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September 08, 2020





Whole lotta WTF going on here.


I understood there’d be no grammar...


Before I left today I was talking to my sister the nurse, who was an avid Trump supporter from the time she saw him walk across that highway barrier and up the embankment to speak at a rally out in Burlingame, California.

She agrees with me that things are getting really hinky. She says that she thinks the polls are way off because although she will vote for Trump and has never wavered, she will NOT give anyone any information because she is afraid someone will take her information and get to the polls ahead of her and vote in her name, not to mention marking her house for robbery and vandalism.

Like us, she is also suspicious of the origin of the China virus, the stuff the Chinese are up to, the riots in the streets and the connections to the democrats, etc.

When she completely retired I may have her sign up here.

Captain Hate

peter, I'm still upset that Hoaxvid-666 prevented a meetup with our French exchange student to celebrate her 40th birthday. Bastards.


What a day!

First, Happy Birthday MM! I hope it was great.

When I went to Rochester, I thought I would love the job and dislike the town. It turned out the other way round. I've not been back in years, and would like to visit once again.

I did get my proposal submitted. I think. I'll have to wait for final conformation in two days. It took me three-and-a-half hours to get it in. Ugh.

The sky was very weird today. We have fires all around us -- none close, so we are safe -- but the sky got dark very early. At 4:00 the pathway lights kicked on!



Manuel Transmission

Clarice, According to the vulture cookbook, seal brined in the Pacific for a few days is the dish of the year.

I should have known you would have that in your library. :)

Lyle, your Seattle U gal is prolly well known around here, if you want to get her in touch with our crowd. Likewise, our pals who keep a place in SV would be good company for you. The guy is a semiretired vet who does exotic animals and his bride might challenge your wine tasting expertise. ::glove slap::


How I learned it from my mom, the English major from Butler University:

Affect (verb) means to ACT on something:

"I will affect the results."

Effect(noun) means the results themselves:

"What is the effect of that action?"



So glad you got your proposal submitted in time, and good luck on the answer!


Lyle, clearly tpad hates grammar as well. I got booted twice! Anyway thanks for the info all. Usually I check grammar before posting, but it’s 2020 so screw it.

Buckeye, our son’s neurosurgeon left Boston for Ohio St. He was great, but said as no one retires in Boston he could never move up. I can’t recall his name, but a really wonderful man. One of the funny stories from way back when. Hubs met the surgeon. I was getting a free back rub for stressed out parents (wonderful). Hubs said the surgeon would be back to speak with me. He said I would love him as he looks like Jack on Lost. He did indeed look like Jack, but hubs declined to inform me that he had a lisp!


Jane, the extraction will be fine.


Great news dr j.


CH, love that name, HOAXVID-666.

Son was supposed to have been at Oxford for 6 weeks this past summer. Daughter gave her notice at the private school as she was planning on living in Paris for the year to finish her masters. She got a deferral, and her job back. Son hangs around drinking with us as none of his friends are around. His senior year. Hence why I live in a frat. Daughter, sophomore in college is home too. Hence, the alcohol consumption going on in this abode.

Check with me in a week to make sure I am not pickled


Affect is usually a verb and effect is usually a noun. But not always.





Well then



Congratulations, DrJ. Time for some high quality beverages.


Great job, DrJ. I never quite finished my paperwork. You may have read yesterday that frozen mudslides sent everything out the window. Paperwork is always there.


Affect is a noun for a mental condition in social science (aka a variable), effect is a parameter.



I’m not worried. NOt much of a tooth left. Thr CAp fell off a Month after they put it on about 10 years ago, and since they wanted full price again to replace it, I didn’t. I can’t see it, but the doctor told me Monday there’s not much there. I’m more worried about finding the office than the extraction. And then I get to go a week before I have another appointmemt! Halleluhia!

Dave (in MA)

Thanks for the congrats, all!

I don't think that this one will get funded, but we'll see. If not, I'll resubmit in January.

The next one is due in the middle of October, which should be a good one. And it is comfortably before the wedding, so MrsJ will not be perturbed. Strange construct, that one, as MrsJ is not MrsJ, but will be soon.

Shorthand FTW!

And yes, good booze is being consumed tonight.


Awesome text you posted, Dave!


Why wouldnt it, it was very worthy by how you described it


narc, if you are referring to my proposal, it is great science. It just is not particularly sexy, and sexy sells.

A good reviewer can see the merit of what I propose, but most are pretty lazy.


And yeah that was grammatically a mess, but 2020. So...

Or it’s due to the Orange Man bad thing, so many reasons.

Please, no more advice on “effect” vs “affect!” I’m sorry I mentioned it.

