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October 01, 2020


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

From the Washington Examiner:

The wife of a Massachusetts transit police officer who was injured in the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers accused Joe Biden of touching her inappropriately and making a suggestive comment in 2014.

In two Facebook posts, one of which has since been deleted, Kim Donohue alleged that during a remembrance ceremony in Boston, a year after the April 2013 deadly bombing, then-Vice President Biden began "rubbing" her lower back.

"Look at those eyes, where did you get those eyes?" Donohue wrote. "Anyone else as good looking as you in that family ... those eyes are mesmerizing, people must just do whatever you say."

In a separate post, this one made in July 2016, Donohue reiterated her claim that Biden "greeted me by rubbing my back in an inappropriate and uncomfortable way" then "pushed" her husband, Dic Donohue, who was shot in the leg by one of the Tsarnaev brothers, aside.

"Biden then asked if I wanted to ride in a car with him down to a ceremony we were all attending at the Marathon finish line," Donohue wrote. "He led me down a black hallway (Dic of course followed) and I got inside the most uncomfortable 3 person car ride I have ever been in."

When reached for comment, Kim Donohue confirmed making the accusations against Biden but would not discuss them further. An individual close to Donohue said her politics have shifted since the Obama years, and she is now supportive of the Democratic Party and Biden's candidacy.

Holy shit!


Call me cynical, but I suspect that was a pre-arranged life-line for Clueless Joe and it's only further evidence of the corrupt nature of modern MSM debates.

That the moderator is an important character at all in the drama demonstrates the useless nature of the exercise.

thebradfordfile™ @thebradfordfile
Chris Wallace using the "very fine people" hoax against Trump was journalistic malpractice.

Fox News should fire him.


Trying not to go with "All of it was rehearsed.".



Make sense now? Is there an island involved



Chris Wallace using the "very fine people" hoax against Trump was journalistic malpractice.

If only every Republican guest Wallace ever has going forward would say just that very thing to him.

Captain Hate

Paul Ryan won't let Chris Wallace be fired.


It's hilarious that Ryan's supposed raison d'etre was to reform entitlements.


Jordan Sather
So Chris Wallace was greeted with champagne after the debate by FoxCorps CEO, who happens to be Rupert Murdoch's son.

Then the first outlet he interviews with to give his reaction is the New York Times.

These goons are more transparent than ever.



[All of it, staged.]

Captain Hate

Ol' Yeller might be knuckling under to Faux's ban on mentioning Wallace by name but he pointed out that "debates" are a contrived enemedia creation to influence election results in the direction they want.

Old Lurker

'Splain to me again why anybody would incorporate a new venture in CA...or even keep one there that already exists?

Old Lurker






Kerrect. moar "Are you not entertained?"

Comey's SiL is taking over just one case, so far.

Ghislaine Maxwell's case to be specific.


Dang! I've been willow'd...

Buckeye, God bless the folks who do math. I mentored a young engineer, CS/math major, in the how's and wherefore's of embedded software. The young engineer understood how to take the raw data from 11, 3-axis sensors, and math crunch them to create calibration coefficients to null out the sensor errors over temperature. He'll be taking over my work on i300.

MT, the P&W PT-6 flies nice. Thanks for the ride. When I pull up to the pumps and put 30 gal of 100LL (Athena holds 37) I glance over at the Jet-A pumps and see someone put in 870 gallons. That's aviation on a different level. If I'm stingy with the fuel I can keep Athena in the air for 6 hours and land with an hour reserve.

The quiche turned out nice. And now I have a plan for how to dispense with the rest of the spinach. I love solutions that include bacon.


Willow'd twice! That's never happened before.

BoE, I agree! It is small and fancy and cute.

As a going away token I asked for and received one of the prototypes. That request wouldn't fly for a MK46, whose rounds cost upwards of $100/each. I couldn't afford to feed the beast, but I could just twirl around in the turret and lase the planes on final approach to 12R at MSP.

