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December 24, 2020



Buckeye, it's been years in coming, but we've reached the CRITICAL MASS, that the COMMIES have sought. They have actually made a sizable mass of AMERICANS, afraid. It's become so absurd, that I've backed off on commenting. My son has not been in a classroom in his entire COLLEGIATE 3RD SEMESTER. Not a single 22-infant has died of this CHINESE WUHAN FLU, in WISCONSIN. So naturally, the most healthy vibrant and brilliant University students, need to be SHUT DOWN. I will NEVER FORGIVE this. I got MOAR AMMO for CHRISTMAS.


That just bat(redacted)crazy, but pakiatani housewifes not polishing their yoyos (whatever)





Its not a pressing concern



I was struck how a rolling dumpsterfire like this game was released


Captain Hate

If Trump doesn’t cave on the “relief”, then 100,000 are gonna die by February.

But won't Sundown, the greatest vote getter in US history, ride to the rescue in less than a month? They make it clear every day that they don't believe one fucking bit of their bullshit.


Capn'. Merry Christmas to you, and your family.

THEY ARE COMMIES. Nothing they say has not been designed to LIE and gain power. NOTHING.

It's sick.


It has no conceivable relation to reality,


Makes as much sense as this


No i wouldnt get dianey plus, but they have realized the error of their ways

Captain Hate

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Sug. And all of JOM.

By the time I hit post, it should be Christmas.


Thank you, Gus

jim nj

Merry Christmas all. I tend not to celebrate it, but it's nice to hear that others still have holiday traditions that they adhere to.

Santa is getting blown off course around here. Rain and gusty winds with the storm expected to intensify during the night. Gusts may reach 60-70 MPH later. Right now the windows and balcony door are whistling at me.


JUST STFU and BUILD BLACK BUTTER or some such horse shit.


Nemesis they called it



Doesnt he have a stabilizer or some such. We're getting a touch of wind and rain, run for your lives!




Just the right dollop of contempt


jim nj



After Nov. 3, the meaning of some words and concepts abruptly changed. Have you noticed how new realities have replaced old ones?



What does he know, and when does he know it:

“There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them, anyway.”

Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former Chief Vaccine Control Officer and research virologist, US FDA

jim nj

Now if it was snow and high winds I might be able to get into it.

By morning, with a 59 degree temperature and the rain, all the snow piles will be gone.

Bah, humbug, for entertainment I can go watch my toilet bowl water level bob up and down as the winds vary over the soil stack.


U.S. Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare F. David Mathews projected 1 million Americans would die in the 1976 flu season unless action was taken. Citing the “strong possibility” of a swine flu pandemic, CDC Director David Sencer recommended an unprecedented plan: a mass vaccination of U.S. citizens


jim nj


COVID Relief and Trump’s Revenge
A pocket veto of the coronavirus package is payback for McConnell’s perfidy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Anyone who wants to tune out another of my thinking out loud comments is welcome to.
However it has occurred to me that ideologies go much deeper than mere irrationality and even deeper than the ideologue making their ideology the root of their identity.
The truly committed prog displays characteristics remarkably similar to narcissism/psychopathy.
The nine traits of the N as described in earlier DSMs have been;
1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g. exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements).
2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.
3. Believes that they are "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions).
4. Requires excessive admiration.
5. Has a sense of entitlement (i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with their expectations).
6. Is interpersonally exploitative (i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve their own ends).
7. Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others.
8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of them.
9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.

One trait isn't listed but is almost universal and is implied by some of the above and that is pathological dishonesty.
A committed dyed in the wool authoritarian prog will display most if not all of those traits to one degree or another. That indicates that type of progressive is truly akin to the mentally ill, if not simply one of them.
However we all know many 'progs' who are not that type of person. And that is another similarity to narcissists; the N constructs an ecosystem in which he is most comfortable and safe and that ecosystem often looks just like a cult; often it is. But through manipulations, threats, bullying, rewards, etc the N induces otherwise reasonable people to in effect be absorbed by the N as they adopt the same worldview, the same prejudices and often many of the traits themselves of an N, even though absent the influence of the N they are not otherwise whackos.
In essence this is Hoffer's mass movement leader-True Believer relationship but I never really considered just how much it resembles, to the point it seems actually to be a group of disordered mental cases creating a political movement as cult and the persuasion of millions of other vulnerable, willing adherents who adopt their crazy views but are otherwise not disordered.
And the truly disordered do not choose their identity; their disorder itself generates their misperceived views of themselves and the world and that view is pervasive and persistent and one very few N or psychos ever escape.
The things one not enmeshed in that kind of system can never truly understand is how people get pulled into it and how and why they stay. Because the disordered's psychic survival depends on them understanding and manipulating others they tend to be very good at it and most others never even know they're being manipulated.
The good news is that while the truly disordered are largely unreachable the persuaded non-nuts can be reached. Trump and Reagan both demonstrated that in spades.
So basically we face a movement led largely by, to be charitable, socio/psychopaths, leading an army of mostly brainwashed dupes who have a cultlike fixation on the ideologues and their ideology regardless of how obviously nuts both are to those outside their cult.
Learn to code deprogram.



