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October 18, 2020



From previous post:

The Dems were surprised by Trumps win in 2016, otherwise they would have made sure he didn't win in those close states. They have had four years to prepare.

This is why they are running with Biden. The actual voter doesn't matter. Remember, it is who counts the votes that matters.

The media will set the scene by declaring victory for Biden early, despite the vote totals. The apparent outcry for Biden will be so great that the Rhinos and many conservatives will ask Trump to concede.

The US has used this on foreign governments in the past and it worked. Many of the same people (both in and out of government) are working behind the scenes to elect Biden(get rid of Trump).


" Why They Loved Trump's Fake Populism
Farah Stockman, New York Times"

Why fake populism?


Brought forward:


Thanks for your comment on Ari Fleischer. It's so strange because once or twice I've seen him on tv and he seem to be a Trump supporter. He gives no details on why he thinks the President is losing on EVERY level. It doesn't correlate with what we've been seeing every day in both campaigns.

Posted by: Barbara | October 18, 2020 at 09:52 AM

Ralph L

Anyone taking one for the team and watching the Sunday morning yak shows?


s/b seemed to be


My Tampa Bay Rays Right.

Jack Lillywhite

Not me, Ralph. I’m watching a replay of The All Blacks v. He Wallaby’s for the Bledsoe Cup.

A hard man’s game.


From Instapundit:

"I THINK THE EVIDENCE IN FAVOR OF CHLOROQUINE IS STRONGER: WHO study says remdesivir has ‘little or no effect’ on COVID-19..."

I wonder at the timing. WHO comes out against remdesivir after Trump said he used it.

Another talking point for Trump opponents.

Old Lurker

Home safe and sound.

Can't remember where anything is after almost six months away.

Can't remember how THIS TV remote works compared to the other system.

ALL of which is better than watching any Sunday show.



Text messages show raw and intimate exchange between Joe and Hunter Biden




DJT did NOT use Gilead’s China drug but a Regeneron cocktail.


Melinda. Thanks. My mistake. I should have confirmed the drug used instead of remembering wrong.


Davod, you can be 93 years old with liver cancer and die WITH Chinese Flu, and Chinese Flu is listed on your Death certificate.

But if you're 74, and IMMEDIATELY GET COMPLETELY OVER it WITH remdesivir, and remdesivir is of no consequence????
SCIENTISTS and FULL COMMIE Doctors, are allowing people to die because of the POLITICS.


The Remdesivir “ineffective” news was out Thursday AM and is reflected in the stock price charts. (Spanked)

Ralph L

I thought he had both--the Regeneron first.


I disagree with the NYPost running excerpts from the "intimate" Hunter/Joe emails.


Hoft has the Biden atty email to the computer tech shop, FYI.


I agree, sbw.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Brilliant move by the NYPost.
Publish some tearjerker "I'm such a screwup dad" emails that you just know the progs will say "see, Hunter is just misunderstood" and abandon the "Rudy is Russian Mole" angle.


Interesting, Ignatz.

JM Hanes

Ari Fleischer has a lot of common sense, but I'm sure he remains a member of the Washington political class, which could easily affect his perspective. That's probably what he's hearing from folks all around him.

On contemplating the scenario described by Davod, I can see how the idea that a Biden landslide is coming could be an essential part of that strategy. It's not the same kind of arrogant assumption that it was in 2016. Persuading people that Trump is losing badly could be an important part of currying suspicion of a Trump "upset" victory, a sort of battlefield prep for challenging his numbers.


I think the text messages - fairly innocuous, given what we know about Hunter - were published to 1) further prove the laptop is Hunter’s, and 2) provoke a response from the Biden Crime Family.

This is war. I couldn’t give a flying [redacted] about anyone’s feelings. These criminals need to be stomped and humiliated.

JM Hanes

The fact that the FBI sat on the Biden computer info is just stunning, even given everything we know they've done.


One writer suggests the FBI was holding it to use against Biden were he elected.


That wouldn’t surprise me, clarice, but the FBI knew that other images of the entire drive existed and could make their way to the intel services of hostile nations.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Since the FBI functions largely as the law enforcement arm of the Democratic Party I would have to say that writer is sadly mistaken, clarice.
They might hand it over to Biden Inc to receive some kibble and bits of grift, but use it as J Edgar would have? Not when they're on the same team.

