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September 08, 2020



I don't know if this would make an impression on your 13 year old, Robin, but I've started doing a Save Image and then text the image to my 15 year old for stuff like this:

In my household, more effective than conversation. And she doesn't read email, plus I don't have Snapchat or instagram ... (I mix each political image with at least 2 cute dog memes, don't become a hectoring parent lol).


Busch for dogs? They didn’t have to change the recipe. ;)


Neal Houston, Ph.D. 🇺🇲 ⭐⭐⭐
BREAKING: President Trump has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

SOURCE: Foxnews


[Snowflakes, Start Your Caterwauling!]


I go to Don Surber's daily "Highlights" for the opening sentence. So reassuring!
But I stay for news bits like this:

ITEM 7: Just the News reported, "Earlier this year, the infamous dossier author Christopher Steele revealed he had destroyed nearly all the records detailing his dirt-digging on Donald Trump and Russia.

"'They no longer exist,' Steele told a British court.

"Now comes word that Steele's primary and longtime contact inside the Obama State Department, Jonathan Winer, also destroyed records of the former British MI6 agent's contacts inside that federal agency, including many of the 100-plus unsolicited intelligence reports Steele provided the Obama administration.

"'I destroyed them, and I basically destroyed all the correspondence I had with him,' Winer is quoted as saying in a little noticed passage of the Senate Intelligence Committee's final report on the Russia collusion scandal.


"Winer apparently destroyed the records at Steele's request, the report said."


Lie / lay / lain
Looks like Brits also use “have lied”.
Sounds weird. No wonder it is so confusing.


I had one of those cute PT dominatrices for a "frozen" shoulder after surgery. About four feet tall, I had previously seen her torturing an old guy by climbing up on the table and stretching his leg until he whined. She brought tears to my eyes, too, but it worked. Do most PT office have one of these sadist babes on staff?



"All" is the answer for this. I think it's in the licensing exam.


Why bother at all?

Richard Grenell
The Democrats controlling Hollywood demand changes to the Oscars.

It’s no longer the Best Picture, it’s the Most Politically Correct Picture.

Los Angeles Times @latimes
Starting in 2024, movies will need to meet specific inclusion standards in order to be eligible for the best picture Oscar. latimes.com/entertainment-…



Nothing like a quantum physics puzzle to humble us all after taming the affect/effect beast.



’Do most PT office have one of these sadist babes on staff?’

You forgot the ‘Asking for a friend.’ tag... ;)


Charles V Payne
Maybe I'm tripping but it looks like every single person in this crowd is wearing a mask. I understand many times headlines and stories about Trump and his supporters are pre-written based on assumptions or (media) narratives rather than truth. But this is so egregious its nuts.

The Hill @thehill
JUST IN: Trump, supporters gathered without masks in North Carolina despite request from local GOP official hill.cm/QEnErYQ




Old Lurker

Where Walter Williams agrees with OL about the positive effects of increased starvation:


You saw what I did there, right?


And The Hill edits out the original photo.

Another Bob

The new hip, cool, term for a Trump rally is “superspreader event”.

Claims that Sturgis was responsible for 250,000 of the reported cases between August 2 and September 2. Largest “superspreader event” by far.

As usual that claim was “backed” by a very loose definition of “case”, with the MD making the claim seemingly using the terms “case” “infection” and “illness” interchangeably. Like Fauci.


Good Morning!

Trump's been nominated for the Nobel Prize! (I can't imagine I'm the first to post that) No one deserves it more but they should rename it!

Another Bob

Don’t worry Jane, it was a Norwegian “immigration crank” who nominated him.


But did it really happen, even if they don't remember it?

henry, if it has no effect, it doesn’t matter whether it happened or not.

Learned that a long time ago. Our two kids, then in elementary school, were arguing something trivial in the back seat of the car.

A neighbor's kid, also in the back seat, exasperatedly said to them, "But what does it matter?"

Brilliant! Out of the mouths of babes.


sbw, nice use of quantum entanglement.


2 day old thread with included documentaries on how to obliterate critical race theory, and it's companion passenger, Alynsky-ism::

Gigi Sims
1/ Thread: If critical race theory & white privilege is the cult model used to mainstream Marxism in American institutions then this docuseries is the educational deprogramming model that can be developed to castrate it.


That getting a wrapper on it will be a nice addition, if anyone wants to request it.



