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October 17, 2020


Jack Lillywhite



As to how the MFM framed the mysterious two deaths in Paris, one of the horde got it right:

I guess y'all didn't see Fake News NYT's original headline:

"Two More Covid-19 Deaths In France As Infections Re-surge In Europe"
Posted by: Soothsayer's Untrue But Accurate Tales

Satire is dead/undead...


Is MLB racially adjusting balls and strikes yet?

James D.

"Newly adopted Rays" ?

The nevertrump stance is one thing, TM, but if you're seriously rooting for that wretched little team that ought to have been contracted out of the league for failure to draw any fan support a decade ago, you're dead to me.

Tom R



JM Hanes


Loved the photo of Frederick's quarantine quarters! What a romantic spot. If he has an inner poet, two week's of isolation there should bring it out.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A reminder that the comments at TWIP are hilarious too and take hours to be complete. A little nostalgia;


Hes been busy



Here I am late!

First my son and DIL came by on their way out of town to Pawley's Island for their anniversary. Then 2 of my 3 sisters called - one to give me lots of "helpful advice" (the democrat)so I held my tongue and was patient.

Then the nurse who was an early Trump fan like me called, and we discussed why it is that the dems are so desperate (fear of prison time). She has been watching Rudy Guiliani 's expose of those emils and doesn't understand why the media is so unconcerned. I told her Captain Hate's Uniparty explanation and gave her the scuttlebutt on Mitt Romney, which made her mad.

Jenny went to early vote downtown at the City-County Building. She asked me if I wanted to go but I stayed here to visit with my son instead. Since Marion County is run by democrats I had no interest in getting harassed downtown, anyway.

Jack Lillywhite


It’s St. Donat’s castle in Llantwit Major, Wales where his school, Atlantic College, is located. The use it for their Library and cafeteria. Once owned by William Randolph Hearst. He bought for Mary Pickford but she refused to spend a night there.

Mrs. Jack is an alumni. 2 year International Baccalaureate program.


There was a guy from Johnson & Johnson on Fox talking about how they have halted movement on their COVID program because one person had become sick. This sounds great, until later when he mentioned that their testing program included 64,000 people. One problem in 64,000 people!


Davod, thank the trial lawyers.


Good grief pasteur nor salk would nevwr have gotten anywhere.

Robin, eff 'em all

I want to buy a pile of these and leave them around Ithaca....

Robin, eff 'em all

Finally! I got it!


Yankees are dead to me, as are all major sports. Kneeling during the National Anthem. disgraceful.


Congrats, Robin!


Paging hans christian andersen



Possible spy operation.


Hooray, Robin! You did it!

Love that gnome.


Congratulations, Robin!

I want a bunch of those, myself!


MM, since it’s the FBI, I was already guessing that they’re not looking into the Bidens, they are pursuing Clapper’s theory that it’s all a Russian plot to elect Trump. And sure enough there’s an “update”:

“Get ready to laugh...it's a review reportedly over whether the emails might be a Russian disinformation campaign.”


What exactly are they waiting for (rhetorical)


Benjamin Weingarten
The blackout of information on Joe Biden is a glimpse of what it’d be like to live in the Communist China that he spent his life supporting, while his family profited from it. Total media control of the uniparty narrative, total suppression of counter-narratives on social media


Tim Young
Remember when riots were a thing, then Democrats realized it hurt them in the polls... and POOF! like magic they disappeared all at once.

Captain Hate

The nevertrump stance is one thing, TM, but if you're seriously rooting for that wretched little team that ought to have been contracted out of the league for failure to draw any fan support a decade ago

Is this about those fucking Twinks?


Eddie Zipperer
The Hunter Biden emails were fabricated by the same Russian operative who beat up Jussie Smollett, wrote homophobic slurs on Joy Reid’s blog, and hacked Steve Scully.


Hope spring eternal but its not a strategy. Miami native so i know.


