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November 08, 2020


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

OL said;
--PS: TC gets the award for having been closest to reality for the longest and most consistent stretch all of 2020. So "Slim & None" are not the Evil Pessimist Twins.--

Concur. Slim and none is the only reasonable assessment of the entrenched creeps we face, because it involves the creeps helping us fix what they have created. Aint gonna happen until it and they are pulled up, root and branch.


Is there a winner? Yes. At least three. (Pending details on exactly who Hunter sold his father to). China, Iran, Russia.


[Uhhh, it was old the first time..]

Yeah, that Andrew Johnson thing, what a mess. But I *did* vote for Biden.


Actually, I want to see the Trump plane flying from city to city broadcasting snark by shortwave. Melania can do daily fashion critiques of Dr. Biden, which someone SHOULD have done over Big Mike's wardrobe, and so forth.

That family and a few like Ric Grenell have been the only interesting people on TV anyway.


Jeff Sessions HAD to have known he would need to recuse on the Russia hoax before he became AG. The question is WHY, when all along his big deal in the campaign was straightening out immigration, did he turn down DHS and press for AG?


No, there isn't a winner. The late philly ballots will be thrown out and some key precincts will be audited and pitched. OTOH the media has fomented civil war so that when Biden is not sworn in, hunker down or fight.


Happy Birthday Captain Hate.

I’ll be relaxing on the dock waiting for the process to run out.

I’m looking forward to a week in Tucson.

Later taters

Tom R

I used to be really good in math back in high school and college but that was 35+ years ago. I've read the tweets/articles on statistical improbabilities citing Benford's law and the complexity of the math is too much for me. Can anyone explain it in layman terms?



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Trump was essentially Step 2 of the Tea Party. I've said all along the derp state wouldn't like the next step if they didn't play by the rules.--

Best thing I've read today.
WE not they hold the trump card because of the Founders.
They can escalate but, contra dipshit Barry, we own the guns, the history, the legacy and the determination to bring 300 million guns to a knife fight. [The number of formerly meek, mild and humble Christians now with clenched jaws, approaching me for advice on what to arm up with for what is coming is impressive and something I've never seen the like of]
If the leftist enemies were aiming for a benign dictatorship they might boil us to death, but they aren't. They are deep down totalitarians because the ideology they serve is a totalitarian one. It can and will end no other way than them attempting to enforce their rule over us and to silence us and take our God given rights and our political liberty. They already are. And on top of that they will impoverish us to enrich themselves and their far flung globalist pals. They're doing that too.
That's why they prefer to be citizens of the world, because they are today's version of the Comintern; they have more in common with, more affinity for and have made common cause with their globally like minded progs against the United States. Biden and Harris will profess fealty to the US and the Constitution but we have seen Biden's true fealty on his son's laptop and Harris strikes me as something not far from a psychopath.
So you can think this will end with us meekly giving in but if you do, you truly are a fool and very wrong. Now is the time to gird your loins for what is coming eventually. It might still be decades away or possibly months. As a wise guy once said; “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour”. I don't pretend to know the future, but history and my own lying eyes give me the chance to hazard a pretty decent guess and so let's keep watch together.
And while we do let's consider the words of another wise guy; “A man’s rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.”
Frederick Douglas said that after the Civil War when our present tyrant's predecessors in interest were attempting to disarm freed blacks.
We have already lost or are in the process of losing the first two boxes. The stark red line they cannot be allowed to cross and will not be allowed to cross is the last one.


I for one am glad that Iggy’s friends have become pessimistic enough to finally decide to arm up.


Dave (in MA)

Trying to figure out where the Constitution says that AP gets to declare the winner.


“Can anyone explain it in layman’s terms”

He wuz robbed.


I didn't know the Times had actually withdrawn the tweet saying that the "role of declaring the winner" falls to the media::


Maybe the Times figures they won and can stop saying quite so many mindless things designed to sway stupid people.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Also, (if he does lose) thinking that Trump might be the guy for us in 2024 is unrealistic (age) and unhelpful. It is time to pass the torch to a younger generation of leaders for our movement, and if there are none, then that right there is our problem.