Captain Hate

It's hilarious that Ryan's supposed raison d'etre was to reform entitlements.

He was the stinkiest fucking skunk Top Men ever foisted off on us. He even fooled Levin by talking a big game about cutting spending and then never doing a goddamn thing, including taking a dive against rocket surgeon Patty Murray on the sequester give away. The Gas Chamber was very pleased with him, particularly approving an ethics investigation against Devin Nunes to keep the Russia investigation pointed in the right direction.

He deserves a public hanging.



The CA law applies only to publicly-traded companies. So that leaves out small fry like me.

There still are good reasons to be in CA: The R&D and the venture capital food chains.


Bloodlines of "I can't recall":


Now I give you the magic of "Coincidence!":


Old Lurker

Cap'n, the service Ryan did render to you and me both was to swing open wide the door of GOPe Duplicity for all with eyes to see. UniParty Uber Alles has been blatantly obvious ever since he showed his true colors.

James D.

Comey's SiL is taking over just one case, so far.

How the eff can Barr allow someone in the immediate family of a disgraced lying traitor to serve as a U.S. Attorney?

Does anyone think for one second that a Democrat AG would ever allow a close relative of a GOP FBI director who was pushed out to serve as a federal prosecutor?

Captain Hate


Dorsey's monkeys are keeping me from accessing your 9:51


Romney-Ryan, what a pathetic national ticket that was.

Captain Hate


But a few people, who shall remain nameless, insisted he was a really good guy. Even Levin was loath to admit just how much of a snake he is.

Old Lurker

I know, DrJ, but why would any public company submit to that sort of interference, except of course, for all those CA companies which agree with those socialistic implications. All the others should close down 12/31/2020 and reopen 1/1/21 in Delaware, South Dakota, or Singapore. Me? I'd do Singapore.


But a few people, who shall remain nameless, insisted he was a really good guy.

What did happen with Maryrose?

Captain Hate


Your moniker of Razzle Dazzle is unsurpassed in terms of hilarious accuracy.


FoxCorps CEO, who happens to be Rupert Murdoch's son.

I thought the son had quit. Is he still there?

Captain Hate

Weren't two sons originally running the company bidness, jimmyk?

Old Lurker

DrJ "There still are good reasons to be in CA: The R&D and the venture capital food chains."

I have never seen a venture capital dollar which would not seek out a good deal at the North Pole if it were not under water.

R&D is another "critical mass" thing just like building cars was in Detroit and neighboring states right up until they weren't.

And face it, a lot of the R&D massing landed there because of the outstanding Institutions of Higher Learning. That emperor's nakedness is becoming more obvious every day.



@jack's team has that shadowed, you have to "click" on "Try Again" a few times and it will eventually flow through. PITA, but that's where we are today.



Two sons, Lachlan is still in there.


Their chit's not sticking any more:

FRANCE 24 English @France24_en
🇺🇸 The presidential debate commission says it will soon adopt changes to its format to avoid a repeat of the disjointed first meeting between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden


FRANCE 24 English @France24_en
🇺🇸 President Donald Trump is in damage control mode after being criticised for failing to clearly condemn white supremacists during the first presidential debate.

Our correspondent @ketgorjestani has more ⤵️

Max Nordau
Replying to @France24_en @ketgorjestani
Fake reporting. Fix your own country.


Dave Rubin @RubinReport
Wow, this is Chris Wallace asking Trump the same question in 2016.

Any “journalists” wanna share this?


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Sorry TM, but I signed off from a lifetime of being a Yankee fan when I saw the entire team, including the coaches kneel during the National Anthem on opening day with "Black Lives Matter" painted on the mound.

Captain Hate

Finally got through, Mel. Wow Faux and Wallace are being roundly slattered.

Captain Hate

I'm with peter. Last night I completely ignored the MLB and NBA playoffs. They chose badly.



