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September 27, 2020



Yes poppy was a rockefeller republican despite 30 years in texas, the never trumper phenomenon is a strange subset of dsm iv manual.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Reagan endured pretty much the same crap from the Rockefeller and Ford wing of things as Trump has.
IIRC Bush was more or less foisted on him as, having come in second, the Rockefeller types pretty much demanded Reagan appease them with Papa Squish.
His biggest mistake IMO.


An elaboration of real news



Cap'n, according to this Politico account which is surprisingly interesting, Reagan thought GHWB was an ambitious wuss, and really wanted Ford instead. Ford said no, right up to the wire at the convention. Reagan went to Bush because (I imagine) he thought Bush would drop his earlier strongly-worded no and go for the brass ring. He was right. As reported, it seemed Reagan probably knew he was going to win anyway and just needed a name on the ticket. Classic Bush, really.


Captain Hate

Yes, Corvairs tossed fan belts frequently.

Watching the local meat puppet weather people through the years I heard a few explanations why on the autumnal equinox here the hours of daylight aren't equal to night time (always more daylight) and my reaction was "no that sounds wrong". But recently someone said it's because the atmospheric bends the light and my reaction was more positive.


D'Artagnan is great--try their veal sometime,

Seconded, but they’re often out of their best offering: whole boneless tenderloin.


Yes but to a significant degree, ifind that doubful


A fun pep rally from Schweikart. Eternal optimist but I think he's right on mail-in ballots.

He's also the only commentator I've seen who's mentioned the student vote shortfall which I believe will be considerable.


Captain Hate

Thanks guys. It was a mistake that didn't impair his eight years but certainly set up the party of misfit toys into screwing up the aftermath.

Ford should've said yes. No wonder Betty drank so much.


Also Schweikart agrees with me that the rona scare is backfiring on Dems. And in my observation it's not just the oldster Dems who are terrified of voting in person.

16) It's so bad the official mouthpiece of the DemoKKKrat Party, "Axios," wrote a piece warning that the Ds were shifting their strategy to ED cause VBM wasn't working out like they thought.

17) OOPS. Too late. They have already terrified the oldsters with the China Virus.


I let you know what time to send someone for me at the airport! Can you have too much lamb?

I’ve personally contracted MannieT for my air service so let me check. And as to the last question: no. Tens of thousands of wolves and coyotes can’t be wrong. 😉


Larry Schweikart

19) Registration trends in FL, NC, PA, AZ, NM, NV are through the roof for Rs.

Way, way beyond my most optimistic projections.

FL may end up on election day being a D lead of under 150,000.

They had almost a million lead in 2012.


Staying with my adorable aunt since Thursday who is nonetheless a NFL fan, I’ve been subjected to it despite my boycott. It’s lamer than I had even thought. The maskerade is beyond stupid. Gah.


Caveat on Schweikart: this is true, but Trump wasn't on the ballot in 2018.

GScott - Just a fig picker - a servant (2Kin.6:15)
Agree, with the thread but tbh he [Schweikart] didn’t figure in the CA vote harvesting and was way off in 2018 because of it.




Captain Hate

The party of sciency smarty pants getting smoked by hoaxdemic? The deuce you say!



Check this out.


Wouldn't it be sweet, Cap'n?

JM Hanes

"Would you like to step within 6' of me?"


Another Bob

Don’t see many cops with beards.

jim nj


I think Pompeo is serious. This has some other details:


I believe there are 5 US bases left in Iraq. We closed 3 bases earlier this year. We are planning on drawing down forces anyway.

Close the embassy and there will be no easy revenge target when we flatten all of the wayward militias in a coordinated strike.


Our first mistake was empowering these militias in the first place, the british did it the worse in basra. Then we let suleimani become the kingmaker in baghdad.


For 16 years, the baath was replaced by these revolutionary guard backed units like mohandis and al ameri represented.


Goodness am I tired. I complete reviews for NCI proposals today -- largely pretty darned good -- and am now getting out an employment offer. Next week holds the panel review, licensing agreements, business legal cleanup and the start of the putative new employee.