Bug is scared of nick satan


Thomas Collins

James D, if the Colt .45s take the 4th straight, will you finally acknowledge that the 2004 season happened, since the Bronxers' collapse will have been so yesterday?





So good to hear Miss M is back home doing much better as well as Rocco's sweet little cherub, Owen.

I hope everyone is doing good considering what's become of these trying times and ugliest race to rid the world of evildoers. Not even the many tales similar to those of amoral Joe K or Fatboy Ted shock me anymore. Amazing how much the media willfully ignores all these flashing red light signals that include a laptop, a crack pipe, two Bidens, a prior admin, the IRS, FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc.
Take care everyone.


This is such a 2020 thing. Dog had check up yesterday. I told vet he was leaving "skid marks" lately. He checked his anal parts, and determined he had a lump. He ran a calcium check, and the results are that he does not have ass cancer!


I think they all need shock collars tc maybe if they were on commission they would be incentivized to play.


Thank Goodness CCgirl. That would suck.

So it's now "Russian collusion" keeping the Biden news from coming out. Will they impeach Trump over it?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

In case anyone is wondering [as I was] what the dispute is between Sean Davis and The Dispatch that Porch linked to, here it is;
NeverTrump Website The Dispatch Colludes With Big Tech To Censor SBA List’s Pro-Life Ads

That's who are oh so conservative guardians of all that is moral and holy nevertrumpers are, liars to support a couple of babykillers.

James D.

TC @ 1:17


James D.

As you will surely have noted, while I am a reasonably gracious winner, I am a very, very poor loser.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Good point Jane.
Trump definitely deserves impeachment for Joe Biden accepting kickbacks from the communist Chinese through his criminal son.
However that will have to be Count 2, as Count 1 is obviously his craven attempt to nominate and have confirmed a Supreme Court Justice.
Is there no end to his perfidy?

Manuel Transmission

I’ve watched the computer game throughout pretty much the whole arc of history albeit mostly one step removed. Starting in the fall of 63 I was subjected to a Flexowriter (?) that punched paper tape as you typed and provided the miracle of feeding the old tape that you screwed up to the point of the correction and then let you correct the busted segment. After seeing the dudes in the causeway outside the fishbowl sorting their Hollerith cards before another late night run clinched my determination to avoid that path.

Once I started doing mega$ crash testing and related one chance field testing, I fell into the SOTA analog world of FM-FM Sangamo tape recorders costing $35K in 1970 dollars. By the mid-70s those analog traces were being stripped via DEC minis and then further number crunching done on a CDC 6600.

When the earliest PCs started to appear, my buds who did modeling immediately leaped to that platform just to avoid the grinches who ruled Hoyden’s Raised Floor Computer space. They loved having total control of that pathetic PC space right up until the RFC grinches transformed into the IT department and took control of THAT space.

Fortunately when I started out little company in the mid-80s I was aware that only UNIX stuff was reliable enough for real life systems and only allowed MS crap to be used for office stuff.

Never regretted any of those turning points.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm sure I'm missing some cultural references on this one but it's still excellent;

JM Hanes

Observations that had me nodding like the Lady in a Red Mask:

One Jordan Rachel on Twitter
"How come the FBI spent more time on Bubba Wallace’s garage door pull than they did on Hunter Biden’s laptop?"
Good question!

"I am very optimistic that Trump will win by more than enough votes than the left can gin up. Yet at the same time I am not. Anyone else feel bi-polar just about now?"

"this hasn't been so much a pandemic as a the biggest psychological experiment ever conducted."
It's all making sense to me, now.

Thomas Collins

Re bi-polar attitudes: I'm reminded of the following statement: "Those who speak don't know, and those who know don't speak." Somewhere out in the blogosphere and twitterspere and facebookgrouposphere, there is a guru who knows exactly what is going to happen. That individual is not posting about what he or she knows.


this hasn't been so much a pandemic as a the biggest psychological experiment ever conducted.

