Kaley was, I am told, very friendly to the people in my office.



Jim Eagle


When I lived in San Francisco, I hade nice apt. in Pac Hgts (Gough and California). I was on the floor (no.1) above the garage. It had a parapet outside the windows, which were mostly open (best AC without electricity?)

One night I have them open while watching TV when I heard a little noise, looked over to the windows and there was a Raccoon who was half way into my living room, uninvited of course. Went to get a broom to shoo him away but he must have read my mind and took off.

They have blindfold eyes for a reason



Wisconsin absentee ballot count as of Monday, 5 weeks before election:

Ballots requested: 1.16 million
Returned: 238,356

Dane County: 52,886
Milwaukee County: 27,037
Waukesha County: 20,120

Madison defied demand from GOP attorney not to collect ballots in parks on Saturday

JM Hanes

It seems like a slow day here, but September 28th was a big day in history:

In 551 BC thinker and philosopher Confucius was born in Qufu, China. 
In 48 BC after landing in Egypt, Pompey the Great was assassinated on orders of King Ptolemy of Egypt. 
In 1066 William the Conqueror invaded England to claim the English throne. 
In 1542 Portuguese navigator Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo arrived at present-day San Diego.
In 1781 American forces, backed by a French fleet, began the Siege of Yorktown, VA, which eventually ended the Revolutionary War. 
In 1787 Congress voted to send the just-completed Constitution of the United States to state legislatures for their approval. 
In 1850 flogging was abolished as a form of punishment in the US Navy. 
In 1920 eight members of the Chicago White Sox were indicted for throwing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds, in what was called the "Black Sox" scandal. In 1924 two US Army planes landed in Seattle, having completed the first round-the-world flight in 175 days. 
In 1939 Germany and the Soviet Union agreed on a plan to partition Poland. 
In 1989 deposed Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos died in exile in Hawaii at age 72. 
In 1991 jazz great Miles Davis died in Santa Monica, CA at age 65. 
In 1995 Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO chairman Yasser Arafat signed an accord to transfer much of the West Bank to the control of its Arab residents. 


Some days it dont pay to get up in the morning see pompey


Heres tater:



What do you here:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

In reading the Alex the Chick remarks about Trump's taxes something doesn't make sense.
It says he requested extensions and paid the "required" $1 million and $4.2 million but then when he filed, tax credits wiped those liabilities out.
Obviously his accountants knew when he asked for an extension that he had those credits handy so why would he send checks for millions to cover a liability they knew he wouldn't incur?
I suppose they did it for political reasons; 'see, I paid a million dollars', but I'm not sure what the deal is.
It also says the extra tax credits were rolled forward, but ordinarily that means you roll the credits forward, not that you let the IRS keep over $5 million of your dollars until you need it for future tax years.
I suppose he did all that for just such an eventuality as this leak to the Slimes but I suspect they may have much of the story messed up.

Jim Eagle

I wonder how many times the Brooklyn Bridge has been sold to the CNN news staff?


Wauck on the Flynn hearing; McCabe and Strzok


Obviously his accountants knew when he asked for an extension that he had those credits handy so why would he send checks for millions to cover a liability they knew he wouldn't incur?

Maybe they didn't know he wouldn't incur it. Better safe than sorry.

James D.

Narc @ 1:40

Stelter should be eating out of Mm’s garbage cans. Or even better, in them.


ASOFB, via Prof. Reynolds:

“Half the country’s pundits think we’re living in a Tom Clancy novel.
The other half thinks we’re living in a Margaret Atwood novel.

The truth is we’re living in a Tom Wolfe novel.”


"In the debate, if Trump's team believes Biden is wearing some kind of (invisible to the naked eye) hearing assistance -- receiving help from his corrupt commie :) team, surely there's a way to jam their signals"

Or find a way to broadcast it for all to hear.

JM Hanes

You're an evil man Jim SCA!


Las Vegas odds at MyBookie.ag:

Bet $100.00 on it being Trump, the payout for being right is $400.00, a $300.00 profit.
Bet $100.00 on it being Biden, the payout for being right is $114.29, a $14.29 profit.
Vegas is banking with great confidence that CNN will declare Biden the winner.

Bet $100.00 on it being Trump, the payout for being right is $116.67, a $16.67 profit.
Bet $100.00 on it being Biden, the payout for being right is $450.00, a $350.00 profit.
Vegas is banking with nearly as much confidence that Fox News will declare Trump the winner.


Ig, the IRS gets very angry (and fines you into oblivion) if your estimated tax payments fall more than 10% from the prior year’ estimated payments. This is IRS policy, not sanity. Accounts pay close attention to these things.



JM Hanes


Old Lurker

Iggy, I have many times made a payment on April 15 when we requested an extension even though we were (almost) certain that 4th payment was too much. One reason is making payments of certain amounts compared to prior years avails one of the "safe harbor" avoiding penalties for under payment of estimates. The other reason is simply that one needs an extension because they need more time to know exactly what tax will be owed, and guessing can be expensive.


I’ve been underestimating my wife’s income nearly every year.
The penalty is less than the inconvenience of sending in the money quarterly.

JM Hanes

You have to pay the estimated tax, even if you get an extension.

Jim Eagle


What prompted your 12:41?



Fox, like a vote among everyone on set, or just the opinion of the Democrat TDS-sufferer moderating the debate?


Reading Wretchard sometimes seems like homework to me. I realize he's brilliant and probably most of you agree. I use to enjoy him a couple of years ago, not as much lately.

