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November 17, 2020


Tom R

Crenshaw has had too many occasions like that to consider him anything other than another Repuke sellout.

Devil's advocate: WW2 has been over for 75 years and we still have troops stationed in Germany, Italy and Japan. During the Cold War the troops in Germany (especially the Fulda Gap) served as a deterrent to Soviet aggression. Aren't the forces in Afghanistan serving a similar function?

As a military vet I can see the value in both sides of the issue here.

If US forces do leave Afghanistan, we should destroy every poppy field on our way out.



NEVER tell her not to call me!

James D.

Ig @ 10:53

"Baseball crank" and the rest of his nevertrump pals at NR can take their facts and shove them where the sun don't shine. Along with his snide implications that Trump supporters are racists and conspiracy nuts.

And as for fighting falsehoods with falsehoods, I have no problem with that. I don't care if the prog project is destined to fail somewhere down the line because it's built on lies, if I have to live under its rule for 10 or 20 or however many years before it does.

If we have to use their tactics to beat them, fine. If we have to use worse tactics, fine. Better the whole world blind and toothless than just us being blind and toothless and ruled by the people who put out our eyes and knocked out our teeth.


The taliban is the proxy for the isi and the pakistani army and imran khan is their puppet, thats what green on blue attacks are about.

In my novella one of the villains was trained by the soviets then the americans but is loyal to a third faction

Soylent Red

Aren't the forces in Afghanistan serving a similar function?

Not anymore. Not enough of them to serve as a credible deterrent to a resurgent Taliban and AQ. Taliban currently controls more of the country than they have since the new government was installed. They are running checkpoints on major highways with impunity and the shuras in Quetta and Peshawar are already working out the details for regaining power.

What we are doing, ostensibly, is foreign internal defense assistance, with a little SOF direct action support to Afghan SOF. Regular Afghan forces are either being killed or turning a blind eye in advance of the coming civil war.

James D.

WW2 has been over for 75 years and we still have troops stationed in Germany, Italy and Japan. During the Cold War the troops in Germany (especially the Fulda Gap) served as a deterrent to Soviet aggression. Aren't the forces in Afghanistan serving a similar function?

That's certainly arguable. But it needs to BE argued by the people who advocate keeping the troops there, and they need to defend their views of how many troops, and what exactly the rules of engagement are, and whether it's an open-ended mission or if there is a desired end-state and how that end-state can be accomplished.

And there ought to be, if not a declaration of war, then a formal authorization by both houses of congress, with all members on the record, so that we all know the stated rationale for why the troops are there and who is responsible for it.


Perhaps if the Supreme Court rules statistics are bunk, they can take out “systemic racism”, “affirmative action”, and “climate change” at the same time they toss Giuliani out on his butt.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--As soon as a preponderance of reasonable people decide that their vote doesn't matter, and that they have no political recourse, we start down the path to very bad shit.--

Exactly right Soylent.
The consent of the governed is only kept by allowing a political free market and there's nothing worse to a prog than any kind of free market.
If you lose the consent of the governed it can only be restored via voluntarily relinquishing the stolen power [highly unlikely], those disenfranchised seizing it back peacefully [more plausible but also unlikely as it entails authoritarians and totalitarians allowing their power to be taken peacefully] or by the disenfranchised taking it back by force.
And it is my opinion [and I know it is not universal] that given our history, heritage, culture and way of life that the governed will not allow half the country to rule them without their consent.
Except for the civil war the US has always had the consent of the governed because the Constitutional framework allowed the ebb and flow of political power freely between various competing factions. It hasn't been until the Progressive movement and especially the last 50 years of it that a significant portion of the country has decided to abolish that Constitutional framework to seize permanent power.
It is going to be very difficult to avoid "very bad shit" and if the progs don't begin to act like fellow citizens rather than our masters, then in the words of Patrick Henry about his day's very bad shit, let it come.



UPDATE TO BREAKING: The @realDonaldTrump WI recount request will NOT be statewide - it will be a PARTIAL recount in several key counties. No word on WHICH counties yet.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Good point henry @ 11:41.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Aren't the forces in Afghanistan serving a similar function?--

No. Afghanistan is not western Europe, Japan or Korea.

--If US forces do leave Afghanistan, we should destroy every poppy field on our way out.--

They have a funny way of growing back.


The human emetic dwarf is still at it.


Dr. Fauci praised President-elect Joe Biden, saying he had a “considerable, in fact, if not profound” understanding of science.


Yeah... you don’t catch those things in a recount. The fraud is already inside.


