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November 12, 2020



Thanks TM!


I can't be the only person who saw the video clip of the PA vote count changing before my eyes as John King spoke on election night.

Or saw the MIT prof video explaining the mathematical impossibility of the Biden vote.

Or read this---which makes Hammer and Scorecard COMPLETELY understandable in about five minutes or less read time.
clarice posted it yesterday evening. I say must read Comments too:


That also explains to me how we can see the Red Tsuanami (or at least Big Wave) that happened in FL, TX--where ALL FIVE BORDER COUNTIES WENT RED FROM BLUE in 2016!!!* One went from 19% Trump in 2016 to 67%!!!
But they didn't think they'd need to steal from them, or Miami, did they?

* who would have guessed these heavily Hispanic counties would support jobs and not having illegals/criminals streaming through their communities???
The poor NPR reporter just couldn't figure out what happened. She had to cross to Mexico to get to a emigration holding camp to find a Hispanic who was happy Biden had won!


The people counting 81,000 votes in a row for Joe Biden are the same people counting Covid deaths.

James D.

TM, thanks for the new thread, but your post is an embarrassment.

As is your chuckling over the prospect of a Biden presidency. You keep thinking there’s some mythical moderate center where decent people will govern responsibly.

There is not! There hasn’t been for decades. There has been the illusion of a center but that center is a goddamn lie. That center is a hideously failed foreign policy and ever more “expert” management of the economy and regulations and taxes without any accountability, ever, when the experts are wrong as they nearly always are.

You may think Trump is a rude, impulsive a-hole. He may even actually be one. But he’s still done far more good for the people of this country in 4 years than his predecessors did in the previous 28, and if you can’t see that you are just willfully blind and a fool.


EXT--that issue with the MRI is not cowardice, it is claustophobia!
We cover our MRI every weekday for people with severe claustrophobia, where the Xanax didn't do it. (and children, so they will be still)

Jane--thanks for the tip about closing your eyes before going in getting past the milder claustrophobia.
I'm going to pass that on to our techs.

Headcage in MRI is actually headCoils--to transmit and receive the radio waves, so you get better images. There are other ones for knees, shoulders...


If TM looks into his heart, he knows Dems fabricated votes to steal an election and that he's decided that he just doesn't care (so bad is Orange Man). TM knows he's now a supporter of craven crooks because, for him, they're a better choice than the people would have made if their true votes were counted. It has to be difficult, summoning up an air of confidence as you face the world, when you know you're a fraud.


What James D said at 7:16.


Maybe TM wants the red states to subsidize his CT state and local taxes again but getting rid of Trump’s deduction limits.


Larwyned on the last thread:

Joan, so sad! You deserve better.

Children—and those who have yet to grow up—believe that because you think something doesn’t mean it’s true. That’s why we have to learn to consciously check our work.

You can't address "ill-logic" with logic. You have to change the subject with a horselaugh.

When a child says, "The sky is blue so I want an ice cream." You won't be able to "logic" them out of it. Respond with a horselaugh. "BwaHaHaHaHa!" and change the subject. They cannot win if you don’t engage them.

You are courageous. You are more than courageous. You are master of the health you have and master of your mind.

You have balance. You have internal peace. You have the love in your heart even when you may not like some things. He cannot beat you down if you don’t engage.

And if he gets ticked at your response, you have given him something to think about: A teachable lesson. That’s what parents do. They can’t think things out for their children. They can only set something in their path for them to stumble over in their own time.

You are blessed. At 79, you get to savor even small things for simple enjoyment. You get to do what you believe is right. And the rest of the world be damned. Ain’t life fun!

Thomas Collins

Rove is wrong to say there is no evidence of the kind of systemic fraud likely to result in Trump winning. The problem is that the evidence is not likely to convince state and federal courts to avoid overturning the result in enough states to get Trump to 270. Nonetheless, it is worth Trump's effort to expose the Dem fraud machine and help counteract it in the future. It is also worth the effort the keep support for the anti-oligarchy efforts of Trump and others.


Remember john yoo when they tried to prosecute and disbarr you good times

Old Lurker

A-mom, there is certainly a whole lot of smoke and heat developing in every corner of the Stolen Election. And like everyone else here, I find it satisfying to burrow down into this or that analysis of one theft or another. The eyes boggle and the brazeness of the thieves.

