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October 04, 2020


mike in houston


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

For whoever asked about Azerbaijan/Armenia the other day;
'Explosive Stakes' On Armenia-Azerbaijan Chessboard


Willowed. I spent too much time typing this to abandon it as a new thread came up.


Thanks for posting that video of the girl outside Walter Reed talking about how much she loves President Trump.

I have watched politics since I was in the 7th grade. NEVER have I seen a president loved like this, and I would include both JFK and Reagan.

The thing is, he truly does care about the working class; he KNOWS them, from all of the construction sites, hotels and golf courses. He talked to them all of the time.

He also has an innate sense of justice, reflected in everything from bringing factories back, to decreasing prescription drug prices, to pro-life positions.

On top of that, he is very comfortable using Twitter and telling everyone what he thinks. He doesn't mince words when someone is being a jerk, and that connection through Twitter is personal.

When I first heard that "We love you!" chant at one of the rallies, I noticed he was flabbergasted, and didn't expect it at all. I knew it was spontaneous from the crowd, and his supporters are FULL of people like that girl. I will go vote IN PERSON the first day our voting centers are open. I am NOT going to take the chance I might miss my opportunity to do so.


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to the President's video from last night.

Many of us in #AZ05 are praying for President @realDonaldTrump as he battles COVID-19. He’s looking and sounding very good tonight.

Get well soon, Mr. President! https://t.co/gYGK6ivWEC

— Rep Andy Biggs (@RepAndyBiggsAZ) October 4, 2020
JM Hanes

So, we're back to "chaos at the White House?" Hasn't that one's use-by date long expired?


What an amazing mind the man must have had, although he apparently insisted that he doesn't know where the Yogi-isms come from.

Steph, that bit reminded me of Feynman on Quantum Mechanics. To paraphrase: If you think you understand it you don't, and vice versa.

JM Hanes

Is that a first first for you, mike?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Good article by Mirengoff on Bob Gibson.
Has an amusing anecdote at the end about the attitude of bunting oneself on base.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Michael Anton on CA as bellwether; Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

JM Hanes


And your Feynman reminds me a bit of something I heard back in the days when I was struggling through conflict catching on my mac: "Never ask a computer geek for assistance, because by the time they know enough help you, they can no longer communicate in human terms."


I didn’t click on the link to the supermarket tabloid.


On the polls, Jonah G argues they were actually accurate in 2016 in terms of the popular vote (around +3 for Hillary), but a handful of votes in a few states threw the EV to Trump. To which I would say:

1. Then why are we paying attention to polls on the popular vote?

2. What was the polling a month in advance of the election? That's the relevant comparison, and as of early October 2016 the polls had Hillary up 7-8 points, at least according to this tracker by HuffPo


3. Nate Bronze took all this EV vs PV stuff into account and still had Hillary at 65-70% going into the election.


President Trump sent the Chief of Staff to hand out chocolate Kisses to supporters outside Walter Reed.#Trump2020Landslide #Trump2020 #KAG pic.twitter.com/NJcwgMAulY

— Wyn (@Wyn1745) October 4, 2020

Short video at the link.



This is a good article for those who have relatives and friends who don't know this.

JM Hanes

The Daily Mail has a few pix of the Presidential Suite at Walter Reed Medical Center. I never knew that the hospital "was named for Major Walter Reed, an Army researcher who helped prove that an earlier viral epidemic, yellow fever, was transmitted by mosquitoes."


White nationalists? vid at link


The Not F—ing Around Coalition, a black separatist militia, held an event in Lafayette, La. yesterday. Its grandmaster calls for a separatist black nation state. Video by @FordFischer:


JM Hanes

Clarice's Pieces for those who missed the earlier link.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Spengler mostly approves of Trump's foreign policy.


Julie Kelly
Lol WSJ/NBC poll that shows Biden up by 14 (of 800 registered voters) used a 45D vs 36R sample. On what planet will turnout have a nine point advantage for Democrats? The polling business is almost as bad as the news business.


Has anyone provided a video of these WHITE SUPREMACISTS lighting an AUTO ZONE on fire yet.
I'd like to see them.


