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October 01, 2020


JM Hanes


Is "ginormous research" a reference I should understand, or one that's purposely obscure for internet purposes? I'm unsure whether or not I'm out of an obvious loop, or whether it's a company (or companies) that shall not be named.


MM re the debate.

Wallace's volume is at least twice that of Trump's.



"We got this wrong, and this can’t happen again."

What do you mean by "We"?


Henninger has always struck me as an uptight, prissy, PITA. In this case methinks he doth project too much.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--MSNBC’s @FrankFigliuzzi1 proposes creating a "bipartisan commission" to vet presidential candidates to prevent another Trump: "We got this wrong, and this can’t happen again."--

I guess this is what RSE's case studies call self-governance.



I am convinced that a lot of this hysteria is not because of dedication to liberal ideals, or being upset that Trump is so "vulgar."

Nope. Donald Trump was at a whole lot of social events with Democrats throughout the last couple of decades. He also was a guest star on numerous TV shows and had cameos in at least one Hollywood movie, the second Home Alone film. They liked him just fine throughout all those years.

What we are seeing is FEAR. Fear of prosecution primarily, as well as fear of loss of social status when one's reputation is disgraced. Schiff DOES have skeletons in his closet; I have seen them mentioned on Twitter before. I also think quite a few others in Congress do, and I am not excluding the GOP side of the aisle.

James D.

Schiff was a prosecutor. I am surprised that there are no skeletons in his closet.

I’m sure there are plenty of skeletons. What there isn’t is a media and a law enforcement bureaucracy that has the slightest interest in examining them or informing the public about them.

JM Hanes


"Not to be a negative Nelly, but can we list anything that has not been tainted by the left?"

It seems to me it all started going south when Obama inaugurated his little sit-down chats in the middle of what seemed like every major sports playoff on national tv. I remembering wondering if there was nothing he wouldn't leave alone and let people just enjoy. The floodgates soon started sliding open.

As to your actual question, I can't think of anything, off-hand, that remains politics free, especially when topped off with all the newly COVID-empowered karens. I still visit a lot of the art news sites I used to enjoy, but it's not nearly as pleasant and/or interesting as it used to be. What irritates me the most is the fact that everyone seems to need to prove they're woke by tossing in gratuitous little digs at Trump and/or the right whether it's relevant to what they're reporting or not. Everything becomes super important or super symbolic "In this day and age of...." Gag.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Schiff is the skeleton in his own closet.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

On Sept. 29, 2020, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia entered a final judgement and permanent injunction against Edward Snowden, a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA).

In September 2019, the United States filed a lawsuit against Snowden, who published a book entitled Permanent Record in violation of the non-disclosure agreements he signed with both CIA and NSA. The lawsuit alleged that Snowden published his book without submitting it to the agencies for pre-publication review, in violation of his express obligations under the agreements he signed. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that Snowden has given public speeches on intelligence-related matters, also in violation of his non-disclosure agreements.

The United States’ lawsuit did not seek to stop or restrict the publication or distribution of Permanent Record. Rather, under well-established Supreme Court precedent, Snepp v. United States, the government sought to recover all proceeds earned by Snowden because of his failure to submit his publication for pre-publication review in violation of his alleged contractual and fiduciary obligations.


JM Hanes,

These people have made it VERY trying to watch a movie or ANY type of sporting event. I won't even go to the antique sites any more.

It's like there is some unwritten rule that everything has to be political and without a sense of humor.


I think it’s all about China. I think that is where all the “investments” and money comes from - frankly on both sides of the aisle - and it’s all about the fear of getting exposed.

I also think we need a revolution. An election that lasts 4 years will not fix the corruption, just delay it.


JMHanes, Exactly. I feel very antsy lately. I have lots to do, but I am so tired of feeling limited these days. I can't quite put my finger on what it is that I want to do. I suppose it's just a yearning to be free, and for politics to not consume everything. I thought you wrote this is "the day and age of gag!" It certainly is!