BUT I must remain from Missouri regarding whether it will actually pan out into a changed outcome.

I suppose my POV is the culmination of years, decades, of digging down into the weeds of whatever battle was raging...from Libby to Stevens...to WMD...Flynn...the Coup...to - just name one of dozens. In so many of those struggles, we all saw tons of "proof" and "righteousness" and evidence in the tea leaves that in the end justice would prevail. But except for Bush v Gore in SCOTUS, and Trump 2016, every damn one of them went the way of the Deep State. (And even Trump 2016 was watered down by the full court press assembled to deny him the full right to govern; and Bush turned out to be working for the other side too.)

So sayeth Eeyore on this rainy cold morning in DC.



As pointed out last night they are winning state legislative races in wallingfords. So apres le deluge.

Another Bob

But it’s Trump who’s the problem?

The Arizona Secretary of State in 2017:

“.@realDonaldTrump has made it abundantly clear he's more interested in pandering to his neo-nazi base than being @POTUS for all Americans.”


Old Lurker

TC "... it is worth Trump's effort to expose the Dem fraud machine..."

If for no other reason, it will assist the future Gibbons in writing a set of books titled "The Rise and Fall of the Great American Experiment from de Tocqueville to Harris".


Yes property taxes in NY NJ CT are sky high compared to the rest of the country.


I Was In Philadelphia Watching Fraud Happen. Here’s How It Went Down



Rudy W. Giuliani
Rigged Election Exposed Through LAWSUITS

Rudy Giuliani’s analysis here: youtu.be/SzHnlLxKhSc


Thomas Collins

Here's a link (via Instapundit) to an article discussing what Trump can do during his remaining time in office. My favorite is the ultimate troll: pardoning Hillary!


Old Lurker

Peter, restoring the IRS device for making other states shoulder a share of those excessive taxes in the Blue Hell States will be among the first things implemented.


I am not as brave as my distant cousin who stormed giron beach, but it is to his memory that i will not obey the ukazes of this usurper regime.


John Solomon
Rudy Giuliani: ‘I have never seen an election case with half this evidence of fraud’ | Just The News justthenews.com/podcasts/rudy-…



So the mind (redacted) is such that they want to make it that the la swat team was scared of the bug. Cognate.


Lin Wood
Good morning!

It is a blessing to wake up in America. It is a blessing to be an American. It is a blessing to be free.

The American Dream will NEVER be destroyed by the Chinese Communist Party.

Our country is at war with Communist China. They attacked us with COVID & DOMINION.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
It attempted to alter our election and got caught? twitter.com/madisongesiott…




Steyn points out in a note that jones day has handled the torturous appeal against michael mann, that he had to disentangle himself from their lead counsel.

Old Lurker

From Bongino, here is a summary of the lawsuits so far.


Color me underwhelmed.


A primer



Mel, TSH is not a total of T3 and T4.

TSH is Thyroid STIMULATING hormone, it is made in the pituitary gland. When it gets to the thyroid, that gland is stimulated and makes T3 and T4, and those hormones are what then have biologic consequences--when when too high, the agitation, palpitations, weight loss, etc.

Normally TSH is 2-4 in most labs.
Since it's a feedback loop between the pituitary and the thyroid, in Graves, where the thyroid is making hormone from the autoimmune antibody stimulation (not TSH stimulation), TSH is often undetectable because the high levels of T3 and T4 serve to turn its production by the pituitary gland off completely.


Per TMJ4, Biden gained a few hundred net votes in canvassing in WI. The big counties aren’t in yet.


I was freaked out about two years ago when i got a ridiculous low tsh reading like i was on the redline it must have been an incorrect one.


Honestly this contest wouldnt have passed muster in the ivory coast, where they switched to live ammunition some years ago.


I am catching up as my town floods from the north edges of hte tropical storm today.

This from CH is on topic and deserves to be moved

Rove and the Bushes turned two Reagan landslides into nail biters and losses against unlikeable and mentally ill opponents. He constantly denied the existence of the Reagan democrats and then Trump magically found them. He has a Costanza level ability to urge the opposite course of action to achieve success. Today's advice is just more of the same.