JM Hanes


I suppose that makes sense in a sort of J. Edgar Hoover way. Should we be asking who is running Nancy Pelosi?


Why are the Biden's e-mails off limits SBW?

JM Hanes

My head is already hurting! I think maybe I need to spend the day outside.


I have a card case full of punch card programs (like a system bootloader program deck), a couple of reels of tape for a 2401 drive, and some IBM/360 assembly code printouts in the "History" stacks in my basement.

Of course I also have a couple of real Australian killer boomerangs given to me that are down there, too.

Lord knows what else.


I am pretty sure that Trump took both Regeneron and Remdesivir.

He credits Regeneron for his quick recovery.

He mentioned Remdesivir almost in passing, as if it was not of importance, at least in his case.


I'm with you Beasts. I could be wrong here, but the computer was unclaimed property, it reverts to the store owners possession in most states. I do not trust the FBI to wipe it's own ass. How would this ever come to life otherwise.
Did NEWSPAPERS publish stuff from the PISS DOSSIER that RODHAM had MANUFACTURED???

Ethics for ME, but not for THEE???

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Biden and the progs are doing the only thing they can do. They know the stuff is real and can be, already has been, proven authentic. So they can't 'deny, deny, deny' cuz 'Hunter Drooling on Meth Pipe' is already the undiscovered Wyeth Americana piece the whole world has seen.

So, make Trump defend himself by the crazy 'muh, Russia' meme alongside a bit of contradictory 'poor Hunter and his loving pa' stuff. What else can they do?
But 16 days of drip, drip and Streisand effect are IMO more than enough to put the well deserved dagger through that piece o' shit family's heart for good.
We shall see.


YAHOO published portions of the PISS DOSSIER I think.
Sbw, has years and years of experience in this stuff, he is old school, and honorable.

Those we are up against ARE NOT. I believe the BIDEN STUFF rightfully belongs to the SHOP OWNER, and he can do with it, what he likes.


Trump campaign should put an ad out focusing in SloJoe’s unexplainable trappings of wealth, not Hunter’s issues.


All good points, JMH.

From the comments posted here over the last year or so, it seems many of us have friends or family members who differ with our views on the President. One of my sisters was a very strong supporter of the President. I believe she changed her views after he was inaugurated because she expected him to alter his demeanor and become more "presidential". Her work environment (the medical field) may also have had an impact on her views.

I also have two nieces who are in the news media. Both are strong women. One is a news producer; the other is a seismologist (not to be confused with a weather reader). The TV news business has had an negative effect on their views that I never expected to see. The pressure must be extraordinary.


Huge Trump rally in downtown Boise last night. The trap shooting range that we went to yesterday is way south of town in an area that I rarely go. To say that area is Trump country is an understatement. There are NO Trump yard signs in my neighborhood and just two houses with Biden signs. Still plenty of US flags, though...

Another Bob

Barbara, “meteorologist”?


Since the FBI functions largely as the law enforcement arm of the Democratic Party

The last FBI laptop dance was when Weiner’s computer’s potential contents were being slowly revealed to the general public in a near October surprise. Comey took control, not the Dems.

Maybe the FBI Cabal was getting marching orders from the Dems but I would think “bury the evidence” would have been their demand. Instead Comey took an “only I can save you with exoneration” position. Simultaneously he was working on his blackmail scheme in case Trump won.

From the dipshit’s book:

Comey writes: “Assuming, as nearly everyone did, that Hillary Clinton would be elected president of the United States in less than two weeks, what would happen to the FBI, the justice department or her own presidency if it later was revealed, after the fact, that she still was the subject of an FBI investigation?”


IOW, he thought she was going to win but his leverage against her became compromised, so he saved himself.

I think everyone of the grifter Presidents thinks they control the Swamp. It is the other way around.


Alternate view?

"They Are Ready This Time—But So Are We
If Donald Trump wins handily on November 3 but the Democrats refuse to acknowledge defeat, do not expect their opponents to go gently into that good night...

