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November 02, 2020



Scott Presler deserves a Medal of Freedom. He's been canvassing the country, doing cleanups of homeless camps, registering voters, for years. Months in PA alone.

Well, I can honestly say that

I did everything within my power to re-elect President

Don’t wake up on November 4th, wishing you had done more — vote.


Why not, clarice? ;)

Happy anniversary (late) to the sbws, by the way!

Dave (in MA)

Studies have shown that to be the case, Pin.

JM Hanes

Bad news on the Austen front: Jane Austen's Chawton home 'at risk' from leaking roof

An appeal has been launched to help save the house in Chawton, Hampshire in which the author lived for eight years. Surveys have shown the roof in need of repair and there are concerns about items held in the museum being affected by damp. Museum director Lizzie Dunford said the roof's condition was "not good". The famed author completed all her celebrated works - including Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility and Emma - sitting at a small walnut writing table, now on display in the museum.


JM Hanes

And now back to your regular programming...


Nytol. Gird your loins . Smooches


Lil Pump!


It's after 1 a.m. and the President is still going strong. How is his voice holding up?


There’s still one more chance to write in Jimmy Carter.

Dave (in MA)

I hope nobody was counting on an Eat a Bag of Dixville Notch red wave. 5-zip in favor of Mush Head.


We did it JOM. We kept up with a 74 year old man who just got over rona.


Dixville Dicks voted for Shillary too. MAGA

JM Hanes

MAGA one and all!



Thank you for all of your comments, analysis, links and stats. Your information and enthusiasm are so appreciated!


You're welcome, Barbara! It is my pleasure.

xoxoxoxo to all at JOM.

Tomorrow will be insane. Enjoy every minute!


The Trump Supporter. One of my favorite 2016 videos.


Watch to the end.

Love you all!

jim nj

The internet is bouncing up and down again. You'll hear my screams if it does it again tomorrow.

Just think about all those planned actions and contingencies that are set to go off tomorrow and won't because the participants will be stunned into submission.

Lawyers be sitting on their asses. Protestors curled up in fetal positions in tiny closets hiding from the world. Politicians and campaign supporters so distraught they can't appear on national TV for fear of breaking out in sobbing fits. Teary, red-eyed CNN and MSNBC on-air personalities (I hesitate to call them journalists) with yips in their voices. National TV networks all ready to tell us that contrary to Trump's claims that he has won having to sit there and admit that he is correct.

It's gonna be glorious.

jim nj

I want to see broken souls. I want people to recognize that resistance to Trump is futile. I want a massive realignment that will give cover to the upcoming disembowelment of the remaining deep state. I want enthusiastic supporters doing the research and telling Trump to go after some sonofabitch in government that pissed them off.

I want the Glen Reynolds rule enacted - that every voter should have one lifetime right to fire one civil service employee fired with no recourse, no appeal, just gone.

I want the lowest performing 5% of federal employees fired each year. Just like GE and some other companies used to do.

I'm willing to suggest that Civil Service rules designed to prevent the wholesale turnover of the prior administration's personnel is no longer working. I mean the original thought was that you shouldn't fire the old idiots simply to install your own idiots. Which implied a core competency in the old people that currently can no longer be demonstrated.

The old thought was that graft was involved with the new appointments. I think it works the other way now. The graft shows up in being hired, or politically moved, into Civil Service positions that people can't be fired from.

I'd really like to see Trump go after that system, radically alter it, fire a ton of people, and then have the Supreme Court rule that Congress can't legally regulate how the executive branch hires and fires people.

The system is irreparably broken and inhibits the power of the executive branch to implement policy.

jim nj

I want four years of chaos. Just like the last four years of chaos. With the difference this time being that Trump and Trump supporters are in the lead pointing out the targets for investigation.

Not some mysterious, nebulous hint of some Trump misfeasance, but of real, documented malfeasance of all of the interest groups aligned against ordinary Americans. I want to know where the money comes from. I want to know if any of it comes from overseas.

jim nj

Instead of Trump always on the backfoot with scurrilous accusations, I want the action to go the other way. Some organizations may be clean. Purely funded and directed by Americans. I have a great many doubts about some of them though. Some, I think, are funded from outside the country, in whole, or in part, and are influenced by foreign actors or governments.

I think that the way left-wing organizations are funded is very clever, but I have a suspicion that they have gotten so clever that they may have crossed over the line into illegality. If I'm right, I want them investigated and prosecuted. I want people's eyes opened.

