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October 30, 2020



Lawfare, Inc.

Kimberley Strassel
I just got my first “headlines don’t tell the whole story” warning—on my own piece. Hey @jack i don’t need to be told to reread—i wrote the damn thing, and it is all factual. Just let me tweet. It is called free speech.

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ
From @WSJopinion: Once voting ends, the political legal class will take over the show, writes @KimStrassel. May the best lawyer win. on.wsj.com/31XKSd8




I've been reading his stuff for months. You can trust whomever you wish. Just trying to flatten the bell curve and move out the std deviation of possibilities, one data point at a time.


Like with this one, I've followed Danielle for a long time, but missed this detail:

Jesse Matchey
Someone that I highly admire, @DiMartinoBooth, highlighted in an interview that the CCP required a “pandemic clause” be added to the trade deal...just coincidence?




David Chapman
· 14h
Democracy Institute/Sunday Express Poll

Trump 48% (+1)
Biden 47%

Swing States
Trump 49% (+4)
Biden 45%

Electoral College
Trump 326
Biden 212

James D.

Unless 2020 is a one off.

2020 isn't a one-off. This is our future, and not just for politics. The lockdowns and restrictions and mandates will never end.

The bureaucrats and the Army of Karens enjoy their newly seized power too much, and they along with the dishonest press have done too good a job of scaring too many people.

The problem is, we can't make the 50% or whatever % of the population that now believes if you stand 5'11" from anyone without a mask for more than half a second, it's an instant death sentence, stop believing that, no matter how much proof there is otherwise. And if 50+ % of the population doesn't ever want to go back to normal, go to stores, go to the office, go to movies or restaurants, or vote in person, the sane portion of the populace can't make them.


In an earlier prediction I said that Trump would win well outside the margin of fraud. I’ll update that to include well outside the margin of lawfare.


More Act 3. I could do this all day.

Explanation of how it works:

Act 3 is late this year. This is so that Dems will be extra demoralized/violent/angry.

Political Polls
· 15h
#National Poll:

Trump 48% (+2)
Biden 46%

@sprystrategies (LV, 10/20-23)


I’ll update that to include well outside the margin of lawfare.

That's what I think too, Beasts.

The next step is violence on the left, to make it hard(er) for Trump to govern. What else do they have?


I hear what you're saying, James D.

But it doesn't work like that. Sheeple are sheeple. They don't have their own opinions. When it becomes "okay" to go back to normal, they will do it.

Look at how fast they went to DEFCON 1 over the vyrus. It's because they were told to do it.

The question is: what will be the impetus for their masters to send the order to the flocks?


I've been reading his stuff for months.

Mel, this helps. Thnx.


Hint: it is closely related to Burn Loot Murder being turned on and turned off as needed.


Rush H. Limbaugh
Thanks, Paris. It is time we break the myth that conservatives don’t “care”! Actions speak louder than false promises and flowery words to nowhere.


President @realDonaldTrump penned an oped directly to the Black Community that is running in Black-owned newspapers!

Read it here:





’The next step is violence on the left, to make it hard(er) for Trump to govern.’

Trump isn’t saddled with hopes of another term, so I expect their violence to be squelched with prejudice and flamethrowers. Okay, the bit about flamethrowers is wishful thinking, but he will not hold back on deploying force. :)


Biden's Laptop Matters is NOT election fodder:

Why is Hunter Biden getting emails from White House staff?

Brennan’sOrangeJumpsuit @15poundstogo
Replying to @15poundstogo
Woah. I think EOP may be Executive Office of the President. LOOK AT THESE HEAVY HITTERS ...



What else do they have?

They have internal collapse. Along with Brian Stelter, Chris Wallace, the NYTimes, the WaPo, @Jack, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Judge Sullivan, Chris Wray, Brennan, Clapper, Strozk, Gretchen, Andrew Cuomo, Newsom ... [Others can add to the list, but why bother.]


Missed this one, I think, from 2019:

EY: Gold, drug money and a major auditor's 'cover-up'
By Andy Verity and Tim Robinson



I didn't see this one coming:

Chad ➐
Replying to @PatMcAfeeShow
The Rutgers radio call: pic.twitter.com/uDlxXkP187



Okay, the bit about flamethrowers is wishful thinking, but he will not hold back on deploying force. :)

Antifa better pray to God that “regular guy” doesn’t join the battle.


I’ll update that to include well outside the margin of lawfare.

That's what I need to hear! I cannot imagine how it would feel to have another "hanging chad" result.


james d:
I have a lot of trouble with uncertainty.
I've yet to meet anyone who doesn't. In part why we are here, no? To make sense of what we see, and what it means for the future?

I've had many life lessons dealing with uncertainty and unknowns. I've had to learn to trust God. There are no other viable options. Regardless of how the future turns I will turn to the faith that has sustained me this far.

This has been open on my laptop for a few weeks. It may have originated here. If so, my thanks to whoever posted it:


and C.S. Lewis was a fan of Julian of Norwich, because of this, from Chapter 27 of her Revelations of Divine Love:

And for the tender love that our good Lord hath to all that shall be saved, He comforteth readily and sweetly, signifying thus: It is sooth that sin is cause of all this pain; but all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner [of] thing shall be well.

JM Hanes

Just in case no one has linked it yet:
Clarice's Pieces, Halloween Edition!



EXCLUSIVE: National security nightmare of Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop containing phone numbers for the Clintons, Secret Service officers and most of the Obama cabinet plus his sex and drug addictions - all secured by the password Hunter02



Thanks, once again, Clarice, for pulling all of that together so thoroughly.

Old Lurker

Among the important things that demand Federal Resets, should our team win, is why exactly a broadcast station should have a license renewed if it was shown to be 99:1 in reporting Biden v Trump et al to include other public policy mega issues?

