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October 03, 2020


Robin, eff 'em all

Goodness, my apologies for that incoherent mess. I was half listening to my husband and trying to comment at the same time. Nothing emerged of worth on either end!!!



I disagree slightly about ignoring them. Yes, they are meaningless gaslighting efforts, but you need to be aware of their details to disarm the unaware of the live ad they're getting delivered. It's why I follow so many on the left as I do on the right. So I can know what they're "talking" about, despite me getting blocked from seeing their stuff because of their use of blocking lists.



Thanks for posting that video of the girl outside Walter Reed talking about how much she loves President Trump.

I have watched politics since I was in the 7th grade. NEVER have I seen a president loved like this, and I would include both JFK and Reagan.

The thing is, he truly does care about the working class; he KNOWS them, from all of the construction sites, hotels and golf courses. He talked to them all of the time.

He also has an innate sense of justice, reflected in everything from bringing factories back, to decreasing prescription drug prices, to pro-life positions.

On top of that, he is very comfortable using Twitter and telling everyone what he thinks. He doesn't mince words when someone is being a jerk, and that connection through Twitter is personal.

When I first heard that "We love you!" chant at one of the rallies, I noticed he was flabbergasted, and didn't expect it at all. I knew it was spontaneous from the crowd, and his supporters are FULL of people like that girl. I will go vote IN PERSON the first day our voting centers are open. I am NOT going to take the chance I might miss my opportunity to do so.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

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Jim Eagle


JM Hanes


Well, I don't know what it says about me, but I thought it was a perfectly coherent comment. I admit I haven't paid a lot of attention to school issues, since my own kids finished up. That cyclical waning interest is part of what makes change difficult.


I saw a poll the other day with Dems +12. Nothing to see here, folks - move along...


Does anyone know someone who voted for Trump in 2016 who now plans to vote for Biden? I mean, Dems run commercials alleging this, but I don't buy it.

No - but I know at least 2 who either didn't vote or wrote in someone else in 2016 who will now enthusiastically vote for President Trump. (They were Cruz supporters if I remember correctly.)


A bit late but just in case ... Live From Just One Minute It's

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