No rest for the wicked! Maybe one of these days I'll get some technical work done!


In researching my novella i discovered the baath predecessors the golden square who were ottoman era officers who had gone to germany for training had a military complememt including two military squadrons.


Congrats dr. J

Another Bob

Me too DrJ. Boss was out last week and I got the “privilege” of being delegated the boss’s big project (which is approaching mass market release by a demanding German customer), as well as my own projects (with demanding Japanese customers). Phone calls on a three-shift basis. Add administrivia.

What’s that phrase about one-legged guy in an asskicking contest?

jim nj


I don't think we enabled the Iraqi militias. Wasn't much we could do about them when they were in the fight against ISIS. And not all of them are rabidly anti-US and willing to take action against us.

The militias that won't toe the line are an internal problem for the Iraqis to deal with. I don't want us to stay there to deal with them.

Some say that what Pompeo has threatened will weaken the PM. I think the opposite. If we pull our troops and embassy out they will have to fight a reconstituted ISIS themselves. Other countries may pull their military trainers and embassies also. Why risk being the next target if we leave?

I think this gives the PM more clout to rein in the wayward militias. I think the more moderate Shia understand what the cascade would look like.

And if still feel a need to topple the wayward militias we don't need to be in country to do it.

jim nj


Includes quotes from Graham and Durbin. Durbin seems rather subdued.

Manuel Transmission

Catching up. Cosmology theories make me sick. All this crap they keep wrestling with is way worse that the epicycles of the Middle Ages. A hunnert yrs ago someone figured out that the light from stars was red shifted. Ahah! Why it must be because the stars are racing away from us. Everything else evolved from that, except nobody ever actually proved that. Too easy to just assume that. One guy, Hap Arp came pretty close, but they just ignored him. Scroom.

Equinox daylight. The sun moves at 4 minutes/degree. The sun is 1/2 degree wide. Sunrise is arbitrarily defined as the initial direct light so that is 1 minute per side. Don’t know if they count earth curvature. Besides you can’t see the real horizon except at sea. Whatever’s left must be bent light.

Lyle. All trips are 4 pax max plus whatever the precious cargo may be. Me and my crew are half that. Fuel is the only operating cost. That might be negotiable. :)


What else can cause a red shift besides objects moving apart?

jim nj


"So, let Hirono and Blumenthal make their political tweets against extending common courtesy to a Supreme Court nominee. It doesn’t matter – in fact, the more who say they don’t want to bother with private meetings the quicker the nomination process will go. Move on to the confirmation hearing and get the process completed."

My thought exactly. Why waste Barret's time with interviews with people who will denounce her five minutes later.

I've modified my thinking. I was previously in the I don't care if she wins the nomination right before or right after the election. Why tempt fate? Put me in the giter done fast camp.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

If our ccgirl ever decides to put up a msg board at her store, we could collect humorous bits for her?


Well i was going back to the beginning. When we disbanded the security forces we need an alternative the badr militia was it, that became the pmu over time.

jim nj


The Rise of Skyborg: Air Force Betting on New Robotic Wingman

I was thinking about the F-35s after posting the other day when a new thought came to me. Will we still use AWACs (early warning and control) on F-35 missions? I mean with the networked F-35s they have, more or less, miniaturized the AWACs function and loaded it onto the F-35s.

Add Skyborgs to the mix and it becomes more clear that the F-35s can function as smaller AWACs controlling their own fleet of drones.

Read a really stupid article on the limitations of air-refueling. Tankers as a single point of failure and the need for bigger fighters with more fuel capacity for greater range. The new tankers will have to be armed to protect themselves because even with longer-range, larger fighter the tankers will still be too close to the battle.

Problem solved with Skyborg "The systems could not only fly alongside fighter jets, but also serve as robotic wingmen for other types of aircraft such as bombers and tankers. They would bring a variety of capabilities to the battlefield, serving as sensors, jammers or shooters, he noted."

