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November 06, 2020


James D.

"Not so bad?"

Yeah, a Harris Presidency won't be so bad. Except for selling out israel, pushing a Green New Deal, going back to business as usual with the Communist Chinese, restoring the Iran deal, jacking up taxes, implementing California's economy-killing freelancer bill nationwide, accelerating critical race training and the 1619 project nationwide. Oh, and probably starting a war somewhere we're not even thinking of yet, just like our last two Dem presidents did.

You're cool with all that because Trump is a meanie and tweets rude things? What the hell is wrong with you?


Good opinion piece from Issues and Insights:



Unity now! 🤨


TC, from the last thread: Far more dangerous would be those who understand this election is rigged accepting the result.

Yes, and I wouldn't count on keeping the Senate with the two GA runoffs. Who can doubt they'll find enough votes to defeat Loeffler and Perdue? There's no way to stop it if this goes through.


They stole the Michigan senate race. John James was up by 66,000 votes at 2 am.


Thats very silly, this is the end of the republic well 231 years wasnt too bad


I try to console my mother, this is the hell she escaped from 50 years ago.


I really thought you would understand this but it appears you dont grasp the implications of this.


And spanberger magically got herself out of the loss column.


Needless to say they will shut down the country till 2022, if we're lucky.

For years Republicans have been the first to roll over and expose their soft underbellies to the left. Every single time the left attacks them, they act like they have to explain their actions or statements in some PC way that will calm the outrage pedalers. As we reach what appears to be peak-2020 happenings and shenanigans abound in the counting and reporting of ballots in swing states, many Republicans opined that we were headed for another roll over. Donald Trump Jr., speaking from Georgia last night, said the following:
“I think the Democrats are used to this from a Republican Party that hasn’t had a backbone. You aren’t going to see that this time around. That party is gone and anyone that doesn’t fight like that, should go with it!”


Video at link.


James baker you guys says its time to give up, i think thats what it said in farsi


And why do I have Deep Purple Stormbringer as an earworm this morning? 🤔


I'm partial to the chicago covers ask me why?


This should help, Lyle:



Republicans actually increased the number of seats in the NY state legislature - so yeah, not exactly a blue wave.

Captain Hate

Brett Kavanaugh is a gang rapist, the President is a tool of the Russians, tried to kill a bunch of fish in a koi pond, etc etc etc. AND also we�d never commit voter fraud how dare you accuse us of such a thing.

I�m not saying there is, but you can't pretend four years of lie after lie after lie meant to subvert the POTUS at every.single.turn will not be result with people believing you�re capable of anything when it comes to keeping a second term away from him.

Breaking the trust of the American people shamelessly and repeatedly has consequences. And it would�ve been nice for Democrats and the media to realize that in the lead up to an election that was already going to be razor thin.

Yes the President is going to fight every single close race and get his lawyers in to double check results. As he damn well should. I trust nobody. That trust was stolen. This is the result.

Four years of denying Donald Trump won the 2016 election fair and square and now these same people are demanding Republicans accept results in multiple states despite clear irregularities and funny business. Nope. That's not how this works.

Trump didn't radicalize me. Democrats did. Reap what you sow.


If they manage to only creep to 50 seats, that means Kamala Harris breaks ties for Senate Majority LEaser and control of the Senate calendar and committee chairs. Not Good!

What?? How could that not be anything except fab peachy-keen great for anyone who *did* vote for Biden?


TM - hopeless.


I usually preface serious conversations like this with her (there haven't been a lot) with "I know you're intelligent enough to understand this or I wouldn't be wasting my time".

Many moons ago, I tried selling Electrolux vacuum cleaners door-to-door. I was a failure at this, but before I finally washed out they had me spend a day with the top salesman.

The first house we went to, a woman answered the door and let us in. His first comment was about how clean her house was compared to those of her neighbors. (I watched a sparkle in her eye at that.) His second comment was that he could tell she was an intelligent woman.

Within fifteen minutes, she signed on the dotted line. It was an eye-opening experience.


If by center you mean Acela rules over the serfs, congrats on your apparent win.

Note the serfs are armed at a higher level than field hockey sticks.