The VC firms (and investors in general) still prefer to be within an easy drive. The density here also makes it easier (and much less time consuming) to see many.

I disagree with your other comments. Most of the recent exodus is from software/Internet companies. Those who rely on a fixed location, like hardware or life sciences, will continue to be located in a few good areas. Of course Stanford and Berkeley help a lot, but it goes beyond that.


Am I bad for liking that the new thread links take to the top of the comments?

I am so appreciative of JOM. I believe, hands down, that JOM offers the most eclectic, diverse, entertaining, and informative links to news per volume of comment?

My thanks to folks who post the New Thread links. And thanks to folks for bringing the news and views to each thread.


I don't think Trump himself has complained publicly about Wallace's awful performance. Hasn't even mentioned him in his tweets, which seems a little odd.

Dave (in MA)

Not specifically about Wallace, but he did have some negative things to say about Fox News last night.


James Murdoch left FOX after DISNEY bought them.
Something blah blah blah about editorial content blah blah blah.

It will be a year in March, that DISNEY bought FOX.
Disney is the world largest purveyor of SLEAZE on the planet. Everything they tough turns to shit.


’Hasn't even mentioned him in his tweets...’

Nor did he do a lot of name calling in the debate - called Joe ‘dumb’ one time, I believe. Trump’s not worried. He’s in Minnesota trying to further expand the map. It’s all good. :)


Is there any doubt that MLB is allowing it's employees or employees of TEAMS to be pressured into going along with nEGRO LIES MATTER and/or other chosen political causes.

It's optional. You can stand if you like.


Well, I got my Kroger pick-up order placed.

I am pleased to say I got it done early enough to do a same day pick-up! Yay, me!

What in the world is all that stuff with Clooney and Wallace? What a bunch of weasels!

Dave (in MA)

Just a reminder that the next debate is going to be moderated by a former Ted Kennedy intern.


Morning all. Good luck hoyden with the new job, and thanks for mentioning quiche which is a delicious idea.

JimSunnyvale, I liked your bumper sticker story!


An article at PowerLine mentioned the NBA ratings were off 40%, in spite of a new ‘out of house’ viewing metric added to Neilson. Stupid is as stupid does.

Old Lurker

I hear you DrJ but I stand by both of my comments for the long term.

Your argument is almost exactly the argument two NYC dinner companions were making the other night about why "NYC will always be the center of the universe". It was that conversation that led to my quip to you about Detroit having been ground zero for all things automotive related for one hundred years until it was empty.

My study group best pal from our MBA program (we met fifty years ago this months when we reported to Finance and Accounting Boot Camp !!! unbelievable) eventually sent his only daughter for the same MBA a generation after ours. A generation after that, she was SVP of a high tech company you know well from CA stationed in Singapore. My pal went to visit her and his grandkids a couple of year ago. In his honor, the daughter arranged a cocktail party there for ExPat MBA alums from our still tiny MBA program in Charlottesville. There were 66 alums at his party.


Good Morning! Yesterday I talked to my 90 year old mother-in-law. She's a huge Fox News watcher. I said, "Nana maybe you should limit watching Fox News, haven't you noticed how they've changed?"
Of course, my mother watches MSNBC. The media is still hyping Covid and the elderly are scared.
Today is hubby's birthday. His Jeep is supposed to arrive on the car carrier this afternoon. The he can put the hullavator lift on and go kayaking!


This is the only criticism of Wallace by President Trump that I could find, and it was sort of tangential. Link goes to BBC article.


Well, it would help if I actually posted the link!

Chris had a tough night. Two on one was not surprising, but fun. Many important points made, like throwing Bernie, AOC PLUS 3, and the rest, to the wolves! Radical Left is dumping Sleepy Joe. Zero Democrat enthusiasm, WEAK Leadership! https://t.co/BGbPVHau3M

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 30, 2020
Captain Hate


Maybe they should start listing the ChiCom ratings including in concentration camps. They should all move to Peking anyway.