Someone just drove by and screamed some really awful f offs, among other foul words. There seemed to be some traffic, and maybe a biker. I can only go by the sounds, as the hedge blocks the view. Anyway I sure hope the swearing was directed at something other than the Trump sign!

"Cause Trump is so vulgar" yelling F off is okay.


PHOTOS: Activists dressed in Handmaid’s Tale outfits protested against the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett Thursday morning in front of the Supreme Court in Washington DC.

VIDEO: https://t.co/NUWPI8ukvu

Photos and video both available for license. @N2Sreports pic.twitter.com/8wrNtFu64x

— Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) October 1, 2020

Photos at the link. I should find a rolling eyes icon that I can bookmark and use. These people are deranged.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Former Twitter CEO: Line Up and Shoot Non-Woke Business Leaders and He'll 'Happily' Do the Video
Aside from the irony of a former twitter CEO blatantly violating twitter TOS standards it's lovely how the woke CEO still gets to pick the clean hands job of just running the camera while the hired help does the bloodletting.

Old Lurker

Jane, 1:50. The old commercial "You've come a long way, Baby" comes to mind. See you at the Ledge Bar tonight.


Yikes Ig! Headed to the police station this afternoon for the next step in obtaining a LTC in Mass. That's motivation to follow through.


LOL. Trump broke John Roberts. pic.twitter.com/ScAvspSnrK

— thebradfordfile™ (@thebradfordfile) October 1, 2020

Video of the John Roberts melt-down at the link. HAHAHAHAHA!

JM Hanes

I was disappointed to discover that the post-debate Telemundo poll that had Hispanics giving Trump a 2 to 1 win over Biden was a Twitter poll. I was going to say that Trumps brash debating style, and even his passionate argumentative spirit, not just his message, might well appeal to hispanics in a way that non-hispanics might not appreciate.

It's one of many cultures that communicate at somewhat higher volumes than many of us may be used to. As a teenager, one of my best friend's parent were Greek immigrants, and the whole family seemed to me to be arguing with each other all the time, and saying things to/about each other that I could hardly believe. Nobody seemed to mind at all. Her mother was always baking, of course. Yum. Mine thought that TV dinners were one of the greatest inventions of all time, although we still had to lay out all the placemats and silverware, because we ate them in the dining room sans TV.

In any case, although my point may be undercut by the fact that an internet poll is pretty meaningless, I'm not sure that I'm wrong about differing culture-based reactions to the debate or even to the interruptions.


John Roberts - Do some f.....g research. Look at the debate tape.

James D.

MM @ 1:48

“The personal life is dead in Russia.”


Seems to me trying to force Trump to repeatedly denounce white supremacy in words they demand is really not much different than antifa and BLM trying to force white people to say "Black Lives Matter" or denounce their white privilege.

Maybe they think the demands will instill suspicion of racism in black voters who might otherwise vote for Trump. (Acc to Snerdly and Rush anyway)



Here's the link to Dan Bongino's pod cast.

He opens with his suggestions about changing the debate rules (NO) and if Biden won, why do they want to change the rules?

He then says that in the off chance Trump loses the election, the day after Biden is declared the winner Trump should announce he is running for 2o25 and campaign every damn day thereafter. LOL!



"Stick to the script or be fired."

This is starting to become more than glaring in its coordination.


Feinstein wants more time to concoct smears against ACB. She should spend her time vetting her aides and drivers.



Seems to me trying to force Trump to repeatedly denounce white supremacy in words they demand is really not much different than antifa and BLM trying to force white people to say "Black Lives Matter" or denounce their white privilege.

Good point. It's remarkably offensive and disrespectful, even if he hadn't done so multiple times already, a bit along the lines of the old "Have you stopped beating your wife?" sort of questions.

It also reminds me of all these damn sensitivity trainings many of us have to do (I just finished one on sexual harassment). It would be one thing to force those on people who have misbehaved, but to make everyone do it is insulting, like the "We are all racist" mantra that was being foisted on Mrs K at work until she protested.


A media “perjury trap” ?

