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November 14, 2020


Captain Hate

This needs to be stapled to Dewine's forehead.

Alana Mastrangelo

Chris Wallace during the first debate: "Will you pledge not to declare victory until the election is independently certified?"

Joe Biden: "Yes."


Biden in September: No Victory Until the Election Is Independently Certified

Chris Wallace asked Biden if he would "pledge not to declare victory until the election is independently certified." Biden said yes.

11:49 PM - Nov 10, 2020 - Twitter for iPhone

Posted by: Clyde Shelton at November 14, 2020 07:05 AM (Do5/p)


Thats a very pasty surface captain, reilly tried to take out the leninist org but dzerzhinsky was much cleverer. First he trusted berzin who turned out to be working for felix he dismantled the trust but at the cost of his owm life and a decade later felix successor started the process with the cambridge 5? Of returning the favorm


So we are to believe the DOJ will deliver vote fraud investigations in time. This after four years of being told it takes years to indict a penny ante coup participant like Strzok or McCabe.


Magic eightball would suggest otherwise, henry


But we're on the right track, how many infiniti stones have they gathered is it 3 or 4

Captain Hate

We're down to nut cracking time, henry. It'll either happen soon or not at all. But DJT doesn't seem worried...


I stick to Grenell’s twitter, Henry:


When he starts tweeting that MAGAmen pulled a mission impossible high-wire trick on a German Strudelhaus, I’ll bite. Until then I’ll assume that the whole thing is a pixel fuse building experiment to see how many rally goers will start CW2 because Deep State.


Who is the new pentagon chief chris miller who was seconded from counter terror division who spent a life time in spec ops


He does the joy-kits I part well, though and he apparently put up some points in Iran which are only just now going on the board:
https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/rick-moran/2020/11/14/al-qaedas-number-two-killed-in-iran-by-israel-n1144164; Win or lose he won’t quit


Auto-cake chopped up jiu-jitsu. Sons of bitcoins


When I say “joy-kits” I assumed you were talking about Richard Grenell’s lifestyle, Peter.


He won his joker card at the battle of mogadishu aome think. He forgot the lesson 'of not being' seen in august

Jack is Back (Again)!


Hornung: the allure of winning 2, not 1, for the gipper.


Good morning. Saturday morning.

We're headed to the Austin #StopTheSteal rally in a little bit. JimSunnyvale, I think you said you were going to Sacramento? It was a big crowd last Saturday. My sense is it will be bigger today, in tandem with the Million MAGA March in DC happening as we speak.

Do follow the coverage of that (RSBN has at least one stream) if you can. Very exciting and encouraging to see all the patriots. DJT is supposedly confirmed to speak.

I might be able to catch up again later today.


He was married to the daughter of a nura front chief al mabruk; his daughter was married to hamza bin laden.


Mabruk also zawahiris gang eij bought it in august 2016.


Million MAGA March = Mega MAGA March


So this might add to code monkeys speculations, admittedly its a reach


Young lurker. I agree. If this doesn't work out, Trump and everyone connected with him will be forever mocked.

Tom R

So, the new question for me is this: Was Bezos(or Racer X) running the show or was he offering services-in-kind for the campaign?

If all the rumors about Dominion are true, that voting data was stored on foreign servers, and on top of that Amazon's cloud service was involved as a facilitator when you combine that with Trump's EO on election interference makes me wonder how much longer Bezos will be the world's richest man.

A lot of IF's there but one can hope.


Would that were the worst consequence davod ask sidney reilly.


Now queueing off ambassador jeffreys deception why are we in syria; it seems as much to protect al quedas syria franchise, now had for short hurraa al din.


I want Kyle to be pardoned!

With Flynn, if Trump were to get a second term, he could give him a chance to be acquitted or have charges dropped, as they should be, and which would be preferable. If Biden takes office on January 20th, Flynn will probably have to accept Trump's pardon. Not sure if Kyle is eligible for a presidential pardon, but if so, the same goes for him.