Moses led his people to, but not into, the Promised Land.--

I don't concur with this.
In November 2024 Trump will be five months older than Biden is right now. Barring any serious health issues in the interim he will be about 20 years younger mentally than the Paste Eater in chief.

And Moses didn't didn't get to lead his people into the Promised Land because he disobeyed God in how he was to lead the people, not because he was too old.



Who at Fox were you referring to? Maria? Fox Biz is not following the same orders - yet.



#PoliteSociety #KGB

Sad, Haggard Jennifer Rubin Says Trump Fans to be Removed from "Polite Society"

I follow this guy (when I can find him) on You Tube. He is very astute about historical parallels and I appreciate his sarcasm. Most of his videos are about 7-10 minutes. This one is 7:52.

Not for everyone, but I like him.


I don’t think I was part of “polite society” anyway! Hated hanging with the phonies!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I for one am glad that Iggy’s friends have become pessimistic enough to finally decide to arm up.


Just to clarify; optimism doesn't mean you don't think bad things are going to happen or have not already happened. That is foolishness, perhaps even idealism [h/t JMH :)]
It means you believe they will be overcome. Recognition of reality gives the prudent the opportunity to take those steps that make that happen.
So, my advice? Arm yourselves and advise your friends and family to do the same. With rifles especially. Handguns are fine for self defense at close quarters. But they are no substitute for what is needed for what the progs have in mind.




Go to insty and listen to the song!



Good morning,

Happy Birthday Capt'n.

Leigh Dundas, Human Rights Atty has some encouraging words. Apologies if already posted.


Tom R

Iggy @ 11:13

Fully agree on all your recent posts. I'll likely go purchase at least two AR-15s and a pump action shotgun. I already have a double barrel shotgun and two pistols.


MAGUIRE, who EXACTLY declared Biden the "winner".

That shouldn't be hard to answer, I mean you're gracious an all.....



Captain Hate

I'm still pissed off that AAs didn't demand the removal of Sundown after that Corn Pop idiocy. Or his treatment of Clarence Thomas. The party of the Klan and Jim Crow.

Obviously DJT impacted a lot of people but we really don't know how many.


Good morning. I also watched Maria. Her show focused on the fraud. Her guests were Rudy, Graham, Cruz and Sidney Powell. Sidney Powell is working on the computer fraud. I'm more encouraged after watching.
Meanwhile, I'm watching old movies and waiting for a tropical storm.

Old Lurker

Iggy "I don't concur with this."

Any day when I split concurs with Iggy 50/50 is a good day for me.


PS. Come to think of it, the same might be said of my marriage of 45 years.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAPN. You ain't black.



Isn't the common link with sidney powell working on the computer fraud and hammer and scorecard and also representing flynn--john brennan at the heart of both?

I live in fulton county and am quite close to dekalb (maybe a few hundred yards as the crow flies. This is the congressional district where the counting completely stopped from tuesday until wednesday morning about half finished. I was out walking earlier and people, especially couples in this affluent, urban, heavily jewish, neighborhood look like they have been sucking a spolied egg. Angry, but not like they lost an election. More like how dare trump not concede.

Interesting. I am going to post some language in a following post from Living Cities, created by the Rock and model T foundations and now tied to virtually every major financial institution and foundation. It's important to read what they intend to get from harris-biden.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A short, excellent and recommended column by Mirengoff;


This was released yesterday about 11:45, but clearly drafted in anticipation of the media trying to coerce the election.

Democracy, Reckoning & Renewal

Today, we celebrate the democratic process. New leadership in our nation’s highest office will give the country an opportunity to reflect on our history and create a path forward to a society in which all people in U.S. cities are economically secure, building wealth, and living abundant, dignified, and connected lives. We have had many opportunities before to collectively reckon with our past and imagine a better future, such as the end of the Civil War, the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, and most recently, the Great Recession of 2008. Yet we have consistently chosen not to do the necessary work to repair past harms. It is our hope that President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris do not miss this opportunity to center racial equity to build a better country.

More immediately, Biden and Harris are inheriting an economic shutdown fueled by the COVID-19 crisis that has hit Black and brown communities especially hard. There are still widening racial gaps that urgently need to be addressed at the local level, and it’s up to local leaders to work to close them. Their first priorities in office should be to center those communities and ensure that their recovery is paramount to our nation’s collective rebuilding. We will hold the Biden administration accountable to their stated commitments on racial equity, and in particular, to Black America.