JM Hanes

Miss Marple:

I think I know exactly what kind of rolling eyes animation you have in mind, but it's surprisingly hard to find. This one's probably a bigger than you want, but it was the closest I could come.

Here's the url if you want it:

Benedict Cumberbatch has one of the better rolls, but unfortunately, I haven't the faintest idea how to edit a gif:


We had the "gee we're old" conversation this morning because it is hubby's birthday. Then we realized that in four years when the next presidential election occurs, we'll be 70 years old! I can't imagine the 2024 election. The Dems will probably put AOC or Sparkle Markle on the ticket. :) As far as the Republicans, who knows. I think the ones to watch are Noem, Hawley and Cotton and others not on the radar yet.


Youse Guys, FYI.


matt - deplore me if you must

"You're not spontaneously shouting loud enough, comrade" is the operative phrase these days.

It's gone from Gov. Le Petomane's "I didn't get a harrumph out of you" to thugs standing behind people with truncheons.

JM Hanes

Probably should have waited to post those closer to the end of the thread!

JM Hanes

thread = page
Sheesh. Better go do some chores.


This was posted in July, but it's a great summary by a woman who was persecuted in the knitting world last year. She does not post much anymore, but I found this gem today.




Robert Downey Jr's eyeroll as Tony Stark is about the best one I've seen. It's the default gif on right sided TWTR.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The funniest thing about this current meme is the thing the progs have decided to latch onto is one of the primary things that got Trump elected in the first place; the screaming crazy-ass lie anyone who isn't a prog is a racist white supremacist.
The whole country, absent the progs, is sick and tired of the calumny we're racists and now a month before the election they're trying to shove it down our throats again.
All we need now is Barry to talk about us bitterly clinging to our guns and religion and the Red Witch to call us deplorable.

Telling a difficult truth about someone makes them angry but it also demoralizes them.
Telling a blatant lie about them not only angers them it motivates them...a lot.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Just use the emoji; 🙄
Or look here.


OK, now Biden can stay in his basement the rest of the campaign. He has an excuse.


Trump suggests he won't 'allow' rule changes for next debates with Biden

Captain Hate

and the Red Witch to call us deplorable.

You'd think that if those dimwits had any willingness to reflect on their shortcomings, they'd be avoiding insulting people whose votes they need.


Premeditated destruction of evidence. Weissman’s brag at link.


FYI Andrew Weissmann basically explained why lawyers in the Special Counsel's office wiped their phones

They knew an investigation of the investigators was coming

Captain Hate

Sundown was early today



Off to the police station, and then an extremely early dinner with hubs and FIL (5pm - I feel like I am in Seinfeld - Del Boca Vista Phase 3 dinner time!)


Trump suggests he won't 'allow' rule changes for next debates with Biden

The rule change Trump should demand is "no moderator." Just a time-keeper with a whistle. Each can ask a question of the other.


Like Giles Corey said,”Moar Debates!”

Yes. Cancel them. The debates are now a danger to public safety and a direct threat to Black life. Cancel the debates.


Old Lurker

Marlene "I can't imagine the 2024 election."

You assume there will be one?


I refuse to believe that Trump is going to let the media control the narrative on "white supremacy" or anything else. I'd be on the ledge if I thought so.


RE John Robert’s doing research, Kayleigh just tweeted a clip of Robert’s wife getting that question answered by Trump yesterday. (Maybe she isn’t speaking to her husband? Can’t blame her if so).



24 hrs before John Roberts said DJT didn't denounce white supremacy his wife at ABC reported he did. ROFL


It's a theme in other locations:

Teresa Noreen



This is hysterical:


Tom Bowler

Very good point at 2:54 Ig. Kaleigh McEnany's push back against White House press seems to bear it out.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Brandon Straka
I highly suggest that conservatives stop apologizing for our president’s aggressiveness. Passive republicans allowed for the creation of the radical left.
I want a ****ing bulldog in office.

Jim Eagle


If I can answer for MT but ginormous research is actually Battele Memorial Institute of what Buckeye calls Cowlumbus, Ohio. They did a lot of contract work for us and our clients on a lot of projects. To me it was always the MIT of STEM firms if we can use that term to describe their place in the world of engineering/technology.