The center holds. The blend of mint chocolate chip ice cream and dog shit is the center. Center. Jeez.


willowed: clarice
Overwhelming evidence of fraud--source Trump campaign

Posted by: clarice | November 06, 2020 at 01:53 PM

Posted by: clarice | November 06, 2020 at 01:55 PM

America's biggest jackass?https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/524821-romney-trump-claim-of-stolen-election-recklessly-inflames-destructive-and

Posted by: clarice | November 06, 2020 at 01:59 PM

Kick them hard if you live there.


Well if you use the spoon peter you can scoop out those bits.

Dave (in MA)
    So, divided government. Not so bad.

Cheating pays off.


Dear You Know The Thing, I don’t ask for much but could I get one clean kick to Romney’s crotch? That’d be great. Please note I didn’t say a kick to his nads...


While the writing may be on the wall when it comes to a Trump victory in 2020, what you can take to the bank is that Trump isn’t just going to roll over and take it. You can expect for this to drag out for at least several more months. I even wonder if we will be over this fight come January 20th. Stay tuned!
Donald Trump, Jr.

That is my fervent hope and prayer. Tens of thousands of people turned up to see President Trump all across the country — especially in the states that are being stolen by the democrats. Whatever the President plans on doing to litigate or reverse this fraud, we are with him no matter what.

Captain Hate

It was an eye-opening experience.

The first time I used it on her was after we'd butted heads for years and I was determined to make it stop. So, yes, half of it was to break down her reflexive antagonism to what I was about to say. But the other half I meant; she's not dumb just because she sometimes does things I think are dumb.

Btw we got along great after that conversation.


And it would�ve been nice for Democrats and the media to realize that in the lead up to an election that was already going to be razor thin.

Disagree with Bethany there. It wasn't going to be razor thin. FL showed that .

That's why the fraud had to be so massive and blatant.


Stop The Steal rallies tomorrow at noon in every state capitol:


Might not be very safe but I think we are going to go.


Like they did it in west berlin



Stop The Steal rallies tomorrow at noon in every state capitol

Probably preferable to say it's at the capitol building in every state capital, but regardless mine is less than a mile from my house, I can walk and I'll be at the Pennsylvania one tomorrow without a doubt!


And it's the tweet at your link getting it wrong is what I meant, Porch, just in case.


But it was only one:



Its a killing word



Where’s Durham? Hung over from the Acela Masters of the Universe victory party?


You didn’t stay on long enough to try to win the Cadillac El Dorado it the sales contest, Ext? No? How about the steak knives? 😉

Jim Eagle

"The election was stolen from Trump.

Soros, Obama, Holder et al had four years to prepare and they pulled it off."

[From previous thread]


The first act was too get rid ofour top COIN guy. Now you know why they had to have General Flynn out of the way.

Old Lurker

Henry "Where’s Durham?"

Except that I know otherwise, Henry, I would say "you still don't get it, do you?"

Old Lurker

Agreed, Jack.

Well played.


And they hid the fraud behind that for nearly 4 years


I never sold one unit, lyle. The high achiever shared a couple of commissions with me that one day, and that's all I ever made there after weeks of trying. I decided to go back to college after that. :-)


I can just imagine future elections. Now that the process has been established and accepted by the so-called guardians of the news, both or all parties will generate the necessary ballots to overcome any lead their opponent(s) may have on election night.

Found ballots will dribble in through the night as results are reported. Clashes will take place on the streets as factions fight to stop their opponents from delivering ballots to the election centers. It will take weeks and months of 'counting' and litigation and perhaps deal making to arrive at any result.

If only Nixon had not accepted the fraudulent results paid for by papa Kennedy in 1960, perhaps we wouldn't be where we are today. Having said that, there are always consequences to such perfidy. History has proven that over the years.

Do Bite-me and his corrupt family really believe that this stolen victory is the end? This story is far, far from over.


Like the colectivos or the posses



OL, he’ll issue a “nothin to see here” shortly.


Susan rosenberg figured out like ayers before her, a more effective strategy


Republican leaders report on the fraudulent results in Michigan



Its more like mculloughs referral to the doj.


And the travesty continues in little mogadishu.

Captain Hate

If only Nixon had not accepted the fraudulent results paid for by papa Kennedy in 1960, perhaps we wouldn't be where we are today.

I 100% agree with this. This was the first time the curtains parted for Failure Theater.


>>>And spanberger magically got herself out of the loss column.

Posted by: Narciso | November 06, 2020 at 01:37 PM<<<

the cia passed her a flash drive that magically had about 16 thousand votes on it, all for her.

i'm dumbfounded about the thread starter.

