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November 23, 2020



I intend to raise capital in 2021. Interested?

May not have any left. ;-)



There is a staggering divide between what is happening in the research community and what is practiced clinically. My focus is on oncology (cancer), and the divide currently is enormous.

One example: MrsJ had an unusual form of breast cancer (a different one in each breast). She went through the usual treatment regimen, which was pretty awful. It still is anchored by chemotherapeutics that are very old (1960s and 1970s), though a few new and effective ones have been added.

There is follow-on testing for cancer recurrence, since practically one never gets it all removed. What is the state-of-the-art? Imaging, alternating between traditional breast imaging and MRIs.

These are OK techniques, but the resolution is only a millimeter or two. Simply, that is not very good. And it tests the breasts only, and that cancer can recur in quite different parts of the body.

In short, the recurrence testing currently is awful, as is the diagnosis for the original cancer. The area is ripe for disruption, as it sorely is needed.


And this is different from what sidney was saying in what way:



Oh really do tell




Veinous blood? Seems sorta natural.

jim nj


Kind of glosses over the still remaining equipment issues. It's nice that they're getting some experience operating the ship and air wing. Tweaking procedures and training sailors on the new class of carrier. If they build the next two better than this first one they will be able to man the latter ships more quickly based on what they are learning now.

I know, I making lemonade.


Sorry about the hickup


Oh, and Lin Wood has introduced SoS Raffensperger to the concept that, maybe, just maybe, fraud done been taped.

Which would suck, if like all of them were warned well before the election that such things might be watched.

And they were.

And they went ahead, after being offered the opportunity to do "The Right Thing". (Is that becoming thematic yet? should be, IMO..)

Lin Wood
Would someone ask my never-to-be friend Brad Raffensperger
if he has seen this tape of election fraud at State Farm Arena in Fulton Co., GA.

Several people have seen it. Many more will see it soon.

Video camera eye does not lie.

How do you spell Election Fraud?



So slo jo is naming haines the one who recited erotic poetry for national intelligence, thats just wonderful.


Someone was discussing why they keep IE as one of their browsers. There is an extension in Chrome that will emulate IE. You can even select which version of IE, which allows you to access very old sites.



Well i have edge on my laptop and brave on my phone


Mobile brave doesn't do it. Has to be desktop variant.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So, getting the Wuflu vaccine sounds like it might be a lot like getting the Wuflu.
And this is better than the natural vaccine of people living their lives rather than economic ruin, why again?



Yes, veinous blood is what I'm working on. Everything drains into the blood eventually, but concentrations are much reduced from nearer to the cancer (for example). And blood is incredibly complex.

Other minimally-invasive samples potentially are good too, including sputum, urine, feces, nipple aspirates, tears, and cerebrospinal fluid. What is best depends on the disease.

But if blood can be done well, that is the best choice in my opinion.


Thats the chaser for cullens video i put at the begimning of the thread.

And this vaccine wont show traces of thr virus in your system


Not going to give Google one pixel of access to anything I use on an outdated login protocol, willingly. IE is the only certificate my access is generated for use.

Ah, CoVid as a DNA collection effort? That's a new way to map everyone...


Oh, I think that's an excellent tracer chase. I wish you luck, and a superior set of trained eyes and hands to direct your collection points. Good protocol thoughts!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Broken down, sweaty, smelly old catcher's mitt lectures people for weeks about the Turkey Police and giving thanks he hasn't thrown the whole state in the hoosegow, wanted to bring his 89 year old mommy to T-giving, along with his daughters.
Apparently even bloody handed demagogues can still be shamed as he backed down once his plans became known.
What a jerk.



1MDB's lead banker has rolled over on management (GS)!!11

Tom Wright
Goldman’s rogue-banker narrative in the 1MDB fraud risks coming undone as Roger Ng claims he warned senior management, including compliance heads, about Low: bloomberg.com/news/articles/…


jim nj


" The exercise used two MC130J Commando II aircraft from the 352nd Special Operations Wing, which look like ordinary cargo planes but have the ability to fly low and get troops into hard-to-reach spots. The aircraft can also land almost anywhere, throwing an adversary off guard.

Troops loaded two M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems onto the aircraft at Ramstein Air Base in Germany on Thursday, before flying them to Mihail Kogalniceanu Airbase in Romania. There the rocket systems were offloaded and set up to hit targets in the Black Sea. Allies have been strengthening their positions in the region to counter Russian aggression."