Lot of peer respect for them.


Thread explaining John Robert’s’ tantrum.


People don't seem to understand why the media can not accept the fact that Trump isn't a racist. There are several reasons but the biggest is they have invested too much of their identity into the lie. To accept it's a lie would cause cognitive dissonance to the point where a

.....mental breakdown is highly likely to occur because ON this lie rests many other lies. It's like that game Jenga. If they pull the racist lie from their thought tower, their tower stands the very real risk of collapsing into complete and utter insanity.

So, the fake media and others on the left will continue to grasp onto the lie that Trump is a racist regardless of the evidence, words, and statements that show it's a lie. To do otherwise, risks their sanity and well being.

A final thought. Another analogy for this, that might explain it better for some, would be that if the media/left accepted the truth that Trump isn't a racist it would trigger a "crisis of faith" which since the left have made politics their "religion" would apply just as well.



Well that's a pairing I wasn't expecting:

La Cosa Jostra
Fiona Hill (DOB: Oct 1965) and Laura Steele (DOB: Feb 1966) both graduated class of 1984.

"Danchenko first met Christopher Steele in the mid-to-late summer of 2009. The introduction was brokered through Fiona Hill, who was classmates with Steele's wife."





Yes, if they give up on any single one of their lies, the rest collapse with that one. Hoping to draw to an inside straight is fraught with risk.


Chris Walacedfending himself on Fox News. First remark: “Trump interrupted Biden first.”

I stopped listening.


This guy is still NeverTrump, or was up until a few weeks ago, but his attitude is definitely changing:

If Media keeps labeling everyone a “white supremacist” just because they’re not liberals there will be a tipping point where people will start to push back. Violently.

This isn’t a threat. It’s human nature.



"Jill Biden, Joe’s wife, has essentially become the candidate. She’s doing interviews and rallies while Biden continues to hide in his basement.
The other common excuse is that Joe Biden is hiding out because of the virus. He’s so responsible and serious about it, the story goes. But Jill Biden seems to be able to do almost daily events with no problem. Doesn’t that undercut their chief reasoning just a bit?


ROFL. Dem flunky being Dem. (vid at link)


Andrea Palm calls @MacIverWisc study a lie, but can't explain why @DHSWI is now following the study's recommendations. Why is DHS posting data that Palm say is a lie? #WIright



Obvi, she's expendable, Jim--Like the Mullahs who had (other people's) children go thru the minefields first.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

From the RNC
Our data from the Duluth Rally shows President Trump is still bringing in tons of new voters:
60% of attendees were NOT Republican
20.9% were Democrat
17.2% did not vote in 2016
8.4% have not voted in last 4 elections
Thank you, Minnesota!


’You assume there will be one?’

That’s why you’re my favorite, OL!! :)




’17.2% did not vote in 2016’

Amazing. Couldn’t spend fifteen minutes to vote, but spent hours to see Trump. Think about that...

Old Lurker

:-) Beasts

Old Lurker

Are we sick and tired of judges yet?


Jim Eagle

I think Trump should push for two more debates. 90 minutes each starting at 9pm each time. Make Biden do all the day surgery necesary to appear. Keep confusing him, be agressive and presidential. I have a soft spot for Biden's onset dementia but that is all the fault of the DNC to make him cannon fodder.

Trump could drive him to the brink of collapse if there were 2 more 90' debates.


I am also sick of the Republican politicians, even the Black one, who immediately assume that Trump is wrong.


Another One! Great Pic!

The Handmaid's Dossier 👁
Replying to @almostjingo @BillHemmer and 3 others





This looks like it will be fun!

Scott Stedman
BREAKING: Forensic News can reveal, based on exclusive documents, that a small bank in Russia with deep ties to Russian intelligence quietly moved $330 million into Deutsche Bank’s New York branch during the time period that it was lending to Trump.



[This comes from the Secret FinCen files and I believe is quite new. Which makes me think someone is sitting on their own set of FinCen files, that are supposed to be kept secret within the institution that was asked to look. Whoopsies!]

