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September 26, 2020



Today, it was my great honor to nominate one of our nation’s most brilliant and gifted legal minds to the Supreme Court. She is a woman of unparalleled achievement, towering intellect, sterling credentials, and unyielding loyalty to the Constitution: Judge Amy Coney Barrett... pic.twitter.com/l2yezt2UOi

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 27, 2020

Video at the link, about 1 minute.


Two and a half weeks, why goose?


Retweeted by the President:

Steve Daines
Judge Barrett will defend our Montana way of life from those that want to take away our 2nd Amendment rights and destroy our jobs.

My full statement on @realDonaldTrump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to SCOTUS below.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--a new study of dialysis patients found--

Of all the people I can think of who would go to extraordinary lengths not to be exposed to the Wuflu I'd have to say dialysis patients would be pretty near the top, which would seem to present a bit of a selection bias in their "study".


Oklahoma senator, retweeted by the President:

Sen. James Lankford
I supported her nomination in 2017 for the Court of Appeals, and I look forward to working through the process of advice and consent for the highest court in the land.


I knew about the golden square but not this angle.



Franklin Graham

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20) #PrayerMarch2020 #WashingtonDC


Amy Coney Barrett is an outstanding judge and an even better person. I commend President Trump on another exceptional pick for the high court, and I hope to meet with Judge Barrett soon. #SCOTUS pic.twitter.com/ZjBLtQKUQR

— Senator Roger Wicker (@SenatorWicker) September 26, 2020

Video at the link.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Mirengoff on ACB.


Retweeted by the President. Senator Inhofe is from Oklahome.

Sen. Jim Inhofe
made the right choice by choosing Amy Coney Barrett to serve on the Supreme Court. Throughout her career, Judge Barrett has shown her commitment to upholding the Constitution.


Well maher is what you scrape off your foot and throw in the trash, im getting a touch of dejavu

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

One thing is for sure; if Biden wins this election it'll be pretty obvious nobody will ever need to actually campaign to win.


Ah the lancet, might as well be written in crayon



How many would you venture were out there today 250-500,000



We will just have warlords, underlings, militia, and so forth. All won't be lost, however.

Most of those people will either be killed off or die over the winter because they won't have any survival skills! HA!


Retweeted by the President (One Indiana senator):

Senator Todd Young
I am thrilled with @POTUS’s nomination of fellow Hoosier, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, to serve on the Supreme Court. I've come to know her as an incredibly sharp legal mind, a woman of great integrity, and a dedicated mother of seven.


Large number of endorsements for Judge Barrett in President Trump's Twitter page, but I am just too tired to copy them all and have to go to bed.

Here's his page if you want to check on the senators:






I think Daryl Strawberry has been a Christian for a long time

It was more the MAGA part that I meant was newsworthy, to me at least.


The other thing about that study of dialysis patients is that from what I've read, some unknown percentage of the populace has resistance or immunity from previous exposure to other coronaviruses. That means they have no idea what percentage of actual sars-cov-2 infections constitutes herd immunity.

JM Hanes


"I don't understand why Lindsey Graham wants to wait sixteen days until the SCOTUS hearings. I think it should be no more than a week."

I suspect it's as much for ACB's benefit as anything else. She's got to make the rounds meeting with Senators individually, and from the tenor of their questions perhaps decide to refresh her memory on certain questions/issues. At some point the Senators submit written questions to the nominee, which she must also answer in writing with regard to cases and rulings she's made and, I'm sure, there are a myriad of other demands which will be made on her time. I don't doubt that it is a grueling process for the nominee to start with, and that the Dems will do their best to make it every bit as exhausting as possible!


Heres a twist



You're probably right, JMH. I just worry about starting hearings so near the election. On the PowerLine blog, Mirengoff has an article on how the Dems intend to delay the vote till after the election. I hope McConnell has plans to thwart them (and if anyone can do it, I think he can), but I'd prefer they had a little more wiggle room.


I see your point, JMH, of course.
But we should also keep in mind that this is a done deal. She will be approved. That said, the end date becomes important. We don't need a confirmation vote on Nov 2 that turns Dems into vengeful banshees.

Slim down the process. Scold the Dems for their bad faith actions re Kav when they complain about the rush. Finish quickly.
Finish Oct 1x, not Oct 2x or 3x, certainly not Nov 2 and certainly NOT in the dead zone after the election.