Tony Fraudski, GOVERNMENT MULTI-MILLIONAIRE, $375,000 @ year. Admitted liar. 80 years old, and FULL COMMIE hero.
Why would this fukwad be beloved by THE FULL COMMIE.
And lastly. BIRX TEEEETH. WHY? For the love of sweet JESUS, why???


"COVID nurse whose Christmas lights were slammed as a 'reminder of systematic biases' says decorations cheer her up after a long hospital shift - as its revealed THREE other neighbors also received nasty notes..."



I agree DAVOD. Christmas is awful. Only COMMUNISM, killed ONE HUNDRED MILLLLLLLLLLLLION people in the 20th century. So I suppose those who are "all in" vis a vis COMMUNISM, should be expected to turn introspective, and recognize what a pile of shit, that they are.
COMMUNISTS are WONDERFUL. Reminder. Communists killed 100,000,000 in the 20th century.
COMMUNISM equals death. Don't wait for the apologies from our PROPAGANDIZED CLOWNS.


It's a NEVER ENDING GAME for the people who we need to SHOOT. Your black car is CULTURAL APPROPRIATION. Your CHRISTMAS LIGHTS mean that you are a WHITE SUPREMECIST. Your, hamburger means COWS HAVE FARTED US INTO EXTINCTION.
We attempt to debate these crazed and evil FUKTARDS.

I don't.

jim nj


SolarWinds and Sunburst pt. 2
BLUF: The Russian’s probably hacked SolarWinds to hurt American power development, and the hack is not equivalent to nuclear-armed overflights (or other similarly provocative actions).

I posted Part 1 a day or two ago. I take exception to several points in this article, but find this point interesting:

"The SolarWinds hack is consistent with my theory’s predictions, and I assess the SolarWinds hack was intended to shift the international balance of power in Russia’s favor. SolarWinds’ software works to improve corporate and government operations. It is possible attacking SolarWinds might yield intelligence useful in military or political situations, at least until discovered. The SolarWinds attack itself degrades the ability of all of SolarWinds customers to operate at peak capacity, even if the attack stole no useful information whatsoever. SolarWinds customers will now spend billions of dollars and thousands of hours to fix the security loophole, all while losing the efficiency gains SolarWinds’ software was supposed to provide."

I think it's too early to blame the Russians.

So far the only thing we have heard of being compromised were e-mail systems. Maybe there is more we don't know about yet. I don't know what to make of the idea that it was an infrastructure attack more than an espionage attack though, but I can see his point there.


The problem with that theory is 1) there were backdoors in the program 2) it soread far beyond power management systems3) the malware isnt even identifiable russian magic 8ball says vietnam.


Is Kamala related to Charlemagne?

Not the guy from The Breakfast Club. The guy to whom 30 something presidents are related.


Jim Nj, the first rule of a bar fight, is to CLOBBER the EASIEST/SMALLEST victim. Put that threat away. Go after the other 2 guys who will HURT you.
RUSSIA is really not an issue, compared to the FULL COMMIE LIBTARD PARTY. They have purposely TRIED TO COUP POTUS DJT. That is the FIRST TARGET.



I will never EVER get a Charcoal interior EVER again.


I would tend to doubt it pin, but life is so unbelievably strange i wouldnt rule if out entirely


Pin, those are words to live by. My car currently, has leather and it's tan. HEATED SEATS.


How strange apparently the royal prince are long distant relations to vlad tepes and mohammed i couldnt make that up if i tried.


KAMALTOE is a shit stain. She is a SUPER SPREADER of JAMAICAN and INDIA extraction. I don't know how she is to be considered BLACK, unless a HOT WILLIE INJECTION makes her black.


PIN, any time frame for when you might come MY WAY, with your son??


Merry Christmas to all of JOM and beyond!

Ig, your link had an updated link in the description:


Thank you for posting!

Goodnight everyone.


Australia is too hot for reindeer, but the presents must get through:


jim nj


My father used to talk about basic training, among other things, that he experienced in WWII.

Self-defense instructor told him if he ever got caught in a bar fight, under no circumstances was he to pick up an ashtray on the way out the door to taking the fight outside.

"I don't want you defending US Navy property, which you are, by beating your assailant upside the head multiple times with that ashtray."


Well they are in their summer season right?

jim nj


That makes a lot of sense. I think of myself as "special," just not quite that bad.