How about that. (Thread)


Planning for discharge to White House tomorrow.



Dr Press conference - Trump doing great - could be released tomorrow.

The democrats are devastated.


Godspeed Mr President
Ramming speed Mr McConnell.


Yes i told the story jm although my people claim the credit with dr. Carlos j finlay


My 92-year-old relative is home recuperating and I'm delivering some food to her today. I'm picking up my cousin and her husband who was recently the chairman of the dem party in his county. They made her a big pot of soup.

Pray for me to remain gracious if he brings up the President. I hope he asks about my bracelet (ha ha!)

Captain Hate


My wife is reading Peace Like a River and enjoying it.

Jack Lillywhite

If there was a Mercy rule in soccer......well Man U could use it now.


So the DJT covid was like the Chinese Let a thousand flowers bloom campaign? ;)


Daughter came in yesterday as I was listening to a video. I said to her that the reason I listen to them is that the news is no longer trustworthy, and that the democrats are NOT the democrats of my childhood.

She asked me if it was true that LBJ used to show off his male organ, and I said yes, as far as I knew, it was true.

Of all things, THAT is the thing that really got her! At any rate, I real quick got out 4-5 things I knew Trump has done that the media has ignored. I told her that she doesn't have to like him, but he is NOT the monster the media paints.



I think both daughter and I had it last winter. I was sick for a couple of days with a fever and then had a cough that went on for about 2 months.

She was REALLY sick for about a week and had to cancel a vacation trip. I haven't seen her that sick since she was in high school. I think it affected her more because she was an asthmatic when she was a kid and was even hospitalized for it once.


Does walter reed have a psychiatric wing?



Le' house of cards is beginning to fall.

After high court decision, Michigan AG will not enforce COVID orders

Attorney General Dana Nessel will no longer enforce Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's executive orders after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled Friday that one of the laws underpinning the orders was unconstitutional.

Nessel's decision comes as Whitmer's team has argued that her orders would stay in effect for 21 days after the ruling, a reference to a 21-day period in which parties can ask for reconsideration.

But opponents have said the 21-day rule doesn't apply to rulings issued in response to a federal certified question as was the case in Friday's Supreme Court decision.

Further, the language of the order, clearly calling all orders issued after April 30 to be unconstitutional seems to support immediate effect.

Nessel's office on Sunday made clear the department "will no longer enforce the governor's executive orders through criminal prosecution."

"However, her decision is not binding on other law enforcement agencies or state departments with independent enforcement authority," said Ryan Jarvi, a spokesman for Nessel's office.


The Michigan Chiefs of Police Association told The Detroit News Saturday that departments across the state were waiting for word from Nessel as to when the current executive orders would expire.

"If the attorney general says it’s over, then it’s over," said Bob Stevenson, executive director of the association said.

The Supreme Court on Friday was unanimous in ruling Whitmer had no authority under a 1976 emergency law to extend the emergency past April 30 without approval from the Legislature.

But the court split 4-3 in ruling that a separate law Whitmer was using to issue executive orders — the 1945 Emergency Powers of the Governor Act — was unconstitutional because it was an unlawful delegation of legislative powers.

What prosecutor, what sheriff, what judge, what court would enforce these orders when the Michigan Supreme Court just said they’re unconstitutional?

James D.

On the polls, Jonah G argues they were actually accurate in 2016 in terms of the popular vote

I'm trying to think of a pundit whose opinion I care about less than Jonah's, but I'm drawing a blank.


So, we're back to "chaos at the White House?" Hasn't that one's use-by date long expired?

Yeah, like back when Ed Meese bickered with David Stockman.


Thanks for the photo link to Walter Reed, JM Hanes! I wonder if I’m the only JOMer born there? :)


Very true:


All of my siblings were born at St. Vincent's here, back in the days when the nursing sisters wore those big wimples like the Flying Nun.

I can remember riding with my dad to go pick up my mom and youngest sister when they were discharged and for YEARS I thought I had seen angels! (We Methodist kids didnt know much about nuns and habits. LOL!)


Thankfully, we Baptists knew little to nothing about nuns...


