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September 23, 2020



Isn't it funny how different areas deal with this mask thing?

Around here, I go out to get wine or gas or pick up groceries. If I am doing a Kroger pick-up, no mask. Gas, no mask. (And neither does anyone else have one - it's outside.) Liquor store, mask required but the clerks don't have one, just about 40% of the customers, most of whom are either construction workers or college students.

When I went out with my grandkids for my birthday, we had to wear masks until we were seated at the table. That was it.

The idea of being locked into a house and unable to go anywhere seems weird to me, and I can guarantee you no one around here would put up with it. It was hard enough getting people to wear masks!


Well, looks like someone is paying attention. The President retweeted this:
No journalist has ever asked Barack Hussein Obama to explain how the Trump campaign was spied on and General Flynn was framed during his administration.

Perhaps it's time.

Captain Hate

CH? I make excuses for the FBI?Or I am tired of their excuses?

I thought I remembered you being opposed to doing away with them and just splitting the good agents into the various US attorney offices. If I mischaracterized that I apologize but something you wrote in the past made me wonder for which I should've requested clarification at the time.

Governor Kristi Noem @govkristinoem Stop spreading fear.

Only 8% of South Dakota’s hospital beds are occupied by COVID patients. We have and will continue to manage our resources to care for the people who need help.

The people of South Dakota have accomplished this WITHOUT draconian lockdowns. #FactsNotFear

Rachel Maddow MSNBC @maddow
"South Dakota has just set new records in the number of people hospitalized, new cases, and overall active cases.

With a 36% spike in COVID-19 hospitalizations in the last week, the state now has the highest per-capita rate of hospitalizations in the US."

Hey Rachel you might to think a little about that line of argument. If you are correct, the "...highest per-capita rate of hospitalizations in the US" is trivial, and so the other 49 states are less than trivial.



Unemployment insurance is the new DMV


BREAKING: New state audit shows 93% of the 41.1 million calls to DWD unemployment call centers between March and June were blocked, or received busy signals.

Not even 1% of the calls were answered.

6.2% of calls were abandoned by callers.


Captain Hate

Isn't it funny how different areas deal with this mask thing?

And none are based on real science; you know the double blind tests that CNN jerks it to over HCQ lacking.


Also retweeted by the President:

John Solomon
Breaking: Flynn case bombshell: FBI analysts bought insurance fearing they’d be sued for misconduct.

Reading this with more sleep, it looks to me like the underlings were concerned about Strzok, McCabe, Ohr, Comey, etc.


Retweeted by the President:

Barack Obama spied on Trump, framed Flynn, and sabotaged the their transition--but the media is lecturing Trump.


I think Whittle's law makes a lot of sense.

To his credit, Biden did manage to campaign for six days in a row during the first week of September. But since then, he’s ditched his own presidential campaign eight out of the last 18 days.

That’s not a good look for a man who is supposed to have energy enough to hold the most demanding office in the world.

I had a conversation with Bill Whittle on this same topic earlier this week, and Bill reminded me of his newly minted Whittle’s Law: When they let the optics look this bad, it’s because the alternative optics would look even worse.


The biden harris "trust the science" save our democracy sign I noticed and commented on the other day is gone although the trump and karen handel signs remain in this affluent, heavily jewish part of town I live in (you can walk to one of the more conservative synagogues and a jewish school).


Retweeted by the President:

In light of yesterday's document release:
Strzok ordered Barnett to close the Flynn case but 20 minutes after closing doc was circulated, Strzok ordered to keep it open following the intervention of "7th Floor" (FBI leadership)


I see the RBG roadshow moved from the Supreme Court to Congress. Does it stop at every post office next?


Here's the document Svetlana was referring to:

If you can't enlarge it, go to this link:




Judge Sullivan and the DC Court of Appeals are turning out to be the unintentional heroes of the Flynn saga. In their unseemly quest to destroy Flynn, they refused to let DOJ drop case, and now we're getting some of the most explosive documents about Special Counsel probe yet.

(Somewhat reminiscent of how BuzzFeed was the unintentional hero of the Dossier saga. By publishing it, all sane people could read it and realize what a freaking joke it was. Media prefer to selectively drip info to make it sound credible as opposed to ridiculous.)


Dan Scavino
“FBI official on Mueller team said Flynn prosecution had 'get Trump' attitude, collusion probe was 'not there’”



Did Outhouse recognize that THEY are accusing US of this bullying. Looting rioting burning raping killing. And even then the rancid media tried to blame US and WHITE SUPREMACY for bLACKIE BLACKSTONE and his crimes. Add to that, that ANTIFA is a MYTH. A great American once said. They've gone FULL COMMIE. They have. What do COMMIES DO WELL???? DEATH.



How do we KNOW her body is in that casket?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--We may need to resort to lockdowns again -- to combat a climate emergency, Mariana Mazzucato writes.--

That's a nice-a Italiano name, there.
Fits a fascist perfectly.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

New thread





Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Nice trick by the Massholes; the governor orders hospitalized Wuflu patients back into nursing homes and then the governor's sidekick prosecutes the nursing home operators when patients get sick and die from the Wuflu.
Now maybe these guys were negligent but wasn't the original and greater negligence forcing infected patients back among the most vulnerable population?
The death toll nationwide among nursing homes indicate the chances of keeping the bug out to begin with were not that great, but forcing people literally teeming with germs back into that environment was insanely stupid and reckless.

Past is Prologue

Belated Hi to Rocco from the west coast!

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