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December 31, 2020



Byrne has been attending strategy sessions at the White House on how to fight back against the stolen election.

“sessions?” Are you sure? Byrne description, to Corsi, of his meeting with Trump made it sound like he essentially snuck in with Flynn and Powell and surprised Trump. Later he begged Corsi to see if Corsi could get a line to Trump.

“I just need two minutes. Please if there is anything you can do to get me two minutes of Trump’s time. Please..”

That doesn’t sound like the talk of a member of the inner circle.


I don't know where this was made or how they did the special effects, but one can never go wrong with the Hallelujah Chorus!

Start Your Year Off Right!
Remember to Praise God!
He lives in the Praise of His People!
Hallelujah! pic.twitter.com/OCJEDTBdrZ

— Ken Jones⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟 (@sxdoc) January 1, 2021
Tom R

Are you sure? Byrne description, to Corsi, of his meeting with Trump made it sound like he essentially snuck in with Flynn and Powell and surprised Trump.

No one who has not been invited ever "sneaks in" to a meeting with the POTUS in the White House. They are either authorized to attend the meeting or they are not. If Byrne attended a meeting with Trump then Trump authorized him being there.

Jim Eagle


Do you think a Lou Sabin would tolerate a targeting block like we just saw? My problem with Fickell is he is not a hard ass disciplinarian. You don't coach "targeting". What you do is make it a bad choice by your players. Like sitting out the quarter or the half.

Pissed me off to see that. But that TD catch made up for it. A little.


Miss Marple: I REALLY wanted to watch "Independence Day" (1996) and it is not available except by paying for it, which I won't do.

I don't know about the libraries in your area, but those in mine have DVDs that can be checked out free. You might want to see if yours do, too.


Well we’ll well[,

Just got a call from someone who was here for happy hour last night. She and her husband (also here) were exposed to the virus 7 days ago, just found out and are being tested. We shall see. Then I went to check the temp in the house and the AC’s not working.

First 2 tests to my optimism,

Jim Eagle

Jerome Ford! Wowza!

79 yd. TD run to start the 2nd half.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From the WSJ;

The Russia-linked hackers behind a widespread cyber-intrusion into U.S. corporate and government systems were able to access internal systems within Microsoft Corp. and view internal source code, used to build software products, the company said Thursday.

This compromised account was able to view Microsoft’s source code, but not make changes, the company said.

Dammit. I was hoping someone was finally going to operate on Bill Gates' deformed baby.

Jim Eagle

I haven't used a microsoft product in over 20 years. Stay away, far, far away!


I have an uncle with the last name Herrick who retired from the Air Force after 20 years and then did another 20 with Raytheon in Wayland.

What is up with Lin Wood? He's NUTS!


Captain Hate

Do you think a Lou Sabin would tolerate a targeting block like we just saw?

I don't think when Lou was coaching they had targeting penalties.


Jane, Quercetin Protocol just in case.


No one who has not been invited ever "sneaks in" to a meeting with the POTUS in the White House.

Proof you haven’t listened to Byrne’s own words. Additional proof that you don’t read my comments thoroughly.

Jim Eagle

Nuts? He is can of peanuts and cashews:) What a fcuking comment to make in public. Trump campaign and even DJT should publically disavow this demented fake.



I’ve taken guercitin and zinc for months. Do you have an AC protocol?

Jim Eagle


Good catch:) Just substitute son, NIck for Lou, and we are good.

But my point stands, son or father.


Read this:



"This contradiction of two separate realities, one moral and the other amoral, begins with the un-seen, uncritical and unanalyzed truth that these low-born Americans not only financed but fought a world war to save its European betters from annihilating themselves, or that all that American wealth had been created on the shoulders of the sweeps from Europe’s own kitchens, Or that the reality that neither of the “genius” Marxist regimes in Russia and China had ever invented a single new thing from scratch, but rather stole all their designs, then constructed entire technological and research regimes to improve on those stolen designs, mostly of American origins…

…yet leads them today to believe that somehow they can kill America’s creative energy and return us to our original state of being low-born’s, yet build upon what we created with a more efficient and better-managed world system by the likes of third generation Gordon Gekko’s whose only skill has to move money and wealth around without creating a single new dollar or job, what I call the “Soros model”, all for the benefit of that top 20% while returning the 80% back toward a kinder, gentler form of peonage.

