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September 05, 2020



>>>Except Sweden, rich; who'd a thunk they, who regularly get everything else wrong, would be the outlying smarty pants.

Posted by: Captain Hate | September 06, 2020 at 11:28 AM<<<

if we would have listened to them much of the west would have followed. instead all this and really this is looking more and more like a coup attempt. everyone got to exercise their inner tyrant.

Old Lurker

Did not mean "benign" obviously. Malignant, of course.


There is a rush of books and press articles by key players in Spygate trying to set the narrative...
...enough to make you believe a report is about to drop

Strzok: Sep 8
Weissmann: Sept 29
Brennan: October 6

(No title or cover of Weissman's book yet. -MM)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Black Christian Lives Apparently Do Not Matter
by Giulio Meotti

On the slaughter of Christians in Nigeria and the silence in the West.

Old Lurker

Rich "if we would have listened to them much of the west would have followed."

Recall our early excitement that the UK was going to do exactly that...until they caved and we followed?


Before I forget about it, I am going to isten to asw's video whiile I do some stuff around here.

By the way, this morning my daughter asked me why I thought the Russia scandal was a hoax. I am convinced rse's discussion on destroying critical thinking is spot on!

Old Lurker

MM " I am convinced rse's discussion on destroying critical thinking is spot on!"

Got that right. From that small step, all things are possible.

Eventually, Natural Selection will put it all right again.

But that takes a while.


>>>Recall our early excitement that the UK was going to do exactly that...until they caved and we followed?

Posted by: Old Lurker | September 06, 2020 at 11:52 AM<<<

i had forgotten that.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Michael Anton: The Coming Coup.


The fire that Ig mentioned:


I never trust the reporting on these fires. The news, and the agencies, love to conflate “contained” with “controlled.” A fire can be mostly under control while the mopping up of hot spots is how they calculate containment. The media will constantly use hours and days old footage to make anyone who isn’t witnessing the fire first hand believe that the fire is about to burn California to the ground like a Ponderosa Map.

If I cannot see the fire itself my first resource is FlightRadar24. Right now there isn’t a single firefighting aircraft anywhere near the Creek Fire. Not even an observational plane. What gives?

Yesterday the two other fires in California were the Eldorado Fire and the Valley Fire. The Eldorado Fire has both the 747 and the DC10 on it as well as multiple smaller aircraft. The Valley Fire and multiple smaller aircraft and a MD80 out of San Bernardino later in the day. Those two fires are out now despite what is being reported. The valley fire has an observational plane when I checked flight radar and the el dorado fire has a news helicopter and a fire helicopter circling.

The key is to watch the containment percentage grow over the next few days while noticing that the acreage barely budges.

I am not too sure what is really going on with the Creek Fire, but the other 2 are, or at least should be, yesterday’s news.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

When Wish Replaces Thought -
Here is the indigestible truth for the Democrats. Donald Trump has had the most successful first term of any president in memory, maybe ever.

Roger Kimball, mostly on the dogbutt-faced hellhound Krugman.


I should have said the Eldorado Fire “had” those air resources. All the air attacks happened yesterday. Today it is the news and Calfire playing reruns to instill panic.


Just on marketwatch: Labor Day means pumpkin spice.

We are in a post millennial dystopia.


There is one observational aircraft heading towards Shaver Lake where the Creek Fire started:


Nothing else in the sky.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--A fire can be mostly under control while the mopping up of hot spots is how they calculate containment. --

That's not right and is kind of the opposite of what they mean, though the media frequently use them wrong.
Containment is a defined measurement of the percent of the perimeter of a fire that has had a defensible firebreak constructed around it that they are relatively confident will hold. Those are usually constructed in two main areas; around residential areas and in front of the main direction the fire is going. That's why a fire at 40 or 50% containment will usually grwo very little because the rest of the fire is not going anywhere due to terrain and prevailing winds.
A fire to the extent it is declared controlled is usually one that has been contained and is in the process of being mopped up.

Where air resources are positioned is often due to many factors such as prior commitment, residential threats, weather and smoke conditions at a particular fire that make it impossible to fly, terrain the fire is burning in, etc.

I have been to many fires, have logged burnt properties and have had properties of my own burnt in fires. I have yet to see one that did not pretty closely match the mapping. And while CalFire and Fed Forestry reporting on progress necessarily lags and relies on communication from the otherwise occupied ground and air crews it's usually pretty accurate too, even accounting for the com problems and lags.