It is official. @realDonaldTrump campaign will recount portions of WI citing widespread abuse of absentee ballots, and circumvent of voter ID.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--And as for fighting falsehoods with falsehoods, I have no problem with that.--

OK I'll grant your premise, but I was linking a story demonstrating that what was being repeated as true is apparently a falsehood.
Going into battle with falsehoods one thinks are true is a good way to lose whatever war you're fighting.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'll give him this; Fauci is way funnier than Colbert or Kimmel.


Mel's 9:44 on GA recounts includes the trials and tribulations like 1 poll watcher per 10 tables and being placed so far away that you can't see anything.
Pretty sad, of course.


If US forces do leave Afghanistan, we should destroy every poppy field on our way out.

Carthage Solution

“At the end of that space, a second Scipio, the son of Paulus Aemilius, the conqueror of Perseus, took the city by storm, and destroyed it, razing it to the ground, passing the ploughshare over its site, and sowing salt in the furrows, the emblem of barrenness and annihilation.”


Per TMJ4, Trump wants a recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties. That is where the fraud is. But the ballots are already in, a recount won’t change that.


Tom R.,

I lived in West Berlin for nearly 2 years as an Air Force wife, from 1967 until 1969. My son was born over there.

How long does Crenshaw envision the US keeping troops there? Long enough that we have a US Army hospital, snack bars, a PX selling Christmas decor and children's toys? Long enough that there is a damn BUS SYSTEM making stops around Kabul? I haven't even covered the bureaucrats that process birth certificates, visas, security clearances for Afghan-born brides, etc.

The longer we remain as an occupying force, the longer we will both expand the cost and expense as well as causing the resentment of the Afghan people.

That is MY point of view as a wife of a vet.


Sorry for the repeat posts, JOM glitched for me around that time.
Also, I see that Ig and I are on the same or similar pages for the Baseball Crank NR article.


@Jack has hidden DJT's tweet on this:

Heather Mullins - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV)
Floyd County, GA: After a FULL day of rescanning, counting, & software techs troubleshooting, election officials (while VERY transparent), still had NO answer as to what caused 2700 votes to go uncounted. Dominion techs said they could not comment. Listen to this! @RealAmVoice



Unless they can prove in black and white how and how many votes were changed, deleted or added and that the numbers would have changed the outcome no court will overturn Biden.

I was going to make a similar point to Soylent's: Once it's established that there was substantial fraud, it would seem reasonable to toss the whole election rather than impose the unreasonable burden on the plaintiff to prove what the outcome would have been absent the fraud (of which only the tip of the iceberg might have been discovered). I think that is essentially what happened in 1876. Per Wiki:

In Florida (with 4 electoral votes), Louisiana (with 8) and South Carolina (with 7), reported returns favored Tilden, but the elections in each state were marked by electoral fraud and threats of violence against Republican voters; the most extreme case was in South Carolina, where an impossible 101 percent of all eligible voters in the state had their votes counted.

Sounds familiar.... In the end Congress appointed a commission that ended up awarding all disputed EVs to Hayes.

Soylent Red

Carthage Solution

I'm not questioning American know-how and can-do spirit, but it would be a significant achievement to make Afghanistan any worse than it already is.

How long does Crenshaw envision the US keeping troops there?

IMO Crenshaw is one of those 80% right Republicans. I don't think he's a sellout or GOPe, I think he's misquided and likes to see the world as it SHOULD be rather than as it is. Good on a lot of things, speaks the right lingo, but when it comes down to hard calculation, he falls back on what he knows.

What he knows is the rarified world of SOF direct action, where objectives are defined, resources are unlimited, and results are nearly immediate. He falls into the Peter Pan world of if we just commit hard enough, the magic will happen.

There are cultures where maybe that might be the case. Germany, Italy, Japan? Sure, ok. But not Afghanistan. Afghanistan is 7th C asshoe, and unworthy of our time below 50K feet.


Giuliani complaint Penn:https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.pamd.127057/gov.uscourts.pamd.127057.1.0_3.pdf


Catherine Herridge @CBS_Herridge
#Krebs More from a DHS official on termination of Chris Krebs who led @CISAgov whose mandate is physical + cybersecurity for US critical infrastructure including voting systems. The official said CISA was successful in preventing election interference via a cyber-attack on

election infrastructure during the Presidential election + emphasized election fraud is different than interference, saying it is beyond the scope of CISA authorities. The official said CISA doesn’t have 1st hand info on allegations of voting fraud or investigate such claims,

responsibility for which lies with State + local authorities + DOJ. Adding, each state is responsible for the execution of its own elections, not CISA + not the Federal Government, emphasizing allegations of voter fraud are being adjudicated through the court system. @CBSNews



Fox detaches from John Solomon.



Fox's Napolitano accused of gay sex abuse.