And the results are pretty discouraging, to say the least. I really thought (hoped?) there would be much more civil disobedience in response to lockdown insanity, but instead, even people who know better are compliant.

I think one big issue is that compliance is what econ/math people call a Nash equilibrium: If (almost) everyone else compliant, it's very costly for you to disobey (for example, your kids can be kept out of school). If there was massive disobedience, it would be contagious (so to speak), but it's hard to get that critical mass of rebels.


JM Hanes, since I feel pretty much paralyzed by the craziness I am planning on spending the day on my sofa in my pjs. It's nice now, but I don't care, and when I head out in my town I feel like I am living in a sci fi movie. If I see one more person by themselves outside wearing a mask I might throw a rock at them. I need the rest anyway!
Dog is good, and nursing student is practicing her trade on me - which is leading to lots of giggles.
Getting mundane work done, will bake cookies, and knit. Cocktail hour is not too far off!


If (almost) everyone else *is* compliant


"there is a guru who knows exactly what is going to happen. That individual is not posting about what he or she knows"

More likely there are thousands of gurus posting about what they think is going to happen and one or more of them will be correct. If only we could know which one to read.


This is what dave cullen was pointing out in his hostage video

Thomas Collins

Fair enough correction, boris. I'm hoping it's Trafalgar and Raz tracking (Raz tracking because, although it's not a Prez preference poll, indicates that Trump is recovering from the Oligarch Media spin on Woo Floo and tax returns).


I think Donald Trump is the "Guru." He's been saying all along what is happening and what the left is trying to do.

I don't know how he does it. He must just feed off the energy of the crowds. Keep on given' em hell, Orange Man!


Remember when riots were a thing, then Democrats realized it hurt them in the polls... and POOF! like magic they disappeared all at once.

Exactly like how BLM disappeared in 2016, after those six Dallas police officers were assassinated that one night. POOF! They were gone for nearly four years.

I guess because Black Lives Only Matter in election years.


Yes. No excuses.


From @WSJopinion: If New York and Illinois spent like Florida and Texas, they’d save enough to fill the deficits they want the federal government to cover, write @Taxeconomist and @davetrabert



My wardrobe is now down to daytime PJs and night time PJs . I haven't word scent for months and my make up stash is untouched.


Re. the Steve Scully tweet - "should I respond to trump." Does this look like a stand-alone tweet, or part of a longer conversation?


this hasn't been so much a pandemic as a the biggest psychological experiment ever conducted.

As I've noted hearing around my house:

We've learned how to scare the hell out of people; what we don't know how to do is unscare them.

JM Hanes

James D:

"As you will surely have noted, while I am a reasonably gracious winner, I am a very, very poor loser."

I have to confess I've never understood how people can become so personally invested in games (and players) over which they have virtually no control. I don't mean to single you out, or be judgmental at all, I'm just genuinely puzzled by the phenomenon. I was certainly thrilled at the US Hockey team and the Harvard "beats" Yale game, for what seem like pretty obvious reasons. But what is it that in Europe or South America turns into serious physical violence between fans of different teams? Sometimes it's clearly a sort of dueling nationalist proxy confrontation, but sometimes it's just two teams from different towns.

Most of what transpires here, of course, I realize is just verbal jousting between friends, but I wonder if a loss can really spoil someone's day? I feel like I'm outside looking through a window darkly!


Definitely not standalone, Davod.

Hi Bela1! Good to see you.


Clarice, I only wear eye makeup to the store. Hair is in a ponytail or up in hair clips. Honestly I just pull clothes out of the clean laundry basket to wear to the store. Jeans and a t shirt. It is a bit liberating not to worry about all that these days, but I don't like why.

The last two times I "dressed up" (nice jeans and hair down) to dine out for dinner: 1) we could not get in and ordered take out. 2) the atmosphere was so incredibly depressing.


A comment on the Instapundit link to an article about the unlicensed security guard who shot the demonstrator:

"Sounds like what they really did was pay protection money to the organized crime syndicates BLM and Antifa, and called it "security."