Governor Cuomo Generously Offers To Admit Trump To New York Nursing Home


How about that beasts.


I went to Mother Seton School just down the road from the Sisters of Charity Mother House in Emittsburg MD.
It was "Flying Nun Central"

Texas Liberty Gal

During church this morning and when the prayers were being said, our Pastor included Donald and Melania. I'm sure churches and Synagogs all across our nation are praying for them are including them in their prayers. How can they not be healed?!


St Mary's in Hagerstown. Nun Central.


CH - I'm glad she's enjoying it! I've never heard from anyone who didn't agree.

Texas Liberty Gal

Michigan Governor Vows To Continue Coronavirus Measures
Despite State Supreme Court Ruling

That woman is quite a piece of work


James D, I was just using Jonah as a stand-in. Lots of people on the left/MSM make this claim about 2016 polling. Either they're being naive, innumerate, deceitful, or maybe all three.


Texas Liberty Gal,

She is going to keep it up and the UAW will storm the statehouse!


MI AG says she will no longer enforce the lockdown decrees.

JM Hanes

I was born at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston. What's weird is that Wikipedia says:

Brigham and Women's Hospital was established with the 1980 merger of three Harvard-affiliated hospitals: Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, (established in 1913); Robert Breck Brigham Hospital (established in 1914); and Boston Hospital for Women (established in 1966 as a merger of Boston Lying-In Hospital, established in 1832, and Free Hospital for Women, established in 1875)
I am certain we were calling it Brigham & Women's long before that. In fact, I don't recall ever hearing it called anything else. Perhaps there was an earlier partial merger, or maybe they chose that name because it was the one everybody was already using.

In trying, unsuccessfully to run that question down, I happened upon the Brigham's Ice Cream site which asserted that "New Englanders" are "the country's leading consumers of ice cream." Seems surprising, but maybe they're just not that into slushies? I do remember frequenting ice cream parlors when we growing up. My grandfather (from Missouri, not New England) actually got his start selling new fangled freezers to Howard Johnsons for their soon-to-be-famous ice cream.

Captain Hate

You grew up in Emmittsburg, Neo? That's one of those neat little towns on the Maryland/Pennsylvania border where the front doors are right off the street.


Peter Strzok

The Russians committed to not interfere with our elections? Thank goodness.

So, @robertcobrien
, when the CIA, FBI, and the rest of the Intel community say they are, they’re the ones who are mistaken? You’re the US National Security Advisor - act like it.
Dan Bongino
This incompetent zero disgraced the country, his family, the FBI, and all of his colleagues by running an investigation based on an obvious lie, and advanced by Russian propagandists. This loser has forfeited the right to be taken seriously.
I am with Dan, to which I would add that Strzok is so damn arrogant! -MM

JM Hanes

Old Lurker:

Speaking of Boston Hospitals, I meant to comment on a post you made eons ago, which just turned up when I was clearing out my virtual stack of little notes to self:

"Since eye surgeries are done via microscope, most (all?) of the procedures are video taped. OK, recorded. At Christmas, YL2 made her Mom and me watch the 100th Cataract replacement she did."

My great grandfather (on the New England side) spent a year in Vienna studying eye surgery before returning to Boston, where, according to my grandmother, he performed one of the first cataract surgeries in the U.S. As for me, I have to look away from the television whenever the camera follows doctors into operating rooms. Unfortunately, being a fan of Korean television shows, I discovered that they apparently thrive on close-up shots of surgeons surgering.


JMH, ice cream parlors do seem to be a New England craze. Howard Johnson's started there, and more recently Steve's (the rage when I was in school there) and Emack & Bolio's. And of course Ben & Jerry's. One theory is that it's hot enough in the summer to make ice cream desirable, but not so hot to turn it into a liquid mess 5 minutes after you get it.


From Twitter. Pithy and to the point:


We had ice cream parlors here in Indianapolis when I was a kid. Swengel's was just north of my dad's sheet metal/furnace shop, and we used to walk there every once in a while to get a cone . The Swengel twins were in my grade school class.