Not sure if this has been posted, and it's a week old, but she gets it better than most Americans:

AS PRESIDENT TRUMP said in his remarks Thursday evening, it may take time for the legal challenges to work their way through the courts and determine definitively who will be inaugurated on January 20. But we can already see that whoever wins, America’s democratic order is steeped in crisis. The Democrats’ post-election shenanigans are an expression of this crisis.

To be clear, Trump did not cause the crisis. It has two authors: The Democrats and the media.


Captain Hate

Kyle's being charged by the state, right? If so I don't think Trump can pardon him; only the governor can.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

This morning on the NextDoor app, one of my neighbors asked for info about StopTheSteal in Sacramento. I replied with the website ... but decided to go back and post the exact address.
The message had disappeared.
I sent the person a direct message and posted a couple of test messages. After a bit, I'll see if either is still there, I mean, it's possible the person took it down themself.

Also, on DuckDuckGo, I did at search on "StopTheSteal.us" and the first match was a web page owned by Nazi group DailyStormer.

Also seen on the internet:
People gathering DC 2 hours early

Tom R

So we are to believe the DOJ will deliver vote fraud investigations in time.

According to the EO the DOJ as well as every other federal agency has no later than 45 days after the election to comply with all the requirements in the EO. That puts the deadline on 18 DEC.


Captain Hate

I think this is the person someone in the horde misidentified and sbw couldn't find


Or maybe not...


The American Thinker article by E.M. Cadwaladr linked by the Captain above is a must read. He neatly lays out everything that I've observed and experienced in my life.

"We are all southerners now."


One of those videos with dozens of different local news hacks all mouthing the exact same words:


Just a coincidence I’m sure.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Also, on DuckDuckGo, I did at search on "StopTheSteal.us" and the first match was a web page owned by Nazi group DailyStormer.

I think but am not certain that Duck Duck Go uses or has it's searches affiliated with google results so if I'm not barking up a tree that result makes sense.


The following are the Advisory Board on the Future of Work report put out by MIT:

ADVISORY BOARD Roger C . Altman Founder and Senior Chairman, Evercore
Ana Botin Group Executive Chair, Santander Group
Charlie Braun President and Design Engineer Custom Rubber Corporation
Eric Cantor Vice Chairman Moelis & Company Former Republican Congressman and House Majority Leader (Virginia)

Volkmar Denner Chairman and CEO

Robert Bosch GmbH

William Clay Ford, Jr . Executive Chairman Ford Motor Company

Jennifer Granholm Former Michigan Governor

Freeman A . Hrabowski, III President University of Maryland, Baltimore County

David H . Long Chairman and CEO Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

Karen Mills Senior Fellow Harvard Business School Former Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration

Indra Nooyi Former Chair and CEO, PepsiCo

Annette Parker President, South Central College, Minnesota

David Rolf Founder and President Emeritus, SEIU 775

Ginni Rometty Chair, President and CEO IBM Corporation

Juan Salgado Chancellor, City Colleges of Chicago

Eric Schmidt Technical Advisor, Alphabet, Inc. Former CEO, Google

Elizabeth H . Shuler Secretary-Treasurer AFL-CIO

David Siegel Co-Chairman Two Sigma

Robert Solow MIT Institute Professor, Emeritus

Darren Walker President Ford Foundation

Jeff Wilke CEO, Worldwide Consumer Amazon

Marjorie Yang Chair, Esquel Group



Yes, Ignatz. I'm beginning to see the same thing using duckduckgo.



Bill Whittle analyzes Dr. Shiva's data on voting returns, including that the votes are weighted . This is blatantly unconstitutional.

He predicts a repeat of the 1876 election, in which Rutherford B. Hayes was elected by the House of Representatives. In that case only, the states vote one state, one vote.

Discussion starts about 15 minutes in.


WonderBoy pointed to this https://sneak.berlin/20201112/your-computer-isnt-yours/ about Apple spying on users and transmitting the data unencrypted.