Why should the online communication pipes get any access to public pipes if the same applies to their censoring?

What is the truth about advantages an Amazon gets from the USPS and how exactly does Bezos avoid anti trust accountability?


I'm not using "Reset" ever again. Originalism, maybe, but not reset.

Old Lurker

In other words, why do we let them use our rope to hang us?



Just that the Professional Left has appropriated "ReSet" to mean something else entirely, once again, and I'll just leave it at that.


I expect their violence to be squelched with prejudice and flamethrowers.

Me, too, and the #1 thing would be to announce a zero tolerance policy regarding violence against police.

"Peaceful protest is protected by the 1st Amendment, but if you assault law enforcement with any kind of weapon, expect to be videotaped and killed."


New York Post
Hunter Biden emails show leveraging connections with his father to boost Burisma pay trib.al/kclTXhi



Cantor/McConnell would have been Majority Leaders at the time it was created

Cantor was no longer in Congress when Kathy Chung sent this to Hunter; the list itself refers to him as "Fmr Rep."


From anonamom link,

Worry is just a mild form of atheism

Another way of saying worry is an indication that I am doubting God. I think back on where my best effort got me, where I am now, and how I got here from there. Worry is a reminder that I still have work to do in my life. How can I be an instrument of God's will when I'm ruled by doubt and worry?


Who wants to take one for the team and investigate Hunter’s favorite website? Apparently he spent over $20,000 at jasmin.com... I nominate lyle.






Jim Eagle

Joe Biden..........C'mon maaaan!



Not enough salt on hand for this one:


RNC Research
Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”



“There’s no way to deescalate, cause all the chips are on the table.”

@VICENews speaks to former Trump 2016 campaign chief Steve Bannon about how we arrived at this divisive moment—and his expectations for election night.

CHAOS: ELECTION 2020 premieres Monday at 10p.


Apparently he spent over $20,000 at jasmin.com...

Sorry, but that’s my wine budget, pard. 😬


This isn't a good look:

John Pierce
A full DOJ and FBI investigation must be demanded starting Monday into Kenosha County DA Michael Gravely’s 6-week texting relationship with main BLM activist before, during and after riots. Kyle Rittenhouse, a hero, sits in jail. Kenosha DA must be fully investigated. Immediately

Ducky #FightBack Parler: Ducky7 @commonsensenon
Replying to @commonsensenon @CaliKidJMP
Here is the archive




Also, there are recordings of Hunter,:

Cassandra Scarebanks🎃
Exclusive: Hunter Biden, In His Own Words, Describes Trading Access To White House For Burisma Funding - Nationalist Review nationalistreview.net/2020/10/31/exc…



Time to go get back on a roof to do some electrical work...


Last one: https://gnews.org/

JM Hanes

OT Rant:

So excited to hear that the British Library is making 40,000 maps & views available to the public online!

The material forms part of the Topographical Collection of King George III (K. Top) held by the British Library and captures four centuries of visual impressions of places throughout the world, from maps and atlases to architectural drawings, cartoons and watercolours. From today, the images will be available for anyone to view online via the British Library’s digital Flickr Commons collection.

This resource offers everyone the chance to virtually explore, the geography, art, science and cultures of the past through the collection of one of history’s most avid armchair travellers.

The first tranche of 18,000 is up on the Library's
Flickr Commons collection. Alas! It would be more accurate to say the the BL just dumped 18,000 completely unorganized images on a Flickr page, without introduction, description or dedicated search option! You can use Flickr's general search engine, but I don't recommend it. You can click "View All" for 17,287 images, but you can't navigate back to limit the number. Your options for organizing results are: "Interesting," " Date Uploaded," "Date Taken," or "Relevant." Not even "Date of Document." What new hell is this? I like to browse as much as anybody, but 18K randomly ordered images?I was going to spend the day there but jeez. It's hard to believe that the British Library, FFS, is not ready for primetime. I must be missing something, and I wish I knew what.


JM Hanes

rant cont.

And don't bother clicking on the captioned icon view; they are all titled "The BL King’s Topographical Collection." Unless you recognize the subject already, you can't find out what the image is till you click for the full sized version. I'm totally bummed out!


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

New thread



(Jane, you asked)


Good morning!

NO trick-or-treaters, which is just as well as no candy.

I would like to know the justification for foreign governments, particularly those who are adversaries, having ownership or heavy investment in entertainment, music production, advertising, news-gathering companies, broadcast, publication, professional sports, and social media, all without public knowledge.

Why is it that Fisher-Price got bought up by another corporation , moved to China from upstate New York, and then changed from wooden figurines to cheap-ass looking plastic ones which do not work with the older buildings and vehicles? Why is it that Madame Alexander dolls, whose clothing was sewn by seamstresses in Harlem, got bought up by Mattel and had their production moved to China, throwing a bunch of skilled black women out of work and at the same time pushing the advertising and marketing of over-sexualized Barbies to the forefront of doll sales? (All made in China.)


MM, because people want cheaper products and companies want bigger profits. Nothing nefarious there.


Beasts, you've snagged my heart here. Ig had his chance!

In an earlier prediction I said that Trump would win well outside the margin of fraud. I’ll update that to include well outside the margin of lawfare.

I do want to note again, that on the morning of May 31, that fellow I have coffee with most mornings looked over his ipad, where he'd been scrolling through his Twitter news feed---and after only two days of Burning, Looting and Mayhem (the Murder came later) in "honor" of St. George Floyd, he said:

So he's first in line.


Just in case ...

Click for new thread ^


1980: Buy cactus. Get subscription to the Phoenix Sun. When it rains, water cactus.

2020: Buy Porch Lemon Tree. Download weather app. Set location Key West, FL. Allow notifications. When it rains, water tree.

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