Clarice, here is the link to the Rome Sentinel editorial: Thoughts on Joe Biden’s debate meltdown.


Wouldn’t hurt my feelings, Captain. I hope they suffer.

Old Lurker

This is the arc of our future unless we change it:

"When is bread not bread? When it comes from Subway.That’s what Ireland’s Supreme Court has ruled, deeming the bread from the international sandwich chain has too much sugar in it and must therefore be considered a “confectionary.”The ruling was important because it means the chain’s sandwiches do not qualify as a staple food, for which there is no value-added tax (VAT). The court rejected arguments by a Subway franchisee that the VAT should not apply to its takeaway products, including teas, coffees, and heated filled sandwiches, The Irish Independent reported. That means the VAT of 13.5% applies if the sandwich on consumed on site."


Another debate takeaway: Biden positioned himself as a return to normal, as opposed to an obnoxious twit. Biden was the obnoxious twit during the debate.


A banana republic without palm trees.


.@GovEvers plans to (likely illegally) release health data to shame companies that had employees test + for C19. But he doesn't care about the law. Neither does the Dem hack WI AG @JoshKaulWI, who has been hiding since his election. @empowerwi



Fascinating. Here's Chris Wallace sucking up to Donald Trump at a GOP convention, many years ago:

Once a sniveling little fake news man always a sniveling little fake news man. pic.twitter.com/U0dSrUmrHn

— SCOTT PATRIQT 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲⭐⭐⭐ (@Patriqtscott) October 1, 2020

Video at the link.


Same as everywhere else.


MKE CO ME says state's C19 death count too high: "They're simply lumping everything into one basket, so if they have COVID anywhere on a death certificate, they're calling that a COVID related death. I don't believe that's true," MKE Co. Chief Med. Exam. Dr. Brian Peterson said.



Happy Birthday Mrs Marlene! Can't wait to see you!


Thanks, SBW, posted it on FB


Thank you, Clarice.


I should be doing my paperwork - but the dog is bugging me and it's hard to concentrate.

Great editorial, sbw!

TM, I can't believe you are posting about baseball. My intolerance for anything having to do with BLM and the radical left in general leaves me little entertainment these days. Not to be a negative Nelly, but can we list anything that has not been tainted by the left? (Maybe that's actually an optimistic list)

In Mass the only place I can think of is CC Gun Works - ha!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's important to remember that to a prog the Charolttesville thing is only partly a lie.
They know Trump condemned white supremacists and neo Nazis but said there were other people on both sides who were 'fine' people.
But to a prog anyone not of the body is not a fine person. Those people at Charlottesville just not wanting history destroyed and who opposed the commies are to a prog just as bad as a white supremacist or a Nazi. How could they not be? Anyone who disagrees with them is a racist bigot and a fascist. When they say that, they mean it.
The only acceptable answer Trump could have given would have been to denounce everyone not a commie at Charlottesville, because to a prog only progs are fine people.


you are right OL. Freedom is disappearing and few seem to notice!



I swear I already posted this!!! Happy Birthday Mr. Marlene! Can't wait to see you guys!


Fine editorial, sbw!!


All the chatter about Honeywell is triggering me! Honeywell closed the division my husband worked for with only two days notice! That's when we bought this house - we hadn't even made the first mortgage payment, and I discovered I was expecting our third. And the mean neighbor called the highway dept about the placement of the new hedge! He later found a job in a different division - in alarms and such. Post 9/11 we thought it would be a great job. Honeywell was to train him, but then they decided they might sell that division as well. No training. Hubs would sit with blue prints spread out trying to figure it out on his own, with help from some other sales reps. Nightmare! Anyway - we still have stock so that's a plus! I think he was there less than a year, and then they sold it.