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

jim_nj is completely correct!
Faster is better. R's will vote to confirm, D's will vote against. No need for a lot of fancy talking, just vote.


recently someone said it's because the atmospheric bends the light and my reaction was more positive.


I've read that as well. Here in Southern California we're north of the equator, so I believe there was a 5 minute difference on the 22nd. Some sites had the Equinox occurring on the 23rd. On that date, there was a 3 minute difference in the hours here in So. Cal. Interestingly, on Friday, September 25th, the number of daytime and nighttime hours were equal.

JM Hanes

I will never understand why we didn't take al Sadr out when we had a chance, before he managed to consolidate his position.


Thats an intriguing question the late hume horan told them to do so, ofcourse one cant forget the significance of this particular shia clan going back to the 20s and their share of martyr in their lineage.

jim nj


You've probably paid more attention to the Iraqi militias then I have. They've gone through some iterations over the years.

The Sadr City militia was, to me, ill conceived. You're not going to force your way into power that way. That militia and the others that opposed us with Iranian help using IEDs and such were a royal pain in the ass. We went after them until they stood down.

Then we had the self-protection militias that were anti-Sunni and raised havoc in the Sunni communities. They later morphed into the anti-ISIS fighters.

There is a certain amount of warlordism in all of this. The rise to power and the graft and Iranian aid that came with that.

What we're left with now is militias that will obey the government and those that won't.

I think Pompeo has stated what is already obvious to the smarter Iraqi Shias. If you want to rule your own country in peace you can't have Iranian-controlled militias running free. If I'm reading Pompeo correctly he is saying rein them in or we are leaving and we'll hit them hard on the way out.

Stay or go, I don't care. It seems clear that the Iranian-controlled militias want to provoke us into something. What, leaving? We already want to do that. Bomb them? We've already displayed a restraint these idiots don't seem to understand.

Manuel Transmission

Mook, there are lots of guesses as to what could affect light. The best demonstration that shows glaring discrepancies that Arp put together was that quasars are not at the edge of the universe. They are proto galaxies emitted from black holes at the center of certain classes of older galaxies. That inferred that there were age factors and/or massive gravitational effects. Space itself is apparently not simply a vacuous void even if early guesses about phlogiston and aethers were too simple.

jim nj

I remember that. We didn't want to kill Sadr and turn him into a martyr like his father because that would have weakened the influence of the sane ayatollah.

JimSV, I think it was Barbara that changed my mind.

I was getting fancy with my chess analogy. Pondering too many variables.

Checkers works better. King me.

jim nj

I like cosmology. Lots of new detection methods that we didn't have before plus lots of available computational power.

It seems to be one of the few sciences that still evokes lots of debate.

I went through my Catholic training then I heard about the theory of cosmic consciousness. That G-d might be the totality of things, including all of us.

There is a bit of hubris in cosmology thinking that we may some day understand the whole thing when we can't even figure out Earth.

jim nj


Don’t trust estimates of Al Qaeda’s strength in Afghanistan by Bill Roggio.

I followed Bill for a long time many years ago. I consider him to be a good source.

If he's correct I don't see that as a good reason to remain in Afghanistan.

If we leave Iraq and Afghanistan shit is going to happen. If we stay shit is going to happen.

I'm ready to leave and embolden these people to come out in the open where we can smack them clandestinely from afar.

Manuel Transmission

I heard about the theory of cosmic consciousness. That G-d might be the totality of things, including all of us.

I think it was Henry a few days ago that linked a theory that the universe was one big neural net.

I’d say those two ideas are essentially the same.

jim nj


Hmm. Biden has a world-class QRF or it's a coordinated attack. Yeah, it's a coordinated attack.

jim nj


I found the theory interesting because it really doesn't conflict with religion. It just explains it in another manner.

In an odd way it suggests that G-d was bored and intentionally disembodied himself/herself into an infinite number of components that comprises all of the universe and everything living within it.

In a really freaky way it implies that G-d himself/herself can't grasp his/her importance and like a computer needs to undergo bazillions of calculations every second in order to understand itself very slowly over billions of years.