Posted by: Captain Hate | November 11, 2020 at 09:03 PM


My younger daughter was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis a couple of months ago (turns out six months of lying on your bed isn't good for pubescent girls who already have a weight problem).

She has been on levothyroxine for two months and they just upped the dosage because her TSH (having been previously extremely elevated) is still elevated.

It has already helped though - she's gotten her pink cheeks back, and seems to have a bit more energy. Weight loss is going to be a major challenge.


I pointed out this info op was a variation of the malaysian grapevine that not a few members of the never trumper right were involved with against their better judgement.

Robin, eff 'em all

Is it just me or were you also annoyed that Rove used MR. Trump instead of PRESIDENT Trump?

Joan, I am sorry that your son is suffering from TDS so badly that he neglects to consider your feelings and your health. Laughing at him and changing the subject will indeed be your best bet. I hope you can do it - you seem to have a great strength of character to be so uncomplaining of your situation.

Robin, eff 'em all

That also explains to me how we can see the Red Tsuanami (or at least Big Wave) that happened in FL, TX--where ALL FIVE BORDER COUNTIES WENT RED FROM BLUE in 2016!!!* One went from 19% Trump in 2016 to 67%!!!
But they didn't think they'd need to steal from them, or Miami, did they?

This right here from Amom on the last thread.


Typical Cuomo

Wow. As @NYGovCuomo
slammed a Covid vaccine under Trump, the governor skipped 17 meetings with the White House coronavirus task force and refused a one-on-one meeting with Alex Azar. Perhaps his book tour was more of a priority? Worst. Leader. Ever.

New York Post
· 12h
EXCLUSIVE: 'Trump vaccine'-trashing Cuomo skipped 17 White House meetings https://trib.al/CYnIV4m


Thanks, AMom, for that helpful correction. What I was told 20 years ago, once, didn't stick half as hard as "Orbital Deconstruction". Iodine isotopes were totally in my wheelhouse, though.

Robin, eff 'em all

And this has me tied up in knots:

Aly Arenholz, an 8th grader at Frontier Trail Middle School in Olathe, asked Olathe high school and middle school students to take a survey regarding the current “hybrid” model used by the school district as a result of school lockdowns — 1,778 students responded.

At a Kansas State Board of Education Meeting Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020, three Olathe siblings read some of those responses. The students and several physicians implored board members to order schools re-opened for full-time in-person learning but their pleas went nowhere. Instead, board members discussed the possibility of reducing minimum education requirements; that might appease the concerns of adults working in schools but comments from students indicate it would make the educational and emotional situation worse for students.

“Every single day I wake up and I don’t want to wake up, I feel like every day is the same thing and it gets harder and harder with every passing second,” Regan Stelting, an Olathe South freshman read. “There’s nothing enjoyable about this experience and I’d rather drop out and prepare for college rather than spend one more second being a puppet for this unreliable and unbelievable school district that not only has ruined my senior year, but ruthlessly dragged it through the mud and stomped on it until it couldn’t handle it anymore.

“Nothing about my life is positive right now and there is nobody to blame except the school district and their bogus decisions. Listen to your students, they know more than anybody about what it’s like to go through this.”

Those comments were echoed by many students in the survey, who seemed to almost universally dislike the virtual environment, and are reporting troubling Issues with performance and mental health.

Regan’s brother, Carter, a junior at OSHS, said: “Of the total respondents, 82% have felt stressed, 61% felt frustrated, and 57% felt lonely. One student responded ‘I want to go to school. I want to learn. Sitting for hours on end alone in silence leaves me with no self-value. It’s depressing.’

We're trying to decide what to do right now, but going back to work when my Achilles heals might not be on the table. Our HS freshman is doing fine grade-wise, but being home alone all day doesn't seem healthy or wise.


Ahi mismo, there it is, obama tbought he could work his magic in miami, but it didnt turm out that way. Only in the grimy den of villaimy that is philly where the voting commissioner was disqualified!! Did it work.


Julian Carden
This means, some Biden votes that were scanned by Dominion tabulators....were counted 8-10 times PER vote in Detroit alone!
Now, add Philadelphia, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Madison & Milwaukee, etc!

Sam 🇬🇧🇬🇧 @Sammie68
Dominion IT Contractor/Whistleblower gives one example

how votes were counted fraudulently in Detroit Michigan



Democrats are bitter clingers to their fraudulent victory.