Politically this is a layup. Just smash it down and flatten anyone in the way.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma


Wouldn’t it be a hoot watching how the left would react if it was discovered that the girls from the Caribbean that Amy Coney Barrett adopted are descendants of slaves owned by the ancestors of Kamala Harris?



Another Bob

Well, this doesn’t seem a good sign...

“BREAKING: In a veiled threat of violence, Bernie Sanders tonight on "Real Time with Bill Maher" signaled to his "millions" of Bernie Bros to go into "the streets" and confront Trump -- "in one form or another" -- if Trump refuses to concede the election and leave the White House“

And if Trump appears to have more votes?


Theyve already proven they are banshees, now are their carnivorous minioins like outriders or chtauri. Thats yet to be see

Another Bob

The dems appear to be behaving as in that’s not a possibility.

Another Bob

as if


Theyve summoned the parademons.

Btw pw singer has a new book out this time about automated warfare but he leans too much on white nationalists so winning the future

jim nj


I never understood why China thought this was a good idea in the first place.


Its the reverse of chinese food



Technically it was on a friday.


They are terminally unoriginal


Another Bob

So the game plan seems plain? Create as much chaos as possible around the voting process, declare Biden the winner regardless of the votes, then take to the streets?

jim nj


I took a look to see what the new book was about. Doesn't sound as interesting as "Ghost Fleet." Weirdly there are multiple typos exchanging "l" for "i."

pollce robot...gripping technotheilller...colllision of war


So it looks like, theres some bonus march 2, and some other trash.


I dont think there are thaf many supporters but they are kind of rabid.

Comanche Voter

Da Nang Dick Blumenthal knows about shams. He's also as credible as the Sham Wow sales guy who wows the rubes at state fairs in the Midest. They may be eating a corn dog and a fried Twinkie, but he can't bamboozle them. Why is it that those two little states below Massachusetts haven't sent a decent senator to Washington since Joe Lieberman?


Something in the water supply, i suspect.


Lieberman beat looney lamont and he became gov while lieberman ended up a pitchmam for zte

jim nj

You're hitting some of my objections to the dialysis seroprevalence study.

It's an odd group to test and then try to extrapolate to the general population.

We have yet to see any hard science that indicates that every Covid-19 illness creates observable levels of antibodies in every person so exposed and, if so, for how long.

I question the design of the study. This crap happens when there is some ready source of data available for statistical torture. Presuming a little here, somebody realizes that dialysis patients are heavily monitored and we can piggy-back on that by asking a lab to run an additional seroprevalence test.

If you want to find out how many dialysis patients have been exposed to Covid-19 they should have also run the PCR test.

The word "socioeconomic" doesn't belong in a medical paper on Covid-19.

JM Hanes

I'm more worried about the lawfare angle on delaying and/or muddying the election results, than I am about Dems trying to waylay ACB. I expect Graham and McConnell to git 'er done. Two weeks gives Dems a lot more time to alienate a lot more voters, but I can understand why it makes people nervous. The Dems may not be campaigning, but they're doing something out there, and it makes me nervous too.

jim nj

I'm starting to think of the elections and the Supreme Court nomination as a chess game.

A win for me would be a Trump win, a new justice and control of both houses.

Do you play a fast-paced game, rapidly trading pieces, while keeping your opponent under constant pressure and hoping that you don't make a fatal mistake? Do you worry about the relative value of pieces in that battle or just the end result? Do you trade a Susan Collins to protect your queen justice? Yeah!

If, in my game, Trump is the king, then a new justice is the queen and senators are lesser pieces. In a normal game of chess you may need to treat the queen as a piece to be sacrificed if needed to win. In this case I am unwilling to make that sacrifice. I want both of the royal couple to win out.

I think most senators have recognized that they are expendable if they resist in that scenario.

They might want a more cautious, positional slog of a battle. A pawn war, if you will, where the major pieces (senators) are held in reserve until just before the decisive moves leading to checkmate.

So I can see where timing might become an issue in getting a new justice. I think it is a done deal since it can't be stopped without defections.

Which voters might be most motivated by the timing is an interesting issue? Quash the hopes of Democrat voters by getting it done before the election or worry Republican voters by not getting it done before the election?

From my perspective the game has already been won. We just don't know the timing of the win or what pieces are lost or conserved before the win.

Without being racist the Republican are playing white and have the advantage of the first move. The Democrats are playing Black and can only counter.

