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December 24, 2020



Wonderful momto2.


It's one of those days where the high temp happened while we were asleep and it will just continue to get colder, but closer to Christmas weather! Merry Christmas!


Mom to 2 what a super gift!



Not the waPo tap dance claiming Trump is increasingly relying on Powell as they shred one of her affiants.



That’s spectacular!

I’m outside with my puppy and heater. Turkey in the oven!

Jim Eagle

Getting ready to start prep work for our Easter at Christmas dinner: Roast Leg of Lamb that sits over a terrine of sliced potatoes, onions and tomatoes.

Yummy. A Patricia Wells recipe from Provence.

But first I need a hot toady:)


Merry Christmas! I am thankful for my JOM friends, and our host (even though I disagree with his opinions).

I was very sad and cranky yesterday morning. Took a long walk to the beach and cleared my head. I thanked God for the beautiful world, and prayed that the madness will end soon. Then my SIL texted that my brother’s work helper received a call from the health dept that he was free to move about - and all the kids decided to come to Christmas eve upon hearing that! It was one of the nicest gatherings!

No wind as predicted, and just a light rain. Blessings and I hope all can enjoy the day!





Merry Christmas everyone! The Christmas pudding is re-steaming and I'm making custard sauce.


"Beyond the pandemic, waiting for a kidney transplant, hip replacement surgery, or a scarce medication will be determined by medicalizing privilege and treating minority status as an illness in greater need of care and ‘whiteness’ as a sign of health privilege that requires less care."

That would mean a reversal in medical service delivery practices which have endured 208 years here in the states. Add to that deeply entrenched system the medical experimentation system in this country and i'll take the side that says "when pigs fly."

Fear-mongering among white Americans about black people flipping the socio-political script on the chief beneficiaries of affirmative action ( white Americans) is an old tactic that allows racecraft to endure.

Robin, eff 'em all


Just catching up and saw the quilt your friend made with your husband's shirts. How absolutely clever and beautiful!

Happy Boxing Day all!

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