I also remember when Howard Johnson's opened here. Long out of business, the building is still there with the cupola on top, but painted different colors. I think it's an auti re-sale lot, now.

JM Hanes


I think maybe Friendly's got their start in ice cream too.


Steve's! The best when we we training!
Still in Sommerville.

Though I did love Emack and Bolio's chocolate mousse flavor.

We had 21 ice cream venues within WALKING distance of our Brookline apartment in 1980.

Fun fact--NE has the highest ice cream consumption of any region in the country.
And favorite favor in MA--coffee!

JM Hanes

Captain Hate:

From the not quite so distant past, I think this bears repeating:

"Again what sort of eeeeeeevil plague do you need to be tested to know you have it?"

It was not just amusing, it captures the surreal aspect of all this perfectly.

The media and Dems have been so determined to scare the hell out of everybody, they've been unwilling admit not only is it not a pandemic of true plague proportions, the risk factors (age & ill health) are pretty distinct. They're not absolute, of course, but also, unless I'm mistaken, that the number of people outside that group who have died from the virus are comparatively miniscule.


I was born in the hospital where Moochelle later got her "job" kicking Medicaid patients out to the safety net hospitals.


Fun fact--NE has the highest ice cream consumption of any region in the country.

Yep. When I was a kid our small CT town of ~20K had no fewer than five ice cream shops.


JM Hanes,

I didn't see the press conference with the doctors this morning but my local friend texted me that the press are simply ignorant beyond belief. Wanted to know why the president didn't wear a mask while he made his video at Walter Reed.

She said she about threw a book through the TV!!


Reporter at end of doc presser is overheard saying "this wasn't as fun as yesterday."


JM Hanes

I remember people being shocked when Jackie Kennedy (1st Lady at the time, I believe) and at least one of her kids walked out of Schraft's eating ice cream cones. Outside! In public! On the sidewalk!


Administration holding immigrant sponsors to their promise to provide support:https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/immigration/article246178150.html

Jim Eagle

There are ice cream parlors, and then there is Graeter's.



I was right--the 14 pt lead was by Peter (Hillary is 13 pts ahead) Hart.


Ig: 11:26
"Michael Anton on CA as bellwether; Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid."

It's a nice portrait of the past and present. As a fellow Californian, Ig, do you see any change happening?
I do. I don't know if it is enough or when it will hit its peak. The shutdown, the "distance learning" schools, the racism of Prop 16, elimination of police protection from property crimes, expanding homeless camps (and so on) is being noticed. The CA GOP seems to be pretty ineffectual and run by out-of-touch consultants. But there are definite stirrings among the People where I live.
Of course, when you live in a county that voted Hillary 80/20 there is only "up".
But you've said there are more Biden signs in your area than in the past, so maybe what I see is not California-wide?


Another from my Is the Pope Argentinian file:https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8803479/Pope-says-coronavirus-pandemic-proven-world-needs-new-type-politics.html

Dave (in MA)

Tom Maguire@Tom_Maguire
"Brain fog" - its a long term problem for *some* COVID patients who survive but don't thrive. How the hell would we tell with Trump?

Of course, he did just ace a cognitive test, so his doctors have a baseline...


Now THIS is exactly what we need!!

GUS: "Ramming speed Mr McConnell."


Mrs. Buckeye’s cousin married into the Isaly family.

They were the original Ahia ice cream shoppe chain. Family were dairy farmers in Mansfield that came from Switzerland.

Most notable ice cream contribution was the Klondike bar. Their stores quickly morphed to include deli/meat counters and also the first to include a gas pump outside.

Maybe the originators of the convenience store concept.

JM Hanes


I do think you're right about the ignorance. I notice it all the time. When a newsroom starts cutting back, the first to go are their specialist reporters, but it's worse than that. There's the ignorance compounded by the fact that nobody's really interested in news gathering any more. Pretending that polls are real news is just so much cheaper than gum shoe investigation, and speculating about what might happen in the future is so much easier, and more entertaining than figuring out what's actually going on. Lazy, ignorant, biased crusaders. Not a healthy formula for good journalism.

