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November 08, 2020



While it is obviously a big, uphill battle, if Trump pulls off the win it will be biggest, best political win ever.

If it happens, go long on insane asylums:)

Another Bob

“Dow futures up 1,500 points after Pfizer vaccine news and election outcome”

But mostly vaccine news. /ace headline


Its like that twit martin parlotta whose all in on electric cars.

Jim Eagle

Hard to believe it is only 0840hrs. But since I was up at 0200hrs, not really.

See my medico later on today. I have a quiver full of symptons to share with her. Nice young lady from The Bahamas. Did her residency here and decided to stay and hang up her shingle here.

Jim Eagle

Forgot! In case it hasn't been posted.

Feinstein's husband is a big share holder in Dominion Vote Fraud Machines and Pelosi's ex-CoS is it's CEO.

Nothing to see here. Move along.


Like the croupiers in the casino.



Jr. spent last 2 weeks on a rotation training three Internal Medicine Residents.

One from Indiana, one who escaped Cuba, and one from Cameroon.


In Biden’s America, it’s not safe to go bowling.



Laxalt in melindas link is the son of payl laxalt who was defamed by moldea in his driveby against the gipper, in order to install harry reid

Tom Bowler

A “Biden” administration will have zero ability to match Trump’s successes. Won’t take long for that to become crystal clear.

I wonder about that, Buckeye. I expect the media to heap the praises on Biden, starting with his skillful handling of the CCP virus, now that the arrival of a vaccine is imminent.

Another Bob

“how many grew up monkeying with things”

A fair chunk of those I know did. It’s what propelled many into engineering school.


Tom Elliott

@NYGovCuomo says it’s “bad news” Pfizer’s Covid vaccine came during the Trump Admin; says he’s going to work w/ other governors to “stop” distribution “before it does damage"



He should wear a grim reaper robe and carry a scythe.


Did kull cuomo have any opposition?

Robin, eff 'em all

Narciso's twitter link:

Alex Berenson
Remote learning is failing massively:

Half of students in Dallas know less math than they did a year ago.

Guess who's hurt the most?

Here's a hint: not rich white kids. "Latino and Black students lagged far behind their white peers."


Tell us something we don't know.


Maybe we should consider replacing “In God we Trust”, with “Cheat for the Win”.


Wait i thought it was the other way around?



Note: The $BNTX $PFE experimental vaccine, called BNT162b2, must be stored and distributed at -94 degrees and once thawed can be kept in a refrigerator at below 46 degrees for 24 hours. These requirements "will make it very difficult for community clinics and pharmacies”



Thats peculiar, does any other vaccine require such conditions.



Jim Eagle

More "Close Encounters of Dominion Voting Systems and The Clintons"



Ran out to grocery stores including wf because i needed a few things only they carry. Young 30-somethings with a toodler walking away from store chatting with someone they obviously knew and he was saying "Well, you know if the judiciary overturns this election all hell will break lose."

They nodded and no one was alarmed. It was more a tone of self-rightousness.

Thought I was going to throw up. Submit suckers could well be the new desired mantra. The amount of damage the media has wrought with its false narrative stories and refusal to cover inconvenient facts that only half the country is aware of has ripped this country apart. It's just not clear which of the fissures will burst first.

Nothing though would be gained by pretending the massive, calculated voter fraud did not occur, especially when combined with the attempted coup after the election in 2016 after hillary lost.

Another Bob

It’s all too obvious, isn’t it.



It may be they set it up exactly thar way per the transition integrity project.


Some good info on CNBC showing how great 90% effectiveness is for a vaccine. How effective current vaccines are:
Measles: 97%
Smallpox: 95%
Chicken pox: 92%
Seasonal flu: 40-60%



Here is a self proclaimed nerd diving into the Mandalorian mayhem:


He cusses a little bit in the video.

We started subscribing to Disney Plus this year as a consolation prize for our kids who had the final months of their school ruined. My youngest wanted to catch up to her geek friends and binge watch The Mandalorian. Having dropped cable years ago and survived mostly off of Netflix since then, adding another streaming service was acceptable. Until now.

Don’t Vote For Pedro!

Disney is getting cancelled today much to my daughter’s great dismay. She isn’t upset with me or her mom, she is irate with the foolish actor.

My favorite comment from the YouTube link:

he is the easiest main actor in history to replace without ruining their show. at least until the Hollywood deepfake and CGI era truly starts. and he does this.

True, and replacing him would be Disney’s only salvation to get me back, which still isn’t very likely.


Well he can do bland american like the villain in equalizer 2, or scenery chewing texan (kingsman)


Thank you, Robin.


Rising serpent 🇺🇸
This is one of those things that you don't believe till you see it with your very own eyes.
And then you get really really pissed.

A_Blosssom 🇺🇸 @A_Blossom4USA
A friend just sent this video she recorded election night.

Start of video PA total votes are:

Trump 1,690,589
Biden 1,252,537

At the end of the video the totals on the screen are for PA are:

Trump 1,670,631. -19,958 votes
Biden 1,272,495. +19,958
What a coincidence!


(The magic of ScoreCard!)


Thats not good is it?


