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November 03, 2020



Ingredients alone sound yummy!


More tupolev



Well, alrighty then. I’m calling Idaho for Trump! 😎

Thomas Collins

I have plenty of hope for America, joan. The American framework of unalienable rights is the best that we can do on our level of Creation, beset as all of us are with Original Sin. And for me it is a source of optimism and strength that America has prospered in this framework.

On the lighter side, I am a fan of the quote attributed in various forms to Otto von Bismarck in various forms. My favorite rendition of it is as follows: God has a Special Providence for idiots, fools, drunkards, orphans and the United States of America. I have no idea whether Otto actually said this or anything like it. But it's a great thought.


tm posted most of the baseball crank piece? that got by the grandees at national review?

good grief.


These are projections of lowered student turnout in ahia.

Thomas Collins

Eliminate one "in various forms".

Everything good about a second Trump administration would be better under a subsequent Republican, with less risk of a truly permanent defeat for conservatism.


Dave (in MA)
    Her makes an interesting point
There was no need to insult the gals by comparing Whiffle Bat Crank to one.

Posted by: Threadkiller | November 03, 2020 at 11:02 AM

on your picture posting problem, the iphone might be adding in a hidden character (to display the '<' symbols) that typepad pukes on. try changing the font?

i suppose i should be dispensing advice on picture posting seeing as how i can't even bother to capitalize letters in my comments.



Via Raw Story, Bill O'Reilly argued with Sarah Palin over whether Donald Trump had momentum.

PALIN: You’re not in Michigan, then, cos they are hot, hot, hot for Trump.

O'REILLY: The polls say that Clinton’s up by five. Are you willing to make a prediction that Trump will carry Michigan this time around?

PALIN: There’s no reason why he wouldn’t. Like I’ve said before, polls are only good for strippers and cross-country skiers. What matters is that two days from now, you know, the gettin’ out the vote effort and making sure these Reagan Democrats and independents and Michigan Republicans get out their vote.



and should *not* be

Thomas Collins

I'm even confident the Bay State will survive Charlie Baker's new "hard rule" on wearing masks in public places. As of Friday Nov. 6th, it will be masks all the time in public places. The prior rule was masks in public places if one expected to come close to others.


I truly cannot believe the garbage our host posted, and that he apparently believes.

I think JMH has it right. Just excuses to vote against Trump.


It’s me. And hello JMH.


Cavuto actually said this morning that the market is up over 2% today because investors are anticipating a Biden win with oodles (my word) of government stimulus (i.e., pork). Neil, Neil, Neil, put down your talking points and step away from the microphone.


Posted by: Extraneus | November 03, 2020 at 12:16 PM

yeah i had to read that a few times too.

Dave (in MA)

TC, am I going to get rounded up if I don't put on my mask until I'm actually walking into the supermarket?


Same Surber link:

They knew 5 days before the election was closer than everyone was letting on.

And if the campaign knew, the press knew because, hey, the American press belongs to the Democrat Party.

Four years later, we are supposed to believe their claim that Biden has already won?

By the way, no one will mourn Biden because he has no supporters. Say what you may about her, but Hillary had some fans.

So did Charles Manson...


welcome back sue!

we are gettin' the band back together.


Howdy, Sue!


lyle, 11:20: Wrong! :) We haven't answered the phone for weeks -- we'll call back if it's a friend or message for appointments, etc.

I've been throwing away all of those questionnaires the Republicans have been sending us (so we'll send more money) -- I've donated to Nunes, Inhofe, (I'll die if that blonde, fat-faced b*tch from OKC beats him) plus several more -- but I wanted to choose who I donated to.

I know that's not the program -- I heard Romney's niece say they need those small $25 donations every month, that's what they depend on -- but I want to choose who I give money to.

You can call that 'rugged individualism' or stubborn person -- but I don't care. If I want to donate to Alec Skarlatos instead of RNC, I will.

I'm sorry I keep posting, guys, I'm just nervous.