How's your leg?


How many died from the STURGIS made up numbers?



Byron York
'It’s clear Robert Mueller was in no condition to run his investigation — so who did?' From @nypost nypost.com/2020/09/08/its…



As turmoil continues into late summer, wealthy Americans have already begun to apply for citizenship by investment, which means some Caribbean nations are requiring a minimum of $200,000 for investment in real estate to access citizenship.

"We have seen an uptick in applications from the U.S. for people who want an alternative passport," said Les Khan, chief executive of the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Unit.

"We're looking at alternatives outside of our hotels," said Khan. "Individuals are looking for opportunities outside of those hotels and get access to our citizenship through private homes. It's something that we're exploring.

While some are hiding out in the Caribbean until the chaos subsides, there are other Americans who are renouncing their citizenship at a record clip as they fear the country is on a pathway towards collapse.


Jack Lillywhite

CRT & White privilege is just the new Leftist agitprop to continue the alienation of Democracy. It has no end-date but can change shape and size in a New York minute.

But it’s the same evil whether in the street burning down your own store or shooting someone because of what they think.


U.S. Marshals
AG Barr will provide an update on Operation Legend at a press conference in Chicago at 9:30am CT today. @TheJusticeDept


[I have a feeling that driving in the city is NOT going to be very easy today.]


CRT dates from at least the 1960s.

Old Lurker


To me Operation Legend is simply a magician trick to get you to watch the wrong hand and conclude the Rule of Law is alive and well.


They're well known to be intertwined with municipal government here, OL:



Have they put Durham in charge of operation Legend yet???


Finally caught up. From last night:
Christopher Robin explains they’ve been following their own tracks in circles around a tree, and that Woozles aren’t real.

Sounds like the Atlantic's "confirmation" process.

Belated HB to MM, good luck to Jane. Robin, I had to take a strong antibiotic as a preventive for a minor medical procedure, and I made the mistake of reading the literature. One of the possible side effects is rupturing your achilles tendon. I decided the hell with it and played two hours of singles tennis this morning, and my AT is still intact.


Here's one for lyle (via Althouse):

it’s becoming clearer than ever that the conventional language used to describe wine isn’t merely intimidating and opaque. It’s also inextricable from racism and sexism, excluding dimensions of flavor that are unfamiliar to the white, Western cultures that dominate the world of fine wine and reinforcing retrograde notions of gender.


Old Lurker

GUS "Have they put Durham in charge of operation Legend yet???"

They have to run it through Huber and then a couple of IG's first, Gus.


And DrJ, I also submitted a grant proposal in August. Doubt I'll get it, but my livelihood doesn't depend on it. The university could use the 'overhead' charges, and I'd get my salary topped up by 22%.

James D.

jimmyk, there are articles like that every week now in the NYT Wednesday Food section.




Congrats on the submission! It was to NSF, I assume. And summer salary always is good.

And please don't put overhead in scare quotes. These costs are real, though at Universities there is some fluff in them (diversity!!).

Good luck with it!


DrJ, they're more real for the hard sciences, I think, with labs and all that. I just need my computer and an internet connection.


Your 10:02, OL, I agree.

Bitter pill to swallow, but doesn't look like justice is coming -- in two weeks or ever/never.

Last night our television was accidentally left on one of the major networks, and I looked up and saw Peter Strzok. Why isn't he afraid to show his face, let alone be lauded on some network as an expert?

Of course I know the answer; and, again, though I don't like using cliches or repeating myself, it's a bitter pill to swallow but 'they' aren't going to do anything about any of those perfidious people.

Robin, eff 'em all

Jimmyk, my dad was off and on antibiotics for diverticulitis for years until he had surgery and he ruptured the tendon in his thumb because of that. It might be that genetically we are predisposed to weak tendons or something.

I will say that the achilles that went was on the ankle that I've been routinely spraining since I was in high school, in fact that was one of the questions they asked. And in hindsight I had noticed that it popped occasionally (kind of like when your knee cap is out of position) over the last year when I skated or over-flexed it, so I probably should have recognized that something was going on.

I'm doing these exercises where I have to flex from a high-heel position to a 90 degree angle with the boot off. I'm also supposed to walk with crutches and put 50% of my weight on the foot. I can see how Attila the Hun might be helpful to making me push it more than is comfortable.