Hillary Clinton famously or infamously spoke of a large swath of the American populace as an “irredeemable” “basket of deplorables.” Armed with that conviction, her political heirs think it merely business as usual, simply the working out of public virtue, to do “whatever it takes” to dispose of so tainted an opponent, even if doing so requires their complicity in the destruction of everything that underwrites American strength, freedom, and prosperity.

The good news is that we deplorables have noticed their machinations and are prepared to challenge their assault not only at the ballot box but also on their preferred theater of operation. I am confident that Donald Trump will win handily on November 3. If I am correct, but the Democrats refuse to acknowledge defeat, do not expect their opponents to go gently into that good night.


My Protestant sister forwards this Catholic homily to me: Staring Into the Abyss.
Father Edward Meeks.
About 27 minutes.
Confront the evil that has overtaken our culture and say: Enough is enough.



Hinderaker wonders, rather naively:

One wonders, why hasn’t the FBI done anything, given that it has had Hunter’s hard drive for ten months?

Then quotes Giuliani:

Based on what’s known, Giuliani stated Hunter Biden should be in prison for failing to register as a foreign agent, which is what Paul Manafort went to jail for.

Silly PL dude thinks the law applies equally!


Thanks AB! Yes, she's a meteorologist. I didn't sleep well last night and I'm still kind of groggy even after my first cup of tea

Robin, eff 'em all

what you are describing and that PL link has been a topic of numerous webinars as a means to get to Equity with in-person learning for students most at risk and online, which inherently means standardized even if that is hidden with hype about personalized, for more affluent students.

Robin, that makes me want to throw up a little. It makes perfect sense. I will say though, that our naive district admin really did advocate for in person learning for any student who wanted it, so they aren't all in on remote learning for the advanced students....yet. Currently, it's NYS's restriction on in-person class sizes (safe social distancing) and the teachers' reluctance to be around students that are the barriers.

GenZ might surprise us all by being quite a conservative and creative group to emerge after the dreadful millennials. Daily I hear from my daughter how they are "using" remote learning protocols to buck the system. Their in-person days involve lots of Irish rebellion and begging for forgiveness rather than asking for permission. I rather like seeing their spirit.

Old Lurker

If the FBI was holding it for future use, the play would have been to force him to step down due to bad health by, say, Valentine's day. "Go away quietly and keep the cash, or else Hunter goes to jail and we claw the cash all back like we did with Madoff. Get with it MAN."

Then Hillary runs Kamala and all is good with the world.

Too bad they lost control of the timing.

I told you guys about Wray, Haspel and Fauci - right on all three - and I remain skeptical about Barr.


and I remain skeptical about Barr.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Comey is a lunatic in a theater of operations largely confined to his own head. And there are loyal and professional FBI agents at all levels.
Those kind of things cause it to function 'largely" as the LE arm of the Democrats rather than exclusively.
It seems undeniable that on balance it favors the Dems. Who is puppet and who is master is probably not the right question because it is a symbiotic relationship.

Another Bob

“ I didn't sleep well last night”

Join the club, neither wife nor I did either :)


TK ftw. Is it even remotely possible, that should Biden win, he would NOT be under investigation????


On Biden’s short list for Attorney General

Andrew Weissmann
· 13h
Odds are quite good, with a change of Administration, that Rudy Giuliani gets investigated for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which requires registering with DOJ before you seek to affect US public opinion for any foreign person or government. Key: who paid Rudy?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I have a friend who is a high school teacher who recently transferred over from a facility where he taught troubled yutes [which was a nightmare job, apparently].
I asked him if he liked Zoom teaching. He said one benefit is, if a kid is being a punk or a pain in the ass it's pretty handy cuz all he has to do is hit the button and "poof" the kid is out in the digital hall or down at the virtual VP's office.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That tweet alone proves Weismann himself should never have been let near any prosecution above jaywalking and only then if the jaywalker was not remotely related to any politician.


Ig, I'm sure the trouble making kid is working REAL HARD on ZOOM. And the parents are no doubt involved actively in the ZOOM sessions. If school and teaching needed to be revamped, this was not the way.

Old Lurker

The LUNATIC reaction to Covid will have deprived 90% of our school aged children at least 75% of the schooling they should have received in 2020. At best.