Thomas Collins

That's how I interpret Charlie's new pronouncement, Dave (in MA). The 10 pm curfew is only advisory, I read the mask part, however, as a hard rule unless one has a doc's note.


What the hell?

Is TM sleeping with Johnny Katshit?


Smyrna, GA - no line, no waiting to vote. In and out!


Not so!

Resources for later:

Larry Schweikart

This is the correct link to the festivities tonight with @tracybeanz @BigDataPoll Richard Baris, and myself.



Have some fresh made gravy for that Durgin Park Crow Pie comin's yer way:

Oh this is delicious

Charlotte Alter @CharlotteAlter
Biden campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon: "We continue to have multiple pathways to 270 electoral votes" says they can win 270 even without PA and FL

11:04 AM (CST) is a bit early for that kinda talk...



Good afternoon! It took me about 15 minutes to vote. No line, no problems. Now I will sit in the sun and read until it is time to go to Jane's. Life is good.

A young guy holding a Trump flag was wearing a "Defund the Media" t-shirt. Ha.


We voted early. I don’t know how anyone that is the least bit conservative can vote for a democrat.

Jack Lillywhite

We’ll get an early sense of the trend right after 7pm when Florida polls close.



Charlotte Alter @CharlotteAlter
Biden campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon: "We continue to have multiple pathways to 270 electoral votes" says they can win 270 even without PA and FL

More options
Mark_Derr's avatar
🎶Del Paxton’s Piano🎶
Replying to @CharlotteAlter @RonColeman
In other words, it’s already time to update this graphic.


[Click for the graphic update, it's worth it.]


rich, 12:17, you made me lol!

your small case letters give you style!

Dave (in MA)

The current death toll in the Viennese terror attack is 4. The terrorist is a North Macedonian immigrant who got an early release about 1/3 way into his prison term on a conviction based on his attempt to join ISIS in Syria.


Cristina kirschner had her own gang, the camporas

Ralph L

Closing in on him.

I hope you gave him a good sniff. Pawing might be too much.


Can you believe it, I'm scheduled for a root canal this afternoon and it's not even on my mind.😬


Wait, wut?

Relax, I didn't vote for the guy you hate
But hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhow does the virus know what you're doing?

New York Post @nypost
CDC says people sick with COVID-19 can break quarantine to vote in-person trib.al/qLeAcvg



’We continue to have multiple pathways to 270 electoral votes’

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

— Lloyd Christmas


So the Dow was down almost 1,000 the other day when Biden was up 10% in the polls, yet it's up today on the anticipation of a Biden victory as Trump is surging in the polls?

Magical thinking.


Oh thats unsurprising.

Dave (in MA)

I still don't get the curfew thing. Does the virus work 3rd Shift? I'm going to continue to only put on my Charlie Burqa once I've reached my destination.


Floor wax dessert topping



The Babylon Bee @TheBabylonBee
CNN Promises Not To Call The Race Unless Biden Is Ahead buff.ly/3mSYiiV


Old Lurker

Since there is zero "old fashioned (ie real)" science behind these mask and shutdown rules, then all such demands on us have an objective other than the one claimed.

Got it?


Kimberly Klacik tweeted: I'm so nervous. All I want is to bring more jobs to Baltimore, etc.

I kept wanting to send her money. I got several texts with her picture from her.

Wish I had. So earnest and polished and pretty in her red suit, heels, and message. I prayed for her a few times when I felt guilty about not donating.

Win, Kim, win!!!

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

On my break, read TMs post with growing confusion... then hit the word "incoherent" and knew I could stop LOL

Steady stream of in person voters here in Deep Blue Silicon Valley but most drop off. I enjoy guessing which are Dems and which are on my team.


Does this make sense?

Only if Reuters has Paul Krugman writing their copy now. Remember how Krugman said the markets would never recover from the Trump victory in 2016? It could as easily mean that the markets see a chance for Trump.