Dave (in MA)

jim @12:43, there's at least one bit in that post that appears to be false. Fox has said that Pirro's show was not canceled, they just preempted one show.

Another Bob

“WW2 has been over for 75 years and we still have troops stationed in Germany, Italy and Japan.”

These were fundamentally friendly places where we weren’t dragged into actual fighting, and German, Italian and Japanese forces weren’t fragging out people.

Bad comparison.


Spent an hour this morning dealing with this e-mail I got, regarding my father's checking account:

This is an Alert to help manage your account ending in [redacted].

As of Nov 18, 2020 at 6:24 AM ET, the available account balance was $-99,999,990,518.51, which is less than the minimum balance of $50.00 in your Alerts settings.

Just a bit less.... Turns out this was triggered by Social Security, and it's the bank's hamhanded way of putting a hold on the funds to make sure SS can claw back any money it pays out post mortem.

Reminded me of the old joke: if you owe the bank $100,000 you have a problem. If you owe the bank $100 billion, the bank has a problem.

Another Bob

out > our

Tom R

Two weeks before the election Maricopa county election official email discussing ballpoint pens versus Sharpies. Sounds like they are encouraging using ballpoint pens for early voting but switching to Sharpies on election day when massive Trump turnout was expected.



dear, jimmyk.write me a check for that amount and I'll only keep 10%


Dave(MA), I don't watch Fox so I can't say for sure if she was cancelled completely or just one show. But I do remember seeing a recent ref to a Pirro show, so that gave the impression that she was back on-air.


Hey! --

"It’s not the crime. It’s the cover-up."

Stealing the election was necessary to cover up investigation of past crimes by officials.


Otoh, Tucker announced he had been ask to stay and ‘expand’ his show - whatever that means.


ZOMG, jimmyk. I'm trying to think of a Hunter Biden joke.


I think Pirro was initially suspended indefinitely but Fox relented after the blowback. But who knows.



I believe it means that Tucker Carlson's program is very popular on Fox and they can't afford to lose him – especially now that they’ve lost a good portion of their audience.


Pirro was on this last weekend

Old Lurker

Every day Tucker stays at Fox diminishes his brand IMO.


I agree, OL.

Does Fox really care about ratings? I operate on the assumption that all major media companies are fully propped up by the left and don't really care how many viewers they have.

Fox's objective these days seems to be to con/gaslight their longtime conservative audience.



Old Lurker

Porch, I think the networks are the problem like you, but the days of "Studios owning the Stars" is long gone. So the Tuckers of the world need to build their own brands and be willing to move from "firm to firm" just like rain maker lawyers do when they take their clients to another firm.


Worked out well for Shemp.

Robin, eff 'em all

Yeah, Tucker staying just provides Fox with cover. He should know that.

Won’t surprise me in the least if we’re still WFH until summer.

I was just in for my annual exam and my doctor was outraged that gyms, bars, and restaurants are open while schools are hybrid or remote. It made my feel better to hear her say it.

Also wasn't able to get a shingles vax as they're back-ordered. So that's a bummer.


As things are, the only recourse for Americans who want to read the unvarnished facts about this fraud and the future degradation of our Republic is to prowl the Internet for information and post comments on a blog whose host considers this election controversy a mere "speed bump" on the road to eternal democrat governance. (Yes, I know that is his particular brand of humor, but humor can also serve as a disguise for intent.)


Some of the suspicious data available is not really "statistics". The following is a time segment of the PA election shortly after midnight on the 5th.

This is a small segment I reformated from the data table taken from the NYT that appears at http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2020/11/dna-level-statistical-proof-smartmatic.html

1st column: running Trump vote count
2nd column: running Biden Count
3rd column: Trump lead
4th column: change in Trump count (Delta)
5th column: change in Biden count (Delta)
6th column: change in Trump lead

The hilighted cells on the right indicate updates where 6000 votes (plus or minuus whatever difference in real votes are included) vanish from Trump's lead. Sure looks like Trump lead being whittled down 6000 or 12000 votes at a time. I boxed the cells where the change in Trump's running vote count is negative. Negative numbers in the delta change colums are uncommon but not rare. Seems like they should not occur at all but somehow they do. On this segment they correspond with a 6000 vote shift so the is the likely explanation for these.

I think anyone who can balance a checkbook can see the problem here.


Just made an appt for a shingles vax at the local Walgreen's. I'm assuming it's the new one (Shingrix?), and they'll be aware that it requires a followup shot.

I operate on the assumption that all major media companies are fully propped up by the left and don't really care how many viewers they have.