Industry has come a long way from tubes to DIPs to SMD. I still use DIPs on my model railroad and use my original wire-wrap tool. My first contact with microprocessors was buying an 8080 chip set while getting the MSEE.
. hoyden, I love it when you talk dirty. I don’t even really know what “embedded software” is.

Porchlight, the quiche was very tasty. The recipe a keeper.

Spinach And Feta Quiche

James D.

Ig @ 11:31

That’s what amoral vermin like Paul Ryan or CJ Roberts either can’t or won’t understand. Or even most left leaning non political people. The gulags (and CCP labor camps today) are filled with people who also couldn’t or wouldn’t understand it.


Stephanie, sound like that woman is suffering from TDS. It's everywhere here! Next time I drive to the store I will try to count the number of BLM and Biden signs on the way. It's awful.


Heh, caro, generally it's the software in any device that has a microprocessor. Anything from a model train to the ECU in your car. In a Harrier 25 mm gatling gun the microprocessor monitors the pilot's trigger. When the trigger is pulled the microprocessor commands the gun to rotate, arms the firing pin, and counts the rounds being fired. When the trigger is released the microprocessor disarms the firing pin, commands the gun to rotate in reverse to back out any unfired rounds from the hot barrel so they don't cook off spontaneously. Unfortunately the processor cannot control the fired gun gasses from being sucked up into the jet engine and triggering a flameout.


Donald J. Trump
I won the debate big, based on compilation of polls etc. Thank you!


Good Garrison cartoon:

GrrrGraphics Cartoons @GrrrGraphics
#Trump vs #ChrisWallace someone wake up #Biden #PresidentialDebate2020 #Debates2020 New #BenGarrison Cartoon! Wallace Biden vs. Trump ?- no worries! #WINNING GrrrGreat Post to read at grrrgraphics.com/trump-vs-walla…



Multiple localized TWTR outages across US, FYI.


This is spectacular in its Griswold Arc:

Tom Elliott
MSNBC’s @FrankFigliuzzi1 proposes creating a "bipartisan commission" to vet presidential candidates to prevent another Trump: "We got this wrong, and this can’t happen again."



Iggy, James D.,

Coincidentally I heard this author discussing his latest book and that very topic on the radio this morning:



From here:

Nick Short 🇺🇸
Who cares about the people. The commission on electability & vetting will decide who your president is Comrades!

Tom Elliott @tomselliott
MSNBC’s @FrankFigliuzzi1 proposes creating a "bipartisan commission" to vet presidential candidates to prevent another Trump: "We got this wrong, and this can’t happen again."



Sara A. Carter
#NEW Sara Carter: Those who weaponized the system should be in jail. Instead, they’re writing books

I'm not optimistic that any of those officials would be held accountable... not before Nov. election, if we did, we'd be in jail.

What do you think?




Melinda, I suppose smoke filled rooms are too non PC.


What do you think?

Not after the election either.


"MSNBC’s @FrankFigliuzzi1 proposes creating a "bipartisan commission" to vet presidential candidates to prevent another Trump: "We got this wrong, and this can’t happen again."

You mean like Iran, where the Mullahs throw out all the candidates selected by the people that they don't, and then have a democratic election of those that are left.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Do these asses even hear how they sound?

Ass: We are a democracy, so majority rules.
People: We like X.
Ass: Except that choice. Choose Y.
People: We still like X.
Ass: Ingrate peasants. We will just have to choose for you, since you can't be trusted to do the right thing.


Bitcoin whacked by CFTC


Manuel Transmission

Heh, I was tangentially involved in the Warthog snuffing out engines and pilots with the gasses. I loaned my machinist to the project at ginormous research to build a gas diverter on the front of the GAU-8 that another bud developed up in the hills of VT. Oh, the Venn diagram overlaps are amazing.