Jim Nj. I agree with your Dad. We are really not witnessing a BAR FIGHT. This isn't a situation with a 15 yard penalty. We are in danger of losing our COUNTRY.

jim nj


The Air Force’s Secret New Fighter Jet Will Come With an R2-D2

Not a trashcan-shaped droid, but something much cooler.

An AI component.


So we really want ais in control of aircraft consider skynet or even stealth.

jim nj

When the stakes are high it's silly to fight fair.

In a ring, with a referee, fine, fight by the rules. Otherwise it's the obverse of the Golden Rule. Do it to them before they do it to you. And do it quickly and decisively.

jim nj

Well as long as you can tell the AI no and it obeys I wouldn't mind the added input.

And if the AI is co-located with the pilot it has just as much to lose from a poor decision.


I didnt make this up



Right Jim. When do FULL COMMIES/DEMOTARDS fight fair. When do UNIPARTY PUSSIES, fight dirty or even fight for US??


Well then:


jim nj


Can't anyone write proper headlines anymore?

jim nj


Dave (in MA)

Info left out of the msn version, including a photo of the suspect and the fact that the victim works for Catcher's Mitt Face.


Some dude says that “Cow Pox” is actually syphilis that was transferred onto the cows by milk maids with infected sores on their hands. Bulls, steers and non-pregnant heifers don’t present with “Cow Pox”. Considering how many so called flu vaccines completely miss it does start to sound like a BS story that one pathogen would randomly protect you from another one.


Maybe milk maids were immune to smallpox because they didn’t live in crowded conditions, etc. Remember when people were talking about the importance of Vitamin D? Remember when people didn’t kill all the nutrition in the milk with pasteurization?


“Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished ... The social psychologist of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.”-Johann Gottlieb Fichte


Yeah, Pin, people are idiots...

Interesting is that inoculating with cowpox to protect against smallpox was a clever refinement of a centuries-old technique which involved using a controlled infection with smallpox. The mechanism of smallpox infection is that infection with the virus causes sores on the skin (pox). The virus particles shed from the poxes and become aerosolized. When a non-immune person inhales the aerosol, the virus directly attacks the lungs and kills a large fraction of the infected.

The original inoculation practice from the 15th Century was to take the scabs from someone infected with smallpox and scratch the skin and rub the pox in. When the infection comes in through a break in the skin, the illness is much less severe than when it hits the lungs. The cowpox/smallpox innovation was to rub cowpox into the scratches in the skin, which produced an even more mild infection than the smallpox.

We actually returned to using an inactivated smallpox virus in the 20th Century version of the vaccine.


Carlton Gadjuske, National Institute of Health director at Ft. Detrick, noted, “In the facility I have a building where more good and loyal Communists, scientists from the USSR and mainland China work, with full passkeys to all the laboratories, than there are Americans. Even the Army’s infectious disease unit is loaded with foreign workers not always friendly nationals.”

James D.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tom Bowler

Merry Christmas everybody!


Merry Christmas.
68 here in Piedmont NC yesterday afternoon;
28 now.
Plenty of rain while that happened. Clear skies this morning though.
Luckily, no sleet or ice.

Jim Eagle

Ho Ho Ho,

Merry Christmas to all!


Merry Christmas.

We got some lovely snow flurries yesterday afternoon followed by pink light which prompted a science lecture from hubby as to why.

Made chicken noodle soup for last night with enough extra broth to use in new year's greens dish.

24 degrees here, but just got a phone call from the child unable to be with us today. That's always nice. Hard to imagine there would have been any Bolognese left if he had been with us.

Jim Eagle

Meanwhile, no snow on the First Coast of Florida but a balmy 37F. Even the Beagles want to come inside.


Merry Christmas Everyone.

We got about 2 inches overnight.

White Christmas! First one in quite a few years.


Merry Christmas everyone! 19 degrees, feels like 9 here in The D. We got snow starting at Midnight and it was all sparkly n' stuff...

Real Feelz is just right, Mrs. PDinD and Sweet Pea the Cat have kept me company so far... The best presents...



Jr. told us he wouldn’t be coming today either. He has been taking care of Covid patients last two rotations and doesn’t want to risk infecting his parents.

He got the Pfizer vax on Tuesday, said he felt crappy for about a day.

Santa will make a special delivery today:)


Merry Christmas to all!


Merry Christmas!

A breezy 8, sunny morning. No snow to clear.


Maybe there is more we don't know about yet.

Always is.

A personal note: YET in recovery terms is You're Eligible Too, it could happen to you.

For a time, I had SolarWinds logfile monitoring on for my home network (free version). A certain set of events on my network would elicit a certain response. Glad I turned it off quite some time ago (3 routers ago).

The intel gathered from these syslog events (port 514) are enough to expose an attack surface/vector from which to base further attacks (some net yet dreamt up). That specific data is more than enough to gather for malicious actions in the future as changing the components in a medium/large business takes plenty of time and resources. Just the tip o' the icyberg...