And if you are G-d, how do you know that you are G-d? G-d might wonder about this and find ways to test this. Maybe more than once.

And I can reconcile that with my Catholic teaching. Jesus is a piece of G-d, which makes him G-d personified and he communicates with the rest of himself via the Holy Spirit also known as the cosmic consciousness.

Now not to say that I believe one thing or another, but it implies that maybe others can also tap into that.

How else to explain saints and geniuses?

jim nj

The idea underlies Joseph Campbells "The Power of Myth" and "Star Wars" midichlorians derived from Campbell's work. That there are shared common origin stories and the possibility of tapping into something beyond us.

jim nj


This report seems different from what I heard earlier. This isn't an IG investigation with referrals.

Maybe I'm naive, but it sounds like, considering the Barnett 302, that things are a lot more complex.

jim nj


Ralph L

IIRC, Ford wanted a virtual co-presidency. Hadn't RR already hired James Baker from GHWB's dead campaign at that point?

you finally figure out that the exhaust fan on the range hood helps vent all the hot air coming out of the oven

My wall oven is 6" below and to the right of the range hood. Years ago, I bought wood and plexiglas to make a left-handed smoke-shifter and still haven't assembled it. But I've quit broiling or roasting meats because of my dad's mismatched molars.



Captain Hate

Well, well, well



I forgot to say that that article about the Clinton Foundation that I posted above was retweeted by the President.


Grandma (2015): A misanthropic poet (Lily Tomlin) takes her granddaughter (Julia Garner) across Los Angeles in search of the money she needs to terminate her unwanted pregnancy. Directed by Paul Weitz


Donald J. Trump
This is totally illegal. Hope that the U.S. Attorney in Minnesota has this, and other of her many misdeeds, under serious review??? If not, why not??? We will win Minnesota because of her, and law enforcement. Saved Minneapolis & Iron O Range!



Retweeted by the President:


Another Bob

“Don’t trust estimates of Al Qaeda’s strength in Afghanistan”

IMO these are mostly pointless stories used by Washington bureaucrats to fight battles in DC, not Afghanistan.

Bottom line is, for reasons good and bad, we’ve never had the will to do the kind of killing that might actually stand a chance of eliminating alQ. It would involve being less discriminate generally, include doing some in officially “friendly” countries to take out various supporters and enablers, discarding this stupid idea that we can civilize the region, and having some well-exercised middle fingers to direct at those who would whine about these tactics. I long ago ceased to see the point of staying in Afghanistan in any numbers.

I’m about there with Iraq as well. Going to war in ‘91 for the benefit of the al Sabah family (who propagandized us effectively) never made tons of sense to me outside of another “domino theory”. And I had hopes that GWB had a secret strategy like isolating the Saudis that was behind going into Iraq post-9/11. None has been identified so far, so I was likely wrong. Let Iraqis fight for Iraq. We can hit Iran from afar when needed.



Bongino's Friday podcast covered the Clinton Foundation being investigated by Durham. He has some helpful clips from articles including an Army concern that a program Secretary Clinton was pushing was actually a Russian espionage operation, and another pointed remark about that $500,000 speaking fee in Moscow which looks more and more like an open bribe. This is in the last half of the program.


“ I heard a few explanations why on the autumnal equinox here the hours of daylight aren't equal to night time (always more daylight) and my reaction was "no that sounds wrong"...”

CH, I posted something on the day of the equinox claiming it’s because sunrise is defined as the moment the first light of the sun appears, and sunset when it disappears (as opposed to the halfway point). But MT’s post suggests that’s only part of it. So the rest is the bending of the light by that atmosphere.


Trump has an easy response to the MSM idiots on his taxes. “If you’d ever run a business you’d know that some years you do well and some you don’t. And if you don’t make money, you don’t pay taxes.”


Here’s CNN in 2015 trashing Biden so he wouldn’t think about Running against Hillary... pic.twitter.com/Oc6ektHBn2

— 🌟🌟Rooster⭐️⭐️ (@no_silenced) September 26, 2020

Video at the link.