I don't see how markets can like a 40% cap gains tax and increasing the corporate income tax to 28% (which would make it one of the highest in the world), regardless of the political leanings of Zuckerberg, @jack, and Bill Gates. If Trump wins, there will be another rally. If God forbid Biden wins, whatever the markets do tomorrow, they'll be down big next year if his tax policy gets passed.






They DID sell it, already.


Broward is why i developed agita



Joan, I heard that Klacik campaign has more money than they know what to do with it.


Price went up! 2016 it was $20/vote:

Grant Strobl
I just received a report from a friend that the IBEW Electrician Union in Macomb County, MI told union members that if they vote Biden today and take a photo of their ballot to prove it they will be paid $100.

Illegal vote buying happening in Michigan! @freep @detroitnews


[Now if they just prove it....]


Wouldnt they be out of work in that instance?

Dave (in MA)

Smallest one I could find, so you'll have to click on it.


I'm off to yoga.

Man, there are a few liberals there -- blonde-haired Leslie. She's kept a running tally of covid cases in our little city and county every day since June. She told me that one day -- she worries about the virus. She's keeping a close tally. I don't know what good it will do her -- no more than the masks we're required to wear to get to do yoga at Hopestone. She drives some kind of swish car. Low-slung. Sleek. (She isn't.)


Old Lurker

Jimmy "If God forbid Biden wins, whatever the markets do tomorrow, they'll be down big next year if his tax policy gets passed."

If Biden wins, there will be no opposing force capable of preventing the entire Prog-Green-Marxist-Globalist agenda in the first year. And yes, I am including a perhaps R Senate in that.

If Biden wins against everything Trump has on his side, then that is the leadership and the agenda that the People want.

Deal with it.


James Woods
Of course. Why wouldn’t the ACLU support double dipping Democrats

David Shafer @DavidShafer
Replying to @DavidShafer
Earlier this year more than 1,000 Georgians voted twice in the same election, mailing in absentee ballots and then showing up to vote again on election say. @ACLUofGA made a public offer of free legal representation to any Georgian voting twice.


Sammy Small

Just a quick comment on voting Biden...I don't look at the Dems voting for Biden as a president who will not even be able to tie his shoes (like Gaylord).
It can't be anything but to open the floodgates of DC with the typical Dem credentialed morons like Stephy, Rhodes, Powers, Rice, Kerry, etc. who will f*ck up the entire world while they collude with foreign powers and attempt to force lefty policies on the American people.

Tom Bowler

Dan McLaughlin: In 2016, I concluded that Donald Trump was manifestly unfit for the office because of his bad public and private character and his ignorance and inability to perform the basic duties of the job. Nothing in the past four years has changed that conclusion. My emphasis.

Nothing in the past four years has changed that conclusion? The fact that Trump is still president after the Obama DOJ and Intelligence Community waged war on him, should have given McLaughlin a clue. Having missed that, McLaughlin might have picked up on pre-covid economic growth. Or lowest unemployment numbers in half a century. Or Supreme Court nominations and confirmations. Or unprecedented peace deals and the recognition of Israel by three Arab countries with more to follow. Or the defeat of ISIS. Or the elimination of Suilemani and al Baghdadi.

The real elephant in the room is the FBI/DOJ/CIA corruption and the weaponization of the federal agencies on behalf of the Democrats. Maybe Maguire and McLaughlin figure that federal corruption has always been there and it's really not so bad. We can just on keep living with it. But that ignores the advances in technology that make it possible for the feds to monitor any and all of us all the time.

So sure, you can say Trump is abrasive, impulsive, boorish. But incompetent? Let me just say, I don't know what McLaughlin could say that would make me more unimpressed.


From the last thread

Want to know how big this ass-kicking is in FL?