For those interested, Kali Linux provides methods to test with, can even use a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB RAM ($49.99) to do this (quad core, credit card sized).

Kali: https://www.kali.org/

Raspberry Pi:


Merry christmas all.


Maybe this advice helps repel Xiden.


Showering less can be a good idea. Here’s what doctors say about the effect of frequent showers on your health and your skin.


Good grief henry


We have been warned. The Xiden years will stink.


I guess they will be talking up leaches next


Merry Christmas to all!

9, with a light dusting of lake effect.


Well he was the boys of aapbaras man (isi is their deep state)



Merry Christmas, all! The 8-month-old grandson is about to arrive. Santa came. Bows and tearing wrapping paper are the favorites.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay positive (but not COVID-19 positive).


This has been a prosperous end of year. Kev won the 5 figure bonus round with my client. COVID and all. Go ride your little Shriner's bike without the seat, Fauci.

In spite of these plix...

Merry Christmas...choose Eternity!


I never got the hang of him



Sounds like mad fun, sbw. Thank you from the depths for inluencing my thinking throughout this tumultuous year. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Wonderful sbw.


Merry Christmas, all! I'm just a bit south of rse so about the same weather report. Loved the flurries last night and awoke to a chilly 25 degrees. Orange rolls are made and rising, son, daughter-in-law, and their 100+ lb. lab are headed down for the day. Until we have little additions (none announced) we will enjoy watching the pups play with their Christmas toys.

rse - Tell us about the pink sky when you have time. We noticed it and it was quite something.


Merry Christmas everyone! We have our CCPv refugee here for Christmas, and we did a Zoom Christmas dinner with his parents and sister on Kwajalein (Christmas Day) and brother in NYC, along with WonderBoy and AstroGirl at her parents in NC (all Christmas Eve).

It was bright and sunny and the palm trees were swaying on Kwajalein!

WonderBoy and AstroGirl get married 3 weeks from tomorrow!


Bah humbug



Explosion in downtown Nashville. Stay safe pin.


Congratulations cathyf!


Merry Christmas to everyone at JOM!

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Merry Christmas, all.

Mr Pin 5:11, at one time I would have thought "No problem! They're just immigrants who have chosen loyalty to freedom."
But now, it's like the brand has been damaged.
So that sounds worrisome.


BREAKING: Explosion in downtown Nashville, apparently from parked vehicle on 2nd Ave. Fire department personnel being told to pull back two blocks from explosion site, concerned about potential vehicle bombs. Police bomb squad and fire hazmat team on scene.


Jim Eagle


Did you get my email about Scoop du Jour closing?


Good Morning!

How boring! No one anything to say but: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Me too!



Yes its 36 up here.


A followup to sbws comment yesterday



Merry Christmas






The eugenics strategy of public health had been baked in long before the pandemic with the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Index. SVI was supposed to help rush aid during a natural disaster to those who might need it the most, but SVI added race as a "vulnerability" to create affirmative action disaster relief. During a hurricane, your odds of getting help increased if you were in a minority area. And it decreased if you ranked higher on the SVI because you had more income.

This was bad enough. But now vaccine distribution will be driven by the SVI’s numbers.

At least 26 states are going to be using SVI for the vaccine rollout. Not all of them are planning to use it to decide who gets the vaccine based on their race. Some intend to use it, as originally intended, to spread awareness, but other states are going all in on racial equity eugenics.


Hubby had to go turn on the heat and turn off outdoor faucets at a relative's home. I will get him to repeat what he explained to the girls and I will post it. He interjects science like I do with history. Our poor kids never stood a chance at not knowing nerdy stuff.



Whatever happens this time around, using tools like SVI creates a horrifying legal and medical precedent in which medical treatment gets allocated based on minority status. As socialized medicine digs deeper into medical decision making, this will become the norm.

Beyond the pandemic, waiting for a kidney transplant, hip replacement surgery, or a scarce medication will be determined by medicalizing privilege and treating minority status as an illness in greater need of care and ‘whiteness’ as a sign of health privilege that requires less care.

Affirmative action is merging with death panels to transform equity into triage. If we don’t stop it, it will kill us. Reverting to the worst abuses of segregation will kill our souls and then our bodies.

Fits with Equity in education which means no one gets a proper education but the rare autodidact.


Merry Christmas! Torrential rains and high winds all night. We're down to just rain and 40 degrees.

Received pics of a happy gift recipient (5 year old grand-nephew in his new astronaut pajamas) so that was a boost.


I wanted to share a photo of a special gift. It was not a Christmas gift but I'm having it hung for Christmas.

My friend (on the left) made this quilt from my husband's shirts (mostly white) and ties. She incorporated the red & blue because of his patriotism. It is one of my most precious gifts!

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