Kyle Morris

GOP has flipped 12 seats in the House:

CA39 Young Kim
CA48 Michelle Steel
FL27 Maria Elvira Salazar
FL26 Carlos Gimenez
IA01 Ashley Hinson
MI03 Peter Meijer
MN07 Michelle Fischbach
NY11 Nicole Malliotakis
NM02 Yvette Herrell
OK05 Stephanie Bice
SC01 Nancy Mace
UT04 Burgess Owens

10:56 PM · Nov 13, 2020
Kyle Morris is a political reporter for Breitbart News.


I.U. looking like a legit No. 10 at the half.

Go Hoosiers!


They left out lauren boebert.


You never go full spectre.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

May have already been linked;
The Georgia recount may be as corrupt as the election itself


Whats beyond vekakte, my god


I dont know if you did an analysis of the build back taskforce, linda darling hammomd came to mind, like ayers proxy vote.





And yet purdue and co, seem basenghi



Sorry i meant fowler



Soeaking of which:






What’s the make up of the Ga. legislature?


They have a 28 r advantage fwiw.


I was gonna say “lard”

Milwaukee #defendyourvote rally pic at link:



Arbitrary rules.


So the MKE Health Department threatened the license of business that allowed @MKEGOP to host the #DefendYourVote rally (which was OUTSIDE) Why? because we were STANDING instead of sitting—at a rally.


Can state legislatures choose EC voters regardless of the official vote count? Or can they only refuse to certify? You’d like to think an R-controlled legislature would flout the official vote if it was obviously fraudulent, even if not proven so in court.


Jimmyk‘a 12:37 or so is quite shocking. Anyway I can get it on a non-Twitter platform?

Manuel Transmission

Hmmm, I just lost a short comment that included a bit-chute link to Amazing Polly. Anyone follow her? And why would typhuspad care?


https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2020/11/the-vote-switching-ghost-in-the-machine/ is quite good.

From the Introduction

t now looks like Deep State criminals have tweaked voting machine software to switch Trump votes – possibly millions of them — to Biden to create the illusion of a Democrat victory. You don’t have to believe me on this. If you still retain a smidgen of high-school algebra, the data patterns in voting in the swing state of Michigan speak for themselves.

A team of three engineers and software analysts have demonstrated that a minimum of 69,000 votes there were switched from Trump to Biden. Biden is supposed to have won Michigan and its 16 Electoral College votes by about 146,000 votes in an electorate of 5.4 million.

If the vote switching occurred, the two candidates would be virtually neck and neck, Trump probably ahead. The same voting machines and their software were used through all the swing states. Another ‘if’: if similar fraud is accepted by courts to have prevailed in those states, the US is headed for a giant constitutional crisis.

The Michigan auditing team was Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an MIT trained data scientist and Fulbright Scholar and now Republican Senate candidate; Bennie Smith, a Democrat and software engineer, data analyst and an election commissioner; and Phil Evans, engineer and data analyst. They analysed voting patterns in Michigan’s four biggest counties and concluded the patterns must have resulted from an inserted algorithm that switched salami-slices of votes from the Trump tally to the Biden column. The greater the voting support for Trump and Republicans, the bigger was the slicing-off for Biden. This can be shown by straight trend lines in the graphs, which would normally display a wide scatter.


The 1876 election in the HoR was a compromise- the price paid was an end of Reconstruction and Jim Crow for the next 80 plus years. In some ways a reversal of the Civil War outcome


Wow Bubarooni, what a thumping Sparty is taking.

This is the first time I remember being fearful of the Hoosier meetup.


Anyway I can get it on a non-Twitter platform?

peter, though it was just tweeted, turns out that video's been around a while, and claimed to be Sinclair affiliate stations. Still embarrassing. Anyway, it's probably on YouTube somewhere.

Glad you're feeling better.

Another Bob

FWIW, this Shiva Ayyadurai guy seems to have a bit of history as a self-promoter.

That doesn't make him wrong, it does raise a risk.


Pic of DC rally


Another Bob

At the Masters...