Texas Liberty Gal

Wonderful day at church this morning. We could sit in any pew we wanted!! No distancing required! Plus we are going to see a movie this week. Yes, theatres are opening up!!


Right now, according to flight radar, the El Dorado Fire has the DC10 back and more aircraft are showing up. The Valley Fire just had a 737 swoop in. That plane flew from north of Oxnard all the way to East San Diego county. A couple of local USDF planes are at the Valley Fire as well.

They all waited until after 9am to resume the fight?? Doesn’t make sense.

Jim Eagle

Has this been posted already? If not, you can bet the media, #NeverTrumpers, and the Dems will make it a laughing matter:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

TK, overnight temperature inversions cause fires to behave very differently than when things warm up.
Smoke conditions rule when, where and whether air assets can be used. Overnight, while the fire lays down, often the smoke builds up and is not dispersed and makes flying too hazardous at the extremely low levels they fly. Wind conditions and crew and residential critical moments and emergencies do as well.
Air crews that have exceeded their allotted hours may at times influence things too though I don't know that for a fact.
Every fire is different and receives different priorities. Some that occur this time and later in the year that occur in backcountry and wilderness areas especially those that burn toward rock and sparse vegetation are often only watched and not actively fought at all or only to keep them away from certain areas.


They could have started at 6:30am.



I have noticed the following about food:

1. Usually we can get items from Kroger, but when we go in there are whole shelves bare, as if we are going to need ration coupons this winter.

2. We are due to have a pretty cold winter and a long one, despite the global warming thing which still has a bunch of people fooled. Looking at some of the long-range forecasts, that seems likely and people will be pretty happy that fracking and coal mines have opened up.

3. When I was taking classes at IU back in the 70's , the "Coming Ice Age" was all the rage. I even took a class on ice age geology and weather. I assumed this was gospel truth and just filed it away, making sure I had plenty of warm clothes and bought a house with good insulation and a fireplace for emergencies.

(By the way, when you went to Glacier National Park they used to have a sign in front of one of the glacial moraines at the foot of the glacier that said "By the year 2000, the glacier will have advanced to here -about 100 feet in front of the then-current
face. Mysteriously, when I took the grandkids there about 10 years ago, the sign was gone and the glacier was pretty much slowly inching forward, despite the MSM fervently hoping it would retreat.)

Anyway, I went to the pool one day with my daughter and son (circa 1983 or so) and imagine my confusion when my neighbor started yammering about how hot it was because of global warming, and we needed to be prepared for THAT!

4. Since we have established on here that a lot of these mega corporations are all inter-connected and influenced by Leftists, although your video doesn't establish bona fides on all of that, NOTHING would surprise me any more.



It's all they've got, besides the ever-present kvetching about Trump playing GOLF! On his own course! On Labor Day weekend! Without a mask!

I am so sick of these people. Comments on that pic are full of dems hoping a bunch of Trump supporters drown.


Jack No rice, no corn?

Imagine a whole country on a "carb free" diet:)

As long as the cows, pigs, and almond trees survive we'll be in good shape!


Video proof of @JoeBiden walking away from the concerns of our Veterans.

This isn’t an anonymous hit - this is video proof. https://t.co/dScJf3FkiD

— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) September 6, 2020

Video at the link.


I wouldnt put sabotage past them, would you.


I think I would have to be there to get your humor. I do agree that we have largely failed to educate our citizens, especially in the last 50 years or so, but going back further than that when looked at from a certain perspective. I have to say though, I believe now, things I used believe were not true.

I think that was a great question for your daughter to ask. Why, specifically, do we think the charges of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign are false? We are looking at a different set of "facts". She does not have those facts to compare with the ones you have.

It is beyond not understanding the language. I think I know what is going on, but I lack a way to explain it.

You mentioned that she does believe what was roughly the subject of Lin Wood's twitter yesterday questioning Gates and Clinton about birthing rooms at Epstein's properties. For me that was confirmation that it is known by the ones who can do something to put an end to what happened not only there but on a very wide scale.

It is something that is thought by many to be in the realm of extreme fantasy. Namely that there is a group of elite people involved in the absolutely most evil practices involving children, in this case babies born where they are not reported, not given birth certificates.

This is a short video that roughly covers what is going on, but probably is just ridiculous to someone who does not.


This is a long video that was made by a women in the Netherlands. I have some questions about certain parts of parts(there are 10), but on the whole it seems accurate though astonishing based on other things I have seen.