There are only four blue counties on election day. One is D by only 14, votes, one by 48 votes, one by 1070 votes, and Broward by 3,294. We are 4,426 votes from having every FL county red today.
12:32 PM · Nov 3, 2020·Twitter Web App


Walked into a tony office building downtown Milwaukee this am. As I came thru the revolving door, the guy at the desk watched me put my mask on. (he was a young minority fellow with a man bun). I looked at him and said "good morning". He ignored my decency and told me I should have had my mask on on the sidewalk.
I looked him in the man-bun


The tweet you couldnt bother to look at

Some of you might not remember that networks called the race for Al Gore.
Quote Tweet

Sara Fischer
· 5h
If news organizations declare Joe Biden the mathematical president-elect, he plans to address the nation as its new leader, even if President Trump continues to fight in court, advisers tell @Axios' @mikeallen and @margarettalev: https://axios.com/biden-transition-plan-election-day-65caa1f6-886e-42cd-b205-5ee8f89941f2.html?utm_campaign=organic&utm_medium=socialshare&utm_source=twitter


I looked him in the man-bun, and told him, that I was not AFRAID, like he was.
I turned and walked out. I went in the front door with the lawyer I was there to see.



Very much on the up and up:


Captain Hate

Let me just say, I don't know what McLaughlin could say that would make me more unimpressed.

You obviously don't read his Twitter feed...

Old Lurker

Tom B "So sure, you can say Trump is abrasive, impulsive, boorish"

You can say it but I would still demand examples.

The first two are often required if a goal is to be achieved against all odds.

The last...would be hard to find a more boorish POTUS than one who forced people to stand in his bathroom while he sat on the toilet, or one who would order his mistress to give somebody else a BJ to relax him, or one who would impale an Intern with a cigar.

So no, I refuse to accept the "Maybe so, but..." phrasing.


We’ll get an early sense of the trend right after 7pm when Florida polls close.

Maybe even earlier from Indiana, if Trump appears to be exceeding his 2016 results.


Boorish??? vs Bribes from China, and constant lies about his own life??

Abrasive??? vs MARXIST.

Time to rethink your values????

Old Lurker

My list was better than yours, Gus!

Captain Hate

Updating my Florida model in real time as the NPA vote share changes.

Current estimate is Trump wins by 587,940 votes.
Posted by: Dave in Fla at November 03, 2020 12:59 PM (5p7BC)


Impulsive??? You mean like SPYING on TRUMPS' CAMPAIGN and attempting to COUP the PRESIDENT with fraudulent information.
Do you mean like IMPEACHING the PRESIDENT for absolutely nothing real???

Is that what you mean?? Come up for some air.


Brazil was not meant to be how to manual

This doesn’t scream dystopian public health state at all
Quote Tweet

Jonathan Rockoff
· 3h
Schools, hospitals and other buildings have been buying up heat-sensing cameras to detect whether people are feverish and have Covid-19. But the readings may not be accurate, @RWhelanWSJ reports https://wsj.com/articles/security-industry-asks-for-more-regulation-of-new-crop-of-thermal-cameras-11604409453


Thank you OL. I just don't keep up on this stuff.



Even before polls close on Election Day, demonstrators will be in Washington and elsewhere



If you want to know who someone is voting for. Look at what they are wearing. Anyone with a flag on their shirt, is a Republican. And red white and blue, anywhere is a Republican. Anyone smiling is a Republicanlican. Snug face mask - a democrat, frown - a democrat. Etc.


Just a day ending in y


Sloane tried to throw shade on him



Keep bargaining


Jack Lillywhite


I meant to comment on your 11:57.

You do not need a slash mark before the last > in order to post a photo or URL. At least I don’t use one and in post photos and URL’s often.

Dave (in MA)


Boston Restaurant guy is not happy with Charlie.


What Kolanovic calls out is the "normal" "Circle of Logic" at most TBTFs:





Thats my nic for john brennan


Sen. Rubio:

‘Early turnout reports indicate #Florida is witnessing a GOP voter participation % of historic proportions’

Jack Lillywhite

I have an iPhone and once in a while it will ring and a message will appear “Spam Risk”. But the last few days I have probably got a dozen of them.