We have yet to see any hard science that indicates that every Covid-19 illness creates observable levels of antibodies in every person so exposed and, if so, for how long.
Somewhere recently I read that of contacts of covid cases who lost their sense of taste/smell, 25% don't have antibodies. If we are talking T-cell immunity, the immune system clears the infection before it even gets to antibodies.
This crap happens when there is some ready source of data available for statistical torture.
This whole CCPv fiasco is rampant with just this! Social scientists (the self-aware ones anyway) call it the "Streetlight Effect" or "drunkard's search" after the story about the cop who comes upon a drunk in the middle of the night who is searching in the street for his wallet. After helping him look for awhile, the cop asks him if he's sure this is where he lost it. The drunk replies "Oh I lost it in the park. But this is where the light is."

So we've got a virus, and we want to slow the spread. Do we identify what actions spread or prevent the spread of viruses? No, we argue about "essential" vs "non-essential". We've got people wearing masks outside and when they're alone. We closed schools because kids in schools have lots of contacts with each other, but kids don't transmit the virus. And pretty soon we're arguing about fishing in a canoe vs a motorboat.

We give tests to particular people because those particular people need to know whether they might be infected and might be contagious. For a gazillion reasons good, bad, and everywhere in between. And then we turn around and pretend like those "need to know" people are a random and representative sample of the whole population.

The world has gone frickin INSANE and how the f*** do we stop it?!?

jim nj

So confirming the new justice just before or just after the election is moot as long as the new justice is confirmed.

Faster is probably better and would have been in the case of Kavanaugh, except for that stupid delay granted to investigate a false, spurious rape charge.

So grant no delays this time and refer to the Kavanaugh hearing as the reason. Play the faster chess game. Let the Democrats make the mistakes by going where they shouldn't go.

I'm ready for the press to issue the usual "Republicans pounce" article when the Democrats screw up. And they will.

The Democrats are relentlessly creative in manufacturing slurs, but I expect them to outdo themselves and be so transparently off that most people will be repelled by their tactics.


Last night I was ranting a bit to DrF about what is so disturbing about watching people and how they are reacting to this virus.

One of the bedrocks of Jim Crowe was having "whites only" water fountains and restrooms. Because white people didn't want to use a facility that black people touched. Now everywhere you go the water fountains have been turned off. A bunch of public restrooms have been closed, and the ones that are opened are being obsessively cleaned. There's hand sanitizer everywhere. And of course masks are all about people hysterical at the thought of sharing air with their fellow human beings. (WonderBoy was joking about all the free pens he's collecting because everyone gives you the pen that you used to sign something for them.)

One of the bedrocks of a community is for all of us to be reasonably considerate and accommodating of our fellow humans' physical needs and comfort. For public spaces to be public and everyone understands that other people need to use them too. Not to get offended by people who might incidentally jostle you or encroach on your personal space. THAT is what's being ripped out of our relationships with each other. The goal is to tear all of our human ties apart.

Faster is probably better and would have been in the case of Kavanaugh, except for that stupid delay granted to investigate a false, spurious rape charge.
No -- remember that wasn't the game that the Dems played with Kavanaugh. They had a whole summer of reasonable FBI background checks, hearings, gathering of facts. Then AFTER that, the Dems sprung these accusers at the last moment.

The correct conclusion is that the Dems have forfeited their right to have their concerns thoroughly investigated. They established that they would hide their objections until the last two weeks. Ok, fine, tomorrow starts the "last two weeks".

jim nj


You and Iggy should write professionally.

It's not surprising that Covid positive tests are rising among the young when colleges are implementing rigorous testing as their students return to campuses. Captive test subjects forced to take a hypersensitive PCR test.

I'm now in climate science mode. I know I'm being lied to.

jim nj

"The correct conclusion is that the Dems have forfeited their right to have their concerns thoroughly investigated."

I thought that I made that clear, but I agree. No delays. "Put up or shut up." Now.


A car drove through a crowd of supporters for President Trump in Yorba Linda, California. Video at link below.



Technical question: if we have a CCPv vaccine, and a vaccinated person is exposed to someone infected with the CCPv and, as expected, the vaccinated person doesn't get sick, what happens when they do a PCR test on the {vaccinated, exposed, not-sick} person? If they find virus RNA in the person's nose, does the person count as a "case"?

Another question: if some percentage of vaccinated people don't form antibodies to the CCPv (totally expected if the vaccinated person already has t-cell immunity from a previous similar coronavirus infection) do they still "count" towards herd immunity?

jim nj



I recall hearing in the Ivor Cummins video link earlier,


a "case" is someone who needs hospitalization. Everything else is noise and disinformation.