No spectators (erm) patrons. But at one hole at least some people somewhere can see the players. CBS mics are picking up what sounds like a small group screaming at the tops of their lungs as the player is about to play.

Doesn't seem to be bugging the players.

Captain Hate

I'm pretty sure Levin said the state legislature can overrule the official vote count with compelling evidence that fraud occurred.


Go Irish!

Beat the Holy Hell out of Fredo!
(Sorry peter)

And I am thrilled with Indiana beating the PANTS off Sparty, even though Sparty beat UM.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Decent column by Kevin Williamson that manages to largely avoid the usual sneering;
Why Trump supporters are here for good.


Living large here today--moved the den TV on the floor, with Masters playing.

Uh oh--this red bandana story might make this not go the way I hope.
We lost so much on 9/11.
So many Americans are the very best.

CCGirl does not like what is going on 😳

Jane, I’m with you. Kinda confused, but I think I have the gist of it. Still in that place where I won’t believe it until I see something actually done about it. I plan on reading Clarice’s article for a full explanation tomorrow am. :-)

Met with my new bookkeeper this am!! Very happy about that! Cleaned up the garden and am enjoying my hot peppermint tea with a splash of bourbon! (My new drink!)

Crowds look amazing in dc. Will check some other sites and see what’s up.

Buckeye, I love my “My Pillow” and my mattress topper. Sleep better than ever now!

I gave money yesterday to Kyle and prior to election to RSBN. Any other worthy groups? Because until any group can convince me they are independent of the commies they are getting “donut.” (Mad Jack term)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

In the same vein as Williamson's;
Elite Opinion Is Never Wrong
Reality may fail to measure up to cocktail party assumptions, but the chit-chat of the better people rings on, unchanged.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Jack Cashill;
Obama Defames 'Millions of Americans' as Racists in New Memoir




Thanks, CH and Clarice. Maybe they're better off going straight to those state legislatures once they've assembled the evidence, than rolling the dice with these lower court black-robed tyrants. Though maybe they have to do that in order to get to the hopefully more fair-minded SCOTUS.


Mel, your 8.47 about GM. I got a 'recall' or whatever you call it about my 2019 Hundae last week. Something about a fuse ?, I think. It said might start a fire, to park outside garage until repaired. My husband took it in for me. They don't have repair kits yet.

You guys will laugh ... I have less than 4,000 miles on that car. Kinda embarrasses me. I only drive it to yoga, tai chi, use to 🚗 to my singing rehearsals, engagements, but they stopped because of covid. My husband doesn't like my car. Our 12-year-old Chief, beautiful dog in picture, can't climb in car anymore. His hips are shot. So they go in Park Avenue.

Funny, husband's car is 14 years old. He loves it. Is determined to drive it forever. I think I've had three Grand Cherokees, one Chevy Equinox (we gave to our daughter when her car collapsed) and this Hundae since my husband bought his Buick. :) We paid cash for all of my cars.

My last Jeep, one night coming home from choir practice, total darkness, as I turned a corner, the windshield wipers came on, and power steering went out. It was bizarre and scary. I could barely turn the corners. Really rattled me. It became normal in the next block, then the next turn, the power steering went out again. I fought and fought the next two turns (in our neighborhood) and absolutely couldn't fight it anymore and it landed in our front yard. I knew my husband would be skeptical orthink I'd gone screwy and done something wrong, so I made him go out and try and drive it. He was 'impressed' ... we took it in the next day but they couldn't find anything wrong with it. But offered to buy it ... so we sold it. By then we were helping our dsughter so my husband wouldn't spring for a brand-new Jeep Cherokee again. (I never liked that Equinox except for color.)

Sorry for probably such an off-topic post.

I am way behind.

Gonna go read and check to see where Lyle's been--haven't seen him lately.


Even galston has a decent piece, dame peggy ay dios mio.