This from clarice is not just a spot on must read for JOMers--it needs to be spread far and wide:

My latest for Pipeline:https://the-pipeline.org/fear-the-walking-dread/

It is long past time for people--citizens-- to readjust their mindsets in the face of the facts of this NOT The Plague virus.

It is almost November; we've had eight months to see the reality of what we are dealing with.with our own eyes. ANYBODY who isn't questioning mask wearing is willfully ignorant.

You can even include this about flying:


It's time to get on with life!

Captain Hate

I don't know if anyone linked this but Sundown continues to act like a retard


JM Hanes

Man Tran:

It won't be long before remembering the internet before social media will be like remembering the invention of color tv and princess phones.

Captain Hate

I'm blocked from Pipeline.


JMH, a team loss only ruined my day if I was playing on the team. A quantum of beer later, my day was restored.

Brit hooligans and South Americans have societies based on “face” (macho in S American terms). A team losing is loss of face for the entire country, thus refs are murdered, wars started, Columbia player that scored an own goal vs the USA assassinated on return home, etc. Gambling losses increase emotions.

“Face” is an inferior basis for a society, but it does describe Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Balkans, Soviets, and France.


Day ending in y, captain, comey did much the same thinf.


CH, I can't imagine why you or anyone would be blocked from Pipeline.Here's the link again:https://the-pipeline.org/fear-the-walking-dread/


James Woods (now allowed back on Twitter) posted this picture of Biden's estate. I wonder who financed it, since he obviously didn't get paid for his intellect.

As @illDiscourse pointed out, "The Internet has been so bad for these dinosaurs."

I see a formal garden with fountain, tennis courts, a large swimming pool with pool house, and possibly riding stables.


How can they save "face" if they are all wearing masks?

Clarice's article is spot on. But in these blue hell towns how can one avoid the mask? The fear is completely irrational, and there is zero tolerance for rational discussion.

Our village green now has an art work display that says, "VOTE." and the public can color it in. I suppose it only means "vote for Biden."


Mbna bank of amwrica aig countrywide you get the picture.




Clarice, of course the doctors are correct. But then Fauci, the Dems/MSM, and the WHO lose face. So that info will be suppressed. I suppose humans are evolved to be tribal, and face is the default setting — absent civilization.


ccgirl, wearing a mask is a loss of face- same as bending the knee or bowing. Submission.


I wonder if a loss can really spoil someone's day?

If it inspires violence in South America, it's surely going to ruin American days. And weeks and months, and Bucky Dent.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--We've learned how to scare the hell out of people; what we don't know how to do is unscare them.--

What makes you think they want to?


The eloi klaxons its like they are trying to make dystopia happen orwell wells huxley.

Kathryn Anne

First to Rocco:
So glad Owen is doing better and I hope your daughter is improving as well.
Our prayers are being answered.
I must be the exception because at 70 years old, I have never been afraid.
I go to church.
I go shopping and to the grocery store. I go to restaurants inside and outside, depending on who I am dining with.
I go to the library, even when they were delivering books out to us in the parking lot.
Other than not seeing my relatives as much or traveling to other states my life has not changed.
I even sub at my old high school and will work the polls as usual.
My life is the same because I am not falling for the pandemic hoax.
It is a flu that affects older people, and gave government people way too much power.
All kids should be in school immediately.
That is the real travesty, depriving them of a normal education.
Trump is going to win.
This Biden scandal will be made known and if they want a crook in the White House than there is no hope for them.


ccgirl - I saw a yard sign yesterday that said "Vote for Love!" with a big heart. Who knows what that means but I can imagine.

Under the "People on the left are losing their minds" category: I wear these really comfy ballet flats called Tieks. They are perfect for teaching. They are rather pricey and there is a little online group where people share sales, take photos of their shoes with different outfits, etc. Yesterday one lady had the audacity to post a photo of her "I Voted" sticker with a photo of her red shoes. People went insane! Formerly nice people who had good taste in shoes and clothes became raving, screaming banshees. They had to close the thread due to the vile profanity and threats that ensued.