Fox news analysis is about as effective as a divining rod at this pointm

Old Lurker

Hey Mel "...didn't stick half as hard as "Orbital Deconstruction..."

YL's younger sis is doing her fellowship in exactly that sort of Eye Surgery specialty. She tried to show us some microscope video of her doing such things and I could not watch them.


Canvassing merely counts the fraudulent votes twice.
I'm sure "TODAYS' TMJ 4" is not smart enough to understand that, or their just another FULL COMMIE VIEWS outlet.
Add fraudulent ballots, count them. Count them again. NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS.

Maybe KARL ROVE can chime in. AND. Whatever happened to HUNTER-GATHERER-METH-SMOKE BIDEN and the emails that SHOW that DEMENTIA BOY was getting rich off of COMMUNIST CHINA???
Maybe they are re-canvassing them.


hence my post ending in "nonononononono"....


Back to sham 1.0


Texas Liberty Gal

Just heard on Newsmax that PA is now 49 for Trump's and 49 for Biden. That means Biden is not the "Present Elect


That strange feeling of dejavu



Robin, my son EE MAJOR at Wisconsin-Milwaukee is not enjoying one minute of his ZERO IN PERSON CLASSES.

This is a crime that I will never forget.


So emmanuel will deprive us of the spice we desperately need to give it to the rest of the world so we must suffer the great reset as cat stroker klaus mandates.


Thats dr. Death panel for those without the rosetta.



He called it "Distributive Justice".


Who betsy mcaughey pointed out and bachmann and the huntress amplified.





I have other names for it. But thats the cook book that the solon wants us on.


Now this vaccine isnt all its cracked up to be, thats not important righr now, we are told it is like an infinity stone lighting the way put of the darkness.


New York Post
FBI reportedly sharing Jeffrey Epstein probe findings with victims trib.al/0TclKor


Captain Hate

I'm currently waiting for an online chat with the BMV to find where my license stickers are that were mailed for over three weeks ago. Great system DeWine! But voting by mail is 100% the shiznit. Fucking idiots.


I guessing he signed a contract with dominion too, but derose made it beside the point




Very long thread, dissection of the Fed interview of the postal worker. Exposes manipulation by Feds.


Thanks, Henry.

McAdoo’s very, very long tweet stream is more arm waving than anything else. Unfortunately OKeefe got a not so solid witness who admitted that Project Viertas lawyers wrote the affidavit that he thinks embellished what actually happened. McAdoo has no problem with PV putting words into his mouth but has a tizzy when the inspector does something similar after walking him through his statement.

I think the major butthurt is that our side doesn’t seem to have any capable federal investigators to do a similar investigation that favors our interest.

The investigator says he thought that the postal worker had more details on where the ballots went after they were turned into the supervisor. The postal worker had no clue. My impression was that the two investigators were there to follow all leads but they needed some real dirt from the whistleblower. It soon became clear that the WB didn’t have the goods. What he did have was put into the revised affidavit as well as the written statement that he worked on while in the “interrogation” room. The lead investigator actuality wanted to make sure he included the one specific detail that set the WB off in the first place. The WB was suspicious, prior to the dozen words he overheard, because the ballots they picked up should have gone directly to Pittsburgh(?) for postmarking but, instead, the were being pulled out of the normal process and being turned over to the local supervisor.

The investigators took an interest in this and my estimate from watching the video is that they planned on following up on it after they were certain about what the WB actually knew. Ultimately he is their witness should they find foul play.

As it stands right now, PV has decided to portray the investigators as gestappo. And they have compounded it by claiming that the lead investigator has a secret never Trump twitter. Has that been proven yet?

If I was one of the investigators I would really question whether I was going to dig deep or not after PV’s reaction.

One thing in PV’s favor is a subsequent video where OKeefe is trashing some WaPo oaf who is on Anderson Poopershooter’s show stating that the WB has recanted his affidavit. OKeefe wants to know how they knew that. Someone leaked something.

Hopefully, for PV’s sake, they win the battle by proving that the investigator is a ghost NeverTrumper, because they aren’t going to win it with this particular witness.


If the objective is monstrous the meand has to be nearly so


Peter, I am praying that everything goes well.