Sounds like what the Marines are trying to do. Sneak HIMARS and mobile anti-aircraft vehicles into unsuspected places.


Cullen was relating the digital passport and or unremovable wristband like the club jaunt from hell, that they are really keen like in ireland.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Does Mrs J do the CA 27.29 blood marker test, Doc?


4 hours old, but that Goldman Sachs news slays soooo many, and probably catches Janet Y.,more specifically, because "wires".


G'night all! Going to be a GOOD day tomorrow!


Ah yes thats a theme in devils the head banker derek morgan doesnt know whaf his trading chief massimo is doing nor half the time his staff.



No, she doesn't.

I've checked with a few breast cancer oncologists around the country with whom I have worked, and none have recommended this test. All rely on imaging for recurrence.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Mrs Iggy was tested every month and it proved remarkably accurate for where she was health wise. It was especially useful during her remission when it would give a warning as to when a particular hormone blocker was losing its effectiveness.
Also interesting is that she had developed a couple of small tumors in her liver and one over her eye toward the end, but after a few months on an oral chemo, Xeloda, those tumors disappeared and her scans were clear.
She never did do a PET scan which is not very, to use a hideously hip word, granular, but which does do a good job of showing its presence or not.


So in one episode, they get info that suggests to short the euro. But there is a safeguard called the VaR that prevents it, so they disengage it. Of course morgan has been buying because he has rigged an eu takeover of sovereign debt.

jim nj


“I have directed the special operations civilian leadership to report directly to me. It will put special operations command on par with the military services for the first time.”

Good explanation of what the acting Secretary of Defense is trying to accomplish.

"Elevating the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict to a position equal to the Defense Department service secretaries might sound like bureaucratic reshuffling, but it will change the shape of American power. This change will greatly increase the impact of special operations on national defense, improve advocacy for special operations personnel and their families, and assert real civilian control and oversight of U.S. Special Operations Command."

Goes into a lot more detail on what the issues are.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hittin the wall, so I'm hittin the sack.

Dave (in MA)

Gerry Callahan@GerryCallahan
Kerry turns 77 in a few days. I think Biden should consider adding Jimmy Carter to the team for an infusion of youthful energy

jim nj

VAR (value at risk) is heavily used by banks and investment firms. For the non-financial types it's a measure of what will happen to the underlying base of capital if held investments are adversely impacted.

It was in heavy use on Wall Street when the mortgage bond crisis hit. It was also the prime measure in the Basel I and II accords that sought to homogenize all tiers of capital for banks worldwide, before and after the crisis.

Hell the banks even pushed for its use by their regulators. Look at this thing, we can run multiple simulations using our VAR model and tell you exactly where we will stand under multiple different adverse events. See, no matter what happens we have a sufficiently large enough capital base to sustain ourselves against all these possible losses, especially since we can hedge against these possibilities with other financial firms.

That worked real well. All the VAR models were based on historical data and couldn't account for the newly created derivatives that had no historical track record. And all these firms were hedging their possible liabilities with other firms without realizing that the risk remained in that same relatively small group of counter-parties.

That why the markets became so unhinged during the mortgage bond crisis and they seized up with the effects cascading into other financial instruments. Institutions were terrified of trading with each other thinking someone would unload crap on them and they would be stuck with it.

jim nj

Part of this is what I was trying to get at the other night.

When the mortgage industry went from making loans for their own portfolios and held that risk to now creating loans for the purpose of securitizing the mortgages and selling all of the exposure to others things broke down.

Banks made some sub-prime mortgages before securitization. Normally they would require a co-signer. Banks made Alt-A (liar) loans before then also. To people like actors who didn't have steady incomes but got huge chunks of income in irregular intervals.

When that risk was broken by securitization things deteriorated quickly due to greed, competition and the absurd belief that housing prices could only go up.

It all seemed so reasonable that in a short amount of time non-bank mortgage companies, who intended to sell every mortgage they produced, holding no risk themselves, were out-competing banks and S&L firms for market share.

Everybody is selling mortgages, everybody is trying to securitize them, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are buying and holding them giving them even more appeal and the real estate speculators realize there is near-free money available and they are flipping homes or buying multiple units in a yet to be built development.

The shite didn't hit the fan all at once. There were inklings beforehand that some people saw, but when it did go bad all the real estate speculators bailed. The resulting collapses in home prices took down many others.
I'm over-simplifying.

jim nj

There is a lot of stress in the commercial real estate market now. Little of it is due to speculation or buyers driving prices up into unsupportable valuations.

