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October 06, 2020



The University of Utah actually is a very reasonable place, in marked contrast to the UC system. One trivial example is that on-campus smoking restrictions are notably less draconian.

Yes, I work with Utah. They are a breath of fresh air, though still an academic environment.


Same, sbw. Just not worth the blood pressure spike.


Now marching south on 61st (Milwaukee / Wauwatosa border) towards North Ave.



Susan Page sounds NERVOUS.


"Rasmussen Oct 5-10 2016 - Hillary 45% Trump 38%
Where are all of these Biden supporters?"

Yeah, in principle this is a landslide BUT
1) lots of Dems "know what to do" even if they don't watch news or attend rallies or have a clue what's going on ....
2) cheating


Yes, Jim, but they need massive turnout or neither 1) nor 2) will be enough.


As usual, catching up. I took the Captain Hate link/survey. Said I am from the “inner Northeast - an even split between Boston and Pennsylvania.” I have been told that I don’t have a Boston accent, but I think I have embraced the Boston “What the fuck!?” These last few months.

Oh the debate begins. I’m still at 1pm in catching up,


Porch, check your email.


Will do, DrJ.

James D.

I suppose it’s my pessimist/ledge-dweller nature, but I think the Yankees season died with Luke Voit (MLB home run leader this season) striking out with the bases loaded after starting out with a 3-0 count in the 3rd inning tonight.

I know even if they do lose tonight (they’re down 5-1 to the freaking Rays now) the series isn’t technically over but that at bat felt like an omen.

I really do loathe the Rats. They play in a masoleum, they can’t attract decent crowds, they are unwilling to spend money, but they excel at the soul-killing analytic moneyball crap so they are there every year like a squad of rabid mongrel ankle-biting chihuahuas. It’s very disheartening.


Page has a visible teleprompter. Lame.


Now on North Ave into Wauwatosa.


Dave (in MA)


Ralph L

on-campus smoking restrictions are notably less draconian... They are a breath of fresh air,
Or maybe not everywhere.


Giving Karmela a woman moderator was a bad idea.

Robin, eff 'em all

Wow you thought we would win in '16?

JimSunnyvale, that summer I drove to TN with my kids and then our family went to NH and it was the homemade signs for Trump that reinforced all the anecdotal comments I was reading and the enthusiasm for rallies. I bet my brother in law a very nice bottle of vodka that I really enjoyed.

The lefties that I live around are terrified of the idea of voting in public, yet are now mistrustful of mail in ballots. They've basically screwed themselves.


Still catching up. Posts are now at 3:40pm or so.

TC vs Miss M. Okay you two can fight, I think we are all on the same side. Trump may be rough for some, but many of us think this is the man for the time. Many think he’s crude, and not the best because he’s not a politician.

I think he’s more a man of the 1700s. He’s not a career politician. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Too many in politics these days are “career politicians.” Trump is disrupting that.

I think Nov will be a landslide. Woo Woo!


Congratulation, Mr Thomas Collins!

"He won the Novak Award for his book on Edmund Burke!"


Nice to see you, Tom R!


The politicization of large swathes of these assholes diminishes the field. I'll believe what my PCP says and the rest can fuck off.

That was dinner conversation at this house, without even having known about the NEJM editorial.

Another institution in ruins.

Left is doing a bang up job here!

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