Politics in 2020.


I think they all voted early.


Slow start to voting in #Madison. Officials should have plenty of time to count their 248k absentee ballots throughout the day. #wiright #2020Elections


Tom R

TB @ 12:49

I stopped reading that McLaughlin oped at the point you quoted. I knew the rest of it was nothing but drivel to get on the good side of the NeverTrumpers at The Bulwark.

Trump supporters need to come up with a more descriptive term for these asswipe losers who claim to be conservative. The labels RINO and NeverTrumper is letting them off easy.

JM Hanes

Mark Twain's story, "Running for Governor" is required reading… in China!

“A few months ago I was nominated for Governor of the great State of New York, to run against Stewart L. Woodford and John T. Hoffman, on an independent ticket,” Twain wrote. “I somehow felt that I had one prominent advantage over these gentlemen, and that was, good character.”


As you might guess, it doesn't go well.


Beasts Caesar’s

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a large salad bowl, using a whisk or a wooden spoon. Add the Romaine lettuce to the bowl and toss.  Bello!

- 4 anchovies, finely minced
1 garlic clove, finely minced
2 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp red wine vinegar
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

- 2 egg yolks
1/2 cup olive oil 
cracked pepper + salt


I knew I could count on you, caro! 😉


Posted by: Tom R | November 03, 2020 at 01:30 PM



Thanks, caro!! Do I get some kind of participation ribbon for correctly remembering all the ingredients? ;)


off to the salt mines.


Here ya go, Beasts: 🏆🎀

Dave (in MA)

1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup cracked pepper
1/2 cup salt


Thanks, lyle! And lol, Dave - salt + pepper to taste. :)



This can be defined as the 1619 vs 1776 election.

Will America be defined by 1776 or 1619, by its bold struggle for freedom or the accusations of racism? Will the country move forward to a new birth of freedom or an endless cycle of self-hatred?

Is America a great nation or an evil one? That question may be one of the more central ones of 2020 even if it doesn't appear on the ballot. Both sides have chosen their history and their sense of mission in the 1776 vs. 1619 election.

Can’t argue with this.

Ralph L

7pm when Florida polls close

Doesn't the Panhandle close at 8 EST?


Maybe even earlier from Indiana, if Trump appears to be exceeding his 2016 results.

Yes, and Kentucky should be called early too.

In FL you need to wait an hour for the Panhandle. But the FL tea leaves already look pretty good so I'm going to leave it alone for a bit tonight. On Election Night 2016 I spent so much time on FL that by the time it was called I had missed a lot of fun stuff elsewhere.

Read @DataRepublican on Twitter for FL stuff. He's the creator of the joeisdone data crunching site.

Tom Bowler

OL, Point taken. Trump is not so boorish, as much as the media tries to make him out to be. Although Trump used to single out Rosie O'Donnell for special abuse, and there was that time when he talked about blood coming out of Megyn Kelly's eyes "or wherever." That might qualify as boorish in certain circles.

Trump swings back at his attackers, and when he does the media are all over him, and that's where he gets the impulsive tag. But I applaud him for that.

I've always believed that Trump's aggressiveness is his end run around the media. The media like to go off on his behavior, but there's an policy or issue that he's talking about at the time that the media find they can't ignore. Off the top of my head I don't have a specific example.

But most often he turns out to be right. Like how dare he criticize General Mattis? Well, Trump pulled troops out of Syria against advice from Mattis, and all hell didn't break loose. Trump turned out to be right.

Trump is not all the things the media try to make him out to be, but sometimes I think he deliberately invites the criticism. He criticized a judge of Mexican descent, saying he wasn't sure the judge would give him a fair shake. Naturally the media started calling him racist, but it turned out the judge was supportive of La Raza -- The Race. Who's the racist?


NV - looks like good news so far:


· 50m

Election Day Voting
Clark County, NV — 10AM PT

-Republicans: 41.3%
-Democrats: 27.4%
-Other: 31.3%

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