It goes by various names Fall of Cabal and others , because it keeps being taken down.


If you can't name the source, we don't want to hear the lie (Diamond and Silk)



— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 6, 2020

Good Jesse Watters video at the link (8 minutes) with a lot of video proof of dem violence and excellent questions.


Yes indeed:



Who is the other poster who has gas in his eye? I want an update!

It's only 90 degrees in Florida. I might need a jacket!


Imagine sending your teen to this high school!

Families OUTRAGED After Assistant H.S. Principal Marches with BLM Militant Mobs in Rochester. Lysenko posted video of himself screaming, “F**k the police!” at the riots.



You never go full vizzini



Indian Americans have traditionally voted for the Democratic Party in overwhelming numbers but many community leaders say a subterranean shift towards the Republican Party is underway in the upcoming presidential election.

Interestingly, the reason for the reported “shift” is the mother country – India.



Not really




I am so glad my kids are out of high school. I feel for everyone with kids these days. No in- person school most of the time, no music, no recess, etc. Top that off with psychotic administrators! I imagine many families where both parents work will consider dropping one income to be home, and perhaps home school. What a nightmare for single parents. Private schools will likely boom.

Also, people are moving here from the cities. There is a massive shift going on.

I think there was an earlier discussion about critical thinking. Unfortunately, I thought there were a lot of dim bulbs out there, but since March I have been proven incorrect. There are way more than I ever imagined. Seems to me that we abandoned critical thinking in schools quite some decades ago as it crosses all ages.

All this craziness is making me a but crazy. Stop the world because I want to get off! I am heading back outside to look at the yellow finches munching on my sunflower plants. That's something I can handle today during my paperwork breaks.


and let us not forget the medical community signed their letter to america

No rich, not "the medical community"--academic and bureaucratic community.

The medical community was busy getting HCQ and zinc to nursing home patients in the SE states while those desk jockeys were signing letters.


This is Great - from 2012, never aired. Trump firing Obama:



This might even be GREATER!

Going Viral: The ‘Trump Unity Bridge’ Turns Black Lives Matter Confrontation into a MAGA YMCA Dance Party (VIDEO)



Whew! It's been hot here in California. Today should be a couple of degrees cooler at about 110°. Because So. California is basically a desert, it cools off over night.

We're in for hot weather for at least the first half of September.


Barbara, Do you have humidity too? That's the toughest.

Thinking of Dot - San diego supposed to be 106.



We have very low humidity today, thank God! Only 18%. That's a great improvement over the past few weeks.


Can't verify this, but it shows 11,000+ cases at 17 universities, zero hospitalizations.


As would be expected. Of course the panic sowers respond with "OMG! They're going to spread it to vulnerable people!" As if students off campus are not going to (a) not going to test positive (whatever that means); and (b) not be even more likely to spread it to others.


That is Barbara - we have been in the 90% humidity range for weeks. But right now it's 80 with a thunderstorm. Fine with me!

Robin, eff 'em all


SBW, I assume his linked article from the Rome Sentinel is your work? Very nice.



Rear Admiral sighting:

Bill Kristol
Donald Trump Jr.: “As we drove past the rows of white grave markers [at Arlington Cemetery], in the gravity of the moment...I also thought of...all the sacrifices we’d have to make—giving up a huge chunk of our business and all international deals.” axios.com/donald-trump-j…




That Dance-Off video was great! One of the things the GOP has been missing: CHOREOGRAPHY!!



I told you guys that he was one of the WORST backstabbers and traitors in DC.

While they are all virtue signaling, my pal out in California reminds me that Obama spent the entire month of August in Hawaii!!!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

New thread


Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump
Trump Orders Purge of ‘Critical Race Theory‘ from Federal Agencies https://breitbart.com/tech/2020/09/04/partys-over-trump-orders-purge-of-critical-race-theory-from-federal-agencies/
via @BreitbartNews
This is a sickness that cannot be allowed to continue. Please report any sightings so we can quickly extinguish!


>>>No rich, not "the medical community"--academic and bureaucratic community.

The medical community was busy getting HCQ and zinc to nursing home patients in the SE states while those desk jockeys were signing letters.

Posted by: anonamom | September 06, 2020 at 02:00 PM<<<

you can protect them all you want but wow clean out the fascists in your industry. what a catastrophic failure at every level. i saw the letter and thousands and thousands going out and taking a knee. i am hopeful that i won't have to be poked by one anytime soon, but with my luck, it'll be tomorrow.




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