To do so, we call on the Biden administration to prioritize the following recommendations as they plan for their agenda:

Reckon with the long-term effects of racism on our nation. As we work to close the income and wealth gaps, we must honestly reckon with our history and its implications on the current context. We must support residents and leaders who are willing to put their social capital on the line to learn together about racial equity, the history of race in their own cities and to hold themselves and their organizations accountable to change. Places like Buffalo, Cleveland, and New Orleans have already trained thousands of residents and government employees and are leading the way.
Address long-standing power imbalances. This reckoning will necessarily lead to a conversation about who has historically had power, and who hasn’t. With federal, state and local government decision-making, power must shift to an accountability relationship with the community members who are most affected by the decisions being made. We need to disrupt the behaviors and beliefs of those in leadership who are perpetuating racial gaps, continuing to fail to address history, and undermining our ability to see and approach each other with the fullness of our humanity. So many of the root causes of racial inequity are within the power of government to affect. The Biden administration has the opportunity to reimagine the operations and everyday functions of government to engage communities and earn public trust.
Invest in and empower cities. The COVID-19 crisis has affirmed the importance of strong, nimble and competent local government, especially at the city level. Mayors and other local officials have been on the frontlines, shutting down their cities, coordinating medical supplies, and advocating for their constituents’ needs, in the absence of federal leadership. Additional funding and support should be given to local governments to help them manage their recovery and create more equitable systems.
Change the way capital flows. COVID-19 has cost us millions of jobs, with businesses owned by people of color suffering a disproportionate share of the losses—a result of the racial wealth gap, the legacy of racism in banking, and myriad inequities in entrepreneurial ecosystems. These barriers were in place long before COVID-19, and it remains critical that we undo them. The Biden administration should encourage policies and practices that put people of color in decision-making positions in investment institutions, and challenge definitions of creditworthiness and other norms.

Living Cities is guided by a set of values that keep us grounded in and accountable to the Black and brown communities in which we work. We will stay committed to these values throughout the length of the Biden administration, and push him and those in government to realize their promise of a better, united country. We will work with our members and partners to ensure they live these values as well and join us on our journey.

Dave (in MA)
    Megyn Kelly@megynkelly ·
    No. Half of the country has been demonized as awful for four years just for supporting their president who was falsely accused of Russian collaboration, wrongly impeached & attacked relentlessly by the L & a dishonest media. And now it’s “let’s heal!” “Unity!” Good luck.

    Austan Goolsbee@Austan_Goolsbee
    Replying to @megynkelly



Somebody posted about wondering how long Janice Dean would be at Fox.

Made me think about who killed her in-laws, and their “character”.


Here is the set of values since I have an email with hot links but have been unable to find a good link to this from their Catalyst newsletter.

Founded in 1991, Living Cities is a collaborative of the world’s largest foundations and financial institutions. We foster transformational relationships across sectors to connect those who are willing to do the hard work of closing racial income and wealth gaps.

Together, we are partnering with cross-sector leaders in cities across the country to imagine and create an America in which all people are economically secure, building wealth and living abundant, dignified, and connected lives. Our staff, investments, convenings, and networks support efforts that operationalize racial equity and inclusion in local government, create inclusive narratives, bring communities together to devise and act on a shared vision for the future, and eliminate inequities in systems such as entrepreneurship, homeownership, and access to capital.

The foundations and financial institutions that fund us are critical partners in our efforts to close racial income and wealth gaps. Beyond simply funding together, our board has explored ways to collaborate and move toward alignment on the deep root causes of the issues each of us is trying to address.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Living Cities harnesses the collective power of philanthropy, financial institutions, and local governments to close racial income and wealth gaps in American cities.

All people in U.S. cities are economically secure, building wealth, and living abundant, dignified, and connected lives.

Living Cities’ core values – those we believe are fundamental to the organization’s success in achieving its mission – are collaboration, innovation, leadership, impact, and racial equity and inclusion. These organizational values guide our everyday decisions about how, why and what we do.