Good afternoon! I watched Greg Kelly's show on Newsmax last night. He interviewed Sarah Palin in a segment of his show. Obama took a shot at Palin in his new book. What an ass. I've always admired Palin. She and her family were mocked and the pressure took a toll. Now we're supposed to accept the Biden family values? *eyeroll*


Clarice, I told my friend and neighbor from Minnesota I would link your article tomorrow morning. No pressure. :)







Its rather stroking how little we know about this character.


"We are all southerners now."

Yes we are.


Peter, google “Sinclair makes news anchors recite” to find non-twatter versions of the video you want.


Is the Masters the tournament usually played around Easter? How does the shorter day affect it?


Sinclair is rocket surgeons


Another Bob

Peter, they’ve done split-starts and I think they’re in threesomes instead of pairs?



Another Bob

Thay also didn't finish the second round yesterday. Tiger said he had to set his alarm for 3:45am to be ready for his 7:30am start today.

Jack is Back (Again)!


Big time change to the Masters. No.1 is the speed of the greens. More moist, harder to control roots, less sunlight.

But the biggest difference has nothing to do with weather but with humans.

Pro golfers especially the elite feed off the crowds and their noise. Say you are 8 under coming into 12 and the leader is 9 under, you still have a chance. Then as you are lining up your put to tie, you here a great loud roar down on 13. Means a birdie or eagle or not the leader. Now you get no emotional responses to gauge your place.

These guys are playing strictly to their skill level but can't exceed without outside encouragement.

For a Pro looking at a multi-million dollar win it could be everything.

jim nj


But the ruling will not affect election results.


Might as well be carousel.

Jack is Back (Again)!

Ainother differentiator for first time Master's players are the bunkers. That is not the sand they are used to on tour but Basalt. It takes a while to get use to how fast and hard you need play your "sand" shot. I trhink most pros now take a 60 or 64 degree sand wedge to play a deeper, faster splash out.


Re: Sweden's increase in cases

Virus gonna virus.

Jack is Back (Again)!


Those people you see at the Masters are members and families and the media, and players families.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

NJ Reports New Record Jump In Daily COVID-19 Cases

Governor Murphy declares anyone visiting NJ from NJ must quarantine for 14 days. Also mandates Mask Appreciation Day in honor of the new record.

The best unmasking of this pandemic has been that public health officials are;
A. Stupid, and;
B. Will throw out the few things they do know in a heartbeat for their political pals at the expense of the public, whose health they are supposedly in charge of protecting.

matt - deplore me if you must

So the Republicans did very well down ticket. Has anyone done an analysis of the geography involved and correlated them to Trump's results in those districts?

The highest voter "turnout" in recent history, and yet the Biden vote came mainly from the cities.

Targeting this cities with gross voter fraud with a great big spotlight would help reduce the corruption we have seen this time around.

Ewe need a bulletproof and secure electoral process.

Countries that require voter ID:
Burkina Faso
South Africa

Another Bob

JIB, Augusta bunkers are granulated quartz.

Recent story: https://news.yahoo.com/special-ingredient-those-brilliant-white-130020873.html

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Virus gonna virus.--

The people who have said this since the commiechinese unleashed this on us are the only people who will not look like imbeciles by the time it's done.

jim nj


Armenians torch their homes on land ceded to Azerbaijan



Did the festivus have anything to do with it, last week


I would like to see the Dr Shiva graphs for every precinct where straight party voting is available.

In Wisconsin the ballot I voted with did not have a straight party option, for the first time ever that I recall. Suspicious.

A possible reason why Georgia is keeping observers too far away to see what hand counters are doing ... if Georgia used Dr Shiva theory vote swapping, it will show up as a discrepancy in the hand count. If they don't want to get caught that way they need to cheat during the hand count too.

As I understand the theory, if Wisconsin used Dr Shiva theory swapping, it won't show up using Shiva's analysis, but should show up in a hand count.


It will be a Pyrrhic victory for the Dems if they manage to push Biden into the presidency in the face of overwhelming evidence of fraud. A lot of angry people looking for revenge in 2022 and 2024. I'd look to Trump leading the charge to wipe out fraud, ballot harvesting, and the ridiculous vote-by-mail.



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