Jim Eagle

As a Catholic who did his primary and secondary in parochial schools, the last 2 years by Jesuits, Pope Che disappoints in his lack of intelligence. All my Jesuit priest instructors were the most intelligent gentleman who could destroy any argument, you would like to have, on any subject.

Hard to believe he is supposedly cut from the same cloth.


Good afternoon! BoE, I was only a few months from being born at Walter Reed. My parents met and married in Germany (both were serving in the Army) in December 1952. Mom returned to the states in the summer of 1953, pregnant with me. She returned to live with my grandparents in NH. I was born at the Navy hospital in Kittery, Maine, the nearest military hospital in January 1954. Three months later, Dad returned from Germany and he moved us to MD where he finished his Army training at Walter Reed.


jmh, I never heard the hospitals referred to that way until after the new building was built.

Women's was Women's, a separate corporate and physical entity, and that is how it was referred to-- Womens'-- by everyone I ever heard speak of it until the 1980 merger.IIRC, the new hospital opened in early 1981.
(Even afterwards, pretty much.)

My resident class was the first to do our OB time at the merged hospital--my senior residents having done theirs at (plain old stand alone) Women's.

The Brigham hospitals were referred to as either Peter Bent or Robert Breck before they merged, as they had differing areas of expertise as well as being distinct buildings.

(Brigham was understood, I guess.)

Do you remember The Childrens Floating Hospital? Best name ever!


"Brain fog" - its a long term problem for *some* COVID patients who survive but don't thrive. How the hell would we tell with Trump?

Better vote for a smart coherent guy who hasn't had COVID. Oops, Ron Paul's not running this time.


Jimmy’k beat the Bee by a good three days



I highly recommend those 1/week videos by those two guys. As Carlos/Thomas says, Trump looks for solutions but it it never anything we can imagine. we can figure out what he did AFTER the problem is solved, but we simply can't ever anticipate it, because he soimply thinks differrently.

Gee, I wonder how that dummy got nominated for 3 Nobels, got car companies relocating to the US, renegotiated NAFTA, got unemployment to drop spectacularly, got a huge increase in support from the minorities and gays, rebuilt the military, and got a coalition formed of all sorts of races, religions, and income levels?


We finally know someone who has Covid! Hubby's youngest sister, who lives in southern Maine tested positive. She just moved into a condo and spent last week-end painting and moving in. Her son came up from Boston last week-end to help her move in and he tested positive. He's staying with his mom during quarantine. As far as we know, they have minor symptoms.


Trump supporters rallying on the beach in San Clemente.



David Chapman
RCP Battleground average

October 3, 2016
Clinton +4.1

October 3, 2020
Biden +3.8


MAGA folks gathering outside Walter Reed in support of Trump.

They've decorated the sign since I saw them there yesterday. :)



Will Biden do a copycat?

Annie Linskey
· 4h
Biden’s team called a lid at 9:16 am. But he’s taking a covid test this morning and his campaign has said they will release the results.


My other claim to fame is that my mother had such rapid labors and deliveries they never had time to administer any sort of anesthetic (which in those days was SOP for a lot of docs to administer).

So, when I delivered my son at the US Army hospital in West Berlin, I was very thankful I inherited that trait from her, because October was approaching year-end and no one got anesthetic if you were having a baby there unless you were having severe complications.

My son was born in 1968 with ZERO anesthesia, not even an aspirin, and I was the only patient my doctor had which didn't carry on like I was being tortured.

Ten years later, daughter arrived the same way, in Evansville, Indiana.

NONE of that was because I was stoic or brave. It was simply being born with my mom's constitution.


Yes, Hillary Clinton was leading by double-digit in multiple October polls.

AP/Gfk was Clinton +14 (@ 52%) at the end of October (24). 90/79 base consolidation and large Indy lead.

ABC/WaPo late month tracker started at 12 points and shifted to single digits in final week.

JM Hanes


I made the mistake of watching the Graeter's ice cream making video. Yum. I was thinking it was too bad you can't mail order ice cream. I was wrong! I tell myself I only want to see if their black raspberry ice cream is as good as the blackberry ice cream I make myself. Unfortunately, you have to order a 6-pack, but I was willing to bite that bullet. :-)

I spent a good part of last month, experimenting with ingredients in order to come up with an all natural, gluten free, dairy free substitute for my daughter. I'm afraid I polished off the failures as well as the eventual success, which I have to say is excellent in it's own right!