Jane, I may copy your dental practices. This tooth that needs a new filling - the dentist gave it a “temporary” fix last month. That might be a “permanent” fix for me as I am scared that I can not feel novocaine when he gives it to me. 😳


The serial killer's AFFECT was bland, even when questioned about the murder.

His AFFECT affected our sense of his guilt.

The EFFECT of his behavior made us see him as guilty.

We EFFECTED the warrant which led to his arrest.

AFFECT as a noun means one's psychological state as it shows up in your facial expressions and behavior--rare in usuage.

AFFECT as a verb means to influence something.

EFFECT as a noun means anything that happens because of some other cause.

EFFECT as a verb means to bring into being, to make happen.

At least I can be of some use!

And happy birthday, MM! 72 sounds great!



#BREAKING BOMBSHELL: CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Heard Praising Trump In Leaked Audio


Audio at the link (I think, haven't clicked yet)






Another Bob

Boeing flew the 737MAX today. Apparently for European authorities as part of getting the airplane recertified.


Catsmeat, I just posted a worthy post, but type pad launched yet another one away.

Anyway, I understand you are the English expert, so thanks for the advice. It’s not that I don’t understand, I just can’t recall the simple advice regarding those two words. On the other hand I remember most of the spelling cheats.


Happy birthday to the real Lovely Miss M!
Things I wouldn’t know without the assistance of JOM and curiosity: Affect and Effect - two commonly confused homophones.
Boy, if that ain’t going to add to befuddlement.


You know, I was thinking of what so many of the younger folks don't know: grammar, certain civics laws, where to find things, how to make certain dishes and how to fix stuff, etc. etc.

We could call it "Ask Your Grandparents" and charge $1.99 per answer.


1/2aboy&1/2aman ,

Things a lot of youngsters don't know:

What a homophone is!



Well it’s a gay cell phone, right!?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Affect is usually a verb and effect is usually a noun. But not always.--

Yeah that last short sentence is the problem.

--AFFECT as a noun means one's psychological state as it shows up in your facial expressions and behavior--rare in usuage.--

I use that fairly frequently and that is the one and only time I use it and know I'm using it correctly as in "my schizophrenic son has a flat affect."

Otherwise I have decided to simply eff affect and figure anybody who knows the difference can affectively suck eggs.


Or even some of us oldsters, birthday gal, ha!
I really had a lot of other things on my mind during English way back when.
Well, maybe not just English...


Of course they would



Redleiner is the dr bombay of quacks, murthy is the one who corrupted the cdc


Porch, Tucker played those audios tonight.

But unless one knows to look for info outside of the MSM, then one will never know.

Wake up everyone! (Not here! Clearly we are very awake). AWAKE. Not “woke.” Another word I loathe. Or would that just be slang?

Please, no discussion needed!


Denver has near blizzard conditio. Video at the link.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I happened upon the only good thing about this Kungflu extravaganza today; I got my renewed FFL in the mail and I didn't have to have a face to face with an ATF guy or gal.

Another Bob

DrJ, while I’ve had to write proposals (mostly RFP responses, very little unsolicited) I’ve never had to sing for my supper quite like you do.

Is there an element of needing to apply, knowing you won’t win the funding, in order to keep your name in the “minds” of the agencies? Advertising of a sort?


Well, the continental divide hits it’s highest peak in Colorado. (I just read that somewhere else). I looked it up because I have been there. So at over 4000 ft elevation, weather can be very unpredictable. Assuming that’s where the storm is.


Its. Not it’s. Jeepers the grammar gods are angry tonight.

Robin, eff 'em all

Hi all!

Jane - good luck with that tooth.

MM - Happy Birthday!

I got my cast off today. I have an ugly scar that I hope will settle down to not bother me in my figure skates when I can actually use the ankle. Pretty shocked at how weak the joint is....and no hot PT Chappy for a month. I've been duped.

Another Bob

Mask report...

Had to stick my head in the door of the local computer superstore. Had my gaiter in the car but forgot it. Noticed no signs, and honestly have no idea if my town has a current mask order.

All the staff was masked. Every other customer was masked.

Not even a dirty look, nice small chitchat with the checkout clerk. Like it didn’t matter.

Robin, eff 'em all

Gus - how's your left foot?



They’re racing stripes.



Is there an element of needing to apply, knowing you won’t win the funding, in order to keep your name in the “minds” of the agencies?

Not really. The reviewers change all the time, and are independent. There is little memory of past submissions beyond the previous review, which is included with the resubmission. There are ways around the reviewers/reviews, but these have to be used sparingly.

The feedback is useful, though, and it will be interesting to see what come back. I'll disagree, of course, but it is useful to see what others see.