It's due to Covid fear and state ukase. People are afraid to engage in what was once normal behavior and state and local governments are telling them not to anyway. Ditto for Faucci and the like.

Many commercial real estate properties are impaired now. They don't have the expected income flows that they had in January. Which means they are in trouble paying off their debts. That affects simple bank loans for small firms. That affects bank loan consortiums for larger commercial enterprises. That affects REITs and securitized mortgages that trade publicly.

I don't see this having the same impact as from 12 years ago, but it is going to take a long time to work through the system.

One can almost intuitively figure out which commercial properties are most affected. Warehouses? No. Hotels? Yes. Retail, individual stores, strip malls or shopping centers? Yes, to differing degrees. Manufacturing? Probably not.

Knock-on effects. Medical offices? Probably. People building AirBNB empires? Definitely.

When someone defaults on a loan it will impact the value of every other building in that category. Some regions will suffer more than others.

Dave (in MA)

Scott Adams@ScottAdamsSays

I do not recommend that Republicans rig the Georgia Senate race using the methods they allege were used on them and Democrats allege can’t happen. But it would be funny.

jim nj

Now we have had credit crisis(plural?) before. The Russian debt default. The LTCM (Long Term Credit Management) hedge fund. Bear Stearns. I'm probably missing one or two, but they were specific shocks. When it came to Lehman and they decided that they needed to test the TBTF theory by letting an investment bank fail they never anticipated the inter-connectedness of other financial firms.

The high poobahs thought they could contain the failure of Lehman. They never realized that financial firms would wonder who was next and stop trading with other firms.

In a short amount of time we got TARP and helicopter money for the banks. When that wasn't enough we forced banks to take more money in return for a shareholder stake. And because giving them more capital wasn't enough to save the banks the government and the FED took on ownership of all the impaired loans.

That won't happen with commercial real estate this time. The exposure of large financial institutions is different now.

The market has been able to absorb the losses so far without affecting the other markets. So helicopter money won't be coming. What will be coming is millions of property tax appeals.

Part of finding the new value of commercial properties will have to be a reduction of local taxes.

jim nj



Actually, j_nj, speaking as someone who lives where real estate really is a depreciating asset (like cars) when valuations go down overall the tax rates simply go up.

The potholes still need to be patched, the snow still needs to be plowed, the garbage still needs to be picked up, etc.

My parents' house on the other side of the state was worth 10x what mine is, but their taxes were only ~5x mine...

jim nj

Amazon has grown in value by $70 billion this year. At the expense of shutdown local retailers that pay local property taxes.

Under normal circumstances OL's tenants pay the property taxes as part of their lease payments.

Ergo, I propose a one-time Amazon tax of $70 billion to be disbursed to the tenants of OL and other property owners so that they can pass it on to property owners to pay their share of taxes because...



Works for me, jim!

Strawman Cometh

A commenter at Surber links to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcKG6O2nQuc&feature=youtu.be
Patrick Byrne, founder of Overstock on the vote switching. He calls it "drop and roll".


Biden and Harris is exactly why the DOT doesn’t allow retreads on the steer tires.


I was only 28, and my political beliefs weren't exactly clarified, when we decided to get the heck out of MA, and I do love the Bay State, but boy oh boy--based on your tales of taxes last night--was that the right decision!

The state had recently passed a law prohibiting hospitals to charge any more than had ?five years before for procedures, adjusted for inflation. I knew that meant no family for me---we couldn't have afforded a house in a burb w decent schools, and cars for us both and a nanny on the staff salaries we were getting at Man's Greatest Hospital. No wonder why all the attendings had to moonlight!


To clarify--we were lucky, and were able to find a marvelous, flexible, available sitter, so we never had a nanny.
(I am not to the manor born, and really did NOT warm to the idea of live in help.)


Drop and Roll explained above is a MUST view/pleas share WIDELY this morning before it gets censored

CEO of Overstock

Drop and roll explained 15 minute

He reinforces that Sidney needs contributions


Manuel Transmission

Amom, waved at you on the way by last evening on our final leg to New Bern. So, ready for a week of family, food and serious target shooting.

Extraneus! Haven’t seen you posting. Hope you’re up for coffee or something while we’re around.

James D.

JimNJ @ 1:49

This is ultimately going to be far more damaging than 12 years ago, because the genie is out of the bottle and it will never be put back in.