We value:

Collaboration: As a partnership of foundations and financial institutions, collaboration is at the core of our work. We believe that respect, diverse perspectives, power sharing, and the open exchange of ideas among varied partners will lead to the structural changes necessary to close racial income and wealth gaps.

Innovation: Changing broken systems and closing racial gaps requires disrupting the status quo and elevating and sustaining successful ideas from communities, while recognizing the value in fresh approaches to old problems. We aim to take risks and test novel solutions in service of economic opportunity for all.

Leadership: We continually ask difficult questions, engage in uncomfortable conversations, challenge obsolete assumptions, and support others to do the same in an effort to close racial gaps – in our institutions and across systems. And we not only strive to lead by example, but also learn from the labor of those who came before us and those who continue to do the work of fostering a more just and equitable country.

Impact: We are committed to the economic security of all people in U.S. cities by undoing racist systems that create disparities for people of color. Through a combination of race-centered approaches and a results focus, we hold ourselves accountable to this commitment and are intentionally self-reflective as we work to continuously improve.

Racial Equity and Inclusion: Racism is at the root of so many of the problems we are trying to solve, so addressing racism must be squarely at the center of how we work. We rely on each other to hold the organization accountable to moving the needle on racial equity and inclusion by living the following cultural norms: work to understand history and the ongoing legacy of racism, interrogate our own biases, extend mutual acknowledgement and respect, challenge damaging power norms, be open to vulnerability and risk.

Lots of money and power behind that vision. Connected closely to all those media companies determined to anoint and install their pick for the Presidency going forward, not that of the American voters themselves.


Well, with people fleeing the cities they may not have much to work with?





I wonder if our new would be overlords would be able to withstand us doing to them what they did to Trump.

And no, TM, not going to employ fake dossiers or phony impeachment and we sure as hell do not have corruptocrats embedded in every deepstate federal agency.



I assume Seal Team Six isn't on their list.

Hopefully they will wish it had been.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

In Texas the cry was and is "Remember the Alamo!".
For us it should be "Remember the Red Mirage!"

That was the declaration of war by the Dems that they not only intended to steal this election but had in fact already stolen it, and were simply waiting for Nov 4th to execute the theft.


One more point. I started following Living Cities as part of recognizing the role of what Brookings now calls Metropolitianism in the broader vision education reform and its true goals are tied to. As part of that investigation, in 2012, I was reading a related book published in 1998 which al gore wrote the Foreword to while serving as VP.

It stated explicitly which metropolitan areas were deemed the furthest along in this broad, inclusive, regional vision that I would later come to recognize as the Marxist Humanist vision. (The reason I know it was August 2012 when I stumbled across this element was because I took the book with me while moving one of my children into freshman dorm).

The cities mentioned in order were Portland, Oregon; Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota; and Atlanta, Georgia.

Think about where those cities are now in the antifa vision as well as this week's election fraud.


So, my advice? Arm yourselves and advise your friends and family to do the same. With rifles especially. Handguns are fine for self defense at close quarters. But they are no substitute for what is needed for what the progs have in mind.

And practice, practice, practice.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Went to Bed in America, Woke Up in a Banana Republic

Tom R

Has this been posted yet?


Losing the chain of custody of this thumb drive violates multiple cyber security countermeasures. Thumb drives can be infected with viruses and malware so that when you insert them into a computer causes the computer to become defective.

In the DoD every USB port is configured so that if you insert a thumb drive or connect your smartphone to a USB port a warning goes off and the network sysadmins are alerted. Your account will get locked down while they investigate and even if the thumb drive had no viruses, your name will get added to a shit list that is sent to the chain of command. If you are a contractor you are at serious risk of getting fired.

Captain Hate

The cities mentioned in order were Portland, Oregon; Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota; and Atlanta, Georgia.

No surprises there.



Metropolitanism picks up the suburbs and beyond within broader vision. The actual city limits of atlanta are irrelevant. It picks up the 10 county metro area. I actually attended a regional State of the Region affair years ago and ended up sitting next to a well-connected black mover and shaker. The sort others, including kasim reed came up to speak to. He asked me why I was there and I explained where my following the trail of ed reform had led me and what my conclusions were.