James D.

Where’s Durham? Hung over from the Acela Masters of the Universe victory party?

I said from the start I had no faith in him and I needed to see action to counter the assumption he was just another swamp creature.

Well, now we know for sure, don't we?

James D.

Sorry, I was thinking "Barr", not "Durham".

But it doesn't matter, because the same thing is true for the both of them. They are swamp dwellers, cowards, traitors, whatever word you choose.

One thing they sure aren't, is on the side of the American people who pay their goddamn salaries.


the deepstate will go to this level of cheating why would tm think they will be in the mood to share power.


James D, Barr’s bagpipes were the Acela Victory Party entertainment.


I might not be here, if that steo hadmt been taken. Well dullee was the deepest of deepstaters mueller was kin to two of his deputies.

Old Lurker

James "One thing they sure aren't, is on the side of the American people..."

Catch up, James. Half the American people aren't either.

James D.

i'm dumbfounded about the thread starter.

I'm not. This is what our host clearly believes. He doesn't see the Democrats as the existential threat they are. And he's happy to snark about the whole thing as though their policies and appointments will have no consequences and won't impact his life at all.

Maybe his daughter is old enough to get sent off to whatever pointless and unwinnable war Biden or Harris will start in the next four years. I wonder if he'll be as snarky about that.


and it will be a harris administration not biden since they have to wheel him around like captain pike.

Captain Hate


Sales is a hard way to make a living but every organization needs people to do it.

Jim Eagle

All the enthusiastic Trump rallies and compared to Joe's where a few people sat inside hulla hoops, and we are to believe he wins just because he never left his basement. We are denying logic here.

If Biden wins, it forever changes the election strategies. Do Nothing and Do It Slowly. No rallies. No twitter begging for money. Just hire the best conman to run the counting.


Theyll leave him in the supermarket aisle like mr burns in thr simpson episode.

Captain Hate

I think in an honest election Trump would have gotten the majority of the popular vote.

Jim Eagle


Are there still door to door except for Girl Scout cookies sales?


Even with Trump, the Constitution got shredded. Arbitrary shutdowns and rent holidays. Free money for sitting on your butt. That is the kickoff for the “center” making Venezuela look free and open.

Old Lurker

Now we are all free to be Italians.

Until 2020, compliance rates in paying Income Taxes in the US was the envy of the world. Italian compliance was probably the lowest.

Personally, throughout my entire life I would never have dreamed to not pay the full amount (my CPA told me) I owed, and right on time, thank you very much.

I can honestly say that from this point on, I am not so sure I believe that anymore. The compact has been broken so why should one party honor it when the other does not?



it is going to be a pincer strategy-a declaration of war on civil society domestically and get us into a war we lose internationally. i sure hope ksa coup proofed for what a harris regime has in store for them.


Not even that anymore thanks to the bug


Dave cullen has shown you what 'irish democracy' looks like now


JiB, ADT is still door to door.

Captain Hate

I don't even think the Girl Scouts go door to door, Jack. I can't think when the last sales person came by; maybe a Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman 40 years ago or maybe that was over the phone.

Only the Jehovah's Witnesses...

Old Lurker

...and more than 270 EV's, Cap'n.

I have no doubt.

Old Lurker

Henry 2:56. As always, we are on the same page.


No doubt here either.


Trump reluctantly acquiessed to fergusons fraud which ever apparatchik will go whole hog.

Thomas Collins

Progs will get plenty.

-Executive orders that will in substance provide for open borders.

-ACB type SCOTUS justices ain't happening. Even if GOP has 52-48 nominal control of the Senate, with Murkowski, Romney, Collins and a few other GOPers willing to compromise, and with Harris standing ready to break tie votes, expect Souter types to be the best that will be populating the federal courts over the next four years. Most will probably be worse.

-Enforcement actions to override local zoning in the 'burbs. Even if a suburb eventually prevails, the litigation costs will be enormous.

-Cultural Marxist training back in vogue in the Federal Government.

-Tilt toward Iran. And by tilt, I mean US on its knees with head tilted forward.

-Agencies populated with corporatist prog officials.

-If you think investigations of CIA and FBI corruption in Russiagate and the Biden family's operations in Ukraine and China have gone too slow, relax. They'll be stopped cold.

-No more aggressive negotiations with Red China on trade.