"The ultimate update on our viral issue, bar none - Sept 8th 2020 . Get educated guys and gals - or keep your head in the sand while your errant leaders destroy society around you... ;-)"

Bam! Clarice's "Pieces" posted. Time to make another cuppa and settle in before some morning cooking.

Courting Trouble
By Clarice Feldman


Thanks, Clarice, for sharing your concise perspective on two major news items. I wonder where "Informed citizens" learn about these revelations. I get most of my news reading JOM's generously linked content. I compare what is portrayed in the MFM. Most news isn't covered at all, and what is covered consists mostly of lies of omission; the Chinese fortune cookie, "A half truth is a whole lie." Maybe news is different for folks not living in Blue Hell, where public support for Donald John Trump isn't vilified.


Off to make more Squash Hush Puppies with my garden's yellow squash. Yesterday's three hour quality time with Athena took me to Winona, MN. The weather was overcast with more MVFR than forecast. A large portion of my flight was at 1,000' AGL skimming under the stratus.


some unknown percentage of the populace has resistance or immunity from previous exposure to other coronaviruses. That means they have no idea what percentage of actual sars-cov-2 infections constitutes herd immunity.

and this:
The world has gone frickin INSANE and how the f*** do we stop it?!?

Coupled with the variation of sensitivity of PCR testing, positive tests being reported as cases, studies that appear to me to be DELIBERATELY "underpowered" so that no hospitalizations, no deaths among the pts who get HCG are not "statistically significant" so do NOT get reported out (pool the damn studies and report on THAT!) as well as now six months of observations has led me to conclude that

1. This virus is a smidge worse than "bad flu" as far as numbers infected; less severe in outcomes in many age groups.

2. It is somewhat preventable as well as treatable in most cases.

3. A person's underlying health is an important determinant in severity of response and outcome.

4. Politics--esp OrangeManBad-- are playing a HUGE role in EVERYTHING, and tainting studies, data reporting, and policy.

Sweden did the right thing.

We should open up, let people take the precautions appropriate to their situation, and let 'er rip.

Cathy f, even if a vaccinated person never produces antibodies, if they don't get infected (for whatever reason) yes, they will be part of what forms herd immunity.

If you are asking if the powers that be will "count" them towards some magic number that opens schools or gets rid of masks, that appears to depend on the governor's party and the nature of the sheeple in the state.


Good morning,JOM, and thanks Hoyden.


Here's hoping!

Adam Housley
The case is being laid out. Barnett’s 302 release just 7 days after his interview isn’t a coincidence. Then there’s the Weiner Computer and FBI suppression revelations. Durham investigating the Clinton Foundation.




Pete Hegseth interviewed the President yesterday after his Supreme Court announcement. The interview will be shown on Fox and Friends this morning.


Look at this genuinely happy man, listening to the little girl.

No narcisist, ego maniac he.


Pray for strength for these people, particularly the children.

I wonder if that is why FLOTUS is so involved in this--she knows what is coming for them, in light of the attacks on Barron. I don't recall her--or the Pences--being in pictures of the Kavanaugh family's Oval Office visit.



Scrolling below those photos, it's running at about 90% vile and hateful comments. That's usually why I just bring President Trump's tweets over here and spare folks reading them.

That's the stuff my daughter reads and what I was subjected to yesterday. One of my sisters says she was carrying on on Facebook about how depressed she is because Trump is president, and my sister told her that she had spent most of her life living with presidents she didn't vote for and managed to do just fine. It had no effect, I guess.

There is also going to be an attack on Catholicism and Christianity as well. The leftists apparently have become theological experts and moral judges.




https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/09/medias_wuhan_lies_lengthen_deepen.html is very good and fits with cathy, a'mom's, and jim's points.

AsI have mentioned here and written about elsewhere, this is all an excuse for the already sought transformational change.


Chicago's "Census Cowboy" horse is on the mend.

“She’s rallied,” said Ald. Ray Lopez (15th), a strong advocate of humane animal care who works closely with the city’s Animal Care and Control Department.

“But I’m told it should never be ridden again,” he said.


Robin, eff 'em all

I am going to take that long because my daughter will need time to adjust. She has two small dogs and 2 cats.

MM, just from an outside perspective, if she isn't offering you at the very least respect for your opinions and gratitude for your help, you really don't owe her the time to adjust. Even family has an obligation to be kind even in disagreement - and if that's not returned, there is no need to be a doormat.