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Trump needs to haul Gina Haspell into the WH and demand she either let the coup cat out of the bag or fire her ass.


Josh Caplan
CBS NEWS: Facebook removes 216 Trump ads about Biden, coronavirus and refugees



No source, but for the easily swayed:


RUMINT: Talk From Many DC Lawyers Saying One Of Special Counsel Robert #Mueller's Prosecutors Has "FLIPPED" & Is Now Cooperating With US Attorney John #Durham's Investigation Into The Origins Of #RussiaCollusion Investigation. A Single Name Is Being Repeated...Developing...


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ted Cruz pwns [is that still a thing?] Fredo and gives him an owie.

Old Lurker


Meet Occam.


Schiff was a prosecutor. I am surprised that there are no skeletons in his closet.

By skeletons did you mean little boys????

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

NYT staff was revolting over Tom Cotton's oped but has no problem with one from Chinese communist declaring Hong Kong a wholly owned subsidiary of the CCP.
But under no circumstances can we note the fact that the progs are com-symps and/or outright commies.


Got a text from my local pal who said the Wisconsin rally had been cancelled due to "legal issues."

Gus, henry, you guys know anything?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It is questionable whether Occam gives a very close shave in bearded Byzantium.

Captain Hate

I am also sick of the Republican politicians, even the Black one, who immediately assume that Trump is wrong.

Between Tim Scott and Goober, Nikki Haley becomes easier to understand. Just nuke South Carolina.


Amazing. Couldn’t spend fifteen minutes to vote, but spent hours to see Trump. Think about that...

Wanted to see the guy who got their job back.


Deutsch is the worlds largest laundry so who ate thry kidding


"People don't seem to understand why the media can not accept the fact that Trump isn't a racist"

This seems to impress people ...


Hydroxychloroquine ineffective at preventing COVID-19: Study



"‘Covering for Antifa now’? AP Stylebook’s ‘new guidance’ on how to best describe mob violence is straight outta Orwell"

Shades of the PLO, BLM, Antifa, and Saddam Hussein. You can write what you like providing it's what I say.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

MM, They moved the rally from Lacrosse to Janesville...

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

If I had access to the lovely Kayleigh Mcenany, I would tell her to say the following: "Before I begin, I would like to start by issuing the daily denunciation of white supremacy... AND Antifa and BLM!! Ah-HA!!!!" FBF


Can't catch up! Thank you hoyden for the recipe.

Mr Porch just identified Joe Rogan's new house on Google Earth after seeing some articles on the web with photos of it. He recognized some of the views because he's been out in that area to play shows.

It's not too far from Mr Porch's brother's place (although it's multiple millions grander). About 25 minutes west of here.

Old Lurker

Mel: "Hydroxychloroquine ineffective at preventing COVID-19: Study"

Beating A-mom to the punch: per the link there was no mention of zinc being part of the test.


OL, you JUST beat me. I wanted to read the article.

But now I won't bother. Y'all have clearly got the message.



It was the same report from april, but they would have printed the same thing today


Do you think Mike Wallace ever had any second thoughts about naming his son “Christ Bearer”?


Now it's just getting silly.

The Hill
JUST IN: McMaster says Trump is "aiding and abetting Putin's efforts" at election interference hill.cm/aYkDKM5




I’m going to lick a galvanized fence post on your orders.


Chris Wallace took a ride on Jeff Epstein’s boat. Really makes you wonder.



What I'm seeing in that story is the removal of "Pill of Death" status from HCQ, not the need for zinc for efficacy. This is part and parcel of the Enemedia Death Spiral, or Scientism, to quote Monsr. St. Simon. Shoulda been clearer, as you always have been.


I thought it reduced symptoms not prevent them. I've been taking zinc with quercetin for a couple of months. Thank you for the link.

"Hydroxychloroquine ineffective at preventing COVID-19: Study"

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You should weld some galvanized steel and breathe deep the fumes, Pin.
More bang for your buck.

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