I usually read comments to articles. Ig usually comments over there. His comments are always brilliant and often better than the essay.

Today I read one comment by RexReedersGhost that made me think, 'aha, this sounds like me' or at least this sounds like what I've been thinking :)

"An uncertain or unknown future may well await us all. Some live their lives that way, while some plan for a future, and hope to leave a legacy for future generations. Some leave great libraries and tall buildings. Some leave the great works of art. A cynic might say that sometimes those are just monuments to the self, but there are also the personal, the intimate, legacies.

"Sometimes what is left is just a piece of furniture, or a tattered hat that was your grandfathers, and his father's before him. Sometimes it is just a story. An oral tradition passed down over and over again. Something carried forward, not because of the future, but because of the past. Those things are left not as monuments to the self, but as belief in the value of tradition and the meaning found in history, and a historical context: personal or otherwise.

"The knowledge of the past is the foundation for civilization, not the projections of an unknowable future. It is the looking back that grounds us all. It's the security and certainty of history. If it can all be erased by a malevolent government or a social movement, that is the greatest danger of all. That is what shakes faith, spiritually, and faith in man and faith in his institutions. Some fear it, some welcome it, and some plan for it."

When we were in the quarantine and reading vivid descriptions about the deaths, I finally relaxed by thinking about the emotional and physical suffering people have endured throughout history; and I thought 'if they could live through that, I can sure live and die during this period.'

Victor Frankl was also mentioned somewhere I was reading this morning. I got his book years ago -- his philosophy helped me many years ago. Think I'll search out a copy on abebooks or somewhere.


Jack, it was this tweet on the prior page:

Nicholas Sandmann

I am calling a full lid today on all schoolwork. We’ll try to do college tomorrow.


Jim Eagle

Thanks, missed that snark by Nick!

Old Lurker

Henry "if your estimated tax payments fall more than 10% from the prior year’ estimated payments." ... if in fact your income in the end resulted in taxes similar to the prior year. If you are certain your current taxes are going to be a lot lower than last year and so certain that you waive the safe harbor, then you had better be right.

If, imagine something that could never happen in the US, you woke up to discover some county manager ordered most of the tenants of a shopping center to close down until further notice, and three quarters into the year you could show your accountant that rental income was off, say, 69% from last year but operating expenses were the same, then that CPA will have a difficult discussion to make his client pay estimated taxes based on known non-income compared to the previous year.


My dear aunt H loves her some Fox News. Karl Rove is on just claimed that ACB’s nomination will “bring out the worst on both sides.” This loser needs defenestration.


Redundant lyle.


Nick Sandman and three other guys worth knowing about



An hour and a half until I leave for the airport. Not sure how more of this “fair and balanced” crap I can take. 🤨

Wish me luck.


Voting matters--always.
2014 is how we got to today:




Technically, you owe tax at the moment of receipt of income, and should be paying the IRS 95% to 105% of that tax, right then and there.


Well this looks like a fun rock that got flipped over:

Mr Dirt
I remember saying that the dems rigged the ppp unemployment payments to get all of the rioters and their sponsors ppp payments. #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp

L 🤺 @SomeBitchIKnow
Holly Zoller's "The Bail Project" received between $350,000-$1Million dollars in Coronavirus PPP loans.



[Somebody's banker will be getting The Lucy Treatment.]



Why Karl Rove is considered an expert in anything dumbfounds me. He is absolutely clueless, and, as we now see, simply got famous for attaching himself to W's coattails.

When he became unhinged because his candidate lost the primary in 2016 it was a clue to me that he had quit the White House early in order to get a new candidate elected, and he actually had no talent.


Boy Rush was depressing today. So much I had to turn him off. He still believes Biden won't show up, but if he does will answer no questions except by talking about how bad Trump is. And the media will immediately declare him king!


I've got an iPad question. My new Mac has decided it wants to have a 2 inch wide page on top of what I have opened. It's got JOM on it. I can't expand it or get rid of it. Any ideas?


PINCH'S MONKEYS have provided NO PROOF that they don't diddle school boys.

Jim Eagle


Shut it down. Wait a few minutes and restart. If still a problem check the settings and see if one of them is askew.

Old Lurker

Agreed, Mel.

My points were two:

Underpayment of taxes that are due this year on time earns big big penalties which be avoided if amounts like last year were paid each quarter, with the final payment making up the difference. But that only avoids the penalty, not the actual tax.

My second point was, except for calculating a penalty, last year's payments have no bearing on the total of this year's actual taxes due. As you note, that is a function of this year's taxable income, period.



Sometimes a picture is a good illustration of what's going on:


Jane, If you can tile the browser, you can flick it up and close the new window.


I have no idea what that means Mel.

Jib, now I have to figure out how to shut it down. That’s probably possible.


I heard that ACB heard that GREASY SCHUMER wouldn't meet with her and she said. Thank the Good Lord, he smells like WAL MART.



Are you still on Nantucket? Did the schools open


Just making the point that taxes are Always due at the moment income occurs, not tied to a date or quarterly payment schedule.


My mean, cross the street neighbor who has been in the hospital since June 1, with COVID - apparently came home today. I thought they were delivering equipment, but the good neighbor said it was him. I’m happy for his wife. I suspect life will be tough because he can no longer walk (or report on me)



Not knowing him nor anything about him, I wish him well.

You, however, can remember this line from my father:

"Time wounds all heels."

Old Lurker




We are a RED ZONE dammit and the world is ending!


[New thread.]

Old Lurker

We are on the same page, Mel.



As Jim Sunnyvale might say ...

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