Any student of history knows how this turns out."


That's good to hear Jane. I hope you're guests test negative.

I would think AC units in Florida are wired separately with their own circuit. Perhaps you blew a circuit breaker? That's just a guess however.


Patrick Byrne Drops Teaser on Latest Fraud Investigation in a “Certain State” Involving Governor and Secretary of State


Jim Eagle

Only way I could post this:)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If any doubt remained about the fitness of Lin Wood I hope that 2:17 dispelled it.

Even more so I hope he has nothing to do with Kyle Rittenhouse's defense.


Trump appears to be a magnet for crazy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The saddest thing is reading the commenters who act like what he said made perfect sense.


Gotta hope this is Trump’s version of the fake Patton divisions ready to storm Pas de Calais.


An interesting thread about the Minoan Greeks (Crete) the symbolism of the crocus, the use of saffron, and the change brought about after the eruption of Thera and the tsunami:


Another Bob

“ What if the John Roberts on the flight log is the White House reporter for Fox?”

He’s already chimed in with an unequivocal denial.


Jim Eagle

It's not safe yet.



And to no surprise --considering there are thousands of men named
John Roberts

Assistant Special Agent in Charge at U.S. Secret Service
San Francisco Bay Area

Jim Eagle

You don't think our enemies notice this kind of American anomaly?



Here is the interview, Tom:




I tool the liberty of bringing that photo over:

Someone in the replies called it "The Proto Kilroy!"





Missed a chunk of the game. Didn’t see that play.

Momma remembered we needed pork roast and sauerkraut for tonight. You know who had to make a run to the store.


Good news and so so news. COVID was negative, so worries, but no AC til Monday. Fine for me but will be harder for Kiwi. In the 60’s tonite -3 cooling pads. (Are you bored yet?)

Tom R

Proof you haven’t listened to Byrne’s own words. Additional proof that you don’t read my comments thoroughly.

I am perfectly fine with you believing Patrick Byrne snuck in to a meeting with Trump uninvited. My point was based on this article.


That doesn’t sound like the talk of a member of the inner circle.

I never wrote that Byrne was a member of Trump's "inner circle". That is you being you and intentionally twisting what I wrote and then trying to disprove a point I never made.

It's time to get ready for the Bama game so have a MAGA Day.

Jim Eagle

Can't believe we let Georgia back in such a lazy defensive fashion.

Saves me some bucks on the sports alumni register.

Dave (in MA)

Nothing lifts one's spirits like seeing a politician dancing with joy in the pandemic-deserted streets of a dying megalopolis as Sinatra echoes eerily through the canyons of 50 billion watt LED billboards for shitty TV showshttps://t.co/YJUkTsy8gB

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) January 1, 2021


Here is the covid stuff your FIL needs:

Breathing exercises


He also deserves treatment.
Either HCQ w zinc and zpack.
Here's the RCT showing it reduces hosptialization by 84%


Or ivermectin, per the Eastern Virginia Med School protocol


and jane, ccgirl, and your husband--you all are already taking zinc and vit D right?
Quercetin too? The EVMS protocol calls fro 500 mg a day.

I'd add 2000 mg of vit C as well. Twice a day if your GI track tolerates it. Hydrate too.

ccgirl--your husband should gargle with the highest proof alcohol you have in the house.

And --I read a post of a model of a single 1000mg dose of niacin taking out the virus in 1.4 days.
That's a very benign vitamin too, other than the flush.

jim nj


The Century Crammed Into a Year Mercifully Ends

2020 was mostly peaceful protests occurring within a mostly healthy year during which toilet paper remained mostly available.

jim nj


Trump extends restrictions on work visas, says coronavirus pandemic still disrupts 'American livelihoods'
The order will now expire at the end of March, extending into President-elect Joe Biden’s first term in office

jim nj


Victor Davis Hanson: 2020 and the surprising conclusions historians will make about America and this year
Historians will note that amid the death, destruction and dissension something else happened, too

jim nj


Hedge fund Alden looks to buy Baltimore Sun owner and go private in deal valuing newspaper chain at $520 million

Jim Eagle


They all havvr excuese. Sometung for me. So, i need to passit. Simple.

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