He smiled and said: "You are right of course, but it's too late to stop this (I think this was 2013 just about time book came out). Anyway, anyone clever enough to piece all that together will do just fine no matter what kind of economy we now have."

Never have forgotten those words and not because in his mind he was paying me a compliment. This is why I have worked so hard to stay on this trail and piece it all together and now listen in on confirming webinars and online presentations.


Not caught up in the last thread, and not here either, however, I just wanted to pop in and wish CH a Happy Birthday.

And I agree with jimnj's recommendation in the last thread that we not snipe with one another.


Anyone have that link from yesterday to the banana republic t-shirts?


Austan Nice spelling, Droolsbee is as big a NANCY BOY as they come.

I'd pay to kick his ass.

Captain Hate

Like clockwork

Ann and I extend our congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. We know both of them as people of good will and admirable character. We pray that God may bless them in the days and years ahead.

Holy crap, Mittens dropped to his knees so fast, he probably broke the sound barrier.
Posted by: OregonMuse, AoSHQ Thought Leader, Pants Monitor & Social Distancing Professional at November 08, 2020 11:05 AM (mjBut)



I’m much more optimistic toda, especially after reading this:


and this;



Dear Shit Rumblee, are you aware that both DEMENTIA BOY and LEGS UP, COVETED and banged "thy neighbors" spouse????? Think about it as you grease your hair Rumblee.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

And I don't want to see anymore memes along the lines of "Ooh, this 2020 is really something...what's next a SMOD?" as though we all have been the victims of a series of unfortunate and unavoidable events. Bullshit.

It began with the Chicoms intentionally spreading their disease worldwide and the disgusting corrupt progs impeaching trump while their CCP allies were making the world sick, continued with the statists destroying the economy and our civil liberties for no reason other than harming Trump and acquiring power, grew worse with the literally and openly communist violent riots in the streets over a continuum of lies regarding race, history, the cops and America and now they seek to crown their gibbering king of corruption, a man essentially on the payroll of the Chinese communists who have such a large hand in all this mess, with the fruits of the calculated disaster they unleashed on us through by far the most blatant election theft in our history. And to top it off they seek to gaslight us by not only telling us not to believe our lying eyes but to sit down and shut up about it.
To quote the Duke in The Searchers; that'll be the day.


Tom R, Milwaukee is a dumpster fire. Not only for Elections.


Maybe the Times figures they won and can stop saying quite so many mindless things designed to sway stupid people.

Well the NYT headline today is simply "Biden Beats Trump." I guess they changed "Defeats" to "Beats" to avoid the karma of 1948. Praying we'll see a photo in a few weeks with Trump holding that up while laughing.

Captain Hate

henry, has this been talked about?

Wow, missed it in the election bullshit.

Kyle Rittenhouse was extradicted. Bail set at 2 MILLION dollars.

Under WI law, apparently bail is not set by a Judge, but a commissioner, and Spokesmen for victims get to talk at that 'hearing'.
Posted by: Romeo13 at November 08, 2020 11:51 AM (NgKpN)


Rse, I just posted but it disappeared. I was being a bit snarky there. I get it completely. Thanks for researching all this. I would have stuck a pen in my eye by now!

Advice for those licensed but unarmed, and with absolutely no experience with guns. No 9mm available. What does one buy? I imagine it would be for home protection. I can’t picture myself in actual battle. I know some of you have different opinions there, but I need to take it one step at a time. Thanks.


It's absurd Capn. HE won't be convicted of murder, because he didn't murder.
The $2 million bail is absurd.


CH, every time Romney opens his mouth I am mortified that I was ever disappointed that he lost. I remember swearing I would not vote for him after he “authored” Obamacare here in Ma. But I let it go, and believed in him. Dammit

Another Bob

"In November 2024 Trump will be five months older than Biden is right now. Barring any serious health issues in the interim he will be about 20 years younger mentally than the Paste Eater in chief."

One difference Ig - Biden "campaigned" from a recliner. If Trump shows any sign of remaining in politics, he'll be attacked relentlessly for the next four years. (May get that treatment anyway.)

If he survives that to get to 2024, he'll have to run yet another gauntlet to win the presidency again.

Don't see it happening.


So say we all:


Another Bob

"And practice, practice, practice."