At dinner last evening were two of my retired CEO buds and the same conversation came up regarding social mobility and how it has evolved over the last 50-60 yrs. The last company one of them had, that was based in the Bay area and was a code shop doing med data, he’d offered to move it to Porch’s neighborhood entirely based on taxes. Stock options were a key factor for most of the troops. They did the move and then ran weekly shuttles to bring everyone home each weekend.


Can we start a commission to prevent another Frank Figliuzzi?

Old Lurker

Steph, we used to be taught very early that we are a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy and why that was essential for the great country we became.

Good luck finding 10 out of 100 random people on the street who know that, and why, now.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

BREAKING: A federal judge has just rejected John Bolton's effort to throw out a lawsuit from the Trump administration alleging that the former national security adviser published classified information in his new memoir, violating nondisclosure agreements he signed with the White House.

Old Lurker


Brains, initiative and capital simply cannot be fenced in. All three will seek the most fertile environment they can find.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Yep. OL.


Well, I am in the camp with Carlos Osweda and Brenden Dilley. President Trump is NOT going to let these yahoos escape without penalty.


Because they will go after Eric, Don Jr., Ivanka, destroy his businesses, and probably go after Melania as well.

I am still waiting to hear what terrible thing he has done as president. Are these people telling me that three Nobel prize nominations for THREE separate efforts to bring peace is awful, despite the gratitude of the countries involved? Do they want to tell me that lower taxes are wrong? Lower unemployment for minorities was wrong?


Ooh! OL, I'm random. Pick me!

Another Bob

Coming to a court near you...

Subway sandwich bread has too much sugar to be considered “bread”.



I may have missed it, but this Frank Figliuzzi1
guy used to be a big shot at the FBI.

What's that you say, Miss Marple? The FBI?

I go with a guy on Twitter who went through some of his tweets; he thinks someone should go over the case files Figliuzzi was involved with and make sure no one was railroaded.

And THEN I propose disbanding the FBI and letting federal marshals take up anything that needs to be investigated. And until then, require that all interviews be recorded. I am not interested in an agent's recollections and impressions of an interview. That's just BS.

JM Hanes


"I don’t even really know what “embedded software” is."

Presumably, it's software that hasn't been debunked....



Text Trump 88022

I just watched John Roberts
ask Kayleigh why the President
hasn’t denounced white supremacists! The President already has! Fox News Fake News!!

Old Lurker

Beat you by two hours, A-bob.

Great minds once again.

And SBW, I am every bit as random as are you! Ask my kids.



I worked for 6 years at the Gatling gun facility in Burlington, VT as a direct, and then another 3 years as a contractor. Went out the gun range in Underhill a few times for software testing. The pc boards have to be conformal coated to prevent the chips being knocked off the board by the percussion from fired rounds. GE, the "We bring good things to life" sold the works to Martin-Marietta, who merged to become Lockheed-Martin, who sold the works to General Dynamics. Long after I was gone GD closed up the plant and farmed out the work to a company in Saco, ME. Good times. Sad how VT and NH seemed to have sunk into the Liberal morass. And here I am in MN in the heart of Blue Hell all stemming from working at GE in VT.

Now I'll clean off my bench and get it ready for my next gig. Thanks again, JOM, for your well wishes.


Dan Henninger was on Stuart Varney's program this morning and gave his rather surprising (to me) view of the debate. He focused on what he called "the rather unappealing side of Donald Trump" and said that the Biden plan was to use this to persuade undecided voters to choose Biden.

If correct think that's a losing strategy. That this was on Fox Business didn't surprise me. What did was how little push back Henninger got from Varney. Fox management has a tight rein on its hosts.

Here's the video.



MM - I had Fox on as background noise and had to switch it off. Either these people are dumber than rocks, or they are operating off a script. Otherwise, by now, someone would be defending Trump because he did denounce white supremacists.


"I go with a guy on Twitter who went through some of his tweets; he thinks someone should go over the case files Figliuzzi was involved with and make sure no one was railroaded."

Schiff was a prosecutor. I am surprised that there are no skeletons in his closet.

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