Captain Hate

For whatever reason, that link worked. Thanks.

Before I go there I discussed this with the Horde yesterday: As part of the Hillsdale Constitution 101 they've discussed the progressive movement and New Deal. Obviously this is an overview and they can only go into so much detail but one thing that struck me is even then there was an odd fixation on being sciency. Saint Woody the pinhead wrote lots of claptrap about how the Constitution was based on Newtonian physics where a more Darwinian approach was needed. Given that these are horrible analogies for reasons that should be obvious (although I'll provide details on request) why wasn't there more pushback from experts in these fields? Granted really smart people in physics, chemistry and math, to give three examples of hard science, can be pretty nutty outside of their fields, not to mention sometimes have revolting personal hygiene. But didn't they have the responsibility to intervene like Marshall McLuhan did in Annie Hall when someone is obviously poorly applying things in one field to another?

Something else they didn't get into was how such anti Constitutional claptrap achieved any traction and I'm sure the answer is populism in crummy conditions. Which makes me glad that DJT is using a similar approach to reverse the swing of the pendulum.

JM Hanes


Ironic, isn't it, when (western) Europeans are so proud of having vanquished nationalism in its every incarnation?

I used to root for whichever team was playing against my mother-in-law's favorites. I can remember being more that a little pleased when "my" team won, but I'm not sure that's exactly what we're talking about here....

Captain Hate

and Bucky Dent.

Fuck that banjo hitter in particular.


Great article, clarice.

A sixth, maybe seventh, cookie poll with Trump massively ahead. This time in Allegheny County. :)


I have yet to hear of any cookie poll that has him currently behind. He was briefly behind in the Cincy poll but then caught up and took the lead.

The ones I've heard about are all in swing states: MN, WI, PA (2), OH - except two: NJ and TX.

Captain Hate

I used to root for whichever team was playing against my mother-in-law's favorites.

Mother Hate was such a poor sport I'd do likewise when possible.

Kathryn Anne

As I have always said, when you start the profanity spewing from your mouth, you have lost the argument.
I have also told liberal friends that I will not lose their friendship over politics.
Remember, God is on our side.
We face real evil and we must smite it.
I feel really bad for the people directly affected financially by this inability of our elected leaders to reach on compromise on an assistance bill.
Term limits for everyone.
I predict that half of that Judiciary Committee will be dead or have resigned in the next 5 years.


I also root for any team playing against the teams I hate.

jim nj


370K Pennsylvania mail-in ballot applications rejected: Report
Many residents may have mistakenly sent in more than one ballot request


With wilson was there a classical liberal alternative teddy really wasnt certainly not taft herr doktor professor was a larger viral load. Harding brought things back to normalcy and coolidge steered well then the great engineer screwed it up



So basically Hunter Biden laundered foreign cash to his father while he was a senator and vice president.

This is true, but not complete. US taxpayer money was funneled to foreign countries in return for lucrative deals for Hunter Biden (and Jim Biden), who bagged them for Joe.

It wasn't just influence-peddling. These countries got OUR money.

Art in Newport

Blocked from Pipeline also.


I always rooted against any team from the coasts, or any team shilled by musberger and corporate TV.

Jim Eagle

In Re: Sport's team fan support. Basically, in Europe its a continuation of feudal societies. The colors, the scarves (you don't see team scarves in American football:), the flags, the banners, the whole routine of game day.

In London, our friend, Frederick's godfather, is a seson ticket holder of Chelsea, and for every home game whether in the afternoon or night he eats the same meal at the same restaurant an hour before the gates to Stamford Bridge open.

Over here, it's a tailgating society. Different cultures, different ways of support.