How else to explain saints and geniuses?

I did not read that article when posted, having internet brain and it being long and physicsy and all, but what caught my eye from skimming through jimnj's comments this morning, is that long ago I developed that theory for myself.

My youngest, a bright kid, has a bit of anxietyishness as well as wanting to do his best--so the few quizzes that came his way in Montessori (Mad Minutes for math and such) were stressful.
To alleviate it for my then six year old, I would tell him "All the answers are in the room, in each person's head. You can tap in to that."

I think he did!

OMG--that was a quarter of a century ago! ;-)


Thanks JMH, that made my morning! Expectedly, it’s VERY wet here. Poopy park is great if you are a swimmer - thank goodness Kiwi is. Been having bizarre dreams. wonder if it’s a sign.


CH, your 6:41 only warranted a page three coverage in this weekend's WSJ, though their editorial writers did address it.

The biggest political scandal in --a? a century? longer?--and it's on page three?!!!

Wonder if NYT/WaPo/NPR is going to bother to cover it (other than with a pillow) before Nov 3?

#TwoMonths was used last night. I get it. Gotta say--I am starting to wonder if I am being played by the Uniparty, with the 302 release from Barnette, with virtually no MSM coverage of it.

Anybody else feel like they might tossing fish to us seals? Appeasing us with "breaking news" that we are the only voters aware of??


Jimmyk, you pay lots of taxes no matter what. Income taxes vary with profit. The rest do not.


There is a bit of hubris in cosmology thinking that we may some day understand the whole thing when we can't even figure out Earth.

The antidote to such hubris is each night to sit on the patio overlooking the lake sipping iced bourbon watching the wave functions evolve over time.



anonamom, they best way to deal with a pushy salesman is to agree with them, but never get around to signing. Saw this pattern three years ago. Can always agree to do something pointless, delayed by something meaningless on the calendar.


henry, I thought the NYT “information” was specifically about federal income taxes.


jimmyk, it was. But when I think of corporate tax at my business, I add up total state and federal tax paid. Per Dredd Pirate Roberts I should add fees. What matters is the total cash drain the government imposes on me, not the subtypes.

Jack Lillywhite

Good day, mateys.

Not as much rain as Jane but at least an inch in the dog’s dishes I keep outside.



I think Dunham got slowed down by the pandemic which everyone used as an excuse not to cooperate.
I also think things are going to keep coming out Which the lying media won’t report. But it looks like lots of people have realized this Republican Party is for people and the left represents the elites. I couldn’t be happier about that.

The problem will always be the media, who for the most part should be sued for illegal campaign donations, then jailed for treason.


Fresh F35 fun... new carrier air wing.





In any case, the NYT can cherry pick whatever they want from his vast tax returns. Presumably he doesn't give himself much personal income given the high marginal tax rates.

What I'm wondering about is the claim that the information was "legally obtained." How is that possible? I'd love to see some NYT higher-ups get indicted (yeah, I know, some chance).

Old Lurker

A-mom "Anybody else feel like they might tossing fish to us seals? Appeasing us with "breaking news" that we are the only voters aware of??"

Have I been killfiled for say three years?


Identifying planets in another galaxy? Amazing.


Another Bob

"legally obtained."

Yeah, that was too cute. I read it as their source had legal access (but who really knows, NYT long since broke off its acquaintance with ethics). No way was NYT’s access legal.

Someone in Trump’s tax attorney’s office?

Someone in the IRS?

Someone in Vance’s office?

Trump himself? (Don’t laugh, the NYT piece did essentially exonerate him from this “Russian agent” nonsense.)

Another Bob

“ Have I been killfiled for say three years?”

Or me?

Old Lurker

Jane "I think Dunham got slowed down by the pandemic... lots of people have realized this Republican Party is for people and the left represents the elites...the problem will always be the media."

Or Durham was always just another Look Squirrel.

While some now see that the Dems are for the Elites, there is no evidence at all that the R's are not the same, hence "Uniparty".