Ammo supplies and price?


Thanks for the links Jane and also Iggy @ 11:48.
Jane, if the storm gets really sporty, you and Kiwi are welcome to stay here.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

As Breitbart always noted politics is downstream from culture.
The most important thing we can do, if we wish to change the culture, is to not sit down and shut up.
Cultures are changed by those who exercise their voices. And cultures are lost by those who allow themselves to be silenced.
So, if we want to change the culture peacefully and have any chance of avoiding a civil war we will have to stop silencing ourselves. That is a form of surrender and it's one they count on.
No more shutting up to keep the peace. No more letting our relatives insult and walk all over us. No more watching, using or listening to people or their products or services that hate us and want us, at best, silenced and, at worst, permanently so.
Thy are bullies and our diffidence is a form of battered wife syndrome.
We are now the Monkey Wrench Gang because Edward Abbey's sick shitbirds used their wrenches to break the old world and create this horrible new one in which we live. If you want to change that before they start building camps, punch a bully in the nose, with your mouth.


CH, the machine runs a hell of a railroad service, extending through Kenosha. (Their transportation service sucks, but Metra too goes to Kenosha)

James D.

From the last post, and JOM fooling itself.

I'll be the first to admit that I fooled myself. For all my cynicism and ranting, I truly did believe in a lot of things happening that never did, and in retrospect clearly were never going to.

I don't want to make that mistake again.


Wait, we don't think that Trump will follow the long tradition of not speaking out critically about his successor? Well, I never!


A”unity” cabinet.



TomR. The ex CIA rep in NoVA was losing until they found a flash drive with an extra 3000 votes

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This may be the worst thing I've heard from a prog yet, including Jen Rubin and her cra-cra list;
Bill Maher's Excellent Adventure Into American Unity Will Blow Your Mind
[and what a tool who wrote the article for Redstate.]
Maher is one of the most defamatory, vile creeps on the left. If Biden had lost he would be calling us Nazi's, racists and all the rest as he has all along.
The patronizing little shit pretends to be magnanimous only because his pals are stealing an election. Had Trump crushed Biden, let alone stolen an election from him Maher would be foaming at the mouth and turning bug-eyed purple.
It's just his version of "I've got nothing against black people some of them are my friends" except it is us who he condescends to.
Get bent, butthole.


CC, transfer your feelings about ROMNEY to any and every DEMOCRAT. All of them are for BABY KILLING and NONE OF THEM are against COMMIES RIOTING in the STREETS. THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. You cannot unring that bell.
The thing about SHIT RUMBLEE, is he has ZERO SELF AWARENESS. He believes being the first VICHY is a good thing. He is ALWAYS posing with his greasy hair and greasy smile. WHY IS HE ALWAYS THE FIRST to SHIT ON US?? HIS GIGANTIC NEED FOR AFFIRMATION.


I truly did believe in a lot of things happening that never did, and in retrospect clearly were never going to.

They were happening, and an honest election would have shown that. We know that Trump increased his share of the vote among blacks, Jews, and Hispanics. We know that he increased his overall vote total substantially. We always knew that he'd have to overcome fraud and manipulation by the Dems and their toadies in the judiciary. If the Dems succeed in installing Joe Dementia, Trump will lead a backlash over the next 4 years, that will make 2010 look like a garden party, hopefully including serious voting reform. It's hard to see him running again at age 77, but he could have a big influence on who does run and win. And it won't be milquetoasts like anyone named Bush or Kasich.

Tom R

Henry @ 12:00

If Trump lawyers can convince the SCOTUS to invalidate the 169K ballots on the thumb drive that was lost then that would almost certainly flip Wisconsin in Trump's favor.


Already there, Gus. I guess my point was that’s when I realized he and other pols really weren’t in it to help.


Very few are CC. We've had the SENATE and yet the GRANDSTANDING by GOP Senators goes on.


“We have the Senate”

Miss Lindsey already said Biden would get his appointees approved. After a decade of rule by EO and regulatory decree by departments, that is full surrender. The Vishy Rs have the Senate. Not us.


Yes maher is something you scrape off your shoe and burn in a hot oven, i dont need to remind you why i think this way.