That deficit will stay with them their whole lives. In a world in which they were going to be underprepared anyway.

Colleges...same math applies.

Good job, tyrants.



...will cover mispronunciation of Kamala’s name.


That deficit will stay with them their whole lives.

Not to mention that period of time missing out on the good ol' FUN that kids usually have running free. Instead, they gain the awful lesson of seeing adults reduced to fearful shadows of themselves.


The $$, the psychological costs, the FULL COMMIE attempts vis Ayers to control education. The RACIAL DOUCHEBAGGERY about "puters".

This is disgusting. And it's been done by Chinese Commies, aided and abetted by U.S. COMMIES.


Why are media outlets still running stories about PETEY PETEY BUTTPLUGETTE? He has never been a serious candidate for anything.


Figure out what specific little kid ages are most traumatized by shutdown fascism (8 to 11 year-olds, maybe?) and you can plot when you'll see the upsurge in crime and mental problems.


I just got to spend 2 hours with Mr & Mrs Marlene, and Scout - a wonderful pup! Yippee! Luckily we are all obsessed with politics!

Phone still doesn't work. Someone gave me some rice this morning. My old phone works, but my wifi password is on my dead phone, and for some reason I can't guess it.

I'm dumb as a post! But it sure was fun to see some JOMers!


Iggy, love that description of Comey!


Won't cover BIDEN bribes from foreign countries.
Will cover Mary Trump and her personal opinions.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I may be the outlier but I figure I would have come out none the worse for wear if not ahead considerable if I had been able to skip school entirely and wholly edumactated myself Huck Finn style.


We could do this all day!

Won't cover BIDEN bribes from foreign countries.

Will cover Melania's shoe choices.


Comey is a lunatic in a theater of operations largely confined to his own head. And there are loyal and professional FBI agents at all levels.

Yet Comey is the choice for the highest level and the loyal and professional subordinate Duddly Do-Rights never seem to clean their own house.








Whoops! Sorry I mixed up Mary Rose and Joan last night.

Robin that story about Ithaca is nuts! Glad you can post a photo now!

I’m such a bundle of nerves about this election and our country’s future. I am still having minor digestion issues, and so think I should not drink. That’s going to be tough as this is such a stressful time! Weighing my health over the next few weeks vs being comfortably numb. Hmmm. Miss M how are you doing?

Going to stay busy. Best I can do. Unfortunately I have nothing positive to add politically, so I will lurk for a bit.

Beautiful day. Baking cookies, birds are at the window feeder. Son and I bottling up the brew this afternoon.


I imagine that most syndicates have honest bagmen that didn’t know there were drugs or unmarked bills in the backpack they slid under the park bench while “doing their job.” Kid on a bicycle or pregnant mom gets a couple bucks to do something that isn’t illegal.. “Don’t look in the bag and you can deny any knowledge. Here is your $100. Simple.”

Trained FBI agents accept a lunatic at the top as copacetic when he issues similar instructions within the agency? I don’t buy it. A great many good people kept their mouths shut to allow the rot to grow. That makes them bad people.


Wrays deputy bowditch was in the la office when they burned the trail of thr farooks so ..


Haspels deputy bishop is similarly dubious.


Will cover Mush Mouth Misssshhhelle's toned arms and pretend garden.
Won't cover Obama meeting with including JOEMENTIA, to spy on TRUMP.


Like zinns grand daughter



Good grief



This is VERY interesting - and well worth the read: PARDON BIDEN NOW!


Soylent Red

From previous:

Vindman was promoted to full colonel. He resigned, supposedly, because he would no longer be allowed to work in his specialty - Ukraine and Russia.

Nobody resigns as a full bird because they didn't get the job they wanted. Literally NO ONE. Making full Colonel is very very difficult and a lot of good O5's don't make the cut. He needed three years at that grade to retire as an O-6, which is a SUBSTANTIAL bump in pension and perks. He was over the hump and just needed to grind it out for two years and a retirement year.

Nope. He resigned because he knew that he didn't have a chinaman's chance in hell of avoiding UCMJ action if Trump wins, and in a non-DoS position, he political monkeyshines would not be viewed favorably on his annual evaluations.