JiB, Pittsburg “terrible towels” or Green Bay “cheese hats” are the American translation of scarves.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- I'm just genuinely puzzled by the phenomenon.--

As a recovering Rayduzz fan-atic I can say in my case it was pretty complex.
I have always liked underdogs but also the noncompliant and there was no one more underdog than the AFL to the NFL and more noncompliant than the Raiders.
There is also a regional component to it as well, so that there becomes a kind of hierarchy of who you root for.
Your team first of course. But if they croak, usually the next team from your region, even if otherwise they are your sworn enemy [although that is often not true. I could never bring myself to root for the despised and demonic Denver Broncos, but I could root for Hank Stram's chiefs. I could barely bring myself to root for the Steelers only because I respected them. Shula's Dolphins were a bit easier to root for, but never, ever a Bronco]
Occasionally I would have some special affinity for another team elsewhere, the Packers, in the NBA the Celtics, in the NHL the Canadians.
But if your regional guy got blasted then you rooted for the guy in your conference or league in the finals. When it was the Denver Doncos against the Cowboys the only one I was really rooting for was Bruce Dern in Black Sunday. :)
What made me lose interest I'm not sure, but the Raiders moving to LA contributed to the process. There's a conceit that the loyalty goes both ways. And it does, right to the end of George Washington's green nose. It's a business and a fairly dirty one so most of the loyalty from the business end of the deal is dependent on the astroturf [and the dollars] not being greener in some new stadium being built somewhere else.
That disloyalty IMO breeds a healthy end of innocence, kinda like when you realize Santa is just some jerk in a suit. Or like Ralphie when he realizes Orphan Annie and Pierre are really selling him Ovaltine.


This would help explain why Gaylord is going to Detroit:


Do not look now, but in VBM (which is the same as in-person early voting) returns from Michigan, GOPers have taken the lead for the first time, per TargetSmart. This just happened this morning.

4:00 AM · Oct 17, 2020·Twitter Web App

Dave (in MA)

Tom Maguire@Tom_Maguire
Careful there, Big T.
@SenSasse is a great American. The day will come when he is President and Liddle Don Jr. is seeking his endorsement for a run for dogcatcher somewhere. Your tweet won't help.

Captain Hate

There was nothing like the AFL. I'm really glad to have lived through that.

JM Hanes

I'm not sure people are being blocked from sundry sites. The whole internet is a little slow for me here, and particularly slow on a variety of different sites. The combination of huge numbers of people at home and a hugely consequential election, not to mention hugely damaging reports on the Bisdens probably add up to YUGE numbers of people on the internet.

BTW, clarice, I thought your article was a hugely good 'splainer. I've copied it to my files for further distribution!


Hoyden and Henry

My minicomputer days were from about 74 to 84.

I had a part-time job while still in school, and the same guys brought me on full-time when done.

They did real-time process control work and some specialty control projects that were early CNC applications. One was a control system for a robot that did ultrasonic inspections of Babcock & Williams nuclear reactor vessels. Electronics were packaged in 13 cabinets the size of a SubZero fridge. It had 3 tons of A/C.

So I got to play with PDP-11s and then VAXs as we entered the 32 bit world. I was an ace at flipping dip switches:)

A favorite saying was “real men write machine code”.

One of our early claims to fame were high performance video driver that plugged into the backplane and looked like a hunk of memory. Think NVIDIA with discrete components. Today’s gaming computer would leave them in the dust:)


Henry - of course I know that wearing a mask is a type of submission! I just think discussing "saving face" these days is ironic.

I keep my bandanna around my neck. If I can keep a distance between the customer and myself I still keep it down. Much easier to communicate. If the people seems squirrely I will pull it up just to avoid the "Karenning." Many customers tell me not to pull it up. And then we have a nice conversation about the state of things. I also explain as often as possible that if we can sit together in a restaurant without masks why do we need to wear them while in a store?

Then there are the mean ones.


2--please explain your 2:55.

What did they go crazy over??

I don't know what I Voted means/signifies that would trigger anybody about anything.

Captain Hate

I agree, a-mom; there has to be more to the story.

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