Given my first and second observation, of course the MSM will play its part, why not?

Perp walks, Orange Jumpsuits, SWAT teams at dawn and the like for the last three years might have provided "Must Watch TV" of a different sort.

Occam would proffer other ways to connect the data points that would not require triple back flips in the 4th dimension just to find a theory that fits the hopes.



Old Lurker

A-bob "Legal Access" is not the same as "Right to Show the World".

Ask any doctor about HIPPA.

Ask any Lawyer about client confidences.

Ask any official with legal access to top secret information.

Does the NYT think people are stupid?

Wait. Did I really ask that?




What I'm wondering about is the claim that the information was "legally obtained." How is that possible? I'd love to see some NYT higher-ups get indicted (yeah, I know, some chance).

There’s room for you on The Ledge jimmyk. Join us for a drink soon:)



This article is valuable because it has 4 clips of Biden screwing up at just ONE of the democrat debates earlier this year.


There is an article in the Irish Times this morning discussing a money-laundering operation in which billions of dollars were funneled to Moscow though Ireland.

Apparently someone has uncovered documents indicating this, although none are provided in the article.

It seems to me there are huge amounts of money moving around all over the place and I wonder how much is funding BLM, antifa, the DNC and various high=living bureaucrats and elected officials, etc.


If you missed the President's oress conference yesterday, he retweeted the link and here it is. He was pretty well-armed with the numbers of Supreme Court justices confirmed in election years.

LIVE: President @realDonaldTrump holds a news conference https://t.co/cNOWdtlxGC

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) September 27, 2020

When a picture is worth a thousand words:

And frankly, there isn't that much room on The Ledge.



I'm sending you an anti-depressant. All that grim stuff is certainly possible, but save it for November. We need optimism now. BTW the stock market is going up, up up. C'om On Man!


Via Insty, a reminder that a Vitamin D helps, as do zinc and hydroxychloroquine.


Old Lurker

:-) Jane.

Gotta stay in character.


Carlos is convinced Biden has implants.

Wrapped thread:


Original thread with comments by readers:



Except weve seen how far they went in using a suspected russian spy.

Old Lurker

Also Jane "BTW the stock market is going up, up up. C'om On Man!"

The last time a leftist was in the WH the market crashed to 6600. Even after recovering, it was 16,000 when Trump came down the escalator. Other than the eternal hope that "This Time Is Different", there is not one single immutable change implemented since 2016 that cannot be undone in ten minutes in 2021 should Trump lose, except that the $10 trillion in new debt will still be here, and we have the new moral hazard in the new reality that the Fed Reserve is the biggest private bank out there but without the Due Diligence limitations that the market places on real banks...

Do people who would never bet more than $5 in Vegas realize how much net worth they are already betting on a Trump sweep?


Its the minefield with tripwires.

Jack Lillywhite

Getting closer to me but I’ll watch on the telly


Trump to be nominated for a third Nobel peace prize, according to this.



Moar buying of elections, this time buying clerks in cities.

Under the grant, Madison is set to receive $1.3 million, Milwaukee $2.2 million, Green Bay $1.1 million, Kenosha $863,000 and Racine $942,000. CTCL says the group seeks to modernize elections and make them more professional, inclusive and secure.

Funded by Goolag and FB. Republican Party is suing to stop this fraud.



Re our favorite arachnaphobe


JM Hanes

Miss Marple:

"[Bongino] has some helpful clips from articles including an Army concern that a program Secretary Clinton was pushing was actually a Russian espionage operation...."

You'd almost think there's a proxy war between Russia and China going on here.


"Been having bizarre dreams. wonder if it’s a sign."

I was on some pretty strong pain killers after an operation I had a couple of years ago. Every night, I slept like a rock and dreamt that I was a superhero saving people from disasters of every ilk. Alas, all that came to an end, along with the medication.


"What I'm wondering about is the claim that the information was "legally obtained."

I suspect that just means they didn't steal it themselves; they just received it from a middleman of some ilk. Squirrelly language is always a lie of some sort.

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