In one of the most tds spit driven exercises by robert gleason, a maher mamque is being splayed by a so called saudi terrorist (i say socalled because the author didnt bother to check the surname was indian)


Superlatives are overused



Trump moved the ball in the right direction, Biden can't push it back that much if the GOP takes the House in 2022. It's just a reality that we're going to see a battered dollar, defensive stock market, weak real estate prices, foreign policy blunders, Babylon Bee-style social program proposals, etc. Clarence Thomas and Sam Alito need to eat all their vegetables and get plenty of rest.


Tom R. A few steps in between. Next is the canvass, which reconciles counts to ballots. Then a recount. Either could backup the votes reported by Milwaukee. Especially if physical ballots are in the system (valid or not). A thumb drive ain’t squat. The Supreme Court knows that.

Focus on voting process issues.
1. Failure to purge voting lists under WI law and court orders.
2. County voting officials assisting mail in voting at “get out the vote” events before in person voting was allowed. (Dane & Milwaukee Counties. With Jill Biden, Harris, even Joe Biden at these events).
3. Clerks in Dane and Milwaukee encouraging people to classify as “indefinitely confined” and subvert voter ID.
4. The selective “curing” of vote by mail ballots based on voting “D”

That list needs to be fixed. Thumb drives are a distraction.


Wow, apparently my store building is very stable. Nothing rattled there. Son said they did not know it happened. That’s good!

Sorry FLA people. You welcomed a crazy woman and her family! Just heard the soccer club president and her family upped and moved there. Good for us here, bad for you 😉

Alex Trebek, rip


alex trebek has died.


Well I meant “welcomed” sarcastically.


Some of you might remember I stopped going to my church when our interim pastor sobbed as he admitted his 'white privilege' and he invited speakers from BLM sympathizers.

I've been watching different churches online at fb and youtube. This morning I watched the pastor at the FBC at a Wednesday night prayer meeting. One of the first things he said was I don't want to stand up here and preach politics, but I'm going to -- I'm afraid other pastors won't; and, why they won't is because they are cowards. He talked about their fear has helped cause political correctness in our culture.

However, the best part of the Wednesday night prayer meeting was an activity he had members participate in. He passed out cards with a topic word and asked small groups of four to five to get together and work out one word that described the topic. Explaining it, he told them here's one card with 2020 on it. Held it up and laughed as chuckles and groans went through the crowd. There were topics like covid, single, election, etc.

The one word answers to a few:

2020 - crucible

covid - fud (they made up a word, fear, uncertainty death - he chuckled, said you only get one word, but allowed it, they've had quite a few members die from covid)

alone - unexpected

coffee - versatile (he grinned and said, I thought you'd say essential)

single - someone immediately answered lonely and a woman's voice rang out and said freedom (the whole group laughed.

friend - confidant (he used a big French accent, said he loved the word)

He went to single again: lonely. Pain of being alone. Single: solitude. The glory of being alone. Time to strengthen.

He segued into only 30% of millenialls believe marriage is important. He spent quite a bit of time on how important marriage is to our culture and what can be done to enlighten the young.

Also, earlier he had announced there was a 15-year-old suicide here last week and asked everyone to pray for the law enforcement people who have to deal with this. A small town five miles away where my sister lives had a teen suicide last week. He prayed for both families, naturally.

He prayed that our Lord pushes back the darkness and strengthens us during this time. Of course his prayer was beautiful and longer, but this little prayer service made me feel so calm, peaceful, and (hopefully) strong again.


A thread at TDW is questioning why Trump had a press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping to which another poster asks, "Why did Lewendowski say Four Seasons Landscaping are heroes?"

Here's the thread.



"Is there a winner?"

No. No, there isn't.

Manuel Transmission

Paranoia alert:

Over the last few months I've had an issue posting TWIP to my homies. After chasing inbound/outbound spam filters from our email provider, my only resolution was to copy Hoyden's post on JOM, as is, with the text overlay and maybe a picture. Those go out OK.

Now for the last few weeks, Mrs MT has been blocked from sending Clarice's Pieces (her first thing to do Sunday mornings). I can send them, but 'not my job!'

So for the last couple Sundays, I've tried many different options/pathways.