Your daughter is caught up in a sickness, because that's what this TDS is, and she's not going to "get better" without a harsh intervention. I hate to see you put up with what to me is abuse, since she thinks you are stuck with her and therefore doesn't have to treat you better than an indentured servant. Can't you stay with one of your sisters temporarily until you find a place? It's only going to get worse with the election.



This is an Osweda thread discussing new ways President Trump is protected.

Wrapped thread:



This tone is rather stark, but unfortunately I am not sure it is wrong.

The turning point of all this insanity is near, and will advance in the state’s favor during this farce called the presidential election. This election will bring with it untold chaos, including looting, rioting, property destruction, and hatred among the population at large. This chaos will be used against all in this country, as even more division will be forthcoming, and with it, more uncertainty and violence, leading to more state interference in our lives. This is exactly what the claimed ruling elite desires, as the more fear and hatred that exists, the easier it is to control us all. This abhorrent election, regardless of the outcome, will be a disaster, and only extend the terror we have been facing since March of this year.

“The slavery of fear had made men afraid to think.”

- Thomas Paine, Bruce Kuklick (2000). “Paine: Political Writings”, p.162, Cambridge University Press

The push toward totalitarian rule is heading into the final stage this winter. That has been proclaimed openly by the dregs of the ruling and political classes. We are on the verge of losing any sovereignty we have left, and becoming just a cog in the wheel of a centralized federal power structure bent on creating a technocratic slave society to be used to support the top tier of the tyrannical few. Stop it now or submit your body, mind, and soul to your new position as a servant to your ‘human’ masters.




Two of them have moved into smaller quarters, and the retired teacher is probably not going to welcome a house guest for an extended period of time.

I will figure something out. And I will quit complaining here! LOL!


I would include the Silicon Valley investors, entire “ecosystem” in this description.


Robin, eff 'em all

Not asking you to stop complaining, it's just that being treated that way is unhealthy in the longterm, and you have too much to offer to settle for living with a child who doesn't understand that your current roles are mutually beneficial.

Maybe one of your sisters can give her a stern talking to.

Just wishing you well.

James D.

Of all the people I can think of who would go to extraordinary lengths not to be exposed to the Wuflu I'd have to say dialysis patients would be pretty near the top, which would seem to present a bit of a selection bias in their "study"

In theory, yes.

In practice, the majority of patients I saw when I was taking my mother to dialysis were it in much of a state to clearly understand what they needed to do to reduce exposure, let alone do it on their own.

James D.

“Were not in”


See the vote fraud, be the vote fraud. Posted about this illegal scheme yesterday, now guess who wants to ramp it up?

Biden will be taking part in a Get Out the Vote event as ballots continue to be mailed to voters across the state.


James D.

One of the bedrocks of a community is for all of us to be reasonably considerate and accommodating of our fellow humans' physical needs and comfort. For public spaces to be public and everyone understands that other people need to use them too. Not to get offended by people who might incidentally jostle you or encroach on your personal space. THAT is what's being ripped out of our relationships with each other. The goal is to tear all of our human ties apart.

Yes. The goal of everything the left does is to tear human ties apart. Their ideal society is lonely, frightened, weak, ignorant, un-self-sufficient, emotion-driven individuals who can turn only to the state for all their needs.

Strong families, friendships, civic associations, churches, cohesive neighborhoods - all of these are constantly under attack by the left.


MM, I am going to be very blunt in my take on what has gone on for quite some time.

People treat you the way you allow them to treat you, pretty much.
No matter what has happened in your daughter's life, she is responsible for her BEHAVIOR now.

You are enabling her abuse of you, by continuing to be her live in housekeeper, personal shopper, cook, laundress, landscaper and pet sitter in the face of her increasingly offensive behavior.

As Robin noted (and many others have as well over the years you've been reporting this), you have no obligation to continue playing your role in this drama.

Not leaving is a choice. You are choosing to be the abused, and are doing her no favor by allowing her to be abusive, and not face the consequences of her actions and hopefully ultimately get help in dealing with whatever is her real problem.

You do have agency; you do have other relatives, there are programs for seniors on limited incomes. You know I think you could be a savior for a busy professional couple with middle school or high school age children, as the third adult in the home. (Basically, you'd be doing what you do now, have housing, AND get paid! Not to mention make a difference in four or five people's lives.)

Leaving does not mean you are ending your relationship with your daughter; it means you are changing it from the abusive one it is.