""Brain fog" - its a long term problem for *some* COVID patients who survive but don't thrive. How the hell would we tell with Trump?"

Of all the criticisms I could list about PDJT, "brain fog" is not one of them.
I think he's shown a lot of intelligence and I think he's shown superlative communication ability. Even if I were not a supporter, those 2 are hard to debate.


Maria Bartiromo
Richard Grenell on accountability in Russia probe origins ow.ly/BbxO30rdftC @FoxNews @SundayFutures @RichardGrenell



MissM, you've read all the Trump books and I know you've discussed, for example, Trump's ideas related to revenge.
Has he discussed how he handles adversity? Obviously, he's had his share. But I wonder if he's made a point of discussing his philosophy of handling things when life turns nasty ... I wonder if there are lessons that we could apply in guessing how he's taking on the Covid sickness.



Up here I really only notice the homeless. They don't have visible camps, like they do at seemingly all the underpasses in the Los Angeles area. But the sheer number has increased a lot over the 20 years I have been here.

The shutdowns were very inconvenient, but my county is starting to get restless and most things now are open. Most people and county government are pretty reasonable, unlike where you live.

We don't have kids here, so that might make a difference. Also, the county voted Trump 53%, Clinton 41%, so that may make a difference too.

Our neighborhood is not much for political signs -- only one Trump one is around. There are a lot of pickups out and about with large American flags and Trump posters/flags. There are a few Biden bumper stickers, but not many.


Toomey's out for "22 re-election run:

Washington Examiner
.@Toomey will serve out the rest of his term through 2022, but the reported Senate and gubernatorial opening will give

Democrats a notable opportunity to gain a stronger presence in the upper chamber of Congress and in the state.



Captain Hate

As a Catholic who did his primary and secondary in parochial schools, the last 2 years by Jesuits, Pope Che disappoints in his lack of intelligence. All my Jesuit priest instructors were the most intelligent gentleman who could destroy any argument, you would like to have, on any subject.

He comes off as ignorant every time he opens his simple yap, with this latest howler on blaming the fake pandemic on capitalism one for the books.

Jim Eagle

I have a hard time believing if Biden was hospitalized there would be a hundred's plus vigil on the sidewalk across from Walter Reed - flags, signs and all. No way.

There is an "enthusiasm" gap that can't be backfilled before the election.

JM Hanes


Aren't all these spontaneous demonstrations fantastic? I can't remember that happening for any other president. People might come out with protest signs when a President's motorcade was going by, but these huge demonstrations of support from boat parades to beach gatherings, seem like something really different. People really do love this president -- and in an entirely different way than they fell for Obama the light bringer.


Sad ABC faces when discussing Trump's positive health report:



Jimmy’k beat the Bee by a good three days

They're always stealing my stuff, peter.

(Though I'll admit I stole it too.)


Ryan James Girdusky

If this was a D+14 race, Biden would be campaigning in Kansas, not Michigan.

9:27 AM · Oct 4, 2020


Mayor Wilhelm is pulling the trigger early on "Muh Shutdown 2"::

So NYC is going into another lockdown despite having among the highest infection and death rates in the world. Instead of balancing the harm of Covid-19 and the harm of lockdowns, they ended up with the worst for both.

Objective failure in every way.

NBC New York @NBCNewYork
#BREAKING: Mayor de Blasio, pending approval from state, announces plans to close non-essential businesses, public and private schools in nine ZIP codes starting Wednesday in an attempt to contain COVID clusters 4.nbcny.com/z9RzsN8



"Brain Fog" seems like a good nickname for Biden.


Wanted to know why the president didn't wear a mask while he made his video at Walter Reed.

They think the 'rona can travel through the interwebz?

Seriously, though, amom can correct me but I don't think they're going to let someone who might have oxygen issues routinely wear a mask, unless it's an oxygen mask of course.

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