The risk of government bureaucrats shutting down whole sectors of the economy and entire cities/states at their whim and with no justification, now has to be factored into all future deals and projects and loans, as OL has pointed out.



Your link on that vaccine warning is even more interesting than you know. The quoted doctor, who I last heard of in particular as one of the early practitioners of concierge medicine here in ATL, is married to a big-time plaintiff's lawyer. The kind who doesn't advertise and the firm keeps a king air on call to get to scene of mass torts.

Jim Eagle


Thanks for your 5:31 link. Recommend that to all.


Trivia: What was Franklin's last public act?
Signing a memorial to Congress for the abolition of slavery was the last public act of Benjamin Franklin.

Jim Eagle

Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are not going away, and here is why.



From JiB's 6:57 link:

"The words "…this would be the crime of the century" will likely be Tucker Carlson's "read my lips, no new taxes…." a year from now."

Did Carlson really say election fraud would be the crime of the century and, therefore, it must not have happened because he's not holding a sheaf of evidence in his hand?


feeling better today. The puma scratches on the side of my head now feel more like normal house-sized cat scratches. My vision is the best it's been at this hour in weeks. Thanks to all for the prayers. They are helping tremendously.

Tom Bowler

There are still lovely blue yards signs in a nearby neighborhood that say, "Hate Has No Home Here."




Good to hear


Portman and lamar!! Are on slo jos caboose.




I’ll keep praying your recovery continues.

Tom Bowler

Strawman Cometh & Anonamom,

I shared your Patrick Byrne link as much as I'm able, and I made a contribution to the cause. Thank you for linking that video.



Nothing says No Fraud like trying to yank the livelihood of anyone trying to look and verify.


Did Carlson really say election fraud would be the crime of the century and, therefore, it must not have happened because he's not holding a sheaf of evidence in his hand?


IMO, though, Tucker Carlson will be the only “bad guy” in this latest 2 weeks to glory segment of our lives.

God damn him for asking the same question everyone else asked!


Yay! Peter! That’s great! We already have too many bats here!

Anon, did you live in Bo[ston?

Good Morning!


Good morning! It is a lovely morning here, sunny and breezy. Yesterday we had the tile and grout cleaned by two young Russian guys. Oleg and Dennis. They were serious and hard working. I couldn't get Oleg to crack a smile when I asked him if he had a dog hair extraction process. :) The floors and shower look like new!

Old Lurker

Looking at Biden's cabinet, it is hard to say our worst nightmares were exaggerated.


peter,thinking of you!

Jane, the grout guy (Oleg) told me to throw away the Scubbing Bubbles. :) He was very serious, I felt like a criminal. :)


Trudeau discusses foreign policy, Trump, and Prince Harry’s marriage with Greta Thunberg, without noticing her peculiar Russian accent.

Oh, Shiny Prime Minister (a recurring theme for Kate)


Watch Coomer explain with his own words how to change votes using the Dominion system.
Quote Tweet
· Nov 23
👿“Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f**king sure of that!” - Dr. Eric Coomer VP of US Engineering for US Dominion Voting Company


[He did this in Chicago.]


Zoolander got punked just a day ending in y.


"Did Carlson really say election fraud would be the crime of the century and, therefore, it must not have happened because he's not holding a sheaf of evidence in his hand?"

As i recall, he said that if Sidney really does have the evidence it would be "the crime of the century".

Noting in his statement implied "it must not have happened because ...".

Far as I'm concerned nothing wrong with asking to "see the evidence" ... but TuCa did IMO suggest that not complying with the request is "suspicious".


Did you know that Arizona's first new law in 2020 was emergency legislature which passed unanimously to allow "Digital Adjudication" to be used in Maricopa county for the presidential election?
Ducey signs 'electronic adjudication' bill to speed ballot counting • Arizona Mirror
Gov. Ducey signed Senate Bill 1135, which allows county elections officials to use a process called “electronic adjudication” to resolve errors quickly.



... nothing in his statement ...


Echoing others here in the recommendation to watch the video at Amom’s 5:31 and make a donation to Powell if they can. I will be.


Yes tony bobulinski would agree. Will he aaronson or rutherford (forced to recant)


Glad to read the good news, Peter!


Good morning!

Tom Bowler, I have said something similar about Melania for the last year as MZ Hemingway said. Think how much business she could have created if only one magazine had promoted her "look" (aka "good taste") and interviewed her about life behind the Iron Curtain, why she came to the West, what she loves about America, etc. etc.