-US will rejoin the international climate change pact.

I could go on, but that's enough for now.


As you see from 257, its ramming speed now.


JiB, we get Boy Scouts selling popcorn/candy and sometimes Christmas wreaths. Late August I get this little guy trying to get me to order a wreath. I ask him when it would be delivered. His Dad(?) says in about two weeks. I told him that makes no sense, pass.


Back from the future


Old Lurker

The people said that's what they want, TC.

Move along, now.

James D.

Reading that 2:57, we’re fucked.

I’m not sure I really want to stay here with a host who approves of this. It makes me physically sick.

Jim Eagle


Agree 100%. And with a compliant media, it will be slow walked so you, I and the right thinking public will never see it or feel it.

South Africa is looking better and better for us. The spouse speaks Afrikaans and we have friends there. Lots of affordable real estate in the Cape on the Ocean. You get ton choose which one, the Atlantic or Indian:)


.. whatever pointless and unwinnable war Biden or Harris will start in the next four years.

Any war that begins in the next 50 years will be Bush's Trump's fault.


tc's list at 301 cheered me up.


Father asks SCOTUS to order pregnant daughter’s boyfriend to wear condom.

Yeah. That horse left the barn already. Court document at link.


BREAKING: Pennsylvania Republicans ask SCOTUS to order PA to segregate ballots arriving after Election Day.



His first comment was about how clean her house was compared to those of her neighbors. (I watched a sparkle in her eye at that.)

That sounds like something I read in Dale Carnegie's book, "How To Win Friends And Influence People"



Yes they are a tad behind.


Well, to put a ribbon on today, while I was doing errands, hubby texted that he was bringing Scout to the vet to have his anal glands expressed. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I actually almost bought Christmas cards today, but now maybe won't even send any !@#$%^&! Christmas cards.


Current shortages for reasons unknown, based on my phone friend's shopping experience and what I can get through Kroger):

baking parchment paper

red hots candy (used to decorate gingerbread men etc.)

toilet bowl cleaner of ANY type (I had to use cleaning strength vinegar and let it soak to remove lime, which our water is heavy with)

paper towels which are iffy on what brand you get, and I have an 8-pack of something I have never heard of


Thats a metaphor marlene

Jim Eagle

When I was a freshman in college they had an opportunity to make extra money selling magazine subscriptions. I was in ROTC at the time and couldn't make the hours necessary. But a classmate did and almost lost his ass doing so. He had to pay for all his expenses, car, gas, parking etc, and little to no sales. All expense no income.

Now we have college kids on a computer making millions:)


Not so bad.

Really??? This is one of the most ridiculous things I've read in my many years here!

Can I just say if anyone thinks the 2 Republican Senators stand a chance in Georgia they are sadly mistaken. The level of cheating will be off the charts once all eyes of the world are on the outcome and the Soros $$$$ start rolling in to Fulton, Chatham, and Clayton counties.

I am thankful that all of my immediate family are Trump supporters. The closest relative that is a leftist is my 1st cousin's husband. I will have to sit at a table with him for Thanksgiving but he will be outnumbered.


Video at link

Robby Starbuck
One Michigan county clerk caught a glitch in tabulation software so they hand counted votes and found the glitch caused 6,000 votes to go to Biden + Democrats that were meant for Trump and Republicans. 47 MI counties used this software. All must check now!



Were talking vizzini here,

Old Lurker

Jack "All expense no income."

I have some shopping centers like that. Want one?

Jim Eagle


Give no quarter at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Advice to al.l: Now is not the time to keep politely silent. That's what the left wants: Compliant opposition. No, this is the time to be different and speak up loudly. They are not expecting that


Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
Michigan county flips back to Trump, following repair of voting software glitch justthenews.com/politics-polic…



Hubby just returned from the vet and said he talked to an old Marine with a Scottie. Hubby asked him what he thought about the election. He told hubby... "don't give up young man!" :)


Here’s an article about those Michigan voting

Chinese parts, hidden ownership, growing scrutiny: Inside America's biggest maker of voting machines


Jim Eagle


Attractive offer. If you/I believe a guy like Trump will Never give up lying down, then there is opportunity to buy low if the seller doesn't believe that.

I think he made a number of deals and buys using that logic:)


Archer (43.68% Adorable)
Mad with power, the marxists suggest retribution aimed at anyone who challenged them.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC
Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future


[Warmth noted]

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