It is partially a numbers game -- the more proposals one submits, the more likely one is to hit on one. I don't do this. I submit only good ones.

The average funding rate for the sort of proposals I submit is about 10%. My funding rate is in the 33% to 40% range.

Numbers help, but it is better to submit good proposals.

mike in houston

Well I'm so old that the misuse of "can" and "may" still sets my teeth on edge. (Third grade teacher set me straight) What is really funny is their misuse in what are purported to be historical dramas.


I also cringe when “amount” and “number” are confused. “The amount of people at the concert...”. As if they are all piled up on a giant scale and weighed.


Not that I am perfect, grammatically that is!

Robin, I hope you heal quickly, and sorry about the delay on the PT!

I’m out. Have a good night all.


What is Aposiopesis?

Aposiopesis (pronounced ap-uh-sahy-uh--pee-sis) is when a sentence is purposefully left incomplete or cut off. It’s caused by an inability or unwillingness to continue speaking. This allows the ending to be filled in by the listener’s imagination.

Fuck you. That’s it. That’s all I have to say. Oh...and you’re a sociopath...



The guy is a semiretired vet who does exotic animals and his bride might challenge your wine tasting expertise. ::glove slap::

LOL at ::glove slap::!!!!


Antifa vs The Blizzard. I’m rooting for the blizzard.

Robin, eff 'em all


This is a tragedy and as the Surgeon General you have the power to help stop it, Dr. Adams. Please don’t normalize it. There is nothing normal about it.

Alex is a little pissed off at the surgeon general for complaining about the new normal he created regarding school starting online.

I feel my blood pressure rising again.


Funny sidebar, MT: our other neighbor up there is a semiretired vet treating basically any animal in his practice. I’d love to meet your friends.



All Rochester makes me think of is Jack Benny.

Another Bob

“no hot PT Chappy for a month”

Temper expectations Robin. I had to rehab a shoulder 10 years ago. Started looking forward to it when I learned I was to ask for “Susie” (as opposed to say, Chuck). Showed up for the first appointment, goody goody, Susie indeed ended up being what I’d categorize as “attractive”.

By appointment five, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it. I was calling her Mistress Susie over the pain she was putting on me (she seemed to enjoy my doing that).

But by appointment ten, the shoulder was where it needed to be, and we had a laugh about it when she gave me my “graduation” t-shirt.

Another Bob

Pin, I liked this reply:

“How does a summers eve product like yourself warrant a blue check by your name? Twitter truly has no real criteria apparently.”





I see that Ted Kennedy’s speechwriters are still around, “Jalisco, Jalisco!”:

On this feast day of Cuba’s patron saint la Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, Jill and I pray that the love and compassion “Cachita” inspires will fill the hearts of Cubans and believers around the world.



Another Bob

Twitter is about my only Vice these days.


Ay dios mio, he just doesnt get it


Peter Kirsanow looks like when David Clarke doffs his hat.


So sorry:


First tweet misses the point


Hes a novelist besides being a civil rights commissioner.


Think I got it:

We need to affect the process to effect the desired outcome.


We need to affect the process to produce the desired effect.


High of 35 today. Snow on our slopes. 8:20 tee time tomorrow. (Not happening)😶 Overnight low of 28. Really freaky.

Grammar lessons are good. My pet peeve is lie/lay. Easy peasy. You lie in a bed and chickens lay eggs.

Great Taki article. And the Salena Zito trip through PA also.

Our trip through Oregon was thoroughly Trump country with large signs and flags all along the highways. I am hoping that some Portland folks will wake up, like Lyle’s anecdote.


I understood there would be no corporate-speak...😎


If you are interested in English language usage, refer to an older edition of Fowler. It is very British, but he is a wonderful curmudgeon who pulls no punches. It is wonderfully entertaining, and unfailingly correct.

Recommended highly!


My pet peeve is lie/lay.

Preach it, sister. It doesn’t help that the past tense of ‘lie’ is ‘lay’.

Lie Lay Laid

Lay Laid Laid

Maybe The Bron could weigh in here, SUG? 😬


You would think, how did you provision for a two year trip to and from europe.


Here's a Wiki link (FWiW) to Fowler:



I’ll take Trollope, instead...😬

Manuel Transmission

Lyle, well maybe it’s the same dude. Our pals are Barry and Sally. If it’s not them, I’ll send you an email with their contact info.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ben Sasse from one of narc's links;

To restore the world’s greatest deliberative body, we need to think big.

First, to restore the Senate we need to first empty it of at least 95 Senators.
Second, Ben Sasse not only has never had a big thought in his life, there isn't room in his ego bloated haystack of a head to fit a needle let alone a thought.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Another good article by Steve Sailer at Takimag.