Deplorable D

I want the federal government prosecuted under the RICO statutes as a criminal enterprise.

jim nj

Interesting side note. Particle board has soared in price relative to plywood. Big time. Particle board is usually cheaper than plywood. It's made from wood scraps, not shaved plies. It's intrinsically cheaper to produce.

Iggy could easily explain this better, but the two are produced by different processes and you can't shift machinery between the two manufacturing processes, so it's a demand thing.

Homebuilders over the years have shifted from plywood to particle board because it is cheaper and has some dimensional stability that plywood doesn't have.

Iggy may correct me, but professionals, like homebuilders, have shifted to particle board, while amateurs still prefer plywood. So the home construction industry has recovered and needs huge amounts of particle board.

So plywood is currently cheaper and I'm thinking it won't be much longer as businesses board up, expecting riots.

Local NYC TV is showing plywood being applied to store facades in anticipation of riots and they are showing the interiors of stores that have been stripped of merchandise.

Merchants aren't relying on the plywood, they're moving, and hiding their merchandise.

In the process I expect plywood prices to rise, due to the increased demand, and realign with particle board prices.

jim nj

And this is something of an OL thing. Not only do you have to add in the new uncertainties into a structured business agreement like a commercial rental lease, you now have to figure in allowed riots.

I mean riots were so outside of established behavior that they were suppressed. Now they are street theater with approved motives.

1960's - riots bad
2020's - riots understandable


PL comment at

Mr Trump is a builder, a businessman, a problem solver, and a man of common sense and common speech. When he is not reading from a teleprompter or script (which he doesn't do very well), he is talking to his audiences as he would to any citizen, extemporaneously, telling stories and making jokes to get to his point.

Mr Trump is easily the most entertaining President I've ever heard, engaging in front of a huge crowd, and equally engaging (so I've read, and heard) in person, one-on-one. He gives you the straight scoop, plenty of exaggeration and occasional bluster, but no hint of prevarication: he tells you exactly what he thinks, and he does not mince words. It is incredibly refreshing in a politician, which of course he is not: he is a leader.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

May God's will be done.

Tom Bowler

Polls open at 6:00am here in Nashua. Time for me to get ready to go.


Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mrs SBW. Dave in MA. said it best on the last thread. I remember that Flintstones episode when it was broadcast for the first time.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Tito has a new line of Punch Back memes.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA



It’s Election Day! On my way out to vote
I predict President Trump will earn over 315 ECVs & be re-elected President by Thursday.
Hang in there everyone & stay safe.

Robin, eff 'em all

Bad news on the Austen front

Completely off topic (JMH did it first!), but there is a rather charming and speedy recent read called The Jane Austen Society, which managed to squeeze in many of the major themes of her novels and created a cast of very likable characters to boot.

Good morning! I'm off to OT (walking - sort of, FINALLY), then to vote.

Robin, eff 'em all

I mean PT!


Let's just remember that if the unthinkable happens and Americans elect a senile, corrupt 78-year-old, in two years we'll have another 2010-style with a sweep of Congress. It will be a rough two years, but we'll get through it. I'm still confident, but it's 2020 so anything can happen.

Robin, eff 'em all

Norpath thinking that NYS is in play isn't that much of a reach. Between the dispersal of thousands of NYC denizens to the wild reaches of the northeast, college students all home, and the general level of fury towards Cuomo's coronavirus response, oh, and riots in Rochester, people are pissed off.

Ithaca can't be saved, but outside the county is anyone's guess.

Robin, eff 'em all

Jimmyk, I think Trump will announce he's running for 2024 tomorrow if the election goes sideways. He will be a thorn in the side of the Harris administration for the next four years. A big spiky thorn with lots of barbs.


According to Mrs K, it was about a 45 minute wait at 6am when the polls opened at 6am (she got there at 5:50), and now it's more than an hour, despite a week of early voting. Glad I voted absentee.

James D.

Morning all!

Praying for a good outcome today. I hope all the positive forecasts are right.


’A 150 Grain Boattail for Fran Lebowitz.’

I thought she died in a tragic kiln accident?


Johnny Carson poking fun at Joe Biden's plagiarism in 1987 (30 seconds):



I'm missing the Fran Lebowitz reference. Did she say something else really stupid or obnoxious recently?


jimmyk, Fran is timeless. "recently" is unnecessary. Sardonic? Filtered? NYC sensibilities?

Taken by her own genius, she writes from an airless, opaque bubble.