> different email accounts including POP3 vs IMAP

> Platforms - all prior activity on iPhones, but tried different mail app on Mac.

> I can sent Clarice's out to all homies, but Mrs MT can't reply all, unless the initial link is removed.

> We've done every possible variation of hard reboots, test emails, C&P vs browser assisted formatting, adding text, pix, etc.

So, here is the absurd, but paranoid conclusion:

Some conservative websites have a network filter that blocks their links for being passed around via email, but perhaps randomly invoked for specific senders. (??)

Keep in mind this is separate from my normal dozen or so outbound links/day and quotes from here. Mrs MT less so, but no other problems.

Anyone else had this problem?


Alex Trebeck died


Rocco’s 12:48 makes me realize that I have much better things to do with my time.



Young kim the cambodian emigre won in california.

JM Hanes


"So, if we want to change the culture peacefully and have any chance of avoiding a civil war we will have to stop silencing ourselves. That is a form of surrender and it's one they count on."

Amen to that. It gets easier with practice, too.


Happy Birthday, Captain!!!🎂

One thing we know about President Trump — he doesn't do things by half measures. Given the results we've seen so far, he walloped Biden. Apart from the blue hell states, the democrats performed poorly. All that aside, the media's haste to declare demented Joe the winner in the face of the information that has come out about the all important count is not just naive, it's criminal.

This has to be pursued fully. I believe Justice Alito recognizes this. It must scare the depends off Biden.


Speaking of not silencing oneself- son sent email to UMass chancellor correcting him on his email congratulating Biden on his win. He’s not expecting a reply - except to tell him he’s on double-secret probation.


A self dealing cartel makes a statement and weresupposed to be totes good with it, whats the greek cognate molon labe.

Tom R

Rocco's link at 12:48 goes to The Donald website. Within that link is another link to here:


This link as well as the embedded tweets are must reads IMO.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping is in an industrial zone of Philly next to a porn shop and crematorium. When I started watching Rudy's press conference I thought to myself WTF why are they holding the press conference here? Numerous Fake News organizations were ridiculing the Trump campaign for choosing Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

If, and this is a big IF, Team Trump selected the Four Seasons Total Landscaping location for the reasons being speculated then it was a massive mindfuck on their part. It's stuff like this that gives me confidence that Team Trump has everything under control.

Cliff notes version for anyone who doesn't want to go to the links. Four Seasons Total Landscaping has donated to multiple Democrat politicians. The Twitter Sleuth who started the discussion speculates the Democrats used Four Seasons Total Landscaping as a money laundering operation.

Why else would the Trump campaign pick that location except to send a signal to the Democrats that they are one step ahead of them and that the hammer is about to drop?

JM Hanes

Manuel Transmission:

I don't send out many links by email, so I have nothing to report on that front. I have noticed that lately I frequently get an "Oh snap, something went wrong," when I click on American Thinker links from here though. When I refresh the page, the article appears, so there's nothing wrong with the linked URL. I've been getting that kind of two-step on Twitter as well. The funny thing about Twitter is that you can click their "Try Again" button till kingdom come without success, when the refresh button will work first time around.

"Some conservative websites have a network filter that blocks their links for being passed around via email."

I've never heard of that before. Why would a site do that?

In any case, I do get the distinct feeling that there's a lot of experimenting with ways to control traffic going on, and I hope someone who knows more than I do on our side is working on tracing such efforts and developing preventatives.


So, my advice? Arm yourselves and advise your friends and family to do the same.

Agreed, but I also think the best move is to get out of blue areas if you can. It'd be much easier to defend a place like South Dakota than little Republican towns in blue states, especially after the leaders there get down on their knees like some are already doing.

Dave (in MA)

Hey, we'd appreciate a little magnanimity from you racist, fascist bastards...


then it was a massive mindfuck on their part.

Mind fucking has a shelf life of about 3-4 seconds on the post election night corruption clock.

Make a case, prove your case. Period.


MT, I know of no blocking by AT. You might tell the editor about your problem.
Anonamom, Brits are going to do what we should have done months ago:https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8925321/Millions-elderly-vulnerable-free-Vitamin-D-government.html


Thank you Marlene. I’m watching. What I don’t need is to los power. Getting blown away might be a trip!

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