Robin, eff 'em all


That's a good graphic. I will show it to her. She likes discussions so we've talked about the actual stated principles of BLM and how there is no mention of men or fathers in their manifesto. I asked rheotically, how do you have a movement about black lives and deliberately not name 50% of that population?



Sure, overhead costs are more real for the hard sciences and engineering. But the University "negotiates" only a single rate for the entire University. So if you get your award, indirectly you would be helping to support the science overhead costs.

I put "negotiate" in quotes since it is not really a negotiation. After your submission, one gets asked question after question after question, and in the end, the agency gives you an indirect-cost rate. You can take it or leave it.

Some negotiation! And I have to do another one of these. Ugh.


I have been struggling for over 3 hours to pay my electric bill on line. Between Firefox's new "helpful" security updates (including NOT saving my password, having to call the power company and have a temporary password sent to my crappy gmail account, entering the temporary password to get on so I could set a new password, THAT password being unacceptable so having to come up with a different one, and FINALLY getting the bill paid) that is the extent of my bill-paying for this morning. I don't want all of this "help" from Silicon Valley, IT departments, and other assorted internet companies.

And now my second cup of coffee has gotten cold and NO ONE had better cross me today because I am in a BAD MOOD!


I enjoyed the quantum physics article and some years ago had seen an experimental setup to make the same point.

For me the main point in the new article was this:

Instead of the friend's measurement making the particle's position real, from Wigner's perspective the friend becomes entangled with the particle and infected with the uncertainty that surrounds it.
Which is consistent with the idea that the superposition of realities in the friends multiverse has been reduced to those where the particle had the measured result. So from then on the friend will only be able to interact with realities where the other entangled particle's properties correlate.

It seemed from the way the experiment or the article were written that the multiverse interpretation was also being questioned, but I could not be sure. They seems to imply that Wigner and his friend could someday meet up and find out they perceived incompatible results.


Reflecting on my pessimism, it's connected to watching the Evergreen College's documentary youtube series from Melinda's link. We've all watched those SJW videos for quite a few years now, but I always thought they, the woke crowd, the professors, the instigators, the architects were outnumbered by reasonable people.

I think I mentioned that our interim pastor choked up and sobbed from the pulpit a few weeks ago about how he'd abused white male privilege. He'd also set up a zoom with a (radical) leftist Christian warrior in Richmond, VA, to talk about how we needed to admit our racism and back BLM. After the sermon and exchanges with the people in Richmond, pastor asked for comments and one woman who was attending a book discussion group at one of the other Presbyterian churches in our little town on that DiAngelo woman's White Fragility stood up and confirmed our fragility and racism. (I haven't gone back.)

I guess my point is when people in this small community (use to be the headquarters of PPCo, still several thousand employed in the company's offices, but 'they' moved the executives to Houston about five years ago) take that rubbish seriously, we are in trouble.


Robin, sounds like you need one of those sadist babes ext was talking about.


"Have they put Durham in charge of operation Legend yet???"

No, they intend to actually arrest people as part of Operation Legend.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Long time China scholar Steven Mosher;
If Biden Wins China wins...and America Loses.





To me Operation Legend is simply a magician trick to get you to watch the wrong hand and conclude the Rule of Law is alive and well.

Or what Hitchcock called a “macguffin.” Like the Bell Curve, one’s familiarity with this plot device term will allow you to realize just how ubiquitous it is in all sorts of real-life situations.

Old Lurker

JimSV "No, they intend to actually arrest people as part of Operation Legend."

Yes, and my town gives out lots of Parking Tickets too.

Ask any 100 people in the street what "Operation Legend" is and tell me how that goes, and how it ranks with "She'd be in jail...".

Jack Lillywhite

My PT when in Southampton is a wee Irish lass about 5’2”” being generous. She is a proficient open ocean rower. She got me ready for my knee replacement. Without that weekly agony, I’d probably be on crutches to this day.


The dentist office called and said they couldn't pull my tooth on my first visit. Not enough time. Maybe tomorrow. This is like a comedy routine - and it sounds like everyone else is going thru the same shit. Time to laugh!


Jane, do you have any tea bags? Usually they recommend you put one over the site of the extraction to stem the bleed.




Old Lurker,

The whole country is full of people who are either incompetent, uneducated, crooked, or communist. Or a combination of both.

I am approaching the Ledge Access Steps.


As Jim Sunnyvale might say ...
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