"Lebowitz is known for her sardonic social commentary on American life as filtered through her New York City sensibilities."


Holy cow! It’s 55 degrees in Florida. Where is my mink?

Off to vote in a few minutes! Can’t wait! But clearly can’t wear my flag shirt!

Party tonite. It’s gonna be a great day!


A little morning pick-me-up:


Happy Anniversary to the SBWs!

Jim Eagle

Starting to warm up here, Jane but still more Vermont fall than Florida fall.

I am going to wait a couple hours before going to the poll to vote. All the seniors here wake up very early and jam the polling place. In 2016 no lines. Easy pleasy. Not in 2020. Lot of enthusiasm and energy in my small slice of America.


So Dame Peggy and Outhouse (peas in a pod) are "abstaining." That's an improvement over voting D as in 2016. Baby steps.

New Neo points out the irrationality (or idiocy):



Though it said Fran L., I thought it was an allusion to “ A Canticle for Leibowitz”. Post apocalyptic and all that, ya know?


happy anniversary to mr and mrs sbw.


Polls opened at 7am. I was first in line. Probably 60 folks in line. In little Verona there are a lot of Biteme signs and Trump signs are few and far between. I just tell myself that every house without a sign supports Trump.

Ralph L

I'd like to know how one stuffs a turkey breast. I haven't bought one in decades because I like to make soup, but the last one didn't have a cavity. Have turkeys changed?


It’s Election Day! Get out & vote! I just did & it felt so good!
I predict President Trump will earn over 311 ECVs & be re-elected President!
Stay safe everyone


Happy Anniversaryto Mr. & Mrs. SBW!


Mrs. E and I were #'s 36 and 37 at our new hick town fire station polling place. A guy outside in a Trump tent greeted us and handed us a guide, including a write-in candidate for Board of Ed., and thanked us for voting. I showed him my 'No Step on Snek' t-shirt and thanked him for his efforts. No line, free pen, friendly people, and a completely painless experience.


Yes, "may God's will be done".



Old Lurker

My brother emailed me:

"I am cautiously optimistic but worried sick."

Runs in the family.


Thank you all for your kind wishes.

Mrs. sbw joins me in our appreciation of those who make JOM so wonderful.

We are fortunate to have met so many in person, too. Just waiting to meet some more!


I voted! Very small line after a huge line at 7:00 AM. Timed it perfectly!



Ralph, I don’t think you really stuff it unless you do it like a stuffed pork chop which would result in too much work too little stuffing. A few years ago, Cooks Illustrated suggested a bed of “dressing” with the deconstructed turkey atop. Juices flow down keeping things moist.

Another Bob

“ If you're STILL having trouble getting nervous about tonight, think of Vienna.

One gunman (?) shut down the city center. Suppose one or more terrorists do that in swing-state cities like Philly. Talk about voter suppression.

May net votes for Trump but crush his legitimacy.”




Jane: I voted!

Which candidate did you finally decide to support?

Old Lurker

My Fantasy for tomorrow, after a landslide, is one simple EO:

"Effective immediately, any employee of the Federal Government, or any employee of a State/Local government which receives Federal money, must report in person and on time for work. All employees who fail to appear shall be terminated. Any State/Local government which fails to apply this rule will be denied all Federal money."


Amen, OL!

Old Lurker

Hey Porch, thanks for keeping my spirits up these last 90 days.

Don't fail me now.


Dhs is too busy looking for proud boys and boogaloos to concern themselves


Good morning!

My son called. He and his wife voted this morning in their suburban town on the west /northwest side of Indy and had a 1 1/2 hour wait, which shocked him. We opined that perhaps these were people like them on the way to work and it will thin out later in the day.

My sister is picking me up at noon and I have a list of places I can vote. She said she would take me anywhere and not to worry about how long it took because she couldn't bear the thought of me not getting to vote.

I think the people voting here are either stupid dems or people who want that popular vote to go over the top for Trump so that we at least won't have to listen to THAT for the next 4 years.


Porch rocked during the 2016 election, as well!! 🇺🇸

Old Lurker

Beasts, you get an Honorable Mention for lifting my mood, but only because you stayed away so long. Porch never took a sabbatical.


I think Trump will announce he's running for 2024 tomorrow if the election goes sideways.

For the aspiring author, eager to sign his name (or nom de plume) to an immortal, multi-tome recounting of the rivalries and jealousies of the 44th and 45th Presidents of these United States, an election night promise to carry the fallen standard in four years' time has certain literary advantages, not least the repetition in political life of the commercial reversals of the 1980s. On the page, the Great American Comeback can hardly be the work of a fortnight.