Ig, I'm sure the trouble making kid is working REAL HARD on ZOOM. And the parents are no doubt involved actively in the ZOOM sessions.

DOing this one day a week with grandSoylent #1. All the asspain of homeschooling, with crappy mandatory curriculum.

I am getting a quick lesson in what goes on in a public school first grade classroom, wherein teachers refer to students as "friends" and use words like "disregulated" when they mean "upset."

All public schools should be shut down immediately, money transferred back to parents to purchase better education, and public school teachers be forced to learn to code. By way of ZOOM meeting.

As an aside, for any tOSU fans out there, I apologize in advance for anything I say this week. Nebraska appreciates your assistance in saving B1G football and we have the highest respect for you.

When we beat your asses.


Hi, Soylent *air smooches to you and your darling*.


I think someone posted on this topic, but although I am not up to speed on this issue I found a comment on BJG blog that made me go "whoa!".

If you've scrolled on by in the past, like me, this comment might pique your interest if future info becomes available.

"It will be interesting to see how this 4chan tweaking of Oregon and Washington voter rolls will play out. It could turn into a really huge fricking deal.

I was following it last night and the 4chan autists appeared to be changing the voter registration of the mayor of Portland, the Governor of Oregon, sport celebrities and news personalities that lived in Oregon where the date-of-birth could be obtained. Some were even claiming to be creating scripts that ran through thousands of Facebook profiles looking for Oregon residents and a public date-of-birth. With this information the scripts then changed the voter rolls for the people connected with the profiles and requested new pre-filled ballots be issued and sent to random addresses. It didn’t appear that an actual vote could be cast directly in this manner, but a pre-filled ballot could be downloaded that could be returned to the county clerks via ground mail, FAX or email. Something the scripts could be further modified to do. I don’t know how much of this is true or just LARPing, but a of the people were taking it serious.

Looking over things this morning, the skuttlebutt on 4chan is that this vulnerability was first described on one of the more obscure chan sites about 3 days ago and obtained from ANTIFA sources. It then made its way through various chans until it ended up on /pol on 4chan where thousands of bored autists could begin playing with the vulnerability and the real fun could begin.

If this stuff is remotely true, how can anyone living in Oregon or Washington trust their votes?"

Old Lurker

Iggy. You are an outlier for sure.


Did anyone watch the Sunday news shows to see whether the Hunter email story was brought up anywhere (other than as a Russian disinformation campaign against Joe)?


So great to see Jane! Scout ate all of Kiwi's yummy treats. He only gets boring milk bones at home. :) Jane, let us know when you get your phone fixed!

Old Lurker

And Gus, to my mind, the Chinese Flu was just a convenient trigger. Our home grown commies were going to do something horrendous this election and the ChiComms just handed them (all globalists actually) a softball and they ran with it. Back in March I stated again and again that blaming it on the Chinese was just a distraction when the real enemy action was and is from within.

When the dust settles, sure, make the ChiComms pay, but that is a distant secondary objective at this point.


Soylent, the teachers could work in BIDEN'S coal mines. Y'know then they could go code. Anyone can code. He's going to create 18 million jobs.

Manuel Transmission

Here’s what I received from our nominal GOP leading lady (in her 80s):

Three different people have contacted me about receiving duplicate ballots. IF three of my friends received duplicates, how many more duplicate ballots are there out there?

I contacted the San Juan County auditor, Milene Henley, about the duplicate ballots. She explained that the reason was because of a change the State Legislature made regarding voter registration being allowed until election day. Milene assured me that there are safeguards against any one voting twice.

Shouldn’t there also be safeguards against people receiving 2 ballots?

Notice the differences in the envelopes – one has a window cut out for the address, the other has the address on the envelope. One has the 4 digit extension on the zip – the other doesn’t

Which one is valid?

I’ve advised these three recipients of the duplicates to contact the WA Secretary of State about this. What else can be done?

The attached photos blocked out the address – but we do have the original photos of the duplicate ballots received by Jill and Ellen. The third person received her second ballot several days after she had already turned in her first one. So no photos are available.

We all drop our ballots off at the courthouse, but that bitch, Milene knows all of us, so we assume our ballots all end up in the shredder.