And not just media, also entertainment. Michael Medved, before he went off the TDS deep end, wrote about how Hollywood sacrifices revenues in favor of its political/social agenda. As I recall he showed how they got so much more revenue in G-rated family entertainment, but would insert material that would restrict its viewing to a more "select" audience.


the baseball crank can piss off.

go away now!


Going out for a walk. The cold and the sunshine seem to do me good!


Tucker's ratings derive from his willingness to cover stories that other anchors and networks will not, plus seeing the information from the average person's (aka Trump voter's) view.

The minute he quits doing this (and there have been examples before), his viewers go ballistic on Twitter (and I assume Facebook and other social media platforms) and switch him off, posting scathing criticism to let him know.

"Expanding his platform" will be a huge flop.

Dave (in MA)
    Scott Adams@ScottAdamsSays
      Carly Fiorina@CarlyFiorina ·
      Inadequate men in big jobs are always dangerous. President Trump has cemented his legacy as an inadequate man who lacks the mental faculties and strength of character necessary for the job.

      How many others will prove, by saying and doing nothing, that they too are inadequate?
      1:32 PM · Nov 18, 2020·Twitter Web App

Dave (in MA)@DaveinMA·

Replying to @ScottAdamsSays
As with Romney, the groveling for a Cabinet job didn't pan out, so we're in year 4 of butt-hurt.

Dave (in MA)
    Tucker announced he had been ask to stay and ‘expand’ his show - whatever that means.
Speculation - they'll rerun clips of him during other parts of the day, not just re-air his show at midnight.

FLOYD COUNTY, GEORGIA! pic.twitter.com/mIZ5rmdkvw

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 18, 2020

Video of ballot sorting/moving in boxes.



— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 18, 2020

Fox discussion with Brad Blakeman about the inadequate voting standards and how bad this is for the nation, and how grateful we should be that President Trump didn't concede.



I’ve left Fox, except for Tucker and Laura. If they back off, I will too. Whoever decided to turn the station communist, is gonna go down in history as the biggest fool on the planet.


I actually read Giuliani's Pennsylvania submission and, with my two weeks of law school, thought it was clear and sufficient.


Yes, jimmk, and CHYNA gets a big say in Hollywood/entertainment as well.

They obviously don't care how well their movies sell here in the US.


I enjoyed watching Gutfeld and Watters on The Five, and muting the TV any time Juan Williams started talking. But I've quit the station in toto and I'm not turning back; the one-two punch of Cavuto saying he "can't countenance" Kayleigh McEnany, and Sandra Smith's inability to comprehend that some people don't take Fox's word as gospel - too much. Let Newsmax or Trump Entertainment build it better.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Once it's established that there was substantial fraud, it would seem reasonable to toss the whole election rather than impose the unreasonable burden on the plaintiff to prove what the outcome would have been absent the fraud (of which only the tip of the iceberg might have been discovered). -

That would be quite reasonable if there were more than a handful of men with spines in the GOP. Of course if there were, we wouldn't find ourselves in this position to begin with.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I happily and very sincerely stipulate that Baseball Crank is Asshoe.

The numbers he presented, which were the reason I linked the story, remain undisputed.


If there is violence after the election and there surely will be if Trump eventually wins, we can thank the media for inciting this violence. The media has already picked the winner and all those angry Biden supporters will believe the election was stolen from them. And the media has already condoned the violence so hang on. If on the other hand Biden steals it, someone's going to light the fuse, IMO.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

New thread


Ig, 2:09, agree.
Important story.


Also agree that Baseball Crank is a surrender monkey asshoe.


Just to be clear :) :)


POLITICO California
California Medical Association officials were among the guests seated next to Gov. Gavin Newsom at a top California political operative’s opulent birthday dinner at the French Laundry restaurant this month. politico.com/states/califor…



Like my buddy Boris would say


Baseball Crank is Asshoe.

One last YEA on this.


I’m several hours behind but I have a couple of questions for my JOM friends to chew on until I am caught up. This is the first two, other(s) will be in a separate post.

1) Sidney Powell mentioned states and countries/companies violating the the EO on foreign interference in elections. Can my attorney friends opine but my understanding is that EOs only apply to the Executive branch? How can a state’s voting procedures be non-compliant with an EO? (Sidney Powell is much smarter than this Sid so I expect to be corrected.)

2) Rush shot down a caller today who said that the states’ legislatures could direct electors to vote if they felt the voter’s votes were not being accurately tabulated. Rush shot this down something like “No way that is possible”. (Later he referred to the previous caller and incorrectly sad the ask was “can the electors decide to vote the other way.” So maybe he didn’t fully hear/understand the guy. Can the state legislatures reject questionable vote results and so direct the electors the way they see fit?

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