Yet, our fanciful fictionist, who wished to set down the American versions of Antony and Augustus or, in a pinch, Caesar and Pompey, must reckon with the interregnum of Sleepy Joe. Confronted with this irreconcilable implausibility, our crestfallen chronicler yearns for the victorious Trumpogriff to throw down the gauntlet and dare the lawgivers to remove the amendment on presidential term limits. Trump vs. Obama in 2024? May that summon the Suetonius of our age.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Surely the day deserves a new thread?
Tsk, tsk :) :)

We actually might not get much news today if the MSM boycotts news delivery? But in general a couple of possible outcomes.

KJOM 1: Had to cry today

KJOM 2: That's Why We're Here (Right Brothers)
"They answered when they hear Lady Liberty
Send a call throughout the land
Let Freedom Ring
That's why-- that's why we're here."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think you're confusing particle board with wafer or oriented strand board.
OSB was developed to provide a product made from large "wafers" of wood mechanically aligned to provide strength and then glued and compressed under high pressure and heat to produce a smooth sheet capable of use in areas where structural strength is needed, but that is cheaper than plywood. Since it can be made from any species and doesn't need high quality logs to produce it historically has been.
Particle board was developed at Satanic Industries as a product made from small chips, "particles", and compressed and glued at high temperatures to provide a product that has no strength whatsoever and in fact often displays the unusual property of negative strength as it frequently spontaneously disintegrates. Additionally, to Lucifer's design specs, it will almost instantly dissolve if you try to drive a wood screw into it and if anyone even whispers the word "water" in its vicinity it will instantly swell, warp, stain and then crumble into tiny bits of fluff and dust. It is a particular favorite of the Chinese communists.
Plywood is made by taking a log and turning it onto a long exceedingly sharp knife which peels off thin layers of wood so that one ends up with a sheet of wood veneer usually four feet across and many feet long. That veneer is then sandwiched with lower grades of other veneers to produce, usually 4x8 sheets of laminated sheeting of various thicknesses.
Plywood, unlike OSB and particleboard, comes in many grades and many species and there is a huge price range for plywood. It is also stronger and, depending on the glue used, more water resistant than OSB for a given thickness.
The commodity price for plywood is a basket of the more common products sold.
If OSB is priced higher presumably that is because its previously lower price provided sufficient demand for their to occur a shortage.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Looks like the Stock Market is figuring in that we WILL know tonight without prolonged BS and that the capitalist will win.

+400 Dow
+72 Nasdaq



elliott! I knew immediately it was you. *wave*


Thanks, OL!! I wouldn’t have been any of help during my sabbatical - trust me! 😎

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Porch rocked during the 2016 election, as well!! --

I'll never forget her excited call as it became apparent Trump was going over the top on election night. Well I guess I am starting to forget the exact words but it was something along the lines of "We're really doing this guys!" or "It's really happening, guys!"
Maybe TK can googlefu it; election night 2016.


Retweeted by the President:

Dr.Darrell Scott
We need to set all time records in voter turnout tomorrow for President @realDonaldTrump
! VOTE Donald Trump for President. #Election2020 #MAGAA2020
Pastor Scott is head of the Trump Urban Diversity Coalition (aka Black Pastors for Trump)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A 150 grain Boattail for Fran Lebowitz was indeed an allusion to A Canticle For Leibowitz, as John noted.




Hey elliot i want charles mccarry to stay fiction, better angels 1979

James D.

How on Earth is this not a crime of some sort?


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Off to the Vote Center.
CA has 4 in-person voting days.
The first 3 are 9am-5pm. Saturday was thin but steady, Sunday slow and yesterday picked up.
Today the poll is open 7am to 8pm.

Blessings upon all!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I don't make predictions but I have been known to guess.
I'm guessing Trump will win, but in an electoral squeaker. I think Rep turnout will be awesome, but I think the motivation of hate has been slightly underestimated and prog turnout will be awful in the old sense of the word which also meant awesome.
I guess the GOP holds the Senate too.
In the end I think and hope optimism and positive values will beat negative ones, but the country is infected with a pandemic of prog insanity.

I hope I'm wrong and Trump tops 300 EVs with ease and given the surge in the polls and his track record of closing and Biden's track record of always being the most boastful, stupidest, laziest and least impressive man in whatever room he occupies that is certainly possible.