For some reason, a lot of people around here do not like CH. On the way to church this morning, I saw at least fifteen signs that said that Hate is not welcome here. What did CH do to these poor people of Port Washington?

Captain Hate

How 'bout them Dawgs!

Captain Hate

I kicked all their pansy asses, peter.

Speaking of which, I'm as far from a tOSU shillboy as you can get but think it's cute when fans of second tier B1G schools start acting Billy Badass.

Kathryn Anne

You continue to be right regarding everything that has happened this year.
I hope your renters will honor their leases and commitments.
I have heard no Broadway shows until deep into 2021.
What a shame.
Wear a mask and socially distance and have plexi-glass between you and the audience.
All these creative types need to come up with a way to insure that their entertainment can survive.


Define Hate. Is that like spending upteen million on a fraudulent dossier, that brands our current President a Russian Agent?? Would THAT be HATE???


Who has a sign in their yard that says. HATE IS WELOME HERE,C'MON IN AND SET A SPELL.


Is Antifa HATE? bLACK lives matter. Violent riots, burnings, beating, lootings.

Dave (in MA)

Gerry's a bigger fan of Wallace than I am, I guess.

    Gerry Callahan@GerryCallahan

    Wallace is right. I checked the section on Biden's return that says 'BRIBES FROM CORRUPT UKRAINIAN OLIGARCH AND CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY" and you know what? It was blank! Nothing. So obviously the Bidens are innocent.
    Chris Wallace is a piece of shit.

    Andrew Bates@AndrewBatesNC
    Chris Wallace: "The fact is...Vice President Biden has actually released his tax returns - unlike president Trump - and there is no indication he ever got any money from anybody in these business deals."

    Like Joe Biden said, "Mr. President, release your tax returns or shut up."

Tom R

Why do people think the FBI sat on the Hunter Biden laptop to protect Biden? The FBI acquired the laptop thanks to a DOJ grand jury subpoena. Perhaps Clarice can explain the significance of that but wouldn’t that indicate the US Attorney’s office had convened a grand jury to investigate Hunter Biden?

Also, I think it’s safe to assume Rudy is an ally of Trump so as soon as Rudy got a copy of the hard drive then I’m fairly certain Team Trump was notified. I think Trump has been intentionally holding off on releasing this information until late in the campaign so that it would too late for the DNC to replace Biden with someone else.

Lastly, if it is true that the FBI engaged in a coverup to protect Biden, wouldn’t that mean the DOJ and AG Barr were in on the coverup as well?

Kathryn Anne

Browns are having trouble with the Steelers today.
Best game yesterday Memphis vs UCF.
Memphis beat them for the first time since 1990.
50 to. 49.



Is open carry legal in Wash State?

That’s how I’d show up to the bitch’s office.

Might give a moments pause, so to speak.


Why would the FBI sit on a laptop treasure trove of corruption and graft. Hmmmmm Why would they do that. I mean they are the good guys. Right???

Did the FBI hire ROSENSTEIN????

Kathryn Anne

Dave in Mass:
In the next few weeks after the FBI is forced to admit that they sat on the Hunter computer, everyone will ask why Joe Biden is so wealthy in a government salary.
Wallace will look like a fool.
Right now Wallace is trying very hard to come back from his lousy moderator performance.
None of these tactics are going to work.
President Trump will be re-elected.
Normal people will prevail.

Tom R

BTW has there ever been a bigger October Surprise than the corruption revealed by Hunter Biden’s laptop?


"The fact is...Vice President Biden has actually released his tax returns - unlike president Trump - and there is no indication he ever got any money from anybody in these business deals."

That's as funny as Biden's camp saying that he had no meetings with Burisma on his official schedule. But is Wallace that stupid? Or rather does he think we are that stupid? In this case it's not both, I think it's the latter.

Kathryn Anne

Right now Wray and Barr are vulnerable. Watch for a self preservation move from both of them.

Dave (in MA)

MaryRose, not if their sources of news suppress any mentions of what's on the laptop other than sensitive personal messages between father and son.


Also, if Biden didn't report the income, he can be prosecuted the same way as that other gangster Al Capone was. Get him for tax evasion. I know, some chance.

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