When I told my pro-Trump sisters she hadn't bee on one magazine cover, they refused to believe that even the fashion press would have been that blatant. They were aghast when they found out it was true!

Thanks for that interview with that Overstock guy. He is right about the dems USING the African=American community for years. I have said as much myself based on intuition.


Byrne’s twitter and website:




Fresh Bill Whittle vid.

Part 2: The Stolen Election"


Byrne is a curiouz character, he was burned many years ago following a rabbit trail, one of these octopus type plots.


God damn him for asking the same question everyone else asked!

But not goodness darn him for sleeping with the enemy in general? Fox News has changed, and in a very bad way, it's not extreme to say they'll never be worthy of respect again, and should never be watched again. Tucker needs to either stay and tolerate the craven ghouls who work there, or go. It has seemed, over the last week or so, that he has changed as well, and isn't planning on leaving - I'd guess money and job security are on his mind, and that doesn't cut it for any intrepid reporter when the Republic is on the line. I'm OK with him being the bad guy, or one of them.

Tom Bowler

Peter, thoughts and prayers are with you.


Looking at Biden's cabinet, it is hard to say our worst nightmares were exaggerated.

Well, I dreamt he put Noam Chomsky at Dep't of Education, so I'm still relatively sanguine.


"Nothing says No Fraud like trying to yank the livelihood of anyone trying to look and verify."

In a just world the Bar would discard the complaint AND revoke the license of Pascrell

Another Bob

Has Catchers Mitt cracked?

He’s complaining that sheriffs who won’t enforce his dictatorial whims are acting like dictators?


Retweeted by the President:

Do not read this affidavit from an IT expert. We know what is documented here is impossible as the Maricopa County Supervisors told us everything is fine and go back to sleep and pay your taxes and wear a mask. And leftist reporters told us to move on.

— Paul Gosar (@DrPaulGosar) November 23, 2020


I can see both sides, tucker doesnt want the colectivos on his front porch, sydney doesnt think that fox is secure enough with her evidence.


Is somebody compiling a list of the bad actors at Dominion?

Wanted, Dead or Alive. Preferably Dead.

Captain Hate

Not sure why you've decided to lash yourself to the mast of the SS Tucker Carlson, TK, but you've never been afraid to buck the tide. Unlike the Profiles in Courage who don't call out RG on his Sidney Powell special prosecutor acid trip nonsense.


So smartmatic is based in london, with malloch brown gianpaulo of pi capital and mr emhoffs boss, nigel knowles sounds like samaritan from poi.


Fredo needs a visit to the lake pronto



But not goodness darn him for sleeping with the enemy in general?

Can’t the same be said for everyone of us who still faithfully pays our taxes?

Nobody has a clue what Tucker’s contract with Fox says. What happens to him financially if he gives them the giant middle finger? His fickle audience has already made it clear that they will demand that he is left in ruin if he doesn’t tow the line.

If I were him, I wouldn’t jeopardize my income because Alice-the-Goon can’t answer a question after she engaged in a dialogue with a known asshole.

I think this has been an eye opener for Carlson on how little effort people put into their rage calculations.


This is an exercise in projection as rush noted



;-) CH.

As far as RG, he is ringing the follower bell like mad. I guess that is a good thing?

IMO it is a look into how the uniformed seek authority when confronted with complex situations. That idiot DawsonSFields enjoyed the same popularity for his White Hats are everywhere bullshit.


2 good posts by wauck at Meaning in History:https://meaninginhistory.blogspot.com/2020/11/georgia-in-play.html

James D.


Like Obama's handlers and the "resistance" assholes throughout the bureaucracy have been doing the last four years?

Just bring on the Final Judgment and the lake of fire. It's too exhausting trying to fight, or deal with, or coexist with, these people.


Has sydney powell not delivered at least twice. Now you need plastique at sullivans door to get his attention? But that cant be helped.


His brother joel got the brains in the family, the man does hagiographies of john kerry and jimmy carter.


I can’t tell if you are complimenting or condemning Powell, narciso.


The former, it takes time to do these investigations.

Captain Hate


Like when he pulled his Ed Meese bait and switch on the Jeff Sessions is really on Team MAGA horseshit?


Such good news this morning from Peter!

Another straw added to the camel's back of this election fraud is the video from the Overstock creator. We should all share it where we can.

Breezy and 48 here this morning. Never-ending battle with the leaves as I am surrounded by hardwoods.

Captain Hate

tow the line

Toe the line.

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