I do believe this, America is still sufficiently self governing that we largely get the leaders we deserve. If Trump, who has done much good and been crucified for it, loses it will be because a majority of America didn't deserve a leader who does much good. If that happens we will all have to suffer under another anti American POS trying to dismantle what the Founders built until enough of us tire of our heritage being destroyed by a bunch of useless, greedy, hypocrites and imbeciles.

Soylent Red

Voted this morning at 0615 in rural Augusta County, VA. Parking lot at the local VFD full, line out the door. People moving rapidly through the process.

Had a nice workout after, came home and ate a good breakfast, and am now preparing to start the homeschool day. I don't plan on looking at any news until 2000 or after today.



It’s a secret!


Posted by: Another Bob | November 03, 2020 at 08:44 AM

that is the natural progression for bernie bros, never trumpers, and vanilla isis

and of course it would be trump's fault.


Hey Elliott!

After Trump wins tonite I want him t announce he is running for a 3rd term because the first one was stolen from him!


bravo elliott, bravo.


Well then:


Old Lurker

Narc, have you not heard our pleas that you offer some description to click on your links?

9:43 makes my point.

I trust you, but I will never, ever click on an unexplained link, and even then I am careful.


Off to vote!

Tom R

My 18 year old daughter called me yesterday and said she was scared about the election. She said there is a lot of talk on Instagram and Tik Tok both nationwide and on campus at Bama about riots if Trump gets elected. I told her it was unfortunate but also a good reason to vote for Trump otherwise those who spread hate and violence would be in power.


My Senecan equanimity of mind and spirit might be found wanting today.


Live stream of Milwaukee central vote counting at link. (If you are really bored)


Tom Bowler

I left the house at about 6:00am and got to the polls at about 6:15. We vote at the Amherst Street School which is adjacent to the Holman Stadium parking lot. Minor league stadium.

I was quite surprised to see that the stadium parking lot was nearly full. Never saw that before on election day, but then I've only voted at this location twice, and neither time was it first thing in the morning. I didn't see any lines, so I thought it wouldn't be so bad.

I was looking in the wrong place. When I got near the door I could see that the line had formed on the opposite side of the building. I followed the line backwards to its end. Along the walkway out to the street, up the street to the corner, around the corner onto Amherst Street, and about 100 yards down the street. I've never seen anything like it in 9 or 10 trips to the polls in Nashua.

I was in line for about a half hour when someone came out hollering for people whose last name begins with A or B. At that point I was still 50 or 60 yards from the door, but I was able to bypass the rest of the line to go in and vote. The dozen or so poll workers who cross you off the list when you vote are organized alphabetically, with each one taking a section of the alphabet. The guy doing A's and B's had run out of voters.

By the time I reached the walkway into the school, the line no longer extended around the corner onto Amherst Street, so I expect it will not be as busy all day as it was this morning.

It was pretty chilly. I had a warm long sleeve shirt, and I had my red Trump t-shirt over it. I had a fairly warm coat that I left open so that people could see my Trump shirt. No one seemed to pay attention, not that I was expecting anything. I saw very little to indicate who was voting for whom. American flag face mask, red shirts here and there, not much else. No MAGA hats. I don't have any kind of feel for how the election is going to go based on this morning's trip to the polls.

But I have to take it as a good sign that turnout was so heavy first thing in the morning. We do have early voting, and we do have absentee ballots, but I don't know how many took advantage of them. I just know that a lot of people decided it was very important to get to the polls as soon as they opened.


That 8:44 post of a TM tweet definitely is a WUT.Is it suggesting Trump voters welcome a slaughter of the innocents, are engaging in murderous violence or would or could, or wut?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Narc, have you not heard our pleas that you offer some description to click on your links?--

Some plea for clarity, some for optimism, some for brevity, but in the end the leopard[s] cannot or at least will not change his spots.

In my case I click on names that have proven useful in the past like "alexberen..."

In any case off to clean the church with the crew and then off to the mountains.
May Bismarck's dictum remain valid that God watches out for drunks, fools and the United States. :)

Old Lurker

You will be back tomorrow, Iggy?


Glad to be here for you, OL. And Beasts. :)

Iggy, to the best of my recollection, it was:

"I think this is happening."

Ralph L

Here's Saki's election invective story, a bit of Edwardian fluff:

Tom Bowler

Investors seem to think the election turn out OK. The Dow is up 561 at the moment.

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