My hope is that you chose a better life for yourself.

Captain Hate

clarice, you mispell Sidney Powell's name (I don't know why so many people screw it up and make her an Australian city) and then the new Neo quote compounds the issue by sticking an erroneous "sic" after the correct spelling.


CH, you're right. Thanks. I'll ask the editors to amend.

Jack Lillywhite

In those photos of the ACB family in the Oval Office, I wonder why the Down Syndrome boy was missing?




JiB, a picture of the family in Epoch Times shows him falling asleep on the lap of one of his sisters.


Her youngest also did not join ACB on the stage after she delivered her prepared remarks.

I assume it is because they limit his activities to those appropriate for his comprehension and behavior.

He was with them, holding the hand of a young woman who I think was his sitter. They came out of the WH with the rest of the family when they went to their seats before the president's address.

There is a lovely family picture on Twitter that he is front and center in. He's a cutie.


Great pieces clarices

Yes the analog to kulaks were gusanos in the country of my birth, literally worms.


The deep state of which mueller was tied by blood and marriagr were the ones that practice the trick the germans were subject to on normandy they landed in the wrong place far from the resistance.



Sometimes we fall into unhealthy attitudes gradually, and I am afraid I have done so myself. My local friend has reminded me of enabling behavior, also.

I also think that my daughter has the absolute WORST job for someone with her temperament, since she works on life insurance claims and has to take phone calls here a certain chunk of time. It CANNOT be good for her, as I overhear her saying "Oh, Mrs. Smith, I am so so sorry for your loss.."

Well, what I need is to quit feeling sorry for myself and get busy investigating places I could go.

Thanks to both of you for getting me to re-think my situation and move forward!

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

The talking points are out:

That she would accept a nomination under these circumstances makes her unfit to serve. Her character is lacking.


Programming alert - Chris Wallace will not be hosting Fox News Sunday today, the host will be Brit Hume. Today it's possible to watch the show without blood pressure problems.


Chris is no doubt getting coaching from the democrats so that he knows areas to attack Trump on and how to avoid minefields for Joe.


Good Morning!

Still nice in Florida! 79 degrees with a breeze. Yippee!

Let it be a wonderful day!

Captain Hate

Her character is lacking.

Sneaky little pricks talking about character? Bring it, tools.


No doubt, Miss M, no doubt.

Jack Lillywhite

LOL: Alien UFO sightings up in NYC. There’s a CoVid punch line some where in there😎

Jack Lillywhite

Link: https://patch.com/new-york/southampton/s/h977x/alien-invasion-latest-2020-threat-as-ufo-sightings-shoot-up-in-ny?utm_term=article-slot-1&utm_source=newsletter-daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter


Great Pieces Clarice! You rock- again!


From last night:
MM: My daughter just attacked me because I am voting for Trump, and said she is "sickened" that I support him.

Jane: Then it got worse. I told her I didn't want to talk politics with her and she laughed at me, saying that was because I was so uninformed.

I support you both, and tolerating is sometimes best, but anonamom offers sound advice. Before going to sleep last night, I decided to write this this morning:

Ig is probably the expert at dealing with instigating family members whose narcissism won’t allow them to be wrong, but that doesn’t mean that others of us can’s offer some resistance to is.

My primary defense:
... is the "horselaugh"— often used with children whose rationality hasn’t reached the stage where they can check the conclusions that well up from inside. When one insists, "The sky is blue so I want candy now!" The useful response is "BWAHAHAHAHAHA" and move on to a different subject like, "Do you want to go out and play now?" There is not point in attempting to continue a rational discussion with someone who, at least temporarily, is incapable of it.

Option two is more daring:
Reply, "When did you stop allowing yourself to be wrong?" Then, intrusive questions could be, "It must have begun to hurt so much back then that you had to defend yourself from facing it? Who did this to you?" ... But this is called "mindf*cking" and should only be a last defense.

Better might be:
"You know, none of us think rationally. We only become rational when we check our work. Our initial conclusions well up from deep inside us just as we are unaware of computers' internal calculations until they spit out an answer. Then it is up to us to check the work. If you check your work, a different answer might become sensible. The New York Times has been wrong so many times in the past they don’t admit it anymore. They won a Pulitzer Prize for being wrong and kept it. You decide if feeling right is more important than being right. Feeling right works until reality rears up to bit you in the ass."




Oooh, ACB dared, at the time of the decision and while not a judge herself, to call out Roberts for his "it's a tax!" logic.

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