Dave (in MA)

Skull Shift Knob@SkullShiftKnob

#BREAKING: President @realDonaldTrump To Order Drawdown Of U.S. Troops In Iraq & Afghanistan - https://breaking911.com/breaking-president-trump-to-order-drawdown-of-u-s-troops-in-iraq-afghanistan/


This dude splits time between Hammett, ID and SV, MT. Prolly not the same dude as his wife is a sweetheart and would readily admit she knows zip about wine. Would still meet your folks.

Manuel Transmission

Lyle, check yur mail. G’nite


Hawley blackburn cotton cruz i guess scott hasnt done too badly kennedy had been ok after that?





They pushed out solomon and carter but left these rats

mike in houston

Great article

Reality has been Cancelled

At one point in Winnie-The-Pooh, Pooh and Piglet start to follow footprints in the snow. The pair think they belong to a creature called a “Woozle”. The tracks keep multiplying, and the two become increasingly confused, until — finally — Christopher Robin explains they’ve been following their own tracks in circles around a tree, and that Woozles aren’t real.

These days, if you go to university to read humanities and some social sciences — notably psychology and sociology — you’ll find yourself retracing Pooh and Piglet’s steps, hunting for Woozles that aren’t there.

You will encounter radical scepticism about whether objective knowledge or truth is obtainable, along with a commitment to the notion that real things — like sex and race — are culturally constructed. Your lecturers will impress upon you the idea that society is formed into identity-based hierarchies and knowledge is an effect of power. Your position on a league-table of oppressed identities determine what can be known and how it is known. If you disagree you will at least be marked down, and sometimes formally disciplined. Worse, there is no Christopher Robin to save you. It’s Woozles all the way down, and don’t you dare dissent.


mike in houston

Another great article

Why Black Lives Matter are so dangerous

We’re harming young people by pretending everything in Britain is racist



The least we can do for our black fellow citizens is not to embolden their self-destructive stupidity, the way Democratic politicians are egging them on (and Republican politicians have been too cowardly to demur). Will anybody dare inform blacks that they are the architects of their own troubles, and that the most effective way to deal with negative stereotypes about them is to stop committing so many murders?


“Systemic” is now used to mean unseeable, unmeasurable, unfalsifiable: in other words, nonexistent anti-science.


Whelp, my current gig developing firmware for IMU's and Navigators is coming to an end Sep 30. The business has been hit hard by CCP Virus with reductions in force and contracts not being extended. It's been a most enjoyable three years developing embedded firmware and playing with hardware, and doing it all at home. Time to warm up the resume and head out into the market. And buy another oscilloscope; Two channel 200 MHz for $299. It'll be an adjunct for the 100 MHz 2 analog and 16 digital MSO I bought in 2006 for $1300. The price was too good to pass up.


Good luck, hoyden.
Looking for work and Interviewing From Home will have challenges, of course, so toughen up mentally!


Hopefully restrictions on H1Bs will level the playing field


"CNN appears to have altered a widely-seen photograph of Joe Biden with his young son to remove the logo of the Washington Redskins"


If you are interested in English language usage, refer to an older edition of Fowler.

When I was in school we used Elements Of Style by Strunk & White as a usage guide. Not sure if they addressed affect vs effect.


Will anybody dare inform blacks that they are the architects of their own troubles..

Only a black can dare utter that obvious truth. Black mothers are all over their little kids to be polite and to do the right thing, but when the kid turns 14 and starts thugging, they say "Oh, he was forced to be that way, he had no choice". Because of whitey, somehow, I guess.

I was trying to ask my kids recently if they think that BLM "protestors" understand that for the last 60 years blacks have received preference over whites when it comes to college admission and many jobs. That's when I realized that my kids didn't realize it themselves, had no idea what affirmative action is, and probably thought Dad was some kind of racist to make such a thing up.


Yesterday I received a "sample copy" of the Epoch Times newspaper in the mail, with a subscription offer. I'm thinking of taking it for a few months, just to support these guys, and also to enjoy the old paper-reading while coffee-drinking routine that I haven't experienced in years.

Robin, eff 'em all

ABob, got it. I have a 50/50 chance of attractive and militant. Lyle seemed to like his gal when it all ended.....

Robin, eff 'em all


My almost 14 year old was shocked when I told her that the riots were destroying black-owned businesses. Fortunately, she's open minded enough that she followed up with some research of her own and was sorry to acknowledge that I was right. She still supports the protests, but not the riots. Small wins.


Use due diligence!

"there is now a beer for dogs?"


Plus, apparently it's a Southern thing (h/t BJG blog)
The. Perfect. Sign. For. 2020.

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