Haha! Typepad vaporized why I was thanking you. I appreciate you providing text to a link from Narciso.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Evidently Kim Klacic's election was stolen as well.



Hopefully the Verizon freeloaders decide Disney isn’t worth it.


Note how they were throwing shade at the other star, which is stupid because she can knock you on your keester.

Young Lurker

BNT162b2 is an RNA-based vaccine candidate, like Moderna's (which also needs to be extremely ice cold).

DNA holds the code for everything in our bodies in every cell, and is very stable at room and body temperature. RNA is the small piece of code that is taken from the stretch of DNA that needs to be put into action at any given moment in any given cell type. RNA is extremely unstable, by design, and degrades quickly after it's been used (to ultimately build a protein). This gives our cells the ability to turn genes on and off readily.

Existing approved vaccines are made of protein.. the DNA/RNA steps of the building process are carried out in test tubes and the protein - typically a defunct portion of the virus - is injected. But these new cutting edge vaccines are backing up one step and administering the RNA code for the portion of protein that we want expressed, and the protein will be generated by your own body and subsequently lead to immunity.

But, because RNA is so unstable, these will need to be ice cold. The pro's to this new technology include rapid scale manufacturing capability (RNA can be synthesized quickly, whereas the normal vaccines take time due to growing the proteins in cells in a lab and then harvesting them). Also, only a tiny tiny bit will need to be administered, an argument in favor of increased safety.

In the con's column, for this completely novel technology that has similarities to a gene therapy and might be tested on hundreds of millions of people after being rushed to market and manufactured quickly, I simply put.. "what could possibly go wrong?"


Gina carano, for daring to express free thought.

Texas Liberty Gal

Got up this morning and turned on FNC out of habit. I almost threw up. Ansley was all cheery talking about President elect Biden. I use to love her. So sad - I'll never turn on FNC again.


Thanks young lurker so its not unheard of


Interesting (to me):

On covid, local Sunday's newspaper listed the age of people who died from the virus. There might have been 10 to 12 or more. The listings were like this: county name, two women, over the age of 65+ group; one man, over the age of 65+ group died from covid. Out of all of the names, there were two or three people who passed away in their mid-50s.

Maybe your area newspapers have switched to listing the ages, but it was the first time for us. This is one of the things I've yelled at the tv about -- tell us the ages, tell us if these new cases are in the hospital, give us the facts.

Then, on this morning's CBS television affiliate newscast, the state has appointed a doctor to a new position -- I'll call it 'truth teller. He wants us to know all of the 'facts' -- so we can be sure to wear our masks, etc. (There's so much pressure on Gov. Stitt right now -- every bit of news is about the state's 'no mask mandate' -- and how it's been proven that in areas where there is a mask mandate the percentage of cases has dropped from 80% to 20%. I don't know what that percentage refers to, people who went outside their house? Who knows?!

I finally turned the tv off because the CBS newsreaders were smiling and so animated and happy over our new president's plans for the coming inauguration.



I've decided I'm 'back' to watching football (as much as I despise the organization. I think if I keep watching the news, I might stroke out.


Porch's link: "Twitter now suspending accounts of anyone mentioning Benford's Law."

Well, that might spare me the bother of looking up how to quit the place. Think I'll try it.

I tried to quit fb one time, and it was fairly complicated. But, that was about five years ago, maybe it's been simplified. Or, again, I could post Benford's law over there and await termination.


How unifying.



More Than 450,000 Ballots in Key States "Miraculously" Only Have a Mark for Biden


Powell on Bartiromo‘s show.


As boris might say

Robin, eff 'em all

Haha! Typepad vaporized why I was thanking you. I appreciate you providing text to a link from Narciso.

I was wondering if you were speaking to me or the other Robin. ;-)

FYI, I cancelled Disney Plus yesterday when I got the email from Verizon that our freeloading days were at an end. They won't get my $7/month. The Teen hasn't found out yet and I'm pretty sure she'll be sad, but I'm not so sure that she'll be sad enough to pony up the money herself.


Elliott,3.25: If the rallies resume, what should the musical selections be?

The Devil Went Down to Georgia
The Magnificent Seven
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Star Wars: A New Hope

I'm not pleased with many of these -- not giving them five stars, but it's a start. :)

I designed and rode in a drill team that used the theme from the Midway movie, and it was glorious. When we'd ride into the corners and canter out at each other, it was so exciting. Midway is a rousing, peppy movie theme, WWII, but wouldn't fit a political rally.

This passed some time for me (probably should have been working) but I enjoyed the mental exercise and then listening to snatches of lots of grand movie themes. Magnificent Seven can't be beat for inspiration. :)

Soylent Red

Elliott,3.25: If the rallies resume, what should the musical selections be?

If there is a rally in December they should definitely play "Jingle Bell Rock"

Holiday music and the credits music for "Die Hard".

I have also always liked the themes from "Patton" and "The Great Escape". "ALso Sprach Zarathustra" or "Ecstasy of Gold" would be good walk up music.

For a complete mindfuck how about bells theme to The Exorcist?


My phone isn't working.

No calls, no rings, no texts.

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