Robin, eff 'em all

Gus, my extremely sociable, capable, and very extroverted 14 year old cried for an hour on Sunday because she thinks she's forgotten how to make friends. I had to remind her of all the things we do to reach out to new acquaintances to make them our friends, things that come naturally to her in normal times.

This is a mentally healthy, active teen, who is doing well in school, loves to read and play guitar (both healthy solitary activities), has loads of interests, a supportive home life, and in normal times a good sense of balance between busy and over scheduled. If she's depressed, imagine what's happening to kids without any one of those things.

James D.

The students and several physicians implored board members to order schools re-opened for full-time in-person learning but their pleas went nowhere. Instead, board members discussed the possibility of reducing minimum education requirements

In all seriousness, I don't see how shooting the school board members who suggested "reducing minimum education requirements" would be a bad thing, on any level.


There are a lot of cases in the pipeline which have not yet been filed or heard. I'm with Jin, if the cases are strong enough no matter what the courts decide , the state legislatures can and may act to hand their state's electors to Trump.

I see no other way to stop vote fraud. There may well be hundreds of criminal cases against the fraudsters, but that is insufficient remedy.

Old Lurker

I hear you, Clarice.

Robin, eff 'em all

In all seriousness, I don't see how shooting the school board members who suggested "reducing minimum education requirements" would be a bad thing, on any level.

I know, JamesD. And they wonder why there was a red wave down ticket. I've talked to so many parents who are beyond angry.


Joan, sorry to hear about what you are going through.

My one brother has more liberal friends than any of the rest of us combined. As these people try to froth vile uninformed political garbage at him, he cuts them off and asks “if I were to show you proof of voter fraud, would you care? If not, then we can talk about the weather or books.”

He says it diffuses them quickly.


Good Morning. The storm has passed and it’s gorgeous. Yesterday was a nightmare! 80 and sunny on the lanai!

Peter, I missed your results. Are you okay?

Gonna take awhile to get everything back where it belongs!

Robin, eff 'em all

I wanted to second, I think it was, ManTran's suggestion to watch "The Queen's Gambit" if you still have Netflix. We just finished it last night and it was an unexpected pleasure - great story, good acting, and visually gorgeous. I got so attached to the main character that I actually said out loud several times, Oh don't do it, when she was about to engage in self-destructive behavior. I don't do that normally.

Captain Hate

I knew Rove slightly through College Republicans, back in the 70s. The last time I saw him, I was ripping him a new one. As I turned to go, he asked "Are you calling me a skunk?", and a friend of mine replied "He's right, Karl. You do suck."
Posted by: Eeyore at November 12, 2020 09:21 AM (7X3UV)


Ww know hoe this works with the horowitz ig report. The point is to hide the truth the steal thiessen went through this with the cia one coaxing the details that showed soufans deceptions in courting disaster


They put lynn chu in facebook jail for crimethink.

Old Lurker

"I see no other way to stop vote fraud."

Thing is...if the standard of a community is such that hundreds of murders are OK without consequence, and if dozens of stores can be looted by BLM without consequence, and if powerful government officials can use machinery owned by the State to spy on citizens and candidates without consequence, and if everybody related to a high government official can amass millions in wealth without consequence, indeed if more that half the population finds glee in any act that advances their side against the rights of the other side...then why would anybody expect voter fraud to get their attention?


Keep this in mind as we move on.


They up to 100 cycles yet?


Seven-day rolling average of new US coronavirus cases per day up 55% so far *just* in November:

Nov 1: 81,367
Nov 2: 83,839
Nov 3: 86,452
Nov 4: 89,859
Nov 5: 94,626
Nov 6: 98,505
Nov 7: 105,246
Nov 8: 108,737
Nov 9: 113,859
Nov 10: 120,258
Nov 11: 126,158

Captain Hate

Yes property taxes in NY NJ CT are sky high compared to the rest of the country.

Is there any part of the country where property taxes are low? Ohio generally has low housing prices compared to either coasts but the property taxes have exploded, to finance the dogshit public schools, to the point where they exceed the original mortgage.

Maybe lyle's state or Wyoming...


Even in our little burg they voted to raise the levy for environmental restoration or some such, slams head on desk.

Donald J Trump @realdonaldtrump 49m · “OK, I’ve seen enough. What’s going to happen to these guys (McCabe, Comey & the gang of treasonous thugs)? @SenJohnKennedy @MariaBartiromo @TheJusticeDept They, and many others, got caught. DO SOMETHING!!!

The President is gabbing “DO SOMETHING!!!” to his own DoJ?



TK, perhaps it was 0D 52 pickup all along.

Captain Hate

Jair Bolsonaro apparently said people need to "stop acting like fags" about Covid. I think that's unfair to conservative gays, but the reaction has been LOLOLOLOL.
Posted by: Ian S. at November 12, 2020 09:21 AM (ZGrMX)

Man, I'm gonna go get my balls waxed in solidarity this afternoon.
Posted by: Warai-otoko at November 12, 2020 09:24 AM (6FeV1)

Old Lurker

Cap'n. Start by looking for states that are well run and spend the least amounts running their governments. Math dictates that those states will have the lowest totals of Income, Property & Sales taxes.


Indeed, henry. LOL.


Ive been a fan for a while, this man is operating on one lung and aurvived covid hes like steve austin,


Today is a good day to run a jackhammer.



I maintain a few spreadsheets to make my life easier. One to compute quarterly estimated taxes, one that helps manage cash flow (to the degree Mrs.Buckeye will cooperate:)), and a third that roughly calculates net worth.

The net worth spreadsheet includes cash on hand, investments, real estate, collectibles, other tangible assets, etc.

Every category has improved dramatically in the last 4 years, and each is at an all time high.

I challenge TM to make rough estimate of where he stands today, and then post the percentage change from today to 11/12/2024 in 4 years.

We will see how good this Harris/Biden admin does.

Old Lurker

What, DJT doesn't want to wait another #2weeks?



Moving key people in place past the tripwires is crucial.

Old Lurker

Buckeye, you keep injecting "facts" into people who think with their feelings.


Make it so


Captain Hate


My point was that I don't think they're low, per se, anywhere. They've always been a retro 18th century concept of financing things from when only property owners could vote. That they still exist in any form is an abomination. But with our current problems they're low on the priority list.

To wit

Why are they afraid we're going to swamp His Fraudulency's not-gonna-happen inauguration? Why would the recipient of the most popular votes in history fret about being unpopular compared to the loser? Because they, like we, know Trump won in a huge red wave. Biden's support is vaporware! Screw up your courage to the sticking point. Peacefully protest your statehouse if you live in PA, GA, MI, AZ, or WI. Don't give in to their gaslighting!
Posted by: Farmer Bob at November 12, 2020 09:44 AM (7o4Oo)

Captain Hate

"Our city is bleeding." Minneapolis Police Chief

Well, what did you expect when you hired a Somali cop who thought a woman wearing pajamas in public was committing a capital offense?

Posted by: creeper at November 12, 2020 09:42 AM (XxJt1)

Put a bandaid on it, twats.


So where does this show up in court?


Fundamental rule of war is to identify enemy.

Our country is at war with Communist China. A war of good v. evil.

China attacked us with Covid - a biological weapon.


Maybe it's like this ...

Police arrived in time to prevent complete cremation of the body. The the serial number on a titanium implant identified the victim, but cause of death could not be determined.

The 2 known gang members captured at the scene were found to have one knife and one baseball bat with the victim's blood on them.

No way to know how many times the knife stabbed the victim, nor how many blows were administered with the bat, nor if any injury was fatal.

Murder beyond reasonable doubt? ... Some say no.


[missed the last bit]

Covid was excuse to control our lifestyles.

Dominion was Communist voting system used to control our election.

James D.

TK @ 9:41

He's been doing that for a long time, and I am as sick of it as you are.

DoJ reports to him. If he has directives for them, he can just effing tell Barr and Wray and whomever else directly, and fire them if they disobey.


Except we know that key players (i call them the tripwires, like pilger) are in on the steal.

James D.

CH @ 9:56

an unqualified cop who his fellow officers didn't want to work with, hired ONLY because he was Somali.

I said it at the time, and it's still true. Every single person in Noor's chain of command, or who signed off on his training or his hiring, should have been a defendant at the murder trial right alongside him. They are all guilty, and the blood of Justine